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For those occult minded readers I would refer you to the blog Magic, Mystery and Madness which is getting some real activity for awhile. I feel it necessary to make public the left hand path so that those called to this path might get the information they need. After enough material is posted to get people started I will drop back to a more normal rate of posting.

I only recently gained an understanding of the pressures confronting our society while reading The Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity. This problem is now the most pressing one confronting our society and the most dangerous. I felt that needed information of a more balanced nature should be disclosed to assist in bringing some sanity to an insane situation. So I am in the process of posting what I know of this.

In a way I’m coming out of the closet by doing this and drawing some very definite lines in the sand that will estrange me from others. Well, so be it! The time for niceties is past. Some things need to be said and said quickly!

In particular the higher levels of the astral planes are becoming dormant and those seeking empowerment of any kind there are in for a rude awakening. The world is not going in the direction they think it is. I just didn’t realize how desperate the plight really was until reading this book.

In every age of humanity the existing civilization becomes too decadent and weak and is overrun by a more viral and vital population. I will simply say that our existing decadent and weak society/civilization will not and can not prevail against this new power, the power of the lowest astral levels. But I also hope that it doesn’t have to be violent and full of hatred. Make love, not war! This is the message I’m hoping to share with this new material. There is still hope!

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