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This is one of those videos that I simply needed to do, but don’t know how people will take it. As a Rosicrucian I’ve become accustomed to sending out a mental tap or link to check on others I might want to talk with. For example I might cast a feeler out toward a friend and sense whether it is a good time to talk or not. They can sense my contact and often call back in response. In like manner I can sense when someone is strongly thinking about me. I can literally feel the pressure of their thoughts. This is common and this is everyday. I don’t need to do a meditation for that. It is my normal. And if I want to send a short message or communication I simply do it by mentally reaching out to them.

On the surface this meditation does the same thing, but I sense there is an important difference. I sense that true telepathy and the possibility of true communications becomes possible at this etheric level for those that truly want to take the time to master it. Individual members of the circle seemed to be pretty excited about this meditation as well. I think it is possible to get very good at etheric level communications as we grow more accustomed to our new permanently activated etheric bodies. This includes the possibility of comprehensive etheric communication and sharing with each other in a totally new and deeper way. It also involves the possibility of connecting and communicating with those who have passed on.

This is one of the ways that members of the Order can strengthen the bonds between other members and that is both important and significant. This is especially true as we face censorship in so many ways in the physical world. It is important to find alternative ways to communicate and share with others. Ways that we can trust.

I would also like to point out that while many people are channeling information from various sources I am actually offering ways you can experience and test your new abilities and gifts first hand as you develop and strengthen the powers of your soul through portal working.

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We made it to 2021! What a relief and how exciting to look forward to this next phase as it begins to unfold. Apparently my employer wants me to still work into the 3rd week of January so my retirement is still out there, but will be happening. In the meantime I am still in the process of activating some major shifts in my life and my awareness.

The most prominent and significant is the massive shift to a focus on etheric energy and the etheric levels and personal empowerment on those levels and their integration with our physical bodies. I’ve seen Gaia’s ascension move from crown chakra energies to heart chakra energies and now finally to root chakra energies. This is the true beginning of the new cycle and our new earth!

Now we need to deal with that no man’s land between the heart chakra energies and the root chakra energies and that is all about emotion folks! If nothing else expect 2021 to be emotional, very emotional! This is why I am working with astral projection and pathworking to help integrate my own psyche within all these levels in an understandable way. This means to specifically focus on the etheric/physical link and the process of physical rejuvenation and regeneration of the physical body through our own DNA modifications that will advance the healing process and lead to longer and more productive lives.

The information that is beginning to come through is very surprising and turns commonly recognized knowledge on it’s head. I will be sharing more of this as time goes on but for starters it seems that the seat or core of the soul resides in crystalline(noble gas) form at what we have come to call the Akashic Records. This is safely ensconced in Gaia’s core. That crystalline (noble gas) core generates our etheric body created from the outer electron ring of atomic elements. SOURCE of our life and awareness is linked to that final element 118 which is a noble gas and is also called the Womb of Creation because all other elements are contained within it.

There is a powerful attraction between the Womb of Creation and the photon state of Spiritual Light which is SOURCE in its masculine manifestation. At the etheric level this is seen as the attraction of the Milky Way galaxy and the stars as we embrace their life giving light.

Our etheric body has an entire realm in which it operates which includes the Akashic records, the realm of elemental life forms, reptilian life/vampiric life, ghosts and hauntings, Garden of the Moon, the realm of fairie and magic, and the Temple of the Moon to name just a few. I’m still sorting all of this out.

The etheric body in turn generates the physical body which generates the lower emotional body which generates the upper emotional body which generates the concrete mental body which generates the abstract mental body which generates the concrete spiritual body which generates the abstract spiritual body which has access to the monad or SOURCE in its masculine aspect as spiritual light.

The entire chain is like those Russian dolls that fit inside each other and each particular body has its own individual awareness and its own world or reality in which it exists. We may or may not be consciously aware of them. To us they may exist as our Higher Selves or our Shadow.

From our perspective physical life is the weak link in the chain because at the death of the physical body the chain is broken and a portion of our soul may return to the etheric realms as a ghost or lost soul? While the others begin to rise toward SOURCE as photon or spiritual light and stabalize somewhere upon the ladder, only to gradually rise and ultimately fade away as it returns to SOURCE or decides to be reborn into a physical body and seeks SOURCE as the Womb of Creation to establish the link of life once more.

Theoretically by strengthening and working with our etheric bodies we can heal and maintain our physical bodies through that connection with the Womb of Creation. Then there would be no need for illness or death. Remember the physical body is simply a projection of the etheric body. By opening blocked energetic circuits we can restore the energy dynamics we enjoyed as children. This is magic in its true form and the original blueprint of life as first intended!

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Merry Christmas everyone! I’ve been spending this Christmas alone and that’s why I’ve put out so many posts. But this morning I realized something about Gaia’s ascension that I felt I really needed to share. After the massive shift on the solstice Gaia has become SOURCE! Her own connection to the spiritual light has been activated and she no longer depends upon us as she did before. She now stands on her own and radiates full spectrum energy as the Logos which she has become.

What Gaia now represents is the Higher Octave of SOURCE energy! For a long time now I’ve known that she would have her own connection to SOURCE but I never realized that she would become SOURCE! In the old eon SOURCE was represented as spiritual light and Unity. Meaning all things would one day return to the light and return to SOURCE.

But Gaia’s ascension has totally given us a new and higher understanding of Unity and of SOURCE. The new understanding of Unity is the Unity of all life in a balanced circle of life where all living things exist in harmony with each contributing something that is needed. It is Life itself that has become sacred and that is the power of the Goddess! The lowest etheric planes have become the living womb that bestows vital life force and healing to all living things. Gaia now offers full spectrum vital life force to all living beings!

The spiritual light of the old SOURCE energy does not offer vital life force energy! The spiritual light of the old SOURCE did not allow the ascension of entire planets and the life forms upon them, only of individual species while the once living planets were destroyed! Gaia has done something that has never been done before. She has taken Unity of life and living things to an entirely higher octave and a quantum leap! This is something that our space brothers and sisters have yet to learn… they continue to remain almost exclusively interested in only humanities ascension…

Things energetically switched at the solstice and Gaia is now the true SOURCE of all life upon her and each new age always begins with the activation of the lowest etheric and root chakra levels of vital life force.

We have seen the switch from crown chakra activations to heart centered activations and now we are seeing the switch to vital life force activation through our newly activated etheric bodies. Now we need to learn how to tap into these new SOURCE energies!

In the meantime there are those who will continue to consider the spiritual light as SOURCE and be polarized in the wrong direction! Those are the ones that will be heading into the head tripping realms and not have the ability of experiencing full spectrum ascension.

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I would like to clarify some things about Gaia’s ascension and what has just happened. There have been several factions each working to assist or prevent Gaia’s ascension and the positive timeline which has just stabilized and anchored permanently.

First and foremost I want to mention those like myself who supported Gaia’s full spectrum ascension in which all life forms have been carried to a new energetic level where a new Garden of Eden can be created as Gaia purifies and casts off the damage she has endured over the eons. These people have worked with open crown chakras bringing down the spiritual light of Source and anchoring it deep within Gaia’s core. This has involved the personal journey of confronting and integrating one’s own shadow aspect to allow the two way alternating current that blends both male and female into one vital life force.

Collectively we all share a deep energetic to Gaia and I call this group the new elves because we are evolving into something that is not completely human any more. What we have become is more magical and more linked to nature and Gaia than ever before possible.

Our war has been to free the lower etheric and astral layers of the toxic negativity and corruption that has twisted the life force on this planet so that all of life can live as originally intended. Those that would have enslaved the human race, those powers that were, desperately tried keeping the lower levels for themselves so that they could remain in power. These dark ones have been energetically removed to a quarantined 5th density (mental energy) location within the astral forming a second ascension location that is also a part of Gaia who has now become a multiverse rather than a planet. (more on this in later posts)

There were also galactic lightworkers and star seeds who assisted in bringing Gaia’s vibrations to ascension level by incarnating here in physical bodies. With Gaia’s ascension complete these space brothers and sisters have the option of entering this new cycle of existence as New Humans or returning to their homes in 5th density (mental energy) and higher locations. If they choose to experience full spectrum life here on Gaia in physical bodies they will need to develop and integrate their lower level aspects which are missing. They don’t yet have the complete Gaia DNA. It will take the entire new cycle for them to develop these abilities and integrate them.

The Bible tells of when Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden and every stone of the earth was turned against them. That is what humanity has struggled against on this long journey to ascension. That is the journey that awaits our space brothers and star seeds if they choose to remain on Gaia and become the New Humans. It will not be easy for them, but it will be as wonderous in all ways as physical life has been for us as we have evolved through lifetime after lifetime, perhaps even more so as they will be standing upon our shoulders.

Our space brothers and sisters, fellow lightworkers, will also be affected by Gaia’s ascension because they will have taken on an energetic connection to these lower etheric energies as well and will find themselves needing to deal with some type of physicality, even if it is only elemental.

There has been a lot of confusion about Gaia’s ascension and I hope this will clarify some of it. Those quarantined in the 5th density (mental energy) location will be given the immense task of creating a new earth for themselves from scratch, just like the original fallen angels (ourselves) have done. In due time their creation will once more merge with ours, but that is a long way off!

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The massive global solstice meditation reached a critical mass permanently anchoring the positive timeline for Gaia and humanities future. In my minds eye I still sense the powers of darkness sealed off from the lower astral and etheric levels. They remain safely sealed off in 5th density in a place of mental energies (5th density = mental energies) and can no longer affect Gaia’s full spectrum ascension. This is further confirmation that the new energy dynamics are fully in place and functional like I’ve mentioned previously. What does that really mean? It means the machinations of those that would enslave the world’s population will remain in the mental levels and not physically manifest. You will begin to see a lot of cognitive dissidence.

But to speak plainly, those of us who have worked at integrating our shadow aspects and transmuting the dark and toxic energies in our world will now have some relief and even experience the energies of the Christmas Miracle as things begin to turn around. The new energies work with alternating current, not the direct current of the old energetic system/egregore. The new energies are the incoming root chakra energies of the life force itself.

Those still stuck in duality and polarity will experience the dark side of their own actions as what actually exists shatters their artificial reality. The self destructive activities will continue to play out as self destructive without causing harm to those immune to them. So don’t be drawn in to drama as it is self destructive with only one resolution; to be expelled from this existence!

In summary, those of us in the first ascension wave have now permanently activated our etheric bodies and can begin the process of learning how to use them. This includes how to use the etheric body for the rejuvenation and healing of the physical body through DNA upgrades.

I’ve personally started a program to do this for myself and will share more of it in the coming weeks. I’ve found some very potent but simple exercises for my hips and pelvis that can be done while sitting in a chair. I hope to add other very specific and powerful techniques as I get toughened in. Remember this, if you don’t use it you will lose it! That is something I’ve forgotten over the years and this physical rejuvenation is an important part of the ascension process going forward.

In the process of developing and strengthening the etheric body I’ve also began some pathworking meditations. This first one has been extremely powerful and effective in coordinating my etheric body for work on the etheric and astral planes. It is time for creative empowerment! I will try to post a link for the first meditation this coming week but I need to set it up as a podcast. It is 1 hour, 20 minutes long and I have no other way to make it available for others. The file is too large to upload as a Vimeo video for example. So I need to get an account to host podcasts and then post it here. I have listened to it three times now and plan to listen to it ten times myself to get the maximum effect! I feel it is that powerful!

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Here is a fun and fascinating look at a quick and effective way to determine ballot fraud according to scientific method without lots of computer code. Basically everyone is so confused by the technical jargon that they are not asking for the simple solutions that are available.

I learned a lot from this short video and recommend it to anyone that might be interested in this subject. So much information is now coming out that it is only a matter of days until there is a breakthrough moment, if it hasn’t happened already…

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The Supreme Court threw out the Texas case like it was a hot potato! Chuckle. So what happens next? I am starting to believe the Supreme Court is very reluctant to deal with anything about the election but we shall see as there are still a few cases moving forward including one by Lin Wood.

In this world of smoke and mirrors and who knows what to believe any more I have arrived at my personal threshold. It involves the old Rosicrucian teaching about the difference between realities and actualities. Realities are what we believe to be true and actualities are the way things really are… The rub is that we always act upon what we believe is reality and not upon what actually exists. Of course the results we get in return are based upon what actually exists!

If this turns violent, if the insurrection act is implemented and martial law is imposed I will continue to believe that the election was stolen because people are not willing to die for something that is a make believe fairy tale. If people are willing to die then there must be truth behind it… and that truth will come out eventually!

If it gradually goes away with quiet rumbles I will consider that it is all politics. I have better things to do. But I will continue to be suspicious of motives that deliberately appear to go against our God given right of free will and our individual freedoms. In the meantime there are mass meditations for Gaia’s ascension and humanities ascension and the incoming energies of the New Year that will peak on the winter solstice! Pray for peace and the Christmas Miracle!

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Seventeen States are now supporting Texas in its lawsuit about unconstitutional elections in the four swing States. When you think about it, it makes sense. For elections to be fair each state must follow its own laws and not have individuals bend those laws on a whim. States depend upon each other to have honest and believable elections. This is evidence that these were not believable elections.

Now for the first time in my life I get to see if our constitution will be upheld or torn up by the Supreme Court. It is either the guiding document of our Republic or it is not. Things are starting to get interesting.

There is a metaphysical principle at work here believe it or not. I learned about it the hard way in my own life. An individual can fight a governmental institution to a stand still but can never win! The best to be hoped for is a stalemate. Only governmental institutions can successfully fight against other governmental institutions. That is why it is perfect for a State to battle another State in the legal arena!

It is at times the work of a Master to stand up to institutions and fight them to a standstill, but the average person is better standing up against other individuals instead. Ultimately the standstill needs to be broken anyway. That is when an institution takes up the fight for the Master and wins. We see this happening now as the Christmas miracle begins to unfold.

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Gateway Pundit broke the big story today about the massive election fraud at the State Farm Center in Georgia Fulton county. Registration Chief Ralph Jones Sr.; Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Ross have been identified as the individuals who pulled suitcases out from under a table and ran them through the vote counter after everyone else was told to go home. We can expect to hear much more about this in coming days!

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Old foundations and bedrock are crumbling during the next three days as more truth about election fraud comes out. It will all come to a head by the New Moon on December 14th as the public begins to awake in earnest. Until then expect some rumbling beneath our feet. Cracks are beginning to appear everywhere.

Energetically think back to last year and the frantic effort to impeach President Trump. What they were trying to do was to get a movement going so that they would have momentum to catch the incoming energies and light of the winter solstice and ride that wave through 2020. Instead they found themselves on the wrong side of that wave and caught everything wrong for this entire year. Nothing went right and when they tried to rig the election they got caught as well.

Now they are trying the same thing again, trying to get a movement going so they can catch the new wave of incoming light and energy and ride it for the coming year. But once more they will find themselves on the wrong side of the wave and things will be even worse!

The old egregore and old energy dynamics no longer work! New energy dynamics are at play and they can’t tap into them because they are not compatible with the new energies! Behind the scenes assets are being frozen and arrests are being made. WE DON’T NEED PROOF OF THAT BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW IT IN OUR HEARTS! WE CAN FEEL IT!

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