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The beautiful blonde maiden
Dances before the bridge
Her sensuous naked figure
Trembles and sways
In the silver moonlight
Her soft musical voice
Lures me, under her spell
I can not think
Only follow as she
Leads me beneath the
Dark stone bridge
She is mine
But even as I touch her
She oozes through my fingers
And quietly, swiftly slips away

-Joe Bandel

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Etheric energy is physical based energy. It comes through our physical connections with others and through physical exertion. This is the energy that forms genetic bonds between our parents, our siblings and others we love deeply. We form bonds that are so strong we couldn’t break them if we tried. When these bonds are supportive and positive nothing in the world can prevent us from achieving our goals in life.

Those that love us give us support and encouragement through the tough times and rejoice with us when we succeed. They share in our joy. We share in their joy. They share in our sorrow and we share in their sorrow.

As a united force working collectively toward a common goal we are able to overcome all obstacles and achieve great things. At least that is the ideal situation. That is what family can do for us when it is supportive! When these bonds are abusive and negative it is impossible to achieve permanent happiness and satisfaction in life. We need to find a different family!

The same people and bonds drain us of our will and lower our self-esteem. We become ineffective in our lives and doomed to struggle much harder than others. Our every effort toward happiness is sabotaged by self-defeating tendencies within us and within those we love.

There is a paradox at work here because we need supportive family when we are young and still maturing. As we mature and it becomes time to leave the nest we need to leave family behind to start new families of our own. This is true in the animal kingdom and also true in human society.

We find the same dynamic within other types of families that we may belong to. As an example we may aspire to become a professional writer and join the local writers group. This family will support us as we mature in our writing ability but it will never allow us to become professional. When our writing skills are mature we need to leave the local family and enter into the professional writing world to seek our own readership on our own merits.

Etheric energy involves competency in the ability to manifest things in the physical world through personal effort. This energy is never free. We need to earn it.

There are two ways we can develop this energy and use it to achieve positive results. The first is through hard physical work. Hard physical work generates Etheric energy and creates a powerful body that can withstand the abuses we subjected to.

The physical act of doing successfully overwhelms those influences that say we can’t do it. In this manner we physically prove to those that don’t believe in us that we have the ability to achieve. Their resistance is overcome through the sheer intensity of our physical effort. By trial and error we develop competency through personal effort. We earn our rewards. The second way to develop Etheric energy is by going through psychotherapy or counseling to explore and bring into awareness the self-destructive aspects we all have.

This means we need to confront those issues and come to terms with them. We learn to act in a more appropriate manner. Doing this releases trapped and repressed energy and allows us to make productive use of it.

The first method is to generate new energy through physical effort. The second method is to reclaim energy that we already have but can’t use because it has been repressed and trapped inside our bodies. Both are important in the process of self empowerment. The person that has highly developed Etheric energy forms deep bonds of attachment everywhere they go and is deeply loved by close personal friends. They are able to physically manifest things in life through hard work. Their friends are highly supportive and he or she is highly supportive of them. The magnetic charm and attraction they possess lets others know they will always be there if they are needed. They are a person that can be counted on to be there. They are a person strong in themselves and their ability to live a productive life. They are highly competent.

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At this point it is time for him to slack off and forget about romance for a while. He should just enjoy her company and share social activities with her. They’re going to have a child together. Sensual pursuits are fun. As he turns down the power she relaxes and they both turn to a life of total hedonism and enjoyment. She enjoys his company and needs his energy but only a little at a time.

After a while she craves larger and larger doses of his raw energy. She learns how to deal with it more effectively. It begins to give her power and energy and she starts to return some of it back to him in a new form. Up until this point the energy has only been flowing from him to her.

The Tantric cycle involves the male channeling his energy to her so that she can mix it with her own and create something new that both of them need. This is something that only she can do. In Tantra the child she carries is an astral child that will one day become a new astral body for him after she creates her own. There is the physical cycle of physical pregnancy and the astral cycle of astral pregnancy. One is the path of the serpent and the other is the path of the dove.

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There are two types of mysticism. One is healthy and one is unhealthy. Healthy mysticism is organic Gnosticism. It is the wisdom inherent within the cellular structure of all living things and its connection with human awareness, the ego, the watcher self or the soul. Healthy mysticism allows a person to perceive the nonphysical energies in a way that helps us discover the infinite possibilities hidden within the present moment. This is awareness of sensory data from nonphysical sources such as the emotions and intuition as well as direct perception of self-evident realities.

Unhealthy mysticism is living in your head in a reality that is no longer connected to physical reality or to the needs and requirements of your physical body. You can’t achieve the things that you desire in life if you’re not living in life! This means not living in the past and not living in the future! You need to live in the present moment!

Unhealthy mysticism involves surrendering to an external authority and sacrificing one’s personal power to that external authority. The entire concept of sacrificing one’s personal power to an external authority is completely flawed! There is always a win-win situation when we follow our own internal authority! When we do what we were born to do the rest of the world rejoices and supports us! There is no conflict! There is only win-win!

The most healthy type of mysticism is living in one’s heart and listening to the still small voice of conscience and the Christ spirit that dwells within every human heart. This is where you begin to integrate all the other aspects of who you are. This is where you meet others in the most real way possible. This is where true sharing begins!

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Some people say that we have natural born rights, rights that belong to us by simply being human beings. You could call them hereditary rights or any other term that’s convenient. We might think of these as rights that we enjoy that have come from our parents. Perhaps our parents were wealthy and we enjoy a good education and many of the finer things in life. Perhaps we are born into a poor family and enjoy the right to work at minimum wage jobs!

There’s another group of people, and I suppose that I belong to this group, that believe in earned rights. That a person has the right to keep those things that they have honestly earned.

Now you see a big war between these two groups! The one group says that we are born equal and have equal rights as human beings. The other group completely ignores natural born rights and focuses exclusively upon earned rights, those things that we earned through our personal efforts. There is bickering and arguing since neither side will ever give in to the other.

So what happens is that somebody more powerful comes along and takes everything away from both of us! They believe that might makes right! And they laugh at the other two groups in amusement.

Now I could leave it at this, but I won’t. I believe in the nonphysical worlds or astral realms and over the past several years I have dreamed about anything significant before it manifested as a physical event in my life. My experience has convinced me that things will happen in the astral planes before they will manifest in the physical. Dreaming about these events before they happen in the physical has become so routine that I no longer question it.

So the true solution is to develop the spiritual self, the soul and its powers so that you can protect yourself spiritually and magically against those that might be physically stronger and more powerful than you. Strength of soul and spirit is much more powerful than physical strength!

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Let us wander in the blue;
Restricted only, by how far we can go.
Only one bond should remain:
Everyone, as he strives, receives.
Not to Good; not from Evil,
Do we want to redeem the world,
Only to the desire to create;
A poet’s power is God’s power.
Let us gladly listen to each other,
An inner, boundless joining,
To lovingly share mind and soul,
In this manner, the little world becomes great.

-Richard Dehmal
translation by Joe Bandel

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Sexual charisma and magnetism is something that all of us would like to have more of. No matter how much we have is not enough. We want to be sexually attractive to the opposite sex in general and specifically to our partner.

Sexual energy and sexual magnetism are developed through orgasm. More correctly they are developed through the pleasurable waves that flood the body prior to orgasm. This energy floods the body and escapes into the astral to create an astral body out of this sexual energy.

Like each type of astral energy generated by the physical body, sexual energy is cumulative in nature. The creation of an astral body and development of sexual magnetism requires many orgasms or near orgasms. For the male this involves prolonged sexual tension without orgasm as long as possible. For the female this involves riding the peak of the orgasm and making it last as long as possible. These are both tantric practices for the creation and development of the soul.

Those serious about developing sexual magnetism will generate this energy on a daily basis over long periods of time. Often several years go by before this astral body is fully formed and functional. This is a natural cycle that exists within love relationships in which our souls grow through the experience of sharing loving energies.

There are dangers involved in generating massive amounts of sexual energy. The most important of them is that it will stir up deeply buried and repressed emotional baggage as it circulates throughout the physical body. This will cause emotional releases or outbursts. In more serious cases it may cause psychotic episodes if the repressed emotions are released and take over the body without conscious control.

I personally experienced an episode where I relived every memory of being physically punished as a child. This was followed by two hours of uncontrollable weeping as the repressed energy was released. It was not a pleasant experience but it was a healthy one!

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