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I’m finally getting to explaining some of the things that are currently going on in our world and in society. I repeat that we cannot separate what happens in the physical world and what happens in the astral. What happens in the astral happens first and it happens up to one year ahead of it physically manifesting. I’m taking about major global events. The astral and etheric levels resist change and when they finally rupture and form a new circuit or timeline they literally snap into place very quickly. When you combine this with the knowledge that events within the astral/etheric worlds or the time/space dimensions gravitate together like physical matter gravitates together in the physical or space/time dimensions things get very interesting indeed.

This means that there are critical time periods in which many critical events take place at the same time. This is what we are currently experiencing in our world. Not only that, they are all speeding up and becoming more severe as if they are heading toward some massive crescendo! The timing is perfect and when it happens it all happens together at the same time in a perfect storm of events.

I will list some of the things that are currently happening and speeding up and will post about each one of them individually later.

Earth’s magnetic poles are currently shifting at a rate of 30+ miles per years and moving toward each other. This motion is also speeding up and reflects the rapidly increasing weakening of earth’s magnetic field. This magnetic weakening is allowing more harmful radiation from space and from our sun to get through our atmosphere. The elite have known about this coming polar shift for over thirty years and have been preparing for it in many ways.

The elite have known that the coming shift will destroy over 80% of all life on this planet including human life. They know that this will happen within the next thirty years and they are maneuvering for positions of power because they plan to be among the 20% who survive the shift. They no longer care about the masses of humanity.

The elite of each nation have a plan for who is to survive and remain in power in their respective country. Nothing else matters. One of the big problems is the massive population which will reach 8 billion people by this November. Clandestine programs to depopulate areas of the earth have been put in place including but not limited to:

The Covid 19 vaccine which has many newly discovered and unpleasant side effects that are slowly killing millions. Deaths resulting from negative side effects of the vaccines are now being investigated and reported on a growing basis.

Global famine where the food supply is being deliberately and systematically destroyed around the world. This has been made much worse by the Russia/Ukraine conflict and in the poorer regions of the earth there will be mass starvation and hardship this winter.

The deliberate and planned economic collapse of the global financial system leading to collapse of currencies and hyperinflation. The problems within our global financial system have now become so great that there is no way to prevent a massive global collapse, but the elite will print more money to artificially support the derivative markets so the rich become even richer and the poor lose everything.

The global fuel and energy shortage that will be hitting this winter and will be even greater next year. This is going to plunge entire countries including the United States into a massive depression and de-industrialization where businesses fail because if inflated operating costs.

Lastly, there are forces that are deliberately trying to trigger World War III.

All of these forces and events are on a collision course that seems to be focused on this November and the midterm elections. All of these forces and energies are global or collective forces and there is not much we can do as individuals to change them. What we can do is take as many steps as possible to ensure the health, protection and safety of ourselves and our loved ones. The most powerful way to achieve this is by developing the chakra centers, especially the root chakra which deals with these exact issues. This is our biggest opportunity for the development of our astral/etheric bodies and their integration into one complete and empowered soul that will continue on in awareness when we at last drop these mortal physical bodies.

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What I have tried to establish in my previous posts can be summed up like this:

Using our physical bodies to generate the energies to develop and permanently activate our astral/etheric bodies is what is most important right now. Our mortal physical bodies will die some day and it might be sooner than we think! Work to activate each chakra center and circulate the energies between them so they can communicate with each other! Make the most of our limited time here on earth and live intensely!

There is no need to be concerned over who is right and wrong in the power struggle than currently consumes society. There are initiates of the Holy Kabbalah to work with the Spiritual Light energies and there are those that work with the dark Shadow energies. The egregore of the Holy Kabbalah is broken and obsolete. It will no longer function as before and all of those using it will not get the results they expect. This year 2022 is the first year the energy dynamics of the New Age have been fully functional and this year’s harvest of our personal efforts will not be what many expect. We have shifted from a direct current egregore based upon the Holy Kabbalah to an egregore based upon modern science and alternating current.

As I mentioned in my first post in this series it is not possible to separate the physical from the astral/etheric because they are part of a horn torus created by electrical and magnetic field energies. When we drop our mortal physical bodies our awareness may reside within any non-physical astral/etheric bodies that we have prepared from each of the seven noble gases. These may be permanently activated and integrated with each other but will always require some type of energy source to remain viable. These have always been termed ascended bodies and what ascension is all about. Once our awareness has permanently transferred to our ascension bodies we can choose whether we want to incarnate into another mortal physical body or not.

There is a great cycle that affects our entire galaxy, our solar system, our planet and all life upon our planet. This cycle happens every 12,000 years and is a destructive cycle that wipes out most life upon our planet. Humanity has survived through at least three of these cycles before even if it has been reduced to the stone age or the bronze age. This cycle involves the ever increasing destruction of earth’s magnetic field, ever greater vulnerabilty to the sun’s radiation and culminates in a partial polar shift where the current north and south poles shift to known positions on the equator where their ice begins to melt. We are currently in the middle of such a shift and most evidence suggests earth will have shifted into its new location sometime within twenty or thirty years. However, this final resting place will be preceded by very difficult times as nature becomes unhinged and society falls apart.

The ancients, those who have survived through these cycles have tried to warn us about them so that we might be prepared. The Elite, those in power around the world have known about this coming destruction cycle for many years. Knowing it is triggered by a solar flash or micro-nova different countries began massive programs for shielding us from harmful effects of our sun over thirty years ago. They began to put aluminum nano particles into the atmosphere through chem trails. This is still going on today and has created a permanent level of such aluminum nano particles in our atmosphere. But nothing can stop the weakening of earth’s magneto sphere and the inevitable solar flash or micro nova. Our days are numbered and even though some will survive most will not. This is why I have stressed the importance of the development of each astral/etheric body and its permanent activation.

These things need to be known if we want to understand the global events that are now occurring around the world as our civilization begins to fall apart. There are many different strategies as each nation struggles to find ways to shelter as many people as possible and come out of the shift in an empowered position. This is why there is no serious attempt to fix the global economy or deal with global starvation or the energy crisis. We only have a few years left and things will continue to get worse. Nothing is going to get better. My next post will begin to finally talk about some of these things.

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In this series of posts I’m really trying to share that ascension is the development and permanent activation of each astral/etheric body through the generation of energy by our physical body. The general understanding is that such permanently activated non-physical bodies can exist beyond the death of our mortal physical body. However, there is the question of whether such astral/etheric encounters are projections of individuals with mortal physical bodies or if they are without mortal physical bodies. I will share a few personal experiences that deal with this.

Back in the 1970’s I was doing a Rosicrucian Self Initiation that was very powerful. A Master in robes appeared in my living room. He was sitting cross legged and floating about 3 feet in the air. He didn’t say anything but I walked completely around him viewing him from all sides and after a half hour he faded away. This was a very powerful and encouraging experience for me to say the least. This Master appeared several other times after that at critical times during my studies and development. He one point he also introduced me to the Hierarchy which seemed to be looking down and observing me from above. Later I came to realize that this Master was the noted German author and occultist Hanns Heinz Ewers. While his mortal physical body was dead his spirit had a definite connection to me!

I have had three experiences with ghosts or low level astral bodies that appeared trapped upon the lower planes. One lady I knew came to me because two native American spirits were haunting her resort and she wondered if I could get rid of them. I went there, did a cleansing and foolishly tried to get rid of them by absorbing and transmuting them. That night I had an intensely vivid dream/vision of being on an almost barren landscape in which the trees and bushes were without leaves. It was a ghostly landscape and I was crouched behind a leafless bush as first one native American ghost walked past me and then another rode a white horse past me. Neither one seemed to see me but seemed to be searching for their home. They were wandering the lower earth planes and lost. That was the most powerful and convincing landscape and experience that I have ever had of the underworld. Later the lady told me that the ghosts had returned but were behaving themselves.

Another incident happened at a house party that a friend and I were attending in upstate New York during the Thanksgiving weekend. My friend and I were sitting in chairs watching to girls drinking rum and playing with an Ouija board. I was not at all impressed since I took such activities seriously. Suddenly the fire in the fireplace flared up as if someone had poured gasoline on it and my friend started shaking in convulsions. I asked her what was wrong and she said she felt like she couldn’t breathe, like she was under water. She said she felt like someone was inside her and trying to take possession of her body. Other people in the room were staring helplessly at her not knowing what to do.

I calmed her down and talked to her, telling her what was happening and what to do. A spirit had tried to take possession of her and she needed to help it back to the spiritual light. I send her energy and she called on guides and helpers and finally they took the entity away into the light. Later we found out that a local twelve year old boy had drown under the ice in a pool of water about two years previously and no one had found the body until the next spring.

Another incident took place when I was working with a trouble teenager. I sat down to meditate and astral project to discover the true reason for the trouble the boy was having and discovered that an entity had attached itself to him. In revulsion and disgust I pried the entity away from him and tried to absorb it and transmute it into light. That night I had another powerful and vivid dream in which I had to relive the accidental death of the entity and called on guides and helpers to lead it to the light. It turned out that this entity and the troubled teenager I was working with had been best friends. The entity had been playing the popular erotic game of trying to masterbate while being strangled by a rope so he couldn’t breath. His friend was the one that found him in the bathroom hanging from the shower. Many thought it was suicide but having had to relive it I know it was an accidental death. The entity in terror attached itself to his friend.

These are examples of entities that no longer had mortal physical bodies but still existed on the etheric plane. I have also had experiences dealing with souls that were dying and try taking possession of other bodies. This happened to both me and my wife. My wife’s mother was on her death bed in the twin cities about two hundred miles from where we lived. We decided to go there and were going to stay at a friend’s house in the cities. We had arrived at our friend’s apartment but had not yet gone to the hospital when my wife suddenly slumped over and was having a seizure. I tried talking to her and she said that her mother’s spirit was trying to take over her body. I tried to calm her but it wasn’t working. She asked for help to get to the bathroom. To my horror she suddenly started walking with a limp and speaking strangely like her mother! She had been possessed! Since nothing else seemed to be working I poured my own energy into her in hopes of driving her mother’s energy out. It worked! But in the meantime I had called the ambulance because she had been laying on the sofa unable to move. She was taken to the same hospital where her mother lay dying. My wife kept insisting that she felt fine and wanted to leave the hospital immediately since the medics couldn’t find anything wrong with her. I insisted we stay for a while just to make sure that she was alright. She got very mad at me and was very angry at her mother. She called her sister who was upstairs in the hospital at her mother’s bedside and screamed into the phone for her sister to come immediately and get her out of the hospital. At the exact instant of my wife’s outburst her mother died!

A few years later I was in the room where her father was dying and suddenly his spirit tried to take possession of my own body. I grappled with it and held it solidly while I called for some helpers and guides to come and take his spirit to the light. I had the sense of pure terror. His soul didn’t understand and was terrified. It was not a malevolent attack.

I’ve had other dreams and visions of interactions with very powerful entities on the lower astral and etheric planes and have come to recognize them. In one I was crossing a large open area and saw two powerful individuals come out from an opening and watch. One was dressed in frontier furs like a mountain man and the other was a Union Soldier on a white horse. I got the distinct impression that they were Jim Bridger and General George Custer. . . they took no part in my dream/vision.

Mostly I’ve had hundreds of magickal attacks over the years and some of them were very powerful. I have no way of knowing if they had mortal physical bodies or not. While living in Phoenix I attempted to contact a local Gardnerian Coven and woke up in the middle of the night with the shadowy figure of someone kneeling on my chest trying to pin me down. I felt the weight of his body on top of me. Reaching into Source I hurled an energy blast at him and found myself in another room looking at someone who was on their bed on hands and knees puking violently. I am not someone to be messed with or taken lightly.

But one of my most serious astral/etheric encounters was with the entity Aleister Crowley which I will share in my next post.

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In my two previous posts I went to a lot of trouble to simply say that I not only believe in so called “non-physical entities”, but have interacted with them many times over the past years. I will continue to share my understanding and experience for those interested. These posts are intended to polarize one either for or against. I don’t even care which! It’s time some things were openly said!

So called non-physical entities need to sustain themselves energetically to continue to survive. But before dealing with this I want to share that even these non-physical entities have a type of physical body! That type of non-physical body or energy body is created out of one of the noble gasses such as Helium (Spiritual Concrete), Neon (Abstract Mental), Argon (Concrete Mental), Krypton (Upper Emotional), Xenon (Lower Emotional), Radon (Organic Physical) and Oganesson (Etheric). They have sensory inputs according to which electron ring they are associated with. Helium-2; Neon-8; Argon-8; Krypton-18; Xenon-18; Radon-32; Oganesson-32. The higher non-physical bodies are more archetypal and the lower are richer and more complex. Each type of energy body has its own individual awareness.

The goal of ascension and soul development is to develop and permanently activate as many of these seven possible bodies as possible. It is also just as important to successfully integrate them with each other so that a full communication exists between levels as well as the ability to transmute one type of energy into another when needed. These permanently activated energy bodies sustain themselves by tapping into the vital life forces of other entities or objects that exist within their particual level of the astral/etheric planes. Thus some can draw energy from the sun, other from the stars or trees or air itself. Some can draw energy from the elements and others from the vital life forces of other living creatures.

The more advanced entities have learned to draw this needed energy from humans as well. We can think of this energy exchange as a form of vampirism, but it is not that simple. Quite often this exchange of vital life force energy is a two way exchange that is desired and requested. Spiritual leaders and Teachers take in the love and devotion of their followers while offering wisdom and healing love in return. Politicians and celebrities feed off the energy of their followers and are empowered to act and speak for them. Without the energy and support of their followers they are nothing! Then there are the predators that simply take and destroy the lives of others for their own pleasure and amusement. It is extremely rare to find those who have learned to draw their needed vital life force from both the Spiritual Light as Source and the Womb Of Creation as Mother Earth herself.

But many others are struggling to develop these non-physical bodies by using their own physical bodies to generate the needed energies. This can be done in many ways; by strenuous activities such as dancing, running, drumming, singing,fasting, yoga, stress, breathing techniques, tantric practices and intense living. The end result is a physically generated influx of some type of energy that will temporarily activate a non-physical body for some healing or magickal purpose. It will inject the generated energy into the astral/etheric planes through some activity or fuel some out of body experience and then be used up. Only repeated practice and repeated generation of this physically generated energy will eventually lead to the point where a non-physical body is permanently developed and activated. We can even create such non-physical entities like “watchers” from out of our own vital life force energy or we can use our own energy to astral project or remote view distant objects, times and places. But such activity takes a lot of energy and often leaves us drained and depleted, at least in the beginning.

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The north pole continues to move toward Siberia at 50 miles per year and speeding up! With that thought I now turn to the metaphysical and spiritual aspect of the Great Event and ascension.

The development of the soul and its powers happens in the spiritual worlds, the astral planes or the time/space universe. The teachings of all the great religions and mystery schools inform us that the blessing of living physical lives in physical bodies is that it allows the most rapid development of the soul and its powers possible. Over and over again comes the sacred message to use the physical body to develop the soul and its powers. Break free of the wheel of karma and the restrictions of physical life. There is life and physical awareness beyond that of the physical body and physical life. We are more than physical bodies, but only if we become more than our physical bodies.

Those that identify with their physical bodies too much are lost at the death of their physical body because their sense of self, their core essence cannot hold itself together without a physical body. That is why it is so important to have a strong sense of self, a strong ego. When our core sense of self is strong enough to maintain awareness after the death of our physical body we cross over into a new world, a world without death and pain.

We call the development and permanent activation of any one of the higher astral bodies the “soul”. It can be created out of the Upper Emotional Energies of the Heart Chakra and that permanently activated body is the most common. It creates a core sense of self that is called the “reincarnating ego”.

The energies of the throat chakra can create a permanently activated astral body or soul body that is created out of concrete mental energies and this is called the Higher Self. It chooses our next incarnations for us and guides us through our lives if we listen to it. It exists after the death of our physical body if we have developed it.

The energies of the 3rd eye center can create the permanently activated astral body of abstract mental energies and this is the level of the adept. Here some of the awareness and personality gained in our physical lives is retained in the afterlife and continues to exist.

Those able to connect with SOURCE through the crown chakra become the masters and teachers for others.

I’ve mentioned all this before, but now I’m focusing on the act of ascension or graduation! The Law of One material shares that these 12,000 years cycles of destruction that repeat over and over again are the “harvest” of souls happens. This is where you graduate from physical life and begin to live as an immortal in a spiritual world according to your level of attainment. That is why we are here right now in these physical bodies at this time. We are graduating! We are donning our spiritual garments and leaving the cares and trails of physical life behind, unless we choose to incarnate once more and experience still more lifetimes. . . to live a physical life is to know that you must be born and then die. The reward comes after you drop the physical body.

Mantak Chia says it this way:

The Sixth Formula: Congress of Heaven and Earth Immortality

The sixth formula is difficult to describe in words. It involves the incarnation of a male and female entity within the body of the adept (this might correspond to the Crown Chakra, Sahasrara). These two entities have sexual intercourse within the body. It involves the mixing of the Yin and Yang powers on and about the crown of the head and being totally open to receive energy from above and regrowth of the pineal gland to its fullest use. When the pineal gland is at its fullest, it will serve as a compass to tell us in which direction our aspirations can be found. Taoist Esotericism is a method of mastering the spirit, as described in Taoist Yoga. Without the body, the Tao cannot be attained, but with the body, truth can never be realized. The practitioner of Taoism should preserve his physical body with the same care as he would a precious diamond because it can be used as a medium to achieve immortality. If, however, you do not abandon it when you reach your destination you will not realize the truth.

When you reach the point of the permanent development and activation of the immortal physical body you must drop the old physical body! It is no longer of use to you! I have activated my immortal physical body and am more than ready to drop this mortal coil when the time comes. . . I am ready for the harvest. Are you?

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In looking at some of the comments on the earlier video I saw that Ben Davidson is in a spitting contest with another back yard inventor by the name of Maverick Star. I would not bother to pay any attention to him but taking a look at his experiment with a rotating magnet and a compass needle really demonstrates in a tangible way how the astral cords or magnetic flux lines cause the flux lines to finally break and the magnetic field to snap into its new position. This is a good visual of the elasticity that I talked about earlier. My understanding is that this snapping into a new place happens at 45 degrees although Maverick Star claims it happens around 40 degrees. . .

Ben Davidson says that is all bunk and they both spend a lot of time debunking each other! Chuckle.

My own limited knowledge about sine waves and harmonics and other wave forms has me place this breaking point at 45 degrees as I’ve already said. But here is where it gets a bit interesting. Both of these gentlemen spend a lot of time tracking the movement of the shifting of the earth’s magnetic poles.

Ben Davidson has charted the progression and says that if the pole continues to move as it has or continues to accelerate it should reach its new position in late 2030 or 2040. Maverick Star beleives in this snapping into its new location suddenly and places the polar shift at 40 degrees as this video shows and says we will reach this point in nine months!

As I mentioned I favor the 45 degree mark and that probably gives us a couple more years, but things are definitely happening as the weather and behavior of animals gets stranger and stranger, including that of us humans!

I also favor the 45 degree mark because the 45 degree mark is very important in astrology as it marks the time of the most powerful flow of energy within the horoscope! Just saying!

While our mother earth has not made this great shift herself, there has been evidence of things breaking and snapping into new positions in our world. I would say that something snapped when Donald Trump was elected president and that things have been moving in a new direction ever since. No matter how hard the Davos globalist/DeepState tries to implement their agenda they constantly seem to fail at the last minute! And things are speeding up to climax in some kind of crescendo!

This coming winter seems to threaten global food shortages, crazy inflation, outrageous energy prices and perhaps even the total collapse of the global economy. And it all seems to be being done deliberately . . . leaving the common people out in the cold.

In any case there seems to be a very strong evidence that earth does indeed have these destructive pole shift cycles every 12,000 years and that the elites and the militaries around the world have made their preparations for it. At this point my best guess is that this shift will happen in a few years, but it will indeed happen and that it is the Great Event that has been so talked about. That includes the loss of the greater portion of humanity.

But I’ve only shared what this Great Event means on the physical plane and not what it means on the spiritual and astral planes. I have not yet shared what this Great Event means to those that are ascending with completed soul bodies. . . that is for next time!

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Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers is the creator of the video I recommended watching in the first part of this series. It is worth saying that he is not a trained scientist and his theories are considered by some to be pseudoscience. I am not a trained scientist either although I did take advanced math and college physics. I also had two years of electrician training so I am fairly knowledgeable about basic electricity and electronics. . . just enough to be dangerous! Add a little training on micro processors to that as well!

But Organic Gnosticism and OAK are solidly based upon the Reciprocal Systems Theory of the late Dewey Larson and they were once taught in a few colleges. Also the emerging science of Chaos Theory has had a deep impact on me as well. When you combine those with over twenty years of Rosicrucian studies and other independent interests over the years, I do draw upon some interesting and uncommon sources!

The bottom line is that after watching several videos made by Ben Davidson I can say that he has created a system of his own and reads a lot of scientific papers that show many other scientists are suddenly very interested in the magnetic and electrical properties of the earth, the sun and our universe! What he reads seems to back up his own theories and research and that is valid. . .

The bottom line is that earth’s magnetic poles are moving and moving faster every year. Something is happening. Solar flares, solar winds and coronal ejections do influence both our genetics and daily weather. We don’t really know just how much or how deeply. It is equally obvious that the CIA, military, some scientists and the global elite do believe in earth’s recurring cycle of destruction. They are also quietly preparing for it while keeping it a secret from the rest of us. That makes me suspicious as well!

As an occultist I’ve written a lot about the importance of rupturing the astral fabric on a daily basis in the process of individual soul development. I’ve equated the astral worlds with the time/space universe of Dewey Larson. They exist and our astral bodies exist, or can exist if we develop them. But we can’t do it by ourselves. We need an external force to break through the barriers that contain us. Solar activity can well provide that power in the form of solar activity. . .

The astral fabric is elastic and resists change. It will try to maintain the status quo and attempt to raise things if they get too low and lower things if they get to high. There is strong resistance until the fabric of the astral ruptures and then it will snap into a new position forcefully and attempt to maintain that position as firmly as it attempted to maintain the old position. This is the nature of these astral and magnetic bonds. . .

The shifting of the earth’s magnetic poles works in a similar way, with a strong resistance until it has no choice but to rupture and rapidly snap or shift into a new position. I see no problem with the idea that earth’s magnetic poles will slowly move and travel as they are increasingly stressed until they cross a certain point and snap suddenly into their new position. Therefore I find it highly plausible that such polar shifts or destructive cycles take place suddenly and almost instantaneously.

This rapid sudden movement is why we have found animals frozen in tundra beneath the ice in perfectly preserved states with food still in their mouths and stomachs! While the earth moves suddenly, the water and air currents continue to flow east to west and inertia causes them to rage across the surface of the earth at incredible speeds with incredible damage as described in this video and in the book. It take about a week for things to settle down and then the polar ice that is now at the equator begins to melt causing massive rainfall and storms.

I’m not going to write about this. The main point is that when these things happen people better be in some type of shelter where they will be safe for a few months. Then it is time to look to the food supply and begin growing your own! The harsh living conditions are why the beginning of every great cycle activates the root chakra energies because the main concern is survival itself! It is not about living in your head or having advanced technology. . . it is about the vital life force itself and raw brutal survival of human life. . .

Next post we can talk about when is this shift likely to happen!

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If you watched the video I suggested in my last post you will remember it references a book written by Chan Thomas called “The Adam and Eve Story”. The CIA banned this book because it gave information that was considered classified. This information told of the normal cycles of destruction that occurred every 12,000 years. This book is available online so I downloaded a copy and read it. This book combined with the above mentioned video are pretty convincing evidence that top government officials and the elite not only believe in this, but are heavily invested in it on a global basis.

There was an addition to the book at the back which was added later describing experiments with mice in low density magnetic environments. It was said that these mice turned “criminal” becoming both violent and even cannibalistic. They also appeared less intelligent.

I was immediately reminded of a book on my book shelf, “Magnetism and its Effects on Living Systems” by Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls. This book described experiments with chicken eggs that were placed near a magnet until the chicks hatched. The control group was not magnetized but one group was treated with the north pole magnetic radiation and the other treated with the south pole magnetic radiation.

The results showed definite genetic alteration had occurred. The chicks treated with north pole magnetic radiation were thin, scrawny, highly nervous and more intelligent than the control group. The chicks treated with south pole magnetic radiation were larger, more muscular, aggressive, cannibalistic and less intelligent that the control group. Interestingly both treated groups were healthier and lived longer than the chicks of the control group!

As we consider our highly polarized society it may be possible to recognize these traits within ourselves. As earth’s magnetic fields grow weaker do our own auras or magnetic fields attempt to grow stronger to compensate? Definitely food for thought. My book also said that the Russians had scientifically studied these things far more than the western nations and were far ahead of us.

Russia has fully stocked and functional nuclear bomb shelters for its population, but I begin to wonder if those are really intended as nuclear bomb shelters or instead shelters for the coming polar shift? In any case, we in the United States don’t have these shelters although there are rumored underground facilities for the military. . . I’m simply bringing up the possibility that we might have such shelters, but they are not for the masses. Europe has plenty of underground shelters that it has used during both World Wars.

In my next post we will continue the study of the strictly physical aspects of these naturally occurring cycles of destruction and where we are right now. . .

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I think I’m finally in a position to write about what has been termed “The Great Event”. The thing is that there are both physical and metaphysical aspects to this event that need to be clarified. There is a lot of confusion surrounding all of this.

As most of you know my own path, Organic Gnosticism or OAK is heavily influenced by the Reciprocal Systems Theory of Dewey Larson and by modern Chaos Theory. It turns out there is another science involved that I’m just beginning to appreciate which involves the electric and magnetic properties of our universe and solar system. It is this science that deals with “The Great Event” and I urge everyone to watch this amazing and informative video: The Earth Disaster Documentary https://youtu.be/ihwoIlxHI3Q

Basically scientific evidence shows that earth goes through regular 12,000 year cycles in which massive amounts of ice build up on the polar icecaps until a point is reached where earth’s magnetosphere steadily weakens until it collapses and the physical earth rotates 90 degrees so that both ice masses lie on the new equator and begin to rapidly melt. Meanwhile the inertia of the air and water continue in the same direction they have been going. This all takes place within a single day and is triggered by a massive solar flare or coronal eruption.

The significant point is that this is a recurring cycle that has happened many times before in earth’s history and will happen again like clockwork. At the end of each cycle the poles once more return to the position they held in the previous cycle. The uninformed may think the poles have never shifted because they have gone back to their previous locations.

This knowledge of cyclic destruction has been known by the elite in our global society and they have been preparing for it. They know that it is coming but don’t know exactly when. They also focus on the physical aspect of this and not the spiritual or metaphysical aspect that I will deal with in another post.

So the elite in our global society know that this destruction is coming and are intent upon not only surviving this destruction but ruling over the surviving members of humanity after things calm down. There have always been human survivors of these end of the world cycles but civilization has always been thrown back into the stone age. On the physical level these elite are in a war with each other positioning themselves for the new world that will emerge, but they are running out of time!

The bottom line is that energetically this shift has already happened within the astral planes and is just beginning the process of manifesting physically. The physical events that are now occurring on our planet are an unfolding of what has already happened within the astral and the Globalist/Davos/DeepState has lost! In my next post we will talk about how they have lost and are losing.

While the timing of this “Great Event” is unknown, it is foreshadowed by a continued weakening of earth’s magnetosphere and increased solar activity. It could happen this fall during the next solar maximum or it could stretch itself out until 2030. But it is most likely to happen before 2025 in my opinion.

The Reciprocal Systems theory of Dewey Larson suggests that with the time/space universe or astral planes events gravitate together just as physical matter gravitates together in the space/time universe or physical world. This means that secondary events will speed up and gravitate towards key critical events and cluster around them. We are already seeing this happening in our world as we confront the possibility of war, famine and the failure of the global financial system all at the same time! These all seem to be indicating this coming fall is critical. Is it critical enough to proclaim the end of the old world? In a sense it already is!

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I began my Ovate’s journey last spring and it has been a deep and rich spiritual experience with definite changes in my life. Every day as I walk to the local dog park with Valentine I consciously draw in the energies of the earth, the Mississippi river, the feel of the wind on my face and the warmth of the sun. This has become a daily practice that I have begun to look forward to, especially in the early morning.

Part of the Ovate’s journey is divination and prophecy and I have been turning my awareness deliberately to situational awareness of local and global events that will be affecting my life. In my case that means becoming a prepper!

The lesson is profound! It is not at all about following the old ways, but about living in the present world and adapting to individual life circumstances. The lessons are not about herbs and healing as much as learning what locally available herbs can be grown or purchased to make us healthier in a world where most store bought foods now longer have the nutrients that we need.

I might not be able to grow herbs where I live but I can certainly purchase them and prepare them for my own use! Fresh ground cinnamon, turmeric and cyan pepper can be used as seasonings that will help with blood circulation and high blood pressure. My bread machine makes interesting types of breads that are more healthy to eat. Spirulina, brewers yeast and chorella are super foods that can supplement my survival rations and supply missing nutrients. Colloidal silver is a time tested homeopathic medicine that can boost the immune system.

In my opinion these are all part of being a modern druid, making the most of what we have and living in harmony with our environment. Sure, it would be nice to be more independent and live even closer to nature, but that is not possible for me right now. So I make do with what is available to me and that is the message that I’m trying to share. We all need to start from where we are at and we can all better our life circumstances and the quality of our lives by holding true to the ovate’s path!

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