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April New Moon and the Twin Pillars


I haven’t given any update on earth’s ascension because I haven’t sensed any major news to report until recently, this past New Moon. I receive information in visions and then must try to interpret these visions so please use discernment.

The past month leading up to the new moon has been stressful, but that has become the norm for many of us. It was only a few days before the new moon that I sensed a shift happening. Understanding this shift helped me to understand what has been going on these past months.

Light workers around the world have been absorbing as much of the incoming energies as possible and acting as “shock absorbers” for the earth’s ascension process. The more that light workers could absorb, the more gentle was earth’s ascension process. Just a few days before the new moon this all changed. It seemed as if for the first time these incoming energies were boring into the solid bedrock of human civilization and society. For the first time they were in solid and direct contact with all of humanity 3d and it was as if an irresistible force were meeting an unmovable object. The sensation was quite unpleasant. The pressure kept increasing and something had to give.

On Saturday afternoon it did give. Large portions of the 3d astral worlds broke out of gridlock and entered into the new crystalline 3d universe. It felt as if the astral floor was buckling and then crumpling up and moving upward into the future as a large crystal.

I’ll try saying this another way,  large portions of grid locked astral reality broke free and assumed their rightful places in the newly created multi-dimensional earth. This is still not coming out right so I will try it again…

Light workers have been told that they will be safe through the coming changes, that their souls will create a safe pathway for them through the future chaos. It is these energies that finally broke loose and created new futures for these individuals. Previously everything was in grid lock and no futures were able to be created except on a day to day basis. For the first time these creations have broken free into the future as light workers manipulate and create those events that will guide earth and humanity through the final phases of the ascension process. These created events are the “core” events that all others will form themselves around. They represent the collective creations of all light workers.

The dark forces crumbled into dust as these elements freed themselves and moved forward. This dust coalesced into a “collective darkness” that sought to save itself by moving upward through the astral planes to find some path that existed for it. The pressure of these collective dark forces resulted in several “attacks” by the dark upon the various bastions of Light. It was a critical moment and many might have sensed or felt or had to deal with some form of psychic “attack”. The short version is that there is now a lot less darkness in our world than there was two days ago! This collective gestalt of dark force energy was forced higher and higher into the astral planes until it was expelled and flushed out of the Unity Grid. It is not here anymore.

Those with higher dimensional capabilities will be more able to access those abilities from this time forward. This is significant progress and a great shift of power. While the full moon of Beltane will be very powerful as well, I still sense that major physical manifestations will not happen until after the following full moon of June 4. That is when nature’s cycle most fully supports the manifestation of astral forms into physical manifestation, the flowering cycle of nature. Up until then the leafing cycle will continue.

When things begin to physically manifest it will happen most rapidly because it has been held back too long, the force that is unleashed will create massive shifts in our collective realities. I sense no great natural disasters, only the awakening of the masses to how they have been deceived and controlled. This will have to do with the financial systems, the mass arrests, and the exposure of Those Powers That Be. These events will follow and form around the core events of those light workers that was talked about at the beginning of this post. Everything will unfold in an orderly manner for those that have had prior awareness of it. Those caught by surprise will struggle to comprehend what is going on. Remain in your hearts.


On a side note I recently made the connection between the “twin pillars” that has been talked about on some of these forums and why it seems that they have not appeared as promised.

They did appear many years ago and I have seen them in my mind’s eye, I have traveled through them. The egregore of the OTO and A:.A:. is a twin pillar of light and dark energies. Aleister Crowley brought these pillars to the earth and anchored them through his work, but no one has noticed. No one has the eyes to see this. I do not expect this to be accepted but it is offered to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.


Bright blessings


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