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The month of May sees the collapse of the final Swamp timeline! The hidden evil deeds and crimes of those we entrusted and empowered are coming out into the open for all to see. Human trafficking for money, especially that of children is the ugly dark secret that is finally coming out into the open and we collectively get to choose what we are going to do about it. Sex and money! These two things have been joined at the hip since the beginning of time, or at least the beginning of money. How do you turn scarcity into abundance? This is our challenge as we confront the dark side of human nature.

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The battle to drain the swamp has already been won within the astral planes. This has to do with Gaia’s ascension and a new energy dynamic that alters the way that things physically manifest. The elite are not compatible with the new energy dynamics and continue to try doing things the old way, which no matter how hard they try, simply doesn’t work anymore! You can tell who is using the new system and who is using the old simply by observing who is winning and who is failing.

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Developing the immortal physical body is the same as developing the etheric body or developing the 4D body. It is experienced as a physical body but kept alive through light/energy and not through the chemical process of digestion. The development of this non physical body has been known and taught by Buddhists and Taoists as well as through the various martial arts for thousands of years. The development of this body involves the integration of heart energies and lower emotional energies as well as spiritual energies. Traditional Christianity only seeks to develop the mental and spiritual energies, often even without the heart energies.

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