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It’s been a month since the equinox created a fork in my life’s path and I took it. It still seems like a dream as I am so removed from direct contact with things that are still there but no longer of critical importance. I have burned so many bridges there can be no turning back and that is as it should be. This is a new time and meant for new things.

A transitional phase has begun and it will last several years from the looks of it. In other words we have not leaped immediately to our destination but stopped midway at a safe point where we can mend our fences before proceeding further. When I moved into this new space I brought my baggage with me (I even dreamed about carrying my baggage with me) and now I need to confront it and release it. In a way one might say that the Hydrogen level has been processed and completed but the other 117 elements still need to be anchored into place. (I refer to Dewey Larson’s elemental table of 118 possible elements). So the real harvest is just beginning in the physical realms.

I might even call this transitional phase the “end times”. Those of us that have done the “inner” work remain protected and guided through this critical and important stage. We will be drawn to people and events that resonate with us and that allow us to develop in the manner needed. What I’m trying to say is that we have not reached the end, but merely another stage and a very critical stage at that. This is our “mortal” stage that must be cleared up before the “immortal” phase can manifest. This means that everything needs to manifest physically right now and be resolved before anything can move forward. This is why there are such bewildering things happening around the world right now. Everything is hitting the fan at once and all is not as it seems. Yet all is as it “must be”.

It is our choice what we fill our minds and our souls with at this time. That which fills our minds and our souls will be given the energy and power to continue. That which we refuse to energize will fade away.

I have been given proof of this in my own personal life as those things I feared have not come to pass and those things I have dreamed of have started to come true. It is time to reach for our dreams and our passions. It is time to dream true and not  be caught up in negativity of any kind. This is the time for love, love in all things.

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