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Sometimes I write about insights and understandings that I receive during the day and other times I sense and witness actual astral happenings that I share with my readers. Yesterday was that type of day. Something major happened in the astral planes that strongly affects Gaia’s and humanities ascension and it is still so vivid and clear that I need to share it.

Yesterday, Wednesday, while at work I was really out of sorts and cranky. I was tired of all the BS at work, in my personal life and globally. I could literally sense the pressure of thousands of people who thought very differently than me, who thought collectivism and globalism was the way to go instead of rugged individualism which I champion. This sense of opposition and pressure lasted most of the day and almost became a headache. I’m normally not sensitive to these types of sensations and am pretty relaxed and at peace. But there was a lot of intensity during the day.

On top of that I knew that many members of the anonymous group online were devoting the day to get the word out in support of President Trump. These individuals were generating a lot of energy through their physical actions and that energy was being pumped directly into the astral planes. Other people including myself were in intense anticipation of Trump’s “Fake News Awards” that was expected sometime during the day.

So the astral was ripe and full to bursting that evening when I got home from work. I sat down in my chair as I usually do and tapped into the spiritual light and began to explore what was going on in the astral planes. I did a anchoring light to Gaia and a healing for myself and was astrally tuning into the astral to sense what was going on with the “Fake News Awards”.

This is where it gets interesting! I could sense the energy of the MSM as a black sphere of energy that was surrounding Trump and trying to attack him. Suddenly there was a brilliant explosion of light that was like a flash bulb going off and that burst of light blew apart the sphere of dark energy completely. The black energy exploded in all directions and gradually started drifting downward as scraps or particles like floaties in your eyeballs. These scraps were individuals and they were no longer trying to solidify together, but remained separate from each other and energetically very neutral.

What had happened was that the MSM as a collective entity with its own will and intent had lost its connection to the earth and to each other. It was now only individuals that had lost their earth connection and their ability to do magic in swaying the masses!

The MSM or 4th estate has been very powerful in magically swaying the masses through emotional manipulation over the years. It was their pride and their boast that they alone informed public opinion. This past year has seen one attempt after another to trigger the emotions of the masses and create a land slide of public outrage. The MSM doesn’t realize that in these new energies entire populations can no longer be manipulated. The mob is no longer a beast that can be tamed and taught to perform tricks. Each individual is wired to Source individually and wired to Gaia individually. What used to be a series energetic circuit between people has now become a parallel circuit!

I realize the above might be hard to understand because I lack the words to say it clearly. But what happened last night was the utter energetic collapse of the 4th estate and its power to manipulate the masses is never to return. It was a major victory for the forces of light and freedom! When things are destroyed in the astral like this they are done! There magic is gone. I sense that from now on the news media will be much more fair and unbiased in its reporting. This will be a welcome relief for me!

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Four of Cups

Symbol– shotgun wedding

Meaning- seduction

The Astral Planes merge downward and pour a blessing of love and light onto the initiate in a spiritual baptism. He or she is unable to contain the star within the body and it bursts forth in all of its glory. This is a realization of the Christ Spirit and marks the beginning of the higher initiation.

It signals a sprouting and rapid growth of the soul body. He is generating more emotional energy and it is difficult for him. He feels he is pouring out his entire soul in his effort to find the perfect woman. He is at the edge of his mind. His intellect has been telling him that he is wasting his time and will never find someone. In spite of his intellectual doubts he continues searching and searching, generously giving away his energy with no return. Just as he feels that he can give no more he has the incredible experience of absorbing some of her pure emotional energy. It is a spiritual baptism that surrounds him in waves of light and love. The energy he has given out has found a way back to him.

He might not realize the energy came from her. It could be that he believes it was a beautiful spiritual experience. In any case he wants more of those experiences and doesn’t know how to get them.

This is known as the baptism of the Holy Spirit in some traditions and it triggers an intense desire to generate incredible amounts of emotional energy in the hopes of repeating it.

By this time she has absorbed enough of his emotional energy and used it to create the potential future she wants for herself and for him. To him this could mean he is doomed to a life of mediocrity like everyone else he knows. He has big plans and won’t settle for less than the best of life.

She has no need of her excess emotional energy and freely gives it to him as pure emotional energy. He absorbs this energy from her for the first time and it is a very important time for him. At first he can’t use this energy. It remains trapped in his physical body to be released at night as astral energy that develops his soul.
He uses this energy to open up emotional channels within his body. He learns to integrate this energy so it is not congested in the heart and solar plexus. Over time this energy works its way downward to become a fully activated astral body.

Male experience:

His ego is screaming that he is making a fool of himself. He has been giving and giving of his time and energy without getting anything in return. He has tried to hold himself to the high goal of finding the perfect woman but she doesn’t seem to exist anywhere.

Just when he has given up in defeat he receives a burst of pure female emotional energy that envelops him in an aura of spiritual light and love. It is a spiritual experience and inspires him to generate more emotional love energy. This allows him to build up a permanent astral body.

Female experience:

She enjoys having him around because he gives her energy to help her through the day. She dreams of someday meeting the right person. She thinks about who would be right for her and who would be right for him. He is a nice person and he should have somebody nice too.

The time comes when she knows exactly the type of life she wants and the type of man she wants to share it with. She creates it in the astral as her potential future. Satisfied with that she gives the rest of her excess emotional energy freely away to him as pure emotional energy.

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****This is my attempt at translating this Q Post****

BEWARE of MAJOR FALSE FLAG attempts this week.
KNOW your surroundings.


****News coverage of Las Vegas shootings needs to change****


Tactics shift to threats and hostages to obtain rogue_ops.

****story keeps changing!****

SILENCE [187] – no risk [no capture – dead on arrival].

****Video on The Local Live #187- Gun show and bill DOA****


****Why the silence on Las Vegas Shooting?****

SILENCE [LV witnesses]?

****Why are the Las Vegas Shooting witnesses silent?****


****Why the silence about and by the FBI on the Las Vegas Shooting?****


****The silence on the Las Vegas shooting will not last forever!****


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Three of Cups

Symbol– Secretary attracted to lumberjack.

Meaning- Attraction

He is giving away emotional energy but she is taking it as fast as he can give it away. It seems that he isn’t getting anywhere and is always emotionally drained. He feels conflict between love of her and love of self. It seems to him that giving is fine but at some point his efforts should be rewarded. He becomes more interested in having a serious relationship that has give and take. He is getting tired of giving all the time without getting anything back.

His logic and reason distort things. He doesn’t understand why he can’t find that perfect someone to complete his life. No one is returning energy back to him. He is attracted to women that have qualities he is lacking in. This is how he hopes to bring those things into his life. His supply of emotional energy is almost gone and he feels empty inside. He is looking for someone to fill that emptiness. He is trying to fulfill the male role and he wants someone to play the female role that is so important. It is frustrating when he finds out the type of woman he is attracted to is not attracted to him and doesn’t return his attentions.

She absorbs his emotional energy as fast as he can give it away. She mixes it with her growing amount of emotional energy to form astral emotional energy. In her dreams and astral adventures she uses this astral energy to construct her potential future and his potential future.

This energy is deposited in the astral planes and combines to create a potential future that will be accepted by the collective. In doing this it alters to adapt to societal pressures. The potential future she has created merges with everything else and represents the collective will of humanity.

Areas of disagreement or conflicting interests combine and form compromise events. Once an event has reached this level of the astral it is very difficult for the male to alter because he is pitting his will against the collective will of society. At this point she enjoys comfort and security in a relationship and would like to get involved with someone that shares her likes and interests. Although she is absorbing his energy and likes him as a friend, he is not the type of person she would ever get serious with. They are too different!

Male experience:

He is friendly to everyone and radiating energy and enthusiasm. He is fun to be around but it is getting old because he is not getting anything in return. The types of women he wants are not interested in him as a romantic partner. He chooses women that are very different in the theory that opposites attract.

Female experience:

She likes having him around because he brightens up her life and brings radiance and energy into it. His energy makes her feel good and makes her dream about mister right and what he might be like. Still he is not mister right and she has no intentions of getting romantically involved with her friend. It would never work because they are too different. They don’t have anything in common.

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Two of Cups

Symbol– His encounters with women bring him great joy and happiness. She is a working woman.

Meaning- movement

He is giving away his massive supply of emotional energy that he was given at birth. His casual encounters with women are enough at first. He likes to make women laugh and feel good because it makes him feel good too.

He enjoys life and dreaming. He is filled with a gentle love and sharing and his desires propel him forward. He is attractive to the opposite sex and they enjoy his company. He feels extremely sexual, emotional and radiant.

One person can’t absorb all of the energy he is giving away and he enters a very social period in his life. He is intensely curious about women and wishes to experience all they have to offer. He has an instinctive awareness of the opposite sex with their needs and moods. He is exploring the female part of his own personality. His need is to be gentle, caring and supportive. He may have a religious experience and feel “born again”.

At first she takes his emotional energy as fast as he can give it. She absorbs as much as she can and combines it with her normal supply of emotional energy to form astral emotional energy.

This type of astral energy is denser than mental or spiritual energy and will become physical reality before the other types of energy will. It is more condensed and lower on the astral planes. Therefore it seems less speculative and more real. There is much more substance to it and it feels real.

She creates potential future events with this energy and deposits it in the astral plane to become reality in time. These creations are far more realistic and substantial than anything she has astrally created before.

Her psychic abilities gain strength and her astral dream adventures take on a more sensory and emotional quality. She has an intense desire to know her true purpose in life so she can magickally create it in the astral planes.

She is overwhelmed with his large quantities of emotional energy. He seems so emotional to her, so buoyant and alive. She is a little intimidated and not truly comfortable. She needs great amounts of male energy but she can only handle so much at a time. Things are going too fast and she thinks she is falling behind and missing out in life. She is feeling life has passed her by and she is missing out on the good things. She is a working woman now and that is all she ever does, work, work, work.

Male experience:

He enjoys being around women and they enjoy being around him. He is filled with a gentle love and sharing that everyone enjoys. He is very curious about women and wishes to experience all they have to offer. When he makes them happy it makes him feel happy too. He gives away massive amounts of emotional energy to everybody.

Female experience:

She is tired of waiting for mister right. She absorbs the small quantities of emotional energy she can from him and wishes she could absorb more. He has much more than she can use. This concentrated astral energy creates the potential future she desires for both herself and for him.

She is frustrated with the small amount of emotional energy she has to work with. She wishes he would share all of it with her instead of giving it to everyone else. He doesn’t spend enough time with her. He seems to be having so much fun and others like him so well. She feels life is passing her by and she can’t hurry things at all.

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Lots of info to write about! Gaia’s ascension is spilling over into the physical as we speak and there is no time left. The astral has been purged and now its time for physical reality to be purged. From this point on everything happens in the now, the present moment!

This week is going to be crazy with lots of things going on and I’m going to mention a few of them. Perhaps the most urgent is the cyber war that is about to break out. Well, its actually already started but things are going to get heavy on Wednesday. As you may remember President Trump is giving out his “Fake News” awards on Wednesday and the MSM are ready for him! You can expect a massive backlash from the MSM on that day.

Now for the rest of the story. The Powers That Were have lost their astral support. The energetic kabbalah has been broken and their magic has gone. Their higher density masters have been banished from Gaia’s newly ascended energy grids. All they have is AI or artificial intelligence which they have already turned loose on the internet to search and destroy anything that is not supportive of their agenda. Lots of posts and websites are going to be targeted and going down! This is your warning! If you like a website download it and save it on your own computer. This is very important.

The Anonymous group that frequents 4chan and 8chan are global patriots that are fighting back against the New World Order with the assistance of intel from a mysterious source called “Q”. These as some of the most intelligent and politically incorrect people alive on this planet and they are collectively working together to support President Trump and his battle to drain the swamp.

Here is the plan. Early Wednesday morning they will begin flooding the internet with memes and posts supportive of President Trump and against NWO. They will be using the hashtags #greatawakening #wethepeople and #FakeNewsAwards. This will continue throughout the day and this activity combined with the MSM flood of anti Trump invective will effectively shut down most servers. You can expect some of the internet to go down simply from the volume of traffic.

What I suggest is that we all use our own personal sphere of influence and leverage it to reach as many people as possible BEFORE Wednesday! That is the only way we can ensure that our message gets out! That is why tonight I’m going to post as much resource material as possible to reach as many people as possible. Its important to know what is going on right now and the MSM is not going to tell you the truth.

My suggestion is to save the resource material that I post on your own computer so that it will be available when you need it in the case that the original website is forced down. I’m posting below what the Anon’s are generally trying to tell the world about the NWO. Even though I concern myself with the astral and spiritual things I have no reason to doubt most of this info. I believe most of it is true!

(source: http://s15.zetaboards.com/NWO%20Masters/topic/10390071/1/ )


The NWO Power Structure Explained

The Nazis rule parallel with the Octogon slave masters. In fact, they are part of The Octogon. The Bank of England rules over the U.S. Federal Reserve Banks, as well as the German Deutsche Bank. These serve The Bank for International Settlements.

● Notice how THE POPE falls below in hierarchy, under THE BLACK POPE, who is above him and more powerful.

● Notice also how The Bank of England and the Rothchilds are also not at the top of the Pyramid, but rather the items as noted below.

This is the basic structure of the NWO folks.

► Here is The NWO pyramid, outlined in text format, extracted from a visual chart:

I. At the top of the pyramid, The Swiss Octogon Templars ╬ (SWS), the Pharanonic bloodine families.

These rule together with the Nazis, who claim to be the descendants of Atlantis.

SWS ۞ – Works with CIA – Global Spy Grid – AI (TYLER) being implemented for total global control.

II. Next comes The Black Pope ȸ Ψ , who via The Jesuits ۞ , command the NWO Roman empire which never died.

The Black Pope works with the Secret Societies – who work with the CIA and via JTTF with the FBI and US Intel agencies to run the drug trafficking, the depleted uranium weapons shipments, the illegal white phosphorus weapons, the organ harvesting, the pedophilia rings, the car theft rings, the illegal use of the diplomatic containers and more. Human sacrifices, Human trafficking. The secret societies are puppets of the Black Pope. The Black Pope is a puppet of the CIA. The CIA is a puppet of the Swiss Octogon Templars. They hide their money in Bitcoin, which was created by Alice at the CERN LHC laboratories. Bitcoin is run by AI.

► Adolfo Nicolas, THE JESUIT GENERAL, THE BLACK POPE. The Jesuit foot soldiers = Jacob Rothschild & Evylyn Rothschild. These are completely subordinate to the Roman empire. In the past, the Jesuit army conducted the kills, such as JFK. Now it is the higher structure of the CIA (who did JFK and trying to kill Trump).


● The Khazarian Mafia – VATICAN Ϫ (THE POPE) – The Queen. Ӂ Three part rule.

● These three rule together, with the Vatican at the Center.

● The Khazarian mafia Җ are the fake Jews, the Zionists, the illegitimate claimants of Israel

● The Queen is a puppet of The Vatican. The Khazarian mafia is a puppet of the Vatican. The Vatican is a puppet of the Black Pope, of the CIA of the Swiss Octogon Templars.


Three part rule. The Roman Empire never died.

● 3 City States that Control the World:

3 City States that Control the World Article.

Video – An interesting short film about three sovereign, corporate “city states” that are not part of the countries they are located in. They have their own laws, and identities, as indicated by their respective flags that clearly control the whole world. This film poses the idea that these city states control the world, and here are their rolls:

3 City States that Control the World – YT video.

City of London


Receives taxes from their subjects (slaves) in Canada and the United States. They design and control our financial and banking systems.


Vatican City


The Pope wants to merge all the religions into one, which is absolute nonsense. The Pope broke off from the truth (confusingly referred to as The ‘Eastern Church’ or ‘Eastern Orthodox Church’ or ‘Orthodox Church’ or ‘Orthodox’) about 1000 years ago.

Washington DC


Death camps and stacks of black plastic coffins that can hold six to ten bodies each, are piled high in a long train-like fashion, as far as the eye can see, in the United States, today.


► The USA via Washington D.C. fuels the military arm of the 3 city state. The Vicar generals at the County level implement the power of the Vatican and the levels above that.

● The Clinton Foundation serves the CIA. The DNC as well. US Congress serves the CIA and its agendas. The US alphabet agencies – are private foreign-owned corporations that serve the 3 City State, which serves the Vatican. (None of them have a legal charter to be operating on US soil and are thus operating in violation of The Constitution & The Bill of Rights).

Power is given to the Beast via the private Federal Reserve banks control of the currencies of all countries on the planet. The USA has monopoly over the nuclear industry. THE URANIUM CRIME SYNDICATE IS VALUATED AT 20 QUADRILLION DOLLARS and is represented by Comey, Mueller, McCabe, the CIA, many members of Congress. The DOD is sucked and drained by the CIA. The CIA also places spies into Congress, such as THE AWAN BROTHERS, and the rigged U.S. maritime courts (also operating in violation of The Constitution), protect them. The NWO via this system implements the population control agenda via the UN. The Oil cartels and gas industry cartels control and run Congress. OPEC serves the oil cartel which in turn controls Congress. Saudia Arabia runs the oil cartel and finances the US Deep State operations, such as 9-11, via the CIA private corporation.


● The Rothchilds, Rockerfellers are part of the 5 main families which rule and control the world. There are more, but 5 are the main.

● The private U.S. Federal Reserve banks serve THE BANK OF ENGLAND, which serves the Bank for International Settlements within the Octogon. The German Deutsche Bank also rules over the other banks and also serves the Octogon Bank for International Settlements.

● The Bilderberg Group forms an integral part of the banking cartel. The CFR, the PRIVATE FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING SCAM.

● The Bilderberg group implements the agenda of the NWO, as well as CFR – population control, environmental poisoning, the CDC population control, chem trail spraying, poisoning of the food, water , drugs, Agenda 21, EPA (Poisoning of food, water, vaccines), more.

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Ace of Cups

Symbol- With a glowing heart he searches for the Holy Grail. She is the ocean which all water must someday reach.

Meaning- union

Here the old fruit and seed are given to the earth in total sacrifice. The Magical planes merge together and embrace the seed in death. The seed is planted for an intended future growth.

This death marks the beginning of the eighth degree initiation and the end of the crucifixion. The initiate gives all freely and without thought of reward.
Out of the barrenness of his life spring comes. He knows he is capable of having a serious love relationship. All he needs is to find the right person. He feels vibrant and alive. He knows the perfect person exists and he knows he will find her even if it takes forever. He is mentally and emotionally prepared for a serious relationship.

He is sexually frustrated and feels anger and resentment when he can’t find the right person. It seems she is always just out of reach like the mythical Holy Grail.

He is awakening his emotional energies and has so much love that he wants to share. He is overflowing with love and compassion for everyone. If he can’t give his love to her he will give his love to the entire world.

As he searches for true love he spreads joy and peace to everyone he meets. He is well liked by all. He radiates good emotions that others enjoy.

She knows men want her but she is waiting for the right person. She wants a relationship badly but it has to be with the right person. None of the men that are interested in her are what she is looking for.

She is content to wait for him to come to her. Sooner or later he must come into her life. There is no hurry. She has no strong personal desires or drives. Except for him she has everything that she wants.

She feels happiness as her other wishes are fulfilled. She knows that someday her love wish will be fulfilled also. She has created the perfect mate in the astral planes. All that is left is to wait for it to happen. She spreads love and happiness around everyone she knows. Her emotional energy is beginning to awaken and she has so much of it!

Male experience:

He sets off on a search for perfect love. He knows she exists somewhere and he knows he will find her no matter how long it takes. His heart is bursting with the love he wants to share with her.

Spring is in his heart and he spreads joy and happiness as he searches for her. He is a comfort to those that know and love him.

Female experience:

She has astrally created the perfect mate and relationship in the astral plane. She knows that sometime, somewhere, he will come into her life. All she has to do is wait for him. He will come. She is the ocean that all water must someday return to.

She is happy and at peace with her life. She brings joy and peace to those that love her. She turns to enjoy those things that are within her reach and finds joy in the simple things in life.

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