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Suit of Pentacles

In the Tarot the suit of Pentacles represents both physical energy and sexual energy. This presents some difficulty because strictly speaking sexual energy is not physical energy unless it is exchanged through the act of physical sex. This is because physical energy is energy created through physical activity and is normally considered to consist of hard physical labor. Sexual energy is perhaps the sublimation or highest form of physical energy.

In any case physical energy will achieve physical results within our environments while sexual energy will not normally achieve physical results except through pregnancy and the birth of a child. What the suit of Pentacles deals with is how sexual energy is linked to physical activity and the creation or achievement of those things in life that we want.

The male was given a larger supply of sexual energy at birth than the female was. He naturally finds an outlet for this energy in physical activity, but his supply is limited. To generate more he must go through the long process of transmuting spiritual energy into mental energy, then into emotional energy and finally into sexual energy and physical energy.

The female receives a lesser amount at birth but is able to get this type of energy easily by drawing energy directly from the earth and storing it within her body as sexual energy. This is a fairly natural thing for her to do and occurs naturally in the process of having her monthly periods.

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Ten of Cups

Symbol– He truly and deeply realizes how much he loves her. She realizes that she is the Holy Grail that all men seek but no man may have.

Meaning- Realization

After she leaves him, he realizes how much she really meant to him. He realizes that he truly loved her after all and that she had so much more to offer than he ever realized.

He had been wasting his life and his potential letting her do everything and never telling her how important she was to him. He took everything that she did for granted and now it is too late. She is gone forever and no one can ever replace her in his heart.

He places her on a pedestal and worships her memory. All that he remembers are the good times that they had together and now those good times are gone. He is freely generating lower emotional energy now of sorrow and sadness.

He is creating a life for himself of sadness and misery. This experience is an important one for him because he is becoming a deeper and more caring person. He is more aware of the needs of others now than ever before.

She knows that he loves her deeply and it hurts her to leave him but she also knows that her goals in life are not compatible with his goals in life. If they stayed together it would just be a life of misery for both of them.

It is far better to release him to follow his dream and for her to follow her dream. She knows that someday he will find someone else that is a better match for him. She also knows that she wants to be free to find her special person too.

She feels a sense of renewal and excitement as her new life unfolds before her. She knows that her desires will someday come true and she acts with conviction.
Society is against her this time and she feels social pressure to conform to the norm and go back to him but she refuses. She rebels violently against all that would confine her and prevent her from her true purpose and goal in life.

Male experience:

He feels hurt and anger that she would leave him. He is generating the lower emotions of pain and sorrow and his life becomes filled with these new emotions.
He never realized how much she meant to him until after she was gone. He never deserved someone like her. She was so good for him. He knows that he will never find anyone else like her.

Female experience:

She knows that he loves her and she loves him too. But he is not right for her. The love that they share is not the type of love that she really longs for. No matter how much that they try they will never really be able to meet each other’s needs because they are too different.

She feels joy and excitement in her new found freedom and reacts violently against anyone that tries to pressure her into going back to him. She knows what she is doing and she knows that someday he will find someone that is better for him than she is.

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I was hoping to do a video but I just don’t have the energy for it. Still there are important happenings that I feel should be addressed and recognized this past few weeks. This pertains directly to Gaia’s ascension and how we experience it as we make our global shift from 3D to 4D or the world of fairy and of magic.

Again I need to share that Gaia has already ascended well into the highest levels along with those able to ascend with her and she did this back in December of 2012. But she has chosen to return back down to 4th density to assure that all life forms upon her will have the ability to ascend with her if that is their choice. Many of us have also ascended and come back to ensure that no one gets left behind.

The entire scenario of Gaia ascending from 3D, skipping 4D and going straight to 5D was the ploy of The Powers That Were, those that hoped to enslave the human race once more and keep it enslaved through another great cycle. 5D is of the mind and 4D is of the heart. Gaia’s ascension is of the heart! It is by listening to the still small voice of the Christ spirit within our hearts and the voice of our conscience that we ascend. It is not through the wisdom of science and technology pursued by the Archons. Our global ascension is an ascension of love for all living things! Let us never forget!

Our global ascension is about collectively embracing prosperity, and reaching out to each other. It is not and can never be about control. It is about freedom!

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that the polarized conflict will continue within our society until the spring equinox in March, but it is obvious which side is winning! The side of prosperity and love is winning! The side of hope and humanity is winning!

During the State Of The Union speech the Democrats couldn’t even applaud in recognition that the unemployment rate for Blacks and Latino’s is the lowest it has ever been! They couldn’t recognize the importance of standing for the national anthem! It became painfully obvious that they wanted the United States to fail so that it could be replaced with a global high tech government run by elites! It became obvious that what they wanted was not prosperity, but control of the American people.

My body has felt this conflict for the past three weeks. It has felt this stress in a way that presented as cold or flu like symptoms, ascension symptoms! My sinuses were so painful that I struggled with blood clots and I’m on blood thinners. But I remain convinced that it was the stress of the conflicting energies and not true illness. I lost two days of work a week apart from each other, Friday’s where I was so sick I couldn’t work. I couldn’t even post on the internet.

That all went away when the House Intel Memo went public! At the same time a major conflict at work erupted and caused a major restructuring of my work space, much for the better! What I’m saying is that in my personal life things are beginning to get better and better! Last week someone actually showed up at my local ascension meetup group and we had a good conversation!

Prosperity is 4D and it is magical! For those ascending the physical is finally beginning to respond to our creative desires! It is happening slowly, but it is happening and there is nothing that can stop it because the change is already reflected in the higher levels of the astral planes.

Our magic is in the process of unfolding so use it! Embrace the prosperity as it shows up, even if it might not be as much as you hoped for. Things will continue to get better as our physical world (4D) becomes more responsive to us and to our intentions.

Understand that the ascension energy is going to be working locally now and not as globally. The new born energies of spring are now entering into our bones and into our new 4D earth. These energies are bringing us life and vitality, especially those of us that have chosen to live here in these physical bodies for a few more years before dropping them as so many others are now beginning to do.

Those that are not in harmony with these new energies of love and of the heart will be brought down and taken out of this world! We have chosen this world to be a Garden of Eden and not a hell! Watch in wonder as the high and mighty are brought down by the weight of their own evil deeds! Recognize how much we have been lied to!

Give thanks that we have been spared what could have so easily have happened! Recognize what we have so narrowly escaped and rejoice in our freedom!

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Nine of Cups

Symbol-He must tell her that he loves her. She must become lovable

Female nun

Meaning- He gives her the key

There is a struggle of wills between him and her. They have both become powerful personalities and they both generate an abundance of emotional energy at will. This means that they both are able to create and alter astrally their potential future.

He is struggling to maintain the simplicity and bliss that he had enjoyed earlier. He tries to accept her new life style and her new self image. He tries to compromise with her about the things that they both want. He is generating sorrow and anguish energies for the first time and not enjoying it at all. It is not pleasant to experience or generate this type of energy.

He tells her that he loves her and that they can salvage the relationship if she will compromise too. Between the two of them they can create any type of life that they wish.

She is not interested in compromising with him because she knows that she can create the type of life that she wants without him. She also realizes even more strongly that he is not really her type of person.

They do not share the same interests or even have that romantic spark between them. She likes him and doesn’t want to hurt him. Still she doesn’t really want to spend the rest of her life with him either.

She wants someone that she can really do things with and have fun with. She wants passion and a romantic spark to come back into her life. She wants more than what she has now and she is determined to get it.

Male experience:

He loves her and decides that he will compromise and support her in what she is trying to do in life. If she is happy and achieves her goals maybe she will be more content in their relationship and things will get better. He is generating emotional pain and sorrow energy.

He swallows his pride and allows her to become even more successful in life than he is. He even tries to be proud of her accomplishments and not threatened by them.

Female experience:

As she is more and more successful in achieving her goals she feels better and better about herself. She is able to get the things she wants and she can do it herself without him. It’s great. She finally begins to feel as if she deserves to have the nice things in life.

She begins to question the value of her relationship with him. It is not really fulfilling her needs. There is no excitement or romantic spark and he is not really the type of person that she thought he was when she got involved with him. She could do a lot better and be a lot happier with someone else.

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Eight of Cups

Symbol– young girl cuts her hair to look and act like a boy.

Meaning- join forces

She is beginning to use her painful emotional energy to create a better future for herself. He is already content and has his desires fulfilled so she begins to absorb his energy and use it to create the type of life that she wants.

If he won’t do it for her she will either make him do it or go out and do it herself. Nagging and bitching have little effect on him and in the end she decides that if she wants the good life it is up to her to get it.

She decides to act upon her desires and dreams and he encourages her. If he has what he wants out of life, well so should she. It is exciting to see her go out and get what she wants. She is almost acting like a man and somehow that is sexually stimulating to him. She is a lot more than those females that stay at home all the time. Her emotional pain is driving her into new creative acts.
He is beginning to get more interested in her as a person. He even tries to give her some advice and free opinions but she doesn’t want any of it.

She wants to do this herself. This is her dream and her life and he isn’t really even a very big factor in it anymore. All that she needs from him is his love and emotional energy, hell, forget the love, all she needs from him is his emotional energy.

He can sense her slipping away from him and it alarms him. She cares more about her work than about him and their relationship. He voices his fears and resentments and hostile, angry emotional energy begins to be generated. The relationship begins to deteriorate.

Male experience:

At first she wants him to do everything and nags him unmercifully. It seems as if she can be a real shrew and he wonders where the sweet young thing disappeared to. After a while she stops complaining and begins to do things herself. This is great.

Soon he realizes that she doesn’t need him any more. She insists upon doing everything her self, even those things that he likes to do. He begins to feel unwanted and resentful of her.

Female experience:

When she realizes that she won’t get any help from him she pretty much writes him out of the story altogether. She doesn’t bother him anymore and just decides to achieve her dreams on her own. As she begins to get results she feels real joy and a sense of accomplishment.

As soon as she begins to be successful she notices that he wants to stick his nose in everything and run it the way that he wants. This is her dream, not his and she won’t allow him to ruin it for her ever again. He can’t seem to understand and they begin to have arguments and fights over what she can and can’t do.

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Seven of Cups

Symbol– poor drunk is enjoying the sexual attentions of rich lady.

Meaning- loss of innocence

He is strong and able to determine his own future and just how he will serve the world community. At its climax his love and wisdom burst forth from him in an outpouring of love upon the entire world. THIS is what he wills to do during this yearly cycle.

He is generating a full supply of emotional energy and attracting large amounts of female emotional energy from one or more females. These females are in love with him and he enjoys it immensely. There is a growing number of people that approve of him and his actions and intentions in life. Society and the collective are starting to cooperate with him and his efforts.

He is able to combine these energies to form astral energy and to alter his future in whatever way that he wishes it to be. It seems that he just can’t lose now. Everything is working out just as it should. This is a time of bliss and happiness For him. He becomes a creature enjoying pure hedonistic pleasures without thought of the future or of others. He is drawn to women that are very different from himself. They fill missing parts of his own psyche and he feels complete.

It never occurs to him that she is not fulfilled or happy within the existing relationship. His ego is so big that he feels she must be happy if he is happy. He is mellow and very content.

She loves him and hates him at the same time. His personality draws her as a magnet and she can’t resist him but he does not fulfill her desires. There is something missing that she hungers for. She wants comfort and stability and the nice things in life and he is content to live like a pig as long as he has food to eat and a place to sleep.

He has no intention of creating her dream life for her and she slowly begins to understand that he is not good for her. She will never achieve her goals in life if she remains trapped in this relationship. She can’t do anything and he won’t do anything. He is sponging off her energy and getting a free ride.

Male experience:

He is generating lots of emotional energy and he forms a serious relationship with her. She is pressured into the relationship does all kinds of things for him. He looses himself in emotional bliss and sensuality. He is content and fulfilled.

He has no desire to try any harder or to do things for her. A lack of initiative fills him and a desire to better himself is missing. It is almost as if he is drugged and off in never-never land.

Female experience:

She is both attracted and repelled by him. He is not at all the type of person she ever thought she would get involved with but he has so much potential and power. He can do so much and she thinks that he will be able to get her the things that she desires in life.

She commits herself to him and gives him her love and support. As she gives him her love and emotional energy a strange thing happens. Instead of going out and fulfilling his true potential, he does less and less. He lets her do more and more without lifting a finger in return. She begins to realize that he is a freeloader and that she would be better off without him. He is more like a bum than like who she thought he would be.

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I’ve become completely fed up with the lies, lies and more lies that the NWO elite and the MSM continuously feed us. Let me be very clear about this. There is a massive difference between factual evidence and the desire to find factual evidence. One exists and the other may or may not exist.

The MSM continue to parrot the narratives fed to them by their NWO elite superiors and globalists. It has been proven that the DNC emails were not hacked but leaked based upon the file transfer speed. They were not downloaded from a distance.

It has been proven that the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign paid for the Trump dossier in an effort to get dirt on Trump.

It has been proven that the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign cheated Democratic rival Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic nomination and took all the money that was intended for him.

It has been proven that there was improper surveillance of American citizens and political bias in the top ranks of the FBI and DOJ.

We have been given only lies, lies and more lies! It’s time to tell us the truth! It’s time to give us some truth! It’s time to release the House intel committee’s classified memo to us the American people so that we can form our own conclusions based upon the evidence.

The United States is currently in a civil war that hopefully will not spread beyond twitter! Since twitter has become the battlefield it’s time to educate ourselves about it. That is what I have been doing these past few weeks.

First, a little about the enemy of the American people, the NWO globalists who want to enslave and impoverish the American people and the MSM that blindly follows the narrative given to them. THEY ARE IN THE MINORITY EVEN THOUGH THEY WANT EVERYONE TO BELIEVE THEY ARE THE MAJORITY! They use AI [artificial intelligence computers] to distort appearances and cook results.

In the twitter wars this appears when one of our hashtags such as #ReleaseTheMemo becomes dominant for hours and then is suddenly killed and drops to the bottom in seconds. This is deliberate manipulation of results and violation of free speech! But this happens over and over again on an increasing basis daily.

Make your tweet count! Before you tweet go to http://tweeplers.com/hashtags/?cc=US and see what hashtags are currently trending. This is important! If our hashtag is in 1st or 2nd place use that hashtag and support it! Post things that are helpful to us like this post!

If our hashtag has been killed post to the #1 hashtag and hijack it! This is very important! Post information that the enemy needs to see! Face to face confrontation is what this is going to be about as real individuals confront PC idiocy!
Educate these blind followers and show them that true individuals are capable of independent thought!

Remember, we will win the twitter war by posting in the enemy’s hashtags and hijacking them. Hijacking a trending hashtag results in the opposition seeing our own point of view for the first time! Good hunting!

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