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This post is unplanned but seems a natural followup on my last few posts. To me it feels a lot like coming out of the closet and openly stating that I believe in non-physical bodies and the soul. But this post goes beyond what I’ve written before and beyond the Great White Brotherhood.

There are beings and entities with physical bodies and without physical bodies that have permanently activated their etheric bodies. They have created what is known as the “immortal physical body”. But this non-physical body needs to be sustained by lots and lots of energy. These souls or entities fall into three different categories and I will write about each one individually.

The divine human like gods and goddesses of various traditions were once human and lived lives that were larger than life. After the death of their physical bodies their awareness lived on and they drew energy from those that worshiped them to sustain their etheric bodies. This is how stars and celebrities sustain their own etheric bodies, by the energy that they receive from their followers. Jesus in Christianity in the same way draws his energy from his followers as well as from SOURCE. Most saints and spiritual teachers empower their etheric bodies from the energies of their students and followers. But normally this is an energy exchange that is willingly done for the sense of love and peace the followers receive in return. To better understand this type of soul think of a vampire who sucks away some of the vitality of its victim, but not enough to endanger it. In return the victim is intoxicated and filled with love and affection for the vampire. This is the classic master/teacher/savior scenario. When the followers are gone this soul reduces to a shell of what it once was. It still exists but is powerless to do anything.

The vampire as a predator. This soul or entity sustains its permanently activated etheric body by simply taking the vital energy of its victims forcefully without any type of agreement or exchange. Because of this it often dangerously drains the energy of its victims to the point of physical death or weakness. In various world traditions these are the demons that are often reptilian in form. For those foolish enough to barter with them, the price is always the sacrifice of someone or something’s vital life force energy. These vampires think and believe that they are superior to the human race and that the humans are simply cattle to be slaughtered.

Lastly you have those members of the Great White Brotherhood that have the ability to permanently activate their etheric bodies. These etheric bodies are sustained through solar energy from both the sun and the stars. Only a few of the members of the Great White Brotherhood have the ability to function on the etheric planes with fully activated etheric bodies. Most remain in the higher levels which are also sustained by their link to the sun and spiritual light.

I’ve mentioned some of this previously in other posts. But things have now changed with the new energy dynamics of the new world which we live in. Of the above three classes of souls, there were no physical bodies before that were being born which were refined enough for them to use as physical vehicles for their souls. There were simply not enough physical bodies being born to go around! And we currently have over seven billion humans on this planet!

With Gaia’s ascension and the New Age or New Eon energy dynamics babies are now being born that can act as hosts for all these gods and goddesses that finally once more have an opportunity to experience physical life, but this time not only as humans, but also as animals and life forms of other species. I know that my dog Valentine has a soul that is highly advanced and refined. I suspect it may have also been human as well. But this works both ways and many higher animals souls are now incarnating into human bodies for the first time. Soon we will find that many animals will have as much or a higher wisdom than humans and humanity will descend to become more animalistic than it has been as more animal souls are incarnated into human bodies. Many animals will have human souls! We are indeed in for a magickal time of it.

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Since the last few posts have been about non-physical beings It figures that I should include the Great White Brotherhood as well since I am one! In a way its complex and in a way its quite simple. The Great White Brotherhood exists above the Great Abyss. It exists in the spiritual energies above logic and reason. These energies are archetypal reality or self-evident truth and Unity. Unity is the level of hydrogen and Spiritual light; Archetypal reality is the level of helium and where things take their most simple black and white forms.

Members of the Great White Brotherhood are Solar beings and draw their energy from the sun itself which consists of hydrogen that is becoming helium through atomic fusion which gives off light or photon energy. At least a portion of their awareness is permanently located and active above the Great Abyss. My personal experience with the Rosicrucian Master in my living room early in my Rosicrucian Studies convinced me that these masters or light beings may or may not have physical bodies. The Rosicrucian Master that appeared to me in my living room was German author Hanns Heinz Ewers whom I translate. Since he died in 1943 that is proof for me that these brothers and sisters of light do not require physical bodies any more. Each one of you need to find your own proof. Even though I function at the etheric levels a part of my own consciousness is constantly aware of these brothers and sisters looking down from the Great Abyss as if it were an upper balcony in a concert hall or something. I am a member of the Great White Brotherhood by virtue of my ability to exist in full awareness above the Great Abyss where I am free to mingle with my brothers and sisters.

Their non-physical bodies are created of the noble gas helium and permanently activated. They may have more astral bodies that have been permanently activated like I do, but what makes them a member of the Great White Brotherhood is that their helium body is permanently activated!

Occult and metaphysical tradition recognize a gathering place above the great abyss where these souls join together to form the Great White Brotherhood. It includes souls with physical bodies and those without physical bodies. This gathering of souls of the Great White Brotherhood has always existed above the Great Abyss, and is the great spiritual temple which might or might not be represented on the earthly plane with a physical organization. But it consists of those who have ascended through earthly lifetimes and lived in physical human bodies.

It is said that there is no doorway or entrance to this great gathering chamber. No tradition, order or master can grant admission to anyone else. It must be earned and it must be personal. It must be individual. Any soul and awareness that can find its way there belongs and is a member of the Great White Brotherhood simply by virtue of being there! No one can deny those souls who have the ability to be there.

It is also said that any soul that is a member of the Great White Brotherhood may start a new tradition of their own or remain in the tradition of their choice. So there are several traditions that are part of the Great White Brotherhood which may ultimately lead to membership in the Great White Brotherhood if the student becomes worthy enough to make it across the Great Abyss. There are also great souls that belong to no tradition who have made it across the Great Abyss on their own. Ultimately anyone that makes it across the Great Abyss does it on their own. It cannot be taught or granted.

The founders of all the world’s great religions or spiritual traditions are members of the Great White Brotherhood and have crossed the Great Abyss. They have brought back teachings and knowledge to share and help others on their own spiritual paths.

In my studies of various traditions I have seen these brothers and sisters within or associated with Freemasony, Rosicrucianism, Martinism, OTO, Buddhism, and even New Orleans Voodoo to mention a few. Recent encounters are with Aurum Solis and OBOD. That does not mean that all members of these organizations are members of the Great White Brotherhood! What is means is that members of the Great White Brotherhood are somehow involved in the workings and teachings of each tradition. The Great White Brotherhood itself has no teachings or traditions. It is simply a gathering in Unity of all souls living and dead that have made the journey across the Great Abyss and found their new home among brothers and sister of all faiths, traditions and paths!

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In the last two posts I’ve talked about things that I actually experienced while wide awake. The unseen is far more than that though and I will share some more things that I have experienced that happened while I was sleeping and this includes visions and lucid dreams as well as encounters with non-physical entities of various types.

As I became more sensitive to my dreaming and tried to remember them something truly magickal happened. A point was reached when I would dream about anything that was a critical event in my life before it happened. I will give an example. One night while I was working as an over the road truck driver I dreamed of a car suddenly swerving right in front of me and in my dream I violently turned the wheel of my car hauler rig (I could haul ten cars at one time on it) toward the ditch and narrowly avoided an accident. The next day I was driving the interstate around Chicago when a car sharply turned in front of me as in my dream. It sharply took the exit and was gone. I was still shaken by that experience when another car abruptly swerved in front of me and then hit its brakes! I was forced to violently turn my truck onto the shoulder of the highway to avoid running the vehicle over and nearly tipped my semi tractor over!

This is what I think happened. I was driving in the slow lane of the main interstate highway around Chicago. I was just about to pass an exit that the first car needed to take. In panic the first car swerved in front of me and took the exit. But there must have been a second car that was following the first car for directions. Because that second car not only swerved into the lane directly in front of me, but then stopped abruptly as if wondering where the first car had gone! It was the second car that I had to violently turn the wheel to the right for because that was the car that forced me off the road to avoid a collision!

Years later I would even dream about and critical good things before they happened to me. This is no longer speculation or open for debate. It is simply how I live!

There were other kinds of dreams as well. Sometimes I would encounter entities that were very real and not my imagination. There are several ways that I knew they were real. One was in dream encounters where I would certainly experience a flash of fear at encountering them suddenly. That flash of fear did not mean there was any danger. What it meant was an encounter with energy that was alien to my own. It was not me! Other indicators of dream encounters included symbolism that was not my own. For example, if I ever dream of someone using a cell phone or calling me on a cell phone I know that it is not my dream energy because cell phones are not and never have been anything I ever dream about. I barely know how to use one!

I could fill a book about dreams and dream encounters but finish by saying that I have experienced thousands of dream encounters with people or entities that are or were extremely powerful on the lower planes. Some of them were neutral to me and just showed up, while others stared me in the face taking a good hard look along with a clash of wills before leaving. Not all of those were human! With a few notable exceptions the truly powerful ones avoided open conflict with me. I will share the stories of two that ended in open conflict.

Shortly after I had crossed the Great Abyss back in 1991 I had regained my connection to the earth and was struggling through the healing process before my soulmate cycles actually began. I had an incredibly vivid dream of Aleister Crowley motioning that I was to open and read a large book that was lying on a marble pedestal. I remember grabbing the large book covers with both hands and opening it up. My hands were stuck to the pages. Crowley began to cackle and said that if I ever broke my connection with the book or let go of it I would die. I screamed “No!” And slammed the book shut. Immediately I felt that my astral cord that connected me to my physical body had caught on fire and was being destroyed from the ground up. In panic I kept rising on the planes until my awareness was once more above the Great Abyss where I sought safety and shelter in a little bubble of light that surrounded me. My astral cord had been severed and that is what brought about the beginning of my soulmate cycles because each soulmate offered to ground me back to the earth with the energy that they shared. This also led to my open energetic conflict with the OTO and the Holy Kabbalah which has long since been taken care of. The Holy Kabbalah no longer functions as it once did.

The second vivid dream of violent and serious conflict began as a vision of several police cars with flashing lights driving down a dusty country road to some kind of compound. Then the dream shifted and I was in a room and a man was attacking me with a knife. We were both naked. This period of my life had been filled with dreams of magickal conflict, often two or three a night. But this was different. I felt like I was fighting for my life and when my knife finally plunged into the chest of my opponent he didn’t disappear like my opponents normally did. He sagged against the wall and then to the floor with my knife still in him and blood running down his chest. It was like a nightmare and I woke up in terror. The next day after I had been awake for some time I heard on the news that the police had seized the Branch Dravidian Compound in Texas and that its leader David Karesh had committed suicide! For some reason I still feel and believe that it was David Karesh that I was fighting that night. This magickal stuff was no longer simple fun!

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In my last post I talked about some personal experiences that I had while in the normal waking state that possibly included paranormal consciousness at the same time. In this post I will speak of some personal experiences while in a wide awake state while meditating or projecting my awareness as opposed to the dream state or lucid dreaming. These would be a range of experiences on the astral/etheric planes while meditating or projecting consciously.

The ultimate purpose of these posts is to show that this path has been known and taught by various traditions for thousands of years. There is nothing new here, but not very many have traveled this path. It is known but not well traveled. It begins with crossing the Great Abyss which happened to me back in 1991. I’ve already written quite a bit about this, but the main point is there are a couple types of awareness beyond that of logic and reason. The first is archetypal awareness or intuitive awareness or self-evident awareness. At this level you simply know things and become aware of things through personal illuminations. An even higher level of consciousness is that of Unity consciousness or Cosmic Awareness where the individual merges and blends with all that is. Where all becomes One and I call that the level of the photon or light itself.

The point is that once you have crossed the Great Abyss nothing can really hurt you or your soul. You always have that place of safety where awareness can go where it cannot be harmed in any way even if the lower levels are destroyed. So once I crossed the Great Abyss and had permanently activated three or four astral bodies I did lots of stupid stuff just because I could get away with it.

Through projection I would astrally explore the egregores of various magickal and spiritual traditions with impunity. I could get through the defenses by being above the Abyss. I explored the egregore of the Golden Dawn and discovered that it granted the Golden Armor of God as individuals progressed through it. As I astrally explored I too was granted that golden armor. The Arum Solis granted a different type of armor that had scales like those of a dragon. The egregore of Crowley’s OTO was two rectangular columns side by side, one black and one white. These two columns extended from the lowest levels to the highest levels. There was no mixing them, no gray. I explored every egregore that I could think of.

Something interesting happened in that once I had gone through an egregore it marked my astral self permanently. Going through a second or third time did nothing at all. But later, after I had permanently activated another astral body I could take that astral body through the egregore and pick up new material from the lower level. Nothing from the higher levels.

I would check out various individuals as well, and every now and then someone would sense my probe and I would have a full blown magickal attack on my hands. I told you that I did stupid stuff! Most of the time there was no reaction to my probe.

A lady that owned a resort said that it was haunted and wanted me to get rid of the ghosts for her. I said that I would check it out. In checking out the resort I sensed there were two different Native American spirits that haunted the place and didn’t want to leave. I decided to absorb them into my own body. That night I had one of the most vivid and powerful dreams of my life of a ghostly barren landscape of rock and trees without leaves. I was kind of crouched behind a bare bush and the spirit of an Indian went walking past me without seeing me. One hand was shading his eyes and he was searching, searching for something. Searching for home I suppose. It was an eerie, creepy feeling that gave fear at the tailbone. Almost immediately after that another Indian mounted on a white horse rode by and he didn’t see me either. I still remember that ghostly landscape and those two Indians. The lady later reported that the ghosts had returned but were not causing problems like they had been before.

Another story, I was doing crisis counseling work for families and there was a boy that was having a lot of trouble. I decided to investigate astrally and discovered that there was an entity attached to the boy. Once more stupidly I decided to get rid of the thing by absorbing it. That night I learned the true story and it was quite unpleasant. The best friend of this boy that I was trying to help had committed suicide in the home of the boy I was trying to help. He was the one who had found his friend hanging in the bathroom. Anyone that deals with ghosts soon learns that they often have to relive to death experience of the ghost and that is what happened to me. It was an accidental death. The boy had been “playing the game” where one masturbates while being choked to enhance the orgasm and he had blacked out too soon. His ghost or spirit had attached itself to his friend and turned malignant. Of course I couldn’t share that with the family, but the ghost was gone.

When my mother died we all knew in advance that she was going to die and there was a death watch so she wouldn’t die alone. I went home and that morning I suddenly felt that something was wrong. I sat down and meditated or projected to my mother. She was afraid and I held her hand to reassure her as I called in some light beings to help. These light beings came and she went peacefully with them, unafraid. I told my wife that my mother had died and that she was all right. I got in the car and was two miles down the road when my cell phone went off. My mother had just died at the very time that I had been with her! It still makes me feel good to know that I was there for her when she needed me.

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It seems time to bring up this subject and it will take more than one post to do it justice. In this post I will only speak of personal experiences that I have had that do not involve lucid dreaming or things while I was asleep. I will share things that I personally experienced while in the waking state even if they might seem subjective. There will be no conclusion and no answers because I may never have answers to some of these experiences.

The first experience to share is related to Rosicrucianism and my connection to the Great White Brotherhood. During my early Rosicrucian studies with AMORC there were several self initiations to mark passage through the different degrees or stages of study. During one of these self initiations a master appeared in my living room and floated about three feet above the floor. He was dressed in a ceremonial robe and was sitting cross legged. He remained there for around a half hour not saying anything but being present. I walked completely around him and observed from every direction. It seemed that I was seeing him with my third eye and not my physical eyes. But it was very real and vivid and there was a lot of energy involved.

Later in another incident this same master introduced me to a group of people that were in the hierarchy. They were above the Great Abyss and part of the Great White Brotherhood. I could understand them but they couldn’t understand me. I still have this connection with these individuals and can tap into them at will. I am one of them. I have earned my place with them. I can sense this connection with these individuals at all times during normal waking hours.

Now for the darker side of things. I was at a house party with a girl friend and we were sitting in the living room during Thanksgiving weekend. There was a blazing fire in the fireplace and about twenty people. Two girls in front of us were drinking rum and using an Ouija board. I was not impressed because I thought it was a stupid thing to be doing. Suddenly the fire flared up as if someone had poured gasoline on it and my friend fell into convulsions shaking in her chair. She was terrified and when I asked her what was wrong she said it felt like she couldn’t breathe. Like she was underwater. Then she said it felt like there was someone inside her. I instantly knew that some type of spirit had taken possession of her and that I needed to help that spirit into the light.

I talked her through the process and helped her to remain calm until the spirit left and entered into the light. In the meantime others in the house were freaking out and watching us. Later we found out that five years earlier a twelve year old boy had fallen through the ice of a pond in the winter and they had not found the body until that spring. It was that boy’s spirit that had come into my friend’s body.

When my wife’s mother was on her death bed her siblings were doing a death watch at the bedside. We traveled two hundred miles to be there and were staying at the apartment of a friend when my wife suddenly went into a seizure and couldn’t move. I asked her what was wrong and she said that her mother was trying to take over her body. Then she said she needed to use the rest room and as I helped her down the hall she was limping like her mother and one side of her face was drooping like her mother’s did after her stroke. Not knowing what else to do I poured my own energy into my wife and tried to fill her with my energy driving out that of her mother. It worked although she still was not able to move on her own and I called an ambulance. The ambulance came and took her to the same hospital where her mother was dying on a different floor. In the meantime my wife had come back to her normal self and was very angry and kept saying that she was alright and there was nothing wrong with her. I advised her to just rest and be patient because she had been brought to the hospital. They could find nothing wrong with her.

In her anger, she took her cell phone and called her sister who was upstairs at the death bed and shouted for her sister to come down and get her out of there because I wouldn’t. As she was yelling at her sister her mother died right in front of her sister.

Things must run in her family because when her father died we were both in the hospital room at the same time. It was the only time I had ever been in a room when someone died. Suddenly I felt her father’s spirit trying to enter into my body and take it over! I was both frightened and angry and just held it at a distance. The spirit was frightened and that was why it wanted into my body. I called out for some angels or light beings to come and help him. These light beings came and took him away peacefully. But it gave me a fright. It was quite unpleasant.

On a totally unrelated note I remember walking along and someone said out loud: “He dares much!” and another voice hushed the first. I heard the voice as if someone was speaking right next to me but there was no one there.

Another sharing comes from one of my soul mate cycles. She had just left and was driving back to the cities where she lived two hundred miles away. She had been visiting my parents and was a friend of the family. I was laying on my bed when suddenly each chakra popped like a flash bulb and my awareness split with part of me still lying in bed and the other part pulled out of my body in an OOBE. But this was a strange OOBE. There was a two inch thick astral cord coming out of the top of my head and that cord was pulling me into the air and behind her car as it went down the road. It was pulling my astral body behind it like a giant balloon! There was no cord attached to my physical body! Then my astral body went into her and down into the earth and then returned through the earth to where my physical body lay in bed.

One final sharing involves the use of an electromagnet that I created to polarize my aura. I created this electromagnet from a large coil of the wire used in electrical house wiring. This wire was wrapped around two large iron bolts that were both around the size of a small basketball. It was set up with a rectifier and when plugged into the house electrical outlet created a strong pulsating direct current with a distinct 60 cycle hum. I placed one of the electromagnets at my feet in the south pole position and one at my head in the north pole position. I could only turn the magnets on for a minute at a time because they became too warm. After one of these treatments I lay down on my bed and suddenly had an OOBE in which my awareness again split with one part remaining in my body and the other turned like a compass needle orienting to the north. But first it wobbled back and forth before settling in its new position. I was laying in the bed with my head to the east at the time.

I share these experiences because they happened while I was wide awake at the time they occurred. They were not visions, meditations or lucid dreams. I will speak of those next.

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2020 was a very difficult year for me as I’ve shared previously. In February I lost my father, in May I lost both my wife and my dog and in December I lost my job and retired. That left me with a lot of emptiness, an emptiness that I didn’t know how to fill and because of that emptiness I didn’t get much done.

Three weeks ago I got a new puppy named Valentine. She was born in February and is not yet 4 months old. She completely fills up most of that emptiness right now! I have my hands full and I also have energy to do things once more! She brings me that energy and shares it with me as I share my own energy with her by taking her places and doing things with her. She is a precious gift that will help me to move forward through the remaining years of my life time.

In retrospect it is pretty simple. People, animals and things come into our lives and bring us energy and in return we give our own energy to them. It is the combined result that makes our lives rich and interesting. But there are limits to what we can give and limits to what others can give us. That doesn’t mean that we run out of energy or that others run out of energy. It only means that the catalytic effect is gone and what we can achieve from that point on with that person, animal or thing is quite limited. What they can achieve with us is quite limited as well. In romantic relationships this is when the spark is gone. Many people stay together in meaningful and loving relationships after the spark is gone, but they have shifted their priorities to other things. It is one of the normal stages in a relationship.

This spring a new energy is coming in and we can look to see where and from whom it is coming from. Many of us are creating new energetic connections and those new energetic connections will change our lives! It is more important now than ever to become aware of those things we are attracted to and move toward them, following our own personal inner guidance even when it goes against the norm.

But the entire point of this post is to share that there will always be limits to what can be done and there will always be new sources of energy and interest if we allow them into our lives! Life itself requires motion, growth, excitement and a reason to be alive!

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As many of you know it has been a hard year for me. My father died last a year ago last February and both my wife and my dog Luci died a day a part last spring a year ago. To top that off my work place closed its doors and I was kind of forced to retire or find another job.

So I had lots of empty space to fill and nothing seemed able to fill it. So I waited and kept trying to hold an opening for good things to come into my life. That is how magick works you know. The astral is already completely filled up and the only way for something new is for something to leave, either by physically manifesting or by being destroyed.

So we are taught to give things away, to voluntarily create space for new magick to enter our lives or else we resist and things get taken from us. Probably both happen all the time.

But having such empty space hurts and is not comfortable and it is easy to try to force things. I wanted Luci to come back to me as a new pet and tried five different times to adopt a pet but got nowhere. I was trying to force things. I knew that she was out there because I had dreams of her and dreams of a new puppy. But I was impatient. Thankfully, I also try to listen to my inner voice and didn’t push too hard. Finally I just let it go to be fulfilled in its own way and time.

My birthday was 24 April and the first thing that I did that morning was to apply to adopt Valentine. Can’t really say why except that I knew after my birthday was a good time to advance things in my life and the spring energies were so strong. Then I kind of chickened out and asked about another puppy as well, just in case. Kind of hedging my bet so to speak. But that other puppy was already spoken for and Valentine was meant to come home to me. There were eight puppies in the litter she was born into and she was one of two that were left. The others had already been snatched up. Her mother was rescued from Texas and is a Catahoula Leopard Dog. So Valentine is a mix but I already know that she is extremely intelligent for being only 16 weeks old. She has already dragged her water dish over to me demanding more. She has a map in her head of the park where I take her for walks.

But the point of this post is about filling the empty space and about the energies of spring. Right now I can’t go to my social functions or leave home for an extended time because I can’t leave her alone or she will trash the place. I can’t meditate because she will jump on me or come over and try to play.

Things in my life have shifted and they have shifted drastically, but they have shifted in a good way! Things will calm down as she gets a bit older. But I had my time for meditation and introspection. Now it is time for sharing and taking her on adventures.

This morning she jumped on my lap as I was sitting kind of half awake in my easy chair. She kind of dozed off and I sensed her astral body sitting there on my lap as well! That never happened to me with Luci!

The point of all this is there are permanent changes in my life that are now finding physical expression and some of them are almost overwhelming. But I do believe this is happening all over the world to other people as well. The emptiness is being filled. The changes are going into effect. There will be a bountiful harvest this coming fall! Let us tend to the seeds that we have planted and water them so they grow abundant over the summer months.

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I Really Did It and Organic Gnosticism Social Groups are now up and running at PaganSpace.net so go and check them out! I would really love to have each of you share your own paths and experiences so that I can learn from them as well! Let’s show the pagans over there what Organic Gnosticism is all about!

https://www.paganspace.net/share/URLOXoAad8Az9R2L?utm_source=manual If you use this link I might even get some referral points! Check it out!

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Here is how my May Day celebration went! This is Valentine, my new companion. I had several dreams about her over the past few months and earlier about Luci so I believe Valentine is an incarnation of Luci come back to me. I know that she was crazy excited and happy to see me! And I her of course! It is a happy day and only proves to me even more that things are planned out in the astral before they happen in the physical.

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Ok, visualize this swimmer going through the meadow land pictured above and not the road. It is night time and his body is pale and there are thirty or forty others all swimming as well. That is the etheric level dream that I posted about last time and had no clue what it meant. But things have a way of clicking when I give them a chance and this is really cool!

I’ve been writing about Gaia’s ascension and how everyone was having their etheric bodies activated. Well this dream was proof of that taking place right now! Those swimmers were all of you learning how to navigate and use your newly ascended and activated etheric bodies! And even more important we are a family and belong together.

This morning as I did my latest meditation it included a sacred grove and I visualized and called all of those people with the newly activated etheric bodies because they are us! So in my meditation I was sitting in the sacred grove with all these pale people that I could see! I never used to be able to see them, the members of the Order. Things are happening people!

On another note I mentioned that I would be trying to find a way for some community interaction where we can do more sharing and this may be happening as well. I just asked about creating two groups in a social platform called PaganSpace and have high hopes. It just seems to feel right.

The first group will be called I Really Did It and will be an open forum for sharing and discussing things that we have really done and hopefully encouraging members to include photos that they have really taken as well (not to just post photos but I mean to go along with the shared experience as an extra). It sounds a bit simple and stupid but I think the concept is really powerful and exciting and empowering. It is what has been missing in all these social groups.

The second group will be called Organic Gnosticism and will explore concepts and techniques that we can try and report back on and discuss to see what works and what doesn’t. I’ve already got the material and only need to present it in a way that will encourage discussion and participation.

What really moved me to do this is that I see how people need these tools to help them feel more real and empowered. None of us need to feel as if we are ghosts!

I will keep everyone informed and let you know when these groups are active. I’m hoping that you will come on over and share with me so I don’t have to talk to myself all the time!

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