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You have the choice of being affected by negativity or not being affected by it. Sometimes it’s hard to believe we do have this choice. When someone is pushing your buttons to get a reaction they know exactly what they are doing and we fall right into it. This is following old behavior patterns unconsciously even when we don’t want to.

When someone pushed my buttons I used to mentally tell myself that I would not loose control of myself to someone else. I would not allow someone else to yank my chain. I reasoned that if they could yank my chain that meant they had a certain amount of control over me. I was not going to allow this.

The result was a tough armor that I needed to call upon time after time. People sensed that I was blocking their attempts and tried harder. I put more armor around myself. People tried harder to push my buttons. It seemed that I was caught up in a vicious circle where I was withdrawing from human interaction.

The final result was I was left alone and lonely. Not exactly what I wanted but it was at least peaceful. After I centered myself and calmed down I was ready to start relating with people again. It was not so easy. I noticed it most with my wife. She would try to pull me into arguments. She complained that I would only relate with her when things were going well. At soon as things got bad I would emotionally leave the relationship. She wanted me to stay and confront the issues so we could work them out. I was very uncomfortable doing this. We were at a stand still.

Gradually I learned that being affected by negativity happened by not confronting it when it occurred. It was an emotional charge and if I confronted it right away I lost energy but felt better. I was a lot better off just getting it over with and moving on. When I let my wife discharge her frustration she felt better. I didn’t try running from it. A side effect was that I started expressing more of my frustration as well.

Being free to express small frustrations and negativity prevented the build up of anger and resentment that produced many of the big blow-ups. This was an important step.

Being able to armor myself was just as important. Imagine being in a restaurant or public place and someone butts in line and starts screaming at you. This is the type of negativity you can block with your armor. Don’t block the negativity from your loved ones. Try to understand it instead.

The only way you can choose is if you are capable of both options. Knowing when to accept negativity is as important as blocking it. The sharing of pain and sorrow is an important part of our important relationships. We need to be supportive of others if we want them to be supportive of us. At times this means accepting their anger and resentment.

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The mystery of the solar cycle is closely aligned with that of the lunar cycle and astrology. Perhaps it is best understood by reflecting upon the lunar cycle and it’s action of alternately expanding and compressing the earth’s astral layers.

There are eight important points in the lunar cycle. These are the new moon, 1st quarter, full moon, 3rd quarter, and the midpoints between these four when the astral layers merge together.

In like manner there are eight important points in the solar cycle. These are Spring equinox, Summer solstice, Autumn equinox, Winter solstice and the four midpoints, Beltane, lugnasadh, Samhain, and Candlemas.

In terms of the science of astrology we would call these positions respectively conjunction, upper square, opposition, lower square and the 45 degree aspects. It is interesting that the 45 degree aspect is considered the most powerful in terms of energy flow. This is because it reflects the time when the astral layers merge together.

Consideration of the gravitational effect of other planets upon the earth’s astral layers could indicate a minor influence at these particular points. The main forces would be those of the sun and the moon. These are the influences that O. A. K. considers the most important since a Magister Templi should have risen above other planetary or astrological influences.

Comparison of these eight points shows that each part of the solar cycle corresponds to a particular astral activity much as the lunar cycle does but on a larger scale.

As a cycle it may be arbitrary where to say the cycle begins and ends since it just repeats over and over again. Still it serves a purpose to have a definite starting point and ending point for discussion purposes. Because nature is eternally in balance it seems natural to pick one of the equinoxes for the starting point because the hours of daylight and darkness are equal then. The next consideration is that astral development usually precedes physical development so our choice as a starting point becomes the Autumn equinox.

The new solar cycle begins immediately after the physical harvest as the hours of daylight begin to lessen. This means that the critical and key events of the entire year until the next autumn equinox have at this time been firmly embedded within the fixed etheric levels of the Magical planes and those events will happen to us. From this point in time we are working to create the events of the after the one just about to begin, which is just less than two years away. All references to the coming year mean the year starting immediately after the next Autumn equinox.

One final note on the alchemical stages described below. It is quite possible that a person will find themselves going through one stage in terms of one part of their life and a different stage dealing with another aspect of their life. Thus in personal relationships they may be going through the lesser stages but in work they may be going through the after stages. Life is cyclical with no point where it is all finished except perhaps at death.


Samhain is the mid point between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice and corresponds to the ACE cards in the Tarot deck. It is also related to the Festival of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady which is the final resolution of the Magical planes immediately before the winter solstice.

This period is the end of the fruiting cycle in nature and the end of autumn. It also marks the beginning of winter in terms of snow and freezing weather.

The astral activity is still on the Magical planes as the astral layers merge together. This is a symbolic joining of male and female energies as the old fruit of the past year is given to the earth in total sacrifice. It is the planting of a seed for the coming year. Your actions now determine the direction that the new year will take for you. The key physical events of your life for the current year have already been established and will happen. This final resolution period determines how well you will deal with these upcoming events. Whether they will be seen as opportunities or as difficult burdens that are almost impossible to bear. This determines what your attitude will be like when these things happen in your life this year as physical events.

This time period naturally marks the end of the crucifixion or enthronement period and the beginning of a new birth or resurrection.

In some occult traditions this marks the beginning of the initiation cycle of Earth as the probationer is granted entrance and awaits the first initiation. The Earth cycle is also the last cycle of the initiate so this time also marks the natural last initiation of the advanced initiate into the final mysteries of the Earth. The probationer will experience a new birth and the advanced initiate will experience a resurrection and lifting up as the Magical levels resolve themselves during this period concerning the projected events of the coming year.


This is the time of year when those energies within the Magical planes have resolved themselves into the physical events, attitudes, and experiences for the year that we are currently experiencing leading up to the next Autumn equinox. Those events have been placed within the fixed etheric portions of the Magical planes for the year just beginning. All other energies that could not find resolution into physical events will at this time flood upward into the Spiritual planes as seed activities or events for the coming year almost two years away. They will mix with other potential events that they have affinity with as fringe activities.

In a sense it is a continuation of the merging of the levels beginning with the Festival of Peace but it continues that movement as an astral flow out of the Magical planes and into the Spiritual planes. It is marked by the new moon preceding the winter solstice.

This corresponds to the TWO cards in the Tarot.


Christmas is the winter solstice and marks the middle of winter weather and officially the beginning of winter proper as the hours of daylight begin to increase. This is the shortest day of the year. It is the middle of the germination cycle in nature and the middle of the Earth initiation.

This corresponds with the THREE cards of the Tarot and the concept of the Trinity.

The new moon preceding this period marked the resolution of astral events within the Magical planes and all unresolvable energies at that time flowed upward into the Spiritual planes to the corresponding level to be recycled. All astral activity now deals with our future long range plans for our entire lifetime and beyond.

These energies that have flowed upward from the Magical planes are seeds that we have planted for future growth and harvest after they have been recycled.

At the time of the winter solstice there is a great in pouring of spiritual love and light into the earth’s Spiritual planes. It is said that at this time God/dess sends love and light into the world for all those that will receive it. This influx of spiritual light will work its way downward through all the astral levels during the coming year.

Our astral creations in the Spiritual planes act as containers that collect and hold this energy. We are at this time each given love and light energy according to our individual capacity to hold it. This represents our major chance during the year to fill ourselves to overflowing with this energy. Our astral creations as seeds are vitalized with this spiritual energy and we experience the birth of the Christ Spirit within our soul.

There is forced growth and expansion on the individual Spiritual planes as this energy enters into us and forces the resolution of other energies one level at a time from the top downward. The levels do not merge but remain separate. Astral events are forced to merge with each other or be destroyed through this forced growth. Society is forced to accept our long range plans for our life or to destroy it. If our astral creations survive they will become critical and key points during our life time and must be allowed to happen as physical events.

It is from these astral events that we gain a full realization and experiential knowledge of what our life’s work will be. It is at this time that we can achieve this full illumination of what our true destiny will be. This is a continuation of the rebirth or resurrection process that was begun during THE FESTIVAL OF PEACE. It is the middle of the Earth initiation where the probationer prepares for the coming initiation and the advanced initiate experiences the birth of the Christ Spirit within his or her soul.

There are three stages of alchemical work that correspond to this time of year.


This is the stage of calcination where our hopes, dreams, and inspirations are consumed in fire and burned to ashes. Our astral creations have no connection to reality and can’t possibly ever become physical so they are destroyed at this time. The Christmas season is a very bitter one for a lot of people that are experiencing life at this stage.


During this stage we experience the coagulation and crystallization of our hopes, dreams, and inspirations. In a burst of insight and realization we understand what it is that we must do in our lives to continue our spiritual development. Death leads to life and a star is born. This is the classic Christmas story about how the Christmas Spirit can perform miracles in our lives by changing the way that we look at things. Our physical circumstances may remain the same but now we have understanding and our life becomes more meaningful.


After the Great Work is accomplished this time of year brings exaltation, elation, joy, knowledge, and a lifting up as we experience the resurrection within our lives. We become living proof that the spiritual path is a valid one that will bring tangible rewards in our lives. We are lifted out of our problems through the action of the Christmas miracle in our lives. We experience the miraculous and our physical lives are totally turned around as are our physical circumstances.


Candlemas or Imbolc marks the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. In nature it marks the end of wintry weather and the beginning of the leafing season. The Earth cycle of initiation is finished and the Water cycle of initiation is about to begin. This time of the year corresponds to the FOUR cards of the Tarot.

During this time the Spirit planes merge together moving from the top downward and resolving each level at a time. For those prepared for it this action comes as a spiritual “baptism” of the Christ Spirit and an intense realization of this Christ Spirit in our lives. It has been determined in the Spiritual planes through the resolution of forces which individuals are key persons in humanities future evolution and this Christ Spirit descends upon them and empowers their personal efforts for the coming year. It also empowers at this time the critical events of the coming year.

This is at times also known as the Purification of the Blessed Virgin and also marks the beginning of the Ascension for those that are ready and prepared for it.

The probationer is now ready to receive the first initiation which is that of Water. This is the beginning of the initiation of Water. It also marks the end of the advanced initiate’s Earth initiation.

It is the symbolic joining of male and female energies and in nature is a time of green sprouting and rapid growth.


This time of the year is the Spring equinox and is also linked to the following full moon and Easter. It corresponds to the FIVE cards in the Tarot. It is the official beginning of Spring but also the middle of the leafing season and the middle of the Water initiation.

All of the levels of the Spirit planes experience forced growth and expansion to full size at this time. Our spiritual “baptism” or Ascension begun in the Festival of Dedication continues and that spiritual energy given us forces our long range goals into view. At this time we are given great visions of our future and hope that we may achieve our desires. Society is forced to accept our future plans and alter itself accordingly level by individual level.

Being granted a clear vision of our future inspires us to begin our spiritual quest in earnest. We start by learning to master our emotions and our love. There are three alchemical stages that correspond naturally to this time of the year.


This is the alchemical stage of Solution where the ashes are dissolved into a liquid form by the addition of this spiritual energy. The missing details and hidden aspects of our future life are filled in so that it becomes capable of becoming physical reality. Our wishes, dreams, and inspirations are brought into awareness and we struggle to discover some way of making them realistic. We do this with the help of the spiritual energy that we have received.


At this stage our wishes, dreams, and inspirations are seen as potential parts of humanities and our own future. We nourish and feed these astral creations with our love. They grow more and more glorious as they develop and move downward into the fixed etheric regions of the Spiritual planes. These begin to take the final forms that they will have in physical reality.


This is the stage of multiplication and propagation. In the Spiritual planes our life’s work is fully created and set out before us. Now the implications of that life’s work begin to show up as our future life acts as an anchor point and catalyst for key events in humanity’s future. Ripples of influence spread out in all directions in a willingly creative act that multiplies itself and it’s love. The act of giving love multiplies that love and increases its fire. Astral events have reached a point where the momentum has built up enough to be self- sustaining.


Beltane marks the midpoint between the Spring equinox and the Summer solstice. It signals the end of the leafing season in nature and the beginning of the flowering season. It also marks the end of the Water initiation and the beginning of the Air initiation. This time of year corresponds to the SIX card of the Tarot.

The astral levels are merging during this time on the Spiritual planes. Our “baptism” or Ascension is at an end and our future is secured. As the levels merge there is an outpouring of love upon the entire world. They merge from the top downward and the resolution of these energies acts as a spiritual blessing on those whose life is affected in their downward movement. These Key events cast ripples of cause and effect onto the entire world. It marks the beginning of the Transfiguration or the Unification on our lives if we are prepared for it.

This is a symbolic joining of male and female energies in a spiritual marriage of unity, fertilization, and blessing. Nature rejoices in a flowering growth as life matures and comes of age. Everything holds a promise of the bright future that lies ahead.

The key events of our lives for the coming year are at this time embedded in the fixed etheric levels of the Spiritual planes and the energy within them reaches a climax during the following full moon known as the Christ Festival as that energy rushes downward into the corresponding astral events within the Magical planes. This energy is preparing those key events in advance and happens before astral activity in the Magical planes is fully operational. These key events get a head start to ensure that they will come into being as physical events.


The Summer solstice marks the middle of the flowering season and the middle of the Air initiation. While the official beginning of summer it is also the longest day of the year and marks the shortening of daylight hours. This time corresponds to the EIGHT cards of the Tarot.

The Christ Festival of the full moon immediately preceding this corresponds to the SEVEN cards of the Tarot. At that time key events and individuals in the Magical planes received a down pouring of spiritual energy from the Spiritual planes to ensure that they would become physical reality.

Now at the time of the Summer solstice all astral activity takes place on the Magical planes. There is forced expansion at all levels of the Magical planes to ensure that the harvest will be complete. In nature the flowers mature at their full size.

From a spiritual perspective this is the time when light pours into the minds of men and they are able to perceive clearly and understand truly. They are given illuminations and clear vision concerning the important affairs in their lives.

There are three alchemical stages that correspond to this time of year.


This is the stage of separation and distillation. The process of analysis and extraction divides the subtle from the gross and we can see for the first time the unrealistic aspects of our hopes, wishes, and dreams. We can see what we are doing wrong and also what we are doing right. We gain personal understandings of ourselves that helps us to be more effective.


Here is the stage of sublimation and vaporizing. Here we attempt to transform our lives into something higher and more refined. We receive illuminations and new insights that transfigure our understanding and we see things in a new way. We gain understanding of what we must do to achieve the things we want in life.


This is the alchemical stage of projection and the proving of the perfect. Here we have become a catalyst to others. By casting forth our light or wisdom into the world we transmute all that we touch into spiritual gold. By being ourselves we help others to progress on the spiritual path.


Lugnasadh marks the mid point between the Summer solstice and the Autumn equinox. In nature it is the end of the flowering season and the beginning of the fruiting season. In like manner it marks the end of the Air initiation and the beginning of the Fire initiation. It corresponds with the NINE cards of the Tarot.

It is at this point that the levels of the Magical planes begin to merge together from the top downward. The resolution of each level will bring about the final physical harvest at it’s conclusion. We also receive the first fruits of our labors at this time. The final events of the coming year beginning with the nearby Autumn equinox are at this time being resolved through our actions. We are impelled at this time to do those things that are physically important to us in the astral creation of our future life beginning with the next Autumn equinox that is fast approaching. We are rushing to finalize the important and critical events before it is too late to change them.

This is the symbolic joining of male and female energies that leads to the crowning with the Christ Light of the Initiate and Priest-King. This brings also the astral creation on the Magical planes of the Priest-King’s entire future life time. The key events of the entire life have with this crowning entered into the Magical planes to gradually find their way into physical manifestation as well as the key events for the coming year. At this time the Priest-King’s life is surrendered in service to those that recognize him.


This relates to the TEN cards in the Tarot deck. This is the Solar Festival of Consummation and a full harvest of what has gone before. Here we achieve the natural results of our labor for the past year. The seeds we have planted have given the full physical results and we receive that which we have earned. This time brings us either crucifixion or enthronement. There are no more alterations of this years coming events. They are now permanently set within the fixed etheric levels of the Magical planes and programmed to become physical reality throughout the year. Instead the focus is now once more upon the year after this one, the one that is almost two years away.

This time period is linked to the first full moon after the equinox and involves a forced expansion on all levels of the Magical planes. At this time the Magical planes are swelling with energy as all true initiates use this energy as a light for others. This is where spiritual understanding is put into action to achieve physical results.

In occult traditions this is the time of year when the initiation into the mysteries of fire takes place. There are three stages of the alchemical process that naturally occur during this time of year.


This is the alchemical stage of conjunction and putrefaction. This is where high spiritual expectations merge forcefully with physical reality and die because they are not realistic. This energetic union between subtle and gross is called the Chymical Wedding. The resulting death of ideals as they rot into blackness create what is known as the FIRST MATTER.


This is the stage of fermentation and leavening. Here there is a general stirring up and excitation that enters into our lives. We attempt to put our thoughts into action to achieve physical results. We try to give service and help others to grow spiritually. This is also where we experience the creation of the”soul body” when we are ready for that experience.


This is when we naturally experience the physical harvest, the completion, glorification, and Sabbath of the Great Work. This reflects the causal link between the astral and physical reality made manifest for the first time in our lives as physical results.

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The Princess of Wands contains the essential elements of the Tarot Trump cards THE EMPRESS, HIEROPHANT, CHARIOT, THE LOVERS, THE HERMIT, and THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE.

THE Princess is also related to the ACE of Wands, ACE of Pentacles, TWO of Wands, TWO of Pentacles, THREE of Wands and THREE of Pentacles. Her Element is Fire.

The Princess of Wands contains all things within her and is a mirror that accurately reflects the unseen worlds. She is very intuitive and able to perceive things the way they really are. She has a strong sense of being part of the entire universe. She knows she belongs and is happy in that knowing.

She has true vision into astral events and is a natural psychic. She enjoys ideas and abstract thoughts. She reads lots of books and is good at planning things. Her basic outlook on life is set in stone and she will resist all attempts to change the things she believes in. She is extremely opinionated and strong willed.

The Princess of Wands has a deep ability to love that can overcome all obstacles. She has strong bones and nervous system and has the ability to think imaginatively and creatively about things. She enjoys the fine arts and good music.
You might recognize her as someone you have seen at the library or the local art store. Perhaps you have seen her art or heard her music. One thing is certain, she is an artist and loves the fine arts.

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I think we all know what self-defeat is. It is when we persist in doing something that not only is not working but can not work or will not work in the future. We are so personally invested in the situation that we refuse to cut our losses and free our selves. We remain in denial about the situation and never move forward.

This can be about jobs, relationships, money or even health issues. Currently it’s about my truck. I’ve been refusing to believe that it needs to be replaced even after I’ve been stranded with it four times in the last two weeks. The mechanic says the truck is not worth fixing and I’m in a tight spot. I need to listen and I need to move forward. If I had been willing to let go of the truck as soon as it started giving me trouble I could have saved myself almost $400. Now it’s too late for that. I put money into it that I shouldn’t have. It still won’t run and never will.

Sound familiar? I’m sure something like this happens to everyone sooner or later. Perhaps the better question is why? Why do we stay on the boat until it is sinking? Does some misplaced loyalty demand we go down with the ship?

My first marriage was the same way. I would never have left if she hadn’t. I would have put up with pure hell for the rest of my life just to do the “right thing” for my children. It turns out that getting a divorce was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Still I was forced into it. It was not something I would have done on my own.

How can we choose freedom from self-defeat? I don’t have a good answer. Maybe there isn’t one. What I can say is that if you are putting out tremendous effort and not getting back anything in return something is wrong. That is a big red flag that needs to be paid attention to. It doesn’t matter how emotionally attached or invested we are. If nothing is coming back we need to seriously evaluate the wisdom of continuing the present course of action.

Jobs and employment have always been a weak area in my life. I am a hard worker and often work two jobs to make ends meet. Still, in the past I have always worked at jobs that were physically and emotionally draining to the point where I would not have the energy to do anything on my days off. I’ve also always been drawn to jobs where I was over qualified for the work I was doing.

My wife, Annie told me there are good jobs. She said I didn’t need to put up with high stress and low paying jobs. She did her best to tell me that I was putting up with things I didn’t need to put up with. I like my recent job or rather both of my current jobs even though the pay is modest. I’m good at what I do and respected. I also have good relationships with co-workers. I also have the freedom to do what I love the most, writing on the Internet! This is actually a third job for me.

In the evenings when I get home I have enough energy to do things I want to do. This is a blessing that I had forgotten existed. Life is still hard but I am doing many of the things I love to do. That is the highest freedom of all.

Things may not be entirely the way I would like them but I am certainly moving toward some important goals. I am not currently a victim of self-defeat.

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As the moon circles the earth it alternately compresses and expands the astral layers around the earth.

At the time of the new moon the sun and the moon are in the same part of the sky combining their gravitational forces. This pulls the astral layers as high above the earth’s surface as possible and expands them so they can hold more energy. At this time the maximum amount of light energy from the sun is allowed in to expanded and stretch the astral planes of the earth.

Normally this space is filled by light energy from the sun but it can also be filled with sexual energy from individuals or any other type of energy. In any case, at the time of the new moon the earth’s astral planes are completely filled and can’t hold any more energy of any kind.

Immediately after the new moon the astral layers begin to compress. This continues until the full moon when the sun and the moon are in opposite parts of the sky. At this point the earth’s astral layers have been compressed as much as possible and any excess energy has been forced to become physical actions and events or it has been forced to self-destruct. This is the heart beat of life upon Gaia as it circulates the vital life force among all living things.

Immediately after the full moon the earth’s astral layers begin to expand and draw more energy into them in an almost suction like action. This pulsing action of compression and expansion causes a continuous circulation and flow of energy among the astral creations within the earth’s astral planes, continuously impelling new physical events and new astral events.

Light energy passes through the astral planes and strikes both astral objects as well as physical objects. Light energy is male energy and causes expansion or growth of physical and astral objects by transforming into expansive north magnetic field energy. As the astral planes expand so do the astral objects and beings within the astral planes. They grow individually if possible along with other astral events and become more complex.

During the compression phase these astral beings and events are forced together by the action of the moon.

The earth is completely surrounded by the astral planes but there are actually two astral planes, the outer astral planes are called the Spiritual planes and the inner astral planes are called the Magical planes.

The Spiritual planes involve north pole magnetic field energy and they try to disburse all superfluous astral energy outward into the cosmic leaving only key critical astral events and individuals intact. They form archetypal patterns.

The Magical planes involve south pole magnetic field energy and try to focus astral energy at the lowest possible point as physical events. They form compromise and mutational patterns.

In the occult tradition the outer 118 astral planes of north pole energy are know as the Spiritual planes. The inner 118 astral planes of south pole energy are known as the Magical planes or Qlippothic planes.

This might seem confusing as the Spiritual planes could be considered to be above the equator and the Magical planes could be considered below the equator. In actual practice astral beings and creations exist as balanced male/female or north magnetic/south magnetic energies with one or the other dominant. This is why I choose to think of them as 118 elements each and one within the other, the magical planes within the spiritual planes and closer to the earth. In the long run it doesn’t really matter. I’m describing functions, not scientific specifics. I’m still learning about this myself!

An astral event in the Spiritual planes must combine with its counterpart in the Magical planes before it can become a physical event. Until this happens astral events remain suspended at various levels as potential events in both the spiritual planes and magical planes.

Careful analysis shows that astral events in the Magical planes are potential physical events during the next lunar cycle if they can be matched with their corresponding half in the spiritual planes.

Astral events in the Spiritual planes are long range possibilities. They will not normally happen in the near future.

Immediately after the full moon peak energy is sucked into the lowest part of the Magical planes. For 3 1/2 days the 118 Magical planes fill with energy easily without moving from one level to another. They fill up one layer at a time from the lowest to the highest. Immediately after the full moon the lowest level will fill up, then the next and the next in sequence.

Dream activity will progress upward into the higher levels each night as one level at a time is activated. There will be no crossing from one level into another in these dreams. After that energetic activity is finished it will need to wait another lunar cycle for that particular spot to be activated once more.

On the third night after the full moon your dreams will contain your most difficult potential events for the next month. These dreams represent a gain or a loss for you in important areas of your life. The fact that they are at the highest levels of the Magical planes indicates that they are in conflict with an opposing force and trying to rise above the opposing energies. Dreams with a good outcome at this time indicate that a person is gaining in Magical strength and that the issue is beginning to go in the direction wanted. The event or issue may remain as a potential event but it will have gained in strength.

During the next 3 1/2 days until the first quarter astral creations will pierce through individual layers and move vertically upward from one level to another level making room for other energies, forcing some actions downward into physical events and forcing others to self-destruct. This is a merging of the levels on the Magical plane and energy injected into the lower levels may rise into the upper levels in an effort to strengthen and protect an event on the lower planes. As an example, one may be faced with a personal crisis where they need desperately to find employment. The only type of work available is minimum wage work that is not pleasant at all. But it will be enough to get by until a stronger outcome is possible.

Dreams immediately after the full moon are like trying to scrub a toilet clean or sweep a factory floor. You try hard but it won’t come clean. This is a powerful dream of not having enough personal energy to deal with an immediate crisis. Potentially this next lunar cycle will not be too pleasant for this person but they will get through it.

Now suppose that this person decides to put out massive amounts of physical energy for the next three days in an attempt to ready a book manuscript that is almost completed. He or she works fourteen hours a day getting this manuscript ready to send out. At the time when the astral levels merge, that physical energy will rise up and support the actions concerning the manuscript. It will attack and weaken the negative astral influences that are creating this crisis.

Doing this it will alter the potential future for the next lunar cycle in a positive way. He or she will still need to find employment at a menial type job but it may be more enjoyable than it would have been. Also it may be temporary because the book may be accepted for publication. In this instance physical energy injected into the Magical planes has been able to modify or alter a negative crisis in a defensive manner. It has confronted and destroyed or altered as much of the negative force as possible.

The night before the 3rd quarter your dreams will contain the final result of your most difficult potential events for the month ahead. This will be the summary or resolution of the astral events within the Magical planes for the coming lunar cycle. It will reflect accurately just how these matters now stand astrally. In effect it is here that you say “this is what I want”. If these dreams are positive progress is being made in important areas in your life. If these dreams are negative some problem areas are looming on your personal horizon that you have no control over.

At the exact moment of the 3rd quarter all astral activity moves into the Spiritual planes. The Magical planes are completely filled with light and other types of energy and essentially immobile. In the Spirit planes the cosmic and society determine what actions are required by what people.

Dreams during this period involve societies long range intentions toward you. Here you get a glimpse of whether society intends to help you in your efforts or to hinder you. In my example of the manuscript writer, it would be expected that he or she would have some dreams concerning his or her book during this time of the lunar cycle. A favorable dream would indicate that society intends to help publish this book while an unfavorable dream indicates further obstacles that must be confronted first.

As before the 3 1/2 days after the 3rd quarter will fill the astral layers without transferring activity from one level to another. This will continue in a wave movement from the lowest levels upward to the highest levels. During the last 3 1/2 days the astral creations will pierce individual layers and move from one level to another as the astral levels merge and find new resolutions.

The most intense dreams will occur on the third night after the 3rd quarter and the night before the new moon. These are the nights when the energies fully resolve themselves, first at each level individually and then among all the levels as they merge together.

Perhaps it is wrong to say that the most intense dreams will occur on these nights. What is meant is that if the issue in conflict is almost equal to the oppositional force it will rise to the highest levels before finding resolution. The highest levels find resolution at these times. Each level resolves itself sequentially from the bottom to the top. If the dreamer has a surplus strength and astral energy this resolution may occur as an intense dream earlier and at a lower level.

If a person has opened themselves to the lunar cycle as described in other posts this entire period from the full moon to the new moon has injected light energy directly into his or her astral creations and caused them to expand and gain complexity. It may also have caused some of the more unrealistic ones to self-destruct as they combined with opposing astral creations.

Being open to the lunar cycle also allows a person’s astral creations to maintain themselves at a peak of expansion and strength on both the Magical and Spiritual planes. Like a giant sponge they are now filled to capacity with light energy. In contrast people not open to the lunar cycle will appear as many small sponges on all levels and their energy is easily manipulated and altered by others at the various levels. Being open to the lunar cycle is a major step in gaining the ability to maintain and defend one’s own astral creations. The injection of raw physical or sexual energy into the astral at these times does not act as the light energy does but instead tends to work from the bottom. It disrupts all the levels above it in a minor manner and they automatically adjust to the new conditions when ruptured.

As an example, an injection of this type of energy may force an astral event into a physical event or into self-destruction. The void created by this removal of energy would be immediately filled by your own astral creations as they swell with light and surge forward to fill the void. This always brings an added advantage and astral empowerment because it alters the entire dynamics of the levels involved. It is magically forcing change within the astral planes.

At the new moon the Spiritual astral layers begin to contract and force astral events into resolution beginning at the top and working downward. The time from the new moon to the 1st quarter involves global activities and events that society and the earth require of each individual as long range potential events. Here society and the cosmic make clear their new intentions toward you. This is the plan of destiny.

In the time before the new moon you expressed your intentions toward society and what your long range goals were. Now this is the resolution of your long range goals and societies long range expectations toward you. Our aspiring author will find out whether his or her book has a chance at becoming physical reality during this resolution phase of the long term future.

Destructive dreams or negative dreams would indicate that societal pressures will not allow publication of the book as astral events currently stand. These matters are constantly being updated with every new lunar cycle. Positive dreams would indicate that society will support publication of the book after certain conditions are met in physical reality. It indicates the possibility that the book will be published at some time in the future, this year, next year, or perhaps twenty years from now.

As before the most important victories or defeats will occur in your dreams during the third night after the new moon or the night before the 1st quarter when long range Spirit astral events are finally resolved.

The time from the new moon to 3 1/2 days later will resolve the issues one level at a time moving from the top downward. These astral creations will not go from one level to another but will always stay at the same level. The period 3 1/2 days before the 1st quarter until the 1st quarter will cause a merging of the astral levels as they resolve themselves by merging one level at a time downward. Energy from one level will rise or lower to support and defend astral creations on a lower level.

As before astral creations will be impelled to become physical events or to self-destruct. Since these are Spirit astral events they represent critical or key physical events or individuals within humanity’s and the earth’s future. The impact of our author’s book on society is being weighed. If it will contribute greatly to society’s welfare it gains strength and importance and moves down into the lower Spirit levels or the fixed etheric levels as a certain to occur future event. The implication of this book and it’s impact on society are already integrating and projecting an alteration of the long-term future.

In the same manner the time from the 1st quarter to the full moon involves potential physical events that could be immanent. At the 1st quarter astral activity wave passes into the lower Magical astral planes and Spiritual astral events connect up with their Magical counterparts.

At this time tremendous energy flows from the Spirit events into the Magical counterparts. This action is the supreme controller of astral events at the Magical levels. These Magical counter parts are energized and strengthened before any of the other astral events are influenced in any way. This is an outpouring of light energy into the Magical planes from the Spiritual counterparts.

Our budding author receives a supportive influx of light energy at this time that he or she can use to help further resolve the current employment crisis. Society has resolved to send a little grace toward this author and lighten his or her physical circumstances a little because it has determined that the book must be published in the future and he or she must be alive to publish it.

The third night after the 1st quarter is when physical events are determined. After that it is only a matter of when they will happen. They will happen sometime during the next lunar cycle and each event is programmed in for a certain time at a certain day. The night before the full moon will bring the most intense emotions and physical events. Other events will happen at a more leisurely pace throughout the next month.

The period 3 1/2 days before the full moon until the full moon are when these Magical levels merge to mitigate or strengthen the effects of a planned physical event. This means that the physical event will happen but the consequences of that physical event may be altered. Our budding author may find that he or she is enjoying the people that he or she works with. This menial job is more tolerable than his or her original dream of scrubbing dirty toilets or sweeping sawdust off factory floors.

By monitoring your dreams you will notice that you will begin to have certain types of dreams at the same time of the lunar cycle each month. This helps you to determine if progress is being made on certain issues. There will be a noticeable progression of dream content as various issues evolve and solve themselves.

Over time you will gain a deep knowledge of the astral and all of its levels through this method of lucid dreaming. You will consciously make or break astral connections for your own purposes as well as gain the ability to astrally defend yourself.

When astral connection is first made with the lunar cycle you will notice the exact moments of the full moon, first quarter, new moon, and third quarter because at those exact moments tremendous quantities of astral energy will course through your entire body. Later this will happen at the mid points of the lunar cycle also as the astral energies merge and shift from one level to another.

This happens because so much personal energy has been forced into the astral planes and accumulated. It resists becoming physical events so it just sloshes around taking up more and more space until there is no more room for it. This is the experience that awaits the new Magister Templi. The new Magister Templi has the spiritual connection to force change astrally but lacks the earth connection to bring his or her astral creations downward. This is part of the curse of that grade which is called the mystery of sorrow. He or she can act defensively but not creatively.

As mentioned earlier this entire process is automatic and can’t really be messed up. Because of this long explanations and descriptions are not really needed. They will be experienced instead.

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The Prince of Wands is related to the Tarot Trump cards HIGH PRIESTESS, HIEROPHANT, EMPEROR, THE LOVERS, STRENGTH and WHEEL OF FORTUNE.

The Prince is also related to the ACE of Wands, ACE of CUPS, TWO of Wands, TWO of CUPS, THREE of Wands, and THREE of CUPS. His Element is Fire.

The Prince of Wands has fully developed his body of light and can astral travel in full awareness at all levels of the astral planes. His awareness can travel through the cosmic circuit as light and photon pulses. This gives him deep insight into nature and life itself.

The interesting thing is that even though he is born with the second sight he will often fear it and repress it. He sees too deeply into things and prefers to not look at times. This makes it hard to share personal things with him because it feels uncomfortably intimate.

He is the farmer that loves working in the field growing crops, being close to nature and animals. He is their protector and guardian spirit. He is tough and weathered like an oak tree.

A natural outdoorsman, he is a deeply spiritual person that can make friends out of enemies. He is not an emotional person and any emotional thoughts are painfully destroyed as soon as they appear. He would rather trust his intellect instead. He has a strong body and nervous system that can withstand the rough treatment of being constantly outdoors.

You might recognize him by this phrase,”that just doesn’t make any sense”. It is easy to be intimidated by him because he is competent at so many things.

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Today we are going to continue our discussion of the 13th century and courtly love, but we are going to go back in time a little bit to a person by the name of Guilhem in the 11th century, who was the seventh count of Poitiers and the ninth Duke of Aquitaine. He was the most powerful nobleman in Western Christendom and very influential in the development of this entire idea of courtly love which we are exploring.

He fought against the church doctrine that the fires of hell were stoked especially hot for adulterers. He apparently liked his ladies and he wrote love poems. He argued that love was an exultation, not an abasement of the soul. It was not a sordid sin but a divine mystery and the lady who offered that special gift was a goddess to be adored and worshiped.

He basically proclaimed that sexuality elevated the soul and what he was doing was bringing Tantric philosophy into the Western world. This is one of the first appearances of the sacredness of sexuality and it became a favorite theme of scholars, singers and poets.

Now remember this was during the time of the Crusades and the man of the house was gone. The ladies were lonely and they needed some way to spend their time so they wanted to hear love songs that were meaningful to them. And gradually a convention, or a script came into being, which was of a great lady who fell in love. She was loved by a romantic hero of the lower class and this romantic hero struggled to become worthy of her and win her love. In the end he did win her love. That story was repeated over and over and over in many variations through the centuries and it still is today.

It was a couple generations later, in the 12th century that the prerequisites of virtue and chastity were added to this mix. These songs and poems were acted out in the fashionable world of the nobility and they brought courtly love into existence.

It’s just like what happens today when Hollywood creates something and then the general population gets caught up in it and play make-believe acting it all out. That’s what was happening then. But it really caught on! Poets declared that elevating love to the immaculate plane of chastity cleansed their own souls of all carnality and left it free to soar, to lift them up high into the spirit realm.

This was different than the Arab world where a special place was created for women in the harem. But virtue and chastity became the European harem.

The basic story went like this. The heroine was a lady of high and noble birth who was married to a very powerful husband and somehow she was not satisfied. She was missing something in her life, and her lover, who was of a lower stature strove to become worthy of her and finally, at last succeeded in attracting her love. But it had to remain secret. It was a mystery that they both shared and set them apart from other people.

The interesting thing is the power that this theme had among the population because it is still popular today. But back then, the minstrels and the troubadours never sang of consummated love. They only sang of unconsummated love. The chaste love, the kiss, the embrace and modest contact with the nude lover was permitted, but not the final act of consummation.

These are such fascinating things that have metaphysical and Tantric implications. One thing is the love triangle. This is even such a powerful concept that the tarot card of the lovers has three people in it, not just one.

The man has to choose between the angel or the physical woman. There is something in this fantasy of courtly love that satisfied the needs of both the body and the spirit for generations. Even today the love triangle interferes with so many people’s experience of love.

Tantrism teaches about the power in the exchanges of sexual energies and not just about physical sex. An important part of it is talking about chastity, the embrace and the holding back. That’s how the energies develop and strengthen between two people, especially when it’s never allowed to be consummated.

Dion Fortune, the famed occultist, in England talked about the deliberate use of magic by building up those sexual tensions to an electrical point where they were almost unbearable and intolerable. Then they would use those magical energies in a conscious, deliberate way to work magic. This was not sex magic the way it’s commonly thought of. It was actually the tension that was created and not allowed to be consummated.

This tension of sexual energy that’s built up is actually what Tantric teachings are really all about. It is the sharing of these energies on the nonphysical planes, that actually develop the soul. They help to complete a person inside and they allow males and females to become more sexually balanced.

So this idea of courtly love went crazy within the nobility. This was the educated class. This was the higher class and they were tapping into this high form of tantrism even if it was not recognized as such.

But what was happening to the sexuality of the common folk? They were playing the same games, but they were a lot more undisciplined about it and sexuality ran rampant among the common folk. I mean they were just out there having random sex without knowing how powerful it was.

Sexuality was rampant among the entire population and the Church was having a very difficult time with it. It was happening in the monasteries and in the convents. It was happening to the nuns and to the priests and monks.

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