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Now the permanent development and activation of the black sexual energy body requires only the generation of massive amounts of sexual energy on a daily basis over a long period of time. When this is activated one is able to do magic in a completely natural way without ritual, spells or anything at all. It is done through dreams and astral work or simple shaman type energy work.

Working with blood magic or warrior magic or fear magic involves the intense stressing of the physical body almost to the point of death, through violence and drug induced intoxication where the soul or awareness is driven out of the body. Sadly this is what magic has become or thought to be for most people.

In the common understanding of magic these two energies are often blended and confused. In order to become magical or to do magic it is thought that blood and sacrifice are needed. This is the tragedy of modern history. The natural function of love is replaced with the horror of violence and death.

Gnostic Christianity kept secret the mysteries of true sex magic, of the black non-physical body and its powers. Women were especially adept at this and feared as witches. The generation of this energy produced fearful demons, incubi and succubae that took one’s life force through vampirism and other demonic means. This Black Energy stirred up fear in those that did not understand.

The Catholic Church in particular hated and feared women because of this natural energy and power which so many women had and sought to subject them through violence. Alchemists experimented with tantric sex and discovered ways of developing this black etheric body and gained the ability to do magic. They wrote about these subjective experiences in cryptic ways. In this way the ancient alchemists were organic Gnostics.

The knowledge of the alchemists was symbolically unified in the teachings of the Rosicrucians with the golden cross and the rose at its center signifying the balance of male and female, the alchemical wedding of the Higher Self and the lower human Shadow merged in unity as the human ego. In Germany the Imperator of the Rosicrucian movement was Martin Luther, originator of the protestant revolution. Of course this was considered Satanic by the Catholic Church. According to H. Spencer Lewis in high level AMORC monographs, freemasonry was a social experiment originated among high level Rosicrucians.

Rosicrucian activity coalesced around Papus in France and organic gnosticism and German satanism coalesced around Przybyszeski in Berlin/Munich. Przybyszeski compiled the information in Synagogue of Satan and out of that information emerged something entirely new, German Satanism. This movement believed in the development of the soul and its powers through healthy sexuality and intoxication caused by drug and alcohol use. It was also inspired by the ego centric and individualistic anarchy of Max Stirner, modern psychology and a belief in women’s rights and the needed balance of male and female energies.

Ewer’s took this movement and enlarged it through his lectures on The Religion of Satan. Concepts such as open sexuality, women’s rights, democratic-anti-monarchy ideals, anti-Church views, pro-science and self-empowerment of individuals pervaded other German literature through such outlets as the weekly magazine “Simplicissimus” and noted authors including Richard Dehmel.

It is quite likely that Ewers shared his Religion of Satan concepts with Alistair Crowley while they were both living in New York in 1917 as they both frequented Ernst (Putzi) Hanfstaengl’s Art House on 5th Avenue and worked for the same publisher, George Sylvester Viereck.At the time Ewers had been giving his Religion of Satan lectures for over seven years and was an authority on the Dark Current and tantric sexuality. Crowley had been involved in Golden Dawn material and was just getting interested in the sex magic teachings of the OTO.

The organic gnosticism movement was simple and free of much distortion. After the First World War the loss of idealism turned this movement into a decadent movement with even more sexuality and debauchery. It was this black sexual energy, now a dirty brown mixed with the Red and Orange Energies, which clung to Nazi Germany and continues to convince people of the occultism of Nazi Germany. All of these lower energies were very strong in post war Germany.

The pure Black of sexual energy has been constantly confused and mixed with the Red Energy of the warrior and the Orange decadent energy of debauchery.

In modern days magical power is thought to be achieved through a myriad confusion of ritualized practices. Simple healthy human sexuality is not one of them. Sexuality has become a thing to be feared and shunned, both within and without. It has become Satanic.

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A dream will never repeat itself under normal circumstances. If related to a previous dream it will be a continuation or development of that previous dream and the energies contained in that dream.

Under abnormal conditions a dream may repeat itself if tremendous forces are in conflict with each other and there is no resolution of the energies. This dream will repeat until a permanent resolution is established. After resolution the dream will follow the normal pattern.

These connections of magnetic flux lines or astral cords are permanent in nature and become invisible after they are made. This means we may form a link or connection to someone in our childhood dreams and later in life dream about this person we haven’t seen for years. Typically this type of dream is a severance of the connection formed so long ago and not a development into a new issue.

Dreams are the most common means we have of monitoring our positions within the circuitry of the dream world. Each dream represents either the creation of a new energy pathway or the severance of an old energy pathway. At all other times the energetic connection remains and functions but is invisible to our awareness.

When we are empowered in dreams we become empowered in life. When we are ineffective in dreams we are ineffective in life. With each dream our potential for action is subtly altered for the better or for the worse. Each dream is an accurate assessment of the current nonphysical conditions surrounding a particular issue.

It is common for several small dreams to occur that establish small connections to particular issues. Later these small connections are replaced by a powerful dream that involves massive connections.

The term circuitry and connections are used because energy is always flowing through the dream world. The inductive dream world forms a resonant circuit with the capacitive physical world and a tremendous perpetual current is constantly flowing through both. This current focuses and impels physical events to happen at critical time periods in history.

Even as matter gravitates toward matter in the capacitive world, events gravitate toward events in the inductive dream world. Our participation in these events is determined by our connections or lack of connections to these events in the dreamworld. In this manner events in the dreamworld do predict future events in the physical world before they really happen.

In the dreamworld the consequences and probabilities of certain actions are worked out before the physical event is actually allowed to take place. Each dream as it happens represents a true reflection of the forces and energies that surround an issue at any given time.

It is not right to say that if I dream this it will happen as I dreamed it. It is right to say that if I dream this it reflects accurately the energies that presently surround the issue. Typically the issue is either empowered or endangered and the dream can be recognized as an empowering one or a weakening one.

In some cases new forces may enter into the situation and it is not possible to recognize what is happening until further development in later dreams. In all cases our experiences in the dreamworld are as real as our experiences in the physical world. They are in fact, an extension of the physical world. Their symbolism holds individual meaning that is true only for ourselves.

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We are all divine sparks of light and we started our journey as photons! We radiated outward in all directions in a burst of radiant light. When we could go no further we began to collapse inwardly back toward source as a burst of electrical energy. Our inward rush was terminated by our encounter with the next outward pulse of light which we collided with. This second photon or pulse of light prevented us from reaching source and forced us once more outward as a burst of radiant light.

This time it was two pulses or photons of light that expanded outward in all directions and then collapsed inwardly in a burst of electrical energy. Again the inward rush was terminated by our encounter with another outward pulse of light or photon and again we were prevented from returning back to source. This happened over and over infinitely and is still happening today as new photons are created and enter into our universe for the first time.

This describes the photon energy system of our universe as it began to fill with wave after wave of light and electrical bursts. Photon pulses in outward expansive motion produced light in waves. Photon pulses in an inward direction produced electricity as particles. As this energy system grew the original waves were forced further and further away from the center or original source. They were also forced closer and closer together until they finally touched and a complete return to source was allowed. At that critical point the energy system failed and a burst of electricity joined with the next outward pulse of light without inward motion at all. The system was in chaos and the first quantum leap was made.

The original photon combined with the energy of the next outward wave to carry it far beyond the old limitations. It made a quantum leap and the system began to produce a different type of light energy. It began to produce a different color of light of a different wavelength. As this process continued the older, original photon bursts once again went through the same process as before, finally reaching a critical point where they became light of a different color and wavelength. In this manner the seven main groups of colors were created in succession. Finally, all colors were being produced at the same time and the system once more failed.

The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, and violet. The seven colors of the rainbow! There were even smaller units or quanta within each color. Some traditions call these the seven rays and claim that everyone has a special affinity toward one of these rays and takes on the personality traits attributed to that particular ray.

What is important is that we are seeing a chaos energy system at work as it grows, reaches a critical chaotic point, and spontaneously changes into another energy system through a quantum leap. New outward waves are constantly being created while the first original waves are being constantly forced into becoming new types of energy at the outer limits of their existence. They are stretched and forced to grow and expand beyond all previous limits. The older waves are forced to evolve and change into new types of energy.

We are all divine sparks of light or photons and this is how we have evolved!

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Everyone has a right to their own opinion and faith. Truth is personal and individual. Each person’s beliefs are the result of their past experiences and insights into life. Each person has a longing to spread love among others. Each person is correct from their own point of view. No one can condemn another’s faith and opinions. All religions and faiths have some basis in truth.

One of the most important and powerful things that we can do in life is to have honest convictions and honor them in others! The most powerful thing that we can do for our own self empowerment is to believe strongly! When we believe strongly in ourselves and our truth we have the power and the will to achieve our dreams in life. We don’t need to follow anyone else’s path! And we can’t expect them to follow our path either!

The still small voice of our conscience and the Christ spirit that dwells within our hearts will not lead us astray! It won’t lead others astray either!

There is nothing more dangerous than the collectivism of opinion and faith! Being politically correct is not the solution or answer to anything! It is sad to see how many people think that they must force others to think and feel the same way that they do! Being politically correct will never bring global peace or global love to mankind!

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I want to fathom all desires,
As deeply as my thirst is able;
I want to create from them
An entire world, and die in them.
I want it with all the rage of the Creator,
That longs and burns within us;
I don’t want to subdue my passion’s
Hot, hungry element.
Do I become powerful through pious lips;
Baptized through tame kisses?
I was conceived in a wild night,
And a great frenzy of passion!
And now I want to live the same
As the desires that created me.
Walk only through the heaven
That surrounds me. Their
Devotee by occupation.

-Richard Dehmal
translation by Joe Bandel

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Normal human awareness usually finds itself remaining more or less permanently at a specific level with temporary excursions into the other levels. It will help to become familiar with these levels. Our thoughts normally don’t leave where we are comfortable and most of our conversations are repeats over and over of old material.

Immediately above the Black Energy of sexuality is the Red Energy of fear. This is the energy of the warrior, death, destruction and heroic deeds. Many have called this the Nordic ray and the energy of magic. At this level one must confront personal fear and master it. As this is also a very low level energy close to the physical levels it is most often considered magical as well, but the magic is the magic of fear and destruction, blood and death.

There is no doubt that modern society is based upon this energy and not upon that of sexuality. Collectively we are more prone to make war, not love! Blood magic, sacrifice, death and survival of the fittest find meaning at this level. Often innocent and gentle people that practice healthy sexuality and have black auras cause this Red Energy to flare up in those they encounter and fears are projected onto innocent people. They are accused of doing fearful things, things that only exist in the minds of the accusers. Those whose normal waking awareness are constantly at these levels are warriors and materialists that are completely blind to other levels and fear the occult because of what it stirs up within themselves. For these people sexuality is violent and a type of warfare.

Immediately above this Mars/war energy is the Orange Energy of decadence. This is where the awareness of the majority of humanity finds itself. The search for creature comforts, a good meal, a soft bed, a healthy body. This is the energy of digestion and of healers and medicine. It is also the energy of sloth, purification, disease, and decadence. In the astral, non-physical realms undeveloped souls at this level resemble animals, herd like and bovine or some other animal with primitive instincts and drives. Their astral bodies have an animal shape because that is what these people really are at this level.

People at this level of awareness act with fear toward those that have either the black or red energy bodies activated and often are not be able to tell them apart. They can only sense their own fear and the animal magnetism of sexual desire. For these people sex is simply animalistic mating to be performed or avoided like that of dogs on the street. They fear giving themselves over to blind passion, and also to blind rage or anger. There is no conscious awareness or very limited conscious awareness at this level. This provokes and stirs the lower emotions, shame, disgust, apathy, revulsion and perhaps horror. At this level one must confront decadence and sloth and master them to move beyond the present moment. This includes addictions to passive entertainments such as drugs, TV, video games and sports.

Above this level are the Upper Emotions that create the Yellow Energy and the Green Energy or solar astral body. These are the levels of the heart energies and social activity as well as enjoyment of life.

These are the levels of pride, patriotism, love and sense of self or the simple ego. The belief that everyone else experiences life the same way you do. It never occurs to them that others may have different views and beliefs; much less that life is different for them. This is the realm of the law and public authority. Those who are empowered at this level understand humanity at a very common level and are able to act as leaders and voices for the collective. They become Rulers or Kings and Queens. I might also add politicians! And of course Hollywood stars!

Above this level are the philosophers, those that have discovered the magic of thought and ideas, the Blue Energy. These are people whose awareness is so firmly entrenched at this level that they live entirely in their heads and are no earthly good, except perhaps as college professors. These people believe in logic and reason and think that science can prove everything. These people are normally not open to the Black Energy of sexuality except in a most distorted form and are nerds or worse. They have no concept of normal human sexuality.

And beyond these are those drawn toward the spiritual experiences of the Violet Energy. The spiritual planes exist beyond the mental philosophical planes, beyond logic and reason. Illuminations are experienced that bring glimpses of archetypal reality or self-evident truth.

This completes a very sketchy introduction to the various levels of awareness. A complete and balanced human functions at will on all of these levels. They have activated all of these non-physical astral bodies and can make use of their sensory abilities in magical ways.

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The World and Time
Time lamented: the world
Has become senile,
Where is the old Holy Spirit!
Meanwhile His Holiness lies
In the carnal womb of the virgin,
Though her virginity was tainted,
A young world was yet conceived.
Then Time cried: Hallelujah,
The Holy Spirit is here again!

-Richard Dehmal
translation by Joe Bandel

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