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We have just experienced the first full lunar cycle since the summer solstice, and this full moon was extremely powerful in setting things up for the coming year. We get one more round before the autumn equinox of September to get things right.

Major life events that have long been delayed are currently taking place. I should be moving into a new life cycle as old friends and connections leave for their own roundup. I’m looking at time as a solitary, hermit type, with opportunity to write and take care of my physical health and my dog, Luci.

While my long term goal is to find a way to hook up with Rose, my Divine Counterpart; physical reality gets in the way. I need to find a way to make a living so we can finally be together in the physical and writing a book on Divine Counterparts and soul development is perhaps the best way to do it if I can find enough readers. So bookmark my blog and tell your friends, get the word out that Divine Counterparts are here and they pave the way for the future of humanity!

For those interested in Divine Counterparts, there are many of us out there these days and many are in the same or similar situation to my own. These Divine Counterparts have found each other in one way or another, felt the bond between them and have fallen in love. But one or both are already in a committed relationship and they have no desire to hurt or cause harm to their current partner. In fact, this is more the norm than where Divine Counterparts have actually been able to join together in the physical. The reason is that Divine Counterparts have been energetically prevented from being together in the physical during the last great cycle. There has been an energetic three way split of love triangles where one’s body would go to one person and one’s soul would go to another. Thank the old eon energetics for that!

The only way for Divine Counterparts to be together physically is to individually work through all the false programing of the old eon and heal the wounds of the war between the sexes. Each Divine Counterpart couple is doing this or needs to be doing this to gradually work through all the resistance and wrong thinking of ages of dualistic thinking. Rose and I just happen to be Divine Counterparts that work with tantric sexual energies. So by default we have become Tantric masters. We personally experience things that have only been taught in the past to a select few through the ages.

Males and females are divine opposites and while they may arrive at similar values, beliefs and customs, they never do so in the same way! Each follows a distinct and highly different process, but both must learn to trust each other and the path that they each take even when it differs widely from their own!

So I must speak for the males and Rose will speak for the females. I will try to share what I can of the female path, but it must be openly stated that each path is different! To experience physical life in a male body is very much different than to experience it in a female body! Still, Divine Counterparts grow together so closely that they both become balanced sexually with half their souls male and the other half female and those halves merge as well. Divine Counterparts share the same soul, but experience life as mirrors to each other. They are perfect mirrors to each other.

I have strayed a long way from this month’s full moon! This past week Rose and I have dropped down to an even lower level of the astral in our sharing and energetic work. The Divine Blueprint for this coming eon is becoming active on a new and lower astral level. Everywhere you can see signs of the split between those that embrace the new energies of love and those that cling to the energies of scarcity and poverty.

Make no mistake about this! The pattern for Divine Counterparts is about positive energy flow based upon abundance. Give to the universe until the universe gives back! This is the motto of the Divine Counterpart couple and they have the energy to give and give until it comes back! Only they have that kind of energy! Look around and see those that give and give! Then look at those that cling to material possessions and greed. Both are grounded in the same type of energy, sexual orgasm energy, but they are not compatible in their results. Love is the answer. Love is the solution as it has always been the answer.


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It would be impossible to write about Divine Counterparts if I didn’t write about mine. So I will call her Rose. Rose is her favorite color and her favorite flower. A rose by any other name is still a rose!

Rose started reading my blogs about two and a half years ago and felt prompted by some inner directive to email me a supportive message of appreciation. I answered but kind of brushed it off as I would with any other email from a stranger. A few months later she emailed me again and this email really caught my attention. Our correspondence has grown over the last two years to become very special indeed. I might add that to email someone like she did went totally against her character.

I was writing about my experiences with chakra soulmates and the cycles I’ve experienced over the years while working with tantric sexual orgasm energies and how they develop the soul and its powers. Rose had experienced something similar and was fascinated by what I was writing about because no one else was writing about these kinds of things.

We had both experienced life changing spontaneous Kundalini releases and had both found that working with sexual orgasm energy acted to heal inner wounds of the psyche and spirit by activating these repressed energies and bringing them into awareness where they could be worked with.

My spontaneous kundalini release had occurred over twenty five years ago at a very volatile and fragile time in my life where I was actually experiencing a form of psychotic break following the break up of my marriage and having my children taken from me. I was in the Air Force at the time. Her experience had been a little over five years ago or seven years ago by now. In both cases we discovered that working with sexual orgasm energy in an auto erotic way or tantric manner was able to explode repressed pockets of negative energy and help the healing process. Her experience was guided by instinct or higher knowing. I initially followed the tantric teachings of Mantak Chia. We both experienced similar phenomenon.

The generation of sexual orgasm energy twice a day was required to break through the natural elasticity of the astral and etheric layers and release the trapped emotional energies. This was the common link of understanding and personal experience that joined us together in the beginning. Soon we discovered many other likes and dislikes about each other as we began communicating on a regular basis.

We began having astral sexual encounters and then deliberate sharing of sexual energies as our relationship developed.  This high energy exchange is the hall mark of Divine Counterpart interactions. Our non-physical bodies have since become so tangible that they are in permanent contact on all but the lowest level and even on the lowest non-physical level the bond exists as an immense cord that connects us via this sexual orgasm energy.

We experience each other in different ways. She actually feels the weight of my non-physical body and physical contact during our astral lovemaking. My experience is not quite that sensual but almost and developing daily although we live across the world from each other, her in South Africa and me in the United States.

I will state that I have also felt the actual weight of an astral visitor as they knelt on my chest once years ago in Phoenix. At the time I reacted violently because of fear and the intrusion of my personal space. This is not an issue between Rose and myself. We are each as open to each other as possible. I only mention it because such astral or etheric visits are not supernatural and many have developed their non-physical bodies and know how to function while traveling in them.

I might also state that there are several non-physical or astral bodies that can be developed and there are people around the world that have found ways to develop them. I have encountered many such people over the years as astral attacks. To develop a particular type of astral or non-physical body one must simply work that type of energy!

But my personal experience is related to tantric practice and to the sharing of sexual orgasm energies with either chakra soulmates or with Rose, my Divine Counterpart. To the best of my knowledge this information has never been shared openly.


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Fairy tales, romantic love, the Holy Grail, Divine Counterparts! They all partake of the non-physical worlds or the astral worlds of magic and mystery. Please understand this and understand it correctly! Sacred Sex, magical sex, and Tantra is not about the act of physical sex. It is not about the sperm and the impregnation of the ovum. It is not about the procreation of the species or giving birth to children.

The development of the soul and its powers involves the mysteries of non-physical sex and non-physical relationships with others of the opposite sex. This fact and the failure to understand it correctly has perhaps been the most damaging belief of the ages. It is about the energetic exchange of sexual energies between magical partners,  partners joined by the spark of divine love.

This sexual energy must indeed be generated by the physical body, but it is non-physical in nature and may partake of all other energies. It can be spiritual, mental, emotional, lustful or sexual, but it courses through the body and soul as energy. Its most powerful form is that of sexual orgasm energy.

There are serious problems to working with this energy and developing permanently activated non-physical bodies. Both males and females have advantages and disadvantages that must be correctly understood. The disadvantages and the advantages both involve the limitations of the physical body.

The male continuously creates new sperm throughout his entire life. The required energy is contained within the sperm like electricity is contained in a car battery. Sperm loss is like throwing batteries away after they lose their charge. Instead they can be drained of their electrical potential and then recharged overnight through normal sleep. In the first example sexual activity is held to once or twice a week if one is lucky based upon how quickly the physical body can replenish the sperm. In the second example those same sperm cells can be drained of their electrical charge through tantric practices twice a day without injury  or discomfort. But it requires a specific tantric discipline that needs to be mastered.

The first example severely limits how quickly one can progress in the development of the soul. The second example shows how quickly and radically such soul growth and development can take effect even on the first day of such practice.

It is the pleasurable energy of the orgasm that fills the body that is required, not the sperm. Speaking bluntly, a male can have a vasectomy and still develop the soul and its powers quickly. It is the energy that flows through the physical body and fills it that is important.

The female has her own benefits and liabilities. Sexual orgasm for the female instantly creates the correct type of energy that floods the body and she is sexually capable of having many orgasms one after the other. She is naturally able to develop the soul or non-physical body and its powers. But to do this she needs to avoid pregnancy! So sexual activity that avoids pregnancy is what is required for the female.

The final ingredient is they both share a soul connection, a spark of divine love between them that will cause both of them to grow inside as they share their energies with each other. It is really just that simple and just that hard! The non-physical reality they create between them is very real, but our culture denies such non-physical realities exist and our society encourages marriages for procreation and not soul development. Pornography and sexual deviance is also encouraged by prostitution and sexual jealousy.


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I’m  refocusing this blog upon non-physical realities, tantric practices and Divine Counterparts. I might as well since that is what my life is about these days. I feel that I’m in a position to share material from first hand experience that others don’t yet have access to. For me non-physical bodies are a reality, not a belief or theory. I have gained the ability to maintain and project various non-physical bodies at will for various purposes and I’ve also had the interesting experiences of meeting some other entities and even having astral battles.

Non-physical bodies can be created from life force energy/sexual orgasm energy/physical life force energy/lower emotional energy/upper emotional energy/mental energy/philosophical mental energy/ spiritual/archetypal energy and the energy of unity or light itself. I’ve activated non-physical bodies out of all these energies and others can as well. I function in these bodies and use them at will.

Non-physical bodies can be a temporary and spontaneous experience due to a burst of energy from the physical body. These are temporary and don’t last. They soon lose their energy and disappear. This reflects typical shaman and magical levels where the physical energies of dance, movement or physical exertion is deliberately invoked for a purpose.

Non-physical bodies can be fairly stable and permanent when created from collective energies. By this I mean how celebrities use the energies of their fans and followers to maintain their own non-physical bodies. As long as their fans love and support them these bodies are empowered. When their fans abandon them these celebrities crash and burn.

The last and most powerful type of non-physical bodies are those that are permanently activated. The permanent activation of a non-physical body comes from a non-physical birth process involving tantric realities and the merging of male and female non physical energies. This normally happens through various types of male/female love relationships. This includes Platonic love relationships and long distance relationships that involve soul travel between two people.

I choose to talk about these permanent non physical bodies because those are what I have developed in the  process of soul empowerment. These permanent non physical bodies are created from the union of either Divine Counterpart energies or chakra soulmate energies. In both cases their is a soul link that harmonizes the energetic relationship between the male and the female and that energy exchange causes soul growth and the development of various non physical bodies depending on the type of energies shared.

The important thing to understand in this post is that these non physical bodies exist or can exist if they are developed. I have had enough personal experiences and astral battles to be able to say in no uncertain terms that there are people out there that are very  powerful and have very powerful non physical bodies!

Non physical bodies  begin as extrusions of energy from the physical body itself and held together by the physical body.  In these first experiences the core of self or sense of self and awareness is solidly based upon the physical body and it is doubtful whether the ego or self awareness can sustain itself at the death of the physical body when it is torn apart from the matrix of the physical body that held it together.

In this we can return to my last post referring to the Summerland, the Collective Group Soul and the Immortal Self. Integrating the above material shows that non-physical bodies may belong to three types of phenomenon, temporary as in the Summerland between rebirths, semi-permanent as in Collective Heroes and Heroines; and lastly, as genuine permanently activated individual non-physical bodies that function with complete independence and completely self sustaining through a permanet link with their chakra soulmate or Divine Counterpart.

It is this last classification of non physical bodies that I wish to write about in this next series of posts. We will discuss true tantric practices and the true development of the soul and its powers as I have personally experienced it through my own relationships with chakra soulmates and my own Divine Counterpart!

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This is the post I started to write last time but I got side tracked. So much of this world doesn’t believe in the soul or in the unseen worlds or astral planes. They only believe in so called physical reality. Science only pays lip service to so called  physical reality. Spiritual and psychic truths and realities are not recognized and considered aberrations of the healthy human self.

In reality there has always been interest in the soul, what it is and how it is created and strengthened. There has always been an interest in what happens after the death of the physical body. This is the foundational quest of the worlds various religions and mystery schools throughout the ages.

But now for the first time the knowledge and wisdom of the past can be expressed through the science of today. There is now a framework for understanding what these subjective experiences really are that are of interest to so many people.

Four thousand years ago the invention of reading and writing created an evolutionary leap in human consciousness. The act of reading and writing involved the capacity to envision a world inside our heads, a world just like the physical world we live in. Our ability to envision internally gradually included the ability to “see ourselves” or visualize ourselves in our own thoughts. Psychology has called this the “observer self” that is present in the dreams of many people. It acts as the true core of self or true ego that remains remote and unaffected by what happens to the other us that appears in dreams. This observer self is the “soul” of religion and antiquity. Nothing more and nothing less.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Tibetan Book of the Dead both relate similar things about what happens to the soul or ego at the time of the death of the physical body. During life the physical body held the various parts of the ego together. At death these aspects of human awareness were released and tried to coalesce around a spiritual core of spiritual light. The human ego tries to reform and recreate itself out of spiritual energies. If it is successful it has become an immortal. It has become a god! In modern language it has become an “observer self”. Awareness of self has organized itself and holds itself together without the physical body. Anyone with an observer self has achieved this degree of divinity and will find their souls intact at the death of their physical body.

But many are not able to do this. They lack the ego strength to hold the fragments of their own awareness together. According to these books what then happens is that these “fragmented souls” will gather around a “savior” or a god that has achieved this. These soul fragments will be collected and gathered into a “group soul” which all participate in and to which all belong. Ancient human history has been a story of such “group souls” led by those few “independent souls or gods” as they might be called. This is the heaven of the Christians.

For those soul fragments unable to unite enough for this only one option remained, the Summerland. the “Summerland” was where heroic deeds and actions were eternally re-enacted through the physical rebirth of heroes called to eternal battle and heroic deeds.  These heroes and heroines would continue to be reborn life after life until they too became gods and goddesses.

The stories and belief in the Summerland are far more distant in history than the invention of reading and writing and the soul itself was relatively unknown until that point in human history. Previous to this only heroes and heroines became immortal through heroic deeds. Humanity was largely a group soul with a collective or hive like mind centered around its leaders, the only ones with a real sense of “self” or “ego”.

This is the past. Today humanity is undergoing the next evolutionary leap  in which all souls may find “ego strength” and the development of their own independent souls.

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Its time to seriously talk about the invisible worlds, the astral planes, the heavens or whatever you want to call them. They exist and the struggle for control of these invisible worlds has finally ended! Do you think the struggle for Gaia has taken place level by level moving steadily downward and that it won’t affect our physical world? That is about as naïve as you can get. The battle in the heavens has been won and the victory a stunning victory! Now comes the mop up phase and all the rest has been kicked down into the physical world!

You heard me right. The chaos in the astral planes is now just a mop up as things energetically settle into their new positions. But the unbalance is so great that the lower levels of the astral planes are still without coherence. The astral planes have been distorted so much that they do not yet resemble their new realities. But the patterns have been put into place and everything is energetically polarized to find its true place. As the old world self destructs around us the new world will literally snap into  place as space is created for it. Visualize a rubber band that is twisted and attached to the propeller of a model airplane. Because of the twisted rubber band the propeller tries to spin and will spin  when released until it is no longer twisted. That is the current condition of the astral planes. They are under tension and waiting to be released.

This is acting out in physical reality. In the physical world this victory is seen as the peaking of polarization in the world. The movement is now de-polarization as the high voltages find ways to dissipate and release. As these high voltages dissipate and release so does the stress and the danger. As people confront the polarized areas of confrontation they are becoming more aware of them than ever and beginning to talk about them. People are beginning to talk about how ridiculous some of this all is.

The new energies are finding a balance by way of balanced male and female energies. Each time someone falls in love a spark is released and the world is made a safer and more loving place for all of us. As the light of love increases the anger of hatred will disappear forever from the earth!

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