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My earlier post got me so worked up that I can’t focus on other things so I thought I might as well write another blog post on the current situation as I see it. But first I would like to share a book that I have been reading called: “The Fourth Turning” by authors William Strauss and Neil Howe. It was first published in 1997 and is a study about generational cycles within American history and how we are currently at a crisis period in which a new social contract will be established because the old social contract has failed us collectively!

Here are a few take a ways:

The new social contract will probably be in place by 2025 according to past cycles.

The polarization and gridlock of our society will be eliminated through the ruthless defeat of one side of the political debate. The losing side will be defeated so completely that it won’t arise again for the next thirty years. Things have to be that way for society to make the next quantum leap…

The winning side will be a grass roots rebellion that will be completely unexpected. New solutions will come from the grass roots and not from the elite.

If we didn’t have the corona virus crisis it would have been some other crisis that brought us to lock down. Previous crisis cycles in American history were all wars…The Revolutionary War, The Civil War; and World War II. We can consider ourselves lucky that this time we chose a corona virus instead of an actual war! There always needs to be a crisis.

The writing on the wall is pretty clear. This election is the final battle! It becomes obvious that the election will be contested, but how is the real question. I think that certain states, possibly like New York and California might not be able to certify their election results because of provable voter fraud with the mail in voting. If a state can’t certify their election results they can’t participate in the electoral college election process. States that can certify their election results will be tasked via the constitution to select the next president without the participation of those states that are unable to certify vote results. The electoral college will do its task even if several states are missing because constitutionally it it required to.

This is what will be contested IMHO.

The afore mentioned book also talks about a turning point as each generation shifts from playing one role into that of playing another role. This switch is so deep and profound that it can be recognized as happening at a certain day or even week. We are seeing this happen right now as entire segments of the population switch to take on new roles in this social drama.

Ultimately women will side with stability and law enforcement over social violence. They need to feel safe within their homes. We see this shift happening right now.

College students are beginning to protest the draconian restrictions of the Covid 19 lock down. The Social Justice Warrior generation has aged and moved into a new social role. This shift is happening as we speak just prior to this election. There is a new generation of college students that is now acting out.

Reaction videos are flooding the internet with young people who are rediscovering the intensity, passion and hope of the hippie generation. Make love, not war! This shift is building emotional bonds between today’s youth and those of us from the 60’s and 70’s. Racial hatred, violence and   prejudice have no place in this coming golden society.

Lastly, the newly created social contract will be fair for all levels of society, not just the privileged elite. But there will not be any free hand outs either. And all this will be put in place by 2025! What a time to be alive!

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I’m hoping to post more this weekend but have been very busy with life these days. Lots of changes on the horizon including a forced retirement as my employer shuts its doors at the end of this year. More on that later. Right now I want to focus on something that relates to my last post about the upcoming election.

Obviously I am no expert on elections and can only offer an opinion or sense of things from an intuitive basis but I felt this was important enough to get it out there so people could share it and get the word out.

In my last post I explored the possibility that Nancy Pelosi might become acting president if no clear winner was chosen after the election.

After thinking things through this is how I believe things will roll out…

Each state will hold their elections in their own way and I believe that polls will be open in all states so that people can vote in person even if the state allows mail in voting. I don’t think they can prevent voting in person.

After the vote the results need to be certified in each state before the electors can be chosen for the electoral college. Votes cast in person will be easy to certify but mail in votes will be impossible to certify as they will be challenged. Each state has a deadline to certify its election results to ensure that electors can go to the electoral college.

Each state will have votes that it can certify and votes (mail in) that it will not be able to certify. As the deadline approaches each state will be forced to certify the votes that have been made in person and forward them on to the electoral college. This means all mail in votes will probably not count as they are being contested. So the electorates will be chosen by those voters who physically go to the polls and vote in person as it should be!

Any state not able to certify election results will be left out of the electoral college voting process, they will have no vote! So potentially states like New York and California might not even be part of the electoral college vote unless they are able to certify their elections in time! It seems our founding fathers in their wisdom even thought of situations like those that now confront us! Just a few thoughts as we get closer to this major turning  point in history!

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I’ve been wondering about this upcoming election like most of us have. I’ve also been chaffing at the Covid-19 issues like most of us. What is going on? The conclusion that I have come to is that the Dems are not interested in winning this election! To date I have seen nothing that would evidence they truly want to win the upcoming election. There is no platform, no plan, no electable people!

However, if there is no president elect on 20 Jan. Nancy Pelosi can become interim president until:

A : The confused mess from the November election is finally cleared up with no lawsuits or litigation and a clear winner is determined or

B: The November election has been proven to by invalid by election tampering of one kind or another and there needs to be another election!


Of course, the populace would be outraged and there would be incredible civil unrest, so much so that Nancy Pelosi would need to declare martial law to keep order in the entire United States. Good thing that China has a large police force that is trained to deal with mobs. Good thing China has already offered to send police to help out in Portland and other trouble spots. We will need their help!


Of course it would be a problem to have a redo of the election because of the Covid-19 crisis and she might need to remain interim president for a year or two. There might also be the need for martial law until the troublemakers can all get rounded up, especially the one’s with guns!

Well, now that I have that off my chest I will get back to reading “Brave New World”.

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