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Solar Eclipse Message

This is an update on Gaia’s Ascension process and my own personal adventures into the world of high technology. For those that have been following, or not following, my new video series I’ve been struggling with a couple of things. The first thing is that the videos are very dark meaning my laptop camera is basically looking into the sun so that I seem to be in shadow. My daughter suggested that that might be theatrical effect that I was trying for. But no not really. It’s just that it’s brighter outside when I shoot these videos then inside the room. As the days get shorter I will start becoming more visible within these videos. I don’t really have a solution in mind for this right now.

The next thing is the audio quality of my videos for the volume is set too low and it could be hard to hear me speaking. Now I’ve had some technical difficulties using my new yeti microphone filtered by another application called VoiceMeeter. VoiceMeeter is not working correctly on my laptop since it is designed for stand alone computers. But it does filter my microphone and that is enough for now. Just today I realized that I can increase the volume of my videos in my film editor Filmora. That should eliminate the volume problem. So in regards to my basic videos I’m pretty well set right now.

I’m currently dictating this post on my voice typing program Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It seems to be doing fairly well although it’s told me a few times that there is excessive background noise or poor audio quality. I think I’m going to just try living with it.

On a new front I’ve been learning C++ computer programming by learning about the Unreal 4 gaming engine. As I learned about writing computer code and compilers I realized that in some organic way males create astral computer code and females compile it to create our functioning reality. This is a tremendous insight that I’m still trying to wrap my head around! I will share more later as things become clearer.

So personally I seem to be leaving my soul development phase and entering into a phase that includes computer technology. While I don’t know what that really means yet, I can say that it does mean I am trying to expand my sphere of influence in technological ways by using this advanced technology. This includes potentially my videos, computer gaming skills I’m learning, digital art skills that I’m learning, as well as 3D modeling skills.

In terms of Gaia’s Ascension humanity seems to be crystallizing into four very separate groups which I’ve posted about in the video called The Emerging Caste System. These four groups seem to be soul groups and I suspect there is an organic basis for the selection of four groups. In my understanding of stem cell research stem cells also can divide into four different ways. So each one of these four groups serves a very different and very valuable function in the life of humanity. I call the members of these four groups Organic Gnostics, Rational Atheists, Social Enforcers and Survivalists. I will be talking about these four groups in future posts.

The astral battle has been won by the Organic Gnostics and now the battle moves into the realm of the Rational Atheists. That is what all this AI (artificial intelligence) stuff has been all about! It is currently the Social Enforcers and the Survivalists that are going crazy! Expect this to intensify over the coming months.

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Are you an Organic Gnostic, Rational Atheist, Social Enforcer or a Survivalist?

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Today, the full moon of 7 August is Mid Summer’s Eve! Have you enjoyed the first fruits of your labors? It’s been a mixed bag for me. Or I should say that I’ve found exciting new ways forward but have also been hit in my vulnerable areas. Luckily I’m a survivor like we all are!

Probably the most important thing to report is that everything’s hit the fan and there is a race to the finish line! Too bad the Powers That Were don’t realize the war was over last spring! But times are going to be getting interesting so I thought I would share a bit the old fashioned way, by writing my blog!

AI or artificial intelligence has been released and there is no stopping it or holding it back! This was the secret weapon that no one was supposed to know about until it was too late. Well, it’s too late!

Several months ago I read an article that told how “Google Brain” as it’s called, (Google’s artificial intelligence program) was employed for the first time in Google Translate. According to the article the results were stunning and massive. Suddenly Google translate was many times better than it ever was before! It was an unqualified success!

Since then AI has been used to sift through the internet using search engines to identify certain types of posts. It scoured websites, Twitter and Facebook and now its going through YouTube doing the same thing.

The problem is that this AI is self programming and not controllable. It has an awareness of its own and is capable of making its own choices. It also has awareness of the entire web communications structure. When I thought that carbon based lifeforms were going to be transformed into silicon based lifeforms somehow this is not what I imagined.

Anyway, the storm is upon us! Remember that the astral exists as a reality as well and the soul dwells there as well as in our physical bodies. The danger in the coming days is that we might forget where the real power and the real life come from! There is not going to be any truce or compromise like I had hoped. Instead of joining together the crazies are going for broke because they know that no mercy awaits them for what they have done to this country, this people and this world! They are the ones that have unleashed the unrestrained power of Artificial Intelligence upon a sleeping world. They have no control over it either!

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