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Taking the Plunge

Talk about an intense full moon! This past week has been really crazy for me and I’m sure it has been crazy for all of you as well. The title of this post is Taking the Plunge and I’ve titled it Taking the Plunge for a good reason.. That seems to be what this energy has been about. When we think of the natural cycles of nature, we think about the snow melting and the new life bursting forth. If we can align our lives with nature’s cycles, then we are in tune with the energy and things will work better for us. I’ve been trying to do this for several years now, and each spring I’m beginning to recognize a similar pattern that takes place. The time period from the winter solstice, when new light comes in for the first time, until the spring equinox, seems to be a time of conflict in the astral planes were persons, events, and things struggle for their own existence. In metaphorical terms, the seed is lying in the ground and some of those seeds will receive the energy of growth and others won’t. This time period between the winter solstice and the spring equinox seems to be when this natural sorting out takes place.

The time period from the spring equinox to the first complete full moon cycle, which happens to be Beltaine, is different, and a different energetic struggle is taking place. What seems to be happening at this time is that those things that have been selected to move forward into physical manifestation are sorting themselves out according to hierarchy. Some things receive more energy than other things, and it’s during this time where everything lines up as if in a printing queue and everything takes its place, waiting for physical manifestation, which will ultimately lead to the harvest in the fall.

While this has certainly been true for me, I now feel the door closing behind me and the new door opening in front of me. It is a feeling of out with the old and in with the new. I’m personally still trying to come to terms with it. But this new phase is very exciting as well because totally unexplored areas of possibility are opening up to me that will allow greater productivity and creativity!

While the beginning seems to be a struggle, I know that the end result is going to be amazing! So that brings us to some new changes at Anarchist World. Anarchist World just celebrated its first birthday, and what a first year it has been! It has been a real struggle for me to find the time to translate and to keep up with this massive web page and the blogs, keeping them functioning the way they should. It takes a lot of time and energy and resources to load the blogs for the first time and then set them up for future posting. These posts are now automated to show up every three days. Right now, as I speak, there are 14 completed blogs on Anarchist World. These blogs represent serialized books that have been completed. All but two of these books are ones that I have translated or written myself. The only two that I have not translated or written, are The Ego and His Own by Max Sterner and House of the Vampire by George Sylvester Viereck. Now that these blogs have been completed, all they need is to be continually reset to play over and over again. While this is still labor-intensive, it’s not as labor-intensive as loading or to translating the blogs for the first time.

This is also a substantial amount of material that is being offered for free on this website. In addition to that, my normal blog continues at a fairly regular pace, and I’m in the process of adding a few more blogs that will be equally or even more prolific. This comes as a result of new developments in my personal life where I’m taking action to self empower myself.

My available time for doing these things is still extremely limited. Since I work seven days a week, I’m forcing myself to learn and master Dragon Naturally Speaking, the voice typing program, and I’m dictating new posts as I drive back and forth to work during the day. Because of these posts, you are going to see many more posts of my own writing and interests. In other words, they won’t be translations where I’m translating someone else’s work, but are going to be things that I can dictate while I’m driving back and forth to work in the car. This will allow me to make more regular and frequent posts on my personal blog, and also allow me to create a couple more blogs.

Perhaps the most interesting of these new blogs will be, My Adventures In Voice Typing and Translation. In this blog, I’m going to share my day to day experiences as I struggle in the mastery of this new technology. In this blog. I’m going to be sharing tips and techniques that I use, which other people may find useful to increase their own productivity. The whole thing is about how to leverage your time more effectively during the day.

The next blog, Oak – Morals and Dogma, is going to be the third in a series that follows Modern Survivalism and Magister  Templi. Morals and Dogma is intended to be a collection of valuable truth and empowerment tips that I have gained or learned from other sources in earlier parts of my life. While most of them come from my research and studies in Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism, other subjects or topics come from cutting-edge research and science that is still in its infancy today. The distinction is that this blog is not really my creation; these thoughts are not my own thoughts, my own creative understandings, but are instead my own perspective on established concepts. These are concepts that I consider valuable and worth integrating into one’s personal life.

Lastly, I hope to use my drive time more effectively in making appropriate posts to the currently existing blog, Magic, Mystery and Madness. This blog is intended as an exploration of the occult sciences and includes my personal insights and experiences in this area.

The Ego and His Own by Max Sterner is a foundational piece of any occult work. To be effective, one’s personal self, their ego, their center, needs to be developed. They need to be self-directed, and follow an internal authority, not an external authority. Our culture and society has taught us to follow external authority, and one of the first things we need to do is free ourselves from this tendency by confronting it with full awareness. That is the purpose of this blog, Magic, Mystery and Madness. At least that’s the purpose of the first portion. So, I’m going to take the gems, the seeds, that I think are the most valuable and share them in this blog.

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Beltaine is the full moon on May 14. There are two times during the year when the astral is the thinnest, Samhain and Beltaine. At Beltaine the astral is bursting into the physical world and at Samhain the physical is returning back to the astral. These are two aspects of the yearly cycle. So for us in the northern hemisphere the astral is about to burst into our physical world. Those projects and events that we have given energy to are about to get their chance to be born.

In terms of Gaia’s ascension process a wave of physical events is heading our way. All of them of our creation! Gaia and we have begun another great cycle and the old cycle is over, but paradoxically things take time. There are many lightworkers out there that are wondering, “What is going on?” ,”Why aren’t things happening like we were told they would happen?”

Without looking too much like an idiot I would like to give my take on things, even though it is very difficult to put into words. Imagine each great cycle as an hour glass. As the great cycle starts all of the grains of sand are at the top. At the end of the great cycle all of the grains of sand are at the bottom. In this respect time does indeed exist in terms of the beginning and ending of great cycles.

But now here is where things get tricky. Each grain of sand is an alternate world or alternate timeline or whatever you want to call it. Those grains of sand up above are future time lines and those that have fallen are the past, or should I say possible pasts, past events that may or may not have happened. The only thing real is the present moment as one grain of sand goes through the narrow part of the hour glass at a time.

Earth or Gaia has crossed from the old cycle to the new one and almost all the grains of sand are now on top again. There is only one grain of sand at the bottom, the timeline that Gaia crossed over into as she began this new cycle. Gaia found a time line in which life on earth could continue and she is dragging us along with her as she settles into it.

All of this sounds fairly common lightworker channelling stuff that everyone has heard already. Here is the new part, the part no one is talking about. Gaia has moved to a time line in which World War I never happened! Because World War I never happened, World War II never happened and lots of other things never happened in this alternate time line.

This is why people are having so much trouble with this changing from the old cycle to the new. Imagine if you will a world in which World War I never happened, then imagine what it would be like one hundred years later! That world and the world we believe in are both trying to co-exist at the same place and the same time in the present moment, and it is not going very well!

The more one aligns with the world as it exists one hundred years ago before World War I, the easier it will be for them to fit into the energetics of this new world.

This is why Anarchist World is such a powerful place. These things I translate and these things I write about are about our new world. Some come from myself and other things come from the past, before World War I ever came about. If you feel energy in these pages, it is the energy of this new world and this new great cycle! The key to our future lies here in these web pages! At least for those that are open to a new way!

One hundred years ago Austrian Vienna was the cultural capitol of the world and Germany was a close second. The sciences were just evolving. Everything was new and exciting. The human race could do anything and be anything that it wanted to be. We have once more arrived at that time and space. But this time it is not about Germany, but about the entire world! About Humanity!

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