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I was hoping to do a video but I just don’t have the energy for it. Still there are important happenings that I feel should be addressed and recognized this past few weeks. This pertains directly to Gaia’s ascension and how we experience it as we make our global shift from 3D to 4D or the world of fairy and of magic.

Again I need to share that Gaia has already ascended well into the highest levels along with those able to ascend with her and she did this back in December of 2012. But she has chosen to return back down to 4th density to assure that all life forms upon her will have the ability to ascend with her if that is their choice. Many of us have also ascended and come back to ensure that no one gets left behind.

The entire scenario of Gaia ascending from 3D, skipping 4D and going straight to 5D was the ploy of The Powers That Were, those that hoped to enslave the human race once more and keep it enslaved through another great cycle. 5D is of the mind and 4D is of the heart. Gaia’s ascension is of the heart! It is by listening to the still small voice of the Christ spirit within our hearts and the voice of our conscience that we ascend. It is not through the wisdom of science and technology pursued by the Archons. Our global ascension is an ascension of love for all living things! Let us never forget!

Our global ascension is about collectively embracing prosperity, and reaching out to each other. It is not and can never be about control. It is about freedom!

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that the polarized conflict will continue within our society until the spring equinox in March, but it is obvious which side is winning! The side of prosperity and love is winning! The side of hope and humanity is winning!

During the State Of The Union speech the Democrats couldn’t even applaud in recognition that the unemployment rate for Blacks and Latino’s is the lowest it has ever been! They couldn’t recognize the importance of standing for the national anthem! It became painfully obvious that they wanted the United States to fail so that it could be replaced with a global high tech government run by elites! It became obvious that what they wanted was not prosperity, but control of the American people.

My body has felt this conflict for the past three weeks. It has felt this stress in a way that presented as cold or flu like symptoms, ascension symptoms! My sinuses were so painful that I struggled with blood clots and I’m on blood thinners. But I remain convinced that it was the stress of the conflicting energies and not true illness. I lost two days of work a week apart from each other, Friday’s where I was so sick I couldn’t work. I couldn’t even post on the internet.

That all went away when the House Intel Memo went public! At the same time a major conflict at work erupted and caused a major restructuring of my work space, much for the better! What I’m saying is that in my personal life things are beginning to get better and better! Last week someone actually showed up at my local ascension meetup group and we had a good conversation!

Prosperity is 4D and it is magical! For those ascending the physical is finally beginning to respond to our creative desires! It is happening slowly, but it is happening and there is nothing that can stop it because the change is already reflected in the higher levels of the astral planes.

Our magic is in the process of unfolding so use it! Embrace the prosperity as it shows up, even if it might not be as much as you hoped for. Things will continue to get better as our physical world (4D) becomes more responsive to us and to our intentions.

Understand that the ascension energy is going to be working locally now and not as globally. The new born energies of spring are now entering into our bones and into our new 4D earth. These energies are bringing us life and vitality, especially those of us that have chosen to live here in these physical bodies for a few more years before dropping them as so many others are now beginning to do.

Those that are not in harmony with these new energies of love and of the heart will be brought down and taken out of this world! We have chosen this world to be a Garden of Eden and not a hell! Watch in wonder as the high and mighty are brought down by the weight of their own evil deeds! Recognize how much we have been lied to!

Give thanks that we have been spared what could have so easily have happened! Recognize what we have so narrowly escaped and rejoice in our freedom!

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The things I’m going to share in this update are so varied and multidimensional that I can only say this is how I interpret the energies at this time. We desperately need an overview of what is currently happening at the physical level but first some words about tapping into our true power to create the type of world that we collectively desire.

We have all been empowered magically and we need to start using that power to magically protect and create! We can start by surrounding ourselves and our loved ones with love and spiritual light. We can then send that love and spiritual light out to others we care about and out to Gaia herself as she crosses the finish line. That won’t be until the March equinox two months from now. It’s all about cycles and Gaia follows her own cycles and as life forms living upon Gaia we follow her cycles as well.

So learn to use your magic! Meditate and surround those you love with protection. Our magic has arrived and the magic of the Powers that Were has left them! It will not return! Current astral activities are in the lower astral planes and hidden from most lightworkers. It’s time to open our eyes to real life events and what they mean.

Over twenty five years ago I was given a vision of Gaia’s ascension and her new future. It happened in stages and I was disappointed during the final stage because money still held restrictions on humanity. Humanity creates the collective future and the concept of money is so ingrained in our lives that it will follow us, but hopefully in a positive way! So I’ve been waiting and waiting for some understanding of this. Money has never played an important part in my life and I’ve gone out of my way to avoid it! Chuckle.

It appears that the Powers that Were had a plan in place to replace currency with digital currency, specifically with Bitcoin and they invested heavily into it and used it to launder money as well. It was untraceable. Now the idea of a digital currency is quite revolutionary and could change our society profoundly for good or for bad. We have been told the promises of the good, but the abuse of digital currency in the hands of a few has been hidden from us. Thankfully we will be spared that for the immediate future because it seems as though the built in back doors into computer chips demanded by our own intelligence agencies have created vulnerabilities that make any digital currency DOA! You can’t run digital currency on computers that can get hacked! It just won’t work! So that plan needs to go back to the drawing board and we remain stuck with our current monetary systems in the meantime. Don’t get me wrong. I would love to have a strong and safe digital currency. But I want one that is open and universal.

Next topic:

The Deliberate Plan To Weaken and Destroy the United States Of America and replace it with a global government run by the elite!

The globalists have been following a systematic step by step blueprint designed and created to deliberately weaken the United States and its citizens and that “group think” has become politically correct in today’s world. It not only targeted the United States, but other countries around the globe as well. While this started during the Bush dynasty and the terrorism of 9/11, it has continued to grow through all the subsequent administrations.

We can pick up the narrative with Obama’s presidency. This phase began with rogue ops (CIA) to destabilize the middle east and deliberately create and support terrorist groups. This was accompanied by leaks of classified intel and deliberately weakening the military, both by cutting its funding and taking the power away from its generals. We were sold this as a “Lead From Behind” tactic.

There was also put in place a deliberate effort to weaken the conservative base through the IRS scandals and the MSM. An open border policy would allow illegals to flood in to ensure Democrat wins. This would also open the United States to terrorists such as ISIS and MS13, a strategic rule by fear tactic. Globalists wanted these things to happen. They wanted US citizens to burn the flag, spit on it.

The Obama administration turned a blind eye to North Korea building nuclear weapons and turned a blind eye to Iran, even sending cash to help it fund terrorist activities with American money. The uranium one scandal was a way to supply both North Korea and Iran while depleting US reserves. Again deliberate and on script.

So that’s the script the globalists were following during the eight years of the Obama presidency.

Hillary was supposed to have been elected president. Her script was to start WWIII as a deliberate means of population control and make billions from arms deals. Then she was to round up the remaining patriots within the government and military. (the white hats-we will read more about them later)

Next up kill the economy, replace the monetary system with a totalitarian version of Bitcoin and establish economic slavery. Totally open the borders and revise the constitution. (removal of 2nd amendment-ban fire arms)

Stack the Supreme Court with liberal justices and begin the process of interpreting the constitution as a “living” document.

Rig elections by bringing more illegals in to vote and by using Soros voting machines that could be manipulated.

The final phase before implementing globalism was to further limit funding for the military, closure of US military bases world wide and the complete destruction or censoring of any opposing news media through censorship.

Thankfully Hillary was not elected and these things have not happened! But we still hear these as “talking points” of the liberal left globalists. These things are “politically correct”! They come directly from the script that can’t be deviated from even when they no longer make any sense or have been proven wrong.

Only by reading the above can you see just how close we came to losing everything! We, the ignorant public, didn’t have a script of our own but the white hats did! (Remember those forgotten patriots hidden within the government and the military that still believed in the constitution and in the power of the free people.) After the terrorism of 9/11 they began to investigate and gather evidence of the new crimes that were taking place as the military and government agencies became corrupted.

With the election of Donald Trump they knew it was time to act and bring the results of their investigations forward. In Donald Trump they had found a very powerful ally! Admiral Rogers of the NSA met with Donald Trump and it has been #MAGA ever since! The white hats have already won, but the black hats don’t realize it yet!

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Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/18/18 (Thu) 22:51:03 No.35

Senate vote count [RR]? This was a 94-6 vote in the Senate! Why did so many Dems vote for him? Hmmm.
Senate vote count [Sessions]? This was a 52-47 vote in the Senate! Obviously Sessions was considered dangerous to the swamp creatures!
Reconcile. It was known ahead of time that Rosenstein was “dirty” and the white hats set him up to entrap the others… because the black hats are so stupid, stupid, stupid!
Why was RR chosen to be asst AG? To blow the covers of his superiors.
Why did RR draft a letter supporting JC termination? To make the white hats think he could be trusted.
Why did RR use full weight of his office to attempt to block release of doc to Congress today? Because he is really, really scared!
News unlocks past. What is no happening was deliberately set in motion by the white hats to catch the black hats red handed.
D’s cannot survive. If the Dems have any hope of surviving this they need to quit covering up the crimes of the black hats and kick them out.
DWS FAILED to FLEE. Oh, is Debbie Wasserman Schultz still around? Too bad!

Why are we here?
Why are we providing crumbs?
Think MEMO.
Not convinced this is spreading?
You, the PEOPLE, have THE POWER.
You, the PEOPLE, just forgot how to PLAY.
APART you are weak.
This is more important than you can imagine.

I think the above is self explanatory. We need to win the twitter wars. I posted how in my last post.

Many of the puzzle pieces have now fallen into place. I understand the occult angle from my own sources. The kabbalistic egregore is broken and their magic is gone. They will attempt some type of sacrifice of human lives to save themselves but it won’t work. They have been cut off from their magic, cut off from their alien masters and cut off from their funds. It is clear that the House Intel memo is going to be made public and that will be the end.

But there is still one more angle that needs to be exposed. What are they trying to do with Bitcoin? They have invested almost all of their money in Bitcoin [and ours as well]. Bitcoin is doomed to fall and fall big as their final defeat.

Why can’t the US create its own digital currency? I don’t know. I’m just asking!

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I have spent the last couple weeks digging into both things political and things ascension related in an effort to find where my own material fits. It turns out that I do have one missing piece of the puzzle and that it will be helpful to others as Gaia’s ascension continues to unfold.

The missing piece was revealed to me as I listened to a recent “Fade 2 Black” broadcast concerning Corey Goode and David Wilcock. The subject was about the Secret Space Program and a recent article that Corey Goode had written. As David Wilcock and radio host Jimmy Church discussed this material David added much from his own perspective which included how “The Ra Material” was essential in his own foundational understanding of what is now going on with Gaia’s ascension.

This is interesting because it was back in the early 1980’s when I first read the Ra material and I still have all four volumes on my bookshelf. It was this Ra material that directed me to research and study the physics of Dewey Larson and his reciprocal field theory. My own entire work is foundationally based upon the work of Dewey Larson. By this I mean that I use the science of Dewey Larson to explain a new way of perceiving our world and the western mystery traditions.

This means it is also indirectly supportive of the Ra material as well!

Over the past years I’ve had numerous astral battles with various entities, notably reptilian or human but some others as well. I never really got into the extraterrestrial aspect of things because that wasn’t my mission. Now it seems that I’m to become a player in this area because 2018 is the year of disclosure of extraterrestrial life and UFO’s and the battle of information is in full swing. So my focus is shifting to shine upon these things.

I don’t channel information and never have. I function on the lower astral planes and report the activity that is happening at those levels. I’ve recently had dream contact with our space brothers and sisters and have written about it in my blogs. I’m talking this time about tall humanoid beings wearing silvery uniforms. I don’t have the memory recall that Corey Goode appears to have, but I’m working on it.

Lastly, I’m going to state that Gaia is in the process of establishing herself within all densities and this includes all life forms upon her as well. Now that she has ascended into and beyond 5th density she is reestablishing herself foundationally at 4th density and this is not being noticed or talked about. It is her going back down into 4th density that is allowing so many humans to ascend with her. If she had remained at 5th density and beyond these humans would not have been able to ascend. In short, Gaia has ascended but chosen to once more stay at the lower level of 4th density to ensure the safety of all life which she loves so dearly.

In closing I would like to reference something I remember from the Ra material. It is normal for service to other beings to graduate from 3D to 4D because 4D is of the heart. Service to self beings skip over 4D and consider it not important and go directly to 5D which is pure mental energies. This entire 3D ascension skipping 4D has been a ruse by those that are service to self oriented and they almost made it! Lightworkers have turned to the wisdom of the heart just in time to save great numbers of humanity and allow them to graduate to the next level, that of 4D.

This is all acting out in 4D and many channelers can’t go there. Light body activation means 4D light body activation. What is happening within the astral is that many who have already ascended beyond 5D are returning and helping others to ascend to the higher level of 4D. This is what is currently taking place and why things are so confused right now.

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I can’t help it! I’m back because this information is so vital to get out to people. The energy this past week has felt very blocked and stagnant and left me wondering what was going on with Gaia’s ascension. Then last night I realized what was happening and it was so simple and so profound I needed to share it!

I watched the televised meeting about DACA in which President Trump spoke with both Republicans and Democrats in an effort to get both sides working together in a compromise solution.

That was when it hit me. neither side is going to win and never was intended to win. Gaia’s ascension has never been about one side winning and the other side losing. It has been about the balance of both male and female energies, about the balance of opposing viewpoints! It is about learning to get along and working together toward a common desired goal even when it is for different reasons.

There are crazies on both sides of the political spectrum. We are beginning to see the dishonesty of the Clinton machine and perhaps even the Obama machine. This is a good thing that these crooks are being exposed to the light of day. But there are just as many honorable and patriotic Democrats, perhaps more.

At the same time there are crooks and crazies hidden within the far right that are being exposed as well. Gaia’s ascension is not about conflict and opposition politics. It never has been. It is about compromise and the belief in the goodness and honesty of our fellow country men and women. We need to learn to trust each other.

Trump is reaching out to moderate Democrats and dumping the radical side of his own party. It has to be this way! Gaia’s ascension couldn’t happen any other way! Gaia’s ascension is about embracing the opposite view, not destroying it.

The two major timelines have split and we are in this one. That means the division is over, the conflict is over! If its not over, then the timelines haven’t split! Does that make sense? So we are in this one unified timeline. What way are things moving? Which people are facing legal challenges? Why are we in a state of national emergency that deals with human right violations and the sex trafficking of children? Why are there always new articles of sex offenders on Fox news every day? Don’t you think its because something is going down? Something good!

We say that Gaia is ascending and the vibrations are getting higher and higher. Well, that means sooner or later gridlock and conflict can no longer exist! When the timelines split they can no longer exist. But the timelines have split! Now it’s time to join forces to create the kind of world we all want to live in!

My message is simple, the good Republicans and good Democrats are going to begin working together to get things done and DACA is only the beginning! That is what ascension is!

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Ten of Swords

symbol- He must search for the perfect girl. She realizes she is desireable.

Meaning- realization

He decides to date one of his platonic girl friends. It seems kind of strange at first because he doesn’t want to risk loosing her friendship. Still, he likes her and he would like to get to know her better.

He wants to find out if they could have a serious relationship together. While they have fun together, the relationship doesn’t have the emotional spark or intensity he wants in a relationship.

It is like dating a sister or a cousin. It just doesn’t feel right to get emotionally involved with her. This is very frustrating because he is selective about whom he wants to date and there are not too many girls around that are acceptable to him.

She is surprised when he asks her out and she is a little nervous too. She likes him and doesn’t want to hurt him. She knows that she would like to date someone but he is more like a brother than a date.

The whole thing seems a little awkward and uncomfortable. She enjoys the dating but her feelings toward him are too relaxed and casual. It just doesn’t have the spark she wants in a serious relationship.

They talk things over and realize they are not really interested in each other romantically. It is still important that they be friends and get together socially but that is all.

This is an important time for him because he begins to understand what kind of girl he is attracted to. He gains an ability to recognize girls that are more suitable to him personally. Someone he has things in common with and shared interests.

This is an important time for her because she realizes her male friends are attracted to her. They do think she is likable and special. It gives her renewed self-esteem and hope that she will find that special someone.

As she dates others they both learn how to have healthy relationships with each other. They get to know each other before they decide what they will do.

Male experience:

He begins to date some of his platonic friends. While he has a good time it just doesn’t work out as he would like. It is like dating his sister. There is no spark.

He does learn what type of women he is attracted to and becomes more selective in whom he dates. He wants to date someone he is comfortable with but he wants spark and passion too. He maintains his platonic friendships.

Female experience:

She is a little nervous about dating her friend. She likes him but not in that way. He is like a brother to her. Still she decides to give it a try and see how it goes. It is strange. There is no spark or passion and the dating doesn’t last long but the friendship remains.

This is an important time for her because she learns that someone she likes and respects as a friend is attracted to her. It is possible for her to have a healthy relationship with someone of the opposite sex. She realizes that she is desireable and that someday she might find mister right.

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