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Its my first official day of retirement and feels a bit strange. Haven’t really done a lot, but have really been trying to puzzle out some info on the Etheric and Immortal non-physical bodies. I’ve become convinced that The Cosmic Womb of the Mother and the Akashic Records are one and the same. They are the Source of all living things even though Spiritual Light is what drives things by supplying an infinite Source of Photon/electron Energy as God the Father. So how does it work? Especially now that Gaia has reconnected to the male God energy of Source?

I’ve also become convinced that the seven possible electron rings around an atom do represent the seven possible non-physical bodies including the etheric as the outermost and most real. I’m also convinced that the etheric body is an extrusion of the Akashic records and potentially contains all other non-physical bodies because it consists of all possible electron rings and contains all within it even if they are not in awareness. This is like those Russian dolls that all nest one inside the other.

So It follows that the physical body is an extrusion of the etheric; the lower emotional body is an extrusion of the physical; the upper emotional is an extrusion of the lower emotional; the concrete mental is an extrusion of the upper emotional; the abstract mental is an extrusion of the concrete mental; the concrete spiritual is an extrusion of the abstract mental; and the abstract spiritual is an extrusion of the concrete spiritual which in turn potentially can cross the Great Abyss and link back to Source as Spiritual Light. If it can do this there are now two Source Energies available for the first time, which Gaia has just achieved! This is also what those first wave ascending have acheived!

Assuming all this is true, we think of our physical bodies as more real than our emotional or mental bodies. In turn since the etheric is the outermost electron ring we must now think of our etheric body as more substantial and real than our physical body and this kind of turns things on its head. We are not used to thinking this way. We are not used to thinking of our physical bodies as a creation of our etheric body.

What is also true is that some individuals have done all this before and become thought of as Gods and Goddesses or immortals. What has not happened before is an entire planet with lower life forms has not ascended before.

Those individuals who have done this before must have continued to exist permanently on the etheric planes somehow and their followers give them needed life force or used to because Gaia was not connected with Source as Spiritual Energy required for an immortal life. Now Gaia can give them that needed life force energy! They are no longer dependent upon followers to sustain their immortal non-physical bodies.

There were other individuals that learned how to exist within the etheric planes by becoming energy vampires that stole the life force from other living beings. I get that. They continue to be unable to tap into Source as Spiritual Light or as Gaia! They have become desperate for beings to feed upon. That’s why Covid 19 is so important to them; so they can live off the fear it generates.

But all this happens on the etheric planes which are below the physical planes; down in the Summerland or perhaps Hell; in any case the Underworld. None of this happens in the astral planes which are above the physical and etheric planes.

But timelines are created from the top down! Timelines begin in the spiritual levels; work their way down through the mental levels and through the emotional levels until they finally become physical events. Only then to they become fixed within the etheric planes and then written in the Akashic records.

But the etheric planes is where free will can alter destiny for good or bad. Humanity was destined to have a nuclear holocaust and we collectively avoided it! We avoided it even though it existed in those higher timelines. It is within the etheric levels that this current battle is taking place as the powers that be desperately try to remain the rulers of humanity and that is why the channelers can’t predict what will happen because those they channel have no access to the etheric planes. The etheric planes is where magick happens, good and bad!

The non-physical planes resist change and when forced to snap into a new configuration they will attempt to keep the new configuration and will also send a backlash of negative energy to those that have just won! I don’t know how many times in my life I have had an important energetic breakthrough that was followed by having to take a hit of some kind; a hit that hurt but was not serious. It was simply that rebound effect one something good happening that needed to be followed by a balancing something bad happening. I think that is what is happening in our society with Biden winning this election. Gaia won her ascension and the light won the battle of Unity but the price was this election! Pure Newtonian physical a force in one direction must be met by an equal and opposite force in the opposite direction!

This all shows how vital learning about the etheric and empowering ourselves at the etheric levels has now become so important to those of us able to make use of them!

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I’m sure that many of you are wondering what is going on in our beautiful world as far as Gaia’s ascension and humanities ascension processes. I waited a bit before writing any more because I wanted to make sure that I had a pretty good handle on it before attempting a summary. As a reminder, I don’t channel information like many others. I am simply active on the etheric planes as well as the astral planes and try to report my own interpretation of events as I understand them.

So let’s say that there are 118 possible elements that need to individually ascend and we are just beginning that process. Hydrogen, the first element, marks the boundary between energy/light/photon/and physical matter. It is the UNITY energy and other than Spiritual light as SOURCE or photon represents the highest spiritual energy and crown chakra energy.

It appears that each individual element is taking 4 years to completely ascend which makes sense in a way because there are 365 1/4 days in a year! A complete solar cycle then would take 4 years for everything to line up perfectly. So what happened during the past four years was the ascension of the 1st element Hydrogen which has just finalized and the ascension of the 2nd element Helium has just begun symbolized by the Archetypal energies and technological energies. We might also say the 3rd eye chakra energies.

Since Helium completes the first electron ring it marks the boundary between the spiritual energies and the abstract mental energies. While technically a spiritual energy belonging to the first electron ring, it is considered below the Great Abysss on the Kabbalah as Chesed represented by the planet Jupiter. So the World of Archetypes is now what is ascending. That is why things are so black and white.

So the UNITY energies or first wave energies have completed their ascension and now the Archetypal energies are just beginning to ascend. During the past four years the UNITY energies have expended their catalytic effect and done what they could to influence Gaia and humanities ascension process. The UNITY energies are no longer in play and remain the final word. They determine what is in balance and what is not in balance. For anything to physically manifest it needs to be in perfect balance according to the new energy dynamics that have been newly created at the highest and lowest levels of the non-physical planes. Other than that, everything else is still in play!

So the Archetypal Helium energies can not go beyond the boundaries set by the Hydrogen UNITY energies! This is why we can say that the light workers have won, why those working with crown chakra energies have won! Those that have ascended in the first wave are perfectly in balance at the highest and lowest levels and while they might still need to work out the middle levels, they remain independent of the struggle for these Archetypal energies that is now going on. They are now simply place holders, holding the energetic boundaries that have been laid down at the highest and lowest levels.

So while the UNITY war has been won, the Archetypal war has just begun! While many will be drawn into this supreme conflict of duality, those of the 1st wave are beyond it and not affected by it. My posts are directed toward those of the 1st wave who have ascended and fully and permanently activated their etheric bodies and are learning how to use them. This is why my focus has shifted to the etheric levels and magical abilities.

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For those that might not realize it this is a continued more in depth commentary on the pathworkings that I have been doing and the key points that I have discovered. So far I’ve mentioned the Guardian of the Threshold and the Akashic Records. It is after this that we encounter the strange saurian or reptilian entities for the first time. what is this really about?

Those of us in the Order have evolved and lived through the times as dinosaurs, have been dinosaurs and the reptile brain with its fight or flight reflex still lies deep within us. It is strange that on my first journey to the Akashic Records with my own meditation I chose a lifetime as a dragon and my treasure that I reclaimed was my fierceness in that lifetime. I’m not really sure why, but trust my instincts on this. I suspect there is a great fight ahead and I will need some of that fierceness!

Once several years ago I was given a vision of the great ages of Gaia and the age of the dinosaurs was one of them and it was extremely fierce and violent. Every Shaman at some point receives this vision in one way or another because it is a remembrance of his or her first origins going back to the photon level. For the shaman to connect to his or her earth power they must have this vision and it is related to the Akashic Records.

Fairy tales talk about the massive treasure troves that are guarded by dragons and we can only suspect that somehow these dragons also guard the Akashic Records which are the true treasure troves. Now I’m jumping ahead a bit to the 3rd pathworking but in it the griffins fight an eternal dragon which they can never truly defeat. It is an eternal battle as the griffins strive to save the sun from being devoured. This battle in continually renewed over and over again each day. What is that all about?

Now I’m going to jump completely off the track and talk about Divine Counterparts and Soulmates. Each one of us individually has an awareness that is cast upon the blank screen of a background. This is duality of self and not self. If everything was the same there would be no awareness. Awareness requires the contrast of a background to exist. Our Divine Counterpart creates and maintains that background, is the background! This is the great mystery of sex and opposites. The more distorted we are, the more distorted the background is! The ideal of course is seen within the yin-yang symbol in which no matter which way you look there is symmetry and balance. But even when there is no symmetry there needs to be balance because it belongs to Unity and a move in one direction must be balanced by an equal and opposite force in the other.

Ultimately our Divine Counterpart is our complete opposite and that means they also exist as countless lifetimes within the Akashic Records. At the beginning of a great cycle the entire created world stands between us as we experience those non-human lifetimes of each other. By the end of a great cycle we may have the opportunity to join with our Divine Counterpart however briefly, but then like a cell splitting and dividing we each form our own part of the yin-yang symbol. Each is a dot of awareness within the world that is the other. Much more on all this at a later time. I’m simply saying that on one level the dragon that we fight is our Divine Counterpart and Ultimately is our missing part! The most sacred thing in our world.

And we can find this dragon inside of us. But the dragon inside of us is a part of us and not a part of our Divine Counterpart. This dragon inside us is our guardian and protector if we can claim it and integrate it. Its soul purpose is to protect us from harm and keep us alive. But we are afraid of it. It is part of our Shadow.

So on our journey we encounter both dragons, the dragon of our Divine Counterpart which we must battle and the dragon of our own inner nature which we must befriend and integrate. Later in our journey we will learn how to appreciate and integrate the Dragon of our Divine Counterpart, but that is the end of the journey and not the beginning of the journey.

In the meantime we encounter Soulmates who are representatives of our Divine Counterparts and we interact with them instead. These contacts happen at the chakra level and are recognized by the strength of the energy exchanged, an almost fiery energy exchange!

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Suddenly there is almost too much to share! I need to take a moment and regroup. First I will share that I am only posting this information here on my website and only sharing it with those who are seeking it out. This material and information will become increasingly protected and draw those who seek it and repel those not compatible with its energies. It is magically protected and magically enhanced. So pay attention to your own reaction to these posts as they will tell you things you need to know.

Secondly, doing any type of portal group working on a daily basis will ultimately lead to an initiation into the Order as your awareness connects with The Womb of Creation. When this happens your awareness has successfully crossed over to inhabit your permanently activated etheric body! You will know when this happens because your entire body and awareness will be totally immersed in these energies for well over four hours… it is a Cosmic Initiation that can only be brought about by your own efforts at unification with the Womb of Creation. This just happened for me a couple of days ago and I am still trying to process it!

So I am going to be offering several group portal working meditations that focus on different activities. You might be interested in developing some of your own as well. I have already offered the first one about exploring astral projection and out of body experience and another one about The Order and Strengthening our Bonds. More to follow.

The next group portal meditation will focus on The Womb of Creation and the Akashic Records which is also the focus of this post. The Womb of Creation and the Akashic Records both refer to that final element #118 which is a noble gas and contains within it all of the other elements and all other possibilities. It is the Cosmic Egg and Goddess as SOURCE of all living things. The elements may have evolved out of God as SOURCE but life evolved out of Goddess as SOURCE and there is a powerful attraction between the two of them. In doing the group portal meditations we tap into that polarity and the powerful energy exchange and it opens pathways inside ourselves.

As we begin this new Age and Master Cycle we are aligned with Gaia and with Goddess and SOURCE of all life. Because there is no such thing as time our eternal beginnings are still there and still active. These aspects of our past lives are what makes up the Akashic Records in which our entire evolutionary story of soul development is not only recorded but still active. But there is a distinction between our past and our future because our past has been written and our future is yet to be written. It is possible to rewrite our past by going backward in time and it is possible to pre-select our future by going forward in time but again there are differences. If we go back in time we need to choose things that might have happened and explore an alternate path than what currently has been recorded. If we go forward in time no path has been recorded and we need to select the timeline of our choice. To do this we need to rise to the highest levels of the astral planes so that we can influence events before they happen.

So going back in time takes place on the etheric planes where the Akashic Records exist which is at the Womb of Creation and going forward in time takes place on the highest spiritual planes where SOURCE exists as spiritual light at the level of the photon. But we exist in the eternal present moment and never truly can go back or go forward. What we can do is gather up the treasures, resources and weapons that we have earned over our countless past lifetimes and use them to assist us in the present moment while at the same time being sensitive to the infinite possibilities that open before us every day and take advantage of them. It is what we do in the present moment that determines where we find ourselves in the future and when we empower ourselves with the tools we have gained in past lives we can be far more effective in the present moment which in turn will lead us to our highest goals.

In any case it is what we choose to do in the present moment that determines our final destination! Choose well!

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We made it to 2021! What a relief and how exciting to look forward to this next phase as it begins to unfold. Apparently my employer wants me to still work into the 3rd week of January so my retirement is still out there, but will be happening. In the meantime I am still in the process of activating some major shifts in my life and my awareness.

The most prominent and significant is the massive shift to a focus on etheric energy and the etheric levels and personal empowerment on those levels and their integration with our physical bodies. I’ve seen Gaia’s ascension move from crown chakra energies to heart chakra energies and now finally to root chakra energies. This is the true beginning of the new cycle and our new earth!

Now we need to deal with that no man’s land between the heart chakra energies and the root chakra energies and that is all about emotion folks! If nothing else expect 2021 to be emotional, very emotional! This is why I am working with astral projection and pathworking to help integrate my own psyche within all these levels in an understandable way. This means to specifically focus on the etheric/physical link and the process of physical rejuvenation and regeneration of the physical body through our own DNA modifications that will advance the healing process and lead to longer and more productive lives.

The information that is beginning to come through is very surprising and turns commonly recognized knowledge on it’s head. I will be sharing more of this as time goes on but for starters it seems that the seat or core of the soul resides in crystalline(noble gas) form at what we have come to call the Akashic Records. This is safely ensconced in Gaia’s core. That crystalline (noble gas) core generates our etheric body created from the outer electron ring of atomic elements. SOURCE of our life and awareness is linked to that final element 118 which is a noble gas and is also called the Womb of Creation because all other elements are contained within it.

There is a powerful attraction between the Womb of Creation and the photon state of Spiritual Light which is SOURCE in its masculine manifestation. At the etheric level this is seen as the attraction of the Milky Way galaxy and the stars as we embrace their life giving light.

Our etheric body has an entire realm in which it operates which includes the Akashic records, the realm of elemental life forms, reptilian life/vampiric life, ghosts and hauntings, Garden of the Moon, the realm of fairie and magic, and the Temple of the Moon to name just a few. I’m still sorting all of this out.

The etheric body in turn generates the physical body which generates the lower emotional body which generates the upper emotional body which generates the concrete mental body which generates the abstract mental body which generates the concrete spiritual body which generates the abstract spiritual body which has access to the monad or SOURCE in its masculine aspect as spiritual light.

The entire chain is like those Russian dolls that fit inside each other and each particular body has its own individual awareness and its own world or reality in which it exists. We may or may not be consciously aware of them. To us they may exist as our Higher Selves or our Shadow.

From our perspective physical life is the weak link in the chain because at the death of the physical body the chain is broken and a portion of our soul may return to the etheric realms as a ghost or lost soul? While the others begin to rise toward SOURCE as photon or spiritual light and stabalize somewhere upon the ladder, only to gradually rise and ultimately fade away as it returns to SOURCE or decides to be reborn into a physical body and seeks SOURCE as the Womb of Creation to establish the link of life once more.

Theoretically by strengthening and working with our etheric bodies we can heal and maintain our physical bodies through that connection with the Womb of Creation. Then there would be no need for illness or death. Remember the physical body is simply a projection of the etheric body. By opening blocked energetic circuits we can restore the energy dynamics we enjoyed as children. This is magic in its true form and the original blueprint of life as first intended!

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I’ve got a few minutes before going to my final week of work? (May work a couple weeks into the new year) And thought I would give an interesting update on my own pathworking experiences. I went ahead and completed the 3rd pathworking and after 2 times through it I still encounter unexpected resistance! Somehow I can’t get some of the colors right and my attention seems to slide away and not stay on the path. In comparison the 1st pathworking remains incredibly powerful and becomes increasingly vivid as the catalytic effect continues layer by layer in a cleansing process.

In particular there is a green dragon in the 3rd pathworking that represents evil and negation and I struggle to reach the completion of the pathworking with the rose colored energy because there is too much green (dragon) energy. That tells me that the fight for these levels is not yet over and is still raging!

So in terms of Gaia’s ascension we can say that the lower etheric or cosmic womb energy of Goddess/SOURCE has been won, but the mop up remains and probably will remain through the March equinox. I find that interesting because there are 9 pathworking meditations that culminate in the Temple of the Heart! So between now and then the battle is to clear out these mid-range astral planes and bring them to light as well.

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Pathworking #2

I couldn’t resist moving forward on these pathworkings and have some notes for this second one.

The fire that we encounter in the beginning of this meditation is our own kundalini or sexual energy, the fire down below, which can destroy us unless we find some way to raise it upward. For anyone who has experienced spontaneous Kundalini release it is no surprise how it can forcefully burn through any blocks and imperfections within our bodies and souls. In doing this it releases all trapped emotions and toxins. So we can choose to symbolically work with our sexual energy or physically work with it. This seems to be the solitary path that gradually finds its way to the missing and balancing energy of water, the opposite sex energy.

Here we encounter the vital life force in its destructive and creative aspect as all life forms are created, spend their time in fire and then pass away only to be reborn in a more purified existence. As we rise through this purifying fire we at last are purified to the point of our entire essence being reduced to that of fire. This is the same as that of the phoenix who is continually reborn out of the ashes of its own destruction.

One of the hidden messages in this meditation is that we can move forward as solitaries with confidence because ultimately our efforts will find a way to be balanced as we draw the opposite and needed energy toward us. But that is the end of the journey. This path corresponds to that of resurrection or lust in the Tarot cards. We use the Kundalini fire to cleanse our bodies, minds and souls. But to do this it needs to be raised upward to the higher levels.

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Suddenly my path ahead is becoming much more clear than it has ever been! Mostly I’ve been groping around in the darkness like everyone else. But with the solstice things seem to be clicking into place. So here is a summary:

Gaia has ascended and she has become SOURCE to any souls that desire to experience full spectrum life. Full spectrum life has never been achieved before and she holds the exclusive on it along with those of us who have been companions on her journey.

That being said, the etheric levels are the outermost electron ring of the lowest possible elements. That final element #118 is a noble gas and is the womb of all life and vital life force energy. It contains all things and that is the level where we now connect to Gaia and she connects to us in this exchange of vital life force energy. That level is the Womb of Creation and the SOURCE of Goddess energy. Suddenly it is this etheric connection that becomes our most important spiritual goal. Our etheric bodies have been permanently awakened but we need to learn how to creatively use them to function upon all the higher levels.

Previously we needed to bring spiritual light energy down to these levels though our own life force and through our own bodies and share it with her. Now she shares it with us, and in a big way! No more energy vampires! This is big!

The Healing and Prosperity Circle meditation is still the most important tool that we have to create our new world. This meditation helps us to integrate and also helps us to tap into the higher spiritual energies through the crown chakra for ourselves. This meditation helps us to become full spectrum! Initiation is possible for those unable to link to these higher levels, but most of us have already found our own way there.

The Heart center is where all life awareness collectively meets. It remains perhaps the most important point of union and agreement between species and individuals. That is why the heart is so important. Gaia’s ascension this past solstice was because so many were able to consciously join in love and mutual good will at the heart level.

But the active energy, the most potent and magical energy is now the etheric at the root chakra level, the shaman level. Things must become very simple and very organic as we develop our magical organic connection to Gaia. Our conscious awareness needs to find its way up and down through all the levels between the heart and the womb energy at Gaia’s core. The pathworking meditations which I am now offering are intended to do just that and I am using them myself. The first pathworking is the longest and the most important because it focuses upon the link between the etheric and physical worlds. It is this link that becomes most important to us. We need to become confident in navigating these lower regions so that we can learn how to use the power of the lower levels to create within the higher levels.

I am also doing some hard core research on astral projection and astral creation so stay tuned in! There is going to be a definite shift in my blog posts from giving information to hands on material for the empowerment process. I am no longer posting on any other website to get new readers. From now on what I share is for those of you who have discovered me on your own and found some value in what I share. Now things get real!

Expect some videos, more podcasts and general posts as this information coalesces. The podcasts will perhaps be most important with meditations and pathworkings and even group experiments as I get settled in to my new life. This website has now become a website for personal empowerment. It always has been, but this is on a higher level. I think its also important that people can have access to some of my past posts.

I am also considering some Zoom meetings as we enter 2021! If we are in lockdown we might as well have some fun with it!

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The massive global solstice meditation reached a critical mass permanently anchoring the positive timeline for Gaia and humanities future. In my minds eye I still sense the powers of darkness sealed off from the lower astral and etheric levels. They remain safely sealed off in 5th density in a place of mental energies (5th density = mental energies) and can no longer affect Gaia’s full spectrum ascension. This is further confirmation that the new energy dynamics are fully in place and functional like I’ve mentioned previously. What does that really mean? It means the machinations of those that would enslave the world’s population will remain in the mental levels and not physically manifest. You will begin to see a lot of cognitive dissidence.

But to speak plainly, those of us who have worked at integrating our shadow aspects and transmuting the dark and toxic energies in our world will now have some relief and even experience the energies of the Christmas Miracle as things begin to turn around. The new energies work with alternating current, not the direct current of the old energetic system/egregore. The new energies are the incoming root chakra energies of the life force itself.

Those still stuck in duality and polarity will experience the dark side of their own actions as what actually exists shatters their artificial reality. The self destructive activities will continue to play out as self destructive without causing harm to those immune to them. So don’t be drawn in to drama as it is self destructive with only one resolution; to be expelled from this existence!

In summary, those of us in the first ascension wave have now permanently activated our etheric bodies and can begin the process of learning how to use them. This includes how to use the etheric body for the rejuvenation and healing of the physical body through DNA upgrades.

I’ve personally started a program to do this for myself and will share more of it in the coming weeks. I’ve found some very potent but simple exercises for my hips and pelvis that can be done while sitting in a chair. I hope to add other very specific and powerful techniques as I get toughened in. Remember this, if you don’t use it you will lose it! That is something I’ve forgotten over the years and this physical rejuvenation is an important part of the ascension process going forward.

In the process of developing and strengthening the etheric body I’ve also began some pathworking meditations. This first one has been extremely powerful and effective in coordinating my etheric body for work on the etheric and astral planes. It is time for creative empowerment! I will try to post a link for the first meditation this coming week but I need to set it up as a podcast. It is 1 hour, 20 minutes long and I have no other way to make it available for others. The file is too large to upload as a Vimeo video for example. So I need to get an account to host podcasts and then post it here. I have listened to it three times now and plan to listen to it ten times myself to get the maximum effect! I feel it is that powerful!

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In this series exploring the energy dynamics of love relationships we distinguish between four types of energies and relationships:

The “Puppy Love” attraction in which we are caught up in who we think the other person is, not who they really are. This is very idealistic and impractical.

The second is the platonic relationship in which we are fascinated by the dreams of the other person and how they perceive the world so differently from ourselves.

In this video we begin the sharing of our deepest emotions and the beginning of the cycle is our desire to share our happiest emotions with someone else, that perfect someone. We create a space in our hearts for them and either wait for them to appear or actively try to seek them out.

The fourth, yet to be explored energy is the sensual/physical cycle where we try to manifest this relationship physically in the sensual world. That is yet to come…

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