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Der Orchideengarten Vol 1 no3contains the Stories: The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe; The Brain by Max Meixner; The Witching Hour by Alexander Freih. von Bernus; The Harvest by A.M. Frey; Rebellion in Nirvana by K. Roellinghoff. These stories are in the English language and include the original artwork. Translations are by Joe E. Bandel; Technical editor is John Hirshhorn-Smith

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Der Orchideengarten Vol 1 No 2

Der Orchideengarten Vol 1 No 2 is the second issue of the world’s first illustrated fantasy magazine originally published in the German language in 1919. This English translation keeps the original art and contains the following stories: The Deadly Supper by Karl and Joseph Kapek; The Heart by Otto Zoff; The Hasty Corpse by Wilhelm Nhil; The World On Ash Wednesday by Edgar Steiger; The Phantom Coach by Amelia Edwards; Translations are by Joe E. Bandel

The second issue of Der Orchideengarten is now available! I am planning on doing one a month so this is the July issue! Remember Der Orchideengarten is only available through Lulu publishing!

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Der Orchideengarten Vol 1, No. 1

I’ve just finished my latest project, the first issue of Der Orchideengarten Vol 1, no 1 which was published in 1919 in the German language. I’ve translated it and am republishing it through Lulu Press. It is the first in an entire series of old dark fantasy and science fiction.

Der Orchideengarten was the world’s first illustrated fantasy magazine and has a definite place in history. This first issue contains stories by Rudolph Schneider, Paul Frank, Karl Hans Strobl, Max Rohrer, Victor Hugo and A.M. Frey. I have tried to keep it as authentic as possible keeping the original illustrations and art. I am hoping to translate and publish the entire series of forgotten stories and art.

This will only be available through Lulu publishing company at this link.


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Ace of Cups

Symbol- With a glowing heart he searches for the Holy Grail. She is the ocean which all water must someday reach.

Meaning- union

Here the old fruit and seed are given to the earth in total sacrifice. The Magical planes merge together and embrace the seed in death. The seed is planted for an intended future growth.

This death marks the beginning of the eighth degree initiation and the end of the crucifixion. The initiate gives all freely and without thought of reward.
Out of the barrenness of his life spring comes. He knows he is capable of having a serious love relationship. All he needs is to find the right person. He feels vibrant and alive. He knows the perfect person exists and he knows he will find her even if it takes forever. He is mentally and emotionally prepared for a serious relationship.

He is sexually frustrated and feels anger and resentment when he can’t find the right person. It seems she is always just out of reach like the mythical Holy Grail.

He is awakening his emotional energies and has so much love that he wants to share. He is overflowing with love and compassion for everyone. If he can’t give his love to her he will give his love to the entire world.

As he searches for true love he spreads joy and peace to everyone he meets. He is well liked by all. He radiates good emotions that others enjoy.

She knows men want her but she is waiting for the right person. She wants a relationship badly but it has to be with the right person. None of the men that are interested in her are what she is looking for.

She is content to wait for him to come to her. Sooner or later he must come into her life. There is no hurry. She has no strong personal desires or drives. Except for him she has everything that she wants.

She feels happiness as her other wishes are fulfilled. She knows that someday her love wish will be fulfilled also. She has created the perfect mate in the astral planes. All that is left is to wait for it to happen. She spreads love and happiness around everyone she knows. Her emotional energy is beginning to awaken and she has so much of it!

Male experience:

He sets off on a search for perfect love. He knows she exists somewhere and he knows he will find her no matter how long it takes. His heart is bursting with the love he wants to share with her.

Spring is in his heart and he spreads joy and happiness as he searches for her. He is a comfort to those that know and love him.

Female experience:

She has astrally created the perfect mate and relationship in the astral plane. She knows that sometime, somewhere, he will come into her life. All she has to do is wait for him. He will come. She is the ocean that all water must someday return to.

She is happy and at peace with her life. She brings joy and peace to those that love her. She turns to enjoy those things that are within her reach and finds joy in the simple things in life.

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It is generally accepted that Gaia, mother Earth, has ascended into fifth density along with all her inhabitants and that humanity is gradually adjusting itself to these new conditions. For sake of argument, some might say that this process is still happening and may continue happening for a long time. I’m not going to get into a dispute about this one way or the other.

Instead, I’m going to make a few points that I consider pretty self-evident when you stop and think about them. When Gaia, mother Earth, arrived into these new conditions she brought all kinds of lifeforms along with her. She brought plants, birds, small animals, large animals, insects, in fact all life forms along with her including humans!

Stop and think about this for a few minutes! The general light worker community assumed for a long time that an individual had to achieve at least fifth density in order to be eligible for the Ascension process. There was great amazement when Gaia, mother Earth, not only brought all life forms along with her, but has maintained relative stability and there has been as little devastation as possible.

It seems obvious to me that if a plant, a bird or an insect or any other life form can be sent with Gaia into this new place, every single human can do the same thing! In other words, making it to fifth density has somehow changed and is now available to all living things, not just to the spiritual elite of fifth density and above. It also seems obvious that Gaia, mother Earth, is here to stay and that a new game is in the process of beginning, complete with new rules and new players. What I’m trying to say is that this concept of a spiritual elite can be thrown out the window! It didn’t happen that way and the time for that is passed!

This brings up the question, when people drop their physical bodies through death where do they go? They are already in fifth density!

In other posts I’ve made it clear that fourth density is the level of upper emotional energy, of heart energy, and of the simple ego or the observer self. This is also where the soul is first manifested and is equivalent to the development of the observer self. This also corresponds with the fourth electron ring around an atom. The first, second, and third electron rings correspond to concrete spiritual energy, abstract mental energy, and concrete mental energy respectively. These three planes make up what has been called traditionally the spiritual planes.

What this tells us is that heaven and the afterlife consists of existence as beings or thought forms created out of mental or spiritual energies which can supposedly live forever. But this was the myth of the old eon! This was the myth of the spiritual elite!

What is to happen now when Gaia, mother Earth, and all her life forms encroach into the nonphysical planes? None of these lower lifeforms were supposed to have made it, something has definitely changed! Not only that, but these lower lifeforms seem to be able to exist within the nonphysical planes at the lower levels! In other words the lower levels have also become nonphysical!

What I perceive is that all life forms that have developed upon Gaia through the ages have gone through a genetic Ascension process that has created and activated all possible astral bodies. Now obviously a blade of grass has not developed a mental or spiritual astral body to speak of, at least as far as I know! But it has developed the lower three. Other life forms have developed fourth and perhaps even fifth density astral bodies! Each life form that has evolved through the past cycle with Gaia has been given those astral bodies that they have earned.

Now they need to learn how to create with those astral bodies to live the kind of life which they desire. Each of these living things, each of these living creatures, including the new elves are magical in nature with the fundamental ability to manipulate the lower astral levels of existence, thereby having the ability to modify physical existence.

Our space brothers and sisters, those who are rather new to life on earth did not have the genetic sequencing to develop those lower astral bodies, but did have the ability to develop those fifth density astral bodies and higher if appropriate. And that’s the way things now stand, at least as I see them. These space brothers and sisters are the new humans that will be learning how to develop those lower astral bodies as they participate in this coming great cycle.

But what does any of this have to do with death and dying? In the past the death process was a crisis of the soul, according to the Tibetan book of the dead and other sources. But now the veil is much thinner and these astral bodies have already been created and activated! We already exist in fifth density, how can we go to fifth density? What about that blade of grass, what happens to it when it dies?

In the past the soul rose up to the hydrogen level, the highest spiritual plane of unity, or at least tried to while also trying to maintain full personal awareness. From that point, if successful, it was re-created at the lower levels as an immortal spiritual body. But this is already done now! The most likely scenario is that the soul will simply leave the physical body at death and wander off looking for new adventures, or get caught up in the drama of its own physical death.

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Taking the Plunge

Talk about an intense full moon! This past week has been really crazy for me and I’m sure it has been crazy for all of you as well. The title of this post is Taking the Plunge and I’ve titled it Taking the Plunge for a good reason.. That seems to be what this energy has been about. When we think of the natural cycles of nature, we think about the snow melting and the new life bursting forth. If we can align our lives with nature’s cycles, then we are in tune with the energy and things will work better for us. I’ve been trying to do this for several years now, and each spring I’m beginning to recognize a similar pattern that takes place. The time period from the winter solstice, when new light comes in for the first time, until the spring equinox, seems to be a time of conflict in the astral planes were persons, events, and things struggle for their own existence. In metaphorical terms, the seed is lying in the ground and some of those seeds will receive the energy of growth and others won’t. This time period between the winter solstice and the spring equinox seems to be when this natural sorting out takes place.

The time period from the spring equinox to the first complete full moon cycle, which happens to be Beltaine, is different, and a different energetic struggle is taking place. What seems to be happening at this time is that those things that have been selected to move forward into physical manifestation are sorting themselves out according to hierarchy. Some things receive more energy than other things, and it’s during this time where everything lines up as if in a printing queue and everything takes its place, waiting for physical manifestation, which will ultimately lead to the harvest in the fall.

While this has certainly been true for me, I now feel the door closing behind me and the new door opening in front of me. It is a feeling of out with the old and in with the new. I’m personally still trying to come to terms with it. But this new phase is very exciting as well because totally unexplored areas of possibility are opening up to me that will allow greater productivity and creativity!

While the beginning seems to be a struggle, I know that the end result is going to be amazing! So that brings us to some new changes at Anarchist World. Anarchist World just celebrated its first birthday, and what a first year it has been! It has been a real struggle for me to find the time to translate and to keep up with this massive web page and the blogs, keeping them functioning the way they should. It takes a lot of time and energy and resources to load the blogs for the first time and then set them up for future posting. These posts are now automated to show up every three days. Right now, as I speak, there are 14 completed blogs on Anarchist World. These blogs represent serialized books that have been completed. All but two of these books are ones that I have translated or written myself. The only two that I have not translated or written, are The Ego and His Own by Max Sterner and House of the Vampire by George Sylvester Viereck. Now that these blogs have been completed, all they need is to be continually reset to play over and over again. While this is still labor-intensive, it’s not as labor-intensive as loading or to translating the blogs for the first time.

This is also a substantial amount of material that is being offered for free on this website. In addition to that, my normal blog continues at a fairly regular pace, and I’m in the process of adding a few more blogs that will be equally or even more prolific. This comes as a result of new developments in my personal life where I’m taking action to self empower myself.

My available time for doing these things is still extremely limited. Since I work seven days a week, I’m forcing myself to learn and master Dragon Naturally Speaking, the voice typing program, and I’m dictating new posts as I drive back and forth to work during the day. Because of these posts, you are going to see many more posts of my own writing and interests. In other words, they won’t be translations where I’m translating someone else’s work, but are going to be things that I can dictate while I’m driving back and forth to work in the car. This will allow me to make more regular and frequent posts on my personal blog, and also allow me to create a couple more blogs.

Perhaps the most interesting of these new blogs will be, My Adventures In Voice Typing and Translation. In this blog, I’m going to share my day to day experiences as I struggle in the mastery of this new technology. In this blog. I’m going to be sharing tips and techniques that I use, which other people may find useful to increase their own productivity. The whole thing is about how to leverage your time more effectively during the day.

The next blog, Oak – Morals and Dogma, is going to be the third in a series that follows Modern Survivalism and Magister  Templi. Morals and Dogma is intended to be a collection of valuable truth and empowerment tips that I have gained or learned from other sources in earlier parts of my life. While most of them come from my research and studies in Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism, other subjects or topics come from cutting-edge research and science that is still in its infancy today. The distinction is that this blog is not really my creation; these thoughts are not my own thoughts, my own creative understandings, but are instead my own perspective on established concepts. These are concepts that I consider valuable and worth integrating into one’s personal life.

Lastly, I hope to use my drive time more effectively in making appropriate posts to the currently existing blog, Magic, Mystery and Madness. This blog is intended as an exploration of the occult sciences and includes my personal insights and experiences in this area.

The Ego and His Own by Max Sterner is a foundational piece of any occult work. To be effective, one’s personal self, their ego, their center, needs to be developed. They need to be self-directed, and follow an internal authority, not an external authority. Our culture and society has taught us to follow external authority, and one of the first things we need to do is free ourselves from this tendency by confronting it with full awareness. That is the purpose of this blog, Magic, Mystery and Madness. At least that’s the purpose of the first portion. So, I’m going to take the gems, the seeds, that I think are the most valuable and share them in this blog.

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I’m pleased to announce that “Lemuria Book 1” is now available in English for the first time ever!

This is the first collection of short stories by Karl Hans Strobl to have ever been translated into the English language. Karl Hans Strobl was noted for his short fiction, particularly his dark fantasy fiction and “Lemuria” collects some of his finest stories.

You can sense his passion and zest for living in these pages.

These stories come at a time when “Steam Punk” is popular. His stories fit into this genre quite well and it is astonishing how modern and readable these fantastic stories are. As an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy, I’ve become convinced that there is a power and force within these stories that is very hard to find in today’s world.

Stories include: The Mermaid; At a Cross Roads; The Witch Finder; The Head; The Repulsion of the Will; My Adventure with Jonas Barg; The Manuscript of Juan Serrano; Familiar Moves; The Tomb at Pere La Chaise; The Wicked Nun; The Bogumil Stone; Master Jericho


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We, and that means myself as well, are so trapped within our own outworn beliefs that it is difficult to move into the new energies and the new paradigm. The new energies that are creating a new humanity, a golden age as has never been seen on earth before.

The reality is that people are struggling in this transitional time. We have certainly not arrived to those golden shores and our old world is fast becoming obsolete. Let me take my last post as an example. After I discovered the rare issues of Der Orchideengarten my mind raced to the logical/illogical conclusion of printing out limited editions so I could finally make a little money at this hobby of mine. Perhaps even quit my part time job! Chuckle.

Isn’t that old eon thinking at its grandest and most pervasive? The trouble with humanity in the past has been to keep the good stuff for the elite, the ones with money and power, while  also keeping them inaccessible to the poor and needy? The haves and the have nots? So despite my own posturings of new eon thinking, I am just as prone to fall into the old ways as anyone else. Can you think of other examples of; “this product is only available to paying customers”.

Thankfully my own soul sets me straight when I stray off the mark. While it is true that there is an elite in this world and always will be an elite. The elite of the new eon are those that create through personal effort, not those that manipulate and suck off others. Some people will remain slaves because they choose to remain slaves, they refuse to help themselves. They insist on being passive wretches that live pathetic lives with no reason to get up in the morning. They have that right as well.

But the new ways are coming and moving forward in the most unlikely places. The new energy is about personal self empowerment and creativity. The old ways are about passive entertainment and soul sucking debt. Think about it. Oh, I forgot. No one knows how to think anymore.

We can see the new creative energies perhaps most clearly on youtube and the old soul sucking ones on facebook. Youtube is a cultural phenomenon that is at the leading edge of where we are going as a planet. Creative energies are freely shared, expressed and enjoyed. Facebook is an expression of passive entertainment and mass dumbing down through hypnosis.

Public radio and television are funded by those that believe in the vision of a commercial free medium, that is not to be swayed by corporate pressures. Even churches take up offerings each Sunday to meet day to day operating expenses. Then of course there is the musician on the corner who sits and plays all day for the coins that passersby care to throw in their direction.

Anarchist Word is such a place. When confronted with the choice of sharing my material freely or not sharing, I have chosen to share it even if I can’t make a living at it. Our society is in such a sad state of being that the general population is so caught up in taking that it has no concept at all of creative sharing.

Now think of nature. Why do the birds sing? They sing because they have to! And I sing because I have to! Perhaps my song is a bit odd, maybe even a bit dark and uncomfortable, but it is my song and I’m going to sing it. Limited editions of these magazine may come out in time, but you can read the material first online here for free at Anarchist World! It just might take awhile. In the meantime I need to catch up on some of my neglected blogs. I hope people have enjoyed the previews so far! I am doing more translating than ever and seemingly not getting anywhere! Sigh.

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Talk about interesting times! I’m beginning to feel a bit stretched to say the least. At least I will be having a four day weekend to catch up with some of the blogs on Anarchist World!

I try to follow my inner guidance with these things and am amazed at how well things can and do work out if I have the courage to keep on going on my idiosyncratic path. Chuckle. Last post I mentioned my excitement about finding the complete set of Der Orchideen Garten, the world’s first fantasy magazine.

Well, it seems that was just the beginning! There were 51 issues of Der Orchideen Garten, and it just so happens to be equal to the weekly publications for the first year of Jugend and Simplicissimus! I have previously toyed around with the idea of translating the first year of these two major art and literary magazines. In fact, they are on Anarchist World and preliminary work is already being done.

So, take a deep breath. Hopefully by the end of August I will have the first in a series of limited edition signed and numbered issues of:

Der Orchideen Garten Volume I, No. 1

Simplicissimus Volume I, No. 1

Simplicissimus Volume I, No. 2

Jugend Volume I, No’s. 1&2  (the first issue is a combined issue, that’s why two issues of Simplicissimus are offered)

These magazines can not be bought individually. They are part of a limited edition set limited to 300 copies. Each magazine will be signed and all three will have matching numbers! A new set of all three magazines will hopefully come out every two months until the entire series is complete. (51 issues!) We are talking a four to eight year project here! I’m pumped for it!

Each magazine will have original full color front and back covers with black and white interiors to keep the cost down. Each will be translated into English for the first time. Artwork will follow the original as closely as possible. This means contrasting the faded paper to pure black and white/greyscale for photos; airbrushing all the old German text out and inserting clean English text with format changes as needed. Simplicissimus will need the most format changes since it was printed in newspaper format.

Each set will cost $30 plus postage and handling. That comes out to about $10 per signed and numbered, limited edition magazine! This is a collector’s dream and I’m certain that once word gets out, each set will go quite fast!

I’ve posted the links for Jugend and Simplicissimus below so you can see what all the excitement is about! There are no plans to print more issues, only to offer them as ebooks. In fact, they will be available as ebooks as well. Currently over half my book sales are ebook sales and that is the future. This limited edition is simply for us old timers that like holding the real thing in our hands. This is an important literary event and of great consequence. I feel proud to be able to do this.

I will post more information as the set becomes ready for shipping. You may preview the stories on the blogs as before. Consider them rough drafts. As the collector editions go on sale the blog posts will be deleted to make room for the next issue. In this way the quality and content can be sampled far ahead of time as needed before each magazine is completed.

I’ve currently finished Simplicissimus Volume I, No.1 and half way through No. 2. Lots of work still to go on Jugend and Der Orchideen Garten although it is progressing. Feel free to keep an eye on my progress with these projects!


Der Orchideengarten



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A very quick update on my latest addition. I’m absolutely thrilled to announce the coming publication of the entire Der Orchideen Garten series! I hope to have the first limited edition issue out by the end of next month in time for Midsummer’s Eve! Details will follow as available.


Der Orchideen Garten was published for three years and is considered the world’s first fantasy magazine. It was founded four years before Weird Tales. This rare magazine has been long unavailable and I intend to take full advantage of this small window of opportunity.


I plan a limited edition facsimile in the English language limited to 300 signed and numbered copies. This is obviously going to be quite a bit of work, and I will need to get going on it. This will take away from the regular Anarchist World web pages so please be patient with me. This is also my ticket to quitting my weekend job so that I can devote more time to Anarchist World!

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