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Eight of Cups

Symbol– young girl cuts her hair to look and act like a boy.

Meaning- join forces

She is beginning to use her painful emotional energy to create a better future for herself. He is already content and has his desires fulfilled so she begins to absorb his energy and use it to create the type of life that she wants.

If he won’t do it for her she will either make him do it or go out and do it herself. Nagging and bitching have little effect on him and in the end she decides that if she wants the good life it is up to her to get it.

She decides to act upon her desires and dreams and he encourages her. If he has what he wants out of life, well so should she. It is exciting to see her go out and get what she wants. She is almost acting like a man and somehow that is sexually stimulating to him. She is a lot more than those females that stay at home all the time. Her emotional pain is driving her into new creative acts.
He is beginning to get more interested in her as a person. He even tries to give her some advice and free opinions but she doesn’t want any of it.

She wants to do this herself. This is her dream and her life and he isn’t really even a very big factor in it anymore. All that she needs from him is his love and emotional energy, hell, forget the love, all she needs from him is his emotional energy.

He can sense her slipping away from him and it alarms him. She cares more about her work than about him and their relationship. He voices his fears and resentments and hostile, angry emotional energy begins to be generated. The relationship begins to deteriorate.

Male experience:

At first she wants him to do everything and nags him unmercifully. It seems as if she can be a real shrew and he wonders where the sweet young thing disappeared to. After a while she stops complaining and begins to do things herself. This is great.

Soon he realizes that she doesn’t need him any more. She insists upon doing everything her self, even those things that he likes to do. He begins to feel unwanted and resentful of her.

Female experience:

When she realizes that she won’t get any help from him she pretty much writes him out of the story altogether. She doesn’t bother him anymore and just decides to achieve her dreams on her own. As she begins to get results she feels real joy and a sense of accomplishment.

As soon as she begins to be successful she notices that he wants to stick his nose in everything and run it the way that he wants. This is her dream, not his and she won’t allow him to ruin it for her ever again. He can’t seem to understand and they begin to have arguments and fights over what she can and can’t do.

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The things I’m going to share in this update are so varied and multidimensional that I can only say this is how I interpret the energies at this time. We desperately need an overview of what is currently happening at the physical level but first some words about tapping into our true power to create the type of world that we collectively desire.

We have all been empowered magically and we need to start using that power to magically protect and create! We can start by surrounding ourselves and our loved ones with love and spiritual light. We can then send that love and spiritual light out to others we care about and out to Gaia herself as she crosses the finish line. That won’t be until the March equinox two months from now. It’s all about cycles and Gaia follows her own cycles and as life forms living upon Gaia we follow her cycles as well.

So learn to use your magic! Meditate and surround those you love with protection. Our magic has arrived and the magic of the Powers that Were has left them! It will not return! Current astral activities are in the lower astral planes and hidden from most lightworkers. It’s time to open our eyes to real life events and what they mean.

Over twenty five years ago I was given a vision of Gaia’s ascension and her new future. It happened in stages and I was disappointed during the final stage because money still held restrictions on humanity. Humanity creates the collective future and the concept of money is so ingrained in our lives that it will follow us, but hopefully in a positive way! So I’ve been waiting and waiting for some understanding of this. Money has never played an important part in my life and I’ve gone out of my way to avoid it! Chuckle.

It appears that the Powers that Were had a plan in place to replace currency with digital currency, specifically with Bitcoin and they invested heavily into it and used it to launder money as well. It was untraceable. Now the idea of a digital currency is quite revolutionary and could change our society profoundly for good or for bad. We have been told the promises of the good, but the abuse of digital currency in the hands of a few has been hidden from us. Thankfully we will be spared that for the immediate future because it seems as though the built in back doors into computer chips demanded by our own intelligence agencies have created vulnerabilities that make any digital currency DOA! You can’t run digital currency on computers that can get hacked! It just won’t work! So that plan needs to go back to the drawing board and we remain stuck with our current monetary systems in the meantime. Don’t get me wrong. I would love to have a strong and safe digital currency. But I want one that is open and universal.

Next topic:

The Deliberate Plan To Weaken and Destroy the United States Of America and replace it with a global government run by the elite!

The globalists have been following a systematic step by step blueprint designed and created to deliberately weaken the United States and its citizens and that “group think” has become politically correct in today’s world. It not only targeted the United States, but other countries around the globe as well. While this started during the Bush dynasty and the terrorism of 9/11, it has continued to grow through all the subsequent administrations.

We can pick up the narrative with Obama’s presidency. This phase began with rogue ops (CIA) to destabilize the middle east and deliberately create and support terrorist groups. This was accompanied by leaks of classified intel and deliberately weakening the military, both by cutting its funding and taking the power away from its generals. We were sold this as a “Lead From Behind” tactic.

There was also put in place a deliberate effort to weaken the conservative base through the IRS scandals and the MSM. An open border policy would allow illegals to flood in to ensure Democrat wins. This would also open the United States to terrorists such as ISIS and MS13, a strategic rule by fear tactic. Globalists wanted these things to happen. They wanted US citizens to burn the flag, spit on it.

The Obama administration turned a blind eye to North Korea building nuclear weapons and turned a blind eye to Iran, even sending cash to help it fund terrorist activities with American money. The uranium one scandal was a way to supply both North Korea and Iran while depleting US reserves. Again deliberate and on script.

So that’s the script the globalists were following during the eight years of the Obama presidency.

Hillary was supposed to have been elected president. Her script was to start WWIII as a deliberate means of population control and make billions from arms deals. Then she was to round up the remaining patriots within the government and military. (the white hats-we will read more about them later)

Next up kill the economy, replace the monetary system with a totalitarian version of Bitcoin and establish economic slavery. Totally open the borders and revise the constitution. (removal of 2nd amendment-ban fire arms)

Stack the Supreme Court with liberal justices and begin the process of interpreting the constitution as a “living” document.

Rig elections by bringing more illegals in to vote and by using Soros voting machines that could be manipulated.

The final phase before implementing globalism was to further limit funding for the military, closure of US military bases world wide and the complete destruction or censoring of any opposing news media through censorship.

Thankfully Hillary was not elected and these things have not happened! But we still hear these as “talking points” of the liberal left globalists. These things are “politically correct”! They come directly from the script that can’t be deviated from even when they no longer make any sense or have been proven wrong.

Only by reading the above can you see just how close we came to losing everything! We, the ignorant public, didn’t have a script of our own but the white hats did! (Remember those forgotten patriots hidden within the government and the military that still believed in the constitution and in the power of the free people.) After the terrorism of 9/11 they began to investigate and gather evidence of the new crimes that were taking place as the military and government agencies became corrupted.

With the election of Donald Trump they knew it was time to act and bring the results of their investigations forward. In Donald Trump they had found a very powerful ally! Admiral Rogers of the NSA met with Donald Trump and it has been #MAGA ever since! The white hats have already won, but the black hats don’t realize it yet!

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Seven of Cups

Symbol– poor drunk is enjoying the sexual attentions of rich lady.

Meaning- loss of innocence

He is strong and able to determine his own future and just how he will serve the world community. At its climax his love and wisdom burst forth from him in an outpouring of love upon the entire world. THIS is what he wills to do during this yearly cycle.

He is generating a full supply of emotional energy and attracting large amounts of female emotional energy from one or more females. These females are in love with him and he enjoys it immensely. There is a growing number of people that approve of him and his actions and intentions in life. Society and the collective are starting to cooperate with him and his efforts.

He is able to combine these energies to form astral energy and to alter his future in whatever way that he wishes it to be. It seems that he just can’t lose now. Everything is working out just as it should. This is a time of bliss and happiness For him. He becomes a creature enjoying pure hedonistic pleasures without thought of the future or of others. He is drawn to women that are very different from himself. They fill missing parts of his own psyche and he feels complete.

It never occurs to him that she is not fulfilled or happy within the existing relationship. His ego is so big that he feels she must be happy if he is happy. He is mellow and very content.

She loves him and hates him at the same time. His personality draws her as a magnet and she can’t resist him but he does not fulfill her desires. There is something missing that she hungers for. She wants comfort and stability and the nice things in life and he is content to live like a pig as long as he has food to eat and a place to sleep.

He has no intention of creating her dream life for her and she slowly begins to understand that he is not good for her. She will never achieve her goals in life if she remains trapped in this relationship. She can’t do anything and he won’t do anything. He is sponging off her energy and getting a free ride.

Male experience:

He is generating lots of emotional energy and he forms a serious relationship with her. She is pressured into the relationship does all kinds of things for him. He looses himself in emotional bliss and sensuality. He is content and fulfilled.

He has no desire to try any harder or to do things for her. A lack of initiative fills him and a desire to better himself is missing. It is almost as if he is drugged and off in never-never land.

Female experience:

She is both attracted and repelled by him. He is not at all the type of person she ever thought she would get involved with but he has so much potential and power. He can do so much and she thinks that he will be able to get her the things that she desires in life.

She commits herself to him and gives him her love and support. As she gives him her love and emotional energy a strange thing happens. Instead of going out and fulfilling his true potential, he does less and less. He lets her do more and more without lifting a finger in return. She begins to realize that he is a freeloader and that she would be better off without him. He is more like a bum than like who she thought he would be.

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Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/18/18 (Thu) 22:51:03 No.35

Senate vote count [RR]? This was a 94-6 vote in the Senate! Why did so many Dems vote for him? Hmmm.
Senate vote count [Sessions]? This was a 52-47 vote in the Senate! Obviously Sessions was considered dangerous to the swamp creatures!
Reconcile. It was known ahead of time that Rosenstein was “dirty” and the white hats set him up to entrap the others… because the black hats are so stupid, stupid, stupid!
Why was RR chosen to be asst AG? To blow the covers of his superiors.
Why did RR draft a letter supporting JC termination? To make the white hats think he could be trusted.
Why did RR use full weight of his office to attempt to block release of doc to Congress today? Because he is really, really scared!
News unlocks past. What is no happening was deliberately set in motion by the white hats to catch the black hats red handed.
D’s cannot survive. If the Dems have any hope of surviving this they need to quit covering up the crimes of the black hats and kick them out.
DWS FAILED to FLEE. Oh, is Debbie Wasserman Schultz still around? Too bad!

Why are we here?
Why are we providing crumbs?
Think MEMO.
Not convinced this is spreading?
You, the PEOPLE, have THE POWER.
You, the PEOPLE, just forgot how to PLAY.
APART you are weak.
This is more important than you can imagine.

I think the above is self explanatory. We need to win the twitter wars. I posted how in my last post.

Many of the puzzle pieces have now fallen into place. I understand the occult angle from my own sources. The kabbalistic egregore is broken and their magic is gone. They will attempt some type of sacrifice of human lives to save themselves but it won’t work. They have been cut off from their magic, cut off from their alien masters and cut off from their funds. It is clear that the House Intel memo is going to be made public and that will be the end.

But there is still one more angle that needs to be exposed. What are they trying to do with Bitcoin? They have invested almost all of their money in Bitcoin [and ours as well]. Bitcoin is doomed to fall and fall big as their final defeat.

Why can’t the US create its own digital currency? I don’t know. I’m just asking!

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I’ve become completely fed up with the lies, lies and more lies that the NWO elite and the MSM continuously feed us. Let me be very clear about this. There is a massive difference between factual evidence and the desire to find factual evidence. One exists and the other may or may not exist.

The MSM continue to parrot the narratives fed to them by their NWO elite superiors and globalists. It has been proven that the DNC emails were not hacked but leaked based upon the file transfer speed. They were not downloaded from a distance.

It has been proven that the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign paid for the Trump dossier in an effort to get dirt on Trump.

It has been proven that the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign cheated Democratic rival Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic nomination and took all the money that was intended for him.

It has been proven that there was improper surveillance of American citizens and political bias in the top ranks of the FBI and DOJ.

We have been given only lies, lies and more lies! It’s time to tell us the truth! It’s time to give us some truth! It’s time to release the House intel committee’s classified memo to us the American people so that we can form our own conclusions based upon the evidence.

The United States is currently in a civil war that hopefully will not spread beyond twitter! Since twitter has become the battlefield it’s time to educate ourselves about it. That is what I have been doing these past few weeks.

First, a little about the enemy of the American people, the NWO globalists who want to enslave and impoverish the American people and the MSM that blindly follows the narrative given to them. THEY ARE IN THE MINORITY EVEN THOUGH THEY WANT EVERYONE TO BELIEVE THEY ARE THE MAJORITY! They use AI [artificial intelligence computers] to distort appearances and cook results.

In the twitter wars this appears when one of our hashtags such as #ReleaseTheMemo becomes dominant for hours and then is suddenly killed and drops to the bottom in seconds. This is deliberate manipulation of results and violation of free speech! But this happens over and over again on an increasing basis daily.

Make your tweet count! Before you tweet go to http://tweeplers.com/hashtags/?cc=US and see what hashtags are currently trending. This is important! If our hashtag is in 1st or 2nd place use that hashtag and support it! Post things that are helpful to us like this post!

If our hashtag has been killed post to the #1 hashtag and hijack it! This is very important! Post information that the enemy needs to see! Face to face confrontation is what this is going to be about as real individuals confront PC idiocy!
Educate these blind followers and show them that true individuals are capable of independent thought!

Remember, we will win the twitter war by posting in the enemy’s hashtags and hijacking them. Hijacking a trending hashtag results in the opposition seeing our own point of view for the first time! Good hunting!

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Six of Cups

Symbol– He comes to her astrally and takes her emotional energy


By this time he can generate a constant supply of emotional energy at will. This male emotional energy creates an imbalance in him that causes him to act as a magnet for female emotional energy. Females are emotionally attracted to him by the sheer power of his personality. He has charisma.

The female energy that he receives strengthens his personality even more until he is noticed by others and enters into the spotlight of popularity. The increased energy allows him to alter potential future events as he wants. He is able to use his male energy to destroy the astral creations that prevent his goals in life. He is out to achieve his dream in its totality.

He uses energy from other females to help him destroy those parts of the future where she is in conflict with him. This loss is devastating to her and it hurts her deeply. She begins to transmute sexual energy into emotional energy but it is the emotional energy of pain and sorrow that she generates. She is already trapped by her other emotional energy creations.

Her loss triggers her ability to generate a deeper type of emotional energy. In time she will be able to use this hurt and anguish energy to create alterations to her astral future because it is a deeper type of emotional energy and closer to the fixed etheric planes. This is the first step that she must take to regain her ability to astrally recreate the potential future she desires.

Still, at this time all she can generate are the emotions of pain and sorrow. She is caught up in the bitterness of the physical life that she has created for herself and in its ruin. She blames him for her misery and may be tempted to use her newly generated pain and sorrow energy to make his life a living hell too. He ruined her life, why shouldn’t she ruin his?

She can do this by altering those astral events in his future that his has previously altered himself. The limits to this are that she can only cause him pain and sorrow because that is all that she can generate. She will take his joy and happiness and leave him the bitterness and agony. She gets pleasure from causing him pain.

Her other option is to endure her own emotional pain and work with it until she is able to use it creatively to alter her future in a positive way. She must learn to love again. When she is able to do this she will be a wiser and deeper person and able to create a more meaningful life for herself.

Male experience:

He can generate almost unlimited quantities of emotional energy at will and draws other females toward him. He is popular and life is very kind to him. He is able to astrally create the type of life for himself that he wants. He changes the negative elements of his life that she had created for him.

When she is unable to keep up with him or give him emotional support he goes elsewhere to find more adoring fans. He wants a woman that believes in him and in what he is trying to do.

Female experience:

She becomes trapped within the astral future that she had created for herself and begins to generate a deeper emotional energy. This new energy is of sorrow and anguish. She feels lost, betrayed and empty inside. How could things have gone so wrong? She created things in the astral as she wanted them and they were distorted into a nightmare parody of what she had created. Her entire life is filled with pain and sorrow and she must either drink this bitter cup to the last drop herself or give it to him and take pleasure from his pain.

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Five of Cups

Symbol- young woman’s lover is killed at her feet. She is made captive by victor

Meaning- entrapment

He is generating a full supply of emotional energy and absorbing all of her excess emotional energy. As it combines with his energy he gains the ability to astral project and have astral adventures. He is able to sustain an astral body at will.

He has the ability to do dream work. This means that during his dreams he is able to alter the outcome. His dreams represent his potential future and by altering these dreams he is able to alter his future. He takes an active role in trying to astrally contact the girl he is interested in and gets more of her emotional energy. As he does this he alters the astral events she has created into events that are more to his liking. They are not working together.

She is trying to astrally draw her ideal mate to her. Her ideal mate is a lot like her and they have many things in common. Her friend is trying to destroy this future and draw her to himself instead. They are in conflict about what they are trying to accomplish.

As these astral events progress she finds the man of her dreams and falls in love but her old friend ruins the relationship for her. If not in the physical world he is trying to change it in the astral world.

She has already created the future she wants and is trapped within the very thing she has created. It has become a part of the collective and she no longer has the ability to alter it. She can’t defend the future she has created and watches helplessly as her dreams fall apart into ruins through his alterations.
He knows she is the perfect person for him. She is everything that he is not.

She is his soulmate, his missing half. He will do anything, fight anyone to win her love. He is frustrated with her refusal of him and his desire drives him to try pressuring her into a relationship. He won’t take anything else for an answer. She is beginning to feel afraid. She has no desire to have a deeper relationship with him but the shear force of his personality is impossible to resist. He is too powerful for her and he drives off the one she really loves.
She feels herself sucked into this nightmare relationship helplessly against her will. She is completely at his mercy.

Male experience:

She is the perfect one for him and he will convince her of it no matter how hard she resists. Sooner or later she must realize they are meant to be together. He absorbs all of her excess emotional energy and his dreams become vivid and realistic. He has dreams about her with another man and he fights this man in astral battles to win her back.

He is fighting back in his dreams and changes the outcome of them. Each time he confronts a problem in his dreams and defeats it he feels a gain in power. He is creating the type of life he wants to live by astrally fighting for it.

Female experience:

She has created the astral future she desires and it has become part of the collective. She is trapped within the version of her future that the collective gives her. She is forced to watch in horror as the dream life that she astrally created is torn apart piece by piece.
Instead of being drawn toward the one she loves she is helplessly enmeshed in a relationship with someone she doesn’t love.

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Sometimes I write about insights and understandings that I receive during the day and other times I sense and witness actual astral happenings that I share with my readers. Yesterday was that type of day. Something major happened in the astral planes that strongly affects Gaia’s and humanities ascension and it is still so vivid and clear that I need to share it.

Yesterday, Wednesday, while at work I was really out of sorts and cranky. I was tired of all the BS at work, in my personal life and globally. I could literally sense the pressure of thousands of people who thought very differently than me, who thought collectivism and globalism was the way to go instead of rugged individualism which I champion. This sense of opposition and pressure lasted most of the day and almost became a headache. I’m normally not sensitive to these types of sensations and am pretty relaxed and at peace. But there was a lot of intensity during the day.

On top of that I knew that many members of the anonymous group online were devoting the day to get the word out in support of President Trump. These individuals were generating a lot of energy through their physical actions and that energy was being pumped directly into the astral planes. Other people including myself were in intense anticipation of Trump’s “Fake News Awards” that was expected sometime during the day.

So the astral was ripe and full to bursting that evening when I got home from work. I sat down in my chair as I usually do and tapped into the spiritual light and began to explore what was going on in the astral planes. I did a anchoring light to Gaia and a healing for myself and was astrally tuning into the astral to sense what was going on with the “Fake News Awards”.

This is where it gets interesting! I could sense the energy of the MSM as a black sphere of energy that was surrounding Trump and trying to attack him. Suddenly there was a brilliant explosion of light that was like a flash bulb going off and that burst of light blew apart the sphere of dark energy completely. The black energy exploded in all directions and gradually started drifting downward as scraps or particles like floaties in your eyeballs. These scraps were individuals and they were no longer trying to solidify together, but remained separate from each other and energetically very neutral.

What had happened was that the MSM as a collective entity with its own will and intent had lost its connection to the earth and to each other. It was now only individuals that had lost their earth connection and their ability to do magic in swaying the masses!

The MSM or 4th estate has been very powerful in magically swaying the masses through emotional manipulation over the years. It was their pride and their boast that they alone informed public opinion. This past year has seen one attempt after another to trigger the emotions of the masses and create a land slide of public outrage. The MSM doesn’t realize that in these new energies entire populations can no longer be manipulated. The mob is no longer a beast that can be tamed and taught to perform tricks. Each individual is wired to Source individually and wired to Gaia individually. What used to be a series energetic circuit between people has now become a parallel circuit!

I realize the above might be hard to understand because I lack the words to say it clearly. But what happened last night was the utter energetic collapse of the 4th estate and its power to manipulate the masses is never to return. It was a major victory for the forces of light and freedom! When things are destroyed in the astral like this they are done! There magic is gone. I sense that from now on the news media will be much more fair and unbiased in its reporting. This will be a welcome relief for me!

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Four of Cups

Symbol– shotgun wedding

Meaning- seduction

The Astral Planes merge downward and pour a blessing of love and light onto the initiate in a spiritual baptism. He or she is unable to contain the star within the body and it bursts forth in all of its glory. This is a realization of the Christ Spirit and marks the beginning of the higher initiation.

It signals a sprouting and rapid growth of the soul body. He is generating more emotional energy and it is difficult for him. He feels he is pouring out his entire soul in his effort to find the perfect woman. He is at the edge of his mind. His intellect has been telling him that he is wasting his time and will never find someone. In spite of his intellectual doubts he continues searching and searching, generously giving away his energy with no return. Just as he feels that he can give no more he has the incredible experience of absorbing some of her pure emotional energy. It is a spiritual baptism that surrounds him in waves of light and love. The energy he has given out has found a way back to him.

He might not realize the energy came from her. It could be that he believes it was a beautiful spiritual experience. In any case he wants more of those experiences and doesn’t know how to get them.

This is known as the baptism of the Holy Spirit in some traditions and it triggers an intense desire to generate incredible amounts of emotional energy in the hopes of repeating it.

By this time she has absorbed enough of his emotional energy and used it to create the potential future she wants for herself and for him. To him this could mean he is doomed to a life of mediocrity like everyone else he knows. He has big plans and won’t settle for less than the best of life.

She has no need of her excess emotional energy and freely gives it to him as pure emotional energy. He absorbs this energy from her for the first time and it is a very important time for him. At first he can’t use this energy. It remains trapped in his physical body to be released at night as astral energy that develops his soul.
He uses this energy to open up emotional channels within his body. He learns to integrate this energy so it is not congested in the heart and solar plexus. Over time this energy works its way downward to become a fully activated astral body.

Male experience:

His ego is screaming that he is making a fool of himself. He has been giving and giving of his time and energy without getting anything in return. He has tried to hold himself to the high goal of finding the perfect woman but she doesn’t seem to exist anywhere.

Just when he has given up in defeat he receives a burst of pure female emotional energy that envelops him in an aura of spiritual light and love. It is a spiritual experience and inspires him to generate more emotional love energy. This allows him to build up a permanent astral body.

Female experience:

She enjoys having him around because he gives her energy to help her through the day. She dreams of someday meeting the right person. She thinks about who would be right for her and who would be right for him. He is a nice person and he should have somebody nice too.

The time comes when she knows exactly the type of life she wants and the type of man she wants to share it with. She creates it in the astral as her potential future. Satisfied with that she gives the rest of her excess emotional energy freely away to him as pure emotional energy.

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****This is my attempt at translating this Q Post****

BEWARE of MAJOR FALSE FLAG attempts this week.
KNOW your surroundings.


****News coverage of Las Vegas shootings needs to change****


Tactics shift to threats and hostages to obtain rogue_ops.

****story keeps changing!****

SILENCE [187] – no risk [no capture – dead on arrival].

****Video on The Local Live #187- Gun show and bill DOA****


****Why the silence on Las Vegas Shooting?****

SILENCE [LV witnesses]?

****Why are the Las Vegas Shooting witnesses silent?****


****Why the silence about and by the FBI on the Las Vegas Shooting?****


****The silence on the Las Vegas shooting will not last forever!****


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