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Most people want a rich and deeply satisfying life, but few are able to achieve it. Of course, people who live in their heads, or promote altruistic sacred ideologies and self-sacrifice can never achieve it. The main reasons for not achieving life’s rewards are lack of competence or life experience, believing in external authorities and lack of self-esteem.

There are so many powerful insights into human behavior that get twisted the wrong way. For example the works of Sigmund Freud, Herbert Marcuse and Wilhelm Reich argue that sexuality dominates human behavior. These views support the idea that all of life is oriented around sex. This is far from the truth and twists things in an interesting way.

The sharing of sensuality and sexuality within love relationships creates an energetic exchange that develops the soul, the ego or the Observer self, whatever you want to call it. This sharing can be platonic, intellectual, emotional, sexual or just plain physical. Human interaction and human love develop the soul and its powers. The sharing and giving of oneself to another is the most empowering thing and most rewarding thing that life has to offer! This mutual sharing of energies causes something deeply inside of us, inside of our souls, to feel more complete.

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I was struggling to come up with something worthwhile to write about tonight, reading over things that just didn’t seem appropriate somehow. In my posts I try to touch the living pulse of our modern society and confront issues that I think need to be addressed. I simply couldn’t find anything that was really inspirational and then it hit me!

Our society has become so polarized, so divided that things are turning violent and people are acting out with psychotic behaviors. This is not just about the election of Donald Trump as president, something else is going on and I think I know what it is.

The young people don’t have anything to do! They can’t get the jobs they want and getting a higher education is no longer a guarantee of landing a good job. But it’s not only the young people. It’s the elderly people being forced to work low-end jobs just to make ends meet or to pay for medical insurance because their retirement is not enough to keep them alive. There are just too many people that have too much time on their hands and that causes them to get into trouble and make mischief. There are too many people that are stressed out to the max!

It’s really just that simple! Our society is failing us in a very big way! Society is supposed to create a win-win situation for the majority of the population. There will always be those at the fringes and those that fall through the cracks. But society is supposed to work for the vast majority of the population and it doesn’t anymore!

Computers and technology have caused things to be more precise and less forgiving. But the average individual is not self disciplined enough to take advantage of the opportunities that computers and technology bring. On the contrary that same technology is oppressing people and making their lives into a hell. Not everyone, but obviously a lot of people feel the pressure and they are acting out!

The only thing I know for sure is that things can’t continue going the way they have been. Something’s got to pop, and it’s going to happen soon. Actually, it’s already started to happen. It started to happen during the last presidential election. It’s even got a name, national populism and it’s not going to go away anytime soon!

Now I’m not really into national populism, because my thing is rugged individualism. But they’re not that far apart. I can recognize what’s coming from the heart and what’s coming from the head in this wave is coming from the heart of the disenfranchised and angry population. I wouldn’t want to be a member of the political establishment these days.

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Those that lock themselves away from life and experience are already dead but they don’t know it. Perfect life and perfect love only come through the transmuting of the imperfect into the perfect. We begin with the imperfect.

Are we to live as beasts? No, but the highest expression of godhood is to be found within our physical bodies and within the present moment. Physical life and our physical bodies are sacred and all that we can experience is sacred including sensuality and sexuality.

We are those that survive! We are those that have found our true mates and the joy of living as gods and goddesses within the physical world. We take joy in our survival. Our restrictions have not prevented us from living as we choose! The present moment is not a burden to us but a blessing.

Everyone has the same chance and the same present moment. Everyone has unlimited possibilities and opportunities within that present moment. If they choose to die, let them die! Living is for the strong! This message is for the strong! There is no way to help those that will not help themselves! The present moment exists even after the physical body dies and another replaces it! Do not fear death and do not fear life! Embrace both with all your might for they are continuous.

Sensuality, sexuality and the generation of sensual and sexual energies are the most sacred things in life. Rejoice in them. We are the God and Goddess, should we be ashamed of ourselves?

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When was the last time you really believed in something and were excited about it? How long did it last? Do you still believe in it or was it a passing fancy?

Do you believe in the still small voice of conscience that speaks within your heart? Do you really listen to it or just ignore it? We have good intentions but we are torn between the desires of our physical body and our soul. Society has made us feel unworthy to have the things that we desire. We have high expectations of ourselves but keep falling short. We don’t want to sin but we still do. Every day we do things over and over again that we are ashamed of and that make us feel bad about ourselves.

Heavy feelings of guilt and self-loathing are encountered at this level of thought. A powerful force digs up our deepest subconscious psychic contents and exposes them openly to us. We are brought face-to-face with every word we ever regretted, every thought we are ashamed of. We feel as if we are little more than animals blindly reacting to physical and emotional stimuli. We are brought face-to-face with the mirror of our soul. We don’t care if God forgives us because we can’t forgive ourselves.

This is a very difficult time and many flee in terror at what they see in the mirror. They spend the rest of their lives in misery, guilt and shame, hating themselves and dreading the day they must face their final reward. This is the crisis point where one confronts the dweller on the threshold. This is the point where we must choose whether to identify ourselves with our physical body or with our immortal soul.

Once we have crossed this point our lives are changed. We no longer identify with our physical body. Instead we identify with our soul which lives on after the death of our physical body. This is a tremendous change in perspective and is called being born again!

Our conscience is erupting and when we are ready to listen huge changes take place within our lives.

There is a mental shift where life becomes a test and trial that is necessary to pass before we can look at ourselves in the mirror and like what we see. Every day we try to follow the still small voice of our conscience and forgive ourselves when we fail. As we continue to follow the still small voice of our conscience we grow spiritually. It becomes easier and there is a great joy that is mixed with a terrible loneliness that is bittersweet. We want others to experience the joy that we experience. It is hard to accept that others may not agree with us. We are forever alone with a unique personal perspective upon a path meant only for us.

When we try to share this path and perspective we can’t and this realization is devastating. The things that are so important to us simply do not matter to others. They laugh and ridicule us. Still this loneliness is the result of distorted thinking. We are never really alone because the entire universe is always a part of us and we are a vital part of it.

Others don’t need to follow our path. They need to follow their path. Our realization and experience of being “born again” causes us to weep for the loneliness and suffering of humanity. So much misery does not need to exist. People don’t understand what joy and peace they are missing. This is where we develop compassion in our hearts for others. As we share our message and interact with others we become less lonely.

Our sharing becomes more mental as the material world becomes less important. Slowly mental and spiritual concepts gain strength and reality over our lives. We live through conscious intent and will power instead of passing fancy. As this happens the emotions lose their control over our lives. We gain control over them and repress them until they are almost nonexistent. As this happens we depend more and more upon reason and logic

This is a very painful time. We sense the coming death of the emotions. Life is no longer as fun as it once was. We have lost our “inner child”. Life without emotions is no longer life.

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Happiness cannot be given or be the result of material things. It comes from inside of us. Happiness is the result of healthy self-esteem, of feeling good about who we are. This is a deeply personal thing and the product of our own life choices and experiences. It has nothing to do with being politically correct or sharing common values and beliefs with others. It is not about others. It is about ourselves!

One of the most important requirements for personal happiness is to be true to ourselves, true to the still small voice of conscience that speaks within our hearts. When we do this our hearts and our minds are linked together in harmony and love. When we allow this for others we allow them to find happiness as well.

Competence and self-esteem are closely related to each other. The better we can do something, the better we feel about ourselves. We get better at things by doing them! The more we do, the more life experiences we have, the wiser we become, the more successes we have the better we feel about ourselves.

The better we feel about ourselves, the better we feel about others. When we don’t feel threatened by others we allow them the freedom to be themselves and they feel better as well! This is a win-win situation! This is all possible through healthy self-esteem, being true to who we really are, becoming competent at life and allowing others the same freedoms.

So why is it so important what other people think of us? Why is it so important to possess material things? Why is it so important to be politically correct? Why do we have to think and believe the same things and share the same values? Even more importantly, why are we supposed to rely on professionals rather than upon developing those own skills within ourselves? Why do we need external authorities?

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born free

To make something sacred is to push it away from us and make it distant and unattainable. To make everything sacred is to make us live in our heads! The early church told its followers what was sin and what was not sin. That took all the work away from the common person. They didn’t have to search in their hearts and examine things for themselves. It was all cut and dried everyone was a sinner. Confession took care of that. You sinned and then you confessed. It was pretty simple.

The Protestant had a conscience and needed to be answerable to that conscience. That was much more difficult. The Protestant needed to become a priest, his or her own priest. That meant they had to remove themselves even further from worldly things, even further into their heads and into spirituality. But really what was happening was the transformation of sacred objects into sacred concepts.

A person was still required to live in obedience, reflection and humility. External authority still remained external authority but now the external authority was a purely nonphysical authority, a concept! The release from worldly things was replaced by even stricter chains that were spiritual in nature and enforced by the conscience.

The path forward was to make all things sacred to the point where individual ego and self-awareness no longer existed. It was only then that everything turned inside out so the still small voice of conscience and the Christ spirit in the heart could be heard. When a person found God in all things they also found God within their own hearts and that was when they were able to listen to their own internal authority for the first time.

Once we are able to find God within our own hearts we can find God in the hearts of others as well. In fact, the same God that is in our hearts exists in the hearts of others because we are all part of the same heart! There is no external authority because my internal authority speaks with the same voice as your internal authority even if it may tell me something different than it tells you because your purpose in life is different than my purpose. In this way we learn to trust and to love others no matter how different they are from us.

There is no longer any need for external authority!

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I feel guided to share my own thoughts and observations about Gaia’s ascension because I haven’t found any good information out there! Steve Rother is perhaps the best but I’m not really onboard with what he channels, at least not completely.

So where to start. I continue to be amazed that the timeline I have following for over twenty five years is virtually unchanged. The visions I received back then are still as true as they were then. So I must have tapped into the real thing back then. All these other timelines have folded or transformed to support the single timeline I originally was shown and all is according to a higher plan that has not once deviated. I think this is important to share.

So here is something from twenty five years ago. Earth’s magnetic poles will shift about 20 degrees. I experienced that shift in the higher astral realms and have followed it down to the lowest levels. So earth’s poles are going to shift, but not end for end. It looks like that is what Steve Rother is picking up on and it will probably happen in my lifetime. A shift of 20 degrees is still formidable in terms of what it can do weather wise. I’m betting this will happen a lot sooner than fifty years because we are speeding all this up considerably.

Next comment, Gaia portal recently posted, “Enter the dragons.” That is a reference to some of us old timers that are just now starting to get into the mix. My attempts to post four posts a day from now until the winter solstice is an example of something a dragon might do to combat the insanity that currently runs rampant across the globe. Nothing succeeds like excess and few would have the stamina or information to post that much for so long. Its a little larger than life but that’s what dragons do.

Lastly here’s some info about the Event or what ascension really is. I have a visual but its not nice. It does help though! Gaia’s ascension is like a snake shedding its old skin after it out grows it. We ascending are part of that old skin! This is difficult to express in words.

Earth is like a pebble or rock without any organic life. Gaia is the life force that exists within and around earth itself. Gaia exists in the astral planes, the entire astral planes from the highest to the lowest and she’s in the process of leaving earth behind! She is like the snake skin that is being sloughed off. The astral planes and all its contents are leaving the rock or pebble that is earth and beginning a non-physical existence in other dimensions.

Once Gaia has been sloughed off a new “skin” will begin to form surrounding the rock or pebble that is earth. But this new “skin” will be “under quarantine” and none of us that have ascended can influence it in any way. We had our turn and we have just graduated. Now it is someone else’s turn and off limits to us. This is just the same as how our space brothers and sisters were not allowed to directly interfere in our ascension. Now it is our turn to sit this one out and watch.

I’m saying all this from an earth viewpoint. From the earth viewpoint we will become ghosts of what Gaia once was. Isn’t that what a snake skin becomes once its shed? But time is circular and to those playing the new game on earth we will appear to them as the future, not the past. It’s all a game and its all circular.

From the ascended viewpoint we continue to live in non-physical bodies and non-physical worlds. Those of us alive today will probably live in our already activated and working etheric bodies in worlds much like this one, but etheric will become our new physical. Others may live at higher even less physical planes of existence.

The timing of these things is like the shedding of a snake’s skin as well. I would say we are now over halfway cast off! There is nothing that can keep us here any longer than necessary! The sense that I have is that I will be released after this writing project… sometime this winter perhaps. The dragons make such a mess of things!

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There is only the celebration of life within the present moment. This celebration of the present moment continues even after the death of the physical body and the eventual rebirth into another one. For eternity! There is death only for those that refuse to live in the present moment. But they are already dead and don’t know it!

Failure, regret and fear are not options. The continued generation of sensual and sexual energies will ensure eventual success. This involves a reversal of the life force within you until you are complete. This is a mechanical process in which gains can be discerned on a daily basis as one develops and grows in strength. The end result is inevitable if enough sensual and sexual energy is generated over a long enough period of time.

Everyone has the same opportunity and the same ability to become a god or goddess regardless of their circumstances in life. The only requirement is a steady generation of sensual and sexual energy. Those that choose to be weak or to fail or to follow another path deserve no pity or support. There is no excuse for not following this path once one knows of it and how natural and simple it really is. The only force that can stop you and contain you is your own true mate. This is how you will know your true mate.

Virility, sexuality and the generation of sensual and sexual energy is the key. It is not something to be ashamed of. The morality and anti-sexual programming of centuries must fall away. This path is a sacred path.

Those that mock and laugh at this path and the truth it contains will not laugh when the backlash of this energy hits them and affects their lives.

Understand this! If I could change anything in this world I would not change anything because it is already perfect. As a god or goddess I will only do better those things that I already do. As a god or goddess I have options that a slave does not have. There will always be options for me to explore. I will not and cannot be trapped. Not even by another god or goddess. Never hold back! You cannot hurt another god or goddess. They are as adaptable and flexible as you are. They are using the same sensual and sexual energies. A win-win situation will eventually result. Never give in or give up! Follow your own conscience and go by your own rules! The hell with everyone else! You can’t hurt another god or goddess and your true mate will be able to stop you. Who else matters? Those that won’t even try? The slaves?

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Tantra and working with sexual energies are natural for females. Tantra was designed and created mostly to help the male understand the power of his own sexuality and how to work creatively with the female in the development of the soul.

At first the male struggles with how to be both body and spirit. He struggles to open his heart to spiritual love while maintaining an awareness of his physical body and its needs as well. He looks at his partner and sees a goddess. He sees her as a divine being and places her onto a pedestal. He worships her. He has expectations and standards for her that are so high that only a goddess could fulfill them. He does not feel worthy of her love.

She feels his energy coming into her aura and into her body. They haven’t even physically touched yet. This is all a dynamic exchange of sensual and sexual energies. Mentally she identifies with the goddess within her and opens herself to embrace and accept his energy. This is true goddess love. She acts through instinct and recognizes what sensations his energies produce within her physical body. All options are explored. She allows this. She loves herself and the entire world. She accepts his worship of her. She is the goddess. His love makes her feel lovable.

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Conscious human life includes the physical, the sensual, the sexual, the emotional, the mental, the philosophical, the spiritual all integrated into one harmonious unity. Each aspect of life has its own requirements, needs and empowerments. Fulfilling those needs through personal empowerment leads to a natural prosperity and happiness in life.

Physical health is important and we should learn how to maintain our physical bodies to the best of our abilities. Preventive maintenance is the key. If we don’t use it we lose it! Be active and live life to the fullest extent possible each and every day.

A healthy self-esteem and strong ego is the same thing as having a soul or watcher self. This means a strong sense of self that can exist independently of the physical body. Self-esteem and a healthy ego are developed in many ways, the most common being through the development of competence in different areas of life. The fastest and most powerful way of developing the sense of self and a strong ego is through love relationships. The importance of love relationships in our lives cannot be understated!

Personal effort is the final ingredient and perhaps the most important because sometimes we don’t have control over our physical health and it stands to reason that love relationships require the consent and desire of both people. But personal effort is something that is always possible! Even if it’s something as small as breathing exercises! All personal effort is cumulative and leads to the development of our soul, leads to the development of self-esteem and a healthy ego.

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