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This is a post that I have avoided writing for a long time. One of the reasons is that the entire subject is bitter-sweet and difficult to write about. But we are at an evolutionary stage where these things need to be openly known and talked about. What I am about to share comes from painful personal experience that is backed up by others.

The closest you, I or anyone can come to becoming one with God, Goddess or Divinity is to join with our Divine Counterpart in any way at all. Our Divine Counterpart is everything that we are not and at the same time everything that we long for. Any truly mystical, spiritual experience and powerful experience is powered by the powerful attraction that pulls Divine Counterparts toward each other.

A Divine Counterpart relationship is defined by the extraordinary power it generates between the two Divine Counterparts. There is simply nothing like it! Once two Divine Counterparts find each other the energy they share will rapidly increase to the point where an exact duplicate of each permanently lives in the other’s heart like a massive yin-yang symbol and then in a process of cell division what has become one will divide to once more become two with the seed of each within it. The relationship will go chaotic and make a quantum leap to a higher type of Divine Counterpart relationship. Our physical bodies are too limited to contain these unlimited relationships! We are so much more than physical bodies. In biblical terms a new heaven and a new earth will be created.

The world we live in, the world we find ourselves in, is literally the body of our Divine Counterpart. A single human body can never contain the soul of our Divine Counterpart. We have slowly and gradually evolved through all the plant and animal kingdoms and so has our Divine Counterpart. Thus we each have created our own separate worlds out of our own experience. Each merging with our Divine Counterpart happens at the end of a Great Cycle and the process of Uniting and then the cell division creates new worlds for each of us. As we explore these new worlds we are exploring aspects of our Divine Counterpart that we never experienced before. At the same time we carry a copy of our Divine Counterpart within our hearts. We call this the Christ Spirit even though it is really our Divine Counterpart who never leaves us.

We are drawn to Soulmates because our Divine Counterpart sends them to us as intermediaries. The Divine Counterpart relationship is essentially that of matter/anti-matter and so volatile that the true union of Divine Counterparts on every level would result in the end of everything, would result in everything being reduced to the photon state. There would be no existence. Soulmates are the way our Divine Counterparts can gradually share in our life experience through intermediaries.

Soulmates are souls that are on the same frequencies and we all have several potential soulmates to help us get through life and to help us develop our souls and empower them. The portal meditations that I have given link members of the Order at the energetic chakra levels and make them soulmates of each other. That is why we help each other out in those meditations. Each member of the Order is a soulmate and part of a soul group.

The ancient story of the fallen angels is a distortion of the Divine Counterpart mythos. There must always be a “fall” and there must always be a “return”. One angel will choose Gaia and all life upon her as sacred and become the guardian of all life. The other angel will choose to make the human race more godlike and give birth to a new race of humans. This superior race of humans will be created through bloodlines and selective breeding. Sound familiar?

So Divine Counterparts always eventually find themselves on opposite sides working for opposite goals which they both strongly believe in. But they always long for those rare moments at the end of Great Cycles when they can be together at last, those times when they are on the same side! Especially because they know it can never last! But they will always carry each other in their hearts and will always recognize each other when they meet.

So there are and always will be two sides in apparent eternal conflict. Soulmates act as bridges between these two forces. Soulmate cycles create permanently activated astral bodies by giving “birth” to them and giving “birth” to new timelines. Then having done their work, they tend to move on in different directions. In this manner we are all “teachers” of each other. Love relationships help each of us to develop our souls as we share and support one another. No one will walk the same path as another, but we will all share parts of our path with others at some point. We welcome each other into our lives and release them when the time is up. . .

Anything else is pure vampirism. . .

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The New Energy Dynamics and the new egregore or master pattern are based upon the Reciprocal Systems Theory of Dewey Larson and modern Chaos Theory as I’ve mentioned before. But here is an exciting addendum that looks like it fits perfectly into that pattern. Consider all that exists to have this horn torus shape, all things from the shape of the universe to the milky way galaxy, to Gaia, to our human bodies and to every single atom!

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There is so much that I want to share and I simply don’t know where to begin. But where ever we begin we need to secure the present moment! The most powerful way to secure the present moment is to do some type of portal meditation on a daily basis which takes only 30 minutes of your day. I cannot stress enough how important it is to physically secure our physical environment as much as possible and this requires both portal work which is magickal and physical effort which is dealing directly with physical circumstances through physical effort.

Spiritual and metaphysical knowledge take a second place to this. But this knowledge is important as well. So I will be bouncing back and forth between all these things in an effort to find some type of balance. My topic today is about Great Cycles and soul polarity. We as Organic Gnostics or New Elves have female souls. It doesn’t matter if our physical bodies are male or female. Our souls are female and before Gaia ascended, before this new Great Cycle began, our souls were male! So our souls have just made a profound gender shift.

To have the ability to create and work with portal energies means that we have female souls! Male souls cannot work full spectrum energies! The female soul is like an apple which is solidly integrated into one unity. The male soul is like an onion with layer upon layer. The female soul develops in a horizontal direction and the male soul develops in a vertical direction. At the end of every Great Cycle our soul polarity flips and our soul development proceeds in a totally different direction. This means that the soul polarity of our Divine Counterparts flips as well.

Who we are as souls cannot exist within a single physical human body. We have evolved through eons of time, experienced life as other species before incarnating in these physical bodies. Those lifetimes exist within the Akashic Records and also exist within our DNA, which might very well be one and the same. So it is more accurate to say that our soul consists of all the lifetimes we have ever lived and most of those life times have not been human.

There are seven possible rings around an atom and each ring represents one of our energetic bodies and a chakra center within our bodies. The root chakra represents our lowest energetic body which is the etheric body. The spleen center chakra, or also called the sex chakra or tan tien is midway between the solar plexus and root chakra. It represents our physical body. This second energy center is the one that is tapped into by the martial arts and other physical endurance spiritual paths including that of the Apache as example and even the special forces.

But we are not talking about the second energy center, we are talking about the first energy center, the root chakra and its energies and powers. We are talking about the etheric energies, the magickal energies. Every 2,000 year a new energy center awakens and a new energy floods into our world. These new cycles always begin with the lowest etheric energies and root chakra activation. We are in the time of etheric energy activation and it will be the dominant energy for the next 2,000 years! We don’t need to think about the Great Cycle any more. We don’t need to think about the big picture, about those with male souls even.

During the first half of a Great Cycle those with female souls, meaning us, work to stabilize the evolutionary gains that we and Gaia have achieved. Last half is dominated by those with male souls. End of Great Cycle includes potentially finding Divine Counterpart, merging with Divine Counterpart and then cell division into two separate worlds/universes. During last great cycle we called one the physical world/universe and the other the astral planes/heavenly worlds. This has take a quantum leap into a totally different type of reality of multi-universes which are also separated. Like the Yin/Yang symbol, as this new Great Cycle begins we each have our Divine Counterpart within our hearts and we exist as an individual life in world created by our Divine Counterpart. As this Great Cycle advances over thousands of years we explore those non-human aspects of our Divine Counterpart. Our Divine Counterpart aspects cannot be contained within one earthly body. We can only get to know it a little at a time. Our Divine Counterpart is God/dess!

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Organic Gnostics, New Elves, are you ready for an incredible journey? It starts right now so take a look around you at what you have surrounded yourself with. Full spectrum living is living in the physical world with a multi-dimensional overlay! We don’t escape physical reality, we embrace it to the fullest and enhance it on all levels!

So some of you are old farts like me and others much younger. I have to talk about both because the path for each is similar in some ways and quite different in others. So first the common stuff. We embrace the Spiritual light to find the highest and most favorable timeline to follow. Of the infinite possibilities that exist in the present moment it is our connection with Source and our Higher Self that knows the ultimate path to follow. On the other hand it is our connection with the Womb of Creation at the etheric levels that we acquire the power and fortitude to break through all resistances and self-defeating behaviors. Working with portal meditations on a daily basis taps into these power sources and syncs the various levels so our awareness can flow smoothly between them. This is very important! These meditations are less than 30 minutes each and you can design and work with your own or use some of mine.

The lesser work is working upon our souls. The greater work is when we can begin creatively altering our environment. So first the lesser work. To develop each astral body requires the activation of each chakra center within the body. As these energy centers awaken you can learn to use these centers and reach out with the energies in various ways. Again, the portal meditations work to awaken and develop these energy centers with the assistance and help of others within the circle, with other members of the Order.

You can forget everything others have said about the development of the chakra centers. The increased vibrations of New Gaia are supportive and even demand this full spectrum activation! It is not dangerous, especially for us. It is vital that these chakra center energies are phase linked with each other so that awareness can travel effortlessly between them. This full spectrum activation does release trapped emotional and toxic energies and can be unpleasant in the beginning, but is much more healthy than the alternative of having psychotic episodes like most of society!

The Higher Self and the Shadow Self are secondary personalities and must be integrated into a healthy human ego that resides in the heart center. We are not supposed to have a Higher Self and a Lower Self. We are supposed to have one complete integrated self or soul! Again, repeated working of the portal meditations works to enhance this integration process and helps to safely release toxic and negative energies.

So whether you are old or young or in between, the first stage is the lesser work of developing the soul and all astral bodies. This requires working at it at least 1/2 hour a day with some type of portal meditation, where all the chakras are activated and integrated. This practice is cumulative and is extremely powerful.

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I had a very interesting dream last night/this morning in which I was rummaging around in a plateful of pocket change for some used blades for a safety razor. Now the Gillette safety razor was invented in 1903 and has been around since then. But although available I have never really used them. When I shaved I always used those throwaway razors and I’ve had a beard since I got out of the military in 1991. This was definitely something out of the past, perhaps even a past life. But it seemed very vivid and real.

I am surrounded by ghosts of the past because I translate German stories from 1890-1930 which is a very interesting type of literature. Most people don’t know it but pre-WWI Germany experienced a New Age revolution quite similar to what we are experiencing now. It was a time of scientific marvels, new technology and the mixing of eastern spirituality with western thought. That is why it has always been so fascinating for me. It was a very spiritual time with a great hope for humanity until it all came crashing down with the advent of WWI and its horrors. WWI was a war which should never have happened… It was deliberately triggered by the powers of darkness, the elite, for their own empowerment and profit.

Now for us living in the present the past lies within both the Akashic records and within the etheric planes. If we can change things within the Akashic records or within the etheric planes we automatically change our present moment and the current timeline in which we live. That is what so called time travel is all about! This is also what translating these old stories is about!

In these old science-fiction/ fantasy/horror stories there is a sense of vitality, adventure, self-empowerment, love of life and belief in the human race and a sense of wonder that is completely missing in today’s literature. It is truly refreshing and the main reason why I love translating these old stories. Many are electric and vibrant with this depth of life experience and emotional content in a healthy and human way. They contain a love of life and of living that we don’t have in today’s world, but which we desperately need.

The more we can mine the past for these healthy things the more healthy our present becomes. We have the ability to change the past and rewrite it!

But the dark side is also rewriting the past in a darker way and in doing that they are able to change the present moment and the current timelines and this is in effect why timelines keep seeming to collapse at the last moment before physically manifesting. Things are being rewritten in the Akashic records and within the etheric planes. So we might say the war has been fought and won in the future, but that future never seems to get here!

This is why I have begun focusing on the etheric planes and how important portal working really is. In a multi-dimensional world each individual must clean up their own past and future to have the life they want in the present moment! Full spectrum ascension is a reality and if you are not able to exist and create in a full spectrum reality you are trapped in a world that is constantly being recreated by those who can.

Recently I’ve sensed a regeneration on the physical level taking place as my physical body seems to become more and more like an astral one. It is beginning to seem a bit more plastic and malleable and so is my physical environment, not much, but it seems to have become more yielding to magickal influence. I sense the physical body as that point within the spectrum that is a pinch point, a point where we are most vulnerable. But which those who have ascended can gradually learn to manipulate to enhance their own lives.

I am gradually gaining the ability to manipulate my own present moment by creatively working within the etheric planes but each one of you needs to learn how to do that for yourself. I can’t do it for you! I can share how it is done, but I can’t do it for you!

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As I begin to explore this awareness shift to the etheric it appears that full blown Paganism is in the process of sweeping across Gaia with the awakening of the old Gods and Goddesses of which many of us are! The Akashic records and Womb of Creation have become energized with Gaia’s ascension and rebirth and as we find our way to the etheric levels it is only natural that those who exist on the etheric levels are finding their way to us as well. It is also natural for us to take up the mantles that many of us wore in past lives.

This hidden mystery was not easy to discover at all and it took several different resources and much intuitive thought to bring this information into awareness. The breakthrough finally came when I read the book “Initiation” by Jeffrey Prather. This book spoke of his spiritual journey with an Apache medicine man. He spoke of learning to see the spirit and vital life force of living things and of tapping into a lower energy point that allowed him and the Apache to perform almost impossible feats of physical endurance.

This coincided with the lower Tan Tien center of the Asian martial arts as the storage place if this vital life force energy as described by such masters as Mantak Chia who has had a tremendous influence on me and my working with tantric or sexual energies for the development of the soul.

I won’t specify other traditions that have similar teachings as this post would loose its focus other than to mention magickal traditions that include theurgy as a practice. Theurgy is the use of spiritual beings, gods and goddesses, to assist in the soul’s development so that awareness will continue to exist in a non-physical body after the death of the physical body.

This is drastically opposed to the magickal use of the lower levels for personal gain and power over others which always takes on a vampiric form stealing the vital life force of other living beings to maintain the etheric body of the practitioner.

Suddenly I was confronted with the reality of two vastly different types of beings that existed on the etheric planes. One were those mortal beings who had attained to the “physical immortal soul” and in essence became the gods and goddesses of antiquity. They taught a path of spiritual light as described by the Apache who greeted the sun each day at dawn and literally drew strength from it. As opposed to the Apache that vampirically drew vital life force from the torturing and fear of sacrificial victims. In the martial arts as well, Mantak Chia described how the masters drew cosmic energy from the very stars themselves to sustain their etheric bodies. He also explained how it was taught to draw energy from one’s surroundings, the trees and other living things. Even the storm or the earth itself.

This of course is quite similar to the Egyptian practice of greeting the sun each morning and the worship of the sun disk as Ra.

In fact, the great spiritual teachers of humanity required and fed upon the vital life force of their followers to sustain their own life and activity in a form of mutually agreed upon vampirism. Now with Gaia’s ascension and the permanent activation of the new etheric energies these “immortals” no longer need to rely upon followers, but can once more become free to live and act in our new multidimensional world.

The other type of being was the negative demonic type that really was a vampire and predator who stole the vital life force essence of others in order to maintain their own etheric body.

It becomes clear that now is our own chance to develop our own “immortal physical body” and join with our brothers and sisters as the Gods and Godesses that we are as well. It is time to realize and explore the Divinity that lies within each one of us and that is the power and strength behind our physical bodies.

As we flex and use these etheric abilities our physical world will magically respond! It must!

This vital life force energy is beginning to stir deep within us as we celebrate this full moon of Imbolc, which grants us a vision of the future awaiting us as the spring tide of this coming year advances. This awakening vital life force will explode in all its glory this coming spring as we begin to create our new lives based upon our etheric ties with Gaia and with each other.

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Its my first official day of retirement and feels a bit strange. Haven’t really done a lot, but have really been trying to puzzle out some info on the Etheric and Immortal non-physical bodies. I’ve become convinced that The Cosmic Womb of the Mother and the Akashic Records are one and the same. They are the Source of all living things even though Spiritual Light is what drives things by supplying an infinite Source of Photon/electron Energy as God the Father. So how does it work? Especially now that Gaia has reconnected to the male God energy of Source?

I’ve also become convinced that the seven possible electron rings around an atom do represent the seven possible non-physical bodies including the etheric as the outermost and most real. I’m also convinced that the etheric body is an extrusion of the Akashic records and potentially contains all other non-physical bodies because it consists of all possible electron rings and contains all within it even if they are not in awareness. This is like those Russian dolls that all nest one inside the other.

So It follows that the physical body is an extrusion of the etheric; the lower emotional body is an extrusion of the physical; the upper emotional is an extrusion of the lower emotional; the concrete mental is an extrusion of the upper emotional; the abstract mental is an extrusion of the concrete mental; the concrete spiritual is an extrusion of the abstract mental; and the abstract spiritual is an extrusion of the concrete spiritual which in turn potentially can cross the Great Abyss and link back to Source as Spiritual Light. If it can do this there are now two Source Energies available for the first time, which Gaia has just achieved! This is also what those first wave ascending have acheived!

Assuming all this is true, we think of our physical bodies as more real than our emotional or mental bodies. In turn since the etheric is the outermost electron ring we must now think of our etheric body as more substantial and real than our physical body and this kind of turns things on its head. We are not used to thinking this way. We are not used to thinking of our physical bodies as a creation of our etheric body.

What is also true is that some individuals have done all this before and become thought of as Gods and Goddesses or immortals. What has not happened before is an entire planet with lower life forms has not ascended before.

Those individuals who have done this before must have continued to exist permanently on the etheric planes somehow and their followers give them needed life force or used to because Gaia was not connected with Source as Spiritual Energy required for an immortal life. Now Gaia can give them that needed life force energy! They are no longer dependent upon followers to sustain their immortal non-physical bodies.

There were other individuals that learned how to exist within the etheric planes by becoming energy vampires that stole the life force from other living beings. I get that. They continue to be unable to tap into Source as Spiritual Light or as Gaia! They have become desperate for beings to feed upon. That’s why Covid 19 is so important to them; so they can live off the fear it generates.

But all this happens on the etheric planes which are below the physical planes; down in the Summerland or perhaps Hell; in any case the Underworld. None of this happens in the astral planes which are above the physical and etheric planes.

But timelines are created from the top down! Timelines begin in the spiritual levels; work their way down through the mental levels and through the emotional levels until they finally become physical events. Only then to they become fixed within the etheric planes and then written in the Akashic records.

But the etheric planes is where free will can alter destiny for good or bad. Humanity was destined to have a nuclear holocaust and we collectively avoided it! We avoided it even though it existed in those higher timelines. It is within the etheric levels that this current battle is taking place as the powers that be desperately try to remain the rulers of humanity and that is why the channelers can’t predict what will happen because those they channel have no access to the etheric planes. The etheric planes is where magick happens, good and bad!

The non-physical planes resist change and when forced to snap into a new configuration they will attempt to keep the new configuration and will also send a backlash of negative energy to those that have just won! I don’t know how many times in my life I have had an important energetic breakthrough that was followed by having to take a hit of some kind; a hit that hurt but was not serious. It was simply that rebound effect one something good happening that needed to be followed by a balancing something bad happening. I think that is what is happening in our society with Biden winning this election. Gaia won her ascension and the light won the battle of Unity but the price was this election! Pure Newtonian physical a force in one direction must be met by an equal and opposite force in the opposite direction!

This all shows how vital learning about the etheric and empowering ourselves at the etheric levels has now become so important to those of us able to make use of them!

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As I begin this week I’ve been thinking about what to write, what is most appropriate at this point in time. What is most important. Any of you who have performed some of the portal meditations which I have shared understand that Gaia and The Womb of Creation are now energetically linked and unified permanently with SOURCE as Spiritual Light and the Divine Masculine. There is a constant and perpetual two way flow from SOURCE as Spiritual Light down to Gaia as SOURCE of all Life and back up again. The meditation itself proves this and we who do these meditations also have this same two way flow of Source energies surging through us and clearing out any negativities and toxins that are within us.

To do this we have confronted our Shadows and personal demons and purified and integrated them in a loving way along with our Higher Selves and so has Gaia. We have cleared the energetic pathways between the highest and the lowest and now we are in a state of balance and so is Gaia! Our task now is to hold that balance and maintain that balance while everyone else catches up!

The things that will be happening in the next few days, weeks and months are a necessary balancing of things that are not in balance! This is the mass eruption of Humanities Shadow as the remnant of humanity is forced to do what we have done voluntarily. It does not affect those things that are already in balance!

We ourselves have no place to go because we are already balanced. Our places are secure and protected because we have aligned our lives with Gaia and the life forces. The work that we have done will keep us protected and on timelines of continued spiritual growth. The simple truth is that if we have opened these two way energy channels within our souls there in no way we can be harmed by what is to come. Continuing the portal meditations can keep our energetic channels pure and clean and assist Gaia as well. This is especially true as we settle into our newly and permanently activated etheric bodies and learn how to use them.

It is more important than ever to choose life, love and good-will toward all rather than the restrictive fear based isolation that keeps people alone and powerless. So reach out to others with messages of hope and courage as we create the world in which we choose to live!

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For those that might not realize it this is a continued more in depth commentary on the pathworkings that I have been doing and the key points that I have discovered. So far I’ve mentioned the Guardian of the Threshold and the Akashic Records. It is after this that we encounter the strange saurian or reptilian entities for the first time. what is this really about?

Those of us in the Order have evolved and lived through the times as dinosaurs, have been dinosaurs and the reptile brain with its fight or flight reflex still lies deep within us. It is strange that on my first journey to the Akashic Records with my own meditation I chose a lifetime as a dragon and my treasure that I reclaimed was my fierceness in that lifetime. I’m not really sure why, but trust my instincts on this. I suspect there is a great fight ahead and I will need some of that fierceness!

Once several years ago I was given a vision of the great ages of Gaia and the age of the dinosaurs was one of them and it was extremely fierce and violent. Every Shaman at some point receives this vision in one way or another because it is a remembrance of his or her first origins going back to the photon level. For the shaman to connect to his or her earth power they must have this vision and it is related to the Akashic Records.

Fairy tales talk about the massive treasure troves that are guarded by dragons and we can only suspect that somehow these dragons also guard the Akashic Records which are the true treasure troves. Now I’m jumping ahead a bit to the 3rd pathworking but in it the griffins fight an eternal dragon which they can never truly defeat. It is an eternal battle as the griffins strive to save the sun from being devoured. This battle in continually renewed over and over again each day. What is that all about?

Now I’m going to jump completely off the track and talk about Divine Counterparts and Soulmates. Each one of us individually has an awareness that is cast upon the blank screen of a background. This is duality of self and not self. If everything was the same there would be no awareness. Awareness requires the contrast of a background to exist. Our Divine Counterpart creates and maintains that background, is the background! This is the great mystery of sex and opposites. The more distorted we are, the more distorted the background is! The ideal of course is seen within the yin-yang symbol in which no matter which way you look there is symmetry and balance. But even when there is no symmetry there needs to be balance because it belongs to Unity and a move in one direction must be balanced by an equal and opposite force in the other.

Ultimately our Divine Counterpart is our complete opposite and that means they also exist as countless lifetimes within the Akashic Records. At the beginning of a great cycle the entire created world stands between us as we experience those non-human lifetimes of each other. By the end of a great cycle we may have the opportunity to join with our Divine Counterpart however briefly, but then like a cell splitting and dividing we each form our own part of the yin-yang symbol. Each is a dot of awareness within the world that is the other. Much more on all this at a later time. I’m simply saying that on one level the dragon that we fight is our Divine Counterpart and Ultimately is our missing part! The most sacred thing in our world.

And we can find this dragon inside of us. But the dragon inside of us is a part of us and not a part of our Divine Counterpart. This dragon inside us is our guardian and protector if we can claim it and integrate it. Its soul purpose is to protect us from harm and keep us alive. But we are afraid of it. It is part of our Shadow.

So on our journey we encounter both dragons, the dragon of our Divine Counterpart which we must battle and the dragon of our own inner nature which we must befriend and integrate. Later in our journey we will learn how to appreciate and integrate the Dragon of our Divine Counterpart, but that is the end of the journey and not the beginning of the journey.

In the meantime we encounter Soulmates who are representatives of our Divine Counterparts and we interact with them instead. These contacts happen at the chakra level and are recognized by the strength of the energy exchanged, an almost fiery energy exchange!

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Journey to the Womb of Creation, The Akashic Records and bring back a gift or tool that you earned in a past life which will be valuable today! While you are at it grant a wish to your past self!

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