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Wesak/Beltaine and a few adjustments

The full moon in scorpio with the sun in Taurus signals the wesak festival or the Beltaine festival as you choose. The new spring growth bursts forth with earth energy and this earth energy is everywhere and filling everything.

So here we are, the new earth and we were never supposed to get this far… The original plan was to harvest the life on earth that was capable of making the transition to 5d and letting the rest go back to seed, to create life once more from scratch on what remained of planet earth.

I guess someone forgot to tell us because we brought it all with us. When we said, “Beam me up Scotty.” We beamed up our entire planet with us and now we’ve got to figure out what to do with it. Earth’s ascension was a “last man standing” scenario and here we all are. We look around and see some good and some bad, but we are all survivors and we made it through the portal. Now things are different and it is time to clean up the mess.

There are still some straggler lightworkers suffering with physical symptoms which they think are ascension symptoms. The reality is that they are being acclimated to this new reality, the one that was never supposed to be here. As they adjust they will be joining us and bringing much needed technology and skills as well.

Let me give a couple examples. In the last week my wife had a mini-stroke and requires surgery on a plugged carotid artery. She made it this far on her own. Now science can help prolong her life. She went as far as she could. Now things are happening that could not have happened before. Good things.

I fell on the ice a month or so ago and was having increasing back problems. A couple of days ago I went to a chiropractor for the first time in my life, and not just any chiropractor! Oh no, this annoying one is determined that he can straighten my back that has been bent by a life time of hard work despite advanced degenerative joint disease. In that first session he cracked my spine in over twelve places! This ongoing process will take nine months to complete.

The thing is that I am an energy worker. With every new adjustment, more energy pours in and with it more vitality! This is the rejuvenation process at work, with the help of my chiropractor. For my wife, it is with the help of her doctors.

As we look around and see the others that have survived, whether they be Republicans or Democrats; good or evil; know that the pure act of survival means we have won. The fight is over. Now it is time to rebuild a new world that was never supposed to survive this long. The future is in our hands and we are being given the help and support we need from the other side. What we have done was not considered even possible and there is a great joy in heaven.

Bless us all, everyone!


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My birthday is April 24 and I’m planning to celebrate with the Grand Opening of Anarchist World! Several years ago I struggled and experimented with various ways of trying to make it as a writer in today’s world of independent publishing.

I started publishing my stories on blogs and while I gained quite a few readers I never sold anything. I stumbled upon a way of publishing serialized material that seemed quite successful in terms of enthusiastic readers. The basic concept is simple, yet powerful. By using wordpress blogs to future post episodes of stories I could pre-post entire books ahead of time and then use rss feeds to project those episodes onto my own webpage. Imagine the chaos of a webpage that renews itself with new episodes every day or every other day and follows several books at the same time!

Then I began publishing translated material and gave that up as a curiousity, but not going anywhere.

Well, over the years I’ve learned a few interesting things about the various kinds of readers. There are readers that will buy limited editions of any work by Hanns Heinz Ewers that I can produce, or SideReal Press can produce. Many will buy well done hard cover books as a preference while other still want the physical book but will opt for the cheaper quality paperback. The new generation of readers buy ebooks, notably epub editions but pdf files as well. This is a growing readership and no one knows how it will affect the publishing industry long term. Almost half my book sales are ebook sales.

Then there is another even more interesting group, the one’s that read ezines. They prefer to get their reading over coffee breaks or on the run fifteen minutes at a time. This is why short stories have done so well on the internet. However, my past experience has shown that serialized novels do almost as well if they are in demand.

Then of course there are those readers that are morally opposed to ever buying anything that is on the internet. They are the ones I ran into at first. Now the most interesting thing is that none of these groups of readers mix or mingle. They are almost separate social classes of people with different values and drives.

To put things bluntly, offering my books online as serialized adventures will not significantly harm sales of hardcover books, quality paperback books or even ebooks. It may even help sales by greater exposure to a growing readership.

So it is that on April 24, 2013 the serialization of twenty books will begin on Anarchist World.com

In addition I will be creating a second page where supporting members can list their own blogs if they want to. So much is in preparation and time is running out. The main layout of Anarchist World is completed for those curious to check it out, but serials will not begin until April 24.

Titles include;

Anarchist Knight: Apprentice

Modern Survivalism

Magister Templi

Book of Shadows

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice



Hanns Heinz Ewers Volume I

Hanns Heinz Ewers Volume II

Hanns Heinz Ewers Illustrated Stories

Hanns Heinz Ewers Brevier

Moganni Nameh

A Book of Fables

India and I

Synagogue of Satan

Satan’s Children

Fire Lilly

Jugend- The First Year

Simplicissimus- The First Year



Obviously many of these are not completed but will be offered one episode at at time as they are completed. Still, many have been completed as well, or are quite far along. As books are completed new ones will begin.


-bright blessings



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