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Five of Pentacles

Symbol- they have physical sex
Meaning- entrapment

When they have physical sex for the first time an interesting thing happens. Sex is not what they thought it would be. This is especially true for the female experience.

In any case energies are exchanged of a lower physical sexual level. By this point the male should have worked through his sexual fears, angers, and repressions and should have a fairly healthy approach toward sex. He is able to see sex and lust as an important part of a normal life. He has worked very hard to achieve the physical life he has and it reflects his ideals and spiritual ambitions.

He is surprised that her experience is different from his and needs to adjust his behavior if she is to gain the same enjoyment that he does from sex. A whole new area of life experience opens up for him and he looses himself in sensual pleasures. He tries to understand her and her sexual needs and this is an important time of personal growth for him. He has to think of her needs as well as his needs and often they are not the same.
He is seen trying to encourage her in more sexual experiences and she is seen as trying to avoid sexual experiences.

After her first sexual encounter she is forced to generate low level physical sexual energy. This energy activates all of her repressions and fears that she has to this point tried to hide from. The harsh reality of physical life forces itself upon her and there is no escaping it.

Sex doesn’t have a spiritual quality at all. It is more like two dogs having sex in the street. It is pure animal. She is not really ready to accept or admit the animal part of her own nature. This is very disturbing to her. This new lower level energy is not yet in harmony with the other energies that she has learned to generate.

In contrast, this low level sexual energy brings a welcome grounding effect to him. He has always had a tendency to be to intellectual and abstract. This energy helps him to be a more earthy person.

Male experience:

Sex is the one thing that makes life real for him. It is able to ground him solidly in reality so that he can be more effective in living the type of life that he wants. He is surprised she doesn’t share the same enjoyment in sex that he does. In fact, she often tries to discourage him from sexual encounters. This makes for some difficulties within the relationship itself.

Female experience:

Sex is not at all a spiritual experience for her. It is more of an animal experience and it brings up her inner fears and repressions that she would sooner forget. She doesn’t like to think of herself as a grunting, sweating body. Her illusion about sex being a special thing is shattered and shattered very badly. She is not at all comfortable with the idea of being a physical sensual being.


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Four of Pentacles

Symbol– He tries to compromise with her. He is eager.
She agrees to compromise but she is reluctant.
Meaning- seduction

He is generating both high and low level physical energy and is using it to enmesh them physically together. There is not much she can do to prevent him from invading into her personal life.

He is not really the type of person she dreamed about bringing home but that person has never arrived. She is forced to begin generating physical energy. This causes her to think about what she is looking for in a sexual relationship. It is time to be realistic. No one is perfect and she must be willing to compromise if she ever wants to be married.

She is not really in love with him but she has no other prospects in her life at this time either. She cautiously agrees to a much more serious relationship with him. Who knows, maybe it will work out after they get to know each other better.

He is overjoyed at her willingness to go steady and date seriously. He is certain that she will fall in love with him in time. He is madly and passionately in love with her. He is not willing to take it slow and easy.

She begins to absorb physical energy from him and begins to direct his physical activities. He is overjoyed at doing things for her. In this respect they are both using each other to get things that they both want.

She rejects many of her earlier fantasies of the perfect life because they obviously would not come true with him. He is too different from her ideal. Still he is alive and he is all that she has so she will do the best that she can with him.

He is surrounded in love and all embracing feminine warmth. There is nothing left in life to be desired. This is it. This is the dawning of a new day.

Male experience:

He continues to push things. He is madly and passionately in love with her and is certain she will return his passion. He is willing to compromise and do things for her to show her how much he loves her.

They are going steady now and it is almost as if they were already engaged. It would be hard for her to back out of the relationship now. He is forced to be content with the way that things are going.

Female experience:

He is not really what she was looking for but she may never find whom she is looking for. He is a nice person and maybe things could work out between them if she gives it a chance. Almost reluctantly she commits herself to a relationship with him.

She knows that she has already compromised her dream life and she is not willing to compromise any more than she has to. He may not fulfill certain expectations but he had better fulfill other expectations. She expects him to give her the type of life that she wants.


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Three of Pentacles

Symbol– Lumberjack wants to embrace her
She hands him ax instead
Meaning- attraction

He has used her high level physical energy as encouragement to achieve those things in life that he wishes for. He is at an all time peak of popularity and success. Still he wants more. He wants her. He tries to get her into a serious relationship with him.

He is beginning to generate low level physical energy and he is sexually attracted to her. He is motivated by lust and other lower level motivations. He tries to force his attentions on her and gain her interest.

The result is that she gives him her excess low level physical energy and encourages his sexual advances to a point. She is still not ready for a sexual relationship and tries to divert his sexual energy into other physical activities.

Low level physical energies are not only sexual energies, they are also the energies of abuse and violence. If he or she has a personal history of violence or abuse these will be activated at this time.

This may include violent fights and quarrels as well as potential rape or enslavement. The point is that he receives her energy through a type of physical domination and she is at this point physically at his mercy, much depends upon the type of person he is. This is potentially a dangerous time for her.

She senses this danger and tries to defuse it by diverting his attention into more harmless areas, areas of non-personal physical activities. This may or may not work.

Male experience:

He is at his peak both physically and socially. He is successful in his life’s goals and thinks he can have anything he desires in life. He wants her and he wants her sexually.
He is powerful and confident and moves in on her easily. He tries to become sexually involved with her and when she resists his advances he tries to force her with his will power. If that doesn’t work he may physically try to force her into doing what he wants. He won’t take no for an answer.

Female experience:

Suddenly she becomes aware of the dark and dangerous side of this charming person that she had been attracted to. His sexual advances seem threatening instead of pleasurable and she senses that he wants control over her.

This turns into a battle of wills that is very dangerous for her and may even lead to physical violence or rape if she is not very careful. He won’t take no for an answer and she is powerless to make him go away. She tries to divert his attention to more harmless subjects and that may or may not work.


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Two of Pentacles

Symbol– He places her on a pedestal and brings her gifts
She reaches down to him in love

Meaning- movement

He begins to generate high level physical energy and constructively work toward the things he wants in life. After he achieves his goals he will find the right person. What is important for him now is that he gets on with life.

He has compassion in his heart for the loneliness and suffering of others. He is a gentle and productive person and others respect him. As he interacts with others he becomes less lonely and more supportive of others.

Others become physically supportive of him and his efforts. He receives excess female physical energy that combines with the energy he is generating. They physically encourage him in his efforts. This energy helps him to continue the struggle of his solitary physical lifestyle and his labors to achieve the things he wants in life. He has female friends.

She sees him as a very attractive hardworking man that has a lot going for him. She gives him her excess physical energy in the form of support and recognition. She is interested in spiritual things and these are the things she sees in him. His lofty ideals and his spiritual nature that is also applied constructively in physical activities.

She is a slave to the circumstances of her past karma but knows that as soon as her karma is over she will begin to live the improvements in life that she has earlier astrally created. She is trapped in the present moment.

In the meantime she laughs with good companions and enjoys the solitary life as much as she can. She enjoys his company because he makes her feel good but there is no relationship, only a casual friendship.

Male experience:

He is content to lead a solitary life and is a highly spiritual person. He is a hard worker and well liked by others. Others give him public support and encouragement, especially other females. They see him as having a lot going for him.

This public support helps encourage him in his efforts to get ahead in life and life goes a little better for him right now.

Female experience:

It is better to lead a solitary life than to be in a relationship with the wrong person. She enjoys the company of good friends and companions and avoids serious relationships. She is lonely but she is learning to live with her loneliness.

She has no real public support and is just an ordinary personal in the eyes of society. She tries to remain in the background and maintain a low key type of lifestyle. Something that she is comfortable with. Something that is really her.


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Ace of Pentacles

Symbol-Half male and half female figure

Meaning- union

At this point both the male and the female are freely generating spiritual, mental, and emotional energy. They each have a strongly developed psychic sense. They each have strongly developed astral bodies and they have each astrally created potential futures for themselves.

They both have a good understanding of the opposite sex and realize that no one can fill the emptiness within themselves. If there is something missing in their lives it is because they themselves have made that choice. No one else can make us complete. We must find completeness within ourselves.

The lesson learned is that when you feel that you need someone of the opposite sex you will never find the right person. Only after you have accepted the loneliness and found peace in a solitary lifestyle will you find the relationship that you seek.

Anyone and everyone is potentially a perfect mate because we are all part of the same universal soul. We are all part of each other. It doesn’t really matter who you have a relationship with if it is a good one.

Male experience:

He is content to live the life of a bachelor and find peace and joy in doing physical activities. Being and doing unite as much as possible and he is able to lose himself in the moment of day to day living.

He discovers the Goddess within himself and seeks to understand more of his feminine nature. He grows above his personal limitations and accepts himself as a sexually attractive person. He understands death and realizes that he is an immortal soul.

Female experience:

She is content to live alone. If she never finds the right man that is okay with her because she has him in her heart. She is a Goddess and life is opening up to her in total aliveness.

She does what she chooses and acts with gentleness and love. She is reborn and realizes once more that sex and male- female relationships are good. She knows that she needs sex for a full and complete life.

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Things have really been crazy this past few weeks and I’ve been trying to keep up with all of it. One significant thing is the internet censorship that is currently going on and how so many people are being shut down or censored. Free speech is free speech. You either have it or you don’t. One thing is certain. They are certainly trying to take it away!

I’ve also been following some truther sites and the Q posts with great interest. What I’m finding out is that posts about Gaia’s ascension, soulmates, divine counterparts, recognition of extraterrestrial life, UFO’s, mind control, the deep state and government coverups and many other things do all seem to be converging into a consensus reality. This means that there is an interest in the things that I write about and produce videos about. I had all but given up hope that I could ever grow the number of followers I would need to do this full time. Now it seems that perhaps this might be possible if I act now while things are in turmoil.

My most powerful material is focused intently upon the development of the soul and its powers. This happens primarily through the energetic exchanges of love relationships between soulmates and divine counterparts, something that everyone should be interested in. This energetic exchange of love between males and females is fundamentally the driving force of all creation and the basis of all tantric teachings.

But over the past few months I’ve also posted what I believe to be the true essence of the western mystery tradition in a way that is valid for today. This includes Organic Gnosticism, or the wisdom of the life force and the wisdom hidden within the DNA and human body itself. This entire series of concepts forms an interwoven and mutually supporting matrix or paradigm of reality that is superior to anything existent today. These are the teaching of our new world and appropriate for our new time! In essence they focus on the importance of following the Christ spirit within each human heart which speaks through the still small voice of conscience as the ultimate internal authority in our lives. It is vital that we all follow this internal authority and not give our own power away to external authorities! We need to understand how important it is to have a strong sense of self with a strong ego for mental and emotional health. Our current society doesn’t encourage self empowerment, but instead encourages the apathy and mind control of the politically correct hive mind.

While I have written at length about these things I have not produced videos about them and made them available. This is the next step that I am considering. Making videos will reach many more people because only a few people take the time to read these days. So my plan is to produce interesting videos that integrate with current day thoughts and concerns and focus upon solutions and personal self empowerment.

Anyone that contributes $1/month or more through my patreon account will also have access to a weekly video and special reports that are specifically focused on soulmates, divine counterparts and hidden factors of Gaia’s ascension.

You can donate at my website:
or my Patreon link: https://www.patreon.com/anarchistbanjo
Comments are welcome!

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