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As many of you know I celebrate Samhain or Halloween as the 2nd full moon after the autumn equinox. I celebrate this as a lunar festival when the veil is thinnest between the worlds and that is during the full moon. This year it is very late and occurs on the 19th of November. So the harvest continues till quite late in the year. The lunar and solar cycles are not coinciding very well this year and you can consider it an orb of influence that will last from 30 October to 19 November.

I’ve just finished a very intensive deep dive into the origins of the proto-Indo-European Pontic Steppe nomads that roamed the Pontic Steppe living in wagons and herding their cattle on horseback. These were my ancestors, Haplogroup G that clustered around the Caucasus mountains and Pontic Steppe in neolithic times, 3,000 BCE and even much earlier. So I’ve been getting in touch with my most ancient roots!

I’ve also just finished a deep dive into the origins of the Druid culture that also was related with my ancestors that somehow managed to get from the Pontic Steppe to Ireland around 3,000 BCE bringing the hospitality concept with them. The hospitality concept is that of the warrior nobility protecting the common population in exchange for tribute. The Druid culture seems to have arisen in support of this sacred obligation. So I followed that to the point of the collapse of the Druid culture in 472 CE and the massacre of the Long Knives at Stonehenge during the sacred Beltaine festival. You can read about some of this on my other blog OAK Inner Circle.

There was a third research that I have concluded at the same time. I recently completed reading “Suggestive Inquiry Into The Hermetic Mystery” by Mary Anne Atwood. This was a classic text that collected almost all the known works on alchemy and sorted them out. Those that have followed me for several years know that I have traveled a tantric path that has sequentially permanently developed and activated my various non-physical bodies from the top down. This has taken over twenty five years but it has completed itself. My research is about others that have followed a similar path.

I can say with absolute conviction that hermetic alchemy in Mary Anne Atwood’s book describes the exact same path that I followed as does that described by Mantak Chia, Julius Evola and Aleister Crowley. Of course the terms and concepts are cryptic, but the sense of repeated purifications to achieve a purified soul body or immortal physical body are all talking about the same thing!

This alchemical path has been known by the ancients for thousands of years and hundreds of masters have traveled it!

But there is one difference in that most of these people have developed their soul bodies from the bottom up and not from the top down! That is the only difference that I can see. Life was much more difficult for people in the ancient world before reading and writing was discovered and they developed the lower nonphysical bodies out of survival needs. The root chakra was strong because it needed to be! They had difficulty with the higher levels.

But we today live in our heads and it is the lower levels that we have trouble with! So we need to reclaim our magickal link to Gaia, mother earth, and the Womb of Creation. Normal conscious awareness needs to be integrated with our etheric body. Doing this requires the activation and integration of the Shadow Aspect! It is not pleasant!

In any case I am moving on to my translation projects. I’ve reached a good point of closure with the above subjects for now. Those that are interested will know what to do. I’ve given more than enough clues in my numerous posts over the years. Those that don’t get it never will! I just want to say that I’ve proven to my own satisfaction that this same path has been followed by thousands over the ages! There is nothing new about it!

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Astral combat takes place at a specific location within the astral planes and it represents a weak or vulnerable spot in your aura. Astral combat is all about energy and at first you will not have much energy, perhaps barely enough to maintain your astral body intact. So in a way you are fighting for your life! At least your life in that astral body!

Astral bodies require a lot of energy to maintain and permanently activated astral bodies will automatically pull and draw the energy they need from open energy centers as well as from the physical body. The lower the astral body the more energy required to keep it viable.

Astral combat automatically strips both combatants of available energy at that specific location in a form of mutual destruction. So each combatant needs to draw more energy for the conflict itself from other energy centers, cosmic power sources or the physical body itself.

I’ll give a few examples:

You and your opponent are both naked and in hand to hand combat with knives. You are both fighting for the lives of those particular astral bodies.

You have a weapon like a gun but it won’t fire. That’s because its energy has already been used up. That you still have a gun even though it won’t work suggests that there has been a draw and no clear winner or that you have just barely won.

You fire two or three times and keep missing the target or only hit the target on the last try. This means that your opponent is successfully blocking you even though you are stronger energetically than they are. If you do manage to hit the target after several tries of course you have won the exchange.

Your opponent fires several times at you and you absorb the impact of the bullets and heal yourself. This is when you are so powerful at that particular level of the astral that you don’t even need to protect yourself. The fact that your opponent can fire several times at you suggests that they are quite powerful as well. But they are not powerful enough to change the outcome of the battle.

These are all situations that I have found myself in over the years. I’ve even had a bazooka as a weapon a few times! Its always the same. There is mutual destruction of the energy of both sides until only one is left.

There is one other form of astral combat that is worth mentioning. This was after I had tamed my “alligator puppy” and was using it to defend myself. Someone asked me for help and protection. They had gotten on the wrong side of a Voodoo Highpriestess from New Orleans and was being attacked. I stepped in like an idiot and was immediately under attack as well and I sicced my “alligator puppy” on them to protect me. All that was left was a quivering stump coming out of the ground. My “alligator puppy” had completely severed my attacker’s connection to the earth and destroyed it.

Magick circles, power objects and spells have nothing at all to do with this level of astral combat. What I’m talking about is pure power and no tricks. There are lots of magickally powerful people out there and you don’t want to mess with them. This is a rough and tumble group of people that is an elite society in itself. I’m proud to be a member but there is no leader.

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This is a difficult post to write because I don’t know as much as I should and I’m still figuring things out but we each have a male or female soul and it doesn’t matter the gender of our physical body. It determines how our soul progresses on its journey and to permanently activate each of the seven astral bodies we need to exchange energies with the opposite gender soul.

Some people find it normal to dream in complex environments and others dream with only the minimum environment needed for the dream to take place. The person who dreams in complex environments has a female soul and the one who dreams with only the minimum details has a male soul.

Those with female souls are traditionally known as spinners and weavers of the soul substance and have the ability to astrally give birth to astral bodies out of particular chakra energies for other people and generate those same astral bodies for themselves.

Those with male souls provide the energy and soul substance the spinners and weavers need to create astral bodies for both of them out of a specific chakra energy.

The female soul is like an apple, tightly integrated with all the layers merged together as much as possible. Their focus or ability to spin or weave is only around one chakra or energy center at a time. They gradually build up their soul with the oldest souls and the most magickal souls being able to spin or weave the etheric substance. These are very rare and also called natural born witches. Other weavers or spinners will work with the energies of the other chakras.

The male soul is more like an onion with many layers and they build up each layer one at a time with the help of a spinner or weaver of that particular layer or energy. For all seven possible astral bodies we all need to exchange energies with seven different people or soulmates who have energies that are compatible with our own. They are on the same frequency that we are! There are always more than one person that has the ability to work with us as a soulmate. There are always others on the same frequency as us. We can find them if we try. We walk the same paths with them for a space and then our paths divide. It can not be any other way. Even Divine Counterparts walk different paths from each other although our paths may cross from time to time.

When we have completed all seven possible astral bodies and our soul has developed as much as possible we find our Divine Counterpart and in uniting with our Divine Counterpart a male soul becomes a female soul and a female soul becomes a male soul. The one complete soul created with the Divine Counterpart then divides in a form of cell division and both souls continue the next higher octave of the soul’s journey alone, but not alone because they carry each other in their hearts. Energetically they have switched places and are now exploring the world created by the other.

We have all evolved from divine sparks of life. We have experienced lifetimes as each type of life form and species. Who we are and what we are can never fit entirely within one individual physical body. So once more we set out upon the fool’s journey, but this time from the opposite perspective.

We are all helpers and teachers of each other. We are all at different points upon our soul’s journey. When we offer a helping hand to others, they in turn will offer a helping hand to us in difficult times. Together we are all creating the ultimate reality!

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Now that we talked about the Lunar cycle, the Solar cycle and the daily cycle we can talk about timelines and spheres of influence. In general the Spiritual Planes involve big picture events or mass events while the Magickal Planes involve more individual events. This means that things like wars, elections, pandemics and natural disasters; all things considered mass events sort themselves out in the Spiritual Planes before they can manifest as physical events. Our individual reactions and how those mass events affect us personally are sorted out in the Magickal Planes. This is just a general guideline but it shows how mass events project themselves ahead of time within the Spiritual Planes. In fact, the outcome of most mass events is determined one year ahead of time before they actually occur.

What I’m talking about can be considered global, national or even local and community timelines that gradually form around existing events as a probable blueprint of what will happen.

But individuals are the real wild cards and the sphere of influence of one single individual can wildly sway and alter the outcome of local, national and even global events! That is true magick!

So we need to look at the sphere of influence that an individual has. Let’s say the ordinary person has a sphere of influence of sixty miles. That means whatever this person does in their lives affects the lives of those around him or her for a radius of sixty miles. They affect friends, neighbors, coworkers and people they come in daily contact with and those people in turn come in contact with others.

Then there are those few people that have extremely large spheres of influence like celebrities, politicians and national leaders or the rich and powerful. But there is an even smaller group with an even larger sphere of influence and those are the masters and adepts that live behind the scenes and their sphere of influence is not in the number of people they influence but the quality of the few individuals that they influence! Through their sphere of influence these wild cards are able to create more wild cards until things truly become magickal and defy rational thought.

During the influx of Spiritual Light at the Winter Solstice these Wild Card individuals or masters and adepts draw incredible amounts of energy into them and into their timelines and when they compound that influx of energy by rupturing the astral fabric on a daily basis they become the kingpins that hold local reality stable around them.

So once more we see the importance of daily practice in living a magickal life. A true magickal practitioner creates timelines and not spells for one or two things of small consequence. They also put out immense amounts of energy on a daily basis and make every second of their life work for them!

Compare this to the ordinary person who goes with the flow in life only putting out as much effort as required to stay alive. These people are completely at the mercy of external events and are being constantly rattled as the foundations of their very world shakes beneath their feet. Which one are you?

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Continuing our study of the astral planes we will first consider the spiritual planes which cover the entire northern hemisphere from the lowest level to the highest. But everything in the spiritual planes has a north magnetic or expanding nature. Objects or events within the spiritual planes do not want to mix and mingle. They begin as archetypal objects and events and want to remain that way.

They may gradually work their way down to the lower levels but for the most part the spiritual planes represent future probable events. Things that may happen in the future if they ever work their way down and find their missing south magnetic half. This can be long term future as in thousands of years from now, or it could be a timeline for a life. Also it might be things that could possibly manifest in the coming year if they can be balanced with their counterpart as I’ve mentioned.

To understand the astral planes we need to understand that there is a part of our awareness that is within our physical body and other parts of us that leave our physical body and travel through the astral planes while we are asleep and dreaming. These astral bodies go to specific locations within the astral planes where they are needed. Where important events are getting ready to manifest as physical events or to shape possible future events.

I’m taking a detour here but this is important to understand as well. We are all broken and we are seeking or should be seeking to become whole again! This brokenness exists in physical life and in the astral and it takes different forms in each. First we will talk about normal ego awareness of the physical body and physical reality. It is an illusion!

To be even more specific normal ego awareness which we have of daily events is often not even ego awareness which implies a unity. The awareness of most people operates through valences or masks that we wear according to the situation we find ourselves in. So we act, think and exist as a parent when we are dealing with our children; then we change masks or valences and act, think and become like the children we once were in dealing with our own parents. Then we again change masks and become someone else when we are with our lover or our friends. Then we again change masks and become someone else entirely at work! And we don’t even realize that we are shifting from one state of awareness into another!

In the astral we don’t have masks or valences, but we do have astral bodies that exist in different levels. The astral body in one level might not know anything about the astral body that exists in another level. I remember a dream where my dreaming body encountered another of my astral bodies that was lying down asleep. And of course I had a third awareness that was watching the whole thing!

So both in physical life and in our astral life we seek the integration and harmonization of all our parts both physically and astrally!

Now our astral bodies may journey during the night as we sleep and they will be charged with the energy that we have generated during the day. They will be drawn to the proper place to discharge that energy within the earth’s astral planes. That is what our dream is, the discharging of that energy and the resultant reaction.

Now I will be saying this over and over as we go along, so you will gradually become familiar with how the astral is manipulated by the lunar and solar cycles. Don’t get too excited if you don’t get it right away. It will gradually unfold for you as we go along.

From the time of the New Moon to the 1st quarter when our astral bodies journey at night they will travel to the Spiritual Planes because that is where the heavy activity is. The same is true from the lunar 3rd quarter to the New Moon the heavy activity will be in the Spiritual Planes and that is where your dream time astral body will go. So in general the week before and after the New Moon will consist of heavy activity within the Spiritual Planes and that is where you will go in your dreams. I will explore this more deeply when we talk about the lunar and solar cycles. Right now we are just finding our way around the astral planes.

So during one half of the lunar cycle our dreaming astral body is working in the Spiritual Planes and during the other half of the lunar cycle it is working in the Magickal Planes trying to get both ends to meet so things can physically manifest! Remember that each part needs its opposite counterpart in order to physically manifest.

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I’m going to share some of my personal story. Then I am going to drop the entire issue of rupturing the astral planes and move on to other aspects of magick and energy work. My personal story is very unusual and strange. I personally believe that influences from my past lives have guided me on my spiritual journey because these influences have certainly came from somewhere! Somehow I knew these things and that is why I walked the path that I walked.

If we take a final look at the possible astral bodies I will state that I have developed and permanently activated all seven and integrated or synthesized them into an 8th! In fact, only last spring I permanently activated what I believe to be the final etheric body as a permanent fully integrated non-physical body. I function at will on all of the astral planes and work creatively and magickally with all of these energies. This is my normal life and my normal experience.

Helium-Concrete Spiritual Body=2 awareness points

Neon-Abstract Mental Body=8 awareness points

Argon-Concrete Mental Body=8 awareness points

Krypton-Upper Emotional Body=18 awareness points

Xenon-Lower Emotional Body=18 awareness points

Radon-Immortal Physical Body=32 awareness points

Oganesson-Etheric Body=32 awareness points

I developed each one of these astral bodies one at a time from the top down in what I have called Soulmate Cycles in which I was in an energetic cycle with a particular female who exchanged energies with me. Each cycle culminated in the development and permanent activation of astral bodies of a specific chakra center for both of us. When the cycle was over we each went our separate ways. These cycles each resulted in first her developing her permanent astral body of that type of energy and then giving birth to one for me to use. What would normally be considered the after birth or placenta seemed to be the birth of a new timeline for each of us. So in each cycle I was given a new astral body and a new timeline in which to live and she was as well.

The only thing that drove these cycles was both of us independently using sexual orgasm energy twice a day over extended periods of time and causing the astral fabric to rupture for both of us on a daily basis. We did not have physical sex. There were times when we had astral sex, but those times were rare. Mostly there were powerful and vivid dreams as inner wounds and repressed toxins burst and came into awareness to be dealt with as best we could, because this was happening to both of us.

I learned about cultivating male sexual orgasm energy from the book by Mantak Chia and learned the technique of sperm retention and how to control the orgasm. I worked with sexual orgasm energy twice daily for seven years straight and in those seven years completed each astral body and permanently activated it. There was no teaching, ritual, tradition or path involved. It was only the mechanical process of generating that energy twice daily and rupturing the astral fabric once a day.

When I discovered that this process was actively healing me and developing my soul and new astral bodies I continued with it. I knew that I was on to something very powerful and didn’t quite understand what it was, but through experience knew what it could do.

It is now some twenty five years later that I can say with total conviction that I stumbled upon the exact same process described and hinted at in the true texts On Alchemy and the purification of the soul. This process of rupturing the astral fabric through the use of orgasm energy or other types of energy has been known for thousands of years. I did not discover it, I merely remembered it from some past lifetime when I knew it.

The key is to rupture the astral fabric and it will always rupture at the weakest link. The weakest link is always inside us in the beginning. That is the exact process described in Alchemy. The gradual purification and the final result of the diamond body or immortal physical body or etheric double, whatever you want to call it.

This can be done by men or women or both at the same time. It is much easier for women to do it than men as I mentioned in my last post.

The deliberate rupturing of the astral fabric is the opposite of traditional magickal practice where a circle is cast and any generated energies are focused toward a particular purpose. In traditional magickal practice rupturing of the astral fabric is not wanted! In Organic Gnosticism it is wanted! I want to make this point clear and will leave it. I am simply trying to share what I know through direct experience and research. What I have done has been known and done by many others for thousands of years. It is a secret knowledge that I have chosen to openly share because I believe that women especially need to know the truth about this and their own natural ability to follow this path.

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The process of rupturing the astral planes for males is much more difficult and involved than it is for females but it is still possible. Remember there are many ways this can be done. The difficulty lies in finding a way that can be sustained over long periods of time to allow the alchemical process to purge and cleanse the soul and develop the various astral bodies. It also needs to be safe enough to prevent psychotic episodes as trapped packets of repressed and toxic energy are suddenly released.

The default seems to be the martial arts and sports which are the two things intense enough to ensure the rupturing of the astral planes on a daily basis for males. But we can find lots of other ways as well.

Something needs to be said at this point. Our jails are filled with troubled men, far more than troubled women. As a general rule females are more mentally and emotionally healthy and stable than males. This is probably due in part to how their monthly cycles allow repressed and toxic energies to naturally find their own way out through PMS and females are much more in touch with their emotional natures than men are. Again, biology itself gives the female an advantage in the ability to activate awareness points and the lower astral bodies.

In terms of using sexual orgasm energy to rupture the astral fabric the same way that women are able to do, sperm loss makes this almost impossible unless the male has mastered the tantric art of sperm retention. But this is possible and the way that I myself have traveled this path. I would refer those interested in this to read the book “Cultivating Male Sexual Energy” by Mantak Chia. Again, at this time I am not interested in writing about tantra and sexuality. I am writing this for a course on Organic Magick.

So if you are a male, find a way to rupture the astral fabric on a daily basis. Go to the gym twice a day and work out with kettlebells, long distance running, intense living or whatever. Energy is energy and the requirement is simply that you generate enough to ensure vivid and powerful dreams on a nightly basis so that awareness points and astral bodies can be activated.

The use of altered states and suggestion is even more important for males than for females because the risk of psychotic behaviors is even higher. Safety mechanisms need to be in place before one seriously begins working to rupture the astral fabric on a daily basis. Again, my free online course Organic Gnosticism does put these safety mechanisms into place so that the released negative and toxic energies can be safely released and brought up into awareness by using the OAK energy ball meditation to open and work with each chakra center in a balanced way.

Here is the list of possible astral bodies and their awareness points one more time. As you can see the list is finite. Development and activation is a purely mechanical process based upon the physical generation of energy on a daily basis over a long period of time. It is not based upon skill or technique.

Helium-Concrete Spiritual Body=2 awareness points

Neon-Abstract Mental Body=8 awareness points

Argon-Concrete Mental Body=8 awareness points

Krypton-Upper Emotional Body=18 awareness points

Xenon-Lower Emotional Body=18 awareness points

Radon-Immortal Physical Body=32 awareness points

Oganesson-Etheric Body=32 awareness points

In my next post I will share more about my personal journey and why I am convinced that this rupturing of the astral fabric on a daily basis is the same thing that has been taught as alchemy and hidden by the mystery schools for thousands of years.

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I have opened a can of worms with this subject and there is no graceful way to close it so here goes. This series of posts is intended for a new class I am creating called Organic Magick. I have no intention of being drawn into the equally interesting topic of tantra and sexuality. That can be for an even more advanced course later. Right now I am simply going to talk about rupturing the astral plane, how it happens and why it is needed. This is not theory and you can easily prove what I am about to share for yourself. I have.

But first let’s take another look at our list of possible astral bodies based upon the Periodic Table of Elements. You can see that each astral body or non-physical body is created out of a noble gas with a certain number of awareness points. In order to activate a certain astral body you first need to activate the appropriate awareness points and you do this ultimately by generating the needed energy with your physical body. I’m keeping things very simple here. If you generate the needed energy you will attract the opposite sex energy that you need as well. This will happen automatically and you don’t need to worry about it. The physical body will only generate the type of energy created by your own gender and physical body, male or female.

Helium-Concrete Spiritual Body=2 awareness points

Neon-Abstract Mental Body=8 awareness points

Argon-Concrete Mental Body=8 awareness points

Krypton-Upper Emotional Body=18 awareness points

Xenon-Lower Emotional Body=18 awareness points

Radon-Immortal Physical Body=32 awareness points

Oganesson-Etheric Body=32 awareness points

We need to rupture the astral fabric because the astral severely resists change and will absorb and diffuse most of the energies that we generate if it can. So most efforts at energy generation are simply not enough to make any difference. It simply gets siphoned away and diverted harmlessly.

The daily motions of the moon and sun function like a giant heart that alternately expands and compresses the astral planes causing it to reset itself twice a day. It is this heart beat effect that we take advantage of in the process of rupturing the astral planes.

It is this same heart beat effect that will absorb and diffuse the energy that you have generated unless you have generated so much that it can’t absorb it and diffuse it. When that happens the astral planes rupture and reset themselves in a new arrangement that is influenced by your input of energy. You have magickally altered things within the astral planes.

But the astral will always rupture at the weakest point and in the beginning that weakest point is always inside of us! It is a blockage or a wound or trapped energy that explosively bursts open like an open sore or boil. So in the beginning this process can be very unpleasant as we discover our individual weak points and personal demons. But by repeatedly rupturing the astral fabric over a long period of time we gradually plug the weak spots and make them stronger until the point is reached when the weak spot is no longer inside of us but outside of us!

This process happens with the development and activation of each astral body in turn as only one is developed at a time. This repeated rupturing and healing and purification is the real secret behind alchemy and the purification of the soul. So this practice of rupturing the fabric of the astral has been known for thousands of years.

To be safe the rupturing of the astral fabric needs to be in conjunction with some type of meditation that circulates the released toxins upward where they can be brought into awareness and released. Rupturing the astral fabric should not be attempted unless safety precautions have been put into place. My free online course Organic Gnosticism puts those safety precautions in place so that one can begin the alchemical work of rupturing the astral fabric and activating new awareness points.

The female is naturally created for this process of rupturing the astral fabric. She has a natural earth connection to Gaia and the Womb of Life. The female has the ability for multiple orgasms and for full body orgasm or the valley orgasm which sends the energy through the entire physical body as waves of sensation. It takes two long drawn out orgasms within the space of a few hours to rupture the astral fabric and this comes naturally to the female.

For the female what is missing is the need to use some form of meditation to circulate and lift the sexual energy up the spine to the crown chakra center. This is an easy addition and the female can easily create and activate new awareness points, especially the lower level ones so that developing and permanently activating the lower astral bodies and doing actual magick is quite easy and normal for her. Historically that is why witches were feared and burned.

To repeat, two long drawn out orgasms within a few hours of each other will rupture the astral fabric and produce vivid and often violent dreams as trapped toxic and negative energies are released and blockages cleared through dream activity. One orgasm is not enough! It is not the generation of this energy that ruptures the astral fabric, but the action of the sun and moon alternately squeezing and expanding the astral planes. The process of rupturing the astral fabric on a daily basis over long periods of time is what is described in the alchemical texts as the purification of the soul. In the beginning the weak point is inside us, but as we plug the holes and heal the wounds the weak spot will eventually be outside of us and that is when we can do true magick for the first time. That is when we develop the diamond body or the immortal physical body. We cannot be harmed.

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I just had a major insight into the great secret of the mystery schools that has really shook me to the core and I don’t know the best way to deal with it. All I know is that it needs to be told and brought out into the open!

I was trying to decide where to go next on my discussion about rupturing the astral fabric, altered states and the deliberate use of suggestion as collectively being the great secret. I really wanted to describe a few other ways of rupturing the astral fabric besides working with tantra and sexual orgasm energy, which happens to be the path that I took and the one that I know the most about.

So I was thinking about Navy SEAL training, the martial arts and the books by Mantak Chia that had helped and influenced me. In particular how Navy SEAL training and most military training deliberately broke a person down and then built them back up again. They were using the same formula- rupturing the astral fabric through excessive physical activity, creating an altered state through sleep deprivation and exhaustion and programming through suggestion!

Both Navy SEAL training and the martial arts were about the creation of legendary warriors! They were not about magick and magicians in particular. It’s also worth mentioning that for thousands of years life has been much more of a struggle for survival than it is today and that rupturing the astral fabric through excessive physical activity was much more common. Let’s face it, life was hard and people needed to be tough, a lot tougher than they are today. their etheric bodies were much more developed than ours are today!

But I couldn’t help compare the differences between this process and that of females. I already knew that Tantra was created for males because it was natural for females. And the mystery schools seemed to be more male oriented than it should have been. The same was true of the world’s great religions. And even though I wrote about the female mystery schools and the stages of female soul development I have never heard of such schools.

Why didn’t women have equal status? I knew that at the beginning of a great cycle females were empowered and at the end males were empowered. Females were linked with the Womb of Creation energy at the Root Chakra and males were linked with the Spiritual Light at the Crown Chakra. We are just in the beginning of a new great cycle. When will women be empowered and in what form will it take? How will the Goddess appear?

Even more important was the question, if this was the great secret, why was it so important to keep it from getting into the wrong hands and who were those wrong hands? Who would abuse this power and this great secret in such a way that at all costs it needed to be kept from them?

That is when the answer came like a thunder bolt. The ancients felt that this secret knowledge needed to be kept from women! If women knew this secret they would become too powerful as they had once before in the past at the beginning of the last great cycle! That was what needed to be prevented at all costs.

And of course that is exactly what needs to happen if we are to save this planet, women need to understand this secret that belongs to them and take back their own power!

All this nonsense about spiritual paths, different traditions and pantheons, spells and rituals, and other ceremonies are glamour and relatively harmless practices that keep women and men focused away from where the real power lies, in the rupturing of the astral fabric itself and the development of the etheric body and true magickal ability.

So in my next post I will talk about rupturing the astral fabric and what it means for the female and in the post after that I will talk about what it means for the male. They are both very different paths with very different experiences.

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As we continue to study our list of possible non-physical bodies something else becomes apparent that is quite interesting. The development of psychic abilities is seen to be based upon the number of awareness points that have been activated in a particular energy center and not based upon ritual or practice. This is really profound because most people believe psychic abilities are based upon practice or technique and not simply upon the appropriate number of awareness points.

Helium-Concrete Spiritual Body=2 awareness points

Neon-Abstract Mental Body=8 awareness points

Argon-Concrete Mental Body=8 awareness points

Krypton-Upper Emotional Body=18 awareness points

Xenon-Lower Emotional Body=18 awareness points

Radon-Immortal Physical Body=32 awareness points

Oganesson-Etheric Body=32 awareness points

For example, let’s say that a certain psychic ability belonging to the Upper Emotional Body requires 10 awareness points to be active and you have only developed 9. You would not have that ability or perhaps you might have a temporary experience if you generate enough energy through some type of ritual or technique, but it won’t be a lasting ability. The ability will only be a lasting ability after all 10 awareness points have become stable and constant.

This is true for all abilities in all non-physical bodies.

To get a sense of the reality of these abilities consider someone that seems to be quite intelligent but with no creative ability at all. They are literal and don’t understand jokes or humor. I have known some people like that. They have not developed the 8 awareness points of their Abstract Mental Bodies. Perhaps they have developed 2 or 3, but they have not developed all 8 and their 3rd eye center is not open and functioning.

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