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I feel guided to share my own thoughts and observations about Gaia’s ascension because I haven’t found any good information out there! Steve Rother is perhaps the best but I’m not really onboard with what he channels, at least not completely.

So where to start. I continue to be amazed that the timeline I have following for over twenty five years is virtually unchanged. The visions I received back then are still as true as they were then. So I must have tapped into the real thing back then. All these other timelines have folded or transformed to support the single timeline I originally was shown and all is according to a higher plan that has not once deviated. I think this is important to share.

So here is something from twenty five years ago. Earth’s magnetic poles will shift about 20 degrees. I experienced that shift in the higher astral realms and have followed it down to the lowest levels. So earth’s poles are going to shift, but not end for end. It looks like that is what Steve Rother is picking up on and it will probably happen in my lifetime. A shift of 20 degrees is still formidable in terms of what it can do weather wise. I’m betting this will happen a lot sooner than fifty years because we are speeding all this up considerably.

Next comment, Gaia portal recently posted, “Enter the dragons.” That is a reference to some of us old timers that are just now starting to get into the mix. My attempts to post four posts a day from now until the winter solstice is an example of something a dragon might do to combat the insanity that currently runs rampant across the globe. Nothing succeeds like excess and few would have the stamina or information to post that much for so long. Its a little larger than life but that’s what dragons do.

Lastly here’s some info about the Event or what ascension really is. I have a visual but its not nice. It does help though! Gaia’s ascension is like a snake shedding its old skin after it out grows it. We ascending are part of that old skin! This is difficult to express in words.

Earth is like a pebble or rock without any organic life. Gaia is the life force that exists within and around earth itself. Gaia exists in the astral planes, the entire astral planes from the highest to the lowest and she’s in the process of leaving earth behind! She is like the snake skin that is being sloughed off. The astral planes and all its contents are leaving the rock or pebble that is earth and beginning a non-physical existence in other dimensions.

Once Gaia has been sloughed off a new “skin” will begin to form surrounding the rock or pebble that is earth. But this new “skin” will be “under quarantine” and none of us that have ascended can influence it in any way. We had our turn and we have just graduated. Now it is someone else’s turn and off limits to us. This is just the same as how our space brothers and sisters were not allowed to directly interfere in our ascension. Now it is our turn to sit this one out and watch.

I’m saying all this from an earth viewpoint. From the earth viewpoint we will become ghosts of what Gaia once was. Isn’t that what a snake skin becomes once its shed? But time is circular and to those playing the new game on earth we will appear to them as the future, not the past. It’s all a game and its all circular.

From the ascended viewpoint we continue to live in non-physical bodies and non-physical worlds. Those of us alive today will probably live in our already activated and working etheric bodies in worlds much like this one, but etheric will become our new physical. Others may live at higher even less physical planes of existence.

The timing of these things is like the shedding of a snake’s skin as well. I would say we are now over halfway cast off! There is nothing that can keep us here any longer than necessary! The sense that I have is that I will be released after this writing project… sometime this winter perhaps. The dragons make such a mess of things!

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The Social Enforcer

In my last post we have seen how the rational atheist ultimately self-destructed as the mind began to identify more closely with spirit than with physical reality. This was known as the birth of the true self or human ego or in psychological terms the creation of the Observer self or watcher. Over the last 2000 years a similar thing has happened to those spiritually oriented souls which I call social enforcers.

In the beginning social enforcers were simply trying to prove the existence of nonphysical awareness, the immortal soul. They denied the world, denied the pleasures of the body, and gave their lives in martyrdom for their belief of continued existence after the death of the physical body. Again this process happened in stages with the mind forging ahead and the heart lagging behind. Long before the Reformation people argued about how many angels could fit on the end of a pin and other imponderables. This was the beginning of people living in their heads.

But things really began to get serious during the Reformation of the church and the rise of Protestantism. Faith and doctrine took precedence over the wisdom of the heart and the heart became empty and incapable of emotional or earthly love. It became possible to kill and persecute other humans in the name of God to save their souls from eternal damnation! What kind of love is that? It is a spiritual love that exists only in the spirit and only in the head! The heart is completely empty!

In today’s modern society this hardening of the heart has reached such an extreme that video games and television shows have become more real to us then warmhearted and kind human social exchanges! We are forced to admit that spirit has led us astray because it has made our lives and our souls empty! Freedom of the spirit and the soul has become escape from life! And the only thing that remains is seductive retreat into fantasy.

But spirit is not capable of destroying the physical world even though it would like to. It knows and recognizes nothing except the spiritual, the nonphysical and has a perpetual longing to spiritualize the world, to convert the world into spirit. So the social enforcer continues on with their plans for the redemption and salvation of the world.

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It’s time to make a few things plain! None of our galactic brothers and sisters have previously had the ability to manipulate the lower levels of the astral planes. This is because their own spiritual DNA would not allow a direct connection to Gaia. That was old eon and this has changed for many of our galactic brothers and sisters because they have helped anchor the ascension energies on Gaia and in doing so they have created a  one sided ground connection with Gaia for the very first time. That is why they will  be able to incarnate as New Humans and work to create and establish the return link as well.

Only the reptilians have failed to create a working DNA connection and that is why they have been expelled from Gaia’s new energy field. Of course there are individual exceptions, for example souls that have incarnated into different galactic races have souls that are able to transcend some of the problems of the reptile brain fight or flight reflex. We are all struggling with the activation of our own genetic DNA and our own reptile brains have become activated. We need to learn how to deactivate them.

But back to the main point of this post. The galactic races had souls that could incarnate into human bodies but they couldn’t form an active earth connection to Gaia. Because of this they couldn’t physically manifest things easily at all. In order to physically manifest things they needed to either sexually exploit native Gaia souls or create narratives that native Gaia souls would believe and manifest for them!

Understand that the original Gaia souls are the ones with the capability to create and physically manifest upon Gaia! They always have been! The galactic races have needed to trick the native Gaia souls into manifesting for them and they did this by creating narratives that native Gaia souls believed.

This is really the only power that reptilians have, the ability to create a narrative that native Gaia souls believe and manifest for them. That is the power of the mass media and the power of religion and the power of political correctness, the power to create a narrative. That is what this entire war is all about! How to enslave the human race or rather keep it enslaved through “narrative”.

The problem is that the original native species of Gaia, the New Elves, have now ascended and they are no longer falling for the same old tricks as they did in the old eon! They now understand the substance of true reality and create their own dreams and visions.

“Narrative” is simply Hollywood, tinsel and glamour with no real substance. It is the male perspective without the depth and heart of the female perspective. It is simply head games because there is no connection to physical reality! This is the path of the old eon and not the new eon. The new eon is about doing and about substance and about true empowerment at all levels in ways that balance  both the male and female energies in acts of love and peace! The new eon is about the empowerment of Gaia and the empowerment of the New Elves!

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Before I continue with my discussion of the differences between male and female awareness I would like to at least mention how the Jewish Kabbalah or the Tree of Life talks about these same things, but in less detail and less precision. Each of the seven groups of elements that form electron rings around the nucleus of an atom have been known and taught in sacred mystery schools of the past. But these Sephiroth have never been associated with raw element characteristics before.

Chesed symbolizes the noble gas Helium as the outer boundary of the spiritual kingdom of 9th density reality.

Geburah symbolizes the noble gas Neon as the outer boundary of the philosophical kingdom of mental energies and 8th density.

Tiphareth symbolizes the noble gas Argon as the outer boundary of normal ego awareness and the realities of 7th density.

Netzach symbolizes the noble gas Krypton as the outer boundary of the energies of love and the higher emotions as well as 6th density.

Hod symbolizes the noble gas Xenon as the outer boundary of the energies of the lower emotions and the realities of 5th density ascension.

Yesod symbolizes the noble gas Radon as the outer boundary of the energies of sexual pleasures and regeneration. These have also been termed Lunar energies as well as the land of fairy and 4th density.

Malkuth symbolizes the noble gas of the final unknown element that completes the seventh outer atomic ring. These energies represent physical life as we know it and third density.

I only share this in the hopes that this recognition might allow some to take what I am saying more seriously. I am not making this stuff up!

Interestingly enough it is also the Kabbalah that speaks of the two paths, the path of creation and the path of return. The Path of Creation is also called the Path of the Lightning Bolt and goes directly from Sephiroth to Sephiroth or noble gas to noble gas! This means that Spiritual archetypes become inspiration, then become thoughts, then emotions, then actions and finally become physical reality. This path goes from the top downward into physical manifestation. It is also the path of male consciousness and male awareness. It is the number of electrons in the outer most ring of an atom that determines what it is. All the other electrons, protons and neutrons don’t really matter and that is what the male normally is aware of, the outer surface of things.

So each noble gas or Sephiroth is like a movie screen that allows the male to be aware of things in his environment through personal interaction and perception. But the male is not normally able to discern the underlying subtleties, the invisible forces that are behind the outward manifestation. For the male this path is like Hollywood full of tinsel and glitter but lacking real depth. The male can experience the depths of reality only through becoming aware of the feminine energies inside him. Only Divine Love can bring him the depth and meaning that he so craves in life. He requires a sacred dream! He is driven by his dream!

The Path of Return is also the Path of the Serpent. It is also the normal path of female consciousness and awareness. Female awareness begins at the bottom and moves upward one element at a time and it follows two paths. That is why females are able to understand the male path to a great degree, but they are even more able to sense the invisible forces that work behind the scenes to support physical manifestation. This is why the female often seems to have two minds or two ways of thinking. She does! The female deeply experiences the true reality of things at the deepest possible levels. She feels deeply and emotionally. It is common for the female to embrace the sacred dream of a male and use her own energies to invisibly support it and help it to manifest.

In summary the male directly perceives the singular energies of the noble gases and is usually more in his head as a dreamer following a dream, while the female directly perceives all of the elements within the electron shell and is more realistic and down to earth, more emotional! It is the female that makes a house a home. I’m speaking globally and generally because things are not really that simple. That is the general pattern that things follow. This is also speaking of the entire spectrum of energies and most people are only aware of a small portion of who they really are. The goal is for all of us to become aware on all possible levels of existence.

The reality is that we grow in those areas of the soul in which we do the work! Our development is determined by the level of our normal waking awareness. When our awareness is in the lower levels we are working on the development of those lower levels. When our awareness is lifted to the higher levels our development takes place on the higher levels. The most powerful way of developing our souls is by falling in love!


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Ascension lift off is Easter Sunday! How appropriate and how powerful! Can you feel it? Feel the difference? The mold has been in place for the past year, the concrete has been poured and allowed to set up. Now the support structures are being taken off and our new world stands revealed for the first time. The final hurdle and big question was if North Korea would erupt, but it didn’t. Russia stands backed into a corner like a rabid dog but can do nothing.

Humanity should take this day and celebrate its collective victory! No one gets what they wanted, but everyone gets to continue, to move on. The opposing forces have been so severe and the emotions have been so violent. A true compromise has been forged out of conflicting beliefs and values and it is holding! The most dangerous point is now behind us! It is time to let the sediment settle to the bottom of the ocean where it belongs, time to let the murky waters clear so that everyone can see what has just happened!

Through the rest of this coming year we will see the advancement of peace and security as things settle down and the criminals and disrupters sink into self destructive spirals. You see, the world collectively had to choose between it’s own self destructive tendencies or a willingness to compromise and it collectively chose to compromise! It collectively chose to live and those not in attunement with the new energy will soon leave. The battle is over.

It was never for one side to win over the other side, for one side to be victorious. Both sides had valuable points and arguments that need to be taken into consideration. It is now time for both sides to step forward in bipartisanship! It is time for both sides to understand that they have both won the battle! Our new world has risen and is firmly in it’s new  place! Duality has become Unity!

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In surfing the web for various New Age sites I was appalled at the lunacy expressed by several light worker groups and thought I would make one final attempt to reach out to them. They were saying how Donald Trump had been deceived into attacking Syria and that Assad had not been the one behind the poison gas attack. That Assad was innocent and it was all a false flag event leading us all down the wrong track! This was echoed by other voices on the far left and even Ron Paul on the right! Russia said that Assad was innocent as well and that normal bombing had accidently hit a storage place of poison gas that the rebels had hidden within the city.

These people are blind to the truth of the matter! This is pure lunacy as I will attempt to illustrate. Just suppose that they are right and that Assad was not guilty of the poison gas attack. Does that make him innocent? No! He has been proven to have used barrel bombs in the past against his own civilian people, including women, children and babies, and barrel bombs are just as illegal as poison gas! Anyone that kills civilian women, children and babies is a monster! It doesn’t matter if they use poison gas or barrel bombs. Assad is a monster and the inability to see him as one is pure lunacy! There is no reason to question his using poison gas on his own people when he has routinely used barrel bombs which are just as bad! Forget the barrel bombs and just understand that it is not normal to be dropping bombs on civilians anyway! The holes in this story are self evident!

Why are light workers and the far left unable to see this? The answer is simple. They don’t have the ability to integrate their own shadow aspects! All they can perceive is the spiritual side of things in a loving way. They are filled with love and harmony, except for their anger, fear and hatred toward Trump which they don’t even question. What is that all about anyway?

People like President Trump have integrated their light side together with their own dark side and are balanced at the soul level. This allows them to be spiritually, mentally and emotionally healthy for the most part. But the light workers and far left don’t see the light in them and only see the dark in them! They only see the dark and don’t understand that it is balanced and integrated in a healthy way with the light. This is why the light workers and far left are so fearful of Trump and his followers. It is also why they will lose this battle.

This new world is about being balanced and having both the higher self and shadow self integrated under the dominion of the normal healthy human ego. Both the Higher Self and Shadow self are secondary personalities that must be integrated and absorbed in order to be healthy. Light workers and the far left are holding on to their Higher Selves and rejecting their own Shadow aspects. They are projecting their own fears onto the rest of the world, particularly Trump and his associates. They are denying healthy human egos in favor of remaining under the influence and control of their own Higher Selves. In the meantime their own Shadow aspects are erupting as psychotic behavior!

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