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Things have shifted! They have shifted in a big way and I’m glad because its about time something started to happen.

First an update in my own personal life. I’ve been busy putting Organic Gnosticism posts on Narrative.org. I’ve mentioned this new social media platform before. Well, there have been some changes on that which are pretty significant. Just as I finished posting the most important previously written posts Narrative changed its policy to only monetize original posts. I can still repost there, but not get paid.

This is a significant change of energetics and now I’m in the middle of a fiction writing contest where I’m putting out a lot of flash fiction and not posting anything else. The interesting effect of this is that its almost guaranteed to raise my reputation score because I am putting out a lot of flash fiction posts that should get a lot of up votes. You can read my flash fiction stories here if you are interested.

Narrative.org is also coming out with Publications soon and I will be purchasing one for my writings on Organic Gnosticism. This will place the entire series in one location where it is easily available. Most of you have already had access to these posts and this information in a more confused way. So the energetic dydnamic on Narrative.org has changed from get the Organic Gnosticism posts on there, to now; build my reputation through this flash fiction writing contest.

Other big news is that I’ve taken some money out of my 401K to get a different car and a new computer system! These are things that I very much needed to do and will enhance my life dramatically and I”m paying cash so I’m not going into debt. Everything that physically manifests is energetically balanced. There is only the present moment, but I’ve found a way to make my present moment much more enjoyable and more secure…that’s what it is all about.

Lastly, big things about to happen in politics as the long awaited IG report becomes public. The general public is about to be shaken to its roots!

I don’t care where you stand on politics, the new energetics are very clear. Attacking anyone else will draw you in for your own self destruction! The only safe course is to continue straight toward your own personal goal and personal ascension. This is so important that I will repeat it:

Attacking anyone else will drag you into a conflict of mutual self destruction. The only safe solution is to disregard all distractions and focus on your own personal goal, whatever that might be. It can be peace on earth as well! Be a light worker and shine your light!

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I’m going to go my own way on Gebo and share that it is the rosy cross of the Rosicrucians and the Holy Grail, the sacred blending of male and female energies in the non-physical realms. This is the true source of sex magic! And sex magic is the most powerful form of magic there is!

This is when two very different types of energy unite in harmony to form a third, completely balanced type of energy that is used in the creation and development of the soul. What people don’t understand Is that sex magic and working with sex energy is not about physical sex, but about non-physical or astral sex! It is about energetic relationships and platonic relationships and how they work to develop the soul and it’s ¬†powers.

The male gives his non physical sexual energy to the female and when she has enough of it she gives birth to an astral body for the male and her own astral body created out of that same energy is permanently activated. This is the real hidden mystery of “being born again”.

This is not theory. I’ve done it! I’ve permanently activated all seven astral bodies through these cycles and function at will in the astral planes. My awareness is constantly within two worlds, the physical world and the astral worlds. This is my reality…

Not only have I done this, but it has been taught by all mystery schools in all ages! These things have always been known by a few keepers of this knowledge. Now it is time for this knowledge to become more public.

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