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The north pole continues to move toward Siberia at 50 miles per year and speeding up! With that thought I now turn to the metaphysical and spiritual aspect of the Great Event and ascension.

The development of the soul and its powers happens in the spiritual worlds, the astral planes or the time/space universe. The teachings of all the great religions and mystery schools inform us that the blessing of living physical lives in physical bodies is that it allows the most rapid development of the soul and its powers possible. Over and over again comes the sacred message to use the physical body to develop the soul and its powers. Break free of the wheel of karma and the restrictions of physical life. There is life and physical awareness beyond that of the physical body and physical life. We are more than physical bodies, but only if we become more than our physical bodies.

Those that identify with their physical bodies too much are lost at the death of their physical body because their sense of self, their core essence cannot hold itself together without a physical body. That is why it is so important to have a strong sense of self, a strong ego. When our core sense of self is strong enough to maintain awareness after the death of our physical body we cross over into a new world, a world without death and pain.

We call the development and permanent activation of any one of the higher astral bodies the “soul”. It can be created out of the Upper Emotional Energies of the Heart Chakra and that permanently activated body is the most common. It creates a core sense of self that is called the “reincarnating ego”.

The energies of the throat chakra can create a permanently activated astral body or soul body that is created out of concrete mental energies and this is called the Higher Self. It chooses our next incarnations for us and guides us through our lives if we listen to it. It exists after the death of our physical body if we have developed it.

The energies of the 3rd eye center can create the permanently activated astral body of abstract mental energies and this is the level of the adept. Here some of the awareness and personality gained in our physical lives is retained in the afterlife and continues to exist.

Those able to connect with SOURCE through the crown chakra become the masters and teachers for others.

I’ve mentioned all this before, but now I’m focusing on the act of ascension or graduation! The Law of One material shares that these 12,000 years cycles of destruction that repeat over and over again are the “harvest” of souls happens. This is where you graduate from physical life and begin to live as an immortal in a spiritual world according to your level of attainment. That is why we are here right now in these physical bodies at this time. We are graduating! We are donning our spiritual garments and leaving the cares and trails of physical life behind, unless we choose to incarnate once more and experience still more lifetimes. . . to live a physical life is to know that you must be born and then die. The reward comes after you drop the physical body.

Mantak Chia says it this way:

The Sixth Formula: Congress of Heaven and Earth Immortality

The sixth formula is difficult to describe in words. It involves the incarnation of a male and female entity within the body of the adept (this might correspond to the Crown Chakra, Sahasrara). These two entities have sexual intercourse within the body. It involves the mixing of the Yin and Yang powers on and about the crown of the head and being totally open to receive energy from above and regrowth of the pineal gland to its fullest use. When the pineal gland is at its fullest, it will serve as a compass to tell us in which direction our aspirations can be found. Taoist Esotericism is a method of mastering the spirit, as described in Taoist Yoga. Without the body, the Tao cannot be attained, but with the body, truth can never be realized. The practitioner of Taoism should preserve his physical body with the same care as he would a precious diamond because it can be used as a medium to achieve immortality. If, however, you do not abandon it when you reach your destination you will not realize the truth.

When you reach the point of the permanent development and activation of the immortal physical body you must drop the old physical body! It is no longer of use to you! I have activated my immortal physical body and am more than ready to drop this mortal coil when the time comes. . . I am ready for the harvest. Are you?

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In looking at some of the comments on the earlier video I saw that Ben Davidson is in a spitting contest with another back yard inventor by the name of Maverick Star. I would not bother to pay any attention to him but taking a look at his experiment with a rotating magnet and a compass needle really demonstrates in a tangible way how the astral cords or magnetic flux lines cause the flux lines to finally break and the magnetic field to snap into its new position. This is a good visual of the elasticity that I talked about earlier. My understanding is that this snapping into a new place happens at 45 degrees although Maverick Star claims it happens around 40 degrees. . .

Ben Davidson says that is all bunk and they both spend a lot of time debunking each other! Chuckle.

My own limited knowledge about sine waves and harmonics and other wave forms has me place this breaking point at 45 degrees as I’ve already said. But here is where it gets a bit interesting. Both of these gentlemen spend a lot of time tracking the movement of the shifting of the earth’s magnetic poles.

Ben Davidson has charted the progression and says that if the pole continues to move as it has or continues to accelerate it should reach its new position in late 2030 or 2040. Maverick Star beleives in this snapping into its new location suddenly and places the polar shift at 40 degrees as this video shows and says we will reach this point in nine months!

As I mentioned I favor the 45 degree mark and that probably gives us a couple more years, but things are definitely happening as the weather and behavior of animals gets stranger and stranger, including that of us humans!

I also favor the 45 degree mark because the 45 degree mark is very important in astrology as it marks the time of the most powerful flow of energy within the horoscope! Just saying!

While our mother earth has not made this great shift herself, there has been evidence of things breaking and snapping into new positions in our world. I would say that something snapped when Donald Trump was elected president and that things have been moving in a new direction ever since. No matter how hard the Davos globalist/DeepState tries to implement their agenda they constantly seem to fail at the last minute! And things are speeding up to climax in some kind of crescendo!

This coming winter seems to threaten global food shortages, crazy inflation, outrageous energy prices and perhaps even the total collapse of the global economy. And it all seems to be being done deliberately . . . leaving the common people out in the cold.

In any case there seems to be a very strong evidence that earth does indeed have these destructive pole shift cycles every 12,000 years and that the elites and the militaries around the world have made their preparations for it. At this point my best guess is that this shift will happen in a few years, but it will indeed happen and that it is the Great Event that has been so talked about. That includes the loss of the greater portion of humanity.

But I’ve only shared what this Great Event means on the physical plane and not what it means on the spiritual and astral planes. I have not yet shared what this Great Event means to those that are ascending with completed soul bodies. . . that is for next time!

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Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers is the creator of the video I recommended watching in the first part of this series. It is worth saying that he is not a trained scientist and his theories are considered by some to be pseudoscience. I am not a trained scientist either although I did take advanced math and college physics. I also had two years of electrician training so I am fairly knowledgeable about basic electricity and electronics. . . just enough to be dangerous! Add a little training on micro processors to that as well!

But Organic Gnosticism and OAK are solidly based upon the Reciprocal Systems Theory of the late Dewey Larson and they were once taught in a few colleges. Also the emerging science of Chaos Theory has had a deep impact on me as well. When you combine those with over twenty years of Rosicrucian studies and other independent interests over the years, I do draw upon some interesting and uncommon sources!

The bottom line is that after watching several videos made by Ben Davidson I can say that he has created a system of his own and reads a lot of scientific papers that show many other scientists are suddenly very interested in the magnetic and electrical properties of the earth, the sun and our universe! What he reads seems to back up his own theories and research and that is valid. . .

The bottom line is that earth’s magnetic poles are moving and moving faster every year. Something is happening. Solar flares, solar winds and coronal ejections do influence both our genetics and daily weather. We don’t really know just how much or how deeply. It is equally obvious that the CIA, military, some scientists and the global elite do believe in earth’s recurring cycle of destruction. They are also quietly preparing for it while keeping it a secret from the rest of us. That makes me suspicious as well!

As an occultist I’ve written a lot about the importance of rupturing the astral fabric on a daily basis in the process of individual soul development. I’ve equated the astral worlds with the time/space universe of Dewey Larson. They exist and our astral bodies exist, or can exist if we develop them. But we can’t do it by ourselves. We need an external force to break through the barriers that contain us. Solar activity can well provide that power in the form of solar activity. . .

The astral fabric is elastic and resists change. It will try to maintain the status quo and attempt to raise things if they get too low and lower things if they get to high. There is strong resistance until the fabric of the astral ruptures and then it will snap into a new position forcefully and attempt to maintain that position as firmly as it attempted to maintain the old position. This is the nature of these astral and magnetic bonds. . .

The shifting of the earth’s magnetic poles works in a similar way, with a strong resistance until it has no choice but to rupture and rapidly snap or shift into a new position. I see no problem with the idea that earth’s magnetic poles will slowly move and travel as they are increasingly stressed until they cross a certain point and snap suddenly into their new position. Therefore I find it highly plausible that such polar shifts or destructive cycles take place suddenly and almost instantaneously.

This rapid sudden movement is why we have found animals frozen in tundra beneath the ice in perfectly preserved states with food still in their mouths and stomachs! While the earth moves suddenly, the water and air currents continue to flow east to west and inertia causes them to rage across the surface of the earth at incredible speeds with incredible damage as described in this video and in the book. It take about a week for things to settle down and then the polar ice that is now at the equator begins to melt causing massive rainfall and storms.

I’m not going to write about this. The main point is that when these things happen people better be in some type of shelter where they will be safe for a few months. Then it is time to look to the food supply and begin growing your own! The harsh living conditions are why the beginning of every great cycle activates the root chakra energies because the main concern is survival itself! It is not about living in your head or having advanced technology. . . it is about the vital life force itself and raw brutal survival of human life. . .

Next post we can talk about when is this shift likely to happen!

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If you watched the video I suggested in my last post you will remember it references a book written by Chan Thomas called “The Adam and Eve Story”. The CIA banned this book because it gave information that was considered classified. This information told of the normal cycles of destruction that occurred every 12,000 years. This book is available online so I downloaded a copy and read it. This book combined with the above mentioned video are pretty convincing evidence that top government officials and the elite not only believe in this, but are heavily invested in it on a global basis.

There was an addition to the book at the back which was added later describing experiments with mice in low density magnetic environments. It was said that these mice turned “criminal” becoming both violent and even cannibalistic. They also appeared less intelligent.

I was immediately reminded of a book on my book shelf, “Magnetism and its Effects on Living Systems” by Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls. This book described experiments with chicken eggs that were placed near a magnet until the chicks hatched. The control group was not magnetized but one group was treated with the north pole magnetic radiation and the other treated with the south pole magnetic radiation.

The results showed definite genetic alteration had occurred. The chicks treated with north pole magnetic radiation were thin, scrawny, highly nervous and more intelligent than the control group. The chicks treated with south pole magnetic radiation were larger, more muscular, aggressive, cannibalistic and less intelligent that the control group. Interestingly both treated groups were healthier and lived longer than the chicks of the control group!

As we consider our highly polarized society it may be possible to recognize these traits within ourselves. As earth’s magnetic fields grow weaker do our own auras or magnetic fields attempt to grow stronger to compensate? Definitely food for thought. My book also said that the Russians had scientifically studied these things far more than the western nations and were far ahead of us.

Russia has fully stocked and functional nuclear bomb shelters for its population, but I begin to wonder if those are really intended as nuclear bomb shelters or instead shelters for the coming polar shift? In any case, we in the United States don’t have these shelters although there are rumored underground facilities for the military. . . I’m simply bringing up the possibility that we might have such shelters, but they are not for the masses. Europe has plenty of underground shelters that it has used during both World Wars.

In my next post we will continue the study of the strictly physical aspects of these naturally occurring cycles of destruction and where we are right now. . .

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I think I’m finally in a position to write about what has been termed “The Great Event”. The thing is that there are both physical and metaphysical aspects to this event that need to be clarified. There is a lot of confusion surrounding all of this.

As most of you know my own path, Organic Gnosticism or OAK is heavily influenced by the Reciprocal Systems Theory of Dewey Larson and by modern Chaos Theory. It turns out there is another science involved that I’m just beginning to appreciate which involves the electric and magnetic properties of our universe and solar system. It is this science that deals with “The Great Event” and I urge everyone to watch this amazing and informative video: The Earth Disaster Documentary https://youtu.be/ihwoIlxHI3Q

Basically scientific evidence shows that earth goes through regular 12,000 year cycles in which massive amounts of ice build up on the polar icecaps until a point is reached where earth’s magnetosphere steadily weakens until it collapses and the physical earth rotates 90 degrees so that both ice masses lie on the new equator and begin to rapidly melt. Meanwhile the inertia of the air and water continue in the same direction they have been going. This all takes place within a single day and is triggered by a massive solar flare or coronal eruption.

The significant point is that this is a recurring cycle that has happened many times before in earth’s history and will happen again like clockwork. At the end of each cycle the poles once more return to the position they held in the previous cycle. The uninformed may think the poles have never shifted because they have gone back to their previous locations.

This knowledge of cyclic destruction has been known by the elite in our global society and they have been preparing for it. They know that it is coming but don’t know exactly when. They also focus on the physical aspect of this and not the spiritual or metaphysical aspect that I will deal with in another post.

So the elite in our global society know that this destruction is coming and are intent upon not only surviving this destruction but ruling over the surviving members of humanity after things calm down. There have always been human survivors of these end of the world cycles but civilization has always been thrown back into the stone age. On the physical level these elite are in a war with each other positioning themselves for the new world that will emerge, but they are running out of time!

The bottom line is that energetically this shift has already happened within the astral planes and is just beginning the process of manifesting physically. The physical events that are now occurring on our planet are an unfolding of what has already happened within the astral and the Globalist/Davos/DeepState has lost! In my next post we will talk about how they have lost and are losing.

While the timing of this “Great Event” is unknown, it is foreshadowed by a continued weakening of earth’s magnetosphere and increased solar activity. It could happen this fall during the next solar maximum or it could stretch itself out until 2030. But it is most likely to happen before 2025 in my opinion.

The Reciprocal Systems theory of Dewey Larson suggests that with the time/space universe or astral planes events gravitate together just as physical matter gravitates together in the space/time universe or physical world. This means that secondary events will speed up and gravitate towards key critical events and cluster around them. We are already seeing this happening in our world as we confront the possibility of war, famine and the failure of the global financial system all at the same time! These all seem to be indicating this coming fall is critical. Is it critical enough to proclaim the end of the old world? In a sense it already is!

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The energetics of the New Age are upon us and I can’t help but compare the energies of this summer solstice to the summer solstice last year! Last year I celebrated the summer solstice with a druid ceremony that ended up with me catching my beard and hair on fire! It was fitting as we were in a severe drought at the time and one could feel the stalemate in the astral as all the energy pathways were blocked and nothing was flowing. . . It was an impasse!

This year has been anything but an impasse and all types of energies have been flowing and decisive breakthroughs have been happening all over. This spring we have had plenty of showers and last night I experienced the solstice energies directly as I was looking out the window at the stormy night sky when the building I live in was struck by lighting! The boom and crackling of the energy was loud and distinct. The message was clear, the energy is here and grounded!

I’ve written a lot about how the beginning of each new age begins with the activation of root chakra energies. These energies are physical empowerment and survival energies, the vital life force energies. There have been times when I have wondered how root chakra energies or survival energies could become the dominant energies for the next two thousand years in this modern civilization that lives in its head? Unfortunately the answer is becoming all to clear to me . . . Life as we know it is about to end. . .

I do think we can avoid a nuclear World War III and I even hope we can avoid a global non-nuclear World War III. But there are things we can’t avoid and that list seems to grow longer each day!

The top of the list is the deliberate destruction of the global economy so that it can be replaced by something different. There is a war going on to determine whether that new economic system will be unipolar or multipolar. My money is on multipolar but the transition will not be pretty.

It is obvious that there is going to be a massive global food shortage this winter and for the next couple years, but as things unfold the news gets even grimmer. I am only going to talk about the diesel industry as one of many examples. There is a growing shortage of diesel fuel globally and here in the United States. In the United States this shortage is mainly due to lack of refineries because the only refineries are quite old and no one will build new ones because of the green movement blocking fossil fuels.

I expect people to yawn in boredom because they are tired of hearing such things. But I would like to point out that diesel is used in the trucks that haul food to the grocery stores and in the tractors that plant and harvest the crops. The trains that haul materials over rail roads are powered by diesel and the ships that carry cargo across the oceans are fueled by diesel. . . not to mention the machinery that builds the infrastructure of our roads, and commercial buildings. . .

For the last ten years newly built diesel engines have been required to conform to increasing emission and pollution controls. These newly built engines are required to use a special fuel additive that is now in short supply and becoming increasingly hard to find . . . these engines will not run without it. . .

But just today I ran across another piece of the puzzle and it is frightening indeed. Every diesel engine requires regular maintenance and an oil change. I refer people to this interesting Health Ranger Report. Or this link: https://www.brighteon.com/aeef8f40-6235-4290-8018-4c4ce428e3f2

It appears that diesel engine oil is in short supply and many former manufacturers have declared “force majeure” and stopped making it because they cannot get the needed chemicals for the required additives. Diesel engine oil requires special additives like special detergents, anti-foam agents and others. The base chemicals required for these additives are simply no longer available or increasingly hard to get. According to this report there are only two companies still manufacturing these special additives and some supplies won’t become available until the beginning of next year!

This is a very informative report and I urge everyone to listen to it. It seems as if life is about to get very survival oriented indeed! And that is without any war or pandemic to worry about!

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I began my Ovate’s journey last spring and it has been a deep and rich spiritual experience with definite changes in my life. Every day as I walk to the local dog park with Valentine I consciously draw in the energies of the earth, the Mississippi river, the feel of the wind on my face and the warmth of the sun. This has become a daily practice that I have begun to look forward to, especially in the early morning.

Part of the Ovate’s journey is divination and prophecy and I have been turning my awareness deliberately to situational awareness of local and global events that will be affecting my life. In my case that means becoming a prepper!

The lesson is profound! It is not at all about following the old ways, but about living in the present world and adapting to individual life circumstances. The lessons are not about herbs and healing as much as learning what locally available herbs can be grown or purchased to make us healthier in a world where most store bought foods now longer have the nutrients that we need.

I might not be able to grow herbs where I live but I can certainly purchase them and prepare them for my own use! Fresh ground cinnamon, turmeric and cyan pepper can be used as seasonings that will help with blood circulation and high blood pressure. My bread machine makes interesting types of breads that are more healthy to eat. Spirulina, brewers yeast and chorella are super foods that can supplement my survival rations and supply missing nutrients. Colloidal silver is a time tested homeopathic medicine that can boost the immune system.

In my opinion these are all part of being a modern druid, making the most of what we have and living in harmony with our environment. Sure, it would be nice to be more independent and live even closer to nature, but that is not possible for me right now. So I make do with what is available to me and that is the message that I’m trying to share. We all need to start from where we are at and we can all better our life circumstances and the quality of our lives by holding true to the ovate’s path!

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This is taken from Readovka.news and is translated by google translate. . . It is fairly long but it clearly illustrates the values and forward thinking of Putin and his plans for a future Russia and for the entire world. I think it is food for thought and should be compared to the thinking of our own leaders as the global world economy stands on the edge of collapse. . .

Putin named six key principles for the development of Russia and its economy

The President of the Russian Federation made a number of important statements at the plenary session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

Russian President  Vladimir Putin spoke at the plenary session of the 25th anniversary St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). Welcoming the participants, he stressed that the meeting is taking place in a very difficult, revolutionary time. 

The principles of the global economic system have been under attack, many trade, production, and logistics ties are now being tested. Key concepts for business , such as: business reputation, inviolability of property and trust in world currencies are “fundamentally undermined” , and this was done for the sake of someone’s ambitions in the West, in the name of preserving  “geopolitical illusions”, the president said.

Vladimir Putin recalled that speaking at the Davos forum a year and a half ago, he said, and even emphasized at that time, that “the era of the unipolar world order is over . ”  

“The era of the unipolar world order is over, despite all attempts to preserve it, to conserve it by any means ,” Vladimir Putin said.

The geopolitical changes that are taking place now are the natural course of history , “patterns do not work here” , especially those that are rudely imposed from a single center. The game cannot go one way, otherwise the world will be unstable.

“The United States, having won the Cold War, declared itself to be the “messengers of the Lord” on Earth. They have no obligations, but only interests, and these interests are declared sacred. They do not seem to notice that over the past decades , new centers of power have been formed on the planet and are louder and louder . They have the right to defend their national sovereignty <…> ,” the president said.

He explained that we are talking about revolutionary tectonic changes in geopolitics and the global economy , in the technological sphere. Today, the role of dynamic promising states and regions is growing, interests that can no longer be ignored.

The time of turbulent changes cannot be waited out and sat out – as before, there will be no more, nothing lasts forever, Vladimir Putin assured. Some Western countries and their ruling elites want to continue to be delusional. “Our colleagues are trying to contradict the course of history, they think in terms of the past,” he said . At the same time, other states, less powerful, consider “their backyard ” , the peoples inhabiting them are second-class people, and they are exceptional. 

“Western partners stubbornly cling to the shadows of the past, ” the president said. They have a desire to punish those who stand out from their ranks. Putin cited the fate of Yugoslavia, Syria, Iraq, Libya as an example. Today they are trying to “cancel” objectionable “rebels” , everything is used: the Olympic movement, bans on culture, art, if their authors are of “wrong origin” .

This is the nature of the “crazy and thoughtless”  sanctions imposed against Russia today, the country’s leader explained. The calculation is clear – to crush the Russian economy, break business chains, hit industry, finances, and the standard of living of ordinary people. But we see that the West “failed” to do this , the president concluded. At the moment, Russia is quite confidently normalizing the economic situation.

“ We are stabilizing our economy step by step. The gloomy predictions about its prospects, made at the beginning of spring, did not come true. It was all propaganda against Russia ,” Putin said.

All these ” spells ” about ” a dollar for 200 rubles” and the collapse of the economy are a weapon of information warfare , the president said. Life has refuted such predictions. The head of state stressed: Russia must realistically and honestly assess the situation. “We are strong people ,” he said with confidence and confidence that the country will rise to any challenge.

Vladimir Putin said that at the moment the Russian Federation has suppressed the inflation surge –  after its peak of 17.8% , now inflation is 16.7%, and it continues to decline. This is also “a bit too much,” the president admitted and said that the country’s leadership would work with this and achieve a positive result. The economy shows stabilization of dynamics, state finances are stable.

“Obviously, it didn’t work out to crush Russia. The authorities worked professionally, citizens showed solidarity and responsibility . We are strengthening the economy step by step, ” Putin said.

The President also stressed that the federal budget in 2022, despite the unprecedented sanctions , is filled with a surplus.

“ 1.5 trillion rubles is a state budget surplus, ” he specified.

Putin noted that today it is extremely important to continue to increase production, increase supply in the domestic market of the country. 

“The task is to restore final demand and bank lending to the economy in a balanced way with the growth of supply ,” he said.

The state is now also trying to support not only business, but also its citizens. The rate on preferential mortgages has been reduced, today it is 9%. It is important to help people solve their housing problems and at the same time strengthen the construction and related industries, the Russian leader said. Recently, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation lowered a key stake and this made it possible for the president to make the following statement:

“I consider it possible to once again reduce the rate on preferential mortgages – this time to 7% , but before the end of this year, ” said he.

Putin stressed that if someone wants to take advantage of such a benefit, it is important to do it within the specified period. In addition, the president said that the maximum amount of loans remains: 12 million rubles for Moscow and St. Petersburg and 6 million rubles for other subjects of the Federation. He added that it was important in general to improve the availability of long-term financial resources.

“In the near future, the emphasis in supporting business activity should shift from fiscal stimulus measures to market-based bank lending ,” the Russian leader said.  

120 billion rubles will be allocated from the National Welfare Fund (NWF) to build up the capacity of the VEB Project Financing Factory .

The head of Russia said that it is important to understand that the sanctions weapon used by the West is double-edged. There is a furtive discussion in governments today that sanctions can be applied against any state. European politicians dealt a blow to the economies of their own countries with their own hands. The cost of goods, food, electricity and automotive fuel is rising. Experts estimate that the estimated losses of the European Union could exceed $ 400 billion , Putin said. 

“This is the price of decisions divorced from reality and taken contrary to common sense,” the president said.

Inflation growth in some countries of the Eurozone has exceeded 20% , which is more than in Russia, and they do not conduct any special military operations , Vladimir Putin noted.

He said that at the moment in Russia pensions have been indexed , raised the amount of the minimum wage, increased the level of the living wage. Now the high key rate is pressing the economy and business in some way, but for ordinary citizens this is a plus – they returned the money to banks at high interest rates, the president said.

At the same time, in parallel, there is a systemic decline in the growth rate of the European economy for years to come , “all this leads to an aggravation of the deep problems of Western society” – inequality in these countries will be aggravated, which will split them from the inside, the Russian leader predicted. The question now is not only in the level of well-being, but  “in value orientations” , in addition to everything. 

In the West, similar political parties change each other in power, the real interests of citizens and national business are pushed aside. All this will sooner or later lead to degradation, the growth of extreme radical movements, and as a result, a change of elites, Vladimir Putin believes.

The European Union has lost its political sovereignty, its elites are “dancing to someone else’s tune” , doing everything they are told from above. What is happening is not the result of recent months and definitely not the result of the NWO, the president said. To say that this is so is to engage in distortion of facts. “Inflation among our partners has been growing for a long time ,” Putin said. This is a logical  consequence of the irresponsible macroeconomic policies of the G7 countries , a consequence of the accumulation of unsecured debts.

“The EU has finally lost political sovereignty, its elites are dancing to someone else’s tune, causing harm to their population, the real interests of Europeans and national business are not put in anything and are pushed aside ,” the president said.

Negative processes accelerated after the start of the pandemic  back in 2020. The authorities of the leading Western economies then simply “launched the printing press” and began to cover budget deficits with newly printed currency, the Russian leader said.

Over the past two years, the US money supply has grown by more than 38% ($5.9 trillion) . In the European Union, this has  reached 20% (2.5 trillion euros). 

The President of Russia said that he, of course, heard such a term as “Putin’s inflation” in the West. “Who is this stupidity for? he wondered.

For those who can’t read and write. Today’s rise in prices, inflation, problems with food and fuel are the result of systemic mistakes in the economic policy of the current US administration and the European bureaucracy, that’s where the reason lies. And only in this , ”Vladimir Putin answered this almost rhetorical question.

Russia has absolutely nothing to do with it . Our country is a lifeline, the president said with confidence. The situation allows the leadership of Western countries to “blame” their miscalculations on the Russian Federation. “We printed money, and then what?” , the president asked an absolutely logical question. And he said that basically these funds were spent by the West on the purchase of goods and services in other states. 

“They literally began to vacuum, rake out the global markets. Of course, no one thought about the interests of other states, including the poorest ,” Vladimir Putin said.

At the end of 2019, US imports were about $250 billion per month, now they are $350 billion . It turns out that the growth was 40%, the president cited the figures. This is in line with the unbacked dollar supply that has emerged in the last few years.

“For this money, they scooped out all the goods from the markets of third countries ,” he said. 

Vladimir Putin also added that the United States has long been the largest food supplier on the world market. Today, this state has become a net importer – the States are buying up food products all over the world.

Even higher rates of import of goods are observed in the European Union. This set off a wave of deficits and global inflation.

“ Over the past couple of years, almost everything in the world has risen in price : raw materials, consumer goods, and especially food. Countries, including the US, continue to supply. The balance between exports and imports has turned the other way ,” the president added.

According to the UN, today the global  food cost index turned out to be 50% higher than in the same period last year. The composite commodity index doubled. In this regard, many world leaders in developing countries have a natural question: why exchange goods for currency?

“The economy of “imaginary entities” will inevitably be replaced by the economy of real values ​​and assets ,” Vladimir Putin voiced the logical conclusion.

According to the IMF there are now $7.1 trillion and €2.5 trillion in global foreign exchange reserves . They are depreciating at a rate of about 8% per year . In addition, these funds can be confiscated or stolen – this is a real risk. It becomes obvious that the process of converting global reserves will be launched . It is necessary to convert depreciating currencies into real resources such as food, oil and gold. This will start even more dollar inflation .

In Europe, prices are also provoked by a failed energy policy. They made a blind bet on renewables, the president said. As a result, the cost of energy has skyrocketed.

All this led to a decrease in the output of fertilizers, primarily nitrogen fertilizers, which are produced from natural gas. To date, global fertilizer prices have risen above 70% and this will not change, Putin said. Against this background, the work of enterprises and supplies from Russia and Belarus are thoughtlessly blocked, which further drives the situation into a dead end. Now, as a result, a decrease in harvests is expected, respectively, food prices will go up and all this threatens with famine, which will be on the conscience of the West and European democracy. 

“This problem did not arise today, not in the last 3-4 months, and Russia is not to blame for this. We would love to hear that we are so omnipotent. But this is not true. The situation has matured over the years, due to the activities of those who sought to pull trade flows over themselves ,” the president emphasized, noting that this is still the same “predatory colonial policy”,  only more subtle and sophisticated.

Russia provides for its domestic market and is able to significantly increase the export of its products to countries in need , it is able to increase grain supplies to 50 million tons,  he assured Vladimir Putin. Exports will be directed primarily to needy countries – African and the Middle East. The Russian Federation is ready to contribute to balancing the world markets for agricultural products.

“We are open to dialogue on issues from colleagues from the UN who understand the acuteness of the global food problem. The subject of the conversation may be the creation of normal conditions: logistical, financial, transport for increasing Russian exports of food and fertilizers , ”the president said.

Russia does not interfere with food supplies from Ukraine , he said. It is not the Russian Federation that mined the Black Sea ports, and if they are cleared of mines, then our country will ensure the safety of the escort of international courts, Putin promised.  

“There are opportunities for export, and not only through the Black Sea ports – through Belarus, Poland, Romania. This is not the point, but the adequacy of those people who are in power in Kiev ,” he said.

At the same time, the President emphasized that Ukraine now has only 5 million tons of wheat, which “will not make the weather . ” He noted that the grain can be used to pay for the supplied weapons, and this is sad.

Vladimir Putin said that Russia’s decision to hold the NMD was forced – this is the decision of a sovereign country, which is based on international law to defend its security.

“We acted on the basis of the UN Charter. The West led the active development of Ukrainian territory, pumping weapons and advisers. The West not only tried to create Ukraine as anti-Russia, but also conducted an active military development of Ukrainian territory. No money was spared for the creation of a NATO foothold in Ukraine ,” the President stressed.

All tasks of the military operation will be solved, Vladimir Putin promised. He said that the courage of the soldiers and the support of what is happening by the citizens of Russia will serve as a guarantee for this.

Sovereignty in the 21st century cannot be fragmented, the President said, all its elements are equally important. The Russian Federation needs to defend its national identity and strengthen everything that determines the economic independence of the country.

Anti-Russian sanctions  were built on a false thesis – the West was too carried away by the myths that Russia is not independent. Real facts were ignored, they did not pay attention to the fact that the Russian Federation has been developing and changing in recent years. Sanctions restrictions have posed many challenges for the country and at the same time opened up new opportunities. It is necessary to continue systematic work designed for the future, Putin said.

The key principles for the development of the country and its economy, which were outlined by Vladimir Putin:

First principle: openness

Truly sovereign states are always guided by equal partnership. Russia will never follow the path of self-isolation, the president said.

“We are expanding and will expand our interaction with those who are interested in this. There are many of them, this is the vast majority of people on earth ,” he said.

All of them are subjected to Western pressure and threats. However, real leaders are at the head of states, and they follow exclusively the national interests of their peoples. It is with them that Russia will work, Putin said. Also, the Russian Federation will continue its interaction with Western companies, with those who “despite arm-twisting, continue to work in the Russian market .  “

It is necessary to develop a convenient system of payments in national currencies, the Russian leader said. Also form transport corridors, increase the capacity of railways.

“Transshipment capacities of ports in the Arctic, in the eastern, southern, and other directions, including in the Azov-Black Sea and Caspian basins. They  will become the most important section of the north-south corridor, which will provide stable channels of communication with the Middle East and South Asia,” the president said.  

He noted that not only trade is important for the country – the country will increase scientific, technical, cultural, humanitarian and sports cooperation, built on the principles of equality and respect .

Second Principle: Building on Entrepreneurial Freedoms

Flexibility and freedom in the economy are important, Vladimir Putin noted. Private business in tough conditions has proved that it is able to compete in global markets.  Now the development of the economy will be based on it. The country’s leadership will continue to reduce the administrative burden. 

“In March of this year, we abandoned scheduled inspections of all entrepreneurs, regardless of the size of the business, with the condition that their activities are not associated with a high risk of harm to citizens and the environment ,” Vladimir Putin said. 

As a result, the number of scheduled inspections has been reduced by six times . The number of violations has not increased, but decreased . This speaks of the maturity and responsibility of Russian business, which needs to be motivated, not forced to comply with the rules, the president voiced the conclusion. 

Now the Government is ready to take a responsible step: forever, on a permanent basis, refuse to conduct most inspections of all Russian business . A “risk-oriented” approach should work , the task of the Government is to determine its parameters. It is also necessary to continue to clean up the vague norms of criminal law . Today, criminal cases can be initiated only on the proposal of the tax service. 

“A bill should be passed to reduce the statute of limitations for tax crimes. And also about the refusal to initiate criminal cases after the full repayment of the tax arrears , ”said Vladimir Putin.

He also noted that it is necessary to think about raising the threshold of liability for non-payment of customs and other obligatory payments. Change the parameters for determining large and especially large damage . It is necessary to review the parameters that apply when entrepreneurs are taken into custody,  to change the established norms so that enterprises do not have to close during the investigation stage, and so that their reputation with companies is not under attack. The relevant amendments must be prepared before October 1, 2022, the President of Russia instructed.

He said that he noticed: often criminal cases are initiated, but not brought to court. This means that they are used to blackmail and pressure companies or specific entrepreneurs . Vladimir Putin promised that additional measures would be taken on this issue this autumn.

A large role today belongs to regional management teams. The Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) has presented a rating of cities that have achieved particular success; Moscow , Tatarstan and the Moscow region are leading in it. The President especially singled out the Moscow region, which has risen from eighth to third place in the rating. The President also noted that the greatest progress is observed in the Kurgan region, the Perm and Altai regions, Ingushetia and the Ivanovo region.

He stated that in the current situation, it is important to support business initiatives of citizens in the most remote corners of the country . Now provided: demanded software, sale of eco-products, goods of own production throughout the country, through domestic Internet sites. It is necessary to create new opportunities, reduce logistics costs. It is important to include small towns and their entrepreneurs in a separate line of the national project for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, Vladimir Putin said.

He also addressed major entrepreneurs, saying that real, lasting success, a sense of dignity comes only when a person connects his future and the future of his children with the Motherland.

“Business is much more than profit. And there is. And changing the life around is an extremely important thing for self-realization. Homes are safer . Those who did not want to hear this message lost hundreds of millions of dollars in the West. Do not step on the old rake. Our country has gigantic potential, invest here , ” the President urged.

Contribution to the development of your city and the country as a whole, service to society cannot be replaced by anything , this is the meaning of life and work “it is safer at home” , the leader of the country admonished entrepreneurs. It is still unknown what is more important for the heirs, he said, money or the good name and merits of their ancestors to the country, “no one will drink it for sure”, this will help them from generation to generation in life, make them stronger, the president said.

Third principle: responsible and balanced macroeconomic policy

It was this line that helped us withstand the unprecedented sanctions, Vladimir Putin said. This strategy will be important next. Today, our goal is the steady development of the economy for years to come. Inflation should reach 4% . He also said that he had already instructed the Government to prepare proposals for a new budget rule.

“They should ensure the predictability of the budget policy, create conditions for the maximum use of the external economic environment, ” the president said.

He noted that some of the world’s currencies are “dealing with suicide . ” 

“It is pointless to sterilize our money supply with their help today. The main principle – to spend based on an understanding of how much you have earned – remains unchanged ,” Vladimir Putin said. 

Fourth Principle: Social Justice

The growth of the economy and business initiative, the industrial capabilities of the scientific and technological potential of the country should have a powerful social embodiment, the president said. The positive dynamics of the real income of citizens, the reduction of poverty is the main indicator of the effectiveness of the work of the authorities , he stressed. 

“Already this year, it is necessary to achieve a reduction in the level of poverty and an increase in the income of citizens. This is the main indicator for evaluating the work of government bodies,” Vladimir Putin said.

He also drew attention to the problem of demography and the need to support families with children. The President instructed the Government to deal with this issue, because the future of Russia is a family with two, three or more children. In April, 13% fewer babies were born in Russia than a year ago , Putin noted. He stated that the demographic situation in the country is difficult.

“The government must take drastic measures commensurate with the demographic challenge the country is facing ,” the Russian president said.

All areas that determine the quality of people’s lives should be aimed at solving the identified tasks, Putin said. In autumn, the results will be summed up and a rating of the quality of life in the regions will be compiled, the head of state promised

Fifth principle: advanced infrastructure development

In 2023, a large-scale plan for the construction and repair of the backbone network of federal and regional roads will start: “In five years, at least 85% of its length should be brought to a standard state,” the Russian leader said. 

He said that infrastructure budget loans are now actively used in the country, they are issued for 15 years at a rate of 3% . This tool works reliably, the president stated.

Putin did not disregard a comprehensive program for the modernization of housing and communal services, the industry is “chronically underinvested”, according to estimates, by 4.5 trillion rubles , over 40% of networks need to be replaced . The problem is getting worse year by year.

The head of Russia proposed to launch a reorganization of the system in order to radically change the situation. According to him, a meeting of the Presidium of the State Council on housing and communal services and construction will be held next week.

In addition, Putin advised separately increasing the amount of resources for projects to create a comfortable urban environment in small towns and historical settlements.

“Send for these purposes another 10 billion rubles annually in 2023 and 2024,” the President issued a decree. 

Additional funds will also be directed to the cities of the Far East, he said. The Head of State drew the attention of the Government to the support of agriculture. The priority should be the comprehensive development of rural areas. According to Vladimir Putin, people who work outside major cities and feed the country should live in comfortable conditions.

“I ask the government to allocate additional funds for a profile program to support agriculture. The source will be export duties on the sale of agricultural products , ” the president said.

Vladimir Putin proposed expanding programs for the reconstruction and modernization of rural houses of culture, as well as regional and municipal theaters and museums , by allocating 6 billion rubles for these purposes in 2023 and 2024.

The president also drew attention to Russian tourism . It is expected that the tourist flow this year will exceed 12 million people. Now the State Duma is considering a bill that is designed to regulate the organization of tourism in specially protected natural areas, Vladimir Putin said. All decisions must be balanced. 

The President paid special attention to Lake Baikal and its conservation. Today, a comprehensive project for the development of the city of Baikalsk is aimed at this. It will become the standard of a prudent eco-oriented economy. It is important to bring the city to a fundamentally different level of life, to make it a “visiting card of Russian ecological tourism.”

Sixth Principle: Achieving True Technological Sovereignty

It is important to create an integral system of economic development, which, according to the most important components, will be independent of foreign institutions, Vladimir Putin said. All spheres of life in Russia need to be built on a qualitatively new technological level of life. 

Import substitution is not a panacea, not a cardinal solution. We must be one step ahead and create new world standards , the President of Russia said. 

“Technological development will determine the future not only for the next decade, but for the entire 21st century. It is impossible and unnecessary to produce everything and everything, but Russia must have critically important technologies ,” the president emphasized.

At the moment, Russian designers are moving forward. The Russian Federation possesses hypersonic weapons, which still have no analogues in the world.

Putin also cited as an example the payment system of the MIR card. ”, which today is expanding its geography and gaining international recognition. He also remembered the St. Petersburg transport plant, which, in a difficult situation, was rescued by the engine builders of Yaroslavl and Tutaevby organizing the supply of their engines. After that, the production at the enterprise became a record. There will be more and more such positive practices, the President of Russia is sure. 

“Today’s task is to increase capacities, to establish the necessary lines in a short time. One of the key issues is comfortable conditions for the operation of enterprises, as well as the availability of prepared production sites. I ask the Government to present the key parameters of the new mode of operation of industrial clusters by autumn ,” the head of state instructed. 

Financing is very important in this matter: it is necessary to provide long-term lending for up to 10 years and at a rate of no more than 7% per annum. Also, in clusters, it is necessary to ensure a low level of permanent taxes and insurance premiums . It is necessary to support production at the starting, early stage, it is necessary to provide subsidies for the purchase of finished products of such enterprises. A system of simplified administration should be created , which would have a minimum number of checks , as well as easy tax and customs monitoring . It is very important to organize mechanisms for guaranteed long-term demandfor innovative products. All this should work from January 1, 2023. 

Vladimir Putin proposed to launch industrial mortgage at 5% per annum for the purchase of space for production.

“Enterprises that are ready to build new production facilities will get the right to them. All the details are with the Russian banking sector so that industrial mortgages are available in the near future ,” the president said.

He noted that the speed and scale of changes in the global economy, finance and international relations is growing significantly. The rejection of globalization is becoming more and more pronounced. The birth of a new world order is a difficult process. Russia will face many challenges and risks along the way, Vladimir Putin is sure.

The rules will be set by strong sovereign states, those who follow their own path will be able to have their say. It is necessary “to strive to move forward, to change, to feel the breath of time” , to show will and determination. 

Only strong sovereign states can have their say in the newly emerging world order, otherwise they are doomed to become a colony without rights ,” Vladimir Putin concluded.

Russia is entering the coming era as such a powerful sovereign country, which will definitely use all the opportunities that open before it.

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Continuing my assessment of where we are at in our journey I’ve started to notice empty spaces at the grocery stores. I wrote about this before, but there is a bit more to add. Big retail chains like Target and Walmart have too much inventory that they can’t get rid of! But we increasingly need groceries, fuel and rent money. Those are still inflating and getting more expensive. But we are seeing the junk being marked down and this summer will be a great time to pick up odds and ends at bargain prices if you have the ready cash for it. . . The next phase in a few months is when you can’t find what you need anywhere!

I’m going to mention something that has not occurred to others yet, at least I haven’t seen this in any articles. China has been on lock down for almost a month because of C****. So they say. They just opened back up and then started to shut down again in other locations. What is really going on? There is speculation that China is switching over to a military economy based upon an audio recording of a secret meeting that was smuggled out.

But that is not even that important . . . think about this objectively. China is a massive producer of all kinds of things and we are the biggest buyer. If you look around your home how much of what you own is made in China? Probably most of it! And guess what? Most of those things are the junk that is cluttering Target and Walmart shelves that they need to get rid of! We don’t want that junk any more because we can’t afford it. We need food and fuel and we need to pay rent of house payments. None of those things come from China. The longer inflation exists, the longer we will not have any demand for these things because we won’t be able to afford them and neither will anyone else in the world except maybe Russia.

If and when China ever gets back to producing things again, there is not going to be a demand for them! They already know this because they are not stupid. So they are going to start producing other things, things that there is a demand for . . . perhaps war munitions and weapons? Bottom line is all the old stuff is no longer in demand so they won’t be producing that . . . just saying. They have two choices, produce goods for Russian consumption or produce weapons of war, or both?

Switching to the Ukraine-Russia war, have you noticed that the main stream media is beginning to report that Ukraine is not doing so well? In fact the whole United States/NATO vs Russia thing has not been going well at all. The sanctions have not worked and will not work. The Ukraine army is essentially destroyed and they have no hope of winning their country back. The world is beginning to realize this and they are beginning to realize that you don’t mess with Russia! Russia has already won this war on so many fronts that her victory is decisive and only a matter of time. The United States and NATO have now realized that they absolutely don’t want to tangle in a direct war with Russia and they are looking for a way out that will allow them to save face. This has really been a disaster for them.

What they are probably going to do is blame it all on Zelensky. Poland will end up with western Ukraine and Russia will end up with eastern Ukraine! Ukraine will probably no longer exist. Too much damage has been done by the United States insisting on Ukraine fighting to the last Ukrainian! Ukraine has been used and used badly by the United States and the EU and NATO. None of this should have ever happened, but the United States wanted its 43 biolabs in Ukraine and wanted missiles in Ukraine as well. That is why it helped overthrow the legit Ukraine government in a coup over fourteen years ago. That is why this thing has blown up now this year. Things have been boiling for many years under the surface.

The other countries of the world have also realized and are increasingly realizing that the United States is a fraud and very weak. So is NATO. They smell blood and are already beginning to turn on the United States and NATO and the EU. Turkey is openly challenging Greece for allowing US military bases on islands that it says must remain demilitarized. It is keeping military ships out of the Black Sea. Turkey is gradually aligning itself with Russia and in open confrontation with the United States and NATO. It is keeping Sweden and Finland from becoming NATO members! It is getting ready to go to war in Syria.

Russia was the first direct challenge to the hegemony of the United States, Turkey is the second. China sees this, sees the inability of the United States to deal effectively with these countries and is in the process of picking a fight with the United States over Taiwan. The United States is now trying to back off and avoid a conflict with China because it suddenly realizes that it can’t build any more weapons because Russia is the producer of rare metals like Titanium and other raw resources for building high tech electronic chips and equipment.

But China isn’t buying it! Both Russia and China have hypersonic missiles. The United States doesn’t. It won’t have them for a couple years yet. Now is the time to strike if they ever will! The United States is at its weakest ever financially and militarily. It is in a state of collapse and for China it is now or never! Russia has already won! I expect China to attack Taiwan in a matter of weeks . . .

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In the first post of this series I mentioned that the elite are moving forward with their plans with no regard or concern for what it will do or mean to the common person. There is a complete disconnect between those in power and the rest of society. Right now the majority of the masses are blindly following the narratives that they are being fed. But we are reaching to point where raw survival concerns such as food and the ability to pay bills and have a roof over their heads are more important than anything else.

It has been said that money is the root of all evil. That is not exactly true but the abuse of money is the true root of all evil! The central banks have created a massive Ponzi scheme in which the system is rigged against the commoner. The fractional reserve banking practice allows banks to literally create money out of nothing in an unfair advantage. There are other abuses as well that I’m not going to go into. Suffice it to say that this is a pattern that has always existed. Ultimately the general population of any “civilized” portion of the earth eventually becomes “captured” and “enslaved” in some way by some Upper Class. In any modern society there is always an “Upper Class” and the game is always “rigged” against the commoner. The Upper Class of any “civilized” society will ultimately become weak and decadent through abuse of its power and eventually be replaced by a stronger and more vital group of high performers that create a new social contract that is more fair for everyone. The problem is that the elite Upper Class don’t do so well when they don’t have their advantages over the common people. They don’t have to ability to compete!

This always happens because the original high performers that created the Upper Class eventually die off and leave their power and fortunes to their children who have not done anything to earn it! A point comes when they become incompetent and no longer have the right to their power and fortunes and it is all taken away from them. . . This is what is in the process of happening right now in our world. The rot and stench of a 300 trillion dollar deficit reserve currency drowning in inflation and stagflation can no longer be artificially kept alive. The global economy is collapsing, and collapsing much faster than we realize. The dominoes have started to fall, but we have no idea how extensive the collapse is going to be. Yet there are a few who have glimpses and they are getting increasingly worried.

But each generation has a new “frontier” which it can exploit. An exciting area that is new, unexplored and unregulated in which everyone has an equal chance of striking it rich! Most recently it is the area of technology and crypto currencies which have been exploited. But the coming global financial collapse offers an even greater opportunity and “frontier” in commodities, natural resources, gold and silver for those brave enough to prepare themselves for it. Fiat currencies (paper money), futures, derivatives, and most of all fractional reserve banking practices are all going to crash in favor of gold and commodity backed national currencies. All the “fake” wealth out there needs to be destroyed one way or another and the current financial crisis in the stock market will not settle until it is. Gold, silver and other natural resources need to be directly tied to national currencies and that is beginning to happen. Russia’s ruble is the first to take this path but soon others will follow. The US dollar will be destroyed as it is no longer considered a global national reserve currency.

But there is a war going on! The elite have their own plans for a financial reset. Essentially this is a global digital currency within a global financial system under the control of the central banks. Such a system would allow them to have absolute control over the financial resources of every person alive! This would involve social credit schemes and vaccine passports as well. . . For those wanting a digital currency, there will be gold and commodity backed digital currencies. Fiat digital currencies backed by nothing are to be avoided. . . This transition will be both challenging and exciting for those able to take advantage of it. Those trying to hold on to the old ways will be crushed . . .

And this war is outwardly manifesting as the Ukraine-Russia war which is really the US/NATO-Russia war. Ukraine and the people of Ukraine are simply the sacrificial pawns that are dying to the last man “to wear Russa down and weaken it”.

The US thought it would be a simple thing to financially destroy Russia through sanctions the way it has financially destroyed other countries before. The US thought it would be a simple thing to manipulate events so that the resources of both the Ukraine and Russia came under its total control! It has been planning this for decades and never once dreamed that Russia would have the strength to fight back! The United States never once dreamed that there would be a need to go without Russian natural gas, oil and other commodities. These things were never supposed to happen, but they did. They happened because Russia was prepared and strong.

Now everything is going wrong for the United States and NATO. Nothing is working out and Europe is on the verge of financial collapse itself with the United States soon to follow. The sad thing is there is nothing it can do to stop it!

We are all small bits of flotsam and jetsam in this massive flood that is sweeping the world!

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