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Two of Swords

symbol-He looks in the mirror. She becomes a groupie.

Meaning- movement

Social dating is magical for him. As his mental energy combines with her mental energy the world seems to transform around him. They act as catalysts for each other and the entire world opens before them.

He becomes the philosopher’s stone transmuting all he contacts. He has self control at all levels. He can do as he pleases as long as he lets her do as she pleases too. His mind is filled with the things he is going to do for her.

The entire world opens before him in a way it never did before. His awareness alters and he sees the world from a mental perspective that is more objective. He is more realistic about things and understands what must be done if he wants to achieve his goals and dreams in life.

He understands she is responsible for his change in perspective. He feels she somehow brings out the best in him. He wants more of her energy. He wants as much as he can absorb.

Unfortunately he can only absorb an amount equal to the amount of mental energy he generates. He is limited in how much spiritual/light he can transmute into mental energy. He is not used to doing this and the proper energy channels have not yet been developed.

His personal belief system is not yet developed and he borrows from that of society. He tries to modify society’s rules and expectations to fit his own. In other words, he tries to be what society wants him to be and not whom he wants to be. He conforms to societies wishes and to her wishes.

As she dates him she gets to know the person he really is and senses the lack of originality he presents. She can tell he is not being true to his own inner nature. This makes him boring to her. She is more interested in males that stand out from the crowd and are more original. She is drawn to those with strong personalities and egos.

She has an excess of energy and it is exciting for her to be daring and date those that stand out from the crowd. She wants him to stand out from the crowd. By making him feel important she makes herself feel important too. She is actively feeding his inflated image of himself. He willingly takes her energy and adoration and at first this makes her feel good too. She tries to get him to take more risks and become more adventurous.

This is very exciting for him and soon he is moving in circles that he never did before. He is more popular and interesting. He takes her energy for granted. After all, he is now very popular with the girls and others are after him too. He decides to stop seeing her. She is his first conquest.

His rejection is very hard for her to accept. She has done and given so much. She has sacrificed her love and mental energy to him and he has rejected her. Life has become a grim and deathless task. She feels she has been used and has heavy feelings of guilt and unworthiness. He was her first love and he betrayed her.

She was open with him and serious about the relationship for the first time in her life. Other males had convinced her that she was desirable and sexy. Now all that old confidence was gone and she was confronting all of her secret fears and shames. This is an important time of self realization. He did not want to be around her any more.

She must realize that in spite of her personal flaws and handicaps she is still a desirable and sexy female. He has a grossly inflated ego and is a very shallow person.

Male experience:

When he is dating her, he sees the world in an entirely new and exciting way. Her energy transforms his life and his concept of self and self-worth begins to develop.

It is difficult for him to generate enough mental energy to develop a complete concept of self. Instead he adopts a stereotyped “role” that he plays instead.

If the role he adopts is unusual he will stand out from his peers and attract more than his share of attention, good or bad. This attention will draw more female energy toward him and help in the process of ego development.

Female experience:

As she dates she becomes bored with the average male and is drawn toward those that seem more exciting to her. She is attracted to individuals that stand out from the crowd and gives them her energy.

Her attention may be positive or it may be negative. She may tease and ridicule someone cruelly or she may fall in love with someone and want to be with them all the time.

In the end she becomes one of many that give away energy to that particular individual. He becomes personally indifferent to her and this is very hard on her ego. He will seem to have more of a sense of self than she does. She feels that somehow she has lost and he has won.

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2017 has been an incredible experience and I’ve especially enjoyed participating in online communities. I’ve learned a lot and have lots more to learn! I look forward to the coming year in many ways.

I don’t have a lot of free time to socialize but I’m looking forward to good discussions. Spirituality for me is the development of the soul and its powers through effort. I believe that our world, Gaia, has ascended taking all living things with her to a new vibratory reality.

There has been a separation of timelines or sorting of the wheat from the chaff and I’m proud to be here! I see massive changes all over the internet as new policies define the coming year.

Hopefully I can provide insight and content that appeals to others. I think my blog speaks for itself. I try to speak from the heart and long to hear what others have to share. I guess that I’m just an old hippy!

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I have been writing about Gaia’s ascension for almost ten years and I like to think that I’ve been pretty spot on in describing what is happening in the astral planes at any given time. That’s because I don’t channel information, but I sense it directly because I function within those astral planes.

I also feel guided by my inner instincts or my heart in what is important to be doing and I try to listen to my heart and the still small voice of conscience. Often looking back I can recognize what has just happened that now is no exception.

The recent winter solstice brought closure to one process and the beginning of another. This happened in no uncertain terms. So I will share my own take on things.

Gaia and all lifeforms upon her has ascended and a new game is now in progress with young souls excited to experience physical life on earth for the first time. They have waited a long time for this opportunity because there are limited bodies and lifetimes available. That is why physical life is so important! For a soul to experience 3D life in a physical body is an explosive way to experience soul growth and it is highly desired. The energies of the physical body create the soul and develop its powers.

At the same time some very old souls are graduating and moving on because the evolutionary process is forcing them into a new and exciting game of their own, the light body game! They have outgrown physical 3D life experience and need new challenges. As they graduate they bring their past life experiences into the higher astral levels as well as bringing an entire planet into the astral planes! Basically the old game just took a quantum leap and now gives these old souls something exciting to live for!

But in the large picture the most important piece of the puzzle was to have the new 3D Gaia as safe and healthy as possible for the new players and younger souls. Life is sacred and some old souls have stayed behind to help guide the younger ones. Now these two timelines have split and the energetics are totally separate. The seeds have been planted that will hopefully grow and these young souls find their own way in this new world. We older ones are going away.

The events of this past year have been to assist these new souls to have a Garden Of Eden to begin their game in. We have tried to clean house so those following us will not be hindered by our past mistakes. As of the winter solstice we have cut them loose and can no longer influence them in any way. Their 3D earth or Gaia is energetically separated from our 5D Gaia. We have blessed them as much as possible and now wish them well as we each go our separate ways.

So we are beginning to learn about our light bodies and what being multidimensional is all about. We are also learning that we are not alone in this universe and that we are about to join a galactic community! The focus of this coming year is about the disclosure of our space brothers and sisters and how to establish meaningful contact with them. We are already seeing some preparatory things in the news about UFO’s and government research. This is just the beginning of the next phase of this war for 5D Gaia.

2018 is the year of disclosure! I’ve said it, now let’s see how true it is! Our world will not be the same once the human race discovers that it is not alone.

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Ace of Swords

symbol– they date, he is awkward and uncomfortable. She flirts with him.

Meaning- union.

The Ace of Swords represents mental energy and conscious awareness of the opposite sex.
This marks the beginning of social dating. He has learned to not push for a more serious relationship and tries to be content with enjoying social activities together. He learns to relax and enjoy the moments for what they really are, shared time together.

She has learned he is a person with feelings that can easily be hurt. She spends more time getting to know the real person he is. She is more willing to stay in a relationship than she was before. She is ready to give this one an honest try.
This is an explosive mix as he tries to keep the relationship on a social level that is safe for them both. He has already been hurt and is not keen on being hurt again.

Her efforts to get to know him are very intimate and personal. She doesn’t want to know his dreams and goals as much as she wants to know who he really is, his good points and bad points.

She also wants to know how he feels about her and if she is sexually attractive to him.

The first idealism of youth is gone and both are looking at the relationship from a more practical perspective. Now they are exchanging mental energy instead of spiritual energy.

He generates mental energy by transmuting spiritual energy. It is time for turning his spiritual and idealistic goals into reality. This is harder than it seems because reality and altruistic goals do not often come together smoothly.

As he begins to exchange mental energy with her they talk about life and its restrictions. Together they exchange views on what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. The merging of his male energy and her female energy brings these issues into sharp focus. The interaction between them helps both to become clear on what they believe.

They learn about what is expected of them and what they expect of each other. They try to compromise between what they want out of life and what society wants out of them. They are frustrated, why can’t they have the type of life they want to have? Why does life seem so unfair? Why are there so many obstacles placed in their way?

She has an excess of readily available energy from birth and he can only generate small amounts at a time. While he is trying to understand the socially acceptable thing he must do, She has jumped ahead of him and decided that society is a restrictive force to be rebelled against.

Male experience:

He determines to take control of his life and fulfill his dreams. With an act of will and courage he begins dating again. This is a time for fun and not for a serious relationship. He learns quickly that certain behaviors are acceptable and others are not.

He learns there are consequences to his actions and he must act responsibly in life. He has to do the socially acceptable thing if he is going to succeed. He must do it by the book.

Female experience:

She is interested in him as a person and begins dating him. She is carefree and rebels against the socially acceptable. She likes to toy and flirt and see what she can get away with. She wants to explore sensual pleasures and enjoys pulling his strings.

She feels confined by social roles that tell her what she can and can’t do. Instinctively she understands she must do her own thing to be totally free. She is looking for excitement. She enjoys her time with him exploring the bounds of forbidden behavior.

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It is not important to believe the same things, to share the same values or to have things in common with others in society at this point. We are not clones of each other and we are meant to be individuals among individuals. The entire focus of Gaia’s ascension is upon individualism of the spirit and the soul. Our ascension is an individual path and experience even if we are all doing it together. It is our differences that make us unique and interesting. We are meant to celebrate our differences and those of others in a way that is respectful and empowering.

What we are now doing is linking energies, not politically correct ideals. We can link the energies of our hearts no matter what our experience is in life. The idea is to be on the same frequency, not the same page! When we share the same frequency we can support each other magically within the astral planes and assist each other in physically manifesting those things that we desire in life. We can do this even if we don’t see eye to eye because we have good will and faith in each other. We trust each other and love each other.

I can’t say this strongly enough, things will happen in the astral before they manifest as physical events! Those with the ability to manipulate the astral now have the advantage over those that can’t or don’t. The materialistic rational atheist is now constantly one step behind and one second too late. The power that they have wielded these past centuries is fast slipping away from between their fingers and they can’t understand why.

They remain in their heads and are convinced of their mental superiority, but those that listen to the still small voice of conscience that speaks in our hearts is leading us to victory! It is now a liability to live in one’s head! Magic has returned to our world!

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Princess Of Swords

The Princess of Swords is related to other cards in the Tarot. She contains the essential elements of the Tarot Trump cards JUSTICE, DEATH, THE DEVIL, TEMPERANCE, and THE TOWER.

The Princess is also related to the THREE of SWORDS, THREE of PENTACLES, FOUR of SWORDS, FOUR of PENTACLES, FIVE of SWORDS, and FIVE of PENTACLES.

Her Element is AIR and mental energies.

She is self-reliant and depends only upon her self for the things she needs in life. She has a terrible temper and is not liked by the general public. Society is against her and she has “crashed and burned” many times. In spite of this opposition she is very tough and her troubles and problems seems to “roll off” and not “stick” to her in a negative way. Because of this no problems really seem to bother her and she is indifferent to them. She is a survivor.

She has risen above all of her past negative experiences through some form of personal growth and therapy. She feels good about becoming more healthy even though it is sometimes painful to give up old destructive behavior patterns. Her life is bitter-sweet.

She is a hard worker and is found in the food services or in public places where her ability to do what is needed is valued by others. They count on her and she comes through for them.

She is very powerful emotionally and in the astral planes. Her emotions are her strength and few can withstand the full force of her anger. This emotional strength allows her to become very powerful in Magical work. She can fashion or alter astral events easily at will. She is a natural magician.

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With the beginning of the new year magic awaits those who dare to connect with it. Magic is for everyone and the astral has opened up to those with eyes to see and with ears to hear. From this point forward we create with magic, with the magic of our hearts and our love.

Others hold the image and we give the energy; we hold the image and others give to us the energy for manifestation. To work magic we need each other. That is the way things work now. Everything is done in the astral, behind the scenes, before physical manifestation. Those that can’t or don’t use the magic that is now available will be left behind.

This doesn’t mean that we need to believe the same or hold the same values and desires. What it means is that we trust the goodness that is within each of us, the Christ spirit within each individual heart. We trust and give without expectation and without reservation and we accept what returns to us.

I’m an advanced energy worker and astral traveler, but I’ve discovered that “Provasil” is very useful for mental and spiritual stamina and stability. It greatly assists meditations and visualizations by helping to focus and concentrate. It reduces the fatigue that I would often feel after heavy or difficult energy work. I just offer that as an insight from personal experience.

The time of individual energy work and individual ascension is now over. Now it is time to find others of like mind, heart and soul. It is time to begin joint workings that will create the type of world that we all want. It is time to blend our energies into one energy of love and unity!

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The Prince Of Swords

The Prince of Swords is related to other cards in the Tarot. He contains the essential elements of the Tarot Trump cards JUSTICE, DEATH, THE DEVIL and THE TOWER. The Prince is also related to the THREE of SWORDS, THREE of CUPS, FOUR of SWORDS, and FIVE of SWORDS.

His Element is AIR and mental energies. He is a very smart person that can’t find a socially acceptable way to use his talents and gifts. He seems to constantly be getting into trouble with the authorities. His efforts meet resistance and are blocked in all directions.

He is a very bitter person that doesn’t want anything to do with any one else. Retreating inside himself, he rejects others in bitterness and anger and wants to be alone with his pain. He has a terrible temper and reacts violently as he battles against the forces of society that would invade his privacy. He is a reactionary and is responsible for some of the public upheaval and revolutionary forces within society. His extreme views don’t make him a warm and fuzzy person to be around.

He can’t seem to advance in life despite all efforts. This often leads to depression, apathy and inactivity. He is extremely honest and won’t sell out to get ahead. As a result he won’t play the game and gets stuck where he is at. All in all he is a diamond in the rough and has many good qualities once you get to know him.

The Prince of Swords is a spiritual person and remains true to his inner conscience. He has been “born again” and identifies more with his immortal “soul ” than with his physical body. He has purified his inner nature until it is bright and shiny. He is more than a physical body. He has a very strong sense of self and knows who he is. His ego is very strong and stable.

He is also very aware of the physical life around him. He has a strong bond to plants and animals and has a cellular or organic type of awareness that allows him to instinctively understand these types of life. It is a constant struggle for him to maintain the essential elements of life, food, shelter, and clothing. These things are always a concern and never far from his thoughts. As a result life takes it’s toll from him and he often appears older than he really is.

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Evil can’t withstand the light and so much evil has been buried within the swamp that is Washington DC. It begins to appear that the swamp consists of about ten people within the FBI, DoJ, CIA and congress on both sides of the aisle. The thing is that these people have been identified within the investigations themselves and the only thing needed is finding the proof to cement the guilt. Day by day it is happening. It is known what happened, it just needs to be proved. Have you noticed there is not much leaking going on anymore anywhere? The leakers have been caught and strictly warned. They know their heads are on the line.

Mueller’s investigation has gone from trying to find proof of collusion with Russia to trying to find any dirt on anyone in the hopes of having bargaining chips to lessen the legal consequences that members of the swamp must now face. But the Trump administration won’t bargain! They’ve got the finest lawyers in the world and don’t need to bargain.

The swamp is in so far over their heads that they will never see daylight! Things have now reached the point where both Republicans and Democrats will move in unison to remove the corruption. The Main Street Media is beginning to open its eyes and purge its ranks as well. This will become clearly evident by the spring equinox!

Getting caught up in conflict is political suicide and opposition politics is doomed from the start. As we look back over the past year we can ask the question, “Has Trump been hurt by any of this?” The answer is a resounding “No!”

Have others been hurt over this past year? Only those that have deserved it, and this will continue until the last predator and swamp thing is exposed.

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The Queen Of Swords

The Queen of Swords is related to other cards in the Tarot. She contains the essential elements of JUSTICE, THE HANGED MAN, DEATH , THE DEVIL and THE TOWER.

The Queen is also related to the THREE of SWORDS, THREE of PENTACLES, FOUR of SWORDS, and FIVE of SWORDS. Her Element is AIR.

The Queen of Swords has learned not to take things too seriously and takes her life experiences and others with a grain of salt. As a result she is not hurt easily by the actions of others. She has built a protective boundary or reserve around herself that keeps others out. She can reach out to them when she wishes but they are held at a distance. She is strongly active on the astral planes and can perceive them without distortion.

The Queen can take a lot of public criticism and puts tremendous time and energy into public or social causes and is recognized as a social reformer. She has a strong awareness of the need to balance spiritual things and still live in a physical body. Physical needs must also be met in life. Spiritual goals must be realistic and attainable. She has a message and a mission of needed social change.

She is acutely aware of the “dark” side of her nature and has experienced much emotional pain in her life. Her acceptance of her dark side helps her to relate to others in a more humane way. She can empathize with others and feel their pain as well as her own emotional pain. This makes her a natural spokesperson for others.

She is able to use her personal experiences as a catalyst to help others and influence society. She is extremely adaptable to new conditions and will try anything if it will further her personal cause. She is able to find a way around any obstacles to her plans and get the things she wants. Her pain fuels her cause. Perhaps she has lost a child in a car accident or been the victim of violence. Her strength gives others strength to cope with similar issues.

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