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The Event!


There has been a lot happening these past few weeks! I’ve been given a lot of insight into the nonphysical energetic aspects of things pertaining to Gaia’s Ascension process and I thought that I would share. The first thing to share is a clarification about time and physical 3D as well as time and the astral planes. What’s finally happening right now in physical 3D is the manifestation of things that have happened within the astral planes over the last few years. I have been involved with this particular timeline since 1990. I have watched this timeline descend the astral planes level by level over the process of these many years. I have also watched competing timelines be destroyed. We hear some crazy things about time these days. We hear that there is no more time, there is only the present moment, the eternal present moment. We hear that time doesn’t operate in a linear way anymore and that is probably true. But there remains the assumption that things within the astral planes must someday manifest as physical events and this has been proven to be absolutely false!


There have been many things in the astral planes, which were probable events, probable timelines. But one by one they were destroyed. There was the possibility that the earth would be destroyed by World War III or a massive polar shift. There was the possibility of global economic chaos, which may still happen to some degree. But the point I am trying to make is that just because something exists as a probable reality or possible timeline does not mean it will manifest in physical 3D. It also goes without saying that those events that exist within the lower astral planes have a much more likely chance of manifesting as physical events than those events that exist only in the higher realms. This particular timeline which we now exist within is one of the few that has come down from the Godhead level by level virtually unchanged because it has been protected by divine power. It has been protected by Divine Counterparts!


Within the light worker community there has been a lot of speculation about Gaia’s Ascension and something called The Event. Channeled messages speak of things from the perspective of the astral planes and how they appear to those whose awareness dwells within the astral planes. Because of this nonphysical perspective these channeled messages constantly give conflicting information or misinformation about this so-called Event!


My perspective is that of a person living in physical 3D while having the ability to experience the astral planes as well. Only recently within the last couple of weeks have I been able to gain a fuller understanding of Gaia’s Ascension process as it moves through time within physical 3D. I’m going to use a metaphor that is not quite a metaphor, but I can’t really claim it as reality either. Let’s just call it an illustration of how Gaia’s Ascension process seems to be unfolding from my perspective.


I believe that there is one astral plane for each element that exists within physical 3D. Since I believe  in  the reciprocal theory of Dewey Larson that means I believe there are 118 elements and 118 astral layers as representative of those elements. It doesn’t matter if I’m right or not, I’m simply using the metaphor that each element in existence has a corresponding astral plane associated with it. The first astral plane is that of hydrogen and it is the highest astral plane. Hydrogen is the first possible element in existence and bridges the nonphysical astral planes with physical 3D. As such hydrogen symbolizes the highest spiritual experience of absolute unity and the transition of energy into matter or light into matter and its reverse, matter into energy or matter into light. Every hydrogen atom in existence creates a bridge between the nonphysical astral planes and physical 3D reality.


Bringing down the fire from heaven is the ancient metaphor for those that have tapped into this highest astral plane. There is a paradox involved here because the outermost astral plane surrounding Gaia is both the highest at the north pole and the lowest at the South Pole. This means that those with a mastery of the hydrogen element have the ability to function at both the highest and lowest of Gaia’s astral layers. Astral events in the northern hemisphere furthest away from Gaia’s surface lie farthest in the future. Astral events in the southern hemisphere furthest away from Gaia’s surface are the closest to physical 3D manifestation.


This is the first point to clarify. The second point to clarify is that the difference between hydrogen and helium is simply the addition of one electron and one proton. This continues to remain true in the creation of all possible elements. The composition of electrons and protons are the same within all elements even though the characteristics of each element is unique.


The third point to clarify involves the true nature of the solar cycle. We say that a solar year is 365 1/4 days. But that is not a complete cycle! It takes four solar years to complete a solar cycle and we celebrate that during leap year by adding one complete day. The reason this is important is because within the astral planes cycles need to be completed otherwise the energy will escape and go where it is not wanted. As in the casting of a magic circle, the circle must be energetically complete so that it can contain the energy perfectly without allowing any of it to escape. I have experienced this for over 20 years with the lunar cycle just before the full moon, not on some arbitrary day of the calendar.


I know that I’ve completely lost people by now and that is all right because it’s not that important anyway. But these points when understood completely give insight into Gaia’s Ascension and the so-called Event! Gaia’s Ascension began in earnest in December 2012 during the winter solstice at the end of the Mayan calendar year. That was when the element hydrogen began its vibratory ascension and Gaia first truly began her physical Ascension into a new vibratory reality. It took four years, one complete solar cycle for every single hydrogen atom to make the transition to its new vibratory frequency in physical 3D! This is what has been called The Great Event! The true physical ascension of Gaia has just completed the ascension of the first element, hydrogen. Those events and astral creations existing and controlled at the highest and lowest levels have finally taken form in physical 3D! The light worker community recognizes this as the conquest of the forces of Unity over those of Duality. This is because the nonphysical astral plane corresponding with the element hydrogen also corresponds with the energies of unity! Unity has won! Unity begins its first physical manifestation!


At the December solstice of this year 2016, a new incoming influx of light is going to begin the Ascension process of the element helium for the first time! The next four years are going to involve the transition of every single helium atom to its new ascended vibratory rate. The nonphysical astral plane corresponding with helium is that of Christ consciousness and self evident reality or archetypal reality. This transition of every 3D helium atom will begin at the winter solstice. This marks at the same time the completion and physical manifestation of every physical 3D hydrogen atom in existence. This is The Great Event! Gaia has solidly stepped onto a new physical platform. It can also be called the coming of the Christ energy!


Both individuals and lifeforms able to work in harmony at the nonphysical astral plane corresponding to hydrogen will be able to magically create and physically manifest their creations! These are the people able to comprehend and work with the energies of unity! Those individuals in attunement with the helium element or Christ energy will begin to work seriously in a battle to create the world they desire to live in.


Hydrogen types will be drawn toward the energies of unity. Helium types will be drawn toward the archetypal Christ energies, those of self evident reality.

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Wow! Yesterday, November 19 was a doozy! I almost wondered if I had suffered a mild stroke or something. There was such a strong feeling of disorientation and the sense that something just wasn’t right with me. Today is a brand-new day and I feel back to normal! So what just happened? But that’s not really fair. I already used that title in one of my past posts. The obvious answer is that all of the astral activity that has been taking place since 2012 is finally manifesting in the physical, and what a trip that is!


Perhaps the most surprising thing for me has been to see the fear and violence erupting within the far left after the presidential election here in the United States. I never expected such a violently negative reaction, and never expected it to go on for so long. Even more surprising is that it seems likely to continue! The only way I can look at this is with the understanding that anything that leads to drama and conflict is of the old  Eon and incompatible with the new energy dynamics. These anti-Trump protests have nothing uplifting or ascension oriented about them and bring out the worst in people. To lose an election is one thing, but to begin a declaration of all-out war is quite another! This is not about love. This is about hate! It is about hate and about fear! Neither one of those energies  belongs in this newly ascended world of ours.


It’s time to look at the big picture. Populist and nationalist movements  are taking the world by storm. The energies of globalization and collectivism, the energy of the hive mind, has been thwarted. And the hive mind is not happy! But the secret is given away through the insistence of conflict rather than that of resolution. The new eon is based upon conflict resolution, paradox resolution, and the balancing of male and female energies. There is no getting around this simple fact and the perpetrators of violence stand revealed for all to see! I’m simply amazed at who the violent ones really are! Who would have believed the violence hidden within the political left?


In one of my last posts I talked about the energetic pattern of the old eon and its manipulation of the masses through deliberately creating ideological conflict and gridlock while secretly rupturing the lower astral plane through deviant sexual practices. I personally believe that we are just beginning to see the things that have been hidden from us for a very long time! It’s time for the light to shine in some very dark places!


The energy dynamics of the newly ascended Gaia are those of unity, conflict resolution, paradox resolution, and the use of sexual orgasm energy  for positive and magical self empowerment. The new energy is about Divine Counterparts and  how these Divine Counterparts create worlds, magical worlds of beauty and strength! Collective or  hive energies cannot manipulate or influence Divine Counterpart energies in any way whatsoever! In fact,  these composite energy dynamics self-destruct when forcibly encountering the superior energies of Divine Counterparts! It’s very important to realize the true nature of these hidden forces. Conflict and opposing ideologies serve to strengthen discord and disharmony while lowering personal vibrations.


At the beginning of each new eon the power and magic resides at the lowest astral level and not within the higher levels. At the beginning of each new eon the magic and power of sexual orgasm energy belongs equally to all living things! The power to rupture the lowest astral plane belongs to all living things, to all individuals, not just to a secretive elite! This empowerment is not just about sexual orgasm energy, but about sexual orgasm energy between Divine Counterparts! This type of magic and personal empowerment has never existed within our universe before! That is what makes this ascension of Gaia so remarkable and so powerfully intense. The war that has been raging within the astral planes has now been brought down into the physical levels! If you feel drawn in to the chaos and confusion remember that it is a trap. Only your heart can discern the true path during these coming days of change and challenge!  Only love is the answer!

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I interrupt this story to give a little update on what to expect from now until the new incoming energies at the winter solstice. Traditionally at the end of the year we are able to see how we have done with our yearly allotment of Christ energy.  Traditionally this breaks down into three stages.


The first stage is the   Lesser Stage. This is where our hopes, dreams, and inspirations are consumed in fire and burned to ashes. Our astral creations have no connection to reality and can’t possibly ever become physical so they are destroyed at this time. The Christmas season is a very bitter one for a lot of people that are experiencing life at this stage.  Hillary Clinton and her associates are currently experiencing this stage of the Christmas energies.


The second stage is called the Greater Stage. During this stage we experience the coagulation and crystallization of our hopes, dreams, and inspirations. In a burst of insight and realization we understand what it is that we must do in our lives to continue our spiritual development. This is the classic Christmas story about how the Christmas spirit can perform miracles in our lives  by changing the way that we look at things. Our physical circumstances may remain the same but now we have understanding and our life becomes more meaningful. Hope is born within our hearts. This is the stage where many politicians now find themselves as they begin to realize that a  Trump  administration just might not be so bad after all!


The third and final stage is called the After Stage. Metaphysically this is the culmination of what is known as the Great Work and its achievement brings exultation, elation, joy, knowledge, and the lifting up as we experience the resurrection within our lives. We become living proof that the spiritual path is a valid one which will bring tangible rewards in our lives. We are lifted out of our problems through the action of the Christmas miracle in our lives. We experience the miraculous and our physical lives are totally turned around as well as our physical circumstances. This is ascension in its truest form!


Happy Holidays!

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For those that may have been sleeping  the slight bump in the road you might have missed was Gaia’s transition to a completely new timeline. This shift energetically happened just prior to the September equinox as I have posted before. But it has only now manifested in our physical reality. That’s the way these things work! Nothing can physically manifest unless it first happens in the astral planes, specifically the lowest astral  plane.


It is appropriate to talk about these things now because they offer insight and understanding into the Tantric world of male and female energies which we are in the process of learning about. The recent presidential election in the United States strongly illustrates the power that sex magic can have upon global events. What we see also illustrates how powerful rupturing the lower astral plane really is and how it can totally redefine how reality unfolds. It is important to realize that any single individual can rupture the astral level at any time and thus deeply affect how things physically manifest.


For the first time we can see the energetic dynamics of the old eon and how things have manifested in the past. What I’m trying to do here is get to the very simplicity and essence of how these things work. In the old eon people were taught conflicting ideologies and made to believe in conflicting dualities such as good and evil.  These conflicting dualities were taught to be infinite and never ending, eternal in nature.  Humanity was taught to choose one or the other of these opposite forces and resist the other at all costs. These teachings achieved two things. The first thing they achieved was ideological conflict, putting people in their heads instead of in their hearts or even more importantly in denial of their physical bodies and physical reality. They were taught the importance of the immortality of the soul over the value of physical life itself. The physical earth and its pleasures were considered evil and satanic. They were not taught how the physical body itself generated the energies needed to develop the soul and its powers.


While the masses were held in ideological conflict, the rulers themselves were not troubled over these things. They indulged freely in the pleasures of the flesh, including those of sexual orgasm energy. They understood very well the power of rupturing the lower astral plane through the use of sexual orgasm energy and did this routinely through all types of sexual perversions and excesses.


Now we come to modern politics. Here is a link that tells about the hidden lives of the Clinton’s and those in their inner circle. It tells about a secret pedophile ring within Washington DC. The link is from Fox news reporter Megyn Kelly. This helps to show the link between political power in the old eon and the criminal use and abuse of sexual orgasm energy



What I am interested in showing in this post is the connection between keeping the masses in a state of ideological confusion and conflict while those in power make use of sexual orgasm energy and perverted ways to rupture the lower astral and manifest things to their advantage while keeping this secret. In my next post I will talk about the distinctions between this old eon practice and the new eon practice of using Divine Counterparts and how the new energy dynamic is not compatible with the old ways.

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