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Chapter 4 The Kali Yuga



I would like to begin this chapter with an excerpt about the Kali Yuga from the book The Yoga of Power: Tantra, Shakti, and the Secret Way by Julius Evola. It will serve as an introduction to some of the concepts that I would like to address in this chapter.

The intent was to convey the idea that Tantrism represents an extension or a further development of those traditional teachings originally found in the Vedas and later articulated in the Brahmanas, the Upanishads, and the Puranas. That is why the Tantras have claimed for themselves the dignity befitting a “fifth Veda,” that is, a further revelation beyond what is found in the traditional four Vedas. To this they added a reference to the doctrine of the four ages (Yugas) of the world. It is claimed that the teachings, rites, and disciplines that would have been viable in the first age (the Krita or Satya Yuga, the equivalent of Hesiod’s “Golden age”) are no longer fit for people living in the following ages, especially in the last age, the “dark age” (Kali Yuga, the “Iron Age,” the “Age of the Wolf” in the Edda). Mankind in these later ages may find knowledge, a worldview, rituals, and adequate practices for elevating humans over and beyond their condition and for overcoming death (mrityun javate), not in the Vedas and in other strictly traditional texts, but rather in the Tantras and in the Agamas. It is stated therefore that only Tantric practices based on Shakti (shakti-sadhana) are suitable and efficacious in our contemporary age: all the others are considered to be as powerless as a snake deprived of its poison.


Although Tantrism is far from rejecting ancient wisdom, it is characterized by a reaction against (1) a hollow and stereotypical ritualism, (2) mere speculation or contemplation, and (3) any asceticism of a unilateral, mortifying, and penitential nature. It opposes to contemplation a path of action, of practical realization, and of direct experience. It’s password is practice (sadhana, abhyasa). This runs on the lines of what may be designated the “dry way,” resembling the original Buddhist doctrine of the awakening, with its reaction against a degenerated brahmanism and its dislike of speculations and hollow ritualism. One among the many Tantric texts remarks rather significantly:


It is a womanly thing to establish superiority through convincing arguments; it is a manly thing to conquer the world through one’s power. Reasoning, argument, and inference may be the work of other schools [shastras]; but the work of the Tantra is to accomplish super human and divine events through the force of their own words of power [mantras].


And also:


The special virtue of the Tantras lies in its mode of Sadhana. It is neither mere worship [upasana] nor prayer. It is not limiting or contrition or repentance before the Deity. It is the Sadhana which is the union of Purusha and Prakrti; the Sadhana which joins the Male Principal and the Mother Element within the body, and strives to make the attributed attributeless… This Sadhana is to be performed through the awakening of the forces within the body… This is not mere “philosophy,” a mere attempt to ponder upon the husks of words, but something which is to be done in a thoroughly practical manner. The Tantras say: “begin practicing under the guidance of a good Guru; if you do not obtain favorable results immediately, you can freely give it up.”


Thus Tantras often employ an analogy taken from medicine: the efficacy of the doctrine, like a drug, is proved by the results it produces, and in this particular case, by the siddhis, or powers, that it grants. Another text says: “Yoga siddhis are not obtained by wearing yoga garments or by conversation about yoga, but only through tireless practice. This is the secret of success. There is no doubt about it.”


In the previous quotation referring to the body, another important point was alluded to. The analysis of the last age, the “dark age” or Kali Yuga, brings to light two essential features. The first is that mankind living in this age is strictly connected to the body and cannot prescind from it; therefore, the only way open is not that of pure detachment (as in early Buddhism and in the many varieties of yoga) but rather that of knowledge, awakening, and mastery over secret energies trapped in the body. The second characteristic is that of the dissolution typical of this age. During the Kali Yuga, the bull of Dharma stands on only one foot (it lost the other three during the previous three ages). This means that the traditional law (Dharma) is wavering, is reduced to a shadow of its former self, and seems to be almost succumbing. During Kali Yuga, however, the goddess Kali, who was asleep in the previous ages, is now fully awake. I will write at greater length about Kali, a prominent Tantric goddess, in the following pages; for now, let us say that this symbolism implies that during the last age elementary, infernal, and even abyssal forces are untrammeled. The immediate task consists in facing and absorbing these forces, in taking the risk of “riding the tiger,” to use a Chinese expression that may best describe this situation, or “to transform the poison into medicine,” according to a Tantric expression. Hence the rituals and special practices of what has been named Left-Hand Tantrism, or the Path of the Left Hand (Vama-marga), which despite some problematic aspects (orgies, use of sex, etc.) represents one of the most interesting forms within the trend analyzed in this study.


It is therefore stated – and this is significant – that considering the situation of the Kali Yuga, teachings that were previously kept secret may now be revealed in different degrees, though a word of caution is issued concerning the danger they may represent for those who are not initiated. Hence what we have so far mentioned: the emergence, in Tantrism, of esoteric and initiatory teaching.


A third point must be emphasized. In Tantrism the passage from the ideal of “liberation” to that of “freedom” marks an essential change in the ideals and ethics of Hinduism. It is true that even previously the ideal of the jivanmukta had been known. The word means “one who is freed,” that is, the one who has achieved the unconditioned, the sahaja, while alive, in his own body. Tantrism introduces a specification, however: to the existential condition of mankind living in the last age, it relates the overcoming of the anti-thesis between enjoyment of the world and the ascesis, or yoga, which is spiritual aimed at liberation. “In the other schools – thus claim the Tantras – one excludes the other, but in the path we follow these opposites meet.” In other words, a discipline is developed that allows one to be free and invulnerable even while enjoying the world, or anything the world may offer. In the meantime, the world ceases to be seen in terms of maya – that is, pure appearance, illusion, or mirage – as is the case in Vedantic philosophy. The world is not maya but power. This paradoxical coexistence of freedom, or of the dimension of transcendence in oneself, and enjoyment of the world, of freely experimenting with the world’s pleasures, carries the strictest relation with Tantrism’s formula and main goal: the union of the impassive Shiva with the ardent Shakti in one’s being and at all levels of reality.


This leads us to consider a further fundamental element of Tantrism, namely, Shaktism. In the complex movement called Tantrism, the central role was played by the emergence and predominance of the figure and of the symbol of a goddess or divine woman, Shakti, in its various epiphanies (especially under the forms of Kali and Durga). She may be either portrayed by herself, as the supreme principle of the universe, or reproduced under the species of multiple Shakti’s, that is, female divinities who accompany male Hindu gods (who had enjoyed a greater autonomy in the previous era), and even various Buddhas and bodhisattvas of late Buddhism. This marks the emergence in a thousand forms of the motif of divine couples, in which the feminine, Shaktic element enjoys a great role, to the point of becoming the predominant element in some of its currents.



The Kali Yuga is an age and according to ancient texts it is considered the last age of a great cycle. Tantrism is a specialized sacred practice of soul development and spirituality during this last age. In fact, it is believed that no other spiritual or religious doctrines and practices are effective during this time. In fact, “all the others are considered to be as powerless as a snake deprived of its poison”. This is a very strong statement to make and should be considered carefully. It is against superficial and empty religious practices, against speculation, meditation, and suffering or penitence of any kind.

This practice involves the joining of male and female energies within the body and is not theoretical, but eminently practical and giving immediate results. Again these are strong words to be considered carefully. Tantrism is clearly a path of action.


Another final point is made. Tantrism is so powerful and dangerous it is to be kept secret in all the other ages and only made available during the Kali Yuga.


This brings up the main question, is the current age which we are living in representative of the Kali Yuga? It also brings up a second question, if so, why are the secret teachings of Tantrism not widely known in today’s world?


It is accepted that approximately every two thousand years a new and higher vibrational energy is introduced into our world. We speak of this as happening with a change from one sign of the zodiac to another. We have just left the age of Pisces and entered the age of Aquarius. A great cycle is considered one complete trip around the zodiac.


What is not so widely known is that each age brings in a totally new energy and causes the activation of that energy center or chakra within the human body. The last two thousand years has been dominated by concrete spiritual energy, archetypal thinking, Christianity, Christ Consciousness and the development of the third eye. The cycle previous to the last was dominated by abstract mental energy, philosophy, logic and reason, reading and writing, development of the soul or observer self and the throat chakra.


With the advent of each new age the energies of the old age are always considered evil and corrupt. They are considered satanic. Followers of the old energies have always been persecuted. During the last age or Christian era “faith” was most important, not scientific or logical proof. Hairsplitting dialectic arguments were frowned upon as making a mockery of spiritual truths. Both the Jews and the Irish at various points in their history were highly literate and suffered greatly because of it. The power of the last age was not in mental creations but in spiritual creations.


The current age, the age of Aquarius, brings in a completely new energy that is higher and more powerful than that of the last age, the Christian age. This is the energy and vibration of unity, the level at which all things merge into spiritual light. It is also the nuclear threshold were mass and energy can be converted for peace or destruction. This is the level of the crown chakra and at this level all opposites are resolved and duality no longer exists. So the next two thousand years will be dominated by the powerful energies of unity and the crown chakra.


Unfortunately, these energies are not accessible to very many lifeforms. In fact these energies are not accessible to very many humans! So there seems to be a great discrepancy here. What do the energies of Christianity, the third eye and spiritual faith have to do with the Kali Yuga? The last age? More importantly, what do the energies of unity and the crown chakra have to do with the Kali Yuga? It seems that the energies of the Kali Yuga are the lowest possible energies and not the highest possible energies! It would seem that we are heading toward a golden age and not a dark age!


There is also the question of Gaia’s ascension. How is it that Gaia can ascend on the energies of unity and the crown chakra? The lower life forms on Gaia’s surface have no access to such high vibratory energies. How can this mystery be resolved?

The answer lies in the cosmic keyboard itself. There are two types of energies that dominate this new age! They are harmonics and octaves of each other and vibrate in unison as one single energy. They are the highest and the lowest energies possible! The other energy is the vital organic energy of life itself, sexual orgasm energy and it is utilized by all life forms. This energy is the garden of Eden energy and the energy that fuels Gaia’s ascension. It manifests through the DNA and cellular life of all living things.


Those lifeforms that cannot access the unity and crown chakra energies have free access to this lower vital life force energy! It is abundantly available to all living things. This is sexual orgasm energy! This is Tantric energy! This is the energy of the male and female combined! This is the energy of Divine counterparts!


Suddenly things have changed. For those accustomed to the spiritual energies of the third eye and Christianity, or even to the lower mental energies of the throat chakra, to logic and reason and philosophical speculations, these Tantric energies seem of no consequence and unimportant. They are not taken seriously. But they should be! These old energies are no longer effective in developing the soul or raising the human condition. They are no longer useful for true empowerment! For those unable to access the unity energies of the crown chakra the next two thousand years is the dark age, the Kali Yuga, the age of dissolution. The only path available for the development of the soul is Tantrism! For those that can do this earth will become the new garden of Eden!


This is the age when gods and goddesses will once more walk upon the earth and mingle with ordinary mortals! These gods and goddesses will be divine counterparts whose individual awarenesses will include the full spectrum of existence, the highest and the lowest of energies and reveal the complete mysteries of love and sexuality!






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Chapter 3 Divine Counterparts

Our Divine counterpart is created at the same time we develop our own sense of self or ego! We assist each other in this process! This happens in progressive stages. We are both created out of the same soul material at the same time. Each development of our newly created soul is balanced with a corresponding, yet opposite, development in the newly created soul of our Divine counterpart.

In the last chapter I mentioned that the soul or observer self is created from a perfectly balanced mixture of male and female energies. The soul is neither male nor female and is perfectly neutral. Yet in the beginning our sense of self is based completely upon the sex of our physical bodies. As we learn what it is to be male or female we draw those things to us and integrate them as a part of us. At the same time we reject those things that belong to the opposite sex and push them away. The end result is that we acquire a solid sense of self based upon the sex of our physical body and our Divine counterpart gains a similar sense of self based upon the sex of their body. We are total opposites of each other and have nothing at all in common except the energetic soul link that binds us together.

We discover things inside ourselves that we don’t like and push them away in disgust and fear. This act of pushing away gives those things to our Divine counterpart and they become those same things. At the same time we become what they dislike and fear and what they push away. As this process continues our sense of self becomes more firmly established inside of us. The same thing happens with our Divine counterpart and their sense of self becomes more firmly established in a completely opposite way.

Then we discover things we like in other people and wish they were a part of us, but we don’t believe we really have those qualities. We can’t find any of those qualities inside of us. Again the same thing happens, those things which we can’t find it in ourselves are given to our Divine counterpart and become a part of who they are. Those things which our Divine counterpart likes but can’t find within themselves become a part of who we are. These things come to us through the soul link which we share.

At this point our Divine counterpart is the opposite sex, has personal characteristics that we don’t like and at the same time has other personal characteristics which we really admire. We are strongly attracted and repelled by them at the same time and they feel the same way toward us. We are not consciously aware of these things. The only thing we are aware of is the powerful spark that exists between us. We are polar opposites of each other; Satan to each other!

For those without a soul this is where the process stops and there is a mutual attraction/repulsion between them, a clash of will and ideals, a battle of the sexes. This is the old way! This is the way it has always been! Neither Divine counterpart can experience nor understand life from the viewpoint of the other. There is no common understanding of life experience but only duality and separation! They do not live in the same world.

But that has now changed! It is now possible for Divine counterparts to find each other and experience full spectrum physical love relationships together for the first time! This is the new pattern and it already exists within the astral planes! Each Satan is now able to become a loving companion to their Divine counterpart!

Our newly created soul requires an equal balance of male and female energies and our physical bodies can only provide one of those energies. We must receive the opposite sex energy from personal relationships with the opposite sex. We exchange this energy through the process of falling in love. This feeling of being in love is a magical feeling with energy exchanging between the two of us and this mingling of these two energies creates something inside of us, something beautiful, and causes something to grow, causes our soul to grow! It happens to both of us and it is magical! It is love!

Yet a point is reached when the spark dies, when the magic is gone, when there is no more soul growth. This is the point where love dies! A point is reached where we can now find things in ourselves which we could only find in our partner before. Because we now find them in ourselves they’re not as attractive in our partner. At the same time, due to conflicts within the relationship, we find those very same things in ourselves which we dislike in our partner. Our relationship has caused us to become aware of things about ourselves that we don’t like.

These are the reasons why the spark of love dies in many relationships. Yet even though the spark has died our souls have become larger and more balanced. They now contain a mixture of male and female energies. We no longer identify exclusively with our physical body, but realize that we are much more. We have a soul! Our sense of self is no longer focused upon just the physical. While these changes are happening inside of us they are also happening inside our Divine counterpart.

We have not yet met our Divine counterpart face-to-face. We have only met other people whom we thought might be soulmates because of the strong sense of love and attraction that drew us together. With them we experienced love, soul growth, and then the painful realization that we were not compatible with each other. Yet with each relationship, each time we fell in love, our soul became larger and more balanced and our sense of self became more peaceful and spiritual. We learned how to find those things we admired in others within ourselves and we learned to accept and integrate those things about ourselves that we didn’t like. As this was happening to us it was happening to our Divine counterpart!

Our Divine counterpart is our polar opposite, our true opposite, and the only way we can ever come together is through absolute unity where duality no longer exists! This can only happen at the highest spiritual level. This can only happen through the mystical experience of becoming one with God, becoming one with everything that exists! Such mystical experiences of union with God are in reality connections with our Divine counterpart. There is a powerful bond and attraction of love between Divine counterparts that is both spiritual and sexual in nature. It is a feeling of bliss and indescribable love! It is the feeling of becoming one with God! It is orgasmic!

As true opposites Divine counterparts do not experience the same thing in the same way. When one Divine counterpart is having the mystical experience of becoming one with God during meditation and prayer the other may be having the mystical experience of becoming one with God while giving birth to a child! The mystical experience of unity is shared by both at the same time, but the personal experience of each is completely individual!

Once this first contact happens an entirely new sequence of events is activated within the lives of both Divine counterparts. There is an intense power of attraction and energy exchange between them at the highest spiritual levels! At these levels the sense of self is challenged in every possible way until it is completely destroyed. This is the death of the ego! At this point all the soul fragments of one Divine counterpart are transferred into the other. This happens to both of them. Each Divine counterpart has experienced the death of their own ego and now carries a fragmented version of the other inside of their own soul.

Yet these fragments are now parts of their own soul and a massive healing process begins at the highest levels as they both begin communicating with each other on the soul level. Each Divine counterpart now protects the other against all outside influences and dangers. This process will not stop or be interfered with until both are healthy and complete! Each Divine counterpart creates timelines for the other which will allow each fragment to heal and to be integrated.

As each divine counterpart follows its own timeline or destiny and becomes more healed and complete it also becomes more identical to its mate. In finding ways to heal and integrate these fragments they both become more like each other! Level by level they become true mates and companions! The bond between them increases in power and intensity and they are drawn even more closely together within the astral planes.

The next stage is when they are spiritually and platonically drawn to each other at the physical level and begin communicating with each other. For the first time they become aware of each other and the true nature of their relationship. Layer by layer, level by level, they draw themselves to each other through the infinite power of the love they have for each other.

The attractive force between Divine counterparts is so strong that nothing can keep them apart once they have found each other. It is only a matter of time until their relationship is physically consummated. As each layer is completed the energy flowing between them becomes stronger and harder to resist. The entire focus and goal of each becomes physical union with the other! As they both become more focused and goal oriented they become even more like-minded and compatible. They are no longer true opposites, but have become divine counterparts!

The final stage occurs when they are so closely fused together that they both exist inside each other at all levels and function as one. At that point the resources and abilities of one become available to the other at all times. They have become like the yin-yang symbol, opposites with similar shapes and joined in such a way that the movement and desire of one supports and strengthens the movement and desire of the other. For all practical purposes they have become one soul living within two bodies.

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Chapter 2 The Soul

In thinking of the soul the first thing we need to realize is that we originated from the same divine sparks of light and love energy as everything else in the universe. Our physical bodies contain the same molecules and atoms found everywhere else in nature. Yet our conscious awareness remains independent of our physical bodies. Our awareness can be focused in the present moment so strongly that we are not aware of the passage of time. We can be so engrossed in television that we don’t even feel our physical bodies. We can be so caught up in daydreams that we miss out on what is going on around us. And of course, our nights are often filled with dreams in which our awareness travels in strange and wondrous worlds.


Is this awareness our soul? Not necessarily! The real answer to this question lies in whether our awareness can hold itself together after death when it leaves the physical body. It depends upon our concept of self, it depends upon the strength of our ego and whether our ego identifies with our physical body or with our nonphysical spiritual body. If our awareness cannot hold itself together after the death of our physical body it will fragment into random emotions, sensations, desires, thoughts and images. These fragments will then once more be absorbed into the group soul of the human race where they will mingle together with other fragments to form new personalities and new lifetimes.


Another name for our soul is the observer self. It is this observer self that can collect the fragments of our personality upon the death of our physical body and reunite them in a meaningful way. This observer self is the basis of the human soul. Julian Jaynes in his book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown Of the Bicameral Mind shows us that humanity is evolving much more rapidly than we previously believed possible. In essence, it was only a few thousand years ago that humanity was operating as a type of hive mind with a central authority which all the workers obeyed without question. Humanity was genetically inclined to obey this external authority without question. It was a hierarchy with a caste system that was rigidly followed. Only in the last 2000 years has this really changed. Humanity has been going through the process of individuation, of discovering and following an internal authority through the development of the self or human ego. Humanity has been in the process of evolving the individual soul! Not all modern humans have a soul!


The simple soul or rudimentary soul is created as a byproduct of the ability to create an internal world that reflects the outer world. We have the ability to see ourselves within this internal world and thus the soul and consciousness or the normal human ego corresponds to the “observer self” in modern psychology. It is a product of the creative imagination. The abilities of the soul include art and symbolic thinking. The observer self remains neutral and does not participate in dream activity but remains a watcher. The observer self or the human soul is created from a balance of male and female energies. It is neither male nor female but includes both in an integrated manner. It is this observer self that holds the personality fragments together as much as possible upon the death of the physical body.


This creative soul is the evolutionary leap of humanity resulting from the invention of the written word, occurring for the first time only around 5000 BC. Prior to this time normal humans were not truly conscious and did not truly have souls. Those few humans that did have souls were the leaders of traditional civilizations involving strict systems of hierarchy. Humanity consisted of herds or societies of group minds or hive minds directed by those leaders who were the only ones that had souls. This was the old way.

The horrific element in all of this is the large portion of modern human society that has not developed the immortal soul, the observer self, the ego. Again modern psychiatry and psychology tell us that schizophrenics, psychotics and others with mental or emotional illness have poorly developed ego’s and self esteem issues. How many people do you know that have poor self esteem? Do they have a soul? Do you?

In today’s modern world this evolution is still taking  place and perhaps half of humanity still has not developed the “soul” in the terms specified above. By this I mean the ability to have an internal world and the ability to see one’s self creatively within this internal world.

Once more Julian Jaynes clarifies this for us. The person without a soul, an observer self or an ego can still function almost normally within society. They can be intelligent, learn rapidly and be highly skilled, but they are not dreamers! They are literal! Their awareness remains in the physical world except when forcibly torn from it through intoxication, drug use, devout religious prayer or crisis. They rely entirely  upon memory and repetition of what has worked in the past. When confronted with unfamiliar situations they remain helpless unless told what to do by an “external authority” or “higher power”. Instinctively these people feel the need to “escape” and to have their “souls” torn from the torment of this perpetual present moment through traditional religion or artificial experiences such as drug and alcohol use.


I’m sure that you can recognize a few people that fall into this category.


There are two factors that need to be taken into consideration. The first is the strength of ego or sense of self and the second factor is how strongly the ego or sense of self identifies with the soul or nonphysical body and with a nonphysical awareness. Both of these are needed! The sense of self needs to be strong enough to hold all aspects of our personality together after the death of our physical body and it needs to be aware of itself as a nonphysical awareness that does not require a physical body to exist.


Strength of ego or sense of self is largely determined through self-esteem. How is self esteem developed? Through competency and the creation of values.

However, this is not as easy as it appears because of the insanity of modern society. The mental and emotional illnesses that remain unrecognized and unchallenged within modern society often work directly against this process! To put it bluntly, developing personal survival skills, the ability for self defense and training in basic first aid procedures do more to develop self esteem than anything else that is currently known. These three skills affect a person at such deep and core levels that they are able to neutralize most negative and pathological programming by getting beneath them.

The development of basic survival skills allows a person to feel comfortable in his or her ability to provide for  themselves and their family no matter what external circumstances might occur. They know themselves as “survivors” and because of knowing themselves as “survivors” they survive! This allows them to feel good about themselves and to have a healthy self-esteem!

The same is true with basic self defense skills. The use of fear and intimidation is rampant within our society. We are taught to be afraid, not taught to be self-reliant. Fear and intimidation are powerful methods of coercive force used against us and the only way to rise above them is to have the ability to protect ourselves. We need to believe in our ability to deal with problems and emergency situations! This helps us to feel good about ourselves!

Consider these examples: My father once asked me whether I stopped at stop signs because I was afraid of getting a ticket or afraid of being in an accident? I told him in no uncertain terms that I stopped at stop signs because there is collective agreement among drivers that this should be done. I did not do it out of fear! Or what about this other fear based slogan used by the Highway Patrol, “Click it or ticket!”

The more ability a person has to defend themselves, the less power fear and intimidation have over them.

Training in basic first aid procedures works in the same way. There is no feeling more horrible than that feeling of helplessness when someone is injured and we don’t know what to do. There is a need for action and we are unable to do anything. When this happens we do not feel good about ourselves! If we know what to do and can act appropriately we feel good about ourselves!

It should be abundantly clear how these three skills are of absolute importance in the process of developing self esteem at the lowest possible level. They not only act to empower a person but they also in many cases provide mental and emotional healing for the individual and help them to feel good about themselves and believe in their abilities to live the type of life they desire.

Now consider our modern society. Does modern society encourage survival skills? On the contrary, it actively encourages specialization of skills with a corresponding dependence upon others for various specialized functions. Can you see this as the continuance of the hive mind mentality which creates castes and hierarchy? Humanity is now evolving away from this, not evolving toward it! This is the old way, not the new way! This does not develop the ego or the soul, but develops non-ego and collectivism.

Does modern society encourage the development of self defense skills? On the contrary it actively discourages self defense claiming that law enforcement is to serve the function of defending society. The problem with this is that it is merely an idea, a concept that falls down in the confrontation with reality. Reality is the present moment and the requirement for self defense occurs within the present moment, not when the police arrive. Then its too late! We live in the present moment and need to react in the present moment. We need to feel safe in the present moment. The police are never there in the present moment. Is that too hard to understand?

Well, how about basic first aid training? Does modern society support general training in basic first aid? You’ve got to be kidding. Even the police are by law now prevented from offering medical assistance at accident scenes. Someone might sue them! Forget about supporting the common bystander in this!

So does modern society support the development of self esteem in individuals or does it do everything it can to actively hinder this process? Do social workers and the welfare system provide empowerment of individuals or make them more dependent upon the system itself?

The Radical Satanist will answer that there is a sickness within modern society that tolerates and preserves just those very things that work to prevent development of the soul by blocking the creation of self esteem and the strengthening of the ego. In an evolutionary sense modern society is trying to revert back to the hive mind where all but the ruling class are mindless robots without souls. Instead of drawing people into the infinite opportunities available within the present moment, into positions of empowerment, it seeks to keep them helpless within the present moment at all costs, slaves to some higher and more sacred cause which demands their sacrifice and life’s blood, to something promised in the far future that will forever remain out of reach.

In radical Satanism the soul and the body are tightly bound together in a resonant circuit. In the book Synagogue of Satan Stanislaw Przybyszewski informs us that the soul is an extrusion of the physical body. The soul is developed and strengthened through stressing the physical body until it gives off nonphysical energy and this can take place through Tantric sexuality, physical violence or extreme conditions, extreme emotionality, extreme study or even extreme prayer and meditation. The soul is developed through extreme living!


When this concept of the resonant circuit and that of reincarnation are combined one discovers with joy that the cycle of birth/death/rebirth is an eternal one and that millennia from now our souls will require a physical body of some type. The worst thing a person can do is to live a bland life of no effort in which there is little or no soul growth. The highest achievement is to live life to the fullest, experiencing both the good and the bad that comes one’s way and embracing it to the fullest! This means to live and die with dignity and honor! There is no reason to fear death because there will be other lifetimes. There is no reason for mediocrity. The individual awareness and the soul will continue on after death of the physical body.


In his book Satan’s Children the statement is made that if there is an afterlife for the  soul it will only belong to Satanists because they alone have developed the power of their souls through passionate living. Those that live mild tranquil lives of sloth and boredom have not put forth any effort and thus have not generated any energy for the advancement or development of their souls. It is only the radical Satanist that can creatively and explosively learn to find solutions “outside the box” and more completely develop the powers of their soul. In doing this they are always outsiders and not herd animals. They are true individuals! Only a person with a powerful soul can travel the heroic path of radical Satanism!

For the first time a true understanding begins to emerge. In radical Satanism we understand the complete creation and balancing of the soul as the divine Androgyne, half male and half female, with an awareness that is able to span the entire spectrum of human existence from the spiritual light to the dark, earthy, pure black energy of life giving sexuality itself. This is an awareness that always returns to a physical body for the full spectrum of experience it can give.

This divine Androgyne is created through the wonderful and horrible process of falling in love and then falling out of love. It is the product of a loving and healthy human sexuality. In our world we can see the roots of violence and hatred as the frustrated responses of a blocked and unnatural human sexuality.

Here is what he said in his introduction to De Profundis:


When I speak of the revelations of the soul in the sexual life, naturally I’m not thinking of the bland, brave, comical – spicy eroticism of a Guy de Maupassant, nor the sweet – repulsive ready-made petticoat poetry of a Peter Nansen, nor the sated indifference of the marriage bed. What I mean, is the painful, fear filled awareness of a nameless, terrible power which throws two souls together and seeks to join them in pain and torment, I mean the intense torment of love, in which the soul breaks, because it is not able to merge with that of the other, I mean the enormous feeling of oppression in love, where man feels the activity of a thousand generations within his soul, a thousand centuries of torment and ever again the torment of these generations, which destroy the future in a frenzy of rutting passion, I think only of the soul’s side in the life of love: the unknown, puzzling, great problem, which Schopenhauer seriously brought forth for the first time in his “metaphysics of love”, yet really with little success, because logic and reason is not sufficient for the illogical soul.”

What he is talking about is falling in love and believing that you have found the missing half of your soul, only to painfully find out that your soul is not able to merge completely with that of the other person. When successfully done this divine Androgyne is a god or a Satan, a Divine counterpart, the completion of the goal. But what is the beginning? What is the beginning of the soul? How does a person with a soul differ from an animal that does not have one? And what is a Divine counterpart?


This is the view of the Satanist, but what about the view of Christianity? Christianity seeks to escape from physical life and the wheel of reincarnation. It teaches that the soul is immortal and that one needs to save their soul, to return to the spiritual light of the Godhead, to the spiritual light of creation! The reality is almost exactly what they say! If a soul refuses physical reincarnation it will gradually rise through the astral planes and fade away into extinction over thousands of years. It will return into the light with only the awareness and consciousness of light, and the soul will be no more.

Yet even Christianity admits the power of physical incarnation in the creation and strengthening of the soul. The human soul with its physical body is capable of immense soul growth during its brief lifetime, far more than would be possible if it had chosen to not live a physical life. The use of physical energies can be applied to the creation and strengthening of the nonphysical soul. The command of Christianity is to subject the physical body and channel its energies directly to the higher levels of the soul.

The lowest possible and most powerful type of energy that can be generated by the physical body is that of sexual orgasm energy. Through Tantric sexual practices the soul can be developed and strengthened immensely so that it is empowered upon all levels of the astral planes and well-prepared for its next physical incarnation. Through such practices the soul can become strong and healthy. It can provide a safe nonphysical home for awareness at the death of the physical body! This practice has long been understood by other religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and various yogic schools as well as the cults of Vishnu and Shiva.


But Christianity has forbidden and vilified human sexuality and made it something of the devil. It has taken the most beautiful gift that humanity has and turned it into something repulsive. In its teachings it has taken away the most powerful means for the strengthening and regeneration of the soul and promoted a life renouncing worldview that leads to the extinction of the soul, not to its continued existence or to immortality as it claims! Life is sacred! Those who refuse further incarnations will gradually rise through the astral planes over thousands of years and fade away like a soul with Alzheimer’s disease, not even realizing what they are missing!


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Chapter 1 God

In the beginning was God. What does that mean? What or who is God? Does God really exist? There are so many questions surrounding God, and it is not humanly possible to answer them. By definition, God is beyond human comprehension. God is so far beyond human comprehension that literally we create false images of God when we try to understand.To ponder imponderables is a waste of time, energy, and effort. To try to understand something that can never be understood is to be defeated before we even begin. These things need to be said, before we even start this brief chapter about God.

Yet we can find glimpses of God within the universe, within creation itself. In everything. And by recognizing God in everything, we can become closer to being one with God.

It has been said that our world is simply a hologram created by us and would not exist without us. While this is true, the energy used to create our world is generated through our union with our divine counterparts even if it happens at a level we are not aware of.

So let’s talk about this first source of creative energy, let’s talk about God or Source!

Philosophically God or Source exists as the supreme intelligence that governs all of creation. It is the first or primal cause from which everything else is created. This is all old stuff and well worn, but the new spin on this information is that each individual soul is created in two parts. Each soul  has an opposite divine counterpart!

To know God or Source is beyond human comprehension and always will be. But the highest we can comprehend is the divine within our counterparts! What this means is that our highest spiritual illumination or spiritual experience will always be a reconnection to our Divine Counterpart. We experience our divine counterparts as God or Source!

Every religion or mystery school that is a true one leads us to reconnect to our divine counterpart at the highest spiritual levels. This is why our connection with God or Source is always a personal one. Each one of us is connecting to our personal divine counterparts even when we have similar experiences. This path has been well traveled and is well known throughout the ages.

The alternative is a false god, a collective god, the lowest common denominator of what humanity considers god to  be. While our divine counterparts urge us to be the highest and most spiritual that we can be; this false god urges us to only be human, to participate in the hive mind of humanity. This false god is the collective mind of the human race and consists only of those attainments and abilities common to all humans. The seeking is not to be the best we are capable of being, but a seeking to be the blandest and most common that we can be. In this we find the true enemy for the first time, this false god, this collective god that lies far below the true God or Source and also far below the divinity we can experience in contacting our divine counterparts.

It is this false god, this hive mind that must be revealed for what it really is! This is the true toxic poison that lies buried in the heart of the human race!

When we speak of creation; we speak of the living and nonliving parts of creation. The nonliving parts, the elements the atoms the molecules the planets, the stars, follow the laws of physics. It might not be a type of physics that we understand completely, but it exists and some day we may understand. It is possible to recognize the regularity and the order within all nonliving things. It is possible through science to understand the creation of all things. Everything that exists is created out of light, the spiritual light. Everything is created out of divine sparks of light.

In systematic progression these sparks of light vibrate and move through the spectrum of existence; the colors of the rainbow one quantum leap after another. At some point, perhaps instantaneously, these flashes of divine light give off magnetic pulses as well. These magnetic pulses create rotational movement, both clockwise and counterclockwise.

In like manner, the first atomic particles are formed, the first atoms, the first molecules and finally the first living cells. In this process we can perceive the workings of God in many ways. But in regards to this chapter the most important aspect of God which we can recognize is the continuous inpouring of divine love and light. The pure essence of God, which we perceive as spiritual light continuously enters into our universe, into every atom, into every molecule, and into every cell. This constant inpouring creates an expansion, a pressure, a voltage or force that creates an equal and opposite resistance against it.

What I’m trying to say is very simple and yet very profound. At the center or core of every atom, every molecule, every cell, in everything that exists, living and nonliving, there is a pulsing spark of divine light. This light continues to pour into our universe and needs somewhere to go. It is this constant inpouring of creative divine light that forces all things to grow more complex and evolve.

The purpose of all existence, of all life, is to grow more complex and to evolve. All possibilities are to be explored, good and bad. This is true for all living things as well as all nonliving things. Living things need to gain an awareness, a way of coping with those things that are dangerous and deadly if they want to survive. Just as much can be learned from the failures in life as can be learned from the successes.

In a symbolic way when we look at the simple atom we can perceive the face of God. At the very center is a flashing spiritual light that is so great we cannot look directly into it. We cannot look upon the face of God. The face of God is covered by veils of pulsing whirling energy, rotating magnetic fields that push and pull us in different ways and confuse us. Yet, this flashing spiritual light and these rotating veils extend into the physical world to create a throne, the first physical object, the hydrogen atom. And upon this throne sits the son of God, the helium atom.

Symbolically the son of God exists as the sun in our sky as it burns, transforming from hydrogen into helium and giving off light for all living creatures. It is this inpouring of light that makes life possible here on earth.

This little metaphor is not just metaphor! This scene is enacted within every atom within our universe! It exists within every molecule, within every cell, and within all living creatures! The divine light pours in and forces expansion, evolution, and growth within all that exists!

Yet, God is more than this inpouring of divine light! This inpouring of divine light must go someplace and wherever it goes is also of God.

We can also find God within every living thing! God exists within every cell of our body and within the bodies of all living things!

When we consider how God expresses itself within living things we find much the same phenomenon, an inpouring of spiritual light and energy. And just as it is with nonliving things, this incoming spiritual light and energy needs someplace to go. Every cell of our body radiates this spiritual light and energy! Living things experience this influx of energy in many ways. It can be experienced as sexual orgasm energy, fear, anger, strong emotions, happiness, love, and all other energies.

There are spiritual energies, mental energies, emotional energies and sexual energy’s. All of these energies are continuously pouring into our physical bodies and require some form of release! As they enter our physical bodies pressure is built up as well as stress and discomfort until we feel as if we’re going to burst. Perhaps the most important thing to consider about these energies is to not try to contain them, but to let them pass through us as quickly and effortlessly as possible!

When any of these energies build inside of us we experience discomfort and torment. In fact, in many ways the inability to release these energies is to experience hell. In like manner, as we gain the ability to release these energies and move them on we experience sensations of heaven and bliss! So it is the movement of energies through us that is healthy and the blockage of these energies within our physical bodies that produce illness, aging and death!

The most powerful way of moving these energies through the body is by strenuous physical exertion, by living life intensely and to the fullest! At the end of every day the physical body should feel drained and depleted due to the intensity of our daily activities! As we sleep during the night our bodies will once more recharge with all possible energies through this unending stream of spiritual light and energy that pours into us from the core of every cell in our bodies and from the core of every atom in our physical body! We should try to wring ourselves out like sponges every day!

If we don’t do this we become vulnerable to sickness, illness, aging and death. Yet there is more to this than meets the eye! Through intense daily living it is possible to develop our immortal souls and strengthen them with spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and sexual energies! This is God’s gift to us! By living passionately and intensely we push this physical energy through the veil into the world of spirit where it becomes astral energy. The track runner experiences a second wind and a weightlifter experiences the feeling of being pumped up! In both cases the intense generation of energy pierces the veil and allows it to enter the astral planes.

We must do the same thing with the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and sexual energies as well!

In summary God is beyond human comprehension and we can never experience God directly. But we do experience God indirectly within our world and within our physical bodies! We experience God through this inpouring of spiritual light and energy that fills us to overflowing and impels us toward intense living! It is in this intense lifestyle and in the free release and movement of these energies that we find the love of God and heavenly bliss. We find love and happiness in passing this on, in allowing these energies to move through us freely and openly.

In any case, “the throne of God, the holy Trinity, the goddess” are all represented literally within each atom within our universe. This means God, the holy Trinity and everything else is found within each cell of our physical body and literally within everything that exists! Each atom is a fountain of photon energy pouring out into us and into our world. “Zero point energy” is the same thing, the energy pouring forth from the nuclear center of every atom that exists.

Wilhelm Reich’s book “The Function of the Orgasm” spoke of the “emotional plague” that humanity suffers. He also spoke of his discovery of biological energy and how this blocked energy, primarily sexual energy, is responsible for most mental and emotional illness if not all mental and emotional illness in our world. He also spoke of how hopeless and frustrating it was because humanity always chose to block this energy within themselves and give personal power away to external authorities in a death instinct. Even more interesting, he stated that his patients claimed that they felt like they were going to burst. They felt there was such a buildup of frustrated energy within them that they would react violently, do self harm or anything possible to find release from this terrible buildup of energy. It was simply not possible to tolerate it.

Jacob Boeheme spoke of hell in the same exact terms! He also spoke of The Wrath of God as being the lightning flash, the surge of destructive energy, that would finally flash between the two highly charged potentials when there was no other possible way of discharging the energy. He also termed The Wrath of God as being another name for Lucifer. Likewise, he spoke of heaven as a means of allowing this electrical discharge to happen more slowly, safely, and mildly and termed it “the love of God”.

Putting this all together we find that every atom, molecule, cell, and organ within our physical body is gushing forth energy from the very core of every atom, molecule, cell and organ. While Wilhelm Reich maintained that it was sexual energy that was creating this problem, or build up of pressure, we can see that literally all kinds of energies are building up within the body, abstract spiritual energy, concrete spiritual energy, abstract mental energy, concrete mental energy, upper emotional energy, lower emotional energy, etheric energy, sexual energy and all this energy must find some way to be released! Think of the energy that a child has! We were all like that at one time! The energy just flowed from us! We had to move around, tear around, use up that energy because it was unbearable to sit still!

But our parents forced us to sit still. They forced us to repress that energy, to turn it back inside as a repression and that repressed energy became destructive. This was especially true with sexual energy, which they tried to repress from the very beginning! And sexual energy was the most powerful energy of them all.

And so we live in a world today, a world that is a hell because the energy builds up inside of us and can find no healthy release. We feel as if we will burst or kill ourselves, or someone else and the energy is discharged and distorted in perverse ways. We try to cope with this buildup of energy by repression and non-movement, activities that gradually cause our physical bodies to age, become sick, and die.

But Jacob Boehme also told us what heaven was! Heaven was the process of releasing this energy in a more gradual way, through magnetism. This means by discharging the energy from our physical bodies directly into the astral, because the astral is the universe created of magnetic flux lines. By developing our astral bodies we create the resonant circuit that allows an infinite amount of energy to flow safely between our physical body and our astral body! From this it can be seen that heaven is experienced when we have developed both our physical body and all of our astral bodies!

In doing this we have shifted from a state of hell and Lucifer like destructive discharges to that of a milder and more loving universe of magnetic attraction and repulsion. When this happens the physical world becomes a beautiful reflection of the astral worlds.

This brings us back full circle to the question of how do we create the various astral bodies which are required? As I’ve mentioned before, this happens through the bittersweet process of falling in love and falling out of love through the mingling and sharing of opposite sex energy in which the male and female aspects of our own souls become balanced and stable. This can also happen through the Tantric process known as the left-hand path.

And what about tradition? Tradition is the blueprint, or pattern that exists within the astral planes and which tries to manipulate physical reality in its own image. What has not been correctly understood is that these patterns or blueprints are “ghosts” or shadows of events that have happened in the past. After a person dies their lifetime remains in the astral behind them as a pattern or shadow. History is circular and repeats itself and these patterns repeat themselves over and over again. Tradition is simply an attempt to follow the same pattern that has been successful in the past!

But the purpose of life is to grow and become more complex, to explore all possibilities, both good and bad! The blueprint or pattern that brings salvation one day must on some future day become a prison as it is outgrown. It is the task of the hero to create a new pattern, one that has never existed before! So, in today’s world not only has life become a living hell, but the traditional way of living no longer brings salvation! A new pattern or blueprint needs to be created and has been created!

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Its been quite a while since I last posted and for good reason! My life has been totally and irrevocably turned inside out and upside down! Currently I go into town for my internet connection so I don’t post much but I will try to post weekly on this blog.


So what has been happening? Everything! For those at the forefront of Gaia’s ascension process welcome to the post ascension world! For those just joining this new world, the pathway is now being marked so it is easier to travel. And each of us must travel this path alone in our on unique and individual ways!


As an individualist anarchist I resist the offer and temptation to become an authority or teacher, but damn it! While ascension is an organic process that involves the unlocking of the intelligence within our individual DNA, our minds have been already programed with toxic thoughts and ideas that cause us to stumble and become self destructive. What is needed is an antidote to the poisons already within us, not new teachings or truths!


It is in this context that I offer this new series of posts intended as the organizational material for a new upcoming book. The thoughts and ideas presented in this new book are intended as antidotes to the toxic and self destructive beliefs currently wreaking havoc within our global civilization.


I’m going to try sharing several things:

First that most of this information has been known at least in part to various groups throughout the ages.

Second, this same information has been kept from the public and hidden for a secret elite to make use of.

Third, I will try making this information accessible and user friendly for modern readers.

I will round things off with an ample sharing of personal experience and veiwpoints from both the male and female perspectives as much as possible.


In this first post I’m going to bring up the subject of Divine Counterparts as the underlying force behind our new reality. Indeed, it will be solidly established that love does make our world go around!

It has been said that our world is simply a hologram created by us and would not exist without us. While this is true, the energy used to create our world is generated through our union with our divine counterparts even if it happens at a level we are not aware of.

So let’s talk about this first source of creative energy, let’s talk about God or Source!

Philosophically God or Source exists as the supreme intelligence that governs all of creation. It is the first or primal cause from which everything else is created. This is all old stuff and well worn, but the new spin on this information is that each individual soul is created in two parts. Each soul  has an opposite divine counterpart!


To know God or Source is beyond human comprehension and always will be. But the highest we can comprehend is the divine within our counterparts! What this means is that our highest spiritual illumination or spiritual experience will always be a reconnection to our Divine Counterpart. We experience our divine counterparts as God or Source!

Every religion or mystery school that is a true one leads us to reconnect to our divine counterpart at the highest spiritual levels. This is why our connection with God or Source is always a personal one. Each one of us is connecting to our personal divine counterparts even when we have similar experiences. This path has been well traveled and is well known throughout the ages.

The alternative is a false god, a collective god, the lowest common denominator of what humanity considers god to  be. While our divine counterparts urge us to be the highest and most spiritual that we can be; this false god urges us to only be human, to participate in the hive mind of humanity. This false god is the collective mind of the human race and consists only of those attainments and abilities common to all humans. The seeking is not to be the best we are capable of being, but a seeking to be the blandest and most common that we can be. In this we find the true enemy for the first time, this false god, this collective god that lies far below the true God or Source and also far below the divinity we can experience in contacting our divine counterparts.

It is this false god, this hive mind that must be revealed for what it really is! This is the true toxic poison that lies buried in the heart of the human race!

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