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As Gaia begins to shine with her own light illuminating all life upon her she is exposing the vampires in our midst.

An increasingly united humanity is opening it’s collective heart in an outpouring of love and spiritual light. We want freedom and good will toward each other, not hatred and violence. People are waking up and coming to their senses… As the spiritual light increases the vampires become more frantic and their insanity becomes even more obvious. Between now and the winter solstice it will become obvious to all who are the vampires and who are the light workers. Gaia is in the process of ejecting the vampires and predators and their discomfort is becoming plain to see for every one. I’m talking about the energy vampires, those predators that live upon the fear and anger of the masses.

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There are important mile markers which we pass in Gaia’s ascension and the mass global ascension meditation was one of those…we got past it and now what? What is the next big thing?

I realize that my last post was a bit off the wall and I would like to place it into context or rather bring up some new things that I’ve not talked about or considered before. Remember back to 2012 and the great expectations that people had over ascension and how people were going to instantly find themselves on the other side? Well, that’s not exactly what happened is it…

So I’m going to summarize some of the things that come to mind dealing with Gaia’s ascension. First, we changed the probable future by creating totally new timelines that didn’t have the inevitable World War III, the global economic meltdown or the polar shift…those things were out there as probabilities and we avoided them by finding other ways to move forward and this creative effort continues today!

But I remember Steve Rother in a channel explaining how the plan was that all life on planet earth was to be destroyed like it had been in all other ascensions on other planets…the life ascended, but the planets died…not this time! He also mentioned the space dust that was entering earth’s atmosphere and floating around and the role that it would play in the future evolution of life on earth…think of this space dust as a type of Miracle-Gro that would give a gigantic boost to all life forms so that they could get a fresh start. It was described as reseeding Gaia with new life!

But this Miracle-Gro type space dust didn’t enter a dying or dead world, but one teaming with advanced life that has actually ascended! Life didn’t need to start over again from scratch like it was first expected. We made that change! We brought our world with us, or rather Gaia brought all forms of life with her as she ascended…but this Miracle-Gro like substance is still out there giving a vitality boost to all living things, including humans, all other species and viruses alike. Everything is on an equal footing as it struggles for survival in these new energies…This was the context in which I made my last post…

On to other things…long ago I was given the message that we didn’t need World War III or global destruction to make the switch into the new age. All that needed to happen was for the old negative souls to die of old age and to prevent them from being reborn! It might take a little longer, but would be much more humane…and so it has been. How long can the elite like George Soros or Queen Elizabeth of England continue to live in physical bodies? One by one these old powers that were are dying off and not being replaced. The old generation never changes its mind, they simply die and the new world is left to the younger generation. That’s what is happening now! We just need to wait it out…the battle has already been won! The enemy is dropping like flies from illness and old age!

Now we are entering the resurrection phase…

This time the battle continues on the political level and there are only a few months left until the US presidential election. Here is the plan of those seeking the enslavement of the world’s population…

Prolong the Coronavirus emergency until after the election so that people can’t go to the polls to vote. This means that it is vital to keep people in fear and panic over the dangers of the Coronavirus right up until the last minute. Keep people afraid and at home!

Collapse the economy so that people will be desperate and accept total government control over individual rights. Make people helpless by taking away all of their means of resistance…and especially take away the freedom of free speech…

By achieving these two goals they hope to turn the election against Trump and place someone like governor Cuomo as president through mail in ballots. Neither Biden nor Sanders are electable…and all that is needed is to drag these things out until after the election!

In contrast, this is what the Trump administration needs to do and is doing:

It needs to immediately stop the Coronavirus in its tracks so that people are not afraid to go to the polls this fall. It needs to promote how people are joining at the heart level and working together in love to confront and battle this crisis. It needs to show how love triumphs over fear!

It needs to get the economy moving again so that people are not desperate and in despair. Part of the plan is to make use of the Fed and zero interest loans to finance roads and infrastructure. This is a brilliant move because interest rates are the real evil in this world…zero interest loans are the way out! Most of the government debt payments are simply payments on the interest it owes to the Fed…time to make the Fed work for us instead!

Smoke and mirrors! But we already know the outcome because we made it happen when we globally and collectively turned the corner during the mass global meditation on April 4/5…The Light has won! The heart has won!


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There is so much that is clicking into place right now and so much new ground to cover over the coming year! My last post suggested some new thoughts that I was exploring and this post builds upon those. Blessed Solstice everyone!

It is becoming increasingly clear that there are two different ascension groups working toward two very different goals and I’d like to spend a little time discussing these two groups. The first group, which I belong to, is the one bringing about Gaia’s “full spectrum” ascension. This group is working toward the ascension of all life upon Gaia through the entire spectrum of life experience. This is the ascension that has never been done before and which no one really understands. It is also the ascension that will totally redefine life within our universe.

This “full spectrum” ascension is possible through the return of the fallen ones back to Source. As these fallen angels reconnect with Source they bring the lower levels of Gaia with them in a literal miracle of all sacred life. None are left behind. The Garden of Eden is once more returning to Gaia’s surface…

The second ascending group is repeating the old, previously known ascension cycle in which only those of so called 5th density and higher can participate. These are the chosen ones, the elite, that will leave the passions and emotions behind to exist within noble gas bodies of Argon, Neon and Helium. Basically the known mental and spiritual energies. They will continue to exist as thought forms. Essentially these are the souls of our space brothers and sisters that are unable to integrate the lower aspects of life and remain living in their heads creating rich worlds of the imagination with no grounding of physical reality. This is the group of spiritual angels, Social Justice Warriors, who refuse to participate in Gaia’s rebirth. These are the new fallen angels who believe that human life is more sacred than any other life…

The new Gaia has been created and we can find it’s likeness in the beloved Chronicles of Amber, a series of fantasy novels written by the late Roger Zelazny. New Gaia is represented in these stories as Amber, the real world of which all others are merely shadows. The realm of the newly fallen ones is represented in these stories by the Courts of Chaos. These two realms are the extreme polar opposites between which an entire new multi-universe exists as shadow worlds or possible realities. We might say that one is Gaia and the other is the moon.

Leaving the subject of ascension for a moment let’s turn to the concept of astral bodies or noble gas bodies and the elemental associations with personal awareness. In my recent studies of the Ka body or the body created from the mysterious element #118 and tantric practices some glaring discrepancies have become obvious that I must try to clarify.

It is the male who has the ultimate connection to unlimited Spiritual Source energies. This is the expansive power of the photon and spiritual light which is also represented by the physical body continuously producing sperm. The ultimate source of life force is the male who in turn gives this energy to the female as all the types of possible energies with a north pole expansive polarity.

It is the female who has the ultimate connection to unlimited Ka resources or those of the mysterious earth element #118 from which contains all possible physical life and physical matter. This is represented by her physical body which contains all the eggs or ovum that she will ever produce. The womb of the female draws power from this ocean of life force to combine with the energy of the male to create life. This is also why the void is often described as a goddess.

A missing ingredient in this tantric literature is the concept of magical celibacy. Actually there are several missing ingredients and I will mention a few of them even though I can’t discuss all of them in one post to any length.

First is the concept of soulmates or divine counterparts. Second is the permanent activation of a particular astral body or noble gas body as opposed to the temporary activation of such bodies. Lastly is the concept of electrons as points of personal awareness or sensory inputs.

I’m not sure the best way to begin so I will simply plunge into the entire mess. Among tantric literature is the common assumption or belief that exchanging sexual energies with a group of people is the quickest path of soul development. This is false and such indiscriminate mingling of sexual energies is dangerous and counter productive. This doesn’t produce permanently activated astral bodies/noble gas bodies, butĀ  produces temporary bodies that can only exist through some type of vampirism.

This has become the great tragedy of our current society. We live in a society of vampires! People want to work with the lower energies and the lower bodies because that is where the magic is, that is where the occult is. But low level bodies require enormous amounts of energy to sustain themselves and once developed they will feed off the vital life force of others to maintain themselves unless they are “born again” bodies created from the sacred union of soulmates and divine counterparts.

“Born again” bodies created from the sacred union of soulmates and divine counterparts are fueled by the male’s spiritual connection to unlimited Source energies. Since these energies are soulmate or divine counterpart energies they are perfectly resonant between the male and the female and she actually immortalizes her own astral/noble gas body and gives birth to one for him. These bodies are immortal and can’t be destroyed like the ones generated through toxic unions of non-soulmates and non-divine counterparts. These immortal bodies are the only ones that are self sustaining and retain a permanent link between the two individuals. These are the types of astral bodies/noble gas bodies that I have developed and I can speak for the truth of them and their power.

There are two methods of vampirism by which lower astral/noble gas bodies are kept active and alive. The first is through celebrity status where the individual feeds off the vital life force of an adoringĀ  public. This is why the control and manipulation of the masses has become so important to these people in the public light. These celebrities and politicians can’t exist in their lower bodies without feeding off an adoring public.

When that fails they will be led to drug use or becoming sexual predators to forcibly take the vital life force of their victims in various ways including violence and occult sacrifice. This is where the Satanism of such individuals comes into play along with human trafficking…This is the true nature of the evil hidden behind current events within our society. This is the swamp that must be drained and exposed for all to see. This is the evil of the new fallen angels as they seek to retain their power over Gaia and her life forms.

Blessed Solstice

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Things have shifted! They have shifted in a big way and I’m glad because its about time something started to happen.

First an update in my own personal life. I’ve been busy putting Organic Gnosticism posts on Narrative.org. I’ve mentioned this new social media platform before. Well, there have been some changes on that which are pretty significant. Just as I finished posting the most important previously written posts Narrative changed its policy to only monetize original posts. I can still repost there, but not get paid.

This is a significant change of energetics and now I’m in the middle of a fiction writing contest where I’m putting out a lot of flash fiction and not posting anything else. The interesting effect of this is that its almost guaranteed to raise my reputation score because I am putting out a lot of flash fiction posts that should get a lot of up votes. You can read my flash fiction stories here if you are interested.

Narrative.org is also coming out with Publications soon and I will be purchasing one for my writings on Organic Gnosticism. This will place the entire series in one location where it is easily available. Most of you have already had access to these posts and this information in a more confused way. So the energetic dydnamic on Narrative.org has changed from get the Organic Gnosticism posts on there, to now; build my reputation through this flash fiction writing contest.

Other big news is that I’ve taken some money out of my 401K to get a different car and a new computer system! These are things that I very much needed to do and will enhance my life dramatically and I”m paying cash so I’m not going into debt. Everything that physically manifests is energetically balanced. There is only the present moment, but I’ve found a way to make my present moment much more enjoyable and more secure…that’s what it is all about.

Lastly, big things about to happen in politics as the long awaited IG report becomes public. The general public is about to be shaken to its roots!

I don’t care where you stand on politics, the new energetics are very clear. Attacking anyone else will draw you in for your own self destruction! The only safe course is to continue straight toward your own personal goal and personal ascension. This is so important that I will repeat it:

Attacking anyone else will drag you into a conflict of mutual self destruction. The only safe solution is to disregard all distractions and focus on your own personal goal, whatever that might be. It can be peace on earth as well! Be a light worker and shine your light!

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Part 2 continues an over view of the full spectrum ascension process and how so called physical reality has now blended with the so called non-physical astral planes to create one unified experience! This also explores the concept of duality as an attractive, loving force that acts as male and female offering stability and balance to all of life. Lastly this video explores for the first time the true nature of the polar opposites, unity as the photon/light and unity as the yin/yang balance of individual parts that collectively create a third unified creation.

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