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In this post we are going to consider extraterrestrial life forms as “energy beings” that apparently no longer require “physical” bodies. Of course this can include other life forms that supposedly don’t have physical bodies like elementals, demons and fairies.

But the myth is about ascension to the point where physical bodies are no longer required so that is what we are going to explore. Channeled messages from these entities fall into two categories.

The first is that they are more advanced than humans and that humanity will one day “ascend” and no longer require a physical body. They are here to assist humanity in doing that.

The second is that humans are great souls that have “fallen” and forgotten their spiritual roots and connection to Source. Humanity is on a path of return to an advanced position that they once had.

Another common theme is that earth or Gaia is ascending and it is time for the human race to ascend or that Gaia is ascending with all life forms. These two views are quite different in consequence and effect.

Organic Gnosticism admits the existence of these “energy beings” but suggests that they do have physical bodies created out of the noble gases, each according to their own nature as spiritual energy, mental energy, emotional energy, immortal physical energy and etheric energy. This is because existence must occur in both the space/time universe and time/space universe. All exists in both worlds or universes at the same time.

It is further considered that these “energy bodies” must sustain themselves in some way. Higher energy bodies might sustain themselves by drawing energy from the photon as spiritual light; from the sun as solar energy or even from the stars as the Milky Way galaxy. Lower level energy bodies must draw energy from other sources including vital life force from other living things.

If you listen to the stories of these channeled entities who were once physical and have ascended the following story comes out. They have ascended as a species when their home planet ascended. What is not said is that their planets are now barren and without life and no other life forms ascended with their species. This same story is repeated on many planets according to each extraterrestrial species.

These channeled messages also say that what is happening on earth or Gaia has not ever happened before. Gaia is ascending WITH ALL LIFE FORMS! ALL LIFE IS ASCENDING!

So you will encounter two types of channeled messages from these “non-physical” beings. One is that the human race is ascending and another one that all of life upon Gaia is ascending. These reflect two separate types of understanding that are quite profound in their differences.

Organic Gnosticism aligns with the understanding that Gaia is ascending or has already ascended and is taking or has taken all life forms along with her! This brings up a startling realization that only Organic Gnosticism has uncovered. These “non-physical energy beings” REQUIRE PHYSICAL BODIES OR DIRECT INTERACTION WITH PHYSICAL BODIES TO EXIST! That is why they are so drawn to the human race and the many varieties of life upon this planet. LIFE IS SACRED! FAR MORE SACRED THAN EVER SUSPECTED!

For a soul to live in a human physical body is the next stage in soul evolution, not the end of human evolution! Full spectrum ascension is the experience of a complete soul living in a totally healthy and integrated physical human body.

These space brothers and sisters coveted the physical bodies of emerging humanity and sought to possess them, to be born into them and to experience the intensity of physical life for the advancement and development of their own souls. The manipulation of human DNA was for exactly this purpose, so that alien souls could experience physical life as humans! Not the other way around!

So today we have many humans that are “star seeds”, entities with alien souls living in physical human bodies. But all life forms have souls as every pet lover knows through personal experience with the loving hearts of their own pets. ALL OF LIFE IS SACRED!

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There is a well known phenomenon in the study of the paranormal that is often ignored or discounted. Demonstrations of paranormal activity or ability often succeed more easily when witnessed by a group of people who believe such phenomenon possible rather than a group that is hostile to that belief. For example I’ve heard that Voodoo works best among those who believe in it and not so well when directed toward those who don’t believe in it. Part of this is undoubtedly the power of suggestion but there is more to it. It is also the power of collective belief. The power of collective belief can do much to assist or hinder any paranormal practice or magickal activity.

We live in a world that is hostile and skeptical of the paranormal and that bias works against us. The collective believes in science and technology! It believes in cell phones and computers and the internet which are all based upon science and Newtonian physics. The ultimate empowerment is to have a matrix that is solidly based upon science and Newtonian physics. That is what Organic Gnosticism is!

Organic Gnosticism is solidly based upon the Reciprocal Systems theory of Dewey Larson; the modern science of Chaos theory; and quantum physics. Because of this that very belief in science and Newtonian physics unconsciously and collectively supports the metaphysical and paranormal aspects of Organic Gnosticism!

The Reciprocal Systems Theory of Dewey Larson was once taught in a few Universities but rejected as being too simple. It was passed over in favor of more complex and theoretical systems that were thought to explain much more. At least that is the common explanation. It is equally possible that it is being suppressed.

There are some powerful points that should be shared about the Reciprocal Systems Theory that are missing in other theories of physical science. One is its simple elegance that proposes everything exists in two universes at the same time; the 3 dimensional space/time universe and the 3 dimensional time/space universe which are both joined together at the speed of light. This means things will sometimes act as a particle and other times act as a wave depending upon which universe they are focused in. Otherwise everything occurs according to simple Newtonian physics. Each atom is created out of the vibratory energy of the photon within these two universes.

You can look at these two universes as the physical world and the astral world or as a resonant circuit with a capacitive portion and an inductive portion with a perpetual tank current that flows between each which magnetically causes both physical matter to gravitate together and events in time to gather together.

In short, the Reciprocal Systems Theory is very adaptable to other systems like religion, spirituality and the paranormal, yet remains solidly based upon what is thought of as common ordinary Newtonian physics.

The modern science of Chaos theory is also very influential in Organic Gnosticism and describes how everything that exists is part of a massive energy system that is constantly growing and going through a birth; death; and rebirth cycle, with each rebirth being on a higher level and creating a higher octave of what existed before.

We can see the evidence of chaos theory in infinite non-repeating patterns that are related to each other. We are all human, but we are all individual and unique and so is everything that exists!

These powerful sciences are multi-dimensional and actively support metaphysical principles and concepts when applied correctly. These are not fringe sciences or pseudo sciences but solidly grounded sciences that are compatible with higher metaphysics. These are the scientific basis of Organic Gnosticism.

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Up to this point I’ve focused on scientific and historic data about UFOs and alien civilizations. Such a complex and controversial subject needs to be broken down into a few distinct categories.

The first is the reality or actuality of physical alien races and technology both in the past and in the present. This includes the advanced technology that was responsible for building the Great pyramid of Egypt and other similar structures as well as reverse engineering of advanced alien technology in the modern world.

I don’t have much to say about this and I have not done much research in this area. All I can conclude is that such technology and structures do seem to exist both in our past history and in the present. But such contact does seem to be hidden and suppressed in modern society.

The second is the deliberate modification of human DNA to allow the “souls” of alien species to be born in human physical bodies. I will have quite a bit to share on this topic later as this appears to be the true objective of such alien contact.

The third is the subject of the existence of alien awareness within light bodies or energy bodies or non-physical bodies and what that really means. This includes channeled messages and other types of “contact” with our space brothers and sisters. This includes the historical development and deliberate genetic modification of the human race by “non-physical” entities.

The fourth is ascension and ascension bodies and what that means in terms of human evolution and extra terrestrial contact and evolution as well.

I’ve already mentioned I don’t know much about the first topic. What I do know is that alien races and alien technology seem to have existed in the past and in today’s present physical world. Granting that they exist, there also seems to be an agreement that prevents them from openly making their presence known to humanity in general. Who makes this agreement and why? This is a very good question worth considerable investigation.

There must be some hierarchy that has determined what is allowed and what is not allowed in such contacts with the human race. This also implies that such contact may have both good and bad consequences for the human race and that there are more than one extraterrestrial species who may be in conflict with each other in their relations with the human race. A “neutral” position is being enforced. By whom and why?

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What often happens is that as we construct our personal paradigm we create an artificial system which may or may not reflect actual life experience. We avoid or ignore any inputs that challenge our belief structure. This is the danger of a paradigm. A matrix is an open ended structure that does not avoid anything. ALL INPUTS ARE VALID! We just need to understand in which context they are valid.

I’ve found two books by George Makari extremely useful in understanding both sides of the issues of what is conscious awareness and what is the soul. These are “Revolution in Mind; the creation of Psychoanalysis” and “Soul Machine; the invention of the modern mind”. George Makari is director of Cornell’s Institute for the History of Psychiatry, associate professor of psychiatry at Weill Medical College, adjunct associate professor at Rockefeller University, and a faculty member of Columbia University’s Psychoanalytic Center.

The most important takeaways from these fascinating books are the realizations that no one really knows what causes conscious awareness and what the soul really is. No matter what the materialists may say or think, the debate on these things continues. There is no clear winner. Most of these arguments go back to the 16th century!

Julian Jaynes in his amazing book “The Origins of Consciousness In The Breakdown Of The Bicameral Mind” may be one of the most influential books of the twentieth century in the understanding of the soul and the observer self and the role of reading and writing in the development of creative consciousness. He taught Psychology at Princeton University but is now dead.

Richard Dawkins in his book “The Greatest Show On Earth” proves the evolution of physical life on earth, but does not in any way disprove the evolution of the soul or human consciousness. He simply is looking at one side of a two-sided coin.

Melanie Phillips, former left wing award winning journalist, has written many books including “The World Turned Upside Down; the global battle over God, truth and power”. She confronts the question of if we are living in the age of reason why are we behaving increasingly irrationally.

Just a short excerpt from the back of this book:

“The loss of religious belief has meant the West has replaced reason and truth with ideology and prejudice, which it enforces in the manner of a secular inquisition. The result has been a kind of mass derangement, as truth and lies, right and wrong, victim and aggressor are all turned upside down.”

In this extremely brief overview I can share that what seems to be missing in modern society is the belief and awareness of the true nature of multi-dimensional reality and how human awareness can both at times act like a particle with a tight focus inside the body and at other times act like a wave that extends across the entire universe.

In my next post we will explore some of that science.

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In many ways human thought and awareness is like a computer program in which concepts are linked to one another in a meaningful way. In this respect a paradigm is unified but might not be connected to physical reality. A matrix is like machine language which is always directly connected to physical reality.

Perhaps the best way to describe a matrix is to share my encounter with Neo-Tech. Again I need to choose my words carefully because people will leap to the wrong conclusions. The Neo-Tech discovery was a collection of 114 “advantages” compiled by Frank Wallace and said to provide powerful advantages to those aware of them. Neo-Tech was a matrix.

Before getting into my experience I need to say that in my search for self-evident truths I would often read as many as 10 different books just to find one nugget of wisdom that I could use. It was extremely rare to find good information. Of these 114 “advantages” perhaps half of them were pure gold and the rest garbage! I will just mention a few of them that have greatly influenced me.

The idea of internal authority vs external authority.

The idea that coercive force against any individual can never be justified.

The idea that emotions are what makes life rich, but they must not rule our actions.

The idea that we cannot control our emotions but we can control our actions.

The idea that the pursuit of infinite regression questions only serves to destroy one’s vitality and resources.

The importance of a strong ego and sense of self esteem for mental, emotional and physical health.

Neo-Tech is considered an offshoot of Aynn Rand’s Objectivism philosophy. It was also something that came directly out of my deepest blind spot! I was into metaphysics, spirituality and the occult and Neo-Tech claimed that the disease of mysticism must be eradicated from this world! It was in direct conflict with the principles that I held most dear!

But I could not deny the self-evident truths that it forced me to confront. Neo-Tech literally turned my world upside down. I struggled to integrate it and retain my own paradigm. They were like the yin/yang symbol complete opposites of each other. But I finally achieved an integration and synthesis of both.

Neo-Tech even bragged that it was a matrix capable of ripping any lessor paradigms to shreds. It also claimed that if you were exposed to one of the concepts and truly understood it, you would ultimately be forced to integrate it and accept it. To repress something that you understood was dangerous and destructive to your entire being. In essence, the message was that once you were infected with Neo-Tech it would take over any competing paradigm by nature of its inherent mutually supporting internal consistency! Once you were exposed to it you could not get it out of your mind, but needed to somehow integrate it! You need to be very careful of what you put into your mind! Our society has infected us with many toxic concepts that most have no antidotes for.

That is what a matrix does. That is why a matrix is so powerful. Most people do not even have well developed paradigms and have absolutely no defense against a matrix. Organic Gnosticism is a matrix that has absorbed Neo-Tech. Organic Gnosticism offers antidotes to those toxic concepts that have infected society.

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In part 1 I mentioned new scientific evidence of an ancient advanced civilization buried beneath the sands of the Sahara desert. I also mentioned scientific evidence that is beginning to show that the Sahara desert was once lush and tropical and changed almost over night around 3,000 BC. I then mentioned the work of Zecharia Sitchin in decoding Sumerian tablets which described a war between two ancient alien civilizations which destroyed the entire area. Those clay tablets exist. They might have been translated correctly or not, but they exist as the earliest known form of writing.

What I forgot was that Plato also writes of the war between Atlantis and those who lived in the Mediterranean. Pre-Helenic Athens was the victor in the final defeat of Atlantis! This is what the Egyptians told Solon according to the Timaeus. Go ahead and read it! This is secondary proof of a massive war in the Mediterranean.

Atlantis was said to be wicked and sought to enslave the human race for its own purposes. The ancient Greeks were nomads from the Aegean area. We are also talking the peoples of the Pontic Steppe! Those red haired peoples that came from the north of the Black Sea.

Nomads did not take slaves because they had no use for them. They lived in tents and moved all the time. They were fierce warriors and believed in freedom and open spaces and living in harmony with nature. They only took what was needed for survival and left the rest. They were rugged individualists.

In contrast the Atlanteans were city dwellers and needed slave labor to work the mines and plow the fields. They were a human collective hive mentality ruled by an elite.

So far everything I’ve said is pretty solid according to scientific findings and written records. But when Solon visited Egypt and learned these things he was also told that Athens was older than Egypt. This could not be true in the sense that the pyramids had been built far before this great war. They had been built with alien technology long before 3,000 BC. The Egyptian civilization that Solon visited was a new and recent human reclaiming of the lands and territories that had once been lush and tropical but were now arid desert. It was a civilization that was desperately trying to recover lost wisdom and lost technology. The same thing was happening in Sumeria where they were writing this history down on clay tablets.

So you had remnants of a city dweller civilization and remnants of a nomad civilization that were both reduced to primitive survival conditions and struggling to recover their lost wisdom and technologies. And since the nomads had won this war, they were the new elite rulers that took on the protection and guidance of the human race through this difficult time. This was all taking place around 2,000 BC.

What I might correct is that apparently this war was not fought by humans at all but by aliens and one alien group was interested in the enslavement of humanity and the other alien group was interested in the freedom of humanity. After this war of aliens the humans were largely left to their own devices.

End of sledgehammer. Again this is as far as I’ve got.

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I’m trying to choose my words very carefully here because this is important. We seek catalyst to expand our own understanding. We don’t read a book for the wisdom contained in it. We read a book to be stimulated by the concepts contained within it. Then we form our own concepts that belong only to us. We learn from others and apply what we have learned to our own lives, adapting it as needed. We are not clones of each other and never can be. Each one of us is unique and the same catalyst will affect each of us differently.

It is never enough to be able to repeat what someone else does or believes. We must integrate it and do or say it in our own words and in our own ways. This is the opposite of a computer program or a hive mentality in which each is a copy or reproduction of all the others. This is two totally different approaches in which one leads to stagnation and death and the other leads to creative adaptation and life. Choose wisely!

Let’s explore the difference between a paradigm and a matrix. A paradigm is a complete and fully functioning belief system. A matrix is an integrated collection of self evident truths! Can you discern the distinction? You arrive at your beliefs in various ways, including life experience, logic and reason and philosophical thought. But they remain beliefs that might not be accurate reflections of what really exists.

A matrix on the other hand is a collection of self evident truths that once you are confronted by them and exposed to them you cannot avoid them or deny them. There is no logic and reason about them. They simply are and most people run and hide from them in a desperate attempt to maintain the sanctity of their beliefs and paradigm structures. A matrix will always be a threat to a belief system or paradigm.

If we explore this further we discover that self evident truths are instantaneous perceptions that occur in mystical illuminations or direct personal experience while beliefs are most often contrived through logic and reason or a blind acceptance of social mores.

What happens is that someone will have a sudden illumination or glimpse of a self evident truth and keeping that seed of truth will seek to embellish it and expand it to fit other things. For example Freud glimpsed the self evident truth of how important sexuality is in our lives, in our mental and emotional health, and he sought to make sexuality the reason for everything. He began with a core of self evident truth and then lost it by trying to expand it. The same can be said for almost any paradigm. It begins with a core seed of self evident truth and is then expanded to absurdity.

In Organic Gnosticism I’ve sought to collect these seeds of self evident truth and leave them as simple seeds without expanding them. After I collected enough of them they began to crystallize and merge on their own into a mutually supportive matrix that is extremely potent and powerful in its effects. What I had was not a theoretical paradigm, but a collection of self evident truths that were often at odds with currently accepted and politically correct thought. I will continue this in my next post.

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I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed today because I seem to be in a bad mood. So let’s take a look at UFO’s and sledgehammers! This probably starts with my recent reading of the excellent book “The Horse, the Wheel, and Language” by David W. Anthony. It is the definitive work on proto-Indo-European history. It presents evidence of archeological finds from all over Europe. The main interest point for this post is the evidence of something major happening in the Mediterranean basin around 3,000 BC.

Youtube videos like Bright Insight report recent scientific research suggesting that the Sahara desert was once lush vegetation and became desert almost overnight through some cataclysm. This includes newly discovered evidence of ancient civilizations buried beneath the sands of the Sahara. Apparently this cataclysm was a great flood that swept across northern Africa from east to west wiping out all civilization and burying the remains under the desert sands. So what caused this cataclysm? What kind of civilizations are we talking about?

Another Youtube video by Bright Insight showed him visiting the Great Pyramid of Egypt. In the video he showed how closely the stone blocks fit together and although I had heard about it before I had never actually seen it. Seeing is believing and it seemed to me that those blocks were precision cut as if a modern laser had done the cutting. This was actual proof of advanced technology! But as he continued his exploration of the Great Pyramid it also became clear to me that the pyramid was not a tomb or an initiation chamber. The walls were literally blank stone walls. If it served any such function it would have been painted or sculpted on the inside. NO, the pyramid was a device! Most probably used in conjunction with the earth’s magnetic field. It was part of that ancient technology!

But another factor is that there are pyramids and other structures that are tombs and temples and they all seem to be lumped together for some reason. There is no distinction between tombs, temples and devices!

So far what I have presented is solidly based upon fact and scientific research. Now I’m going to start saying things that I can’t prove, things that seem reasonable to me based upon my own researches and speculations.

Let’s begin with my recent watching the “Disclosure” by David Wilcock which gave pretty solid evidence of UFO’s and reverse engineering of alien technologies. I do have a couple bones to pick with David Wilcock in that I also have read the “Ra Material” which he claims is his major inspiration. So I’m venting here and I’m speaking from memory so I might have some of this wrong. In the Ra Material it does speak of service to others and service to self, but in no way suggests that one is any better than the other and that both have their own place in the scheme of things. In fact, the Law of One says that at the highest level there is no difference between service to others and service to self! This is certainly not what he puts out! A second minor beef is that if I remember correctly the Ra Material is what led me to the science of Dewey Larson and his reciprocal systems theory! Which of course is the basis and foundational science of Organic Gnosticism.

Anyway, back to UFO’s. It seems pretty clear that there was a world wide alien civilization that existed before 3,000 BC and it was destroyed. It is also clear that it was not destroyed by a polar shift because we know through science when such polar shifts have happened. So the most likely thing is a war between two alien civilizations. . .

Interestingly enough the work of Zecharia Sitchin in decoding Sumerian tablets claims to be an account of two alien civilizations at war with each other. However, the very fact of ancient clay tablets recording this history imply that they were written AFTER that war. They were written by survivors of that war. We find these as the first examples of writing that occurred around 4,000 years ago or roughly 2,000 BC. We also find the stone monoliths of Stonehenge and the like to have been raised around the same time, 2,000 BC.

It certainly seems as if some of the ancient knowledge was retained and passed on to humans but the alien civilizations were totally destroyed. The technologies were lost!

End of sledge hammer! That’s as far as I’ve gotten.

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What I’m about to share is one of the most profound things I’ve ever discovered and I don’t know if I can put it into words properly. It will take more than one post so please bear with me. But first please understand that the Organic Gnosticism posts which I have shared represent a matrix or tightly woven collection of self evident truths and insights which I have shared to the best of my ability. Taken collectively they are antidotes to much of the toxic programing and mind control that has infected our modern culture.

By themselves they might not seem like much, but taken together they are extremely powerful and are mutually supporting and affirming in a way that is quite remarkable. That is because collectively they form a matrix and we are not accustomed to what a matrix really is or does.

Two things need to be made clear right off the bat. The first is that these concepts are very polarizing and each individual will find themselves either strongly drawn to the concepts contained in them or strongly repelled. Pay attention to that because it is important! Any true matrix is to be taken very seriously!

The second point is that my Organic Gnosticism posts are intended to act as catalyst for your own growth and understanding. Any true catalyst triggers change but in the end is not part of the final result. That means my posts remain mine, but you have to come up with what is your truth and perhaps these posts will trigger that for you, will make you think and perhaps inspire you to connect your own dots. This is the opposite of politically correct thinking or echo chamber thinking which has become so prevalent in our modern world. We are not clones, we are individuals and the process of individuation is an important part of learning our true purpose in life. Our individual understanding is meant to be unique and we each follow an individual path in life.

We seek catalyst and will always seek new catalyst! Catalyst comes from outside ourselves and is what makes life an exciting adventure. It changes us through personal life experience. Perhaps the most powerful catalyst in our lives will be the people that we encounter. Perhaps it will be some other experience, but there is a need for catalyst because there is a need for us to grow and to learn new things.

So the first point in understanding a matrix is that when we encounter it, it will change us in some way. We need to remember that the change is what is important, not the catalyst that provided that change. What is true for one person might not be true for another, but the catalytic effect will exist for both. It is the exposure to concepts that is important and not those concepts in themselves. Exposure to certain concepts will cause us and actually force us to try them out, integrate them or reject them.

If we truly understand a concept we will ultimately be forced to integrate it into our personal paradigm in one way or another. It doesn’t matter if we believe in it or not! For example, we might understand why someone believes the way they do and acts the way they do even if we disagree with them. That act of understanding them and their reason for acting and believing as they do is an important aspect of dealing with them in a creative and constructive way. We don’t need to believe or act like them, but it helps to understand their perspective.

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In many ways it is ironic that during Buddha’s lifetime people were so trapped in the present moment of physical reality that they really had to struggle to meditate. In today’s world we live so much in our heads that we have to struggle to perceive physical reality when it is right in front of us! I will just give an obvious example of being so caught up in reading a book that you are not aware of the passage of time or even aware of your physical body. Properly understood this is a high state of Samadhi! It has become so common that you don’t think of it as unusual.

This inside out and upside down characteristic pervades our modern society. Another example is collective belief and politically correct behavior as it reinforces echo chamber thought that has no relation to actual physical reality. The human mind will always find “perfect” music of less interest than “imperfect” music. It quickly gets bored of that which is too rythmical and structured. Personal empowerment is not in becoming clones of each other but in the ability to think outside the box; it lies not in commonality, but in creatively exploring new areas.

In this respect adaptability and creativity is life and sameness is death. There is growth and there is stagnation. Magic always comes out of our personal blind spots! We will always outgrow our present circumstances. What was once a perfect fit will someday be too confining and restrictive. What was once our salvation will someday become our prison!

The thing is that we all evolve and grow at different rates and are each at different levels of development. One size can never fit all. Society evolves through cycles in which the gifted are allowed to move forward for a space and then they are blocked while the slower ones are forced to catch up.

That is what is currently happening within our world. The slower ones are being forced to catch up to the rest of us and this is creating cognitive dissonance! Their view of reality is increasingly not matching their personal life experience.

Again the irony is that materialists are so stuck in their heads that organic realities and the multidimensional nature of reality and the soul do not exist for them. By the same token there are people who are so convinced of make believe realities that they have lost touch with reality as well.

The ancient mystery schools were created for the purpose of mental and emotional healing as well as the development of the soul and its powers. Their function was to help us live in this life and to prepare us for the next. Many adepts and masters have traveled along this path and the way is well marked and known although each path is individual.

The bottom line is are you living in fear or are you inspired? Is your outer world a prison or an adventure? Gaia has ascended taking us with her and our individual life circumstances are now firmly crystallizing around us. As the new energy of the coming year comes in this winter solstice our new lives will truly begin. Your present circumstances will begin to magnify and it will become more and more difficult to make changes in the mold that we have cast for ourselves.

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