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On the one hand we are in a very critical time and on the other hand these things have already worked themselves out in the astral planes and are now beginning to unfold physically. The bottom line is that it is not what happens to us but how we deal with what happens to us. What happens to us is pretty much now set in stone, but how we deal with our circumstances and react to them can either lift us or bury us.

As stress builds things become pressurized and any weak spots will be brought into awareness. In my case my car just blew a head gasket and will be in the shop for two weeks. But there is no such thing as coincidence. This has also opened a new friendship up for me as I ask for getting a ride here and there. Not having transportation has forced me to ask for help once in a while and I needed that. Being vulnerable this way is bringing another person into my life.

This is happening globally as well and we are being triggered as the stress builds until something breaks. And things are breaking!

We are seeing the deliberate collapse of our way of life and there is a war going on about how we will rebuild our world. I’ve seen too much evidence to doubt that this is a deliberate destruction. There is too much insanity. I will give a few examples:

The Biden administration has been sending our oil reserves to Europe! Knowing there is a coming global food shortage more corn is being made into ethanol instead of grain for livestock and other food products. Railroads have been ordered not to ship fertilizer to farmers for the spring planting! That involves the fertilizer made here in the United States not to mention the fertilizer that used to be imported from Russia. The bird flu epidemic has caused millions of fowl to be destroyed across the United States. Supply chains are broken around the world. The sanctions on Russia are causing the European Union to self destruct while the Russian ruble becomes stronger and stronger. Today the ruble reached 66.8898 against the dollar!

Millions of migrants are set to cross our southern border. Our economy is fracturing and a global depression is almost certain, a depression that will rival or out do the Great Depression. The United States is 300 Trillion in debt and now sending billions to Ukraine and other countries. The dollar is becoming worthless with less buying power every month.

There will be a great reset! The question is whether it will be the one the globalists want that will ensure the dominion of the elite over the masses or the gold backed currencies the rest of the world wants. The move to gold backed currencies has already begun as countries around the world begin to drop the dollar as a reserve currency.

The thing is that you can only collapse the world’s economy and infrastructure once. The white hats and black hats only have one chance to create the world they want. Once the dominoes start to fall there is no turning back or stopping the clock and they have started to fall. There is only the hitting bottom and building back. We will be hitting bottom for the next three years at least and how far down we go depends upon what humanity will collectively tolerate.

There are forces on both sides that want World War III. It is the only way to hide their crimes against humanity. But it won’t work! These forces are desperately attempting to “trigger” the masses into supporting their agendas. But survival pressures are becoming stronger than ideological pressures. The need for food and shelter is becoming more important than globalism. The need for global stability is more important than the welfare of any one country.

I remember the slogan in the Vietnam war, “Hell no, I won’t go! I won’t fight for Texaco!”

The only winner in our current world is the military industrial complex!

When a person has the ability to survive, defend himself and knows basic first aid, that person also has a good self esteem, as well as mental and emotional health. They are confident in their own ability to confront and deal with whatever life chooses to throw at them. They don’t feel the stress that others feel!

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I’ve done it! I’m officially a senior citizen at age 65! As I continue to settle into my new life it is time for a reality check on what is really going on in our world. Gaia’s ascension has spilled over into physical manifestation and very significant things are now physically taking place around the world. An ascended world is now here and settling in!

In a world where it is impossible to tell who is saying the truth and who is lying I’ve done my own deep dive and come to my own conclusions which I am going to share over the next series of posts. There is too much information to share in one post. I hope everyone can set aside their own preconceptions for a moment and give what I have to share an honest valuation.

It is no secret that our society and entire world are highly polarized and we are in the middle of a war for our minds. But what is the source of this conflict and what are the opposing sides to this conflict that threatens to become World War III? There are so many conflicts and so many opinions that it becomes almost impossible to rank them in order of importance but I am going to try. . .

First is recognition of three sides that are in conflict and fighting for their very existence. These three sides can be thought of as the globalists, the nationalists and the individualists. Of these three groups the globalists and individualists are extreme opposites and the nationalists take a needed middle ground. I, myself, fall into the camp of Individualistic Anarchists as defined by Max Stirner almost two hundred years ago. I believe in internal authority and following the inner voice of my own conscience as the true path in my life. Any external authority is subordinate to that inner still small voice that guides me in all things. I believe that a strong sense of self and strong self esteem are needed for mental and emotional health. I also believe that we can develop a strong and healthy sense of self and self esteem by learning basic survival skills, basic self defense skills and basic emergency first aid skills. I believe that this world requires discipline and that self-discipline is better than externally enforced discipline through coercive force. Unfortunately this particular viewpoint is ultimately considered anathema by both the globalist and nationalist positions who both believe that externally enforced discipline through external authorities are needed.

The globalists are aligned with high tech and artificial intelligence or AI. Essentially they believe that the world has become so complex that only super computers can keep in running smoothly and to do that everyone must be treated the same so the computer programs can run effectively. This means that everyone must be on the same page and think the same way. This is the hive mind of collectivism and the active use of narrative and mind programming to get everyone on the same page. But people are organic individuals with the ability of creative thought and life itself resists being put into such a restrictive box! Ultimately the globalist veiwpoint is anti-life. It seeks to create a world like that described in Star Trek The Next Generation as the “Borg”. The globalist position is always held by a central authority that dictates all of life’s intricacies and seeks the lowest common denominator.

The nationalist and populist positions hold a middle ground between these two extremes and are the only real solutions that have any hope of manifestation. But this is not commonly accepted and the battle is thought to be between the nationalists or capitalists and the globalists. But this is an error. Over time we will see the pendulum swing between anarchy and globalism or totalitarianism. What is not understood is that globalism or totalitarianism is the perfect form of government that has existed virtually unchanged for thousands of years as the military government. The military government is totalitarian in nature and our world is dominated by the Military Industrial Complex that really seeks to run everything.

The problem is that some people require the structure of a government and thrive under such a structure while others find it too restrictive. On the other hand some people do not have the self-discipline to live under the true freedom of anarchy and require some organizational structure in order to thrive. Again the pendulum must swing between these two extremes and we find an uneasy balance in the center.

In terms of Gaia’s ascension the necessary outcome becomes some form of nationalism. This is what is emerging right now as the death of globalism becomes evident. The global food shortages and supply line disruptions hail the final destruction of globalism as individual countries confront the need to ensure adequate food and supplies for their own nations and populations.

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First I would like to say that Ovates were seers, prophets and shamans as well as healers. Go and do likewise! It is not time to pretend, it is time to become! Use your skills to walk between worlds and spread your message!

I’ve said that I live in both worlds and much of what I know comes from lucid dreams and visions. Yesterday morning I was in that not quite asleep, not quite awake state when I saw in my minds eye a dull flash and knew it was a thermobaric bomb going off. I knew there was going to be a massive flash and explosion next and there was, complete with the mushroom cloud that thermobaric bombs make. It was so vivid and I was so shook I spent most of yesterday trying to decide what it meant. It was not nuclulear war, because a thermobaric bomb is not nuclear and one was already used in Ukraine.

Obviously something was going to happen and it was going to be big. It was also going to be Russia that set off the bomb because they are the ones that have it. It was only later last night before I went to bed that I discovered what it meant. Russia had set off a thermobaric bomb in the stock market in retaliation for all the sanctions that were being placed upon it. It was fighting for its life.

Yesterday Putin announced that Russia was essentially going to end all imports and exports with all countries that had placed sanctions on it and this stoppage of imports and exports would last until December 31st of this year! He was giving his country a few days to determine which countries would be affected and which imports and exports would be affected. We will all know very soon but it is already a sure thing that the United States is the one pushing this and creating the crisis. We are going to be hit economically and very hard.

The thermobaric bomb in my vision was the destruction of the western financial structure. We are toast! Bye bye Petrodollar!

The insanity of the DAVOS globalist/DeepState is going through with this! To me my vision foretells the destruction of the global financial system with the creation of a new one in which China and Russia are allied with the eastern and southern nations. The western nations are self destructing because of their own lack of a connection to mother earth and the need for physical survival. I still believe World War III as a nuclear war can and will be avoided.

But I’m going out today and buying some rice and other things that can be traded for food. My visions don’t lie! An ancient and destructive force has been set loose and there is no stopping it. It is related to the ancient Druids and shamans and is coming up from the depths of the earth itself.

Nations of the world are being forced to choose sides right now before the Spring Equinox. After the Spring Equinox is the consequences.

The ancient druids knew that this time of year was always critical and volatile. It is the time of year when magick is avoided because it is akin to lighting a match in a warehouse filled with gunpowder! There are always two conflicting sides vying for the new energies of spring that will soon be bursting forth, but only one side will get them. The other side will become the needed fertilizer for the growth of the successful ones. So it is in nature and so it has always been and so it will always be! The ancient Druids knew these things because they understood nature.

The DAVOS globalist/DeepState is about to become the fertilizer that will feed and propel the growth and development of the eastern and southern nations! Food and shelter are the most important things for life and they are now at risk. Money is not the issue. Right or wrong is not the issue. Survival is the issue and those strong with the root chakra survivalism energies will find their path through this! It is time for those who claim to be Druids to become Druids! And for Ovates to become Ovates!

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This is my assessment of what is now going on in Ukraine and what we can expect to happen going forward. Internal documents from the Ukraine government have revealed that 40% of the Ukraine is now under Russian control and 75% of the Ukraine military capability has been destroyed. Essentially the demilitarization has happened, but the de-Nazi operation has only just begun.

It seems that the Ukraine has a two tiered military just like Germany did in WWII. Germany had the regular military and its special elite SS forces. Ukraine has its elite Azov (Nazi) forces and they are the problem. They are the ones committing war crimes against civilians and holding live hostages.

These Azov (Nazi) forces have been at the heart of the ethnic cleansing within Ukraine and they will not give up their live hostages. What we will see during the next week is the Red Cross being allowed to bring in needed food and medical supplies to the besieged cities where the hostages are being held. Russian forces will not try to forcibly take them out. They will simply maintain perimeters around the cities. Russia doesn’t need to take them out! Now it the time for the truth to be revealed to the entire world! Russia is not at war with the Ukraine people!

Other countries will be allowed in to try dealing with these Azov (Nazis) and it will be revealed that they are the real monsters! They will not give up their hostages under any conditions and will fight to the death. Russia will simply not engage them and endanger the hostages. This is the next obvious step. Let in other neutral countries to deal with the Azov (Nazis) and let them see who the real war criminals are.

Russia going to a gold standard with it’s Ruble is a real problem for the DAVOS globalists. Russia can survive a nuclear war. It has the needed shelters and supplies already in place for its entire population. The DAVOS globalists CANNOT ALLOW RUSSIA TO HAVE A STABLE GOLD BACKED CURRENCY GOING INTO WORLD WAR III. RUSSIA WOULD COME OUT OF SUCH A NUCLEAR WAR AS THE CLEAR GLOBAL WINNER! So they need to break Russia financially before they can begin World War III. Right now Russia’s invulnerability to sanctions is the only thing preventing World War III.

The following weeks leading up to the Spring Equinox will see several other countries moving to support a gold backed currency and abandoning the Petrodollar and Euro. India is already making plans to work directly with Russia for its food supplies.

I expect that China will make the next move this week. Ukraine has become a stable crisis, or as stable a crisis as can be expected. Russia will allow observers in. . . The DAVOS globalists are screwed!

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I’ve been combing the internet trying to get a reading on what is going on in the Ukraine. Perhaps the most interesting is Jim Stone saying that Zalensky has fled the Ukraine into Poland. If true it means that the Ukraine is about to fall and Zalensky’s war crimes against his own citizens are about to become public. In this case the evidence must be so damning that the MSM are not even going to try blaming it on Putin! Word is out, talk about something else! The next few days will tell the tale!

We see NATO and Interpol backing down from previous stances and to me it seems that the Ukraine has been written off as a lost cause for the DAVOS globalists. The deep state apparatus there has already been destroyed and there is nothing left for them. Better to take their losses and try to save their money! Even Germany has come out and said that trying to get the Ukraine into NATO would be a serious mistake. It seems that Russia has won! Other countries are beginning to distance themselves from the Russia-Ukraine war. I’m beginning to be hopeful that the worst is over in the Ukraine and that it is becoming a mop up operation now.

China and India are now becoming major concerns as the Petrodollar and Euro begin their tumble into extinction. With the Russian Ruble becoming backed with gold it becomes the most stable currency in the world according to radio talk show host Hal Turner. I’m certain China is not far behind in joining the gold backed movement of national currencies. When they join their two alternatives to the SWIFT financial system the world will abandon the Petrodollar and the Euro. I think that is what is the main concern right now for the DAVOS globalists. This entire mess is backfiring on them very badly. Why should any country invest in a currency that is not backed by anything and belongs to a country that holds over thirty trillion in debt? They seem to be desperately urging China and India not to side with Russia.

Meanwhile lots of other smaller countries are realizing that there are going to be food shortages and they are debating whether to side with the Petrodollar and the Euro or with Russia and China. They can buy things cheap from Russia, but to do that they will anger the Untied or is it United? States. Meanwhile the high prices of energy are a windfall for Russia that is financing their entire operation in the Ukraine!

Lastly in the Untied States the Feb spokesman mentions their just might be another reserve currency possible . . . but he didn’t say Bitcoin YET. Just putting the thought out there, but a gold backed currency is out of the question! DAVOS would never allow that!

In summary I am hopeful about the situation in the Ukraine now easing and the focus turning toward fears of a financial collapse because of sanctions and shortages. I’m trying to buy some needed things now while I can.

The good news? There is no more Covid! They are trying to bury that as deeply as possible as horrific side effects and consequences of the jab are revealed! It’s pretty bad when the insurance companies won’t pay for jab induced complications!

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For several years now I’ve been writing about Gaia’s ascension and the new energy dynamics that are now in place. One of the things I’ve written extensively about is that it is no longer possible to “manipulate the masses” like it used to be. Individuals are waking up every day. People are not jumping on the bandwagon like they used to. The “collective force” of the masses is no longer able to be successfully manipulated. The new energy dynamics support individualization and not the collectivism of a hive mind. I’ve seen this over and over again for the past ten years!

I think back to unrelenting mass media attempts to “trigger” mass movements, all unsuccessful. They have all fizzled out without gaining momentum. The interesting thing is that it appears the Deep State has no other weapon than to attempt “Mass Psychosis”.

Pathetic attempts to “Trigger the herd”, is what happens every single day. We have just seen it with the Russian-Ukraine conflict. And we have also seen how cooler heads are backing off less than a week later! We will see even more backing off in the next three weeks leading up to the Spring Equinox.

Europe in particular is taking a hard look at things and assessing the best way out of an impossible situation. Nobody over there wants war! The United States Deep State does! It doesn’t consider itself at risk. . .

Expect to see more breaks with the United States over the next three weeks as individual nations consider their own place in this new world.

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When people can’t discern the difference between reality and make believe there will ultimately be a confrontation with Mother Nature. The new age of Gaia’s ascension is the age of the root chakra and organic reality. The world is about to realize just how badly they have been lied to!

As the dominoes continue to fall the deep state and globalists continue to fall for the trap. Kicking Russia out of the SWIFT financial system is like telling your local grocery store that it cannot use your own money! The grocery store will create its own system of barter and commerce. Putting drastic sanctions on Russia in retaliation for its invasion of Ukraine will only force Russia to take permanent possession of it! Then Russia will have the food and natural resources the world needs . . . Game over!

Actually it is already over as we will see in the coming weeks leading up to the Spring Equinox! Russia is quite capable of being self-sustaining! It is the birthplace of ancient shamanism!

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What drives me crazy is that with the Russian invasion of Ukraine the first dominoes have fallen in a long sequence of events from which there is no possible return. The gridlock has been broken and everyone is required to take one side or the other. The worst possible consequence would be an escalation to World War III which I sincerely hope and pray will never happen. That is the worst case scenario. Is there a best case scenario? And what drives me crazy is that no one seems to care! Society has become so removed from physical reality that it can’t recognize it’s own endangerment! That is a bad place to be.

The best case scenario right now is the long term effects of drastic sanctions and counter sanctions on both sides. Mutually assured destruction of daily life, from economic collapse. Inflationary prices and food shortages. There is no way around it. Russia and the Ukraine are the bread baskets of the world! Those harvests are now compromised!

Right now I am in about as secure position as possible given the uncertainties. Based upon my visions I will be alright, but my heart breaks for those who will be caught in the storm! And there is a coming storm! Africa will be the most affected by food shortages, but Europe will suffer as well from shortages of oil and natural gas. This is not theory! It is already bad over there and its about to get worse!

I’m reminded of my dream about my cell phone being broken. I will be lucky if it is only phone and internet disruption! That can be dealt with but I’m already shocked at food and gas prices that have been steadily rising this past year. I know those prices are about to double but if that is as bad as it gets I’ll find a way to survive. I am retired and on a fixed income, but also getting some assistance. As long as that keeps stable my life will remain stable. It’s the young people that will be struggling!

And because events cluster in the astral planes that which has been hidden about the Vaccines is now becoming public as well. Blood clots and infertility as well as the destruction of the immune system! What have we collectively done to ourselves? Or what have we allowed to be done to us? By the Spring Equinox we will know because it will all be out in the open! Be prepared to take a few lumps! The time for action is long past! If we haven’t prepared, there is no longer time to prepare! Fasten your seat belts! Trust your root chakra connection to Mother Earth!

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With war erupting in the Ukraine and a total lack of confidence in any news sources it is much easier to turn to ancient sources of wisdom to interpret current events and probable future events. An important part of ancient Druidry was divination and observation of the cycles of nature. When you understand the cycles of nature you understand why things are happening, the timing of events and what must follow.

Before talking about the energetics involved I will mention that within the astral planes events gravitate together just like matter gravitates together in the physical world. Our entire world has been locked in a stalemate situation or gridlock situation in which no forward movement has been possible. That is what has now changed with the war in the Ukraine. The boil has been lanced and forces have been put into motion that cannot be stopped! This is because other events that have been trying to manifest will piggy-back onto these events, taking advantage of the opening in the astral fabric. We will all witness the truth of these words in the next few weeks leading up to the Spring Equinox.

For better or worse, our world will never be the same and this is what we have all been waiting for!

The cycles of nature will tell us what is to happen just as they have told us last year and the year before and each years before that, if we could only see. The winter solstice saw a great in pouring of our yearly measure of Spiritual Light. That wave of incoming energy struck me much more powerfully than it ever had before. This was going to be a very powerful year.

And people on all sides of every conflict took in their share of that energy seeking to absorb what they could and use it for their plans. So people were lucky and caught this incoming energy wave much earlier than others. It actually hit me several weeks before the winter solstice. Others were a bit too late and ended up chasing the wave instead of riding it. They were on the wrong side of the wave and would be on the wrong side of the wave for the entire year! It’s like getting up on the wrong side of the bed but much worse!

Then Imbolc came and the first stirring of new life came from seeds buried deep within our core and deep within Mother Earth. But not every seed awoke! Only half of them became filled with the vital life energies of the coming spring. This is difficult to put into words but imagine that each person has been given their quota of Spiritual Light energy for the coming year and they can spend it any way they want. So they put that energy into special projects and activities.

Here is the part of the natural cycle that is difficult to understand. It is not the amount of Spiritual Energy of Vital Life Force energy that you have but which direction it flows. It will either increase and become new life or it will decrease and become the fertilizer that will nourish and feed the living. During this time of year there is always an eternal battle that takes place and the winners will prosper abundantly and the losers will become the fertilizer that that sustains the living.

The winners and losers will be revealed at the Spring Equinox! That is how it has always been and how it will always be!

In looking at this war in the Ukraine I am struck by several factors. Perhaps the most powerful is the ancientness of the region. The Balkans are some of the oldest lands inhabited by humanity and the bloodiest! That the global tensions should focus on this ancient area of the world is no coincidence. These areas are full of ancient magicks and ancient battles. This is the final battle for the fate of Gaia herself!

I also know that there are those, the ones who desire to enslave humanity, greatly desire World War III. I also know that it will never happen! What Putin has done so effectively is that with his lightning strike he has ended the war before it had a chance to begin and that was his plan. Already the United States and Europe have failed to come to the aid of Ukraine because they realized they lost their chance. They are on the wrong side of the wave and Putin caught the wave just right. It was over before it began.

But it is now time to look at everything else that is taking this opportunity to manifest as well and we will see the same things happen in other areas of conflict around the globe. Certain elements will move boldly forward and others will always be one second too late and miss their chance. For the first time we will get a real glimpse at who the white hats and black hats really are! It will be obvious! All you need to do is recognize who is magickally successful and who keeps having their plans defeated!

And we can know these things with confidence not because of reliable news sources, but because of knowledge of the cycles of nature itself!

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The Minoan civilization began around 2,000 BCE and ended in volcanic destruction around 1,100 BCE leading the nearby Greek Mycenaean civilization into a dark age. The Minoan civilization was highly advanced and Goddess oriented. It was the only known advanced civilization that was Goddess oriented.

We have already seen that the Goddess oriented Samothrace mysteries were likely in place at the destruction of the Minoan civilization and a survivor of the Goddess religion that in turn influenced Helenic Greek with their Gods and Goddesses. The sacred Samothrace mysteries were taught for almost 1,000 years until they were abandoned around 400 CE.

But there is an interesting link between the Samothrace mysteries and the great library at Alexandria. During the reign of the Ptolemies, a Roman dynasty that ruled Egypt from 304 to 40 BCE, the great library at Alexandria was built and marble was imported to enhance and expand the Temple on Samothrace!

We can definitely see the emergence of two types of initiations, one Goddess oriented and earth based and the other highly mystical and philosophical and based upon spiritual Light or the sun. Is it coincidence that the Druid religion seems to have emerged around 400 BCE? The Druid religion was once considered to have been originally matriarchal and Goddess oriented. Were the Druids the survivors of the destruction of Crete and the Minoan civilization during the pre-Helenic dark ages of Greece? Were they associated with the Samothrace mysteries of the old Gods?

What is certain is that the ancient Druids appeared to have both a strong and vital connection to nature and all living things as well as a highly developed philosophical and spiritual nature. They believed in reincarnation and the otherworld or Summerland. They had the best of both worlds and the Druid religion lasted for almost 1,000 years until it was destroyed after the massacre of the long knives at Stonehenge in 472 CE during the annual Beltaine Festival.

I would hazard a guess that this was the true origin of the Druid religion as survivors of the destruction of the Minoan civilization and was also influenced by the surviving Mycenaean Greek civilization as it fell into a dark age.

The great library at Alexandria was almost a mirror opposite with it’s Neo-Platonic and Hermetic orientation that focused more upon the spiritual than the organic but contained both as well.

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