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For those that might not realize it this is a continued more in depth commentary on the pathworkings that I have been doing and the key points that I have discovered. So far I’ve mentioned the Guardian of the Threshold and the Akashic Records. It is after this that we encounter the strange saurian or reptilian entities for the first time. what is this really about?

Those of us in the Order have evolved and lived through the times as dinosaurs, have been dinosaurs and the reptile brain with its fight or flight reflex still lies deep within us. It is strange that on my first journey to the Akashic Records with my own meditation I chose a lifetime as a dragon and my treasure that I reclaimed was my fierceness in that lifetime. I’m not really sure why, but trust my instincts on this. I suspect there is a great fight ahead and I will need some of that fierceness!

Once several years ago I was given a vision of the great ages of Gaia and the age of the dinosaurs was one of them and it was extremely fierce and violent. Every Shaman at some point receives this vision in one way or another because it is a remembrance of his or her first origins going back to the photon level. For the shaman to connect to his or her earth power they must have this vision and it is related to the Akashic Records.

Fairy tales talk about the massive treasure troves that are guarded by dragons and we can only suspect that somehow these dragons also guard the Akashic Records which are the true treasure troves. Now I’m jumping ahead a bit to the 3rd pathworking but in it the griffins fight an eternal dragon which they can never truly defeat. It is an eternal battle as the griffins strive to save the sun from being devoured. This battle in continually renewed over and over again each day. What is that all about?

Now I’m going to jump completely off the track and talk about Divine Counterparts and Soulmates. Each one of us individually has an awareness that is cast upon the blank screen of a background. This is duality of self and not self. If everything was the same there would be no awareness. Awareness requires the contrast of a background to exist. Our Divine Counterpart creates and maintains that background, is the background! This is the great mystery of sex and opposites. The more distorted we are, the more distorted the background is! The ideal of course is seen within the yin-yang symbol in which no matter which way you look there is symmetry and balance. But even when there is no symmetry there needs to be balance because it belongs to Unity and a move in one direction must be balanced by an equal and opposite force in the other.

Ultimately our Divine Counterpart is our complete opposite and that means they also exist as countless lifetimes within the Akashic Records. At the beginning of a great cycle the entire created world stands between us as we experience those non-human lifetimes of each other. By the end of a great cycle we may have the opportunity to join with our Divine Counterpart however briefly, but then like a cell splitting and dividing we each form our own part of the yin-yang symbol. Each is a dot of awareness within the world that is the other. Much more on all this at a later time. I’m simply saying that on one level the dragon that we fight is our Divine Counterpart and Ultimately is our missing part! The most sacred thing in our world.

And we can find this dragon inside of us. But the dragon inside of us is a part of us and not a part of our Divine Counterpart. This dragon inside us is our guardian and protector if we can claim it and integrate it. Its soul purpose is to protect us from harm and keep us alive. But we are afraid of it. It is part of our Shadow.

So on our journey we encounter both dragons, the dragon of our Divine Counterpart which we must battle and the dragon of our own inner nature which we must befriend and integrate. Later in our journey we will learn how to appreciate and integrate the Dragon of our Divine Counterpart, but that is the end of the journey and not the beginning of the journey.

In the meantime we encounter Soulmates who are representatives of our Divine Counterparts and we interact with them instead. These contacts happen at the chakra level and are recognized by the strength of the energy exchanged, an almost fiery energy exchange!

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Journey to the Womb of Creation, The Akashic Records and bring back a gift or tool that you earned in a past life which will be valuable today! While you are at it grant a wish to your past self!

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Suddenly there is almost too much to share! I need to take a moment and regroup. First I will share that I am only posting this information here on my website and only sharing it with those who are seeking it out. This material and information will become increasingly protected and draw those who seek it and repel those not compatible with its energies. It is magically protected and magically enhanced. So pay attention to your own reaction to these posts as they will tell you things you need to know.

Secondly, doing any type of portal group working on a daily basis will ultimately lead to an initiation into the Order as your awareness connects with The Womb of Creation. When this happens your awareness has successfully crossed over to inhabit your permanently activated etheric body! You will know when this happens because your entire body and awareness will be totally immersed in these energies for well over four hours… it is a Cosmic Initiation that can only be brought about by your own efforts at unification with the Womb of Creation. This just happened for me a couple of days ago and I am still trying to process it!

So I am going to be offering several group portal working meditations that focus on different activities. You might be interested in developing some of your own as well. I have already offered the first one about exploring astral projection and out of body experience and another one about The Order and Strengthening our Bonds. More to follow.

The next group portal meditation will focus on The Womb of Creation and the Akashic Records which is also the focus of this post. The Womb of Creation and the Akashic Records both refer to that final element #118 which is a noble gas and contains within it all of the other elements and all other possibilities. It is the Cosmic Egg and Goddess as SOURCE of all living things. The elements may have evolved out of God as SOURCE but life evolved out of Goddess as SOURCE and there is a powerful attraction between the two of them. In doing the group portal meditations we tap into that polarity and the powerful energy exchange and it opens pathways inside ourselves.

As we begin this new Age and Master Cycle we are aligned with Gaia and with Goddess and SOURCE of all life. Because there is no such thing as time our eternal beginnings are still there and still active. These aspects of our past lives are what makes up the Akashic Records in which our entire evolutionary story of soul development is not only recorded but still active. But there is a distinction between our past and our future because our past has been written and our future is yet to be written. It is possible to rewrite our past by going backward in time and it is possible to pre-select our future by going forward in time but again there are differences. If we go back in time we need to choose things that might have happened and explore an alternate path than what currently has been recorded. If we go forward in time no path has been recorded and we need to select the timeline of our choice. To do this we need to rise to the highest levels of the astral planes so that we can influence events before they happen.

So going back in time takes place on the etheric planes where the Akashic Records exist which is at the Womb of Creation and going forward in time takes place on the highest spiritual planes where SOURCE exists as spiritual light at the level of the photon. But we exist in the eternal present moment and never truly can go back or go forward. What we can do is gather up the treasures, resources and weapons that we have earned over our countless past lifetimes and use them to assist us in the present moment while at the same time being sensitive to the infinite possibilities that open before us every day and take advantage of them. It is what we do in the present moment that determines where we find ourselves in the future and when we empower ourselves with the tools we have gained in past lives we can be far more effective in the present moment which in turn will lead us to our highest goals.

In any case it is what we choose to do in the present moment that determines our final destination! Choose well!

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I’ve learned quite a bit in the last couple weeks and here is my first update. There are two things of major importance about astral projection and OOBEs. Most failures or problems come from problem with the mind-split and/or lack of energy which is simple fatigue.

So potentially we have seven projectable astral bodies, one for each electron ring:

The outermost astral body is really the etheric body consisting of the final possible element #118 which is also a noble gas and the womb of all life because it is the final complete atom that contains all the others within it. This is the Cosmic Womb and Cosmic Goddess in all traditions. The Void is not empty, but an ocean of this final element/noble gas.

This Womb of Creation creates within Gaia’s central core what has been termed “The Akashic Records” and this collective formation is the true Source of our individual souls. Our etheric bodies are the first projections from this central Womb of Creation.

Our physical bodies are projections of our etheric bodies. They are contained within our etheric bodies and created from those 6th ring electrons and energies. Magic is the ability to manipulate and influence our physical bodies and worlds through manipulation of our etheric bodies and the etheric planes.

Our Lower Emotional bodies are the projection of our physical bodies and the power that appears to drive physical events. This is the 5th electron ring and 18 possible awareness points. We become emotional enough and physically act upon our emotions. This is the level of will and determination.

Our Upper Emotional bodies are projections of our lower Emotional bodies. As our souls evolve we are guided by these higher emotions instead of the lower emotions. This 4th electron ring also has 18 possible electrons or sensory points of awareness. This large number of sensory points is why the emotions are so rich and varied.

Our Concrete Mental bodies are what is considered normal human awareness of our environment with 8 electrons and is the 3rd electron ring. It also corresponds with the eight physical senses or what we call the eight physical senses. (includes weight and gravity among other things like sight, sound, taste, smell and touch) Our concrete mental bodies are projections of our Upper Emotional Bodies.

Our Abstract mental bodies are projections of our Concrete Mental bodies and also have 8 electrons as the 2nd electron ring and are the philosophical energies of creative thought.

The innermost electron ring has only two electrons and consists of the Concrete Spiritual Energies which are projections of the Abstract Mental energies. This black and white dual sensory level is that of the Divine Archetype and inspirational or self-evident truth.

Hydrogen as the first possible element also shares a special place and that of UNITY and is the Bridge between ENERGY/MATTER/TIME where one type of energy can be converted to the other.

Rotating Magnetic Field Energy are the cosmic forces of attraction and repulsion with the male energy as expansive/repelling and the female energy as attractive/embracing.

The Photon level is the ULTIMATE SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS!

Now here is the thing. Conscious awareness can exist at all of these levels with those experiences at the etheric level responding to magical energies. Those of the Photon/Hydrogen and Concrete Spiritual energies belonging to so called spiritual/mystical experiences.

The Photon Level is the Cosmic Father and the Etheric Level is the Womb of Creation or Cosmic Mother. These are the two great powers behind all existence and they are strongly attracted to each other.

Gaia’s recent ascension has reconnected her energetically with the Cosmic Father and makes full spectrum living possible for the first time! There is a complete permanent two way energetic linkage between the Cosmic Father and Cosmic Mother and when we energetically connect to both of these power sources we tap into that unlimited power as well.

That is why those that have ascended now have permanently activated etheric bodies and are capable of magic in the creation of our new world. In the beginning of this new cycle it is the etheric level that is magical and fully functional now. As they learn to function in the etheric they can begin projecting their other astral bodies to magically function at even higher levels. This is pure power!

How does this apply to astral projection? This is what I discovered. Projection from a portal as I have been doing it perfectly energizes all possible astral bodies giving them both the energy they need and the communication between levels to ensure memory retention back down to the Akashic Records which is the true Source of the Soul. The Mind-Split means that we can consciously function with seven different awarenesses at the same time! This can more accurately be termed multi-dimensional awareness. If you want to magically create our new world this is what you need to develop within yourself and these projection experiments are a good way of doing just that!

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Here is a fun and fascinating look at a quick and effective way to determine ballot fraud according to scientific method without lots of computer code. Basically everyone is so confused by the technical jargon that they are not asking for the simple solutions that are available.

I learned a lot from this short video and recommend it to anyone that might be interested in this subject. So much information is now coming out that it is only a matter of days until there is a breakthrough moment, if it hasn’t happened already…

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People need to begin taking notice to the high powered talent that is behind Sidney Powell’s law suits! Those saying there is no proof of election fraud are beginning to look and sound like babbling idiots!

Without even examining the machines but looking only at the available data thus far, he has concluded a number of things:

1. The counts in the disputed states (Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia) show electronic manipulation.

2. The simultaneous decision in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia to pretend to halt counting votes was unprecedented and demonstrated a coordinated effort to collude toward desired results.

3. One to two percent of votes were forged in Biden’s favor.

4. Optical scanners were set to accept unverified, un-validated ballots.

5. The scanners failed to keep records for audits, an outcome that must have been deliberately programmed.

6. The stolen cryptographic key, which applied to all voting systems, was used to alter vote counts.

7. The favorable votes pouring in after hours for Biden could not be accounted for by a Democrat preference for mailed in ballots. They demonstrated manipulation. For example, in Pennsylvania, it was physically impossible to feed 400,000 ballots into the machines within 2–3 hours.

8. Dominion used Chinese parts, and there’s reason to believe that China, Venezuela, Cuba interfered in the election.

9. There was a Hammer and Scorecard cyber-attack that altered votes in the battleground states, and then forwarded the results to Scytl servers in Frankfurt, Germany, to avoid detection.

10. The systems failed to produce any auditable results.

Thus, he has concluded with “high confidence that the election 2020 data were altered in all battleground states resulting in a [sic] hundreds of thousands of votes that were cast for President Trump to be transferred [sic] to Vice President Biden.”

This man will be tough to ignore but that’s exactly what judges have been doing so far in Trump’s legal attempts to get results in several states tossed because of fraud – choosing to ignore it.

It may all come down to whether enough U.S. Supreme Court justices are interested in preserving free and fair elections.

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Samhain is less than three weeks away and falls exactly on the full moon of October 31st Halloween! This important festival is one of the two times during the year when the barrier between worlds is the thinnest. It’s opposite is Beltaine which is normally in May. During Beltaine the energy flows from the etheric and invisible worlds into the physical world as spring energy!

During Samhain the energy flows from the physical back into the etheric and invisible worlds. Traditionally this is a time for honoring the dead in various cultures around the world and sometimes strange things happen…

This is especially true this year as Gaia has fully awakened the etheric as the new and dominant energy for the next two thousand years. Etheric or root chakra energy, take your pick. It is magickal! We can expect the veil to keep thinning for the next couple weeks. We can expect more contact with those that have crossed over before us.

Last spring my dog Luci passed over to the summer land and yesterday morning she visited me. I share this as an example of astral activity that is now happening. It was early morning and I was not quite awake and not really asleep, somewhere in-between and suddenly I saw Luci standing there next to a tree looking at me. I noticed her body was a little thinner than before, but younger looking and she was always fairly thin when she was younger. In a way this vision was like a lucid dream. But the real event was her eyes. I looked straight into her eyes and she looked straight into mine. I didn’t have any feeling of shock or fear, but I did get the feeling that I was looking deep into her soul and she was looking into mine. I realized that this was not the Luci that I thought I knew, this was the real Luci and not what I projected upon her. It was a powerful soul shocking experience.

The sense that I had was that I wanted to stay there in her world even though it was dark in the vision. After our eyes locked I woke up a bit shook.

In my entire life I only remember looking straight into the eyes of another being one other time in the etheric or astral planes and it was frightening because his head was down and as he came up he lifted his head and his eyes opened slowly and there was only light in them. That experience was actually a battle of wills and I stood my ground. This was not a battle of wills. It was a recognition of someone that I loved even though it was like seeing the real soul that she was for the first time.

But in this vision Luci’s eyes were dark, like in real life, but filled with energy and power. She was not welcoming or threatening, there was simply a mutual recognition between us. The intensity of this experience stays with me and proves to me that Luci is alive and well and that we still have a soul connection.

Most astral or etheric encounters do not involve eye contact, but are instead in the nature of energy attacks if negative or sexual contacts if positive as in dreams of soulmates. They are not eye to eye and that is the remarkable thing about this experience! This eye to eye contact in the astral is one soul looking deeply into another…

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The next two weeks are very powerful as we are forced to grow up and deal with things in our lives like adults. This is according to the natural rythm and energy cycle of the year as know by the ancients.

I find it fascinating how true the old knowledge is and the old wisdom…yesterday was the new moon and for the next two weeks we are heading for the maturation phase or flowering period for all living things in the northern hemisphere.

So far this year we’ve gone through the gestation phase at the winter solstice; the birth phase at Imbolc;the childhood phase at Easter; the teenage phase during the last full moon at Beltaine or Wessak…now we become adults and enter into the adult world in preparation for this fall’s harvest.

What is going to manifest physically is already done in the astral planes and can no longer be altered. Events simply need to play themselves out.

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In this series exploring the energy dynamics of love relationships we distinguish between four types of energies and relationships:

The “Puppy Love” attraction in which we are caught up in who we think the other person is, not who they really are. This is very idealistic and impractical.

The second is the platonic relationship in which we are fascinated by the dreams of the other person and how they perceive the world so differently from ourselves.

In this video we begin the sharing of our deepest emotions and the beginning of the cycle is our desire to share our happiest emotions with someone else, that perfect someone. We create a space in our hearts for them and either wait for them to appear or actively try to seek them out.

The fourth, yet to be explored energy is the sensual/physical cycle where we try to manifest this relationship physically in the sensual world. That is yet to come…

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