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For several years I have tried reaching out to others on various platforms with limited success. I’ve also tried to be guided by my own higher self in how to approach and do these things. Right now the message I am getting is to focus exclusively on this website and those who have been so faithful in following it over the years. This means I’m letting go and not reaching out to others except through this website . Let them find their way here! So consider spreading the word about Organic Gnosticism and this website if you think it is important.

In regards to a “Book of Shadows” there is a central ritual in Wicca and there is a central ritual or meditation in Organic Gnosticism. This is the Healing and Prosperity Circle meditation. This simple meditation is so important and powerful that I will probably need several posts to fully explore just how important it really is. It is the beginning and the end of the development of the soul and it’s powers in a very real way as I will explain.

But first we need to explore the reality that there exists cosmic power sources “above” and “below” our known universe. There is an extreme voltage differential between these two power sources and our universe is the result of the interplay between these two polarities or voltages. All we can say is that one is a positive polarity in respect to the other and that there is a powerful attraction between them that is frustrated by the current reality. What this means is that there is a constant two way flow of energy that is trying to pass from one to the other. This is vibratory in nature and the flow in one direction is characterized as the photon or light which is expansive and outward in all directions at once. This light passes through our universe to impact on the other cosmic source of energy which then reacts by sending electricity or vital life energy back through our universe toward the first source. Action and reaction…Light and electricity…male and female…expansive and contracting or embracing…

But these two ultimate power sources always remain outside of our universe and we only know them as light and electricity or Spiritual light and Vital life energy. This Spiritual light travels through all things like the sun shines on all things and the Vital life energy travels through circuits or channels finding the shortest way home, the path of least resistance. We can also say that one is global or collective and one is individual.

The “higher” always gives “form” to the “lower” and the “lower” always animates the “higher”. So the pattern comes from the higher and the manifestation comes from the lower. These two polarities work together to create the universe that we live in.

In this respect the pattern comes first and in our Healing and Prosperity Circle meditation it is the higher Spiritual light that we first make contact with. We do this by drawing energy from the highest Source of Spiritual Light that we can reach and draw it down to create a rotating ball of energy about two inches above our heads. Then we create a second ball of energy in the middle of our heads and in a final step unify these separate energies by forcing them together to create one large ball of unified energy.

Doing this creates a permanent link to this higher Source energy and the result has been traditionally known as a “baptism” or “anointing” of Spirit. This Spiritual baptism has the effect of granting “illuminations” as we gain access to “Cosmic Patterns” or archetypal patterns that our universe is founded upon and governed by.

In doing this first phase of the Healing and Prosperity Circle meditation we open ourselves not only to our individual paths, but also to our collective reality as we merge in harmony and share our energies with others as we link together in harmony and resonance.

As we strive for the Spiritual Light our path is revealed to us. As we radiate love and good will outward to all life that which we desire is drawn toward us. This is a deep mystery worthy of contemplation.




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