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It seems the solution to this puzzle lies in the etheric level and the etheric body. The etheric world, the underworld, the other world or the Summerland was a reality to ancient humans and with 32 awareness points it was just as real as our physical world, but beneath it. Strong instinctual drives like fear and sexual desire originate at the etheric level and not the higher levels. Traditionally ghosts, demons and even vampires have this fear energy inherent in their non-physical bodies which by definition must belong to the etheric levels. Vampires of course also claim a sexual allure that is hard to resist. There is also a strong connection to the feminine and sexual desire.

These are important clues that permanently activated etheric bodies did exist and were sustained by the vital life force of other living creatures. More importantly it seems that sexual energy or tantric energy was discovered for the use of developing these permanently activated etheric bodies instead of only for procreation. This led to the further development of the immortal physical body, the lower emotional body and the upper emotional body through tantric practices. These non-physical bodies were “born” through a tantric process that was understood by the reptilians but not by those of the Traditional Kabbalah. Reincarnation into a new body upon the death of the old physical body was considered normal. For those of the Traditional Kabbalah the only way to permanently activate a “soul body” was through the ascension process which could only occur at the higher levels and the development of a strong sense of self or ego or the merging of self into a collective.

As mentioned before those advanced aliens of the Traditional Kabbalah had no symbols for the elements of earth or etheric. They also had no concept of an afterlife of the soul. What they were concerned with was the continuation of the hive or race. Only the leaders were individuated enough to have a strong sense of self or ego. The reptilian hybrids were more warlike, but also more family and tribal oriented. Those of the Traditional Kabbalah were more of a hive mentality, or a collective mind or community. They did not recognize any value in the physical or etheric levels of individual soul development. All that mattered was the collective.

Now to begin fitting the pieces of the story together. Those advanced aliens of the Traditional Kabbalah of twenty-two letters were Pleiadians and we know of them also as the Anunnaki. The war that destroyed their civilization was a civil war between two factions of Anunnaki, one that supported human evolution and was interested in the development of the lower aspects of the soul and another that thought of humans only as cattle to be enslaved and used. They sought to keep the purity of their own race and considered the mingling of their DNA with the humans to be an abomination.

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In exploring the possibility of the genetic alteration of the human DNA by extraterrestrials I seem to have overlooked the tantric aspect of things. “Ishtar Rising” by Robert Anton Wilson brings up some interesting evolutionary developments within the human species that needs to be taken into consideration. These may or may not have some bearing upon this issue.

To put things bluntly he suggests that human females deliberately evolved in such a way that would encourage the human male to stay close by for protection and support of the family and tribal unit. The way this was done was to make her sexually desirable at all times.

In the normal animal species sex and sexual desire was triggered by menstruation when the female was in heat. In the human female this cycle was split so that ovulation and menstruation did not coincide. The female breast became more prominent and attractive with fatty tissue unlike the breasts of apes and chimpanzees which remained flat and purely functional.

Sex for pleasure and not for procreation was the result. In fact, it was discovered that sexually satisfied males became too docile and unimaginative. Genius and cutting edge creativity and adaptability came from sexual deviance which avoided pregnancy. This led to the true beginning of the grail mysteries. Males were encouraged to compete or battle each other for the female and this ensured the strongest and most adaptable would get the female and provide children to keep the human race as strong and vital as possible. So a war like attitude toward strangers was encouraged and a loving nature toward family and kin was developed at the same time.

We can see this best evidenced by the nomadic hunter and gatherer tribes that lived on the Pontic steppe north of the Black Sea, the proto-Indo-Europeans who kept to themselves and became extremely adept at survival. Both the males and females were warriors and the image of the warrior goddess undoubtedly came from this social dynamic. These nomadic people were free and took no slaves. These fierce tribes were the dominant humans of the time as they made war and plundered the weaker races.

These Proto-Indo-Europeans also had a curious affinity for the symbol of the serpent or dragon. If a reptilian alien extraterrestrial race influenced early humanity it would be these tribes. This influence could have been by possession at first and then later by these alien souls being born into human bodies.

In researching the druids and their culture I came to the conclusion that the druid culture was established around these Proto-Indo-Europeans to support them as nobility and rulers. The ruling class was not the Druid class! So the Druid culture was the first merging of the two alien cultures and the Reptilian influence was dominant.

This later morphed into the Egyptian, Hermetic and Neo-platonic Kabbalistic system of first twenty-four runes and then twenty-four letters which was in conflict with the Jewish Kabbalistic system of twenty-two letters.

But all this happened after the destruction of the Mediterranean basin in 3,000 BCE. Now that we have a general idea of things perhaps we can get a better understanding of our true history!

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I pride myself that working with my energy ball meditations or group portal meditations have never caused any problems to my knowledge. That is because they are so balanced.

But every single year since 1991 when I crossed the Great Abyss and merged with SOURCE I have experienced the incoming winter solstice energies a week or two early and they have always knocked me out with energy sickness. The last day and a half was no exception. In fact, the incoming energy wave was the most powerful one I have ever experienced and left me in mortal agony unable to eat, drink or move. Typically these waves are felt by others a few days to a week later by others so get ready for a big one!

When I write about the incoming energies of the winter solstice there are many who think it is symbolical or pleasant. I’m talking about something that comes every year and knocks me flat on my ass! This particular energy wave lasted well over a day and a half and I can still feel a bit of it hanging around. For those who have never felt energy sickness it strikes me as vertigo and nausea that won’t let up. The best I can do is try to sleep it off. Nothing else seems to work to ground this massive influx of energy.

When the winter solstice does finally come around I feel nothing. It hits me early and it hits some others early as well. Those who have tapped into SOURCE as I have. This year I think the coming full moon is acting to intensify things. I am just grateful that for me it is over!

I’ve wondered why this energy wave always seems so difficult to deal with. This year I may have gotten an important clue. Tuesday night I was thinking about going to the local Masonic Lodge for a meeting. It has been quite a while since I went to a meeting because of my puppy Valentine and also because I don’t like driving at night in the winter. So I had not been to a lodge meeting in well over six months. They are having a 3rd degree initiation on Saturday and I was thinking of going to witness it and being supportive.

Tuesday night I decided not to go to the lodge meeting but I began to feel the energy of the lodge inside of me until it felt like all the lodge members were in my living room. I couldn’t get rid of the energy and it just got worse and worse from that point on.

In retrospect what I think happened is this: I channel a lot of energy and a portion of this incoming energy was being channeled through me into the Masonic lodge. But the Freemasons are an all male organization and what was happening was that the male energy was being channeled and the incoming female energy had no place to go so it began to build up inside me seeking some type of outlet.

Finally this morning I had a dream about working on a project and being so involved in it that I forgot to clock into the job and report that I was there. My supervisor was a woman and I told her that not only was I there at work and had forgotten to sign in, but I had also been there early. I saw her take a pencil and erase that I had been tardy and even entered my true starting time. I knew then that I would start feeling better.

The strange thing about this energy sickness is that my dreams and my discomfort were filled with visions that included pages and pages or writing which I could read! Normally the ability to read written words is not a part of vision or dreams because it indicates the integration of a high level of conscious awareness at a low level.

I don’t have any answers or great insight to share. I’m just telling it like I experienced in case anyone is interested in such things. I do try to speak from personal experience!

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It’s been a long time since I did one of these and there is new information. This time period from the fall equinox to the winter solstice is a time when the collective life on Gaia weighs our individual efforts and either supports them or rejects them. The resultant is a new energetic pattern that becomes energized on the winter solstice with the new incoming energies.

The stalemate has been broken and the human race has lost! Advanced souls are now incarnating into other species in an enormous effort to save the life upon this planet. The human race has become a cesspool of stagnancy and decay. Mother Nature is now actively taking a hand in the cleansing process. A new balance needs to be established. The human race has lost it’s right to rule over other species.

The good news is that this transfer of power will be as humane as possible and happen through attrition rather than destruction. Bluntly stated the human race has collectively over populated it’s nest and become diseased. A self-destructive process is taking place that will include fewer children being born, greater deaths through medical problems and lack of needed nutrients in the foods that we consume. Nature is taking a corrective action in which advanced souls will have the opportunity to incarnate as other species and incompatible souls will simply not be allowed to incarnate because of an inability to integrate their Shadow Aspects.

Life upon Gaia has entered a new energetic system which is as different from the old as alternating current is to direct current. As always new life begins in the Womb of Creation or the Etheric level and advances upward through the other levels.

In contrast animal souls will continue to be allowed to incarnate as humans and have the opportunity to advance in their own evolutionary journey. So we will continue to see humanity becoming more crude and bestial in nature as the older souls ascend and leave their physical bodies behind. These young souls are learning what it means to be human for the first time. The older souls have graduated and are moving on to new challenges.

My own soul group is and has been transitioning to the etheric plane or Summer Land or New Eden. We will be actively holding the new energetic pattern in place for all other life upon Gaia and act as her Guardians and Champions. We are in but no longer of the physical world. We are the place holders for the next great cycle which has now begun in earnest. In many ways we are the Tuatha De Danann or new elves. No longer strictly human but belonging to the underworld.

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I’m just rambling here or thinking out loud, but it seems we can proceed with this subject of UFOs and aliens. There are two very important concepts that we need to deal with first. One is the subject of astral bodies and the other is the subject of possession. Since possession is the simplest of these two subjects we will begin with it.

Think about the movie “Avatar” and how the scientists created “empty” alien bodies to “animate” as they wished. There were a lot of powerful hidden messages within that movie as well as blatant propaganda. Take it with a grain of salt! In the end the human cripple was able to transfer his spirit or conscious awareness permanently into his healthy alien body. Human bodies have been genetically designed to be possessed!

In a previous post I mentioned the book “The Mark of Voodoo” by Sharon Caulder and how she describes a young boy walking across a compound in Africa who is suddenly possessed by the spirit of a dead rooster and begins crowing. She said these people didn’t have the normal psychic protections in place to prevent such possession and this is an important clue. Central Africa is the origin place of Voodoo and of the human race. The ability to be possessed in built into our DNA.

The sense of self or consciousness is not as firmly anchored in place in our physical bodies as many of us would like to think. I could give many examples in general and even from personal experience where I had the sensation of someone else looking out of my eyes. We have the New Age examples of channeled messages, walk-ins, telepathy and empaths.

Our mental hospitals and institutions are filled with cases and examples of this gray area of what is possession and what is our own stuff.

The Rosicrucians even teach a process called assumption where one can transmit important messages to others across large distances through a form of meditation. Using this technique one can plant a seed thought in someone’s mind or influence them to act in a specific way.

To put this bluntly, our physical bodies are where our conscious awareness resides MOST OF THE TIME BUT NOT ALL THE TIME! It is a horse that can be ridden just like the Voodoo devotees are ridden by their Loa or Gods and Goddesses.

In the book mentioned above she could see the spirit of the dead rooster that took possession of the young boy. She had been trained as a High Priestess to have the ability to see spirits. We have stories of hauntings and ghosts taking possession of physical bodies. I personally have had experiences where the spirits of the dead or dying have tried to take possession of living bodies that did not belong to them. I have helped such spirits cross over to the other side. It is not pleasant by any means.

These things happen at all the different levels of the astral and the etheric. To plant a mental image or seed into another person is not as invasive as taking possession of their body but the principle remains the same. This happens and it happens all the time. We need to accept such things, protect ourselves as much as possible and move on.

Drug and alcohol abuse make things even more serious.

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In considering the Ogdoadic tradition or the Egyptian, Hermetic and Neo-platonic tradition as a synthesis of the Runic/Druidic and the Kabbalistic systems it might be useful to compare the differences between systems. Lets begin with the Runic/Druidic which seems to be shamanic in nature, is very organic with a deep connection to mother earth, makes use of the triple circle and the five elements and has a very strong belief in the underworld or summerland and reincarnation. The number 8 is very important in the runic system and is reflective of solar and lunar observances and celebrations. In other words the Runic/Druidic system is very pagan! If we consider the three circles to be the 5th, 6th and 7th outer rings of the electron this system is based upon the etheric, the physical and the lower emotional energies and astral bodies.

Now lets take a quick look at the Jewish Kabbalah and religion. First we find that it is mystical and associated with monotheism as Unity or spiritual light. It seems quite advanced and makes use of pyramids and temples. One might even say advanced technology. Also this is a civilization of city dwellers with large metropolis communities. But of even more interest is that there is no belief in the underworld, the summerland or life after death or reincarnation! So there is no recognition of the etheric planes as such.

So what really is the meaning and consequence of the twenty-two letters of the Jewish alphabet not having symbolic representations of elemental earth or spirit? It seems quite clear that what is termed spirit is actually etheric and of the 7th electron ring or those energies BELOW the physical. The physical and etheric are not recognized in the twenty-two letters but they are recognized in the tree of life as Sephiroth! What’s going on?

The solution seems to be that in the Kabbalistic tradition the tree of life is said to also exist within each of the Sephiroth. In my last post we see that is not exactly true because the actual Sephiroth or atomic rings consist of 2,8,8, 18,18, 32, 32 respectively. But using this tree within a tree system we find the Jewish Kabbalah seems to make use of the Yesod and Malkuth of the Yod Sephiroth or the Lower Emotional energies. So the Jewish Kabbalah in effect stops at the Lower Emotional energies with no physical or etheric symbolic representation which is why it is considered mystical and a religious tradition.

So we seem to have two drastically different systems, the Jewish Kabbalah which is based upon Unity and Light and only descends to the Lower Emotional Levels of the astral planes; and a shamanistic system that is organic and nature based and only extends upward to include the etheric, physical and Lower Emotional levels of the astral planes. One is based upon circles and one is based upon geometric solids like pyramids. One seems quite advanced and alien and one seems quite primitive and nature oriented.

Obviously the primitive culture didn’t have the technology to destroy the Mediterranean basin so my first conjecture of these two civilizations at war with each other is not correct. We will need to explore this further in my next post. But it does seem that the Ogdoadic or Egyptian, Hermetic and Neo-platonic tradition is in deed a synthesis of both system. The mystery continues. . .

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So you want to talk “CODE”. The Holy Kabbalah is the pattern upon which all of creation is based. We can find this in everything that exists down to the smallest atom. It begins with the 10 emanations from SOURCE beginning with KETHER. Most consider this symbolic as the WORD of GOD with the study and manipulation of sacred letters. Through mathematical manipulations they find connections or associations between things. To them the Holy Kabbalah is completely associative linking the way thoughts are linked in human awareness. But it is more than symbolic, it is real and progressive in nature.

KETHER is the first emanation from SOURCE as Spiritual Light and is the photon or building block of all nature. But light is vibratory and sometimes a photon acts like a wave and other times it acts like a particle. The expansive wave of light that extends throughout the universe is the male aspect of the photon but there is a point where it can go no further and collapses back in upon itself. This inward motion is the female aspect and we call it electricity. So KETHER is the vibratory energy of the photon/electron and exists at the center of everything that exists. This is also the visible light spectrum.

CHOKMAH is the second emanation from SOURCE as rotating magnetic field energy and exists as outward spirals of north magnetic flux lines and inward spirals of south magnetic flux lines. The greater the light or the electrical current the greater the magnetic power to attract or repel. CHOKMAH is known as the whirling winds of heaven and also in occultism as the cone of power that is raised during magickal workings. This is known as the electromagnetic spectrum.

BINAH is the transition from energy to matter and happens at the speed of light. It is the nuclear threshold and the rotating north and south magnetic fields unite to form the first atom of matter Hydrogen which has one proton, one electron and one neutron and is stable. But in a greater sense BINAH is the complete atom, the Great Mother or Womb of All Creation as the final element in the outermost seventh electron ring called Oganesson. In this TRINITY we see the veritable THRONE OF GOD upon which none can look. It exists at the heart of every atom and is also called zero point energy! We also call this the point of UNITY or Abstract Spiritual Energy where all is resolved.

As we cross over into matter we cross the nuclear threshold of the GREAT ABYSS. Below this point all is division into the three dimensional feminine physical space/time universe where matter gravitates together and the three dimensional masculine universe of the astral time/space universe where events in time gravitate together. So each element acts as a wave within the astral during part of its cycle and acts as a particle in the physical world during the other part of the cycle. And this applies to human consciousness as well.

The space/time universe of our physical world is capacitive in nature and will generate and store energy. The time/space universe of the astral planes is magnetic and inductive in nature and linked through magnetic flux lines or astral cords. Combined they form a giant resonant circuit through which an infinite tank current flows which both gravitates physical matter together as well as events in time creating critical time periods.

CHESED is the first world or Sephiroth below the GREAT ABYSS and the first complete electron ring of the atom. It contains two electrons or points of awareness and in the astral creates what we have called the archetypal world of Concrete Spiritual Energy. This is the home of intuitive thought and spiritual illumination or the realization of self-evident reality. It is beyond logic and reason. Helium creates the first and highest Body of Light.

GEBURAH is the second world or Sephiroth below the GREAT ABYSS and the second complete electron ring of the atom. It contains eight electrons or points of awareness and in the astral creates the world of Abstract Mental Energy or philosophical and creative thought. This is the home of logic and reason. Neon creates this second astral body out of these energies.

TIPHERETH is the third world or Sephiroth below the GREAT ABYSS and the third complete electron ring of the atom. It contains eight electrons or points of awareness and in the astral creates the world of Concrete Mental Energy or our ordinary awareness of our world. Argon creates the third astral body out of these energies.

NETZACH is the fourth world or Sephiroth below the GREAT ABYSS and the fourth complete electron ring of the atom. It contains eighteen electrons or points of awareness and in the astral creates the world of Upper Emotional Energies. Krypton creates the fourth astral body out of these energies.

HOD is the fifth world or Sephiroth below the GREAT ABYSS and the fifth complete electron ring of the atom. It contains eighteen electrons or points of awareness and in the astral creates the world of Lower Emotional Energies. Xenon creates the fifth astral body out of these energies.

YESOD is the sixth world or Sephiroth below the GREAT ABYSS and the sixth complete electron ring of the atom. It contains thirty-two electrons or points of awareness and in the astral creates the world of Physical sensation energies. Radon creates the sixth astral body out of these energies.

MALKUTH is the seventh and final world or Sephiroth below the GREAT ABYSS and the seventh complete electron ring of the atom. It contains thirty-two electrons or points of awareness and in the astral creates the etheric world or underworld. Oganesson creates the seventh and final etheric body out of these energies.

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My first post sparked some interest over in Paganspace and it also prompted me to work a little harder at it and arrive at some interesting conclusions. First I must say that the resolution must wait until my next post, but this one is to ask further questions that have come up as a result of my first post. I’m going to repost the core infor as a reference so people can follow this:

The first grouping represents the lesser mysteries:

Meaning [elemental earth] Greek [Gamma]     Jewish [MISSING]     Rune [Uruz]

Meaning [elemental water] Greek [delta]     Jewish [Mem]     Rune [Ingwaz]

Meaning [elemental air]  Greek [Rho]     Jewish [Alef]     Rune [Nauthiz]

Meaning [elemental fire] Greek [Pi]     Jewish [Shin]     Rune [Othala]

Meaning [spirit or aether] Greek [Theta]     Jewish [MISSING]     Rune [Fehu]

As you can see the Jewish Kabbalah does not have letters representing the elements EARTH or SPIRIT! This is important because traditional magick uses the pentagram with the five elements: earth, water, air, fire and spirit! The Hermetic Neo-platonic Kabbalah does have these represented symbolically by letters and is the more complete and accurate system.

The second grouping represents the middle planetary mysteries:

Meaning [The Sun] Greek [Iota]     Jewish [Dalet]     Rune    [Laguz]

Meaning [The Moon] Greek [Alpha]     Jewish [Bet]     Rune [Perthro]

Meaning [Mars] Greek [Omicron]     Jewish [Gimel]     Rune [Ehwaz]

Meaning [Mercury] Greek [Epsilon]     Jewish [Fe]     Rune [Isa]

Meaning [Jupiter] Greek [Upsilon]     Jewish [Tav]     Rune [Berkano]

Meaning [Venus] Greek [Eta]     Jewish [Kaf]     Rune [Kenaz]

Meaning [Saturn] Greek [Omega]     Jewish [Resh]     Rune [Jera]

These are fairly well established and not too controversial.

The third and final grouping represents the constellations:

Meaning [Aries] Greek [Beta]     Jewish [He]     Rune [Wunjo]

Meaning [Taurus] Greek [Zeta]     Jewish [Vav]     Rune [Hagalaz]

Meaning [Gemini] Greek [Kappa]     Jewish [Zayin]     Rune [Mannaz]

Meaning [Cancer] Greek [Lamda]     Jewish [Het]     Rune [Raidho]

Meaning [Leo] Greek [Mu]     Jewish [Tet]     Rune [Thurisaz]

Meaning [Virgo] Greek [Nu]     Jewish [Yod]     Rune [Dugaz]

Meaning [Libra] Greek [Xi]     Jewish [Lamed]     Rune [Ansuz]

Meaning [Scorpio] Greek [Sigma]     Jewish [Nun]     Rune [Sowilo]

Meaning [Sagittarius] Greek [Tau]     Jewish [Samekh]     Rune [Tyr]

Meaning [Capricorn] Greek [Phi]     Jewish [Ayin]     Rune [Ihwaz]

Meaning [Aquarius] Greek [Khi]     Jewish [Tsadi]     Rune [Gebo]

Meaning [Pisces] Greek [Psi]     Jewish [Qof]     Rune [Elhaz]

In this series we see the reason and importance of having 24 sacred letters instead of 22. This gives three very important groupings; elemental, planetary and zodiacal. This is not allowed in the Jewish system. But what really does it mean that earth and spirit or aether are not represented in the Jewish system? It means that the Jewish system is a mystical and religious system and earth and spirit/aether are not considered important. We cannot truly understand the scope of this until my next post when I bring in Organic Gnosticism. For now let’s jump to the subject of the runes.

The elder Futhark has 24 letters and in my last post I tried placing the runes in a similar manner as the Greek letters. It was my best guess off the top of my head but something felt wrong and it took me a while to place it. It was something that Shawn shared that helped the light bulb come on. He mentioned that there were 8 runes in a series of three rows. I might mention that Ogdoadic means the number 8 is held sacred and special.

I have recently been studying the druid culture and suddenly it seemed obvious that the runes belonged with the druid culture as a grouping of three. The number 8 is a symbol of a circle with the 4 quarters and midpoints. This is the pagan observance of the seasons of the year. Druidry considers three circles as sacred often walking three times in a circle. We can even consider the three circles as three worlds, the underworld/summerland, the physical world, and the emotional world. Druidry emerged as a form of shamanism with close links to nature. I will talk more about what this means in my next post. We are getting close to some interesting revelations.

After some thought I realized that the Druidic system and the Egyptian, Hermetic, Neo-platonic system are not structured in the same way. I was wrong to try to interpret that runes in that manner.

What now seems obvious is that the Egyptian, Hermetic Neo-platonic system was a synthesis of both the runic and the Kabbalistic systems! It was a blending of both systems and more than that it gives us an idea of which two alien groups were at war resulting in the destruction of the Mediterranean basin around 3,000 BCE. The two warring civilizations were represented by Druidry on one hand and the Jewish Kabbalah on the other. The Ogdoadic tradition was an effort at the unification of both!

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If we seriously consider that a war between two alien civilizations may have been responsible for turning the lush paradise of northern Africa into the barren sands of the Sahara desert around 3,000 BCE perhaps we should also consider what the survivors left behind for a struggling humanity. It seems that there were two separate and distinct sacred teachings that have been confounded and confused over the centuries and both claim to be Kabbalistic in nature.

The most commonly known one is based upon the Jewish Kabbalah of twenty-two letters and the second is the Ogdoadic tradition of Egyptain, Hermetic and Neo-platonic origin which is based upon the Greek alphabet of twenty-four letters. It is worth noting that the elder Futhark runes are also based upon 24 letters and it is thought that perhaps the Greek and elder Futhark runes have a common distant ancestor.

Here is a listing of each. The elder Futhark runes are at this point only suggestions as I haven’t seriously dived into them at this point.

The first grouping represents the lesser mysteries:

Meaning [elemental earth] Greek [Gamma] Jewish [MISSING] Rune [Uruz]

Meaning [elemental water] Greek [delta] Jewish [Mem] Rune [Ingwaz]

Meaning [elemental air] Greek [Rho] Jewish [Alef] Rune [Nauthiz]

Meaning [elemental fire] Greek [Pi] Jewish [Shin] Rune [Othala]

Meaning [spirit or aether] Greek [Theta] Jewish [MISSING] Rune [Fehu]

As you can see the Jewish Kabbalah does not have letters representing the elements EARTH or SPIRIT! This is important because traditional magick uses the pentagram with the five elements: earth, water, air, fire and spirit! The Hermetic Neo-platonic Kabbalah does have these represented symbolically by letters and is the more complete and accurate system.

The second grouping represents the middle planetary mysteries:

Meaning [The Sun] Greek [Iota] Jewish [Dalet] Rune [Laguz]

Meaning [The Moon] Greek [Alpha] Jewish [Bet] Rune [Perthro]

Meaning [Mars] Greek [Omicron] Jewish [Gimel] Rune [Ehwaz]

Meaning [Mercury] Greek [Epsilon] Jewish [Fe] Rune [Isa]

Meaning [Jupiter] Greek [Upsilon] Jewish [Tav] Rune [Berkano]

Meaning [Venus] Greek [Eta] Jewish [Kaf] Rune [Kenaz]

Meaning [Saturn] Greek [Omega] Jewish [Resh] Rune [Jera]

These are fairly well established and not too controversial.

The third and final grouping represents the constellations:

Meaning [Aries] Greek [Beta] Jewish [He] Rune [Wunjo]

Meaning [Taurus] Greek [Zeta] Jewish [Vav] Rune [Hagalaz]

Meaning [Gemini] Greek [Kappa] Jewish [Zayin] Rune [Mannaz]

Meaning [Cancer] Greek [Lamda] Jewish [Het] Rune [Raidho]

Meaning [Leo] Greek [Mu] Jewish [Tet] Rune [Thurisaz]

Meaning [Virgo] Greek [Nu] Jewish [Yod] Rune [Dugaz]

Meaning [Libra] Greek [Xi] Jewish [Lamed] Rune [Ansuz]

Meaning [Scorpio] Greek [Sigma] Jewish [Nun] Rune [Sowilo]

Meaning [Sagittarius] Greek [Tau] Jewish [Samekh] Rune [Tyr]

Meaning [Capricorn] Greek [Phi] Jewish [Ayin] Rune [Ihwaz]

Meaning [Aquarius] Greek [Khi] Jewish [Tsadi] Rune [Gebo]

Meaning [Pisces] Greek [Psi] Jewish [Qof] Rune [Elhaz]

The ancient mysteries were taught in three schools and broken down as described above. The problems lie between confusing or mixing two different systems that are not compatible. The Jewish Kabbalistic system of twenty-two letters is the one commonly known and used today as a “CODE” but it has no symbols representing the elemental qualities of earth or spirit and that is really problematical. There is no feminine or Goddess representation and nothing of spirit or the etheric earth energies which the Hermetic Neo-platonic Kabbalah has.

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I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed today because I seem to be in a bad mood. So let’s take a look at UFO’s and sledgehammers! This probably starts with my recent reading of the excellent book “The Horse, the Wheel, and Language” by David W. Anthony. It is the definitive work on proto-Indo-European history. It presents evidence of archeological finds from all over Europe. The main interest point for this post is the evidence of something major happening in the Mediterranean basin around 3,000 BC.

Youtube videos like Bright Insight report recent scientific research suggesting that the Sahara desert was once lush vegetation and became desert almost overnight through some cataclysm. This includes newly discovered evidence of ancient civilizations buried beneath the sands of the Sahara. Apparently this cataclysm was a great flood that swept across northern Africa from east to west wiping out all civilization and burying the remains under the desert sands. So what caused this cataclysm? What kind of civilizations are we talking about?

Another Youtube video by Bright Insight showed him visiting the Great Pyramid of Egypt. In the video he showed how closely the stone blocks fit together and although I had heard about it before I had never actually seen it. Seeing is believing and it seemed to me that those blocks were precision cut as if a modern laser had done the cutting. This was actual proof of advanced technology! But as he continued his exploration of the Great Pyramid it also became clear to me that the pyramid was not a tomb or an initiation chamber. The walls were literally blank stone walls. If it served any such function it would have been painted or sculpted on the inside. NO, the pyramid was a device! Most probably used in conjunction with the earth’s magnetic field. It was part of that ancient technology!

But another factor is that there are pyramids and other structures that are tombs and temples and they all seem to be lumped together for some reason. There is no distinction between tombs, temples and devices!

So far what I have presented is solidly based upon fact and scientific research. Now I’m going to start saying things that I can’t prove, things that seem reasonable to me based upon my own researches and speculations.

Let’s begin with my recent watching the “Disclosure” by David Wilcock which gave pretty solid evidence of UFO’s and reverse engineering of alien technologies. I do have a couple bones to pick with David Wilcock in that I also have read the “Ra Material” which he claims is his major inspiration. So I’m venting here and I’m speaking from memory so I might have some of this wrong. In the Ra Material it does speak of service to others and service to self, but in no way suggests that one is any better than the other and that both have their own place in the scheme of things. In fact, the Law of One says that at the highest level there is no difference between service to others and service to self! This is certainly not what he puts out! A second minor beef is that if I remember correctly the Ra Material is what led me to the science of Dewey Larson and his reciprocal systems theory! Which of course is the basis and foundational science of Organic Gnosticism.

Anyway, back to UFO’s. It seems pretty clear that there was a world wide alien civilization that existed before 3,000 BC and it was destroyed. It is also clear that it was not destroyed by a polar shift because we know through science when such polar shifts have happened. So the most likely thing is a war between two alien civilizations. . .

Interestingly enough the work of Zecharia Sitchin in decoding Sumerian tablets claims to be an account of two alien civilizations at war with each other. However, the very fact of ancient clay tablets recording this history imply that they were written AFTER that war. They were written by survivors of that war. We find these as the first examples of writing that occurred around 4,000 years ago or roughly 2,000 BC. We also find the stone monoliths of Stonehenge and the like to have been raised around the same time, 2,000 BC.

It certainly seems as if some of the ancient knowledge was retained and passed on to humans but the alien civilizations were totally destroyed. The technologies were lost!

End of sledge hammer! That’s as far as I’ve gotten.

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