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We are born free, yet everywhere we look we have become servants! Will we ever have our turn to become free again? Heaven forbid! We don’t want anybody to be free! We want everybody to be like us! Take personal power away from everybody so that we are all equal!

When we say all what do we really mean? Society? But is society real? Does it have a physical body? We are its body! But wait, that’s not right. I have a physical body and you have a physical body and we all have physical bodies but that doesn’t make us one physical body! Society may make use of our many individual physical bodies but it will never have a physical body of its own. It is nothing more than a concept, something that exists in the mind. The physical body of society is only an illusion.

The freedom society gives is the freedom of one person from the dominion of another person. One person cannot control or command another person. Only society and the law can do that!

But even if people have become equal their possessions and wealth have not become equal. The poor man needs the rich man’s money so he works for the rich man. The rich man needs someone to do the work so he pays the poor man’s wages. Each one gives the other something that they need. Each one possesses something that the other desires. So what a person possesses makes him valuable to the other. No matter how you say it the things that one person possesses are not equal to what the other person possesses. So they are not equal even though society says they are both free.

But we want people to be equal! The only solution to this inequality is for the state or society to take away from both what they possess so that they are both left with nothing. In this way society possesses the wealth and the labor and determines how much each individual shall have.

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There are many ways to develop the soul and its powers. It can be done through breathing techniques, meditation, physical activities as well as Tantric practices. But the fastest and most powerful way of developing the soul and its powers is through the exchange of sensual and sexual energies within love relationships. The dynamic energy exchanges of being in love cause parts of our souls to become more complete and this happens naturally and easily. When the spark is gone the transfer of energies is complete.

The more you open your heart and mind to love relationships the stronger your soul becomes! Therefore live richly and don’t fear the death of the physical body. Develop the powers of your soul and experience all that life has to offer without end.

Don’t be afraid of love! Don’t be afraid to live life to its fullest! All things are possible so grasp the infinite possibilities of love within the present moment! Open your heart to others and share your energy. That is the first step. Through personal sharing with many others you will attract special relationships. It sounds crazy, but that’s the way it seems to work. You share from your heart with a wide group of people and after you have shared enough that sharing of energy will eventually draw the the right person to you.

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We all have a masculine and feminine side. We all struggle with our opposing natures inside of us. This post is written from the theoretical perspective of a female. In other words I think that most females can relate to what I’m about to share. But I believe that males can relate just as well. So I’m not trying to be sexist, I’m trying to describe an orientation and perspective on life that depicts one side of things and in another post I will be trying to depict an opposite and equally valid orientation and perspective. So the idea is to explore the duality that exists within each one of us, the masculine and the feminine that exists within each of us. Each post that belongs to this series will include the word duality or tantra in the title.

She discovers that by appealing to others she can get her way easily. Everyone wants to please her. All nature appears bountiful and cooperative. There is enough for everyone. Everything she does is good and she loves every minute of it. She feels light and happy, special.

She is naïve and innocent as she enters the adult world. She is in her early teens, and her childhood goddess awareness is retreating. She reacts rapidly and easily to physical and emotional stimulus. She is turning away from inward spiritual things and facing an exciting and unknown world with a keen mind and sharp awareness.

She notices that others are fascinated by her body. She can wrap them around her finger by teasing them and flirting. She admires her body and seeks to become more beautiful. She spends her days in joy, experimentation, and curiosity loving herself. She is becoming more of a goddess.

Nature and the entire world surround her with life, vitality, and sensuality. She identifies with all of it. She rejects her spiritual nature and turns toward physical life and emotional life. She wants to live. Life is a joy and a reward. She can do anything. All things are possible. She identifies with her physical sensual body and her sharp inquisitive mind.

Her mind and body are highly integrated together. Her spiritual connection has become mental. There is a sense of belonging and companionship in social activities. Her intellect is brilliant. As she continues to turn away from her connection with goddess she loses her source of spiritual energy. Spiritual growth can no longer be done alone. It requires a relationship.

She doesn’t always get her own way with things and gets into trouble. As more of her spiritual energy leaves, she becomes increasingly involved in wild emotional currents. Her mental clarity suffers and her intellect and reasoning ability gradually drop as they are overwhelmed by the emotional currents that rage and surge within her. She seeks company, laughs with good companions, and enjoys the delights of the world. As she begins to deliberately use people she has less compassion, becomes coldhearted and lonelier.

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Most people want a rich and deeply satisfying life, but few are able to achieve it. Of course, people who live in their heads, or promote altruistic sacred ideologies and self-sacrifice can never achieve it. The main reasons for not achieving life’s rewards are lack of competence or life experience, believing in external authorities and lack of self-esteem.

There are so many powerful insights into human behavior that get twisted the wrong way. For example the works of Sigmund Freud, Herbert Marcuse and Wilhelm Reich argue that sexuality dominates human behavior. These views support the idea that all of life is oriented around sex. This is far from the truth and twists things in an interesting way.

The sharing of sensuality and sexuality within love relationships creates an energetic exchange that develops the soul, the ego or the Observer self, whatever you want to call it. This sharing can be platonic, intellectual, emotional, sexual or just plain physical. Human interaction and human love develop the soul and its powers. The sharing and giving of oneself to another is the most empowering thing and most rewarding thing that life has to offer! This mutual sharing of energies causes something deeply inside of us, inside of our souls, to feel more complete.

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I was struggling to come up with something worthwhile to write about tonight, reading over things that just didn’t seem appropriate somehow. In my posts I try to touch the living pulse of our modern society and confront issues that I think need to be addressed. I simply couldn’t find anything that was really inspirational and then it hit me!

Our society has become so polarized, so divided that things are turning violent and people are acting out with psychotic behaviors. This is not just about the election of Donald Trump as president, something else is going on and I think I know what it is.

The young people don’t have anything to do! They can’t get the jobs they want and getting a higher education is no longer a guarantee of landing a good job. But it’s not only the young people. It’s the elderly people being forced to work low-end jobs just to make ends meet or to pay for medical insurance because their retirement is not enough to keep them alive. There are just too many people that have too much time on their hands and that causes them to get into trouble and make mischief. There are too many people that are stressed out to the max!

It’s really just that simple! Our society is failing us in a very big way! Society is supposed to create a win-win situation for the majority of the population. There will always be those at the fringes and those that fall through the cracks. But society is supposed to work for the vast majority of the population and it doesn’t anymore!

Computers and technology have caused things to be more precise and less forgiving. But the average individual is not self disciplined enough to take advantage of the opportunities that computers and technology bring. On the contrary that same technology is oppressing people and making their lives into a hell. Not everyone, but obviously a lot of people feel the pressure and they are acting out!

The only thing I know for sure is that things can’t continue going the way they have been. Something’s got to pop, and it’s going to happen soon. Actually, it’s already started to happen. It started to happen during the last presidential election. It’s even got a name, national populism and it’s not going to go away anytime soon!

Now I’m not really into national populism, because my thing is rugged individualism. But they’re not that far apart. I can recognize what’s coming from the heart and what’s coming from the head in this wave is coming from the heart of the disenfranchised and angry population. I wouldn’t want to be a member of the political establishment these days.

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Those that lock themselves away from life and experience are already dead but they don’t know it. Perfect life and perfect love only come through the transmuting of the imperfect into the perfect. We begin with the imperfect.

Are we to live as beasts? No, but the highest expression of godhood is to be found within our physical bodies and within the present moment. Physical life and our physical bodies are sacred and all that we can experience is sacred including sensuality and sexuality.

We are those that survive! We are those that have found our true mates and the joy of living as gods and goddesses within the physical world. We take joy in our survival. Our restrictions have not prevented us from living as we choose! The present moment is not a burden to us but a blessing.

Everyone has the same chance and the same present moment. Everyone has unlimited possibilities and opportunities within that present moment. If they choose to die, let them die! Living is for the strong! This message is for the strong! There is no way to help those that will not help themselves! The present moment exists even after the physical body dies and another replaces it! Do not fear death and do not fear life! Embrace both with all your might for they are continuous.

Sensuality, sexuality and the generation of sensual and sexual energies are the most sacred things in life. Rejoice in them. We are the God and Goddess, should we be ashamed of ourselves?

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When was the last time you really believed in something and were excited about it? How long did it last? Do you still believe in it or was it a passing fancy?

Do you believe in the still small voice of conscience that speaks within your heart? Do you really listen to it or just ignore it? We have good intentions but we are torn between the desires of our physical body and our soul. Society has made us feel unworthy to have the things that we desire. We have high expectations of ourselves but keep falling short. We don’t want to sin but we still do. Every day we do things over and over again that we are ashamed of and that make us feel bad about ourselves.

Heavy feelings of guilt and self-loathing are encountered at this level of thought. A powerful force digs up our deepest subconscious psychic contents and exposes them openly to us. We are brought face-to-face with every word we ever regretted, every thought we are ashamed of. We feel as if we are little more than animals blindly reacting to physical and emotional stimuli. We are brought face-to-face with the mirror of our soul. We don’t care if God forgives us because we can’t forgive ourselves.

This is a very difficult time and many flee in terror at what they see in the mirror. They spend the rest of their lives in misery, guilt and shame, hating themselves and dreading the day they must face their final reward. This is the crisis point where one confronts the dweller on the threshold. This is the point where we must choose whether to identify ourselves with our physical body or with our immortal soul.

Once we have crossed this point our lives are changed. We no longer identify with our physical body. Instead we identify with our soul which lives on after the death of our physical body. This is a tremendous change in perspective and is called being born again!

Our conscience is erupting and when we are ready to listen huge changes take place within our lives.

There is a mental shift where life becomes a test and trial that is necessary to pass before we can look at ourselves in the mirror and like what we see. Every day we try to follow the still small voice of our conscience and forgive ourselves when we fail. As we continue to follow the still small voice of our conscience we grow spiritually. It becomes easier and there is a great joy that is mixed with a terrible loneliness that is bittersweet. We want others to experience the joy that we experience. It is hard to accept that others may not agree with us. We are forever alone with a unique personal perspective upon a path meant only for us.

When we try to share this path and perspective we can’t and this realization is devastating. The things that are so important to us simply do not matter to others. They laugh and ridicule us. Still this loneliness is the result of distorted thinking. We are never really alone because the entire universe is always a part of us and we are a vital part of it.

Others don’t need to follow our path. They need to follow their path. Our realization and experience of being “born again” causes us to weep for the loneliness and suffering of humanity. So much misery does not need to exist. People don’t understand what joy and peace they are missing. This is where we develop compassion in our hearts for others. As we share our message and interact with others we become less lonely.

Our sharing becomes more mental as the material world becomes less important. Slowly mental and spiritual concepts gain strength and reality over our lives. We live through conscious intent and will power instead of passing fancy. As this happens the emotions lose their control over our lives. We gain control over them and repress them until they are almost nonexistent. As this happens we depend more and more upon reason and logic

This is a very painful time. We sense the coming death of the emotions. Life is no longer as fun as it once was. We have lost our “inner child”. Life without emotions is no longer life.

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