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Independence Day 2012


This is my final formal post on earth’s ascension process. By midsummer, the full moon of August 1st fourth density will be resolved. We have already began to enter fourth density as of the past new moon. Any further ascension activities will be in real time and not subjective. Currently a protective barrier or shield has been activated around earth/Gaia and she is under quarantine as these final energies resolve prior to her complete reactivation at the winter solstice.


What to expect. Expect physical reality to become very real! Those that have mastered the art of living in the physical may well consider opening their arms, hearts and homes to those less fortunate. During these days each one of us will be given the personal choice to become a bigger person than we really want to be or to become a smaller person than we want to be. In either case we will be strongly pushed out of our comfort zone. By reaching out to others in their moment of need we become larger souls. By refusing to share we become smaller. This is the only guidance that we will have as our world seems to fall apart around us.


Our world is not going to fall apart in the way we think it is. We will remain in physical 3d and objectivity, realism and materialism will be required of everyone. There will be a need to be grounded to mother earth as never before. Don’t quit your day job because you think you are going to ascend out of here! Ascension is in awareness only and it has already happened to those that have been ready for it.


For those that have ascended in awareness and remain grounded to Gaia/earth, this time will be one of opportunity, opportunity to help others as they struggle with the new physicality. The laws of physical manifestation have changed and this should be very evident by now. The rule is very simple. Those that put forth effort will move forward. Those that do not put forth effort will not move forward. There is no more waiting.


Families will find that they cannot make ends meet individually and you may find three or even four families moving in together for survival reasons. As we all reach out to others in this time the magic happens. Once we get through this last six months and adapt to the objective, real requirements of our new physical lives things will get much better.


I will be blunt and say that when this is over, mystical and spiritual thought that is not grounded in reality will be eliminated from this earth. Those that continue to believe in ungrounded ways will be delusional and placed in safe places where they can’t hurt anyone. It’s time to get real folks!


There is a valid mystical and spiritual reality, but it is reachable through mother earth/Gaia. Those that seek for spiritual and magical experiences in mother earth will be rewarded. Those that continue believing in fantasies will become further and further removed from reality.


Our new earth/Gaia is a balanced place and requires balance of us. These last few months are not going to be a collapse of the world as some have feared, but rather a collapse of ungrounded mystical and spiritual lunacy. The flakes and crazies of the world are going to wake up because nothing they believe in has happened the way they thought it would. After that happens everything will be fine. Those not able to make the change will simply move on. Expect the world economy to continue, political gridlock to continue and things to get quite severe but not unendurable. If people would clean up their own back yards everything would work out.


Do not expect anything sensational to happen. Those things have already happened unseen and unheralded. Those that have eyes to see and ears to hear have become aware of them. This ascension will seem like a non-event to everyone else.


Bright blessings,



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