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Spring Equinox- Magic Glasses

The spring equinox is only days away and I offer at this time a summary of things as seen by me this past few months for what it is worth. At the winter solstice the energy of the godhead was directed into Gaia’s new Unity Grid and totally empowered it for the first time. Since then we have seen, felt, and experienced not so much the ascension of our souls; but rather our souls coming down to live with us in our physical world. God has come to us rather than us going to God.

While this is happening to every living thing, we humans tend to fall into two camps according to our hard wiring. The first camp belongs to those souls that have lived since the beginning of the old experiment upon Gaia and share most closely with her. As this is Gaia’s ascension, those closest to her are being transformed the most. They have been given new sensory abilities to augment and alter the holographic crystalline 3d reality that we seem to find ourselves in. [note: this is really 5d reality when we have eyes to see it] These new abilities are now in place to the extent that they are going to be and we are now aware of them as much as we ever will be. We now need to learn how to use them.

For those that have been with Gaia through it all, these new abilities are fully integrated into conscious awareness like a HUD (heads up display) that constantly monitors different levels of reality to give a multi-sensory life experience. Think of those video games with the various maps, radars, health indicators and such. These accessories are to help us play this new game and to empower us. This HUD is perhaps the luxury version and comes in different levels for 4th,5th, 6th,7th and 8th density souls.

Those space brothers and sisters who have come to help with Gaia’s ascension are also being gifted with these abilities but because they are not fully genetically attuned with Gaia, they have received magic glasses instead. When they put these glasses on they are able to access the same information as the HUD displays but temporarily lose sight of the real world, the 3d crystalline reality of the new game. So this group needs to continuously put these magic glasses on, get the information they need; then take them off and apply that information in real world terms. The danger is to become so enamored of the magical visions that physical reality is not taken care of.

Since the winter solstice many of our space brothers and sisters have incarnated into other living species here on Gaia. I swear that our cat has suddenly become a space cat and taken on almost human qualities and mannerisms, unlike any cat I have ever known.

As the godhead has entered our world, so have the angels and spirits. Is there really much difference from us entering their world or them entering our world? How can we expect to enter a galactic confederation of other life forms when we don’t even recognize the souls and intelligences that exist right alongside us on Gaia’s surface. As we learn to live in harmony with our existing co-dependent life forms and species, we learn to live with our space brothers and sisters as well. There has come a blending and mixing of both worlds, the large and the small. The end result is somewhere inbetween.

We remain living in a 3d hologram, but now we know that it is a hologram and we have been given tools to edit and control the hologram on an individual basis. If we choose to do this it requires effort and learning on our part. If we chose not to, then we remain at the mercy of that choice as well.

The Unity Grid is exceedingly gentle in its functioning and this ascension has barely been noticible to this point; unless one has attuned to it. There are new rules and physical laws for manifestation now in place and things do not work as they used to. This is becoming more and more clear. More and more is happening on an individual level and not on a mass level. That is because this new game in an individual players game in a collective world. The world is collectively created but individually experienced. In the old world things were individually created [created by a few] and collectively experienced; just the opposite. Now it is time for us to shine as creators of our own destinies.

The spring equinox marks the locking in of abilities and gifted earned through the ascension process. If you don’t have it by now, then you are not going to get it. But every living thing has ascended and every living thing has been given new abilities to help them in this new game. They have either been given the appropriate HUD or a pair of magic glasses. From this point on it is simply time to start using them to advantage.

Bright blessings,


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