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It has taken forever, or at least it has seemed like forever! I’ve just made this hard cover edition of Vampire: a wild story of scraps and colors available for the first time. It is a massive book with over 500 pages. It is also my favorite book of the trilogy because I think it is the most autobiographical of them all.




I’ve also made it available in quality paperback at:


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Between now and the summer solstice the 3D and 5D timelines are splitting apart from each other. It is time to turn to each other and help each other get through this sacred window. It is time for community and collective effort like never before and it doesn’t focus on physical reality, it focuses on multidimensional reality.

I will give you a graphic illustration. A dear friend of mine recently suffered several strokes and she is not able to speak properly or use her right hand like she used to. In a recent very powerful dream she was calling out to me for help. Her hand had been stuck in the door of a vehicle. When I got there and released her hand I saw that it had been severed from the rest of her arm and I felt a strong sense of urgency. I gripped the end of her stump and squeezed to keep it from bleeding and called 911 for emergency assistance. But I would not let go of her. In the astral I was doing some type of healing so that she wouldn’t lose more energy, but I was not able to help get her hand back.

This was a profound dream because it showed that my friend had ascended to 5th density, but just barely. Her 5th density body was not able to completely form and her lost hand was the casualty. The healing I helped with stabilized the rest of her 5th density body. She made it! But she needed my help! This dream vision shows how important the non-physical worlds really are right now and how illusory the physical world really is. Other people need help right now as well, and I don’t mean help in the physical world , but help in the non-physical worlds.

A couple other recent dreams. In one I was leaving a bank just as someone was entering the bank to rob it. As he brushed past me he grabbed my arm and tried to pull me back inside, but I resisted and pulled away. Then he looked at me and our eyes met for a long time. Finally he went inside but I knew that he would fail. What he really had wanted was me. That same night was another dream in which I was getting into my rust heap of a car and someone came up and tried to steal something from me. I pulled out a knife and severely threatened him so that he ran away. The lesson from these two dreams is that it is currently very dangerous out there and we not only need to help each other, but defend ourselves as well. In these dreams there was potential injury to others, but not to myself as I routinely function at the lowest astral/etheric levels and have for some time.

The full moon of May in less than two weeks is the time of the spring when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. On the wheel of the year it stands opposite Samhain or Halloween when the veil is also the thinnest. But in the spring it is the astral that springs forth through the veil into physical manifestation. At Samhain it is the physical that tries to move back into the non-physical planes to astrally create events for the coming year. So we are seeing the final astral struggle for dominance in what will physically manifest this summer and this fall. You will see a peak of this struggle during the next two weeks and then it will drop away as things resolve into their new places.

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There has been an interesting reset taking  place in my life and I would suspect others as well. To try to explain this I will divide people into two groups. The first group likes what has been created in the astral planes as the potential future and in their actions try to follow the flow of what already exists in the astral as it tries to physically manifest. In the past they would say, “Don’t fight it! Allow what must happen to happen so that what we desire will physically manifest. They are “space keepers” holding a space for those things to happen. They will try to hold that place until what they desire is attracted to them.

There is a second group of people that doesn’t want the future that lies ahead for them in the astral planes and they try to change those things through physical action and will. In doing this they act upon the lower astral planes and affect or alter things in the lower astral planes changing how those things manifest or don’t manifest. They use physical actions and physical power to influence the outcome of physical events.

Neither group is right or wrong. There was a point in Gaia’s ascension process where all life upon her was supposed to die but didn’t because of the efforts of the many to change the future that lay in the astral planes. There was also supposed to be WWIII where Gaia was ravaged by nuclear holocaust. But that didn’t happen either. These events were created in the astral  planes and were destined to become our future but they were altered and changed by the physical and spiritual efforts of the many light workers and way showers.

So the battle in the astral was to change the destruction and create a peaceful alternative. This has happened and now the roles are reversed. The energy dynamics have changed radically. Those that were once fighting against the destructive astral future are now defending a created peaceful one. Those that were once letting the flow of events happen without resistance are now finding that they need to battle against the flow to maintain what they have.

Those that used to “let go and let God” are now finding that won’t work for them and they need to work harder to change things themselves on the physical plane. Those that used to fight to change things on the lower astral planes and physical plane are now finding that they must “let go and let God”. They need to accept that things have been “reset” and where they find themselves in the new starting point in their lives.

In my personal life this has been quite dramatic as I’ve struggled to fight against personal restrictions and barriers. The message I’m getting is that things have “reset” and I should accept both the good and the bad that is currently in my life as my new starting point. Take the hits and let them roll off my shoulders and more importantly accept the blessings that are now flowing in from all sides. It is time to step into a new life, not remain stuck in an old one!

Tomorrow is my sixtieth birthday and I bought a T-shirt that says “Life begins at 60”! I’m looking forward to wearing it for the first time!

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Ascension lift off is Easter Sunday! How appropriate and how powerful! Can you feel it? Feel the difference? The mold has been in place for the past year, the concrete has been poured and allowed to set up. Now the support structures are being taken off and our new world stands revealed for the first time. The final hurdle and big question was if North Korea would erupt, but it didn’t. Russia stands backed into a corner like a rabid dog but can do nothing.

Humanity should take this day and celebrate its collective victory! No one gets what they wanted, but everyone gets to continue, to move on. The opposing forces have been so severe and the emotions have been so violent. A true compromise has been forged out of conflicting beliefs and values and it is holding! The most dangerous point is now behind us! It is time to let the sediment settle to the bottom of the ocean where it belongs, time to let the murky waters clear so that everyone can see what has just happened!

Through the rest of this coming year we will see the advancement of peace and security as things settle down and the criminals and disrupters sink into self destructive spirals. You see, the world collectively had to choose between it’s own self destructive tendencies or a willingness to compromise and it collectively chose to compromise! It collectively chose to live and those not in attunement with the new energy will soon leave. The battle is over.

It was never for one side to win over the other side, for one side to be victorious. Both sides had valuable points and arguments that need to be taken into consideration. It is now time for both sides to step forward in bipartisanship! It is time for both sides to understand that they have both won the battle! Our new world has risen and is firmly in it’s new  place! Duality has become Unity!

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In surfing the web for various New Age sites I was appalled at the lunacy expressed by several light worker groups and thought I would make one final attempt to reach out to them. They were saying how Donald Trump had been deceived into attacking Syria and that Assad had not been the one behind the poison gas attack. That Assad was innocent and it was all a false flag event leading us all down the wrong track! This was echoed by other voices on the far left and even Ron Paul on the right! Russia said that Assad was innocent as well and that normal bombing had accidently hit a storage place of poison gas that the rebels had hidden within the city.

These people are blind to the truth of the matter! This is pure lunacy as I will attempt to illustrate. Just suppose that they are right and that Assad was not guilty of the poison gas attack. Does that make him innocent? No! He has been proven to have used barrel bombs in the past against his own civilian people, including women, children and babies, and barrel bombs are just as illegal as poison gas! Anyone that kills civilian women, children and babies is a monster! It doesn’t matter if they use poison gas or barrel bombs. Assad is a monster and the inability to see him as one is pure lunacy! There is no reason to question his using poison gas on his own people when he has routinely used barrel bombs which are just as bad! Forget the barrel bombs and just understand that it is not normal to be dropping bombs on civilians anyway! The holes in this story are self evident!

Why are light workers and the far left unable to see this? The answer is simple. They don’t have the ability to integrate their own shadow aspects! All they can perceive is the spiritual side of things in a loving way. They are filled with love and harmony, except for their anger, fear and hatred toward Trump which they don’t even question. What is that all about anyway?

People like President Trump have integrated their light side together with their own dark side and are balanced at the soul level. This allows them to be spiritually, mentally and emotionally healthy for the most part. But the light workers and far left don’t see the light in them and only see the dark in them! They only see the dark and don’t understand that it is balanced and integrated in a healthy way with the light. This is why the light workers and far left are so fearful of Trump and his followers. It is also why they will lose this battle.

This new world is about being balanced and having both the higher self and shadow self integrated under the dominion of the normal healthy human ego. Both the Higher Self and Shadow self are secondary personalities that must be integrated and absorbed in order to be healthy. Light workers and the far left are holding on to their Higher Selves and rejecting their own Shadow aspects. They are projecting their own fears onto the rest of the world, particularly Trump and his associates. They are denying healthy human egos in favor of remaining under the influence and control of their own Higher Selves. In the meantime their own Shadow aspects are erupting as psychotic behavior!

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The events of the past week have shown us several things about the energy dynamics of our New World  moving forward. We have seen how easy it is for  people to spiral  into an inescapable vortex of mutual self-destruction and we have also seen the alternative, the power of creatively moving forward with a vision of the future.  Those that choose to be destructive or even obstructionists are finding their world tumbling down around them. This is not the time to move against the tide that is sweeping across the world!


This is the time  to move forward with the vision of the type of world we want to live in. All we have to do is participate and include our vision of the future with that of others. The horrific gas attack in Syria was a wake-up call to the entire world. It was certainly a wake-up call to Pres.  Trump! Even more stunning was the support for the United States actions in bombing a Syrian air base. In a world where no individual country had the courage to stand up against such atrocities the United States and Pres. Donald Trump did what was needed! The rest of the world looked on. It is apparent that the world wants strong leadership from the United States! That is perhaps the most surprising thing that I have taken from these events.


In an almost miraculous way  an opening has occurred for the nations of the world to join together under the leadership of the United States and collectively create a world without chemical weapons and other weapons of mass destruction! In a world where no solution seemed possible there is suddenly a light at the end of the tunnel! It requires the collective efforts and dreams of  all the nations of the world, but the possibility didn’t even exist one week ago!


What we are seeing is the unfoldment of events that have already happened within the astral planes even before last November’s election. Who would have ever thought that the United States could take up its rightful place as a world leader in one night? There is divine guidance behind these things.


As we celebrate the Easter season it is a good time for us to reflect upon the type of world we want to create for ourselves and our children. It is time for peace on earth!

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Today is April Fool’s Day! Yesterday my car engine blew up! There seems to be a wave of things trying to physically manifest and they are not my things! But just as interesting is that I’m not being dragged down into a pit. It is as if I stand back watching this happen to someone else. I’ve got a second junker that I can ride to work in. Guess I know where that tax return money is going. Hit me with your best shot! I am going to get through this.

Things like this seem to be happening all over. Lines have been drawn in the sand and things have been blown way out of proportion until now people are getting hurt. That means people on both sides as the issues finally resolve themselves. I’ve been hurt but I’m going to survive and others will too! This is the “Dark Night of the Soul”. This is the time when we have no more energy to move forward, when there is nothing left at all. This is the time when only the momentum of our own past efforts will carry us through to the dawning of a brighter day.

In politics the Democrats have finally seen the evidence that the Obama administration was spying on the Trump team. Everyone will finally see if Trump had direct ties to Russia. Nobody’s perfect, but my car engine blew up! And I’ve been working at this stuff for years trying to prevent as much damage as possible. Let’s just say that things have escalated so far that everyone is going to take some hits. The real question is whether anyone is going to go down! I don’t see Trump going down. I don’t see the grass roots energies of rugged individualism going down either. I see the collective dreams of couch potatoes being dashed as they meet hard physical reality.

We are just starting to see the Alt Right extremists derail the Republican party. They were there all along, but invisible, like a virus. It’s good to get things out into the open. I believe that the house and senate intel committees will begin working together is such a strong way that bipartisan support will erupt as the swamp of murky Democrats and Republicans is drained and extremism cast aside in favor of cooperative moderation. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get things done.

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