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Der Orchideengarten is the world’s first illustrated fantasy magazine and was published in the German language in 1919. This is the first time it has been published in the English language with the original artwork. Stories and poems include: “No One and Everyone” by Oskar Maria Graf; “The Wake” by Apuleius; “The Suicide” by Klarbund; “The Gray Mill” by H. Steinitzer; “The Head of the Condemned” by Alexander Dumas; “The Balcony” by Max Rohrer; “A Dream” by Will Scheller. Translations by Joe E. Bandel and layout by John Hirschhorn-Smith.

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Der Orchideengarten was published in the German language in 1919 and this is the first time most of these stories and artwork have been published in the English language. Stories and Poems include: “The Hashish Dream” by Richard Euringer; “The Devil” by Guy de Maupaasant; “From the Ways of the Hanged” by Siegfried Aram; “The Blazing Flame” by Karl and Joseph Capek; all translations by Joe E. Bandel; Edit and layout by John Hirschhorn-Smith.

I’m back! Sorry it has taken so long! I almost forgot how to do this! I will be doing two magazines this month to kind of catch up and then go back to one a month. There should be no problem now that I am retired and have more time to work on these projects.

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Der Orchideengarten was the world’s first illustrated fantasy magazine and published in the German language in 1919. This is the first time these stories have been translated into the English language. The original artwork is included. This issue of Der Orchideengarten contains: Franz Schoenberner- The Dying Lantern; Leonhard Stein- The Electric Piano; Rudolf Fuchs- Sleigh Ride; Paul Verlaine- Major Muller’s Hand; E. Scupin- Castle Valnoir. Translations by Joe Bandel. Technical editor John Hirschhorn-Smith. In my opinion this issue is the strongest and best to date!

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Der Orchideengarten Vol 1 No 5 contains the stories and poems: Otto te Kloot- Orchids; Wilhem Nhil- The Cannibal Club; Charles Baudelaire- The Spectre; Wilhem Meinhold- The Amber Witch-How My Poor Child Was Sentenced To Be Put To The Question (translation by Lady Duff-Gordon).These have been translated by Joe E. Bandel and include the original 1919 artwork. Technical Editor is John Hirschhorn-Smith.

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Der Orchideengarten Vol 1 No 4 contains the stories and poems: The Coffee Pot by Theophile Gautier; Dios Vienne by Leo Perutz; Cox-City by Apollinarius Wileem; Adventure of a Wolf by Alexander Petofi. These have been translated by Joe E. Bandel and include the original artwork. Technical Editor is John Hirschhorn-Smith.

Just in time for the first of August! I really loved translating these stories! I can’t choose between “The Coffee Pot” and “Dios Vienne” as my favorites for this issue. Just to be upfront, “Dios Vienne” appears to be a fragment from the book “The Marquis de Bolibar”. It was so interesting that I bought a cheap copy of the novel on line and am looking forward to reading the entire story. “The Coffee Pot” really touched my heart and reminded me of why I love this type of literature so much.

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Der Orchideengarten Vol 1 no3contains the Stories: The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe; The Brain by Max Meixner; The Witching Hour by Alexander Freih. von Bernus; The Harvest by A.M. Frey; Rebellion in Nirvana by K. Roellinghoff. These stories are in the English language and include the original artwork. Translations are by Joe E. Bandel; Technical editor is John Hirshhorn-Smith

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Der Orchideengarten Vol 1 No 2

Der Orchideengarten Vol 1 No 2 is the second issue of the world’s first illustrated fantasy magazine originally published in the German language in 1919. This English translation keeps the original art and contains the following stories: The Deadly Supper by Karl and Joseph Kapek; The Heart by Otto Zoff; The Hasty Corpse by Wilhelm Nhil; The World On Ash Wednesday by Edgar Steiger; The Phantom Coach by Amelia Edwards; Translations are by Joe E. Bandel

The second issue of Der Orchideengarten is now available! I am planning on doing one a month so this is the July issue! Remember Der Orchideengarten is only available through Lulu publishing!

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Der Orchideengarten Vol 1, No. 1

I’ve just finished my latest project, the first issue of Der Orchideengarten Vol 1, no 1 which was published in 1919 in the German language. I’ve translated it and am republishing it through Lulu Press. It is the first in an entire series of old dark fantasy and science fiction.

Der Orchideengarten was the world’s first illustrated fantasy magazine and has a definite place in history. This first issue contains stories by Rudolph Schneider, Paul Frank, Karl Hans Strobl, Max Rohrer, Victor Hugo and A.M. Frey. I have tried to keep it as authentic as possible keeping the original illustrations and art. I am hoping to translate and publish the entire series of forgotten stories and art.

This will only be available through Lulu publishing company at this link.


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Ace of Cups

Symbol- With a glowing heart he searches for the Holy Grail. She is the ocean which all water must someday reach.

Meaning- union

Here the old fruit and seed are given to the earth in total sacrifice. The Magical planes merge together and embrace the seed in death. The seed is planted for an intended future growth.

This death marks the beginning of the eighth degree initiation and the end of the crucifixion. The initiate gives all freely and without thought of reward.
Out of the barrenness of his life spring comes. He knows he is capable of having a serious love relationship. All he needs is to find the right person. He feels vibrant and alive. He knows the perfect person exists and he knows he will find her even if it takes forever. He is mentally and emotionally prepared for a serious relationship.

He is sexually frustrated and feels anger and resentment when he can’t find the right person. It seems she is always just out of reach like the mythical Holy Grail.

He is awakening his emotional energies and has so much love that he wants to share. He is overflowing with love and compassion for everyone. If he can’t give his love to her he will give his love to the entire world.

As he searches for true love he spreads joy and peace to everyone he meets. He is well liked by all. He radiates good emotions that others enjoy.

She knows men want her but she is waiting for the right person. She wants a relationship badly but it has to be with the right person. None of the men that are interested in her are what she is looking for.

She is content to wait for him to come to her. Sooner or later he must come into her life. There is no hurry. She has no strong personal desires or drives. Except for him she has everything that she wants.

She feels happiness as her other wishes are fulfilled. She knows that someday her love wish will be fulfilled also. She has created the perfect mate in the astral planes. All that is left is to wait for it to happen. She spreads love and happiness around everyone she knows. Her emotional energy is beginning to awaken and she has so much of it!

Male experience:

He sets off on a search for perfect love. He knows she exists somewhere and he knows he will find her no matter how long it takes. His heart is bursting with the love he wants to share with her.

Spring is in his heart and he spreads joy and happiness as he searches for her. He is a comfort to those that know and love him.

Female experience:

She has astrally created the perfect mate and relationship in the astral plane. She knows that sometime, somewhere, he will come into her life. All she has to do is wait for him. He will come. She is the ocean that all water must someday return to.

She is happy and at peace with her life. She brings joy and peace to those that love her. She turns to enjoy those things that are within her reach and finds joy in the simple things in life.

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It is generally accepted that Gaia, mother Earth, has ascended into fifth density along with all her inhabitants and that humanity is gradually adjusting itself to these new conditions. For sake of argument, some might say that this process is still happening and may continue happening for a long time. I’m not going to get into a dispute about this one way or the other.

Instead, I’m going to make a few points that I consider pretty self-evident when you stop and think about them. When Gaia, mother Earth, arrived into these new conditions she brought all kinds of lifeforms along with her. She brought plants, birds, small animals, large animals, insects, in fact all life forms along with her including humans!

Stop and think about this for a few minutes! The general light worker community assumed for a long time that an individual had to achieve at least fifth density in order to be eligible for the Ascension process. There was great amazement when Gaia, mother Earth, not only brought all life forms along with her, but has maintained relative stability and there has been as little devastation as possible.

It seems obvious to me that if a plant, a bird or an insect or any other life form can be sent with Gaia into this new place, every single human can do the same thing! In other words, making it to fifth density has somehow changed and is now available to all living things, not just to the spiritual elite of fifth density and above. It also seems obvious that Gaia, mother Earth, is here to stay and that a new game is in the process of beginning, complete with new rules and new players. What I’m trying to say is that this concept of a spiritual elite can be thrown out the window! It didn’t happen that way and the time for that is passed!

This brings up the question, when people drop their physical bodies through death where do they go? They are already in fifth density!

In other posts I’ve made it clear that fourth density is the level of upper emotional energy, of heart energy, and of the simple ego or the observer self. This is also where the soul is first manifested and is equivalent to the development of the observer self. This also corresponds with the fourth electron ring around an atom. The first, second, and third electron rings correspond to concrete spiritual energy, abstract mental energy, and concrete mental energy respectively. These three planes make up what has been called traditionally the spiritual planes.

What this tells us is that heaven and the afterlife consists of existence as beings or thought forms created out of mental or spiritual energies which can supposedly live forever. But this was the myth of the old eon! This was the myth of the spiritual elite!

What is to happen now when Gaia, mother Earth, and all her life forms encroach into the nonphysical planes? None of these lower lifeforms were supposed to have made it, something has definitely changed! Not only that, but these lower lifeforms seem to be able to exist within the nonphysical planes at the lower levels! In other words the lower levels have also become nonphysical!

What I perceive is that all life forms that have developed upon Gaia through the ages have gone through a genetic Ascension process that has created and activated all possible astral bodies. Now obviously a blade of grass has not developed a mental or spiritual astral body to speak of, at least as far as I know! But it has developed the lower three. Other life forms have developed fourth and perhaps even fifth density astral bodies! Each life form that has evolved through the past cycle with Gaia has been given those astral bodies that they have earned.

Now they need to learn how to create with those astral bodies to live the kind of life which they desire. Each of these living things, each of these living creatures, including the new elves are magical in nature with the fundamental ability to manipulate the lower astral levels of existence, thereby having the ability to modify physical existence.

Our space brothers and sisters, those who are rather new to life on earth did not have the genetic sequencing to develop those lower astral bodies, but did have the ability to develop those fifth density astral bodies and higher if appropriate. And that’s the way things now stand, at least as I see them. These space brothers and sisters are the new humans that will be learning how to develop those lower astral bodies as they participate in this coming great cycle.

But what does any of this have to do with death and dying? In the past the death process was a crisis of the soul, according to the Tibetan book of the dead and other sources. But now the veil is much thinner and these astral bodies have already been created and activated! We already exist in fifth density, how can we go to fifth density? What about that blade of grass, what happens to it when it dies?

In the past the soul rose up to the hydrogen level, the highest spiritual plane of unity, or at least tried to while also trying to maintain full personal awareness. From that point, if successful, it was re-created at the lower levels as an immortal spiritual body. But this is already done now! The most likely scenario is that the soul will simply leave the physical body at death and wander off looking for new adventures, or get caught up in the drama of its own physical death.

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