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Christmas Message

The winter solstice has come and the energy for the coming year has been pouring in for those open to receiving it. Depending upon who you are you may be experiencing feelings of elation and excitement or fear and apprehension. I wish to be blunt here and share a politically incorrect perspective, but one that I sense/see as true. Half of the human race is hard wired in one way and half is hard wired in another way. At the end/beginning of a great age the roles are swapped and each half of humanity gets to experience the “other side” of the coin so to speak. Each great cycle brings a new game with enhanced abilities and totally new energy dynamics that even the playing field after things have gotten too unbalanced.

Metaphorically one half of the population gets thrown out of the “Garden of Eden” and the other half is allowed to enter it. This is how it has always happened and how it will always happen in future great cycles. Each half of the population takes turns.

The past great cycle has been governed by the energy dynamics of the “Holy Kabballa”. Those initiated into this “system” have been living in the metaphoric “Garden of Eden” with the ability to magickally empower themselves through magickal and spiritual power. At the beginning of the last great cycle the “Holy Kabballa” was the greatest power for good and for spiritual love. By the end of the last great cycle the “Holy Kabballa” was contaminated and turned to evil ends by those called “The Powers that Be”. This great energy system had become compromised and the greatest good turned to greatest evil.

Likewise, the energy system now in place, known as the Unity Grid, is currently the greatest power for good and fairness within the universe. At the end of this newly beginning great cycle in the far future the Unity Grid will also have become compromised and turned to evil ends. What is now good will be turned to evil. So it has been and so it will be throughout eternity. Each great cycle is about growth and expansion into higher and more complex areas of exploration. Life seeks to explore all that is possible, good and bad.

So, half of humanity is now entering “The Garden of Eden” for the first time in millions of years. They are excited, exuberant and becoming empowered through Gaia’s ascension process. I have called this half of humanity “the new elves”, magickal creatures that work with the magick of the organic forces of life itself and those of Gaia. These souls have been on Gaia for many lifetimes and learned to love her and live according to “the circle of life”. This is a balance that ensures all life can continue to survive in peace and prosperity. For the past great cycle these souls have been denied the pleasures of the “Garden of Eden” and denied initiation into the “Holy Kabballa”. Their internal wiring simply would not work with it. They have needed to struggle and put forth effort to advance. During this past great cycle these humans have learned to integrate their male and female aspects, their spiritual and shadow aspects under the governance of a normal healthy ego. Now they are called forth to enter the new Garden of Eden created by the energy dynamics of the Unity Grid and magickally create the world they desire.

Those experiencing apprehension and fear as this new light enters the Unity Grid are also taking on new roles, the roles of true humans, struggling against the duality that exists inside their own souls. These are the “initiates” of the Holy Kabballa, both good and evil. These are the ones that cannot integrate the two sides of their own inner natures and instead project it outward onto others. Instead of creating “magickally” these folk are now destined to create “through physical effort” as the other half of humanity did during the last great cycle. They are destined to do great things, both good and bad, during the course of this new great cycle and ultimately they too will emerge in triumph to lift humanity through the next quantum leap of soul growth. I have termed these people “the new humans” and they include our star brothers and sisters, the rainbow children, the indigo children and the crystal children. They include some of the highest and brightest of souls, but they lack the ability to integrate the light and the dark within their own souls. This is what they will be learning to do during this new great cycle. The roles have been exchanged and the experiences as well. This is how all souls grow.

So, whether you are experiencing elation or apprehension realize that the energy of the universe now flows differently than it did before and will continue to flow in this new way for a long, long time.

The old eon, the “Holy Kabballa” has been sealed off and no longer functions. The first year of the expulsion cycle has passed and now the first expansion of the Unity Grid begins. From this point on new karma is being created. The window of opportunity, the window of grace has closed. The new system has been sealed and all activity must be accounted for. The various frequencies of each density and chakra have stabilized and become permanently phase-locked together. Our individual awarenesses now have permanent access to those levels we have earned through our hard work.

Incompatible elements have been expelled but that does not mean wrong thinking has been expelled! But from this moment on wrong thinking carries its own consequences. Karma will be almost immediate in most cases.

In the previous cycle humanity was a collective organism living in a singular world. Now each living thing is an individual living in a collective multi-dimensional world! Each individually created reality flows seamlessly into the creations of all other life forms. The only requirement is that the unity of the circle of life must be maintained.

The old 3D experiment was to see if life could sustain itself at such an immensely wide bandwidth and be able to ascend to crystalline form. A small number of individuals were successful in this and made it possible through the creation of the Unity Grid for all life forms to advance to the crystalline levels. This was done through mastery of the 13th DNA strand, the Love strand, the strand of sexuality, through the love of the male and female life forms. Physical life has proven it can sustain itself through sexual reproduction. This sacred ability is available to all life forms on Gaia and it is through the activation of this energy that Gaia’s ascension has been made possible from the lowest levels to the highest levels.

The extremely wide bandwidth of crystalline 3D is not going away. It has become the new norm for all types of awareness and the goal of all life! This is the goal of the new game! To achieve self-sustaining immortality and an individual awareness of the entire bandwidth!

The old souls that have worked to create the Unity Grid are not participants in this new game, but rather umpires and referees, ensuring that the rules are not violated. They are “invisible” and move through this new reality without drawing attention to themselves unless that is what they desire.

There are “old” souls that are participants in the new game, masters of duality, choosing the light or the dark; but ultimately learning to integrate and balance both in harmony. These are the leading members of the “new humanity” that I have mentioned.

In this way both “good” and “evil” will be reflected within the new game and the other players will be pulled and torn between the two sides as they learn to master both aspects of their souls.

Younger souls at all levels of development will be active participants in this new game. There will be an even balance between the “new elves” and the “new humans” as each works to advance the development of their souls through all the densities of creation.

Star brothers and sisters not in physical incarnations are now invited to “take on” the roles of ‘group soul’ for lower life forms. In this way these higher life forms can learn how to exist and function in crystalline 3D. These lower life forms will become their “bodies” and they will be able to experience crystalline 3D through them. We will begin to see intelligent and higher functioning animals and life forms than ever existed before.

An awareness once expanded can never return to the narrow confines of its original nature. We can never return to our mother’s womb! Having successfully experienced physical ascension through our 3D awareness we can never totally return to the more narrow bandwidths of the “higher realms” but must carry our physical bodies and awareness of the lower levels along with us. In 2014 this will become self-evident!


Realize that entry into the “Garden of Eden” is a rest and reward for past struggles. While in the Garden little soul development is possible. Life is too easy. The greatest and fastest possible soul development lies outside the Garden of Eden. There is no right or wrong place to be.

Bright blessings,


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December 18, Full Moon Update Monad Merger

Monday night packed a punch that had me so disoriented that I felt as if I had just smoked some pot (something I haven’t done since 1980) or was having a stroke. Astral/etheric reality was merging so strongly with physical reality that I was having some trouble keeping track of what was memory and what was astral/etheric vision. Realizing that I could not do anything with this energy surge I went to bed early.

Obviously this was the predicted completion of the cycle or monad merger. I managed to sleep it off and went to work the next morning. Of interest was my mood that day. I was in good spirits and when asked if I was going to bring some candy as a Christmas treat (like all the others) I laughed till the tears rolled down my face contemplating putting good old fashioned horehound candy in their little stockings. Wednesday morning saw me once more laughing till tears came as I shared my horehound candy (with limited success!), anise flavored candy (with limited success), cinnamon candy and sassafras candy. Such outgoing behavior being totally removed from my normal quiet and reserved self.

Wednesday morning also brought vivid dreams where one part of my awareness was giving sub-concious hypnotic suggestions to another part. As a trained hypnotist that is the only way to say it. My lucid dream state was an almost? conscious lucid dream with three separate awarenesses where the most aware part of me was making statements/suggestions that I marveled at, that were bringing about change and response from my lower self. Part of me considered modifying some of the suggestions and working more consciously with the process, but another part of me just let things be.

This was definitely a progression and improvement over Monday night’s intoxication like state. My higher aspects were beginning to communicate with my lower aspects and part of me was in the middle just watching. So this merger seems to be getting smoother and my various parts working more closely. My attitude continues to be abnormally upbeat and positive/excited. My multi-dimensional awareness continues to be enhanced.

This was not as marked with my wife, who, Monday night had car problems and a hard day. Still, tonight she is having a good time going to see a horse whisperer that apparently has therapeutic horses. These horses apparently give healing messages to those requesting it. I’ve got to consider this as positive? Chuckle. It is at least a bonding with these fine animals.

Now we await the influx of new energy for the coming year. For me it appears this has happened early with the energy wave Monday night that left me so disoriented. I often receive these waves a bit early as I’m quite attuned to them and help bring them in.

So, we are now locked in. It is time to begin using our gifts and follow our hearts to the pot of gold at the end of our individual rainbows! It is time for the first expansion of our new world! Happy Holidays!


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This morning, December 15, another vivid dream was so intense I felt that it should be shared even though I had just posted. In this dream I was required to surrender my weapons and take the bullets out of them. Then I assisted with this process opening the actions and removing the bullets from other weapons, rifles, hand guns and such. I remember being a bit embarrassed that my own weapons had bullets in the chamber ready to fire when I had been trained to always keep the chamber empty. So this was not a punishment or lessening of empowerment, but a conscious choice to render all of the these weapons useless.

The meaning seems clear as it signifies the move from creation through force (bullets) to creation through magnetic resonance (attraction). That this was happening on a large scale and involving other people shows a global movement and new type of empowerment.

In reflection my last astral conflicts were more like stare-downs or conflicts of will than involving force or weapons. Perhaps this is slowly becoming the norm. In any case I am certain that the goal of global peace has been brought closer with events such as these and the mourning/celebration/remembrance of Nelson Mendella this past week.

The removal of bullets from astral weapons is certainly a powerful imagery that is appropriate for this holiday season!

Bright blessings,


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Crystallization December 14, 2013


This morning a powerful dream sequence showed the crystallization of my life circumstances, setting the stage for perhaps several years. In this dream I felt pursued, but there were no pursuers. (I take this feeling as survival energies, including the need to financially make ends meet; a constant stress these days.) I was with someone and ran to my shelter, which was a strong building with metal siding. (My employer, a local electronics mfg. co.) I ran around the building trying to find the hidden door to get inside. I finally pried it open and got inside. The inside was a living quarters and quite messy with some trash on the floor. I remember thinking that I had not been here for a long time and someone else must have trashed it. Then I ended up digging my hands through something like gravel/small stones. There were some unpleasant things in the soil as well. (This I take to symbolize some problems likely to manifest at work and the need to grub for a living.)


Then the dream shifted and I moved into another room/level where a radio was playing German music (My German translation blogs online and my published translations as books). Going onto the roof I heard a loudspeaker playing more modern music/talk radio (My own writings on ascension and magick/empowerment) and a moment of panic when I considered that I needed to turn the volume down or I would be located (as I seemed to be seeking shelter, not publicity.) This radio was VERY LOUD! (I didn’t succeed in turning it down!)


This dream was a crystallization of my life, my future life; the need for continued factory work, at a higher level my German translation work and at the highest and most powerful level, my own teachings, postings, writings on ascension and personal empowerment. This highest level was the most important and the most powerful but also the furthest from the earth/physical manifestation. It was all there, financial insecurity for the present; moving to more published book translations and finally the shift to my own writings/teachings as I share my own understandings with those interested.




This dream occurred on the magical planes of physical manifestation (a week prior to the full moon) and showed the future, my future as it now exists. Lots of hard work at first and moving to higher things as time goes on. This dream showed in visual terms my gifts of empowerment that I take into the new world with me. These are my empowerments that exist in the new world right now. These are what I have earned.


The previous day, the 13th, included many powerful dreams as well, including a massive “initiation” or activation/polarity flip that was more beautiful/powerful than anything I have experienced to date. At the time I felt that I had truly ascended/completed my soul and there was no longer the resistance I have felt all of my life. Everything was flowing with me, not against me. Today as I write this I can barely remember the experience; but I sense it was a triggering/quickening and that it foreshadowed the coming influx of light at the solstice. In past years it has been common for me to receive this influx several days before the solstice. Two years in a row the influx was so powerful that I was unable to stand because of dizziness and needed to go home from work during the day. Last year was the first year this influx was tolerable (it passed through the Unity Grid instead of through me/the Unity Grid took the brunt of the shock) and this time the influx felt like a true upliftment and activation/polarity shift that was pleasant to experience.



I share these things to show that I do seem to have a future that is crystallizing astrally prior to physically manifesting. If I do, then we all do. This future does not seem to be a bed of roses right at first with some severe survival pressures. This future does seem to involve crystalline 3d living. If this is true for me, I assume it will be true for others as well. However, it also shows a solution and a working out in the long run, a solution over time. It shows my current occupation, my German translation work and my own OAK teachings. I have successfully used my abilities to create a future that is meaningful and important to me. This dream shows what needs to be done. Now I need to patiently apply myself until that future manifests in “real 3d time”. The creations of the “higher” densities need to work their way downward to physically manifest.


To say that we can now create our futures also implies that we will need to wait for them to manifest in physical 3d. This creation process is not going to be instantaneous, at least not at first. We are becoming multi-dimensionally aware of being in the past, present and future at the same time. That does not mean things are instantaneous. If we create in 5d we still need to wait for that creation to manifest in 3d!


My wife and I have been meditating together each day on something that we would like to manifest. This could be health, prosperity, fun, cooperation and all kinds of things. These joint meditations seem to manifest immediately or within days. They are helping us get through the rough spots this Christmas season.


In conclusion it seems that there are collective creations like the economy and my workplace that are not easy to magickally transform or create because they involve the energies of so many people. But I still remain able to manipulate these things successfully at the higher levels, the far future levels. By this I mean to secure my own personal livelihood into the future, but there remain issues to be confronted. In the same manner those whose awareness has ascended the highest can alter far future collective events so they are more supportive and beneficial as they approach. Those without this ability will be at the mercy of current events. (Those whose awareness has ascended through the various densities have the ability to ‘create’ futures where they remain ‘safe’.)


Still, the power of personal meditation, especially joined meditation can effect smaller/personal events and issues almost immediately and such practices should be encouraged. These can help us successfully get through the rough spots of our day and find encouragement and hope in our ability to move into more favorable circumstances.


I continue to have a vision of our Christ selves, (the heavenly host), appearing to us/merging with us this solstice. This I see as the grand event that has been proclaimed in prophecy. We are going to appear to ourselves! Going to merge with ourselves! This is what I feel happened to me in my dream two days ago. I merged somehow with the new energy in a way that created a polarity change and my relationship to the earth seems changed as did my relationship with myself.


I share these things as evidence of real change happening at the personal level and at the soul level. But the change only happens when we apply ourselves and “create” those things we desire. The “solstice” is the “finish line” and the influx of new energy will vitalize us in surprising ways.


I receive my information in dreams and visions and need to translate them the best I can. What I see is a world where people can see things and create things in the astral before they manifest as physical events. They can also see the problems and the solutions required to resolve issues and what it will take to make things work in harmony! I see this in the beginning stages right now. Now we need to take our physical circumstances and creatively work with them, not run from them! I’m trying to describe my own multi-dimensional experiences and show how they work to manifest physical things and events.


We will “create and see our future” before we will “experience it”! For the first time our new universe is unfolding for us and revealing its secrets to us. Our multi-dimensional abilities are unfolding as well. There is no such thing as coincidence! THINGS ARE NO LONGER HIDDEN!



Bright blessings,







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December 10th, 2013 Sliding Home For Christmas

The final full moon of the year is just one week away and marks the last compression stroke of the astral planes before the influx of energy on the winter solstice. In very real terms the full moon marks the end of what has been termed “ascension” and the beginning of “the new game”. The year 2013 has been largely about the expulsion of inharmonious energies from the Unity Grid. While the Unity Grid has been in expulsion mode it could not advance. The full moon marks the completion of expulsion mode and the influx of energy at the winter solstice marks the first expansion in real terms of the “Completed Unity Grid”.

While we still find ourselves on mother earth; it is not the same mother earth and physical manifestation is not the same. This “ending” of ascension locks our souls in certain frequencies and stabilizes them, making them available on a permanent basis. The “higher” a person’s awareness has ascended, the further into the future they can create within the astral/etheric realms. This will be different with each individual. Those that have “ascended” in awareness have gained the resources and empowerment to create their personal futures according to how far into the future they can go.

Some will be able to create on higher levels and others will be able to create on lower levels. Some will create for future lifetimes and some will create for the present moment. All creations are valid and important.

I’ve mentioned before that Gaia/mother earth is being created day by day with no existing future. That is about to change with the influx of light at the winter solstice. Up until now Gaia has been largely created day by day through the creative efforts of all living things, most of them of the animal and vegetable kingdoms. These life forms have limited ability for creating into the future. Now it is time for the new humans and the new elves to begin creating a global society and a golden age of mankind. It is time to create the new future!

Right now we find different types of humans upon earth. The first type are new souls eager to experience the illusion of 3d for the first time. These souls have not had an active role in Gaia’s ascension process. They never had any intention of  “ascending”. Most children fall into this category. As these new souls mature they will create the new world in ways we can’t even imagine! New Gaia belongs to these new souls and has been created for them.

Then we have older souls, those that have actively participated in Gaia’s ascension process hoping to influence the final outcome, but time has run out; or will have run out on the full moon. There is no more time left to make changes/expulsions. These older souls have chosen to stay here and participate in the new game as well. They will be of major influence during these first few years as the new future is created and blossoms throughout the dimensions.

We are beginning to see the new world that we will be living in. Those older souls anchoring most tightly to mother earth are the new elves and will bring magick back into the world in a very powerful way, a way that cannot be denied. They will be working with the organic life force itself to create the world they desire. They are the friends of all living things.

The other group are the star seeds, the ones that will be working directly with the sciences, with the natural forces of nature to create new inventions for the advancement of the human race. They are the masters of the sciences and of physical matter in its non-living aspects.

The new souls will have the benefit of living on a world of both science and magick and will be torn between both realities, both creations.

Expect these final few weeks to be difficult and magickal at the same time. How we find ourselves positioned at the end of the month will determine the rest of our lives for years to come.

The influx of light coming in at the winter solstice will energize and give life to those creations that we hold in our hearts. It is at this time that the seeds we have planted will be fertilized with new life. In most cases we might be able to feel them, but won’t be able to fully see them until this spring as all new life comes forth after a cold winter.

In vision after vision, dream after dream, one thing remains true. The astral resists change, but once it changes, then it seeks to remain in its new form with the same tenacity as it did with the old one. This last full moon locks things into place and once locked into place the Unity Grid is self-sustaining and our new mother earth/Gaia is self-sustaining as well.

Remember, our new earth explores duality, only not in the same manner as the old earth. The circle of life is sacred and will be maintained at all costs. There will be balance. Our challenge is to think outside of the box; to think in new ways and to experience new things. Our challenge is to create our personal adventures!

Bright blessings,


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