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The Ascension Train and Making the Transition


About the day after my last post I had a very vivid dream about being on the ascension train. I share this in the hopes that some may find it meaningful and interesting.


I was on the ascension train and it was full of people and beginning to move. Everyone was happy, myself included. Suddenly I remembered there were some of my things that I wanted to bring along and I ran off the train to go get them. When I got to the things I wanted I tried sorting through them in a hurry and grabbed a big armful. Then I realized there was no way I could bring what I wanted with me. There was a moment of panic as I realized I needed to move immediately because I would miss the train otherwise as it was already picking up speed. Suddenly I realized that I was not going on the train, I was staying behind by choice where my other friends were. I pushed over an object like a coat rack that held all my things and they spread out on the floor. I felt the separation from the light of the train but it was alright because I was still connected to the light at the end of this new cycle. It shone like a tiny star and light still flowed from it to me. I was going to be alright. But there was a polarity change because all my things dropped to the floor, now it was the floor that was the power point, not the light.


So my light worker friends, my severance is now official and with humanities new split I have decided to stay with the magickal earth based Elves as I call them. From this point on my experiences will be reflective of those that have stayed with earth and not as universal in scope. I had a legitimate spot on the train and you are all my brothers and sisters, but so are those I stay behind with.


Now onto this morning, October 23. It was hard to get to sleep and when I did it was not very restful or deep until late in the morning. Suddenly I was in a lucid dream state but there was no dream! I could not go anywhere and felt as if I were in a sensory deprivation tank or something. There was definitely something wrong with the astral/etheric level on which my awareness existed. In frustration I tried to  explore but remained in a void like existence that was nowhere and nothing. It seemed like it lasted quite awhile, then suddenly I was in a city like landscape with sidewalks and was with my dog Lucie who often travels with me at this level. To my surprise there were lots of dogs going back and forth up and down the sidewalks. I have never been in a dream with so many dogs before. Lucie ran off and I tried calling for her and looking for her. I saw her a few times but she was running around and wouldn’t come.  I even picked up one of the other dogs and then put it back down.


Then I found myself among some trees in a park like setting and was wondering what the hell was going on. There had to be some people around somewhere. Suddenly a homemade helicopter like thing came flying toward me. I thought it was hostile and kind of hid behind the trees but it circled around and came toward me. I decided to just stand there in the open and see what would happen. It landed and an old friend came out. We shook hands and I said, “Is that my way out?” I was ready to throw my little backpack inside and leave. He/she nodded yes, “But first something to eat.”


Apparently this dream shows the final transfer of my awareness from the old reality to the new. Being in the void was the transition point. The new reality had a lot of dogs! So animals as well as trees and vegetation made it. People were obviously there as well, since I greeted this old friend very warmly as I shook hands.


Then I woke up this morning and am still in this world as are all of us. The physical atoms, molecules and 3d reality do seem to be remaining thus far, but the unseen reality behind this new 3d is definitely different than before. What manifests in this new 3d will follow the patterns of the new unseen reality. What this all means? We just wait to find out.



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We Are Blessed


About twenty five years ago after I crossed the great abyss in awareness and entered the light I was given a vision of the great ages of the earth. These ages were spread out like football fields in space one after the other in sequence. If I remember correctly there were three and then the fourth was the age of dinosaurs and then the one of Atlantis and finally the one we are in. Then another age appeared as a single timeline that stretched from the ending of the current one far into the future. I saw the path my soul would take and saw the final ending of this new cycle when humanity and alien were combined into one body. This was the age of differing intelligent species living together.


This was also the beginning of the Unity Grid that would carry Gaia far into the future. It was just a simple timeline then. In recent years I’ve watched as this timeline has grown in complexity, become a bridge and descended from the higher densities down to the etheric level and now into the present moment.


Today I was blessed with the concluding vision of this new age that has not even properly begun yet. I saw the others spread out in space as before, but now the new age was spread out like the others, like a giant football field. There was a giant vortex of energy like a storm that was spinning above this image and pulling all negative and incompatible elements from out of it. It was almost like a battle with fierce resistance that suddenly gave way as the last remnants of inharmonious energy were lifted up and whirled away in the giant vortex. The image of the football field rectangle solidified, but there were bulges at the sides where it was no longer a perfect rectangle and even more miraculous were patches of similar energy, large and small, off to the sides and in the distance.


New patches of life, human type life were being created in other locations of the universe! Humanity and life had spread out into the universe itself. This was truly amazing to see. I was seeing the conclusion of this new age that we are now just beginning! Somehow it could not really begin until the ending was also established and sealed. Disruptive energies and incompatible beings were expelled from the beginning to finish. All was banished and it was happening now, now, today, the 19th of October. At least it was happening at some level. It is done! My impression was that this final lunar cycle from today till 17 November will do the final cleansing that I was witness to. As the energies rise to the next new moon the final impurities will be lifted away and from the next new moon to the Samhain full moon on 17 November the entire new age will solidify in place! This acts to confirm my guess of the 17 November full moon as a trigger point.


Just thought I would share this vision.



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Mana From Heaven and Crossing the Ascension Threshold


Last night I had another very vivid lucid dream that shows even more progression of Gaia’s ascension. I was in a room with some other people standing, but gathered around a table where some food had been prepared. I remember thinking, “That doesn’t look like very much food!” There was what looked like a few handfuls of vegetables? Just laying on the table. They were like leaves or stems on one end and some type of bulb on the other, almost like small onions but limp. I grabbed a handful and was surprised that there was more in a handful than I thought. I took one, put it in my mouth and could feel it there with almost disgust, it was not pleasant to eat. Then it popped and a wonderful feeling of energy and well being flowed through me. I ate several more and took a few other handfuls from the table. Some people were eating and others were not. Each time I kind of forced myself to eat, as if something was wrong with the texture, the thing popped and I felt the good nourishing energy.


When we combine this with my experience the other night of getting a flashlight and feeling a bit out of breath, we notice something happening at the etheric  level. It is getting more comprehensive, more earth like all the time. I have never been able to actually feel food in my mouth in a dream and then feel it “pop”. The physical and the etheric are in the process of merging and it is happening quite rapidly according to the progression of these two dreams. If the sense of smell had been included it would have been very life like.



My sense is that when the etheric becomes completely lifelike this reality will disappear completely. This ability to provide food from etheric substance indicates that when it does happen people will not starve. It also implies that the world we now perceive will no longer exist. We will have crossed the ascension threshold.


Let’s regroup a bit. This new age actually started back in the mid 1940’s when the nuclear threshold was crossed and physical matter became pure energy. At first it was uranium and enriched plutonium, at the low end of the atomic chart. Then is was hydrogen at the top end of the atomic chart. Theoretically every element can make the nuclear transition from matter to energy. That was the beginning. The ending is when life and conscious awareness can make the same transition as well.


This implies that we will all reach a high enough vibration sequence where we all go nuclear, to lack a better word and we will individually go to those dream landscapes that are becoming so lifelike. So that is the big event we are all still waiting for, and waiting for the etheric ground work to be prepared first. Well, it’s being prepared!


Now the question is when can we realistically expect this? There is an acceleration happening in these dream sequences so it cannot be far off. My best guess is the full moon of November 17, the true Samhain this year (Samhain is the first complete lunar cycle from full  moon to full moon after the fall equinox) when the veil between the physical world and the etheric world is the thinnest. It may extend to the following new moon.


That’s my best guess folks,





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An interesting time of it last night with another first for me. In a dream I was with a group of people in a large circle and someone was performing some kind of pagan/new age ritual. I was going along with it. We began circling clockwise going faster and faster until we were all out of breath. Then we stopped and were given flashlights which we took apart to replace the light bulbs. Inside were spare bulbs and spare batteries. Pretty cool! Individual lights with their own power packs.


What is of interest is the depth of this dream/vision. I have never experienced a dream/vision where I was panting for breath as if from exhaustion with my chest heaving and happy. This is indicative of a successful working on a very low etheric level of the astral planes.


Other dreams followed that seemed like other astral levels snapping into some type of alignment. So this seems like another ground up adjustment for Gaia and all of us. Just more evidence that this is still an ongoing project, but deep level things are happening.



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The Two New Humanities


As the life, vitality and sentience flow through new born Gaia it flows through us as well. Humanity has now begun the process of dividing into two separate species, much like cell division. The human race has hit a fork in the road and decided to go two ways at the same time! In this way what it means to be human expands as well.


The most earth oriented souls, the ones that have lived here so many ages as trees, animals and finally humans renews it bond with mother earth and for lack of a better word is now to begin the process of becoming “Elves”, magickal beings living in harmony with nature and kin to all of the animals.


The others, the star seeds, are indeed technology oriented and headed toward the stars and to other dimensions. They will spread the human race among the galaxies/dimensions.


This splitting of the human race will be gradual, but it is inevitable. This is what the “New Game” is all about. The old game was about “male and female” living together and learning to love each other. The desire now is for various conscious species to mingle as equals and that opportunity now presents itself. It will first present as the new humans and the new elves learn to coexist together on mother earth/Gaia. Then the elves will commune with nature and the new humans will commune with other star beings.


This cell division process is not new and has happened before here on mother earth, Gaia. The dinosaurs once roamed this planet for millions of years. That species also divided. Half stayed with the planet and became mammals. Some eventually became humans. The other half went out to the stars with their space ships. Recently, at the end of the great cycle they have returned to unite with their loved ones that remained behind. While out there in space they discovered other intelligent life forms and established communications.


For the “New Game” these contacts will take place in “full physicality” over the course of the coming great cycle. Gaia now extends herself through all the multi-verse and the human race follows. Life always lives within a spectrum of existence where things exist as too large to be aware of and too small to be aware of. Current examples are galaxies as too large and micro organisms as too small. We can observe them but not be conscious of being them. This is going to change. Each great cycle expands the spectrum of conscious existence in both directions.


What has just happened with Gaia’s ascension is that awareness now unites and extends for the first time from the masculine spiritual down to the feminine earthly experiences. For the first time humanity can experience all of this spectrum at the same time as a multi-sensory experience in one physical body and it can be either male or female. Now it is time for a quantum leap.


Bright blessings,



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Walking on Sacred Ground


As always I mention that I see things in visions and then need to interpret those visions the best I can. Use discernment and follow your own heart.

It has been an interesting time since the September full moon and for me personally it has been quite busy. My weekly job now requires 10 hour days and I still have my weekend job! Sad to say, both are still needed.

Still, this is meant to be an update on Gaia’s ascension progress and I’m happy to say that she is safe and home! The last few days I noticed energy surges at the extreme low end of the astral where I function most of the time. That was the lower level clicking into place. Then the same thing seemed to be happening with my wife who functions at another low level, but right above mine. The crystallization process seemed to be moving from the bottom levels upward to stop midway between 4th and 5th density.

I find it interesting that many believed ascension would happen to those levels above 4th density and not to those below it. Now it seems that 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th density have completed their respective ascension process and things seem stalled at 5th density! That is not surprising since the higher levels have more individual will and preconceptions.


The implications of the lower levels being completed are staggering. What this means is that our own physical bodies have completed their ascension as well as possible. Some have fared better than others in this regard.

It is time to think outside the box a bit. New Gaia is now an archetype and a blueprint for all levels of existence. The energy of the new age radiates outward from her from these lower levels like a star or a sun, from the lower levels to the higher levels. She has become a diamond! Our physical bodies have become diamonds as well and archetypal bodies.

The sense that I have is that upon the death of our physical bodies (if and when we die) we will then move to those dimensions/timelines that we have created for ourselves and we will be creating a new Gaia within that home place, a Gaia that never existed there before. Let me repeat that. When we go home, we are taking our personal version of Gaia with us as well as our personal version of our physical bodies. In the meantime this is our new home.

There will be infinite Gaia’s in infinite timelines on all of the levels of existence. Each of these Gaia’s will be a shadow or replica of the one we currently exist upon. When we leave this original model we will be creators of our own worlds and universes either collectively or alone. What has happened is that Gaia’s ascension through all the levels is bringing organic reality to each of them in varying degrees.

Versions of Gaia are now flooding the higher realms and filling them with organic life forms, filling them with timelines. This is why things are now seemingly stalled at 5th density and above. The lower levels are flooding into the higher ones and this is causing the entire universe to ascend.


This is incredibly complex to put into words so I will attempt an analogy.

Gaia has become like Mount Olympus, home of the gods and as long as we live in the physical bodies we currently inhabit we are gods and goddesses as well. As long as we dwell here on this Gaia we remain immortal. When our physical bodies die we return to mortal earth once more to live mortal lives and to experience rebirth. Our earth is no longer a physical earth, but a haven of the gods and goddesses, a garden of Eden, a paradise.

Like the gods and goddesses of Olympus we can visit the shadow earths/Gaia’s and the longer we live, the more abilities we will acquire.

There are those among us that will live extremely long lives here on new Gaia/Mount Olympus. We will also have the ability to travel the shadow worlds or alternate timelines/realities. The war of the gods is wrapping up as the higher levels begin to crystalize as well. The final crystallization of the higher levels can be expected on Samhain, the full moon of the first complete lunar cycle after the fall equinox. Samhain occurs late this year, in mid November. The full moon of October will be thought of as Samhain and many will be fooled.

Those enemies of Gaia of the higher levels will think they have won the victory in October only to see it vanish before their eyes in mid November. While Gaia is now safe the battle is for human society and global civilization.

Mark these words and times, the full moon of October and the full moon of November. We will now be able to see who are Gaia’s supporters and who desire Gaia to fall. Many will be surprised.


Bright blessings,



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