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As I wander around Mensa land I notice three kinds of people. I call them Hydrogen types, Helium types and Lithium types. Each type of person is quite distinct in their type of intelligence and each could easily create IQ tests that would prove their own type of intelligence superior! I choose the terms Hydrogen types, Helium types and Lithium types for a good reason. These elements represent the types of intelligences remarkably well in my opinion. They also represent types of energies that could be associated with intelligence.

The most common type in Mensa land is the Lithium type. It is interesting that lithium is used to help prevent hallucinations in people with mental illness. These people are rabid about being physical materialists and most are atheists Believing only in the powers of science and the powers of logic and reason. In fact, these people are the priests and priestesses of logic and reason. They spend their hours in debate pondering imponderables such as how many angels can fit on the head of a pin. They believe that they can prove their personal position to others! So they spend their hours submitting proofs of their own argument.

The weakness of the Lithium type is that anyone can prove anything through logic and reason! Using logic and reason it is possible to prove that today is the best day of your life and also logically prove today is the worst day of your life! The Lithium type will inevitably use circular reasoning and wind up arguing against themselves. Logic and reason always end in paradox! Those massive convoluted theories and abstractions lead no where in the final analysis.

The next type is the Helium type. These people have minds like magnets, seemingly capable of directly perceiving the simplicity of reality in an effortless manner. This Helium energy is not a mental energy like Lithium but a spiritual energy. It is concrete spiritual energy or archetypal energy. This direct perception of self evident things has a name and it is called Christ consciousness. By the standards of the ancient world these people have attained Christ consciousness and are Christ’s in physical bodies! You can’t argue with them because what they say makes perfect sense! They are always right, at least in their own mind!

The weakness of the Helium type is that they are heavily polarized toward the light or toward the dark and are absolutely convinced that their way of perceiving the world is the one and only correct way! The clarity of their vision is matched only by their own blind spots which they remain unable to recognize.

The last is the loftiest of them all just like Hydrogen is the lightest of all elements. The Hydrogen type directly experiences Unity and paradox resolution. They are not only aware of things through direct perception but also aware of their own blind spots and seek ways to work around them for a more balanced perspective. These are the Einstein’s of the world, capable of understanding how light and matter are interchangeable. They are like Dewey Larson and his Reciprocal Field Theory, showing how each element, indeed all things are created out of vibratory motion to create  photons, sub-atomic particle and how these in turn create rotating magnetic fields and atomic particles to finally lead to life itself. These types of visions are called Cosmic Consciousness or God Consciousness and these individual are keenly aware we are part of all things and that all things are part of us. In ancient times this type of consciousness was also termed Buddha consciousness and those able to attain it were Buddha’s.

The Hydrogen type is marked by intense visions and the ability to overcome duality in all its forms. All of life is seen as a balance of light and dark, all is experienced as bitter-sweet. These people have integrated both their dark side and their light side and they have discovered what it truly means to be human and divine at the same time. You will not find this type arguing philosophical subjects because they deeply understand the futility of it. They won’t be found polarized around a cause because they deeply understand that anything that physically manifests is already balanced with a dark side and a light side. Instead these people will share life and embrace it in all ways, the ups and downs, joys and sorrows. They are the ones that appear simple, but are extremely wise.

Remember that one out of fifty people in the United States qualifies for Mensa and fits one of these groups!

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Searching for the Soul


Like man himself! In the beginning man was with God and part of the indivisible All, and he tore himself loose in spite of it. From this awareness of self over the course of billions of years there developed an awareness of the contradiction, “I”—and the world! And yet a part of the All clung to this “I”, was still imprisoned in this physical body, grew with it, died with it and was inseparable from its earthly remains.

And a great desire for liberation caused this soul to seek a false path and grope in the shameful darkness. It always ran back by the way which it had come to its original awareness of the “I” instead of to the “Not—I”, and did not know that the goal was at the other end.

The soul was conscious of the contradiction between the “I” and the “Not—I”, but the soul accepted the physical body as part of the “I”, even as the “I” itself did, and did not realize that the physical body was only a part of the “Not—I”. Thus man’s physical body became the unfortunate bridge that always led the soul back to the physical world of which it was a part. And all those souls driven by desire passed over it and descended deeper and deeper until they sank into God.

Yet how comical it was when the pious cried out that one must conquer the body! Their words were so wise, yet their understanding was so wrong. They did not conquer the body—but rather strengthened its power by all they did. They conquered the soul of man and became as beasts; they conquered the beasts inside and became as God.

But the time must come for the striding forth of the liberated human being. When the knowledge becomes so deep and so firmly rooted that each one knows his body is nothing other than some tree that stands in the forest, than some bird that flies in the air: than any foreign object that lies far in the distance! When each passionately feels that his body has nothing in common with his soul—and is as alien to him as a stone in the street , when the assurance reaches each consciousness that the external world may be all-embracing, yet, it fails to hold one thing, namely, the soul—then that great day will dawn—

Then the soul of man will tend the body well, like a temple, like a good house in which one dwells. Only, it will be a stranger, something external from us, and this knowledge alone will be the great conquest of the body. Then the bridge that leads downward will be broken; then the lunacy of our forefathers will perish; then the eternal desires will laugh happily as they kiss freedom and truth amidst their tears over the dark errors of the ages.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice


The above was written by German author Hanns Heinz Ewers over a century ago! Or rather it is my translation of his words and thoughts into the English language. As I partake in more online discussion groups, in particular Mensa discussion groups I find that believing in the individual soul is not politically correct. I also find that attitude a little bit two-faced. Consider the question, “Is a loved one the same person after having a debilitating stroke? Is their awareness, their consciousness, still the same but hindered by physical damage caused by the stroke? Or have they in some way become less human? I have seen stroke victims struggle to find the words they desire to express and the frustration that they feel being physically unable to do so. To me this is direct evidence that individual awareness remains even though it might not be able to physically express itself


The question really becomes whether conscious awareness is purely energetic in nature or mechanical. Is individual awareness capable of being separated from the physical body or is it simply an expression of the physical body that dies when the physical body dies? While science almost unanimously denies the existence of the soul, it entertains such thoughts as the possibility of integrating human consciousness with machines or computers. Movies such as “Avatar” envision the ability of human awareness to transfer itself from one physical body to another! For some reason science admits the possibilities of these things while denying the possibility of the existence of the soul. I find that very troubling!


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Tomorrow is the full moon leading up to the March equinox and we are already seeing how the energies will be unfolding. In regards to national politics there is a crisis surrounding leaks of classified information and accusations of wiretapping. Congress is investigating these things, or I should say is just beginning to investigate these things. The top leaders of the Senate and House of Representatives are being briefed on what lies ahead. We can expect more disclosure at the public release of information in a few weeks at the equinox. It is not surprising that this public report will be issued at this time. There is a divine timing in these things.


Two conflicting realities are in a battle for existence and only one can survive. By the equinox we will know which one survives and which one fails. But in reality, we already know the answer to this. We have seen the continuing and enduring answer to this during the last few months. There is a new energy in town and that  new energy will survive! In this ideological conflict of globalization and collectivism versus individualization and self empowerment it is the individual whose turn it is to become empowered! The recent WikiLeaks dump of CIA classified documents shows the extent of police state tactics used to gather personal information on individuals.


What is not being told is that this global surveillance data is being used by computers with AI and not just law enforcement singling out individuals. Self programming and self learning computers are able to identify deviations from normal social patterns and learn from them. To do this they need massive amounts of information from everyone! In a global transparent society any behavior outside the norm will light up like a neon sign. What we are looking at is not surveillance of individuals, but surveillance of an entire population that identifies individual patterns for closer observation. What this means is that non conformists will stand out against a background of bland herd like animals. Once identified they can be singled out for closer observation.

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The War Between Realities

There is a distinction between reality and actuality. Actuality is what exists independently of what we think or believe and that actuality determines the final fate of our choices in life. This is pretty self evident.

But what is not so self evident is the power that individual realities have upon each one of us as individuals and as populations. It can be argued that individual reality is far more powerful and important than actuality because each one of us will always act upon what we believe to be true, our personal reality, and not upon what actually exists. Ultimately the judge of our actions will be based upon actuality, but all too often belief in a different reality creates  a situation where realities collide.

Today’s world has become such a place where actuality is no longer considered important and competing realities try to present evidence of their importance and reality in ways that defy common sense and personal life experience. These competing realities continue to become farther and farther removed from the actuality of things to the point where madness is taking over. The question is what are we going to do about it?

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