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I spent four posts talking about scientific evidence that supports or confirms the evolution of the soul within various disciplines. I stressed that the soul is multi-dimensional and that the materialist viewpoint is simply too restrictive. I’ve mentioned how the materialist viewpoint places logic and reason at a level of importance that is truly irrational itself! I’ve also spoken how there is no conflict with evolutionary science since the soul itself evolves along with the physical body. In fact, the soul and the physical body require each other for life and awareness to exist!

This is really the core of the issue. You cannot separate the soul from the physical body. As in chaos theory the cycle is always the same, birth, death and rebirth at a higher level of existence. In terms of chaos theory an energy system is stable and grows in an orderly way as more and more energy is applied. But finally a point is reached where the energy system fails, goes chaotic and then as more and more energy continues to be applied, a quantum leap is made and a new energy system emerges in a completely transformed manner that is more complex than the original. But the new energy system is stable and orderly. This is the true essence of chaos theory. This is the core essence of birth, death and rebirth.

Multi-dimensional science is our friend and 3D materialism rooted in logic and reason is our enemy. It is that simple. The materialist position has no connection to mother earth, Gaia, to the heart or to spirituality, which includes archetypal reality and self-evident truth. It is time to confront the shallowness and narrowness of this viewpoint.

Within the portal meditations which I’ve shared one can easily experience several metaphysical realities even if they are subjective in nature. This is not about belief but about personal experience, and experiences that can be shared with others over and over again. In like manner the last meditation which I gave about a solo full chakra meditation gives experience in shifting the point of awareness from one type of energy to another. The combination of these two types of meditations literally gives a person personal experience and practice in what most metaphysical and occult systems teach about the development of the soul and its powers without the dogma that goes along with it.

So I’m done with that entire subject in that I refuse to waste my time and effort on those who not only refuse to believe but also refuse to even try new things. From this point onward there is more to experience and theory that is only my own understanding of how things work without offering any further proof other than the ability to try it for yourself.

I’ve mentioned how there are seven possible electron rings around an atom and how each one creates an astral world and an astral body. These are:

Abstract Spiritual- Unity

inner ring- Concrete Spiritual/archetypal

2nd ring- Abstract Mental/philosophical

3rd ring- Concrete Mental/ egoic sense of self and environment

4th ring- Upper Emotional heart chakra energies/music/art/pleasure

5th ring- Lower Emotional solar plexus/ anger/willpower/ depression/

6th ring- sexual/physical/ instinctive

7th outer ring- etheric/ supernatural/ Summerland/ otherworld

Each of these astral bodies emerge as extrusions of energy from out of “The Womb of Creation”, the Akashic Records, or that final element which is a massive cosmic sea from which life itself arises.

While each astral body is initially mortal and sustained temporarily through the vital energies of our etheric and physical bodies; each one can be purified to the point where it becomes permanently activated and sustained through Cosmic forces and Spiritual light itself. So each mortal astral body can become immortal through an alchemical purification and refinement process that ends up with the formation of a “noble gas” astral body. This “noble gas” astral body is self sustaining and is the “immortal soul” which spiritual traditions and religions speak of.

So we can have a temporary and mortal astral body of all seven energies and we can have an immortal astral body created out of each noble gas. The evolution and development of the complete soul is the integration of all seven immortal astral bodies. This is what I term full scale ascension! These noble gas bodies are valid physical bodies in their own right, being created out of physical atoms which contain in potential all the other elements within their respective electron rings. Astral bodies are physical bodies held together either temporarily or permanently by an energetic awareness and consciousness of its own.

The combined and integrated consciousness and awareness of all these astral bodies is the complete soul! The soul is multi-dimensional and we need to begin thinking of it that way.

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I wasn’t going to post so quickly but things are really beginning to happen rapidly and I felt that it was appropriate to share what I sense happening. This post is a bit more personal and yet I sense that if these things are happening to me, then they are happening to others as well.

First it might help to share a bit more of my personal story even though many of you already know some of it. The main point being that I am a light warrior, a guardian of Gaia, and was born to be one. I will be sixty-four in a couple weeks and have devoted my entire life to following first the mystical path and then the magickal path. This was an all consuming passion that has taken me down many strange roads and led to many strange experiences.

Most of those years have been a search for God/dess and healing. Many of my past lives were very dark and this life as well has been very difficult with incredible hardships and challenges that I have had to confront and deal with. This healing process has been very deep reaching back to my soul’s very beginning and by its very nature has been an intensely personal one and individual one.

Those years have been years of healing, soul development and empowerment, but they have also been years of magickal conflict, hundreds if not thousands of astral and etheric conflicts as I was at times almost under constant energetic and magickal attack. But my connection to SOURCE always protected me and for over thirty years I have never lost a magickal battle. I have never wanted or sought a magickal battle, but I have never lost one that has been forced upon me. At I mentioned above, I am a warrior of light, a guardian of Gaia.

I’ve also been very active with Gaia’s ascension and sensed every shift she has made over the years. But this past year has been quite different. I’ve reached out to others, other guardians, other members of the Order, with portal meditations and my focus shifting most recently from the heart energies to the etheric energies of the root chakra. The last shift came with an inner knowing that it was time to “take immediate delivery of my new vehicle” as I shared in my last post. This was accompanied by a new solo full chakra meditation that seems to permanently anchor my full spectrum soul body. It has been quite powerful, but I’ve already shared about that.

It is what happened yesterday and last night that is new, that is what this post is about. I am retired and this last few months has been important to immerse myself in spiritual/occult/metaphysical studies for some reason. I have also been doing a morning and evening meditation. I have been researching old material and new material and striving to integrate it in a comprehensive way. So I am currently reading ten different books a little each day.

But yesterday was different for some reason. I picked up an old dark occult fiction book by Mercedes Lackey called “Jinx High” and read the story from beginning to end. It was around eleven o’clock at night when I finished. Generally I don’t like to read dark fiction even though I translate horror fiction. They stir up things from deep inside me, deep inside my past lives which were quite dark. It was later than my usual bedtime and I could feel that unsettled feeling inside from reading such a disturbing book.

I realized that I had not done my evening meditation and that I was inviting some disturbing dreams by leaving myself so open. But here is the strange part. Something told me that was OK, and that is what I was supposed to be doing. Sure enough, my dreams went to a deep and dark place. But I was rescuing someone! In the dream someone had been incredibly stupid and been dabbling in the occult and gotten in trouble and my dream self took that person by the hand and was resolved to make sure they were not taken by the dark forces. My dream self knew that in defending this person I was most certainly setting up a magickal fight with some great evil, that I was putting myself in harms way in a big time. But I didn’t care. It had to be done! The kid had done something stupid but needed to be protected anyway. Someone had to stand up to the evil.

All this is well and good and might sound a bit corny or crazy, but that doesn’t matter. That is not what this post is about. What is important about that dream is that for the first time in my life I dreamed of reaching out to help and protect someone else! Someone that had got in trouble and was in over their head! All my other dreams and visions have been about defending myself or Gaia in one way or another, by myself or with others. This was about defending someone that had done something really stupid and was totally over their head! This was about defending someone that couldn’t defend themselves and it was done with the knowledge that it would lead to a big confrontation with some really bad stuff! I was not going to let that person be lost! [an added note: I have had several protective dreams about keeping Luci, my dog, out of trouble, but never other humans.]

Taken from a global perspective the energy is now shifting to a protection of those “wrong thinking” souls that continue to think and act in stupid ways. Those that are falling into enslavement. They need rescuing and that is what is now energetically happening with humanities ascension!

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I try to give energy updates on Gaia’s ascension process as things develop. I don’t channel information but I experience things through my own activity on the etheric and astral planes and try to interpret that information and share it with others. Well, last night, this morning I had my second dream about the need to take immediate delivery of a new vehicle. So someone from my old workplace called me and said that I needed to take immediate delivery on a truck. I had no clue what she was talking about and tried to ask questions for clarification, but the sound of her voice got fainter and I couldn’t really understand what it was all about. It kind of bugged me because that was the second dream I had about taking immediate delivery of a vehicle that I didn’t know was mine or know anything about it. It is very rare for me to get a phone call in any dream or vision. I think that in my entire life I’ve only had less than ten that I can remember. So this was significant. In fact, it is quite rare for anyone to contact me in dreams or visions as I attempt to screen out all but SOURCE energies.

I do try to pay attention to my dreams and I also try to be guided by them. It was immediately after the first dream that I created the Solo Full Chakra meditation and began working it. I figured the message must be about claiming my ascension vehicle and that is why I created the new meditation. Well, this morning I again did the meditation and it was very easy to remain in that final state of full spectrum awareness and it almost seemed like it wanted to be permanent!

So that is why I am writing this energy update. There has been a lot happening this winter and this spring. I caught the shift from heart energy to etheric energy and began to sharply focus on that. There was an urgent need for members of the circle to ground the etheric energies at Gaia’s core and that effort was successful! I actually sensed that shift when it happened and knew that it was successful.

But apparently the focus has now once more shifted into a new phase which could rightfully be called “take immediate delivery of a new vehicle!”. It means Gaia is now stable at the lower levels and now the focus needs to be turned to our own individual soul development and the development of our etheric bodies. That’s why the new meditation! As I write this it feels right.

The summer solstice is the traditional time of “enthronement” and it seems that we are working toward that “enthronement” by developing these new etheric bodies and figuring out how they work. We are settling in to them and learning how to become comfortable in them.

This narrowing of energy channels is natural at this time of year. At the winter solstice the incoming energy pours in through the major energy channels and by Imbolc at the beginning of February it has branched out into the main arteries if you will. But this is all global and about Gaia even if individuals are bringing it in. The shift to individuals happens near the spring equinox as we have recently experienced. Continuing the metaphor, at the summer solstice the energy is flowing through the capillaries bringing energy and nutrients to the smallest cells before it changes direction and begins its return to the heart and lungs of Gaia.

Beltaine, the full moon of April 27, is the high point of the release of this spring energy. It is that time when the veils between the worlds are thinnest and the energy flow is from the etheric into the physical, just the opposite of what happens at Samhain in October when the energy flows from the physical into the etheric.

So up to this point in time we have been laboring for Gaia and now our energies and labor turn to our own soul development and the empowerment of our own goals and future. All this of course leading up to what type of harvest we can expect this fall!

In summary, work on getting settled into your new energy vehicle and start enjoying the ride as we surf these new energies that are arriving here on Gaia for the very first time!

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So what is hot air and what is real? Time to continue this discussion of some of the flaws and weaknesses of the materialist position which refuses to recognize the soul or multi-dimensional aspects of life. This time we will visit such concepts as the 100th Monkey, herd immunity, and the human collective consciousness.

But first a recognition of the role that memory plays in the foundation of the soul. Any concept of the soul is partially based upon memory. We can freely admit that sometimes the evolutionary process is more successful than others and species tend to evolve upon lines or traits that have been successful in the past. But the materialist needs to be careful here because how is it that a new successful adaptation is continued? Once something happens, it becomes more likely to happen in the future. If it happens twice it becomes even more likely to happen in the future.

I will take a negative example this time instead of a positive one. If you have a blood clot in your leg you become more at risk for having another blood clot in your leg. This is kind of a no brainer, but illustrates the point I’m trying to make. After something happens the first time, there remains a trace of it, a footprint, a pattern or a pathway. This is the basis of memory and replication. A materialist will say that this memory or path is organic and physical as perhaps through the DNA or learned behaviors or the cellular structure itself.

But it has pretty well been established that information or behaviors can be transmitted through non-organic ways that are not completely understood. This is where the materialist argument falls apart. That is why the hundredth monkey effect is such a powerful study and why it is so viciously discredited by some and championed by others.

From Wikipedia:

The hundredth monkey effect is a hypothetical phenomenon in which a new behavior or idea is spread rapidly by unexplained means from one group to all related groups once a critical number of members of one group exhibit the new behavior or acknowledge the new idea. The behavior was said to propagate even to groups that are physically separated and have no apparent means of communicating with each other.[1]

Since it was first popularized, the effect has been discredited in many cases of research.[1][2][3][4][5] One of the primary factors in the spread of this concept is that many authors quote secondary, tertiary, or post-tertiary sources that have themselves misrepresented the original observations.[1]

However, while it may not be a true story, the phenomenon and the idea of collective consciousness within the original story can be closely linked to the concepts of herd behavior, in which individuals in a group act collectively without centralized direction, and information cascades, in which an individual is influenced and changes their behavior or opinion based on inferences that they make by observing other people.[

But the idea of herd immunity is scientifically accepted! The idea of herd immunity is talked about during this season of Covid 19! When will we reach herd immunity or have we already? It is exactly the same thing! The idea of a human collective consciousness is a basic and foundational element of Jungian psychology. These are direct threats to the materialist position. So they must be viciously attacked as well.

Enough of this, let’s get back to memory, the root of the soul. Is memory an energy pattern or is it entirely organic and cellular? Or is it perhaps both? Let’s consider associative thought. One thought connects and links to another thought and links to another thought ad infinitum. What we consider conscious awareness follows established thought patterns that have been successfully used in the past, just think back to any social events and chats with friends that keep repeating the same old material and discussions over and over again. It is even rare to open oneself to new concepts and ways of thinking. We try to recycle what has worked for us in the past and only when that fails do we try something new and different. Only then to we attempt to create new associations. Human thought processes are very similar to computer programing and in a way the mind is an organic computer. But the soul is the collection of all awareness, of all memories and behaviors. It is the total of who we are. It is the awareness of the information which is held in the memories.

What I’m attempting to get at here is that it is the associative energetic framework that holds the cells, the organs, the tissues, and even our very thoughts together in a cohesive way. It is the energetic framework through which awareness and consciousness manifest, not the physical framework which the energetic framework uses and flows through. Those memories may be stored within the cells and DNA, but they are activated and brought into awareness within the energetic framework that contains the entire system. This energetic framework is non-physical, although it might be electrical and magnetic in nature. Without the vital life current there is no life and no awareness. It might even be possible that one day memories may be placed in computers and when activated individual awareness may result. Awareness is the soul, the energetic framework that holds everything together, but it is activated and makes use of the memories. This energetic framework is multi-dimensional. The memories themselves are not aware. They are just data.

One tuning fork that is struck and placed close to another tuning fork may cause that second tuning fork to begin vibrating at the same frequency. This is recognized as valid, but being affected by the emotions of someone that you are sitting next to is not recognized as valid even though a similar principle is involved.

Over and over I can cite different examples in which the materialist picks up on an important aspect of what is happening, but remains absolutely closed to the non-physical aspects and multi-dimensional aspects that are constantly being discovered and rediscovered. Even when they are supported by science! My stance is that life and the soul are multi-dimensional and based upon quantum science, chaos theory and non-linear time. Both life and the soul evolve and go through a birth, death and rebirth process to higher and more complex states of being. The energies that contain the essential patterns are not destroyed, but recycled and appear in a new and higher forms that are more evolved and complex. This energy and the information contained within it cannot be destroyed. The materialist position is simply too restrictive and intolerant.

The only thing the materialist position can do effectively is stand up against the creationist perspective. In many ways it is the pot calling the kettle black! It has no defense against the new theoretical sciences and remains helpless against them.

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To consider the soul and consciousness we need to grasp the cutting edge of science and not the simplistic 3D view of most materialists. We need to consider modern chaos theory, quantum physics and multi-dimensional reality. The soul, consciousness and the physical body go hand in hand as they continuously evolve to higher and higher forms of complexity and awareness.

We can consider our universe as a closed energy system that is constantly introducing new photons and displacing the older ones. As the older ones age they are forced into a chaotic phase and then to take quantum leaps as they evolve into higher energy systems that are once more stable. This cycle of birth, death and rebirth is constant at every level of existence including human life and the human soul. The energy gestalt remains in place as it take on new and more glorious forms as the soul evolves.

Each element slowly ages and becomes a different element. The atoms of the silver coin will one day take on seven more electrons and protons and become Xenon, a noble gas that we can’t see, feel or sense. What was once fully material will become as if it were nothing. But then as it continues to age it makes a quantum leap to a new electron ring and with the addition of twenty five new electrons and protons over time it once more becomes solid, it becomes perhaps a coin of pure gold that we can touch and hold in our hands. As it continues to age it gains seven more electrons and protons and once more becomes an intangible noble gas that we cannot see, sense or touch.

This aging process called atomic decay is driven and takes place ultimately because of the new photons entering our universe which continue to displace the older ones and force them into new states of existence. Physical reality is not what we think it is. It is too easy to think of our physical world as solid and real, but the last, final and heaviest element #118 called Oganesson is a noble gas that we can’t see, smell or touch. But what really happens when the last element is reached?

My personal belief which is echoed by the mystery schools of the ancient past, is that this final element forms an ocean that contains all other elements and compound elements, that this vast ocean of outer space is an ocean of this final element, the Womb of Creation, and out of it all life eventually emerges. The void of outer space is not a void of emptiness, but a vast ocean of completeness from which life emerges in quantum leaps as new photons continue to enter our universe. Everything, literally everything is part of a vast energy system that is constantly evolving and making quantum leaps from one form to the next and human life and the soul are included in this massive cycle of being.

This is just a reflection on chaos theory, but what about the new age notion that Gaia’s vibrations are rising in frequency and our entire solar system is rising in vibration? Science tells us that there is a massive black hole at the center of our galaxy and that it is gradually pulling us in. But what happens when a spinning object is gradually pulled in? I remember as a child tying a metal object on a string and swinging it around my head. The object moved slowly when it was far away from my body but as I shortened the string it went faster and faster. It was quite fun!

Our Milky Way Galaxy is no different. There is a large concentration of stars within the Milky Way Galaxy that form the image of a narrow path or road and that is how it gets its name. But when that path or road perfectly lines up with earth and our solar system the long way, so that the gravitation of all those stars are added to the gravitational pull of the black hole at the center we move inward toward the center of the galaxy more swiftly than at any other time. Is it coincidence that the Mayan calendar was based upon this celestial lineup? That it heralded the end of one era and the beginning of another?

Because this inward motion is so large and all encompassing we have no markers or standards to measure against because everything else is moving inward with us.

So why do materialists not recognize this scientifically provable example of rising frequency and vibration? Why do they insist that the cosmic void is emptiness and not completeness, the Womb of Creation? The Goddess? Why do they not recognize that the heaviest possible element with 118 electrons and protons and seven complete electron rings is a noble gas that we can’t see, sense or touch? Why do they not recognize the evidence of quantum leaps in the evolution of both life, the soul and consciousness?

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Advanced Solo Full Chakra Meditation

This meditation might be too difficult for some and they should continue with the portal meditations. But this is what I need to be working on which is the next stage of personal development. It is about opening up each chakra one by one and forming a sphere of energy around the entire body with that energy while shifting the awareness point to that chakra. It ends with all chakras fully open and surrounding the body from head to foot in a giant sphere of energy that is meant to be eventually become permanent. The end of the meditation is open so that you can do whatever you want while this state of awareness remains.

This is a meditation that I wanted to do for myself and it is not very polished or refined. As I work with it I may decide to create another version at some point. I am attempting a permanent shift of awareness to where the full activation of these chakras feels natural and becomes the new normal.

This is a pod cast so you will need to click on the link to access it.

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I’ve really been trying to think what next to share on this subject and things seem to focus around two main points and the distortion and spin that detracts from these two main points. So in a way this post might seem anti-scientific! Oh well…

The first point is the concept of internal authority vs external authority and the second is the importance of developing a healthy sense of self and ego for spiritual, mental and emotional health in a world that praises selflessness!

I just thought of a third concept that is just as important if not even more important. The concept that if we each do that which is truly right for us, we not only benefit, but our loved ones benefit, our community benefits, our nation benefits and the entire world benefits! We do this by following the still small voice of our conscience, the Christ Spark within our hearts.

These things seem so simple and true but what happened? Why is this not being done? How are these simple truths so distorted and how are we pulled into sacrificing our lives and personal power to things not in our best interests?

I am reminded of something Hanns Heinz Ewers once said, that it was only humans that turned away from God. The plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, never turned away from their connection to the Divine. It was the humans who developed logic and reason, killed their hearts, and turned away from God. Lucifer was guilty of spiritual pride and that is what we see in today’s world where logic and reason are deemed supreme and spirituality is not recognized. Our high tech world has no heart!

Ironically the mystical path is well documented and the Great Abyss stands between Logic and Reason and a truly spiritual awareness and consciousness known as self-evident truth or intuitive understanding. This awareness is archetypal and perfect in its perceptions of reality. Logic and reason are not involved in any way. To cross over into this higher awareness means the death of the false ego and the death of logic and reason. Great scientific discoveries come from flashes of illumination that originate from this higher level. Ultimately logic and reason only lead to paradox. Ultimately the forces of logic and reason will attempt to destroy and eliminate this spiritual awareness and self-evident truth. Ultimately logic and reason will fail as the heart-mind connection is returned to the human race and people remember what it is to be human.

But now logic and reason are used to pervert and twist twist things so that ordinary people get lost on their way and are seduced to follow paths that take away their personal power and freedoms. They follow inhuman, non organic and sterile paths. There are only two ways to escape the chains of logic and reason. The first is continued exposure to self-evident truths and the second is to develop a connection and trust to the still small voice of conscience that speaks within each human heart if we would only listen! Each truth is personal and individual.

Each one of us has dreams and things that our hearts long for. We also have limited time and resources and must choose wisely how best to use them. To do that we each need to learn about ourselves and discover who we truly are and what is really important to us. Once we have found our purpose in life we need to follow it where ever it may lead trusting that in following our inner truth we benefit, our loved ones benefit, our community benefits, and the entire world benefits. Our hearts and our intuitive self will not steer us wrong.

But logic and reason will be deployed against us to demand our time, money and vital life force in other ways that will be proclaimed as more important. There will always be a cause that is more important than our own, that will require our time, money and life’s blood. And if we let it suck us dry, it will throw us away broken and lifeless. There needs to be a balance and that balance needs to be individual.

God needs us to do this, to give to this cause. Our nation needs us to die on its battlefields. Our church needs us to spread the word. Our government needs us to follow the rules and regulations and pay taxes. Our employer needs us to do work that is dull, monotonous and soul destroying. Our family needs us to be there for them as well. There is always some cause that is greater and more important than that which whispers to us from within our hearts. It is always an external authority, and external cause, and it takes and takes without giving anything back in return. It is a vampire and it is slowly killing us! It is slowly sucking us dry and when we are done it will cast us away!

We are taught and told to be selfless, unselfish; to not think of ourselves but of others instead and to submit to these higher causes is the greatest virtue we can achieve! But there is a problem with this. Life requires a balance, we require a balance and a strong sense of self and competency is needed to maintain and uphold spiritual, mental and emotional health. Our loved ones require us to be strong and healthy so that we can be there for them. Our community requires us to be strong and healthy so that we can be there for it and so on.

This all or nothing approach is not healthy at all. When we give our ourselves there needs to be something coming back or it becomes unhealthy and we are the only ones who can individually determine if we are getting back enough.

And what of these glorious causes? Max Stirner puts it this way:

“They all have an admirable time of it when they receive zealous homage. Just observe the nation that is defended by devoted patriots. The patriots fall in bloody battle or in the fight with hunger and want; what does the nation care for that? By the manure of their corpses the nation comes to ‘It’s bloom’! The individuals have died ‘for the great cause of the nation,’ and the nation sends some words of thanks after them and – has the profit of it.”

And this was originally written in German in 1845! Has anything really changed since then? The mind needs to be linked with the heart and the heart needs to be linked back to nature and all living things! Insist upon a win-win-win solution! It is good to support causes if we are getting back in return what we need from them. But are we getting back enough? Only you can answer that question.

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