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If we continue to reference the seven possible non-physical bodies and the awareness points required to permanently activate each some other things become apparent:

Helium-Concrete Spiritual Body=2 awareness points

Neon-Abstract Mental Body=8 awareness points

Argon-Concrete Mental Body=8 awareness points

Krypton-Upper Emotional Body=18 awareness points

Xenon-Lower Emotional Body=18 awareness points

Radon-Immortal Physical Body=32 awareness points

Oganesson-Etheric Body=32 awareness points

Noted occultist Dion Fortune tells how each astral world or astral body is controlled and ruled by the one directly above it. This is how it should work and how it does naturally work with ordinary consciousness and awareness.

But because many occultists have not fully developed the level immediately above the one they are working with they try to cheat the system by using sigils and magick circles that bypass the psychic censor! The need to bypass the psychic censor is proof that the level directly above the one you are trying to work is not fully functional and balanced and not under conscious control. It is not in control of the level directly beneath it!

We can have conscious awareness at each level. I do and working with the OAK energy ball meditation makes this possible. But it takes time and energy, lots of time and energy to develop full consciousness of all the levels!

It also shows why some occultists deal with so much unbalanced energies! Just saying. . .

It also shows how important it is to develop and activate each non-physical body and build lines of communication between each of them. It is not enough to simply work with heart center energy for example. Especially if true magick is worked on the etheric planes.

I will go so far as to say that I personally believe that putting energy into the lower levels without having first developed the upper ones is inviting psychotic breaks as trapped and toxic energies erupt and have no place to go except outward in physical behaviors.

And it is relatively easy to develop the upper levels because they require far fewer awareness points.

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Connecting to Source in the magickal sense. 

The spiritual and mystic path is often considered dissolving oneself in the Spiritual Light and a return to Unity with the dissolving of the human ego. Perhaps the false human ego does dissolve but a true ego, a true sense of self remains and is strengthened with each integration. The completion and activation of each non-physical body adds to the core that is already there.

Our connection to Source is not as high into the Spiritual Light as we can reach. Rather it is as high into the Spiritual Light as all things can reach, which is significantly lower as it is a common or collective goal. One that is attainable by all life forms.

So we often over reach it and wonder why there is no other life where we find ourselves in the light. We need to come back down a bit to find that sweet spot where everyone else is!

This sweet spot does change however, and is currently much higher than the Kether of the Old Kabbalah egregore and exists that much lower as well. So collectively speaking our collective sweet spot is much higher and lower in the astral planes than the old system. It is not surprising that this new collective Source is based upon the photon as Spiritual Light and tightly integrated with science. This is why the technological and digital revolution is so magickally powerful. It is based upon a duality of forces that is higher and lower than the old Holy Kabbalah can reach.

That is why the Periodic Table of the Elements is a much truer map of the astral planes and inner realities than any of the old systems. 

Each element can be represented as a particle (material object) and a wave (awareness of all that exists around us). In particular each noble gas can form a non-physical body or astral body of the type of energy it is created by.


The innermost electron ring of an atom creates the archetypal body of light with two awareness points. This is Spiritual Concrete energy and forms that planetary astral world ruled by Jupiter.

The second electron ring of an atom has eight electrons or sensory awareness points. It is created out of the abstract mental energies and is associated with the third eye chakra and the planetary sphere of Mars.

The third electron ring of an atom also has eight electrons or sensory awareness points. It is created out of concrete mental energies and is associated with the throat center and the planetary sphere of the sun.

The fourth electron ring of an atom has eighteen electrons or sensory awareness points. It is created out of Upper Emotional energies and is associated with the Heart center center and the planetary sphere of Venus.

The fifth electron ring of an atom also has eighteen electrons or sensory awareness points. It is created out of Lower emotional energies and is associated with the Solar Plexus and the planetary sphere of Mercury.

The sixth electron ring of an atom has thirty-two electrons or sensory awareness points. It is created out of immortal physical and physical energies and is associated with the sacral center and the planetary sphere of the moon. 

The seventh and final electron ring of an atom also has thirty-two electrons or sensory awareness points. It is created out of etheric energies and is associated with the root chakra and the planetary sphere of Gaia.

Concrete Spiritual Body=2 awareness points

Abstract Mental Body=8 awareness points

Concrete Mental Body=8 awareness points

Upper Emotional Body=18 awareness points

Lower Emotional Body=18 awareness points

Immortal Physical Body=32 awareness points

Etheric Body=32 awareness points

A quick look at this list shows why it is much quicker to develop the spiritual and mental levels and astral bodies than to develop the lower ones.

But true magick occurs at the etheric level which lies beneath the physical level. A magickal link between awareness and the etheric level needs to be established before true magick can be worked successfully.

Many magickal systems and practices are devoted to finding ways to get around this. There are no short cuts!

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Dark Art, Daemon, The Witch, Fireball, Magic, Burn

Those that have followed my writings for a few years know that I am not a ritualist and don’t really subscribe to words of power. But as I begin working with the lower energies new insights and concepts come to me that I had not given serious consideration before. Some of them are quite simple and straight forward.

For example, enacting a physical ritual allows the physical body to participate and that brings deeper energies into play than if there was no physical ritual. In a way it is a no brainer. The ritual itself is not important but allowing the physical body to participate and add its own energies to the mix is important!

The same might be said for words of power. The Rosicrucians like so many other traditions have their vowel sounds or words which are encouraged to be intoned during ritual or meditation. Many magickal traditions have words of power and magickal phrases.

I am going to cut straight through the BS and get to the point. Intone the sound or word “Ohm” and extend it for as long as you can. What happens? You can feel your entire body vibrate! Think about that for a few moments. Your entire body is vibrating in harmony. Each cell is vibrating and adding its energy to the sound or song as the case may be.

Now add the energy of focused intention! Your focused intention is using the very energy of your vibrating cells to assist your magick! Just think how powerful that is!

But the sounds or words that you intone or sing should have personal meaning to you! That way they are more focused with intent! If they don’t mean anything to you they are useless! The words and the sounds and the movements have to come from you or they are not as effective.

Let’s take another example that makes OAK magickal practice different. Many magick workers use sigils as a means to bypass the psychic censor. Why would you want to bypass the psychic censor? Because part of your conscious awareness is in conflict with your magickal purpose and you want to get around it! That’s cheating! My next post in this new series will talk about how working with the energy ball meditation allows personal awareness to move smoothly from level to level so you don’t need to worry about the psychic censor!

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Man, Stairs, Heaven, Old Man, Stairway, Steps, Sky

Beltaine of course is the full moon on the evening of 26 April and is when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest as the spring energies emerge full force into the physical world. My own birthday today may have moved things forward for me personally a bit earlier, but the end result is the same. I no longer know if other people are sensing the things that I am now sensing or if I have simply moved on ahead!

This morning things were a bit chaotic and I didn’t get around to my normal morning meditation until just after noon. But when I did that meditation, which was about shifting the awareness point, there was literally no point in doing it because my point of awareness simply moved smoothly and effortlessly to where it should be and there was no resistance at all. So the meditation didn’t achieve anything! There had been a permanent shift and I was now functioning from the complete soul body! The time doing the meditation turned out to be a waste of time.

So I need a new meditation! One where I integrate my completed soul body with my physical body… So what happened? And more importantly did it just happen to me or did it happen to everyone? I know that things have been moving faster and faster and I’ve shared that in these posts. But this is over the top!

My gut is inclined to believe that previously open windows of opportunity are now closed for everyone. Awareness is now solidly fixed at whatever stage of development belongs to each individual. The higher chakra centers have been closed off and only the bottom root chakra center remains open and of course as much of the complete soul body as has been integrated. But I have no proof and probably won’t get any.

I’ve known for some time that a point would happen when the environment of each individual would become “locked in” and not easily changed. That was why there was such a stress on moving forward as rapidly as possible. It seems we have now reached that point, or at least I have. No more wiggle room in the astral. Now is only the physical manifestation and the harvest of what has been sowed. Things are now set in stone!

Finally we ran out of time!

If this is really the case then most of my posts are now obsolete because energetic windows of opportunity have been closed and closed permanently. Techniques that used to work no longer have the same effect. The point of importance shifts away from attempting to alter the outcome, to that of understanding the outcome and how to cope with it.

So I don’t know if any of my earlier meditations now serve any valid purpose. Perhaps only root chakra and complete soul meditations are the only ones that will remain valid. I do know that those will continue to remain valid since they are the energies that will be active for the next 2000 years! This includes the Druid series of meditations.

It seems that I was right to shift my focus exclusively to the root chakra and etheric energies. I just didn’t expect things to move so fast!

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Moss, Forest, Green, Bemoost, Nature, Wild

OAK Inner Circle is the name of my new/old repurposed blog dealing specifically with Druid oriented posts. I encourage people to link to that blog and subscribe if they are interested in following this new series.

To be truthful, I didn’t know what to do, rename my old blog or start totally new. Instead, I’m posting this for now. My intent is true to what I now plan for it, a type of modernized Druidry. But this is going to be different than any of the other blogs out there about Druids and pagans. This is going to be about the development of the soul and its powers within the original spirit of Druidry while incorporating the most advanced and modern techniques and concepts currently available. This is about the creation of a modern magickal Order and what I call Organic Gnosticism and the wisdom of life itself. This is about the creation of a magickal Order suitable for the new age of Gaia that has only now just begun and a group of people I have at times called the New Elves. I’ve simply called this group OAK or The Order and my life’s purpose has long centered around the creation of this group and its teachings. But I’ve never know how to proceed and this time I feel that it is time to proceed with these teachings and share what I have learned through a long life of study and personal experience.

We are now living in a time of social division where individual souls are being polarized with some being drawn to Gaia and all living things, drawn toward the sacredness of all life; or they are being drawn to live in their heads, chasing fantasy and delusion at the risk of losing all contact with objective reality. And it is at this time that the ancient teachings are once more being revealed in new ways. The ancient teachers have returned to lead the way for those who are drawn to them. It is time for society to choose between spirituality and love of life or fear and the cult of death. I can only speak for myself and I chose life!

In this first post I will share a bit about myself and my spiritual path as it has unfolded over the years. I share this for two reasons. The first is to demonstrate that I do try to speak from personal experience and personal understanding, saying things in my own way and not trying to copy or mimic some other path or tradition. The things that I want to share are for the most part much more simple and effective than anything other traditions offer in terms of the development of the soul and its powers.

The second point is to share that I have trained in various traditions and mystery schools and know my way around most of them. To this I will begin by sharing that I joined the Rosicrucian Order AMORC back in 1976 at the age of nineteen and studied their weekly monographs for over twenty two years, completing their degree studies and becoming an elder in that specific tradition. I remain a member in good standing of that Order as well as an off shoot of that called “The Traditional Martinist Order”. These two orders are however, mystical in nature, and oriented toward connection with the Cosmic Consciousness and not toward connection with Gaia and all living things. The first twenty five years of my life was devoted toward the spiritual pursuit of Cosmic Consciousness and mystical experiences. In 1991 I permanently crossed the Great Abyss in awareness and experienced the bliss of merging with the spiritual light of Source. This had a profound effect on me and the polarity of my soul shifted back downward to reconnect with Gaia and bring that light of Source back down to Gaia with me. So I completed the mystical path but the magickal path awaited me. Traditionally the soul needs to travel both paths before it can be complete.

This downward path was a twisting one that led through various occult and magical studies including being initiated into the 3rd degree of the OTO, The York Rite of Freemasonry including the Templars. But of everything above listed those were only paths which I had undergone physical initiations. My research and study went far beyond those to include:

The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

The Rite of Memphis and Mizraim

The Golden Dawn

The Aurum Solis

Gardnerian Wicca and Wicca in general

Dianetics and Scientology (of which I have the complete library of books.)

Sir Francis Bacon Research Trust

Neuro Linguistic Programing or NLP

Neotech (an offshoot of Ayn Rand objectivism)

The Healing Tau (books by Mantak Chia)

Tantra and Sexual Alchemy

The Works of Julius Evola

And I could round these influences off with a BS in psychology and membership in MENSA.

All I’m trying to do is demonstrate that the things I wish to share are the results of serious study and personal experience. At the beginning of this year (2021) I experienced the corresponding Gaia connection or etheric magickal connection that marked the culmination and completion of the magickal path and permanent transfer of awareness to my etheric body. After a lifetime of study and effort I had finally traveled both paths to their completion and that is when I found Druidism!

It is like spending my entire life traveling every possible path but the one that I really belonged to. Like Parcival doomed to travel all roads before he could find salvation, I had to travel all roads before my true path opened to me. A path for my heart and of my heart. The path of my most ancient ancestors. But this time I can travel this path with a modern understanding gained through hard work and personal experience. And that is what I can offer to those interested in this modern path of Druidry. A type of Druidry that is an octave above the old druidry, offering the full spectrum of mystery school teachings and empowerments that have marked the evolution of the mysteries through the ages. I’m not offering something old, but something entirely new and appropriate for today’s world. Something that is needed in today’s world!

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Gebo, Rune, Runes, Futhark, Divination, Norse, Icon


I’m going to go my own way on Gebo and share that it is the rosy cross of the Rosicrucians and the Holy Grail, the sacred blending of male and female energies in the non-physical realms. This is the true source of sex magic! And sex magic is the most powerful form of magic there is!

This is when two very different types of energy unite in harmony to form a third, completely balanced type of energy that is used in the creation and development of the soul. What people don’t understand Is that sex magic and working with sex energy is not about physical sex, but about non-physical or astral sex! It is about energetic relationships and platonic relationships and how they work to develop the soul and it’s  powers.

The male gives his non physical sexual energy to the female and when she has enough of it she gives birth to an astral body for the male and her own astral body created out of that same energy is permanently activated. This is the real hidden mystery of “being born again”.

This is not theory. I’ve done it! I’ve permanently activated all seven astral bodies through these cycles and function at will in the astral planes. My awareness is constantly within two worlds, the physical world and the astral worlds. This is my reality…

Not only have I done this, but it has been taught by all mystery schools in all ages! These things have always been known by a few keepers of this knowledge. Now it is time for this knowledge to become more public.

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Kenaz, Rune, Runes, Futhark, Divination, Norse, Icon


Kenaz means to burn, especially to burn with passion…Until we are able to connect directly with cosmic powers and channel them this is what we need to rely upon, our own passion. It is in the consuming of the physical body through life that the seven bodies of the soul are formed. We need to sacrifice ourselves to the process so that we can be reborn.

The reason that I am writing about each rune is because each rune tells a truth or mystery that is concealed within it. Each rune represents a power or an experience that can be felt and lived by even the most primitive people.

The mystery of Kenaz is the secret power of passion and how it can get us through the darkest of times, can get us across the great abyss! We can intellectually believe something and we can spiritually believe in something, but are we willing to die for it? Are we willing to sacrifice everything that we are? That is the mystery of this rune of transmutation.

To achieve the ultimate in life we need to die…and it might be a spiritual death instead of a physical death. By a spiritual death I mean the destruction of the astral cord between our human body and our highest self.

This happened to me many years ago shortly after I had permanently crossed the great abyss with my awareness. My awareness had connected with Source and wanted to live forever in that blessed union.

In a dream or vision someone approached me and directed me to a large book on a pedestal. I was directed to open it and read it. As I opened the book the person cackled evilly and said that if I ever let go of the book I would die. I shouted “No!” and slammed the book shut. Immediately my astral cord that connected me to my physical body erupted into flames and I was forced upwards for my own survival. My awareness was forced to retreat across the great abyss and take refuge in Source where if found shelter and safety.

In later years I realized that was my spiritual death! It was an initiation and a very powerful one that connected me in a very powerful way with Source. Over the years I gradually rebuilt my astral bodies and astral cord from the top down, back to the earth. But that consuming fire was the fire of Kenaz and initiates of the world’s great mystery schools knew of that mystery and spoke of it…

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Raidho, Rune, Runes, Futhark, Divination, Norse, Icon

Organic Gnosticism and Raidho

Soulmate cycles and Divine Counterparts! Raidho is about cosmic law and the cycles of nature and the most powerful cycles according to cosmic law are those involving Soulmates and Divine Counterparts. Its time to talk a little about the differences between shamanism and Organic Gnosticism. They both are about astral bodies functioning at the extreme lower levels of the astral planes but there is a big difference.

Lower level astral bodies require enormous amounts of energy to remain viable and the shaman uses techniques such as drumming, dancing and chanting to generate the required energies while performing healing and other types of energy work. A group of supporters may also assist in the shaman’s journey. But the energetic resources remain limited and the shaman is often totally depleted of energy at the conclusion of the work.

Organic Gnosticism, on the other hand, is about the permanent activation of the various astral bodies through soulmate cycles with opposite sex partners. This happens naturally as a consequence of having astral sex with your partner. It is normal to have sexual dreams and this is what those sexual dreams are about. Organic Gnosticism in a natural and normal practice in which male energy is absorbed by the female until her astral body is permanently activated. Then the astral body of the female becomes pregnant and she gives birth to an astral child which is the permanently activated astral body the male uses from that time onward. These are permanent developments of the soul and happen for each of the seven astral bodies one at a time. You have a different soulmate for each type of energy.

These activations are the natural consequence of soulmate love relationships and the natural cycle of soulmate love relationships. Soulmates are those individuals whose soul frequencies match with your own for a particular type of energy, spiritual, mental, emotional, sexual or physical.

These permanently activated astral bodies are the strongest form of astral bodies possible and there is no need for other types of energy generation such as drumming, dancing or chanting.

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Ansuz, Rune, Runes, Futhark, Divination, Norse, Icon


Ansuz depicts Odin’s magical staff and is pretty straight forward in its meaning. It represents both a channel and a focus for the energy that is channeled. That is what a magical staff does…but that is also what we do in Organic Gnosticism! Through the development of our astral bodies and their powers we gain the ability to channel various astral or magical energies and to act as a shaman.

Ansuz gives the ability to channel and focus this energy but some important questions still remain…what type of energy are we channeling? What do we want that energy to do? How do we direct that energy in full consciousness?

Are we channeling spiritual energy, mental energy, emotional energy, sexual energy or even perhaps physical energy? Ansuz gives us the tool or ability to channel but we still need to choose the right energy and the right focus and consciously direct it to do what we want it to do.

Compare Ansuz to Thurisaz and you will see an immense difference. Thurisaz as the Wrath of God only blows a destructive hole in blocked places leaving smoking ruin, but also an open channel. Ansuz is a lot more deliberate and delicate in its ability to manipulate and focus energy in a creative way for healing or prosperity as well as creating or clearing energetic channels.

In Organic Gnosticism Ansuz seems to mean the shaman himself or herself because this is what we are…

Some books say that Ansuz is the bridge from the god or goddess realms to the physical realms, but once more in Organic Gnosticism that is what we are! Ansuz is the shaman!

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Thurisaz, Rune, Runes, Futhark, Divination, Norse, Icon

As I’ve mentioned before I am doing research on the elder Futhark runes and projecting into them, astrally investigating them if you will, to find out what they mean for Organic Gnosticism. So my impressions are not traditional but for the purposes of energy work within the magical system of Organic Gnosticism. This is a fresh look at these ancient runes for a fresh purpose.

Thurisaz is the Wrath of God! The lightning bolt that nothing can stop. Energetically when things are blocked the energy begins to build up. We might say the pressure builds or the voltage builds or even say that the tension builds to unbearable proportions. When something finally has to give, the lightning is released. The Wrath of God is released! That is what this rune represents…when a path absolutely needs to be made and there is no other way, this is the force or energy that makes a way through a destructive lightning blast.

It has been called Thor’s hammer, because Thor was the god of lightning. This rune has also been called the thorn. This is also an apt symbol for the sperm itself as it impregnates the ovum to create new life. The ovum resists, but the lightning like energy of the vital life force will not be refused…

In summary, Thurisaz is the rune to be used when a break through is required. When gridlock has completely stalled any forward progress. But it is to be noted that the Wrath of God is a violent force only to be called upon when there is no other way!

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