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Samhain is less than three weeks away and falls exactly on the full moon of October 31st Halloween! This important festival is one of the two times during the year when the barrier between worlds is the thinnest. It’s opposite is Beltaine which is normally in May. During Beltaine the energy flows from the etheric and invisible worlds into the physical world as spring energy!

During Samhain the energy flows from the physical back into the etheric and invisible worlds. Traditionally this is a time for honoring the dead in various cultures around the world and sometimes strange things happen…

This is especially true this year as Gaia has fully awakened the etheric as the new and dominant energy for the next two thousand years. Etheric or root chakra energy, take your pick. It is magickal! We can expect the veil to keep thinning for the next couple weeks. We can expect more contact with those that have crossed over before us.

Last spring my dog Luci passed over to the summer land and yesterday morning she visited me. I share this as an example of astral activity that is now happening. It was early morning and I was not quite awake and not really asleep, somewhere in-between and suddenly I saw Luci standing there next to a tree looking at me. I noticed her body was a little thinner than before, but younger looking and she was always fairly thin when she was younger. In a way this vision was like a lucid dream. But the real event was her eyes. I looked straight into her eyes and she looked straight into mine. I didn’t have any feeling of shock or fear, but I did get the feeling that I was looking deep into her soul and she was looking into mine. I realized that this was not the Luci that I thought I knew, this was the real Luci and not what I projected upon her. It was a powerful soul shocking experience.

The sense that I had was that I wanted to stay there in her world even though it was dark in the vision. After our eyes locked I woke up a bit shook.

In my entire life I only remember looking straight into the eyes of another being one other time in the etheric or astral planes and it was frightening because his head was down and as he came up he lifted his head and his eyes opened slowly and there was only light in them. That experience was actually a battle of wills and I stood my ground. This was not a battle of wills. It was a recognition of someone that I loved even though it was like seeing the real soul that she was for the first time.

But in this vision Luci’s eyes were dark, like in real life, but filled with energy and power. She was not welcoming or threatening, there was simply a mutual recognition between us. The intensity of this experience stays with me and proves to me that Luci is alive and well and that we still have a soul connection.

Most astral or etheric encounters do not involve eye contact, but are instead in the nature of energy attacks if negative or sexual contacts if positive as in dreams of soulmates. They are not eye to eye and that is the remarkable thing about this experience! This eye to eye contact in the astral is one soul looking deeply into another…

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The next two weeks are very powerful as we are forced to grow up and deal with things in our lives like adults. This is according to the natural rythm and energy cycle of the year as know by the ancients.

I find it fascinating how true the old knowledge is and the old wisdom…yesterday was the new moon and for the next two weeks we are heading for the maturation phase or flowering period for all living things in the northern hemisphere.

So far this year we’ve gone through the gestation phase at the winter solstice; the birth phase at Imbolc;the childhood phase at Easter; the teenage phase during the last full moon at Beltaine or Wessak…now we become adults and enter into the adult world in preparation for this fall’s harvest.

What is going to manifest physically is already done in the astral planes and can no longer be altered. Events simply need to play themselves out.

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In this series exploring the energy dynamics of love relationships we distinguish between four types of energies and relationships:

The “Puppy Love” attraction in which we are caught up in who we think the other person is, not who they really are. This is very idealistic and impractical.

The second is the platonic relationship in which we are fascinated by the dreams of the other person and how they perceive the world so differently from ourselves.

In this video we begin the sharing of our deepest emotions and the beginning of the cycle is our desire to share our happiest emotions with someone else, that perfect someone. We create a space in our hearts for them and either wait for them to appear or actively try to seek them out.

The fourth, yet to be explored energy is the sensual/physical cycle where we try to manifest this relationship physically in the sensual world. That is yet to come…

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A new series about sacred sexuality and how love relationships create and empower the soul. This first introductory video explores how sacred sexuality is natural for the female and how tantra and alchemy were teachings created for the male to work with these energies.

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There is so much information to share about this subject and not that much of it belongs strictly to the etheric realms so bear with me as I try to sort it out. I’ve mentioned how the physical human body seems specially designed for possession by a non-physical astral body or soul. This in itself opens up an entire can of worms.

I remember twice in my life when I didn’t know what was coming out of me, what I was saying…in college speech class I was supposed to give a speech about a good friend and mentor that meant very much to me as I was growing up. I remember going to the front of the class and beginning to speak…then I woke up and the entire class was sitting there with their mouths open! Later they told me how wonderful my speech had been, but I didn’t remember a single word of what I had said.

Another time in Germany I was at a party where we were drinking German beer and having a good time. But I don’t remember it…I only know that one of the girls said that I had become very obnoxious…

I’ve had several experiences dealing with the newly dead at crossing over and out of fear trying to take possession of anyone in the room with them at the time. My wife’s mother tried taking over her body and succeeded for almost a half hour before I was able to drive her out…and her father tried to take over my own body at his passing! I don’t know if it ran in the family or what! Given these experiences and others I only know that this is much more prevalent than anyone suspects…I wonder how many children or nursing home and hospital workers are possessed by the earthbound spirits of those who pass over?

Do you know of anyone who has suffered a drastic personality change at the death of a relative or close friend?

It is common practice for masters of the dark arts to take over the body of a favorite student when they become too old to survive in their own body. This often happens forcefully and against the will of the student. Carlos Castenenda wrote about the nagual shaman and how his or her “shade” was passed on to his or her apprentice…

Various eastern spiritual traditions consider it an honor if the master takes over the body of a chela at their crossing over. In this way they don’t need to waste those early years of childhood development…

But the entire subject is so much more involved than this…We are all born with incomplete souls and have many wounds as well. We have very little ego strength or self esteem inĀ  a healthy sense and it needs to be developed and strengthened.

Magickal training teaches the use of assumption of god forms in which the magician visualizes him or herself as becoming one with a god or goddess and experiencing that divine power and knowledge…isn’t this a way of shifting our personal awareness into a place where it is safe and not vulnerable? When one dons the robe and the ring they become someone else entirely…someone more than they are in ordinary life…or so they believe…is this a form of possession and whom is possessing whom?

My firm belief is that many so called gods and goddesses were once simply human beings that permanently activated their own etheric bodies in their own physical lifetimes and became immortal…to come back to life all they need is the vital life force of worshipers…

Rosicrucians teach another form of assumption where a person can send an important message to another person and or influence them in some way. This is also taught in magickal traditions such as witchcraft.

One simply visualizes their own awareness entering the physical body of the other person or standing in front of them and giving a message. They wait until certain that the message has been received and only then leave. The message may not be consciously received but it remains as an unconscious prompting…

One might think of this as a negative practice, but what if one wants to make sure that a loved one is safe? What if they want their partner to pick up some milk at the grocery store on the way home from work?

Modern psychology even practices deliberately creating healthy secondary personalities for individuals with fragmented egos and no sense of self left or self esteem. They try to build a healthy one up from scratch and this is similar to what many magickal traditions do with their own assumption of god forms.

In my own case my Rosicrucian studies created a secondary personality that was safe for me to dwell in until I had reached the point where I could once more integrate my original self which had been destroyed in a nervous breakdown when I was twenty years old…

Also as an empath it has been very difficult to sort out which emotions belong to me and which belong to others…the same with thoughts, is that me or someone else? Why is it that when I get up to use the rest room several others get up at the same time?

Another thing to take into consideration is that we are constantly trying to integrate skills and resources from past lives so that we can make use of them in this lifetime…

In your own wiccan or pagan practice are you worshiping a god or goddess? Or are you trying to become one yourself? The sought for answer is that we are seeking our own divinity within our own hearts and souls in accordance with our own conscience!


(The Etheric Witch)

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To begin our study of Etheric Witchcraft we need to go back in time to before the destruction of Atlantis. But first we need to talk about extraterrestrials and the Pleiadians. This entire issue of UFO’s and alien life forms has gotten completely out of hand and by now we have learned enough to put some sense to it…

There are non-physical life forms and they can have astral bodies of any of the noble gases or combinations of each…we can’t really call them ghosts because technically ghosts exist in the etheric planes and these higher alien life forms exist in the mental and spiritual planes with noble gas bodies of helium (concrete spiritual), neon (abstract mental) and argon (concrete mental).

These have been called ascension bodies because the ego, personality and sense of self exist within these levels as well as the higher self or collective oversoul of the human race. So life evolved on other planets and certain species ascended or made the transition to living within non-physical bodies created out of mental and spiritual energies. They were for all practical purposes intelligent ghosts…they had egos and “souls”.

Even writing about this is a bit distasteful for me so I will keep it real simple…go online and read these channeled communications from entities assisting with Gaia’s ascension and they will openly admit they don’t have physical bodies and don’t experience emotions like we humans do…because their awareness doesn’t extend into the emotional levels! Duh! They once had emotions and physical bodies, but they ascended and don’t have them any more. Now they are telling us that the same thing is going to happen to us and it will be so wonderful!

Well some of these Pleiadian ghosts and other alien species were drawn toward Gaia because of the immense life force she had and the many species that could be found here. Ghosts are always drawn toward living physical bodies…and physical life is the most important and sacred thing that exists within our universe…

They found that one of Gaia’s species had evolved to a highly developed awareness of it’s environment but didn’t really have a concept of self or an ego. They had discovered Cro-magnon man…they also discovered that they could take possession of these bodies for brief periods of time and through them experience the delights and pleasures of physical life. They became addicted! They began to tamper with the DNA and created the first homo sapiens…

So you think I’m crazy and making all of this up? Ancient Atlantis did exist and the remains have been here in plain site but unrecognized. The Richat structure or “Eye of Africa” in the middle of the Sahara desert meets the exact description of Atlantis in location, size and geological characteristics with tall mountains to the north that once held massive spectacular waterfalls. It was destroyed almost 14,000 years ago by cataclysm as the result of a 9 mile in diameter meteor crashing into Greenland and creating a near extinction event in the northern hemisphere which various cultures have described as the great flood.

Image result for eye of africa

The earliest human DNA has been found in central Africa some 60,000 years ago and even more interesting is the fact that the ancient origins of Voodoo or Vouduon come from west Africa. Voudoun of course is the religion where the gods or Loa take possession of their worshipers and “ride” them…this openess to being possessed is so strong that psychologist Sharon Caulder describes in her book “Mark of Voodoo” how she witnessed a young boy walking across the compound. This boy suddenly stopped and began crowing. His body had been taken over by the spirit of a rooster!

Make no mistake about it, the human body was designed to be “ridden” and “possessed” by “souls” or non-physical beings of almost any species…this is why people are so compliant and so readily obey any “external authority”.

Princeton Professor Julian Jaynes in his breakthrough book “The Origin Of Consciousness In The Breakdown Of The Bicameral Mind” goes into depth and great detail of how early man “heard voices” and how the gods spoke directly to them in their minds.

He then goes on to say how this ability was gradually lost as the result of the invention of reading and writing some 4,000 years ago…however, we may dispute some of that in the current rise of “channeled material” on the internet. This hearing voices in our heads and being possessed is certainly making a comeback!


(The Etheric Witch)

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I try reading and watching some of the ascension related material that is out there and it seems like I must be living in an entirely different world than they are because what they are sharing doesn’t sound like full spectrum ascension to me…it sounds more like a fantasy from the world of mental energies…

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the non-physical astral bodies of the noble gases helium (concrete spiritual with 2 awareness points); neon (abstract mental with 8 awareness points); argon (concrete mental with 8 awareness points); krypton (upper emotional with 18 awareness points); xenon (lower emotional with 18 awareness points; radon (sensual or desire body with 32 awareness points); mystery element 118 or the Ka (etheric body with 32 awareness points); and the final synthesis-the complete soul or full spectrum ascension body…

I am convinced that the etheric body and the etheric world create the world of magick and the occult as well as ghosts and other so called supernatural phenomenon. Consider that each and every atom ages and with the addition of 1 electron and 1 proton becomes a totally different element with different characteristics. Our sun which consists mostly of hydrogen is slowly turning into helium through atomic fusion…this same aging process happens to all the elements according to science…each element has its own half-life…

Since the beginning of time atoms have been progressing toward that final mysterious element 118 which is a noble gas that you can’t see, feel or taste. In fact, the lower 13 elements have yet to be discovered…the heaviest and most physical of all the elements don’t seem to physically exist! Yet they have existed since the beginning of time itself!

It seems clear to me that these elements do exist below what we consider normal physical reality and they are not figments of the imagination. They are not created out of mental or spiritual energies, but are instead created out of etheric energies…they probably exist more within the universe of time/space (astral) than space/time (3D).

Perhaps it is better to say that they do exist, but we have no awareness of them? Since the mysterious element 118 is the final destination of all physicality it must exist in enormous quantities, not be non-existent…it is far more likely that the void of outer space is not a void, but an ocean of this final etheric substance which supports the physical reality which we perceive…

What we perceive as physical reality exists somewhere in the middle along a spectrum of elements of which we have no normal conscious awareness of. Most humans have no awareness of the higher levels or the lower levels of physical reality.

When you consider that light itself sometimes acts as a wave and sometimes acts as a particle it seems possible that all the elements might also act as waves and as particles as well. Perhaps that is the real secret of Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal Systems theory? In space/time the elements act as particles (3D) and in time/space (astral) the elements act as waves? It’s an interesting thought and suggests that awareness and consciousness are related to the wave and to the astral worlds of time/space…

We might further suggest that life springs from this etheric ocean in a manner similar to how cellular life seems to have sprung from Gaia’s oceans in the primordial past…this vast ocean of the mysterious element 118 has been intuitively called the cosmic goddess and the ancient Egyptians gave her the name Nuit…life sprang out of the void…but there is no void…there is completeness…life sprang out of completeness…

The physical universe sprang forth from the photon/electron of the Father God or solar deity…life sprang forth from the Cosmic Mother, the vast ocean of mysterious element 118…

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