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This project has taken on a life of its own and become far more exhaustive than I originally concieved it to be. Care must be taken to not lose sight of the true goal, the development of the human soul and its powers.

Organic Gnosticism can be summarized quite simply by saying that the world would be a better place if everyone could experience two orgasms a day! Everything else would then take care of itself. So in the highest sense Organic Gnosticism is about love, the love between Divine Counterparts, true opposites. It is also about the love between males and females on the level of the soul, the non physical love of the soul that can be shared with each other.

But mostly it is about sharing some of the mysteries that I have personally experienced while walking and discovering this path. The unseen worlds, the astral worlds only become real when you give energy to them. I have found a way to give energy to them that works for me personally. The results have been incredible in terms of soul growth and personal mental and emotional healing. It would be wrong for me to not share these things with others.

In my research and studies I have discovered tantalizing evidence that some of the basic principles of Organic Gnosticism can be found in all traditions and religions around the world that are concerned with the development of the soul and its survival after the death of the physical body. But each tradition or religion only seems to have fragments of a higher truth, a higher practice.

So in the highest sense Organic Gnosticism is also about the reclaiming of an ancient tradition and the beginning of a new cycle of humanity. There is really nothing new in it. It represents the Way of Woman and the Way of Man in the New Garden of Eden! It is the old original pattern of humanity finally come around full cycle to be discovered once more in this age of dissolution.

Our external world is a hologram of our inner world projected outward into time and space. We live in a collective hologram and conflict often arises when we want one type of world and someone else wants another type of world.

The development of our soul and its powers allows us to creatively deal with things on the non-physical planes or astral planes and modify them in such a way that manifests the physical reality of our desire. This is the goal of magical practice and Organic Gnosticism is the most powerful way to empower the individual soul to achieve this.

If the battles can be fought and determined in the astral planes they don’t need to be fought in the physical world!

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Kätie read my songs
And wants me to write
About chrysanthemums,
Chrysanthemums —
The flowers that Kätie loves.
So I sit down at my desk,
I put my head in my hands
And I search, search
For the soul of this flower—
And I think:
Yes, — — I know of two images
That can assist me on the trail —
The first: The fine touch of the Frenchman,
Pierre Loti. He sensed it and described it
In “Madame Chrysanthème”
In the foggy tones of “The Boys of Glasgow”,
He borrowed the image from Whister,
Taking it as his own vision. —
Yet this flower speaks differently to me,
No, I can not find its faint sound
Or its essence —
Let me search further —
And the other image?
In the house of my mother
Hangs in the hall
An engraved face
Of the Madonna
Engraved out of
Splendid white crystal
And framed with ebony.
The Sixtina — and on both sides
Are found two little shelves
That hold large gray vases.
In the vases mother
Always placed chrysanthemums,
Always chrysanthemums.
Why only chrysanthemums?
Yes, mallow should have been placed there
Red, white and violet mallow!
I search for the soul of this flower
Why can’t I find a trace anywhere?
I must ask Kätie!
“Kätie! Kätie!”
Kätie comes and rocks in the chair!
“Oh you big fool! — you brood, brood,
Meditate, think — and have nothing
To say about my favorite flower?
Then listen:
The coquette shepherd girl
Of Trianon at a feast
Wove colored chrysanthemums
On her shepherd’s staff —
At the ball Kätie laughed and danced
And on her white shoulders laughed
Colored chrysanthemums
Fluttering like leaves, like the colored
Shepherd’s garland playing in the wind.
Forgetting all her troubles and worries
And for a few short hours
Giving herself up to love’s sweet caresses,
Filling her poor senses!
You see — that — is all it is!”
And I knelt,
“Kätie, let me kiss you shoulders,
Kiss the flowers on your shoulders,
Your bright chrysanthemums — Katharina!”

-Hanns Heinz Ewers
translation by Joe Bandel

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The dream world or astral world is physically real and created from the earth’s magnetic field energy. It is created from the inductive portion of a huge resonant circuit with the physical earth itself forming the capacitive portion of the circuit.

The dream world or astral world is a counterpart to the physical and functions in an inverse manner. Dewey Larson’s reciprocal theory is a general field theory that explains these two interconnected universes. He calls them the space/time universe and the time/space universe. In the physical world we have individual physical bodies. In the astral world we are all part of each other and a part of all that exists.

An astral body of mine can be in someone else’s dreams without my being aware of it. Someone else may be in my dream and not be aware of it. In dreams bits of our awareness leave our sleeping bodies and travel the magnetic ley lines or astral worlds surrounding the earth.

In our dreams an energy cord is connected or severed. That is the purpose of the dream, to alter the circuit that exists in the astral world in a subtle way. Dreams alter a circuit and then allow energy to pass through the dream. When the energy ceases to flow the dream ends. A dream is a discharge of energy between two physical things that are connected through astral cords.

Physical bodies generate and store energy like batteries. This energy is discharged through astral cords or magnetic flux lines. If I appear in someone else’s dream I will retain a connection with my physical body even if I am not aware of being in the dream.

My physical body stores the energy charge that has been built up throughout the day. My physical body acts as a battery that stores energy. Because of the energy transfer that occurs in dreams my physical body will either have more energy in the morning or it will have less energy. What I am saying is that dreams are real and reflect an actual energy transfer and alteration of the circuitry that exists within the astral world.

Nightmare dreams reflect situations in which the energy flow is going against us and where it is stronger than our own reserves. It reflects a serious physical situation that is not in our control and an area that we are trying to repress or avoid dealing with. In these situations our energy is destroyed as it contacts the opposing energy and we have a dream that is out of control and frightening. We experience weakness and loss of energy and a draining of vitality. .

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We all began as divine sparks of light or photons. Through the evolutionary process we have been forced to grow through many stages. We did this through quantum leaps into new energy systems. At the completion of the photon cycle we made a quantum leap into rotating magnetic field energy. The photon began to rotate and its rotation was a spiral outward and a spiral inward. The outward spiral was magnetic north energy and the inward spiral was magnetic South energy. Occult practice calls these spirals of energy cones of power with the ability to attract or repel.

Magnetic field energy acts as a vortex. North Pole vortexes are expansive and scatter the energy in an expansive motion. The effect is one of taking focused energies and dispersing them or banishing them. Because of its outward expansive nature North Pole energy is considered a male energy. It is associated with pure light energy. As photon waves hit physical objects expansive North Pole energies lead to expansion, growth and aging.

South Pole vortexes are constrictive and tend to focus energies and increase power. Electrons hit physical objects and as they are absorbed these constrictive South Pole energies lead to restriction and permanence or stability. South Paul magnetic energy is seen as female energy. Male energy is expansive, female energy is attractive.

The union of North and South magnetic forces is seen as the resolution of paradox. This happens at the critical point where North Pole energies and South Pole energies combine together and stabilize as a rotating sphere such as an atom or the earth itself. The resolution is the quantum leap into a new state of being.

In practice, photon driven North Pole vortexes create needed growth and expansion and the returning South Pole vortexes ensure stability and the flow of electrical life force. This gives life and nature it’s cyclical aspect. These lesser cycles terminate in the master cycle of death and total physical disintegration followed by rebirth into a new type of energy or life form that is an octave higher.

This explains some of the effects of magnetic field energy in our world today. But in the beginning our world did not yet exist. Instead the central photon driven system at the center of our unformed galaxy simply generated an outward vortex pulse that reached its outer limit and collapsed in an inward vortex only to be met by the next outward vortex pulse and so on. Just like the evolution of the photon. Can you see in this imagery the beginning of the spiraling forces that create an entire galaxy?

This electromagnetic energy is commonly known to us as radio pulses. The central system began to generate radio signals reaching out into space in all directions. The creation of electromagnetic radio frequencies and signals was the second master cycle. The oldest photons were forced to become radio signals of greater and greater complexity.

At the end of the second master cycle the vortex energy reached a critical point where the system once against failed and this time the vortexes combined to form rotating spheres of energy. This was the resolution of the paradox. The system was now creating atoms of physical matter.

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It is up to humankind to create and control its destiny and life’s circumstances. Life and the world are what we make of them. Good recognizes good, evil recognizes evil. The mind can make evil into good and good into evil. It is our choice!

We must have faith in humankind. Believe there is a God that cares. We have to believe in something and it might as well be the still small voice of conscience and the Christ spirit that dwells in every human heart! Put your trust in the master within your own heart and listen to the wisdom of your own soul.

Everything in the universe works on fixed laws.

Men do not feel the worth of their own souls. When one man speaks what all feel the heart is filled with ecstasy. The heart in each of us responds to beauty and truth.

In the emptiness of loss we are drawn closer to those we have loved. We are enfolded by infinity with eternity before us and behind us. Before us is that awful mystery of death. Life is sacred, death is sacred. Work while the day lasts for the night of death comes, in which no man can work.

Life of a community depends on its moral condition. The public is a vast expansion of individual life. No free government can endure when the base and ignoble are elected to office.

There are great duties demanded of us by God that we have the ability to do. The soul has vast powers and capacities.

There is a loneliness in deep sorrow that only God can relieve. Mind struggles against calamity and is led to God. We seem not to know something’s worth until we have lost it. We take things for granted until it is too late.

Everyone by God’s gift has the power to rise. Great emergencies develop great powers within us. The same difficulty that breaks one down makes another strong. Human nature can’t bear to suffer for nothing

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Organic Gnosticism is the magical movement for this new eon and the premiere source for self empowerment and soul development. These are some of the main features of this path:
Individualistic Anarchy as described by German author Max Stirner almost two hundred years ago. The Order of Anarchistic Knights is a loose union of like minded and like spirited people joined together for mutual advantage. As such each member must own and take possession of their own place within this group as their ability allows. There is nothing held to be sacred and each concept is proven through experience.

A strong ego and strong self esteem are vitally important for spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. These can best be developed through the development of survival skills, self defense skills and emergency first aid skills.

Tantric practice is held to be the fastest and most effective method for the development of the soul and its powers through the mutual exchange of all levels of male and female energies between magical partners. This energetic exchange primarily takes place at the astral level and is magical in nature.

Duality is seen as the mutual balance and interplay between expansive male and formative female energies. The purpose of life is to explore all possibilities, good and bad; and to become more complex. This path is beyond such concepts as good and evil.

Organic Gnosticism is based upon the modern science of Chaos Theory and the Reciprocal Field Theory of Dewey Larson. As such it integrates modern science into a metaphysical paradigm of working magic and soul development that can be experienced and proven.
It is also based upon the Objectivism philosophy of Neo-Tech and modern psychology. The basic principles of Neo-Tech being that mysticism is a disease that must be eradicated from the face of the earth and that the use of coercive force against an individual can never be justified. In this regard Organic Gnosticism is purely magical in nature according to the laws of science. The soul and the astral planes have an objective reality behind their subjective appearance. Organic Gnosticism teaches how to achieve things magically and is not political or socially active in achieving its aims.

Organic Gnosticism has its roots in early Rosicrucianism, tantric practices and German Satanism as practiced and proclaimed by authors Stanislaw Przybyszewski and Hanns Heinz Ewers. It’s goal is the development of the Androgynous Soul as a balance of male and female essence.

Founder Joe E. Bandel, aka anarchistbanjo, aka Frater OAK F.R.C. :. :., is a Rosicrucian Master and Elder in the Rosicrucian tradition having completed the 12th degree studies of AMORC, and is a member of their spiritual hierarchy. He was also initiated into the Martinist Order; into the OTO 3rd degree; into the York Rite of Freemasonry and a researcher of Early Masonic history including the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and of the Golden Dawn magical order. Further research and personal experience has made him familiar with NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming; the writings of Julius Evola; Mantak Chia, and the western mystery tradition in general. This places him in a unique position to modernize the old western mystery tradition and bring the magic back! Organic Gnosticism is the synthesis of a new path for a new humanity!

Most importantly he speaks from personal achievement and experience in walking both the right hand path and the left hand path to their natural conclusions. There is nothing theoretical about Organic Gnosticism!

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Emerald spring
Magic moments
Dancing slow
As the newborn
Waters flowed
In spring

We sang songs soft and slow
Held hands and whispered low
Can I forget I loved you so
In spring
Roses bloomed, children sang
And our love a shining thing
Glowing, growing with our sharing
Until the night you left
In spring

Searing summer
Scorching fire
Hellish wins
Fanned my desire
Raging flames
A funeral pyre
Ashes of love that never was
In spring

Rainbow fall
Let me borrow
Painting through
Blue nights of sorrow
Colors for
A new tomorrow
A mask to hide the death of love
And spring

Bitter winter
Your winds blow
Burry dreams
Beneath the snow
Protect the seed
So it can grow
Into a more enduring love
In spring

We’ll sing songs soft and slow
Hold hands and whisper low
Then I’ll say I love you so
In spring

When roses bloom and children sing
Our love will be a shining thing
Glowing, growing with our sharing
A love that’s new
Eternal spring
Emerald Springs
Golden glow
Magic moments
Dancing slow
As the newborn
Waters flow
In spring
Glowing, growing with our sharing
A love that’s new
Eternal spring

– Joe Bandel

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