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Welcome to the new world! As the new energy comes shooting in for the coming year the major events are arranging themselves as we speak. Those to be lifted as well as those that will fall. It should be pretty clear by now which is which.

Conflict draws one into conflict and self destruction. This is the new energy dynamic and people need to start getting their collective heads around it. When you hurt or seek to hurt anyone else you hurt yourself. We are all a part of each other.

But there is another new trick out there. Live and let live no longer works and leads only to stagnation. You need to dive into the mix and go for what you want and allow others to do the same. You need to care, not only about yourself, but about others as well. Let others know what you want in life and how you want to be treated. Then listen to their own story as they share. Perhaps a win-win situation can be established.

This is also a time for joining together of like minds and like souls. There are others out there that share your values and beliefs and you can be powerful supportive forces for each other if you can connect. This is the next stage.

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The Order Logo2

We enter into this lifetime with plans and goals that we want to achieve. Sometimes we reach our goals and other times we don’t. This particular lifetime is very special because Gaia and all life upon her are going through an ascension into a higher vibratory existence. Light workers have spent the past several years trying to raise humanity’s vibrations so that as many people as possible can ascend to a new level of conscious awareness.

There are many old souls here on Gaia at this time and I’m one of them. I’ve experienced many lifetimes here and have learned to love Gaia and all her life forms. I’m one of the fallen ones that has finally found their way back to the light and this time is a graduation for me as well as for Gaia. We celebrate together!

The symbol I have  posted at the top of this post belongs to me. It is the symbol of the Spiritual Order to which my soul belongs. I have the authority to use it as I have for countless lifetimes. I share it as a sign that my work is finished!

Over the past few months I have shared in my posts the entire western mystery tradition of this Order as I understand it and as it has been passed down to me through the ages. These teachings are ancient, yet powerful and I share them freely, openly and without reservation of any kind. They are the teachings that will guide this next great cycle of human evolution. Take from them what you will and leave the rest.

This was my great burden in the lifetime and I now consider it done! I am released!

Blessing to all of you in the coming days, months and years!

Bright blessings,

Joe E. Bandel FRC




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As I begin to post about the OAK Tarot Of Love And Romance I realize that I need to share some things so that people can understand what these cards really represent and how they were developed. That will require this post and the next one called “SOTO and the OTO”. So bear with me, this information is a little sensitive.

But first I would like to say that Organic Gnosticism has evolved out of the OAK magical system over the years and my understanding of things has simplified down to the point that I now believe the development of the soul and its powers is achieved simply through intense human and physical effort. The physical body generates energy and sends it out into the universe where it first connects with collective opposite sex energy and comes back to form a composite spark of awareness. Simply put you give and give until your energy starts coming back to you.

At some point this collective opposite sex energy is replaced by soul mate or divine counterpart energy which permanently seals and activates that individual spark of awareness and integrates it into your developing soul. This needs to be achieved for all 118 sparks of elemental awareness plus another spark of awareness for rotating magnetic field energies and another spark of awareness for the photon state itself. There is nothing to distinguish one spark of awareness from another and the process is entirely mechanical in nature.

To put my current understanding in one sentence, “All effort is cumulative!”

These 120 (118+2) sparks of awareness and energies also create Gaia’s new energy grid. In other words Gaia’s new energy grid consists of these same energies and these are the original blueprint that has always existed. So the old original blueprint is being restored in the new great cycle. This is a massive project that many light workers have been busy with.

Having said all that I can now return to my story of the development of the OAK magical system. The first part of my life was spent in a spiritual searching for mystical experiences and a merging of my soul with God. I joined the Rosicrucian Order AMORC at eighteen and remained a member for over twenty five years studying weekly monographs. While I lived in Phoenix I was able to attend lodge meetings and participate in initiations and demonstrations. At that time I had completed all 12 degrees and had restudied all of them at least three times, some as many as six times. I was thoroughly grounded in the material compared to other members that may have read them once. So that was twenty five years of mystical study, prayer and meditation. But I was doing much more than that during those twenty five years!

I devoured all the New Age material available at the time. I collected and read all the books of the Theosophical Society including the secret fourth book of the Secret Doctrine by Blavatsky. I became interested in astrology and studied that as well as any variant forms of Rosicrucianism that I could find. Other fantastic resources came out in the 80’s and I was heavily influenced by Jane Roberts and her Seth materials. I devoured her two volume “The Unknown Reality” as if it was candy. Dick Sutphen was exploring the outer edges of self empowerment and I spent hundreds of dollars on his materials. He in turn introduced me to NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming. I still have over six books on my reference shelf that I will never give away. Channeling by Cosmic Awareness Communications further expanded my horizons and led me to the discovery of the Ra Material and through that to the Reciprocal field theory of Dewey Larson.

The Reciprocal field theory of Dewey Larson laid out the creation of the entire universe through the development of the photon, magnetic field energies and all 118 elements much as I have described them. It was his work that offered a physical space/time universe and a reciprocal non-physical or astral time/space universe that were connected together through the speed of light.

I instinctively knew that he was right and the illuminations and insights formed the bulk of the posts that you are now reading. These came from my first two books “Modern Survivalism” and “Magister Templi”.

The spiritual effort that I was putting out was immense and in 1990 my awareness plunged across the great abyss for the first time and my soul merged with the godhead in a feeling of bliss and rapture. This was the end of my spiritual journey because no matter how hard I tried to go further into the spiritual light and extinguish myself, I was always gently pushed back. With horror I found that my polarity had flipped and my insights and illuminations were returning back across the abyss and down into the mental levels. It’s not that I was being forced out of the spiritual levels, but that there was no more activity at those levels. The activity was working itself back down toward the earth.

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The spiritual light energy for the coming year officially begins after the winter solstice. That’s what makes this time of year so special. Many religions have had Messiahs that were born of virgins on the winter solstice So it’s not just a Christian thing. It’s kind of symbolic because that’s when the divine light pours into the earth for the coming year.

But there are cycles within cycles and it is extremely difficult to determine exactly when a cycle begins and ends, especially when cycles overlap or don’t overlap each other. These energies require closures and new beginnings and are like water taking every possible channel to return to the ocean.

The general idea is that we are each given the exact amount of new spiritual light energy that we can absorb at the winter solstice and that energy is then gradually used up over the next twelve months. By the time the winter solstice comes around many people have run out of their given supply of spiritual light and things turn pretty dark around Christmas. Some enlightened individuals have learned how to tap into the spiritual light of Source at all times of the year and these people never run out of spiritual light. But most people can’t do this.

The Christmas miracle is when our spiritual light has run out and we receive a renewal in some surprising way just in time to avert something bad happening. It is the spiritual light energy of grace and blessing. It doesn’t come to everyone, but it comes to those that have opened their hearts to it.

Today is the super moon, the full moon of December 3rd. This full moon marks the last final compression stroke of the astral planes before the new year. If we still have a supply of spiritual light at this point, we can slide on home! If our crown chakra’s are open and functioning we can begin absorbing and taking in the spiritual light energies of the coming year 3 weeks early as a form of grace or compensation.

From now until the New Year the astral planes are not compressing but relaxing and allowing new spiritual light energy to come in. For those still with spiritual light energy left things will begin to turn around in the Christmas miracle. This absorbing of new light is at the same time casting out darkness.

Those not in alignment with the incoming energies will be negatively affected by these last few weeks of the year. Those on the way down will find their hopes dashed as the same energies that uphold others casts them down. Many energetic traps are now being sprung and the results will tell if you are on the right side of the energies or the wrong side.

Everything points toward a crescendo of incoming ascension energies that will reach their peak on the winter solstice. This last couple of weeks will see an intensity of manifestation that will leave people in shock, for good or bad. Some are rising so fast they are dizzy with excitement and others are dropping so fast they can only watch in helplessness as things slip away from them, things that they were certain of.

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Was Jesus A Gnostic?

The question of whether Jesus was a Gnostic is a lot more complicated than a person might think. Jesus came from a Jewish community and tradition has it that he belonged to the Essene community which was a mystical fringe group of the larger Jewish community.

The main Jewish community in itself was, I’m going to say, functionally atheistic because even though they believed in one God, the one and only God; they did not really believe in an afterlife. They did not really believe in nonphysical spirituality. They were very logic and reason oriented as opposed to having mystical experiences. In fact, the whole idea of a Messiah coming and being able to bring fire down from heaven was a rare occurrence for them and one that they looked forward to.

So mysticism was not an everyday occurrence in their lives. Mysticism did not come easy to these people. Evidence does support a balance of male and female within the teachings of Jesus in the Gospel of Mary. There appears to be equality of the sexes where the women were held in equal regard in status and in fact, Mary had a rather exalted status in her having a more personal relationship with Jesus. There may be some others, I’m just using the Gospel of Mary as an example.

But there is also evidence of a very anti-female influence, especially from Peter who did not really appreciate the role that women played in early Christianity. Still the Gospel of Mary and some other Gnostic texts do suggest that the original group that gathered around Jesus was open to the balance of male and female.

The evidence also shows that the teachings of Jesus included teachings of nonphysical reality like heaven and the soul, things that the traditional Jewish religion does not believe in. In fact, that was the main thrust of early Christian teachings about the soul and how it was capable of persisting beyond the death of the physical body.

This statement is even more indicated by how even after Jesus was crucified some of his disciples did not believe that his awareness and soul still existed. The entire structure of Christianity revolved around the victory of the soul over the death of the physical body. That immortality of the soul was shown for the first time by Jesus.

That was the main fundamental doctrine of Christianity and it was not exactly compatible with the logic and reason of the rational and atheistic point of view of the Jewish community. There was a split between the Jews and the Gentiles during the first and second centuries after the death of Jesus. Christians went one way, the Jews went the other way.

Let’s get back to the question about whether Jesus was a Gnostic. What he taught was the wisdom of the heart and the celebration of life, and I would also say that he simplified things down to where it was not splitting hairs. It was all very simple. It could be understood by the heart and it was a celebration of life. I think it’s pretty clear that his message was intended to help us get through this physical life and find a better one after death.

But it brought up some problems. Part of the Jewish influence on the early Christian Church was to consider the entire collective group as the body of Christ. These people identified the church as a worldly power and used it as a way to dominate and enslave those with weaker egos and a weaker sense of self. It was a way to get control over the original Gaia inhabitants of earth.

These young souls were just developing their own sense of self. For the first time they were just discovering their own watcher or Observer self inside of Christianity. Jesus’s message to them was that they did have a watcher or Observer self. They did have a soul.

“It exists in your heart and I will help you find it’” was basically his message. By doing this he pretty much alienated the rational atheistic Jewish community.

But he was appealing to the social enforcers, the zealots, and early Christianity was filled with zealots. Now the zealots had plenty of mystical beliefs and experiences. They had so many mystical experiences that there was a very real danger that any mystic could claim equal status to the works of Jesus himself.

This new movement was anti-intellectual. These mystical ideas about the heart were anti-collective because they involved the individual and the individual needed to have a personal relationship with God. These were things that split it away from the rational atheist movement even more.

It was obviously dealing with things of a spiritual and metaphysical nature. Especially after the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus. This metaphysical nature of Christianity became dominant.

I find it very interesting that Paul, originally Saul of Tarsus, persecuted early Christians and then later was converted on the road to Damascus and became the apostle Paul. He was considered the apostle of the heretics and his teachings were considered some of the first Gnostic teachings. He never even knew Jesus personally so the idea of whether Jesus was a Gnostic becomes even more confused.

There’s a discrepancy because Paul was really the one that brought Gnosticism into Christianity. It might have been there earlier, perhaps in some secret teachings. But Paul was the one that reached out to the Gentile community and it was the Gentiles that made Christianity what it is today.

So the original teachings appealed to both the original true mystics or organic Gnostics and they appealed to the zealots, the social enforcers. These were the ones who believed very strongly in the soul and the survival of the spirit or awareness after the death of the physical body. At least some of them were Gnostics.

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The Rose

I listened to the dream of the rose,
The chaste, cool fragrance sprayed
From out of her passionate flower’s soul;
I listened to it with all of my senses,
And it intoxicated me.
She dreamed of the sun’s rays,
The days fermenting in her veins,
Nights nourishing her with dew and moonlight,
And wildly frothing for her through an ocean of air,
Of these she dreamed.
Yet she didn’t notice the golden beetle
That was laboriously climbing her chalice,
Writhing in intoxication from her perfume,
Stabbed to death by her ardent passion;
She didn’t notice.
So the rose shown forth in chaste splendor,
Enjoying her ardent passion and laughed:
“I have the most glorious of souls, I.
I am certainly the queen,
Of my sister flowers!”
And a steel blue butterfly came whizzing by,
That buzzed and cooed of love,
Who graciously inhaled her perfume: and left,
Otherwise her radiant womb would be its grave.
“I am the bride of the light!”
Yet when the third afternoon came,
Since I had taken up the dream of the rose,
Her queenly head hung there,
Bowed in the glare of the sun, dusty,
Stabbed to death by the hot light.

-Richard Dehmel
translated by Joe Bandel

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I’ve just finished some research on the Holy Grail. Please bear with me as I try to put some unconventional thoughts into words, thoughts that reflect my personal experience.

As Jakob Boehme stated the female womb or matrix includes a spiritual matrix as well. But I would not put it exactly that way. I have described how tantric sexual orgasm creates male/female cycles where the immortal soul or observer self is created and also timelines and entire worlds in holograph form. This can be with Divine Counterparts, chakra soulmates, tantrikas and love partners. There is so much we don’t know about the female mysteries.

The main point to be stated unequivocally is that the female womb not only creates babies, but also soul bodies or observer selves, astral bodies, timelines and alternate worlds. It does this when non-physical male orgasm energy is mixed with the females own energy to form a third energy that is magical. The male himself is not able to create astrally, but can use his energy to destroy, heal and make grow. The male requires the female to be open to his energy if it is to become creatively magical. And the female has the power to block any unwanted energy that she doesn’t want. But she can’t create magic without male energy to mix with hers.

So the female womb is capable of creating physically, spiritually, magically and astrally with the addition of the proper non-physical male energy mixing with her own. Because of this the female womb has been called the Holy Grail, the Magic Cauldron, The Fountain of Life and many other mythical things. But in terms of the Holy Grail it is sought after by knights on a perilous quest. It can only be activated by love, energy sex, tantric sex or the generation of non-physical sexual orgasm energy!

The Holy Grail will destroy all who seek it for purely physical sex or animalistic pleasure. The magical female womb works through non-physical energies and not through the use of male sperm and physical sex which is considered normal sex that often results in procreation. This is the solution to the sacred mystery and it is very profound.

Now the male has a very difficult time generating non-physical sexual orgasm energy without sperm loss and most efforts are not enough to produce meaningful results unless tantric sex is practiced where orgasm is prolonged, the energy is passed to the female and the sperm is not lost.

So the quest for the Holy Grail is something like this:

The female womb is a magical object that can create all things but only with the proper mix of non-physical male and female energy. The male is required to learn how to produce non-physical sexual orgasm energy through some type of tantric practice. The female womb has the power to destroy as well as to create!

This is the quest for the Holy Grail and only the bravest are able to succeed at it. It is another example of the tantric left hand path but offers even more advice on how dangerous lust and animal pleasure can be. It is a spiritual quest. It is a quest for the development of the soul and it’s powers. This is achieved through the creative power of a third energy that is produced within the womb and released into the astral planes where it will be allowed to physically manifest.

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