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Since June is the show I thought I might post little bits and pieces about how the Unity Grid works and we can all see if I am right or not as the month goes by. So my first offering is how the Unity Grid manifests future events.

Imagine if you will that the astral planes have pretty much emptied themselves of all events that can legally manifest according to the new rules. So there is no future created and we are collectively creating it day by day.

Now one of the things about the Unity Grid is that the new world is “collective” in the literal sense of the word. Imagine a true democracy where all life gets a vote.

Imagine that most people don’t want the world economy to collapse. As everyone knows the world economy seems about to collapse any day. This “collective” desire of “most” people reaches out into the void and literally “creates” a future where it doesn’t collapse. How can it do that? Well let’s see. Greece can’t default on its debt, so what can prevent Greece from defaulting on its debt? Perhaps only one person, one of the powers that be, has the ability to prevent Greece from defaulting. This person wants Greece to default but is being forced into taking steps that keep the economy of Greece going one day at a time. It is the only future that this person has, it is the only future that has been created for this person even if it is not the future he or she wants.

In this illustration the “collective desire” of humanity creates a future that involves this person against his or her will and makes it the only option he or she has. There are no other future choices. This is also karmic because this person as one of the powers that be abused their position and trust and now they are truly “servants of the people” in a very literal way. Karma has a bite and all karma is to be balanced, good and evil.

Thus we find “gridlock” in the physical world and nothing can get done. Everything is perfectly balanced and the knots are only gradually untied. You can be assured that the masses do not want world war III or a mass landing of UFO’s either, so these are not going to happen.

The masses do not want something “spectacular” to happen so nothing spectacular is going to happen. A future is being created day by day in which the status quo remains. The ascension of mother earth will mistakenly seem like a non event to most of the population but this is not really the case. Something very profound is happening. This is why I have stated that the Unity Grid does not really support mass events.

Enough of this for now. I will post more on how the Unity Grid works throughout the month.


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Today is the first of June and just a few days before the full moon that everyone is waiting for. I would like to share an update of things as I sense them at this time.

Things have changed and for the first time Gaia/mother earth has the bit in her teeth and is propelling us forward, not us propelling her forward! Lightworkers have been trying to raise her vibrations and now the situation is reversed and she is raising our vibrations. She is drinking in these new energies as quickly and as thirstily as she can. This is also protecting us since we are way out of our league with the energies that are now coming in.

The energies of the new 4th density earth have anchored and are in the process of stabilizing. This will happen by the next full moon. 3rd density still goes on oblivious to everything but the stress is building. Many of us are indeed living in two separate worlds.

Eating my own words, I do sense the energy of Jupiter radiating and flooding earth with a companion light energy. Jupiter was once thought of as a God, as the highest God. I still don’t think of it as a sun, but that is semantics over function I guess.

I still sense no great earth changes, in fact just the opposite. I sense that the magnetic grid of 4th density is snapping together and ripping apart the old 3d energies but the new energies are benevolent. Gaia is mostly aligned and has no further need of massive corrections. Only human society has the need for massive corrections.

In the next two or three days expect to sense the completion plans of 4th density in the ascension process. This includes individuals as well. We are all still attached to the old 3rd density as well, but continue anchoring in the new energies and these events will complete by the fall equinox.

Remember that earth’s manifestation process is established in a “printing que” one year ahead of time and that as of last year only 3d and lower remained to be placed in the “printing que”. That happened in November and December of last year. We will see the 3d ascension this fall after the fall equinox.

I focused in on Nibiru in a skeptical way and was surprised to see confirmation of CA’s message. The passing of Nibiru in late September seems to carry the final closing energies that seal off the old eon from the new one.

I still sense that we are being asked to remain in physical until the natural death of our physical bodies to make this transition complete. This does include having the abilities to use our higher dimensional powers while we remain as teachers, helpers and healer. For some that means the ascension process may extend for many years after earth’s ascension and not be realized in its entirety until that time.

In the meantime the Unity Grid is expelling everything that is not compatible with it. We can expect stress levels rise among the population, especially those that have never considered or heard of ascension. Many people are going to need some help in dealing with these changes.

Don’t expect public disclosure of anything, UFO’s, financial fraud, or things about TPTB. These things are being taken care of outside of the public eye. Those of us that know will find more evidence, but the general population is too stupid to deal with it and they won’t. It is not the case that humanity will be astounded at how we have been fooled but we will be astounded at how stupid we really are!

Still, there are enough that have awakened and most of all Gaia, our mother, is being empowered to protect us.


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