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God and Goddess


God and Goddess are two opposites eternally joined in love. They are two creators and two rulers without beginning and without end. They are Divine Counterparts that were created at the same time from the same substance. They share the same soul.

God created the spirits, the pure angelic beings and his world is the world of the astral planes. His is the non-physical world that knows no pain or suffering. The world of the mind and of ideas. Yet God always yearns for the delights of the emotions and the pleasures of the physical world. His children have been called the sons and daughters of God and are linked energetically to the nonphysical worlds of the spirit. They have created the Patriarchal religions of the past and their souls long for the immortal spirit worlds from which they originated. They are Gods and Goddesses that long to become human and explore the pleasures of physical life.

Goddess created the visible, the physical and the perishable. She created the flesh, its passions and pleasures, and the earth with its struggles, torments and doubts, the veil of tears. She created Nature, and all living things. Yet she always yearns for the delights of the non-physical astral worlds. She longs for the immortality of the soul and the continuation of life against all odds and restrictions. To her physical life in an immortal body is the most sacred achievement. Her children have been called the sons and daughters of men and are linked energetically to the physical earth itself. They have created the Matriarchal religions of the past and they long for immortal physical bodies. They long to become Gods and Goddesses and explore the mysteries of the nonphysical worlds.

God is order, tradition, natural law, humility and submission. He tells his children, “Be humble and do not resist. Follow tradition and your destiny. Then you will attain my kingdom. Be more childish than a child, abandon your own will and simply follow the path of tradition. Do not search for beginnings or endings because all is predestined! There is nothing to seek, it is already created!

Goddess is out of the box thinking, lawlessness, willfulness, contrariness and visionary leaps into the future. She is the curiosity that seeks after the most hidden mysteries and the boundless titanic defiance that overthrows all laws, rules and traditions. She is the highest wisdom and the deepest depravity. She is the wildest pride and speechless humility: that is the only way humanity can thwart the rules and have free will. That is the only way life can continue to survive against all odds. She is the extreme in all ways. She sanctifies the high and daring, the zealous and calls it heroism. She teaches man that there is no sin except that of going against one’s own nature. She sanctifies curiosity and calls it science; she encourages man to investigate into his own origins and calls it philosophy. She allows and teaches everything in the streambed of sexuality without restriction and calls it art. She teaches that the circle of life is the most sacred of things and all nature must survive together in harmony.

Goddess is a good mother and way shower.

“You are sick and want to become healthy? Look! My earth is abundant with all kinds of herbs that can heal you, abundant with rich poisons. But you can force them to serve as medicines.

You want to become rich; to search after hidden treasure? Oh, I have a thousand ways to entice your soul out of its hiding place so that it can reveal the precious veins of the earth. Your soul knows everything. It and I come from the same Source. The secret is to develop your soul and its powers will then bring you everything!

You want to look into the future and unravel your destiny? Go, investigate the flight of the birds, listen to the sighing of the leaves, gaze at the stars, look into a crystalline mirror, and decipher the lines on your palm. Your future has been predestined in a thousand ways, but explore, seek and unravel, for my commandment is to become aware and to discern, to be circumspect, far-sighted and creatively curious. Do this and you can alter your own destiny!

You want your enemies destroyed without being taken by the law? You want to find your true soul mate! Go! Learn how to separate your soul from your body and I will carry you over thousands of miles, so that you may invisibly satisfy the desires of your heart. This is because your own well-being, the development of your own soul and the creation of your future are my highest priority.

You are losing a loved one to death? I have compassion for your love, because love, and the propagation of your species, is after my own heart. Go! I have a thousand ways, a thousand spells to snatch your dearest back from death!

I promise you everything. You shall see and receive everything if you follow my path. But my path is difficult because perfection is difficult.”

So spoke the Goddess, the bringer of love. Her greatest enemy, the youth from Nazareth had not yet been born. And many followed her path and over long years of trials and torments they explored the secrets of the heavens and the earth, turned everything around so that all the poisons became medicines, so that the waters showed them visions of the future, so that the volcanic fumes that streamed out of the earth revealed the secret essence of all things to them. And they pressed further and further along the path of their visions altering their destinies. They drew circles around themselves, and spoke a sequence of vowels, one after the other, until a prayer, or a hand movement, was enough to connect their soul to the entire cosmos. The invisible worlds of the astral planes opened up to them in all their glory. Every law of space and time lay suspended and the chains of cause and effect were stripped away to reveal the boundless reaches of the first beginning and the most distant future.

Humanity became free and began to create its own destiny.


Copyright by Joe Bandel 2016


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With the arrival and crystallization of the God and Goddess energies within Gaia’s new energy grid the depolarization process begins! The old eon worked on polarization of the masses and of the individual. The new eon works very differently!

It may come as no surprise that humanity has become highly polarized these last few years. This polarization was the manifestation of the last of the old eon energetics. The process that is now underway neutralizes all polarization completely and leaves the masses and individuals squarely in the same life circumstances but without the polarization or sense of urgency previously experienced. We remain trapped within the world of our own creation and with little sense of urgency to change our lives.

The emotional storm is over! Now comes the eerie silence after the battle has been won. If nothing pulls at us, if nothing moves us, then what is there left that is worth living for? That is the question many will be facing these coming days as this depolarization completes. Many of us have lived for the battle, lived for Gaia’s ascension, lived for the desire of one thing or another. Now everything is changing and it will take some getting used to!

The secret of course is to pull ourselves forward through our own individual efforts, to move towards those things we wish to experience and to create as exciting lives as possible. Nothing holds us back now except our own lack of imagination and personal effort. Please understand, this depolarization marks the end of the battle with old eon energies. If you want something new you need to move toward that newness. All things will now have the tendency to remain just as they are unless moved by individual effort!

The depolarization process could not have come at a better time. We are now given a breathing space as things reset in our personal lives. This is the natural ending of old things and the natural beginning of new things. Make wise choices on how you proceed. This depolarization will continue through the June solstice where things will then move forward in a new way.

Lightworkers involved with the ascension process have been working with this neutralizing of polarity for quite some time and their individual efforts will be supported by Gaia’s new energy grid. But they will soon discover that lack of polarity also means lack of physical manifestation. Energetic activity will remain at the level of its origin unless transmuted consciously to other levels.

To creatively manifest something physically, the process must be driven by physical life force energy. This means either hard physical work or magical tantric practices. The astral levels have segregated and the beginning of all great cycles activates the lowest level first, that of life force energy and magic. That is where we now find ourselves, in a completely magical world. All the upper astral levels are energetically dead in regards to manifesting things physically. All other energies will remain in their respective levels unless consciously transmuted.




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There is exactly one complete lunar cycle till the June Solstice and the reversal of energies! From now until the new moon we can expect revelation and insights into our new world. From the new moon until the Solstice we can expect physical manifestations of what is to come!

The manifestation of the God and Goddess energies in their completion have signaled the end game. Look in your pockets. What you find in them is what you have to play the new game with! Look around you. Your current environment is where the new game starts for you! You need to find the infinite possibilities within the present moment to move out into the new world that awaits! Which door will you choose?

Don’t think that waiting for others will help you because they are on a different path and a different quest. You can help others along the way and they can help you in return, but first you need to get underway!

Disorientation and a sense of being lost? That is understandable because this world is not the same world of yesterday! Those whose belief and actions are not in harmony with the new energy dynamics and the new way of manifestation will encounter radical manifestation of an unpleasant nature until they learn not to touch the live wires and not to step into the holes that are scattered about. Once they learn to watch their steps they will be ok.

What I am saying is that there are those people that have refused to change their way of thinking and acting. The world has changed without them! Now they need to adapt or leave! There are not any other choices.

I might speak of the election in the United States and how both the Republican and Democratic Establishments have lost touch with their voter base! The voter base reflects the new energies now flowing through society. The traditional ways are being abandoned by those following a new way and a new dream within both parties. Those trying to hold onto the old will experience fear and despair as their former grip on power disappears. Those in touch with the new base will be very excited and find hope for a new future in these new ways. Are you excited or afraid? Maybe a little of both?

What happens this month is determined by the karma that has not yet been released. With the conclusion of the God and Goddess energies both ends of the rope have been tied and what remains tangled in the middle of the rope must become untangled in the next 30 days or remain to be untangled at some later point in the new game. It is too late to do anything but accept the energies and roll with them as much as  possible. Ride out the storm and rejoice in the new freedoms as they appear! Things are now beginning to manifest! This is what we have been waiting for!

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Friday May 20th marked the final arrival of God and Goddess onto the new born Gaia. This was the concluding energetic linking of the Divine Male and the Divine Female as expressed through all living things. It was preceded by the completion of a final DNA strand within the astral, a joining of two opposite energies and a sharing of divine empowerment.

My vision showed them together, God and Goddess, and both were male and female at the same time! The sense of the vision was that these two powerful entities who had both created worlds and who had both created races of humanity had finally joined together in mutual love, trust and empowerment to create this new world, this new Gaia. They had each given their own power to the other to become equals in all things, balanced in both male and female energies across the entire spectrum of energies.

The dominant sense was that both entities were acting as mothers and concerned about the safety of their respective children. There is nothing stronger than a mother’s love and to entrust one’s children to another is perhaps the greatest trust there is.  And that was what had happened! They both agreed to give their own power to each other!

Here is what the one said:

“I do have a heart for humanity because I see all of creation as an integral part of Gaia, made from the fibers of her own being. There is no separation for me between her and her ‘off spring’ the same way that I have never been able to remove myself from my sons and my daughters.

A mothers love is very powerful and I experience Gaia’s love for each of us, regardless of our contentiousness, in my own body. If she can love all of us regardless of how we treat her, who am I to regard others as unworthy of my love and attention?

Humanity are like recalcitrant children and like all mothers, Gaia is even more concerned about the ones who go astray than about the ones who are part of the fold. You will know, from your experiences with your own children, that there is no rhyme or reason in the way a mother loves her children. That is what divine love is about, loving someone regardless of who they are or how they act. That is how Gaia loves all creation and that is how I follow her example of loving others. I have no other option.”

This is how the other responded:

“I must have a lot of “mother” in myself as well then because I know that all things are one, that each person is a part of myself and that each living thing is an extension of myself. There is no separation, only the illusion of separation. And like the sun in the sky I shine down on all equally without favor. There is no shutting out of others but rather their own self destructive behaviors shut them out from me. I’ve shared all that I know of sexuality with the world openly and with love. And yet, like a mother, I do have to protect the young ones that can’t protect themselves from their older siblings! Gaia’s young ones have never left the Garden of Eden. They have never known sin or evil like their older brothers and sisters have. They are innocent. The privileges of a recalcitrant humanity end where the “Circle of Life” becomes endangered. This too is part of a mother’s love and a father’s love as well. That is why our world is so special and why free will is so important and also why it is so sacred and joyous when one of the lost does return home! Life is the most sacred thing.”

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Like everyone else I’ve been thinking out loud- “When is something going to start manifesting?” “Are we there yet?”

A chat with a friend started the juices flowing and then the downloads (I guess that’s what you call them these days) started coming.  Suddenly I realized I was looking at Gaia’s ascension in the wrong way!

My mind went back to 2010 when the new Gaia first began appearing in the higher levels. Then over the years she gradually dropped downward level by level and she seemed to be following a pattern. The best way of describing this pattern is that she slid downward into a new level without a ripple of disturbance. Many didn’t even notice. But from that day onward the energies in that level followed new rules that confounded those in power. That was it. One day the new Gaia was there at that level and everything was different. The differences were so subtle that many didn’t believe anything was happening. But we have collectively avoided some very bad things and a growing number of humans are having the chance to ascend with each new day that goes by.

I’ve been working with Gaia on the lower levels and each year the activity has gone lower and lower until we must be somewhere near the bottom! But I totally didn’t get it! I was so caught up in 6th density, 5th density, 4th density, 3rd density and so on that I failed to realize the importance of each new level I was becoming active on, at deeper and deeper levels. You see, it doesn’t work to say 5th density, 4th density or 3rd density because I distinctly remember going down far more levels than 3 or 4 in the past year!

Each density has many levels inside of it and the lowest levels have the most levels inside of them. We are talking levels within levels and one by one Gaia is marching downward silently and without a ripple. She reaches a level and from that moment on the energy moves differently within that level and the changes are permanent! Each layer is ascending one at a time like the layers of an onion! It confuses things to think of density!

What is also happening at the same time is a battle is being fought for energetic control of that particular level. Level by level the powers that be are losing control and their plans don’t work because of the new energetics on that level. So the conflict and stress is either expelled from Gaia’s energy grid or forced downward to a deeper level where it attempts to manifest physically.

The activity is now at the level of vital life force energy itself! Last week a very powerful conflicting timeline collapsed. That means this new activity in our world is following the new energy grid, not the old one! This entire election is so strange because it is following the new energy pattern or grid and not the old one! Gaia’s ascension has reached the level of social realities such as elections and global finance. We have been seeing some strange behaviors at the social level for some time now. But we haven’t realized that this change is the proof that Gaia’s ascension is applying new energy dynamics to all these areas of life and manifesting new realities right now! You can believe that things are going to get stranger and stranger!

But things are going to get better and better as well! Gaia’s new energy grid is creative and loving. It supports all the right things and doesn’t support the wrong things. No matter how bad you think things are, Gaia is not going to let them completely fall apart! She has been gently guiding this unfolding process from the highest levels and gradually moving downward! Why would any of us think that things will fall apart now?

What is falling apart is wrong thinking and wrong acting. That is thinking and acting that is not in harmony with Gaia’s new energy grid! So let those things fall apart that are falling apart! Don’t try to hold them together because they are no longer needed. The collapse of the old ways will open doorways for new things to appear just in the nick of time.


bright blessings,






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This week up to the full moon of May 21 celebrates the Christ Festival. During this week balanced astral events drop down from the Spiritual Planes to the Magical Planes as they prepare for physical manifestation. This is the concurrence of both lunar and solar cycles and each year is a little different. This year it all happens this week and actually started last Friday.

Based on my personal experience of Friday an incredibly huge amount of astral activity is in the works and that means lots of powerful changes being set up for the coming June Solstice. Think of a bull dozer plowing through a mountain of debris and you get the picture. There is nothing small about the events of this coming week or of the coming month leading up to the June Solstice.

Up until this point in the yearly cycle the new energies have been circulated and channeled by those evolved light workers deliberately working with the energies. Now those energies reach the common folk and then down the evolutionary ladder to all life forms on Gaia. The higher evolved have had their chance and now the lowly life forms get their turn to fill their cups with this vital life force energy! They get their chance to make a difference.

For the first time in millennia Gaia will speak and speak loudly! The animals will speak, the birds will speak, the trees will speak and humanity will listen! The circle of life is more precious than the vain posturing of humanity. Anti life forces are going to get their hands slapped and slapped hard! Its not nice to fool Mother Nature!

This is Gaia’s moment and she is rising! The world that we wake up to on the full moon of the June Solstice will not be the world we currently live in. Life circumstances will have changed that much in just five weeks!

The things that now occupy our thoughts will be things of the past as present realities demand our attention. Reach out to each other in love and trust. The old is going away! The danger comes from self defeating behaviors within ourselves, not from outside of us! There is no external enemy, only the one inside of us that insists on going against the Divine Plan.

Focus on love, soul mates and Divine Counterparts. Focus on love.


bright blessings

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The link above tells about what is going on at CERN these days. I can only say that I was floored by the backlash from these energies today! I am an energy worker with lots of experience of the lower astral planes and I report much of what is going on as I sense it happening during Gaia’s ascension process. About once or twice a year I am struck by “energy sickness”, a wave of energy that is so strong and debilitating that I can only try to sleep it off. That is what happened today and I was unable to do anything for about ten hours! And I have been channeling and grounding source energy for almost thirty years now! It takes a lot to knock me down.

I have also been very active in the establishment of Gaia’s new energy grid and am one of its defenders. I sense that the backlash of these CERN energies hit me as I stepped between them and Gaia’s energy grid to act as a human shield or filter and neutralize them. I have done this before on previous attempts as I am sure others have as well. I’ve also written about this in the past.

Gaia’s new energy grid is powered by the organic love energies of Divine Counterparts; not inhuman science. Yet Gaia’s energy grid is foundationally linked to Dewy Larson’s Reciprocal Field Theory and does function as a bridge between pure electrical/ magnetic energies such as those produced by CERN and organic life force energies.

To say this simply, instead of succeeding in a polar shift as desired, Gaia’s new energy grid simply got a shot of steroids in the arm! The massive energy surge was able to be integrated into Gaia’s new energy grid with minimum disruption. There will be no polar shift as Gaia’s poles are currently where they need to be. The magnetic reversals will take place at the individual levels and not the planetary levels. The efforts are speeding Gaia’s ascension and not preventing it as hoped. The intensification of energy levels does trigger self destructive responses so protect yourself.

CERN plans to increase its energetic output over the next few weeks so be aware of what is happening and take the needed steps to protect yourself as much as possible. Ground to Gaia, hug a tree, anything that will increase your link to Gaia. Gaia is our mother and she will carry us safely across this abyss. She has many defenders and her ascension is protected and guided by source and a host of Divine Counterparts!


bright blessings


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This entire ascension is so confusing to so many people and there are so many conflicting reports and channels on what to expect. Well, I’m going to be a little different and focus on last month, April. During the lunar cycle immediately following the March equinox all the energies finally grounded to earth and that path to ground remains the path of manifestation for those that have not found other ways previously. In other words it was the final closing of the circuit where the opposition found what it can expect from the new energies that now control physical manifestation.

When you think back on what happened to you personally in the month of April you can get a good idea of where you stand in compatibility with this new energy. Chances are you found last month either bitter, sweet or my personal favorite bitter-sweet!

What is most important to point out right now is that April was not the “end game”, but rather the “first fruits” of the new game. Energetic connections were forced into place that are now permanent and establish the level and degree to which each individual is compatible with the new energies.

Get this right! Sweet is awesome! Bitter-Sweet is life itself, but bitter is the soul that has chosen defiant wrong thinking that is not compatible with the new energies and there are troubles ahead!

There has been so much fear about the ascension process and it is time to address those fears. Worst case senarios are those that will self-destruct through their own actions and beliefs. If you are not self-destructing then you made it! Congratulations! If you are self-destructing Goodbye! The world will be much better without you!

The average scenario will be bitter-sweet as life presents some good and some bad as life normally does. Just think of getting that raise in time to fix the roof as an example. There is zero net gain, but growth in both directions. Self advancing efforts are thwarted and balanced by self-destructive elements and we all have them! Think, “Be careful what you wish for because you might get it!” This is the position most new players in this new game will take.

Sweet is the scenario for those souls that have been with Gaia all this time and are now graduating with her. For the most part they have confronted and become aware of their own self defeating actions and beliefs and neutralized them. One step forward might indeed bring the next step forward as a true advancement!

Last April shows where you stand in all this! Did you tank? Did you just barely survive or did you soar?

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It has been quite a week! I would like to share what has been going on energetically since the beginning of January this year. We are actually talking about Gaia’s new energy grid and the old eon energy grid.

The old eon energy grid channels one polarity energy through the human collective. This is what everyone trapped in old eon thinking is trying to do! They are trying to channel one polarity energy through the human collective and it won’t work any more! At the winter solstice Gaia was flooded with a new wave of energy. Old eon thinkers scooped it up as they have always done and tried to channel it through the human collective. What happened was that instead of flowing through the collective it acted like charging a car battery and created intense voltage or stress within personal lives.

Each person caught up in old eon thinking felt the stress and pressure that simply wouldn’t go away! Then at the March equinox those billions of individual batteries began to lose their charge by grounding to earth and manifesting in uncomfortable ways. So this month of April has been a month of uncomfortable manifesting for many as each individual’s electrical charge grounded out and was neutralized. For old eon thinkers this has been a loss in vibratory energy and frequency. As of this new moon it is an entirely new game!

For those that have integrated their shadow aspects and embraced the balanced alternating male/female current of Gaia’s new energy grid on an individual basis a new world of opportunity awaits. This past month has been a final grounding and neutralizing of the old energies and now this new energy moves forward on an individual basis. Technically Gaia’s new energy grid links Divine Counterparts together as energy sources even though the former human collective causes this energy to be drained away through old astral connections. The task becomes creating new energy pathways that will lead each person back to their personal Divine Counterpart. For most that is a convoluted path and will take up this entire new grand cycle. That is the new game that humans are now beginning to play.

It is an entirely new game with new male/female energy and no collective in the old sense. The human collective can no longer be manipulated. The new energy only responds to individual personal effort. This is what people are struggling with right now.

As of this past new moon the old eon energy has been completely neutralized and now the new energy begins to manifest for the first time! From now till the June solstice we will see amazing feats as many are empowered as never before. We will also see startling falls as others in positions of power self destruct. This happens now!


Bright blessings,



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