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In many ways it is ironic that during Buddha’s lifetime people were so trapped in the present moment of physical reality that they really had to struggle to meditate. In today’s world we live so much in our heads that we have to struggle to perceive physical reality when it is right in front of us! I will just give an obvious example of being so caught up in reading a book that you are not aware of the passage of time or even aware of your physical body. Properly understood this is a high state of Samadhi! It has become so common that you don’t think of it as unusual.

This inside out and upside down characteristic pervades our modern society. Another example is collective belief and politically correct behavior as it reinforces echo chamber thought that has no relation to actual physical reality. The human mind will always find “perfect” music of less interest than “imperfect” music. It quickly gets bored of that which is too rythmical and structured. Personal empowerment is not in becoming clones of each other but in the ability to think outside the box; it lies not in commonality, but in creatively exploring new areas.

In this respect adaptability and creativity is life and sameness is death. There is growth and there is stagnation. Magic always comes out of our personal blind spots! We will always outgrow our present circumstances. What was once a perfect fit will someday be too confining and restrictive. What was once our salvation will someday become our prison!

The thing is that we all evolve and grow at different rates and are each at different levels of development. One size can never fit all. Society evolves through cycles in which the gifted are allowed to move forward for a space and then they are blocked while the slower ones are forced to catch up.

That is what is currently happening within our world. The slower ones are being forced to catch up to the rest of us and this is creating cognitive dissonance! Their view of reality is increasingly not matching their personal life experience.

Again the irony is that materialists are so stuck in their heads that organic realities and the multidimensional nature of reality and the soul do not exist for them. By the same token there are people who are so convinced of make believe realities that they have lost touch with reality as well.

The ancient mystery schools were created for the purpose of mental and emotional healing as well as the development of the soul and its powers. Their function was to help us live in this life and to prepare us for the next. Many adepts and masters have traveled along this path and the way is well marked and known although each path is individual.

The bottom line is are you living in fear or are you inspired? Is your outer world a prison or an adventure? Gaia has ascended taking us with her and our individual life circumstances are now firmly crystallizing around us. As the new energy of the coming year comes in this winter solstice our new lives will truly begin. Your present circumstances will begin to magnify and it will become more and more difficult to make changes in the mold that we have cast for ourselves.

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I’m watching David Wilcock’s latest class called “Disclosure” and am really surprised at how it fits in with some other things that I have been interested in lately. I’ve really been waking up to some topics that I’ve avoided for a long, long time.

I guess what started it was my research on the ancient druids which led to my reading the book: “The Horse, the Wheel and Language” by David Anthony. This was literally one of the finest books I have ever read and is filled with very impressive research based upon archeological evidence. 

This evidence makes clear that something drastic happened in the Mediterranean  area around 3,000 BCE. This was the time of pre-Helenic Greece. 

Though no one seems to be talking about it, I’ve always wondered what happened to the Minoan civilization of Crete. We know it existed and much of Greek history speaks of it so we also know it existed not that long ago. I suspect that what ever happened in the Mediterranean around 3,000 BCE also took out Crete.

Anyway, the next link in the chain was some youtube videos about ancient Egypt by bright insight. The one I’m thinking of is about his recent visit to the Great Pyramid in Egypt. He shows images of how closely the massive stone blocks fit together as if carved by precision laser beams. I’ve always heard talk about how closely these stones fit together but I’ve never seen it up close like in his videos. These precision cuts were obviously not made with primitive tools.

Seeing is believing and it took these images to utterly convince me that they were made by an advanced civilization. Today’s science is not capable of such precision manufacturing on such a massive scale. There had to be an advance civilization responsible for creating these monoliths. So what happened to it?

The next evidence was also presented by Bright insight videos about recent research of ancient civilizations buried beneath the sands of the Sahara desert in Northern Africa. Recent discoveries seem to show that the entire area was lush tropical as recent as 3,000 BCE! Whatever it was that happened in the Mediterranean was massive!

DNA research suggests that the first humans originated in Africa and especially this region that is now the Sahara desert. Exactly where we could expect to find the greatest evidence of early humans is covered by the desert sands. And it looks like this was wiped out around 3,000 BCE, not some earlier time period.

Stone monoliths like Stonehenge consist of crudely hewn stone blocks that to me seem as if some survival civilization is attempting to mimic its former greatness or draw attention to itself. These are thought to have been erected around 2,000 BCE, well after the destruction in the Mediterranean. 

Now we get to the recent Disclosure lectures by David Wilcock. Based upon the evidence in this class it is pretty certain to me that we have reverse engineered technology from UFO crashes. This reverse engineered technology includes alloys and compounds with very interesting characteristics. Based upon this material I am forced to admit the existence of physical alien lifeforms existing here on planet earth.

This includes the ability to phase back and forth as pure energy beings and physical beings. Scientifically this appears as happening according to the laws of our own universe and not from alternate realities. 3D reality is simply not an accurate reflection of our true experience! Materialists are incredibly short sighted in this!

Lastly, Admiral Byrd conducted three military attempts to set off a nuclear device in Antarctica. It was the third attempt by dogsled that finally succeeded. That was the last we saw of numerous UFO’s in the post War years. 

The point of this post is to share that physical evidence does exist of alien races that are technologically advanced beyond our current levels of civilization. There is much that we don’t know and that is being hidden from us. For me this has recently shifted beyond theory to absolute conviction! It is no longer nice to know, but has become need to know!

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This past new moon really triggered a lot of things for me and what is interesting is that they all seem to be dealing with communications between the physical and etheric planes. As our personal circumstances continue to solidify around us in this new world it becomes increasingly important to orient ourselves somehow.

There is a connection or needs to be a connection between our physical nature and our etheric nature. These are the sixth and seventh outer electron rings and both have 32 awareness points. So there is a possible 1:1 correspondence and communication between the physical and the etheric. We gain awareness of the etheric by powering through the physical! This means that if we desire to learn how to direct and control our etheric selves we need to do so though mastery of our physical body!

Martial arts training is a perfect example of this. The high level martial artist has the ability to alter physical reality by tapping into the etheric and manipulating it. My Ti Kwon Do Sensei was an 8th Dan black belt and there were pictures on the Dojo walls of him breaking several concrete blocks stacked on top of each other, breaking them with his forehead. Those kinds of things occur through manipulation of the etheric and not purely physical. But the training and development of the physical came first!

I recently realized just how much lack of muscle tone I had because of not going to work every day. I’ve been retired for one year and my body knows it. I spend too much time simply sitting in a chair and not getting enough exercise. I do my daily meditations but working with physical energy is not really part of it. That physical energy is simply not there. I recently started working my abdominal muscles with a Torso Track and doing five Kettlebell snatches with each arm and my body is rejoicing! Sure, I have some sore muscles, but that will pass. I’m getting some full body aerobic exercise and my body knows it! My meditations are even more powerful after such exercise.

So ascension wise this is a time of physical/etheric integration at the deepest levels! The communication channels between the physical and the etheric need to be opened up and this requires the generation of physical energy! My body of light seems so much more substantial after my exercise routine which is only less than a half hour a day.

At the same time there is a war going on within our world between the organic forces of life and the digital forces of computers. Those that wish to enslave the human race have created a digital firewall around our world that is becoming more solid and permanent than ever. If you use Windows or Apple computers that control net is gradually pulling you in to the point there is no escape.

Only open source systems like Linux will remain free and able to pass through that digital firewall. I’ve recently been forced to switch to Ubuntu, which is a lLinux based system, because of an incompatibility with Windows 10 caused by my computer lacking a TPM 2.0 module which has been increasingly required for seven years and needed for Windows 11.

So I didn’t want to change. I wanted to remain with Windows but that option was not allowed. I can take a hint when it hits me that hard! I switched to Ubuntu and am loving it! I can do just about everything that I was able to do in Windows except play games. But what is important is deep down in my core it feels right to be free of Windows. Windows and the programs that need Windows were like drugs that I needed. I’m only now realizing that I don’t really need them!

There is a merging taking place between the Linux community and the organic pagan community. If you are looking for a safe haven this is something to consider. It is the best of both worlds.

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For quite a while now something has been trying to break through my thick head into awareness. While I still can’t grasp all of it, I am getting some of the message and it is so simple and self-evident that I am surprised at how hard I have fought against accepting it!

There is a direct relationship between mental/emotional/physical/spiritual health; the vividness and substantial reality behind dreams and paranormal experiences; and our ability to creatively find and take advantage of potential possibilities in our everyday physical world!

This is a three way relationship that exists in a multi-dimensional way in our individual reality.

So let’s bounce some of these ideas around a bit. Can it be true that the more healthy we are in an integrated way, the more powerful, vivid and meaningful our dreams become? Is there a direct correlation between what we dream and our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health? Can it be true that the healthier we are, the more integrated and powerful we are in our dreams and in our physical lives? Is there a direct relationship between our physical lives and our dreams?

And what about the third aspect; does spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health and an integrated personality allow us a greater creative ability in recognizing potential opportunities and dangers in our physical world? Does it lead to more paranormal experiences? Is there a multi-dimensional connection between the paranormal and the physical?

This entire concept is still quite slippery and difficult for me to really grasp although I recognize its validity. And if valid, what part does a healthy self-esteem and healthy ego play in the integration of all aspects of who we are? Just what does “soul retrieval” really mean?

One final thought presents itself. I have been actively trying to connect with my most primitive ancestors, who were horse riding nomads that lived in wagons on the Pontic Steppe in what is now the Ukraine and Russia. These people spoke proto-Indo-European which is the original mother language of the entire western world! Their influence was immense!

There is a direct connection between spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health and simple competence in basic survival, self-defense and basic first-aid! There is also a direct connection between an active and stimulating environment and intelligence. My ancient ancestors lived lives that required all of these things. The taming of the horse and the ability to ride greatly expanded the possibilities and the world of these nomads in comparison to their contemporaries.

So the question really is:

Why does our society not focus on the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health or its members by teaching them simple competence in basic survival, self-defense and first-aid? Why is the importance of a good self-esteem and strong ego not recognized? Why does our society not recognize the importance of an active and stimulating environment?

Why does our society actively teach us to be dependent upon external authority rather than independent? Why should we depend upon society itself for our survival needs, for our defense against aggression and our medical needs? Why is the ego considered a bad thing that must be eliminated? And why must we spend our lives in soul sucking jobs that enslave us and like a vampire suck us dry of every drop of life and vitality?

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Each day I have been doing a Shifting the Point of Awareness Meditation and I am seeing profound results! My awareness can be at where my feet touch the ground and I can be in the deepest possible altered state and still my awareness functions like normal waking awareness! What this really means is that my normal awareness is to function at an altered state where I can integrate all the chakras at one time!

I didn’t plan this ahead of time and like most things that happen to me I am either led to do them or simply stumble into them. So now I am led to believe that the ability to shift awareness from each type of energy to the other is perhaps the most important thing to aim for in the process of self-empowerment! By doing this all the chakras are stimulated into functioning in harmony with each other.

I’ve also been having a lot of empowering dreams that involve lots of people. The impression that I have is that Gaia’s ascension process has moved into a stage of resolution for us hydrogen types, whatever our stage of development might be. Our etheric bodies have been activated and we have won the right to create new lives for ourselves! Instead of a world and universe of duality, there now exists a third option that integrates the other two. This has never existed before and the hydrogen types are the first with the ability to make use of it! Meanwhile the battle for Gaia has moved on and transferred itself to the helium types who are now facing the eruption of the Shadow full force.

For the first time the collective supports us as we stand and walk upon a middle path of empowerment and integration! We are no longer in the fight and move to the stage of creation and regeneration of our lives. The real question becomes whether we can find our true path which will allow us to wake up each morning excited to be alive?

There is a mold and decadence that floats like scum on the top of society. It sticks to us and contaminates our thoughts and hinders our free actions. It is up to each one to free themselves of the slime that surrounds them. Ask yourself the question, “Do I really want to live?” If the answer is yes, then DO IT!

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As many of you know I celebrate Samhain or Halloween as the 2nd full moon after the autumn equinox. I celebrate this as a lunar festival when the veil is thinnest between the worlds and that is during the full moon. This year it is very late and occurs on the 19th of November. So the harvest continues till quite late in the year. The lunar and solar cycles are not coinciding very well this year and you can consider it an orb of influence that will last from 30 October to 19 November.

I’ve just finished a very intensive deep dive into the origins of the proto-Indo-European Pontic Steppe nomads that roamed the Pontic Steppe living in wagons and herding their cattle on horseback. These were my ancestors, Haplogroup G that clustered around the Caucasus mountains and Pontic Steppe in neolithic times, 3,000 BCE and even much earlier. So I’ve been getting in touch with my most ancient roots!

I’ve also just finished a deep dive into the origins of the Druid culture that also was related with my ancestors that somehow managed to get from the Pontic Steppe to Ireland around 3,000 BCE bringing the hospitality concept with them. The hospitality concept is that of the warrior nobility protecting the common population in exchange for tribute. The Druid culture seems to have arisen in support of this sacred obligation. So I followed that to the point of the collapse of the Druid culture in 472 CE and the massacre of the Long Knives at Stonehenge during the sacred Beltaine festival. You can read about some of this on my other blog OAK Inner Circle.

There was a third research that I have concluded at the same time. I recently completed reading “Suggestive Inquiry Into The Hermetic Mystery” by Mary Anne Atwood. This was a classic text that collected almost all the known works on alchemy and sorted them out. Those that have followed me for several years know that I have traveled a tantric path that has sequentially permanently developed and activated my various non-physical bodies from the top down. This has taken over twenty five years but it has completed itself. My research is about others that have followed a similar path.

I can say with absolute conviction that hermetic alchemy in Mary Anne Atwood’s book describes the exact same path that I followed as does that described by Mantak Chia, Julius Evola and Aleister Crowley. Of course the terms and concepts are cryptic, but the sense of repeated purifications to achieve a purified soul body or immortal physical body are all talking about the same thing!

This alchemical path has been known by the ancients for thousands of years and hundreds of masters have traveled it!

But there is one difference in that most of these people have developed their soul bodies from the bottom up and not from the top down! That is the only difference that I can see. Life was much more difficult for people in the ancient world before reading and writing was discovered and they developed the lower nonphysical bodies out of survival needs. The root chakra was strong because it needed to be! They had difficulty with the higher levels.

But we today live in our heads and it is the lower levels that we have trouble with! So we need to reclaim our magickal link to Gaia, mother earth, and the Womb of Creation. Normal conscious awareness needs to be integrated with our etheric body. Doing this requires the activation and integration of the Shadow Aspect! It is not pleasant!

In any case I am moving on to my translation projects. I’ve reached a good point of closure with the above subjects for now. Those that are interested will know what to do. I’ve given more than enough clues in my numerous posts over the years. Those that don’t get it never will! I just want to say that I’ve proven to my own satisfaction that this same path has been followed by thousands over the ages! There is nothing new about it!

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Astral combat takes place at a specific location within the astral planes and it represents a weak or vulnerable spot in your aura. Astral combat is all about energy and at first you will not have much energy, perhaps barely enough to maintain your astral body intact. So in a way you are fighting for your life! At least your life in that astral body!

Astral bodies require a lot of energy to maintain and permanently activated astral bodies will automatically pull and draw the energy they need from open energy centers as well as from the physical body. The lower the astral body the more energy required to keep it viable.

Astral combat automatically strips both combatants of available energy at that specific location in a form of mutual destruction. So each combatant needs to draw more energy for the conflict itself from other energy centers, cosmic power sources or the physical body itself.

I’ll give a few examples:

You and your opponent are both naked and in hand to hand combat with knives. You are both fighting for the lives of those particular astral bodies.

You have a weapon like a gun but it won’t fire. That’s because its energy has already been used up. That you still have a gun even though it won’t work suggests that there has been a draw and no clear winner or that you have just barely won.

You fire two or three times and keep missing the target or only hit the target on the last try. This means that your opponent is successfully blocking you even though you are stronger energetically than they are. If you do manage to hit the target after several tries of course you have won the exchange.

Your opponent fires several times at you and you absorb the impact of the bullets and heal yourself. This is when you are so powerful at that particular level of the astral that you don’t even need to protect yourself. The fact that your opponent can fire several times at you suggests that they are quite powerful as well. But they are not powerful enough to change the outcome of the battle.

These are all situations that I have found myself in over the years. I’ve even had a bazooka as a weapon a few times! Its always the same. There is mutual destruction of the energy of both sides until only one is left.

There is one other form of astral combat that is worth mentioning. This was after I had tamed my “alligator puppy” and was using it to defend myself. Someone asked me for help and protection. They had gotten on the wrong side of a Voodoo Highpriestess from New Orleans and was being attacked. I stepped in like an idiot and was immediately under attack as well and I sicced my “alligator puppy” on them to protect me. All that was left was a quivering stump coming out of the ground. My “alligator puppy” had completely severed my attacker’s connection to the earth and destroyed it.

Magick circles, power objects and spells have nothing at all to do with this level of astral combat. What I’m talking about is pure power and no tricks. There are lots of magickally powerful people out there and you don’t want to mess with them. This is a rough and tumble group of people that is an elite society in itself. I’m proud to be a member but there is no leader.

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Anyone that seriously begins working with magickal energies will find themselves under magickal attack at some point! For most it will come as a surprise because they have no intent to harm anyone. The answer is really quite simple once it is understood. When you actually reach the point where you are able to magickally make a difference your own energy work begins to interfere and mess with that of others.

They will track down the source of the problem and attempt to take care of it. This means an energetic confrontation. It doesn’t even really matter who wins! Each person needs to find out where they stand in the hierarchy and when they are in their right place things smooth out.

We don’t even need to talk about dreams because this point is not reached until you have at least one or two permanently activated astral bodies. These permanently activated astral bodies increase your awareness to the point that you can sense and deal with magickal attacks directly from waking consciousness. Still, most magickal attacks will happen during your dreams, but not always.

In the beginning most magickal attacks are dealt with by rising above them because the highest level can control and contain the lower ones or block them. The reality is that this doesn’t work unless you have the ability to rise above them! That means taking the confrontation up to the next astral body. If you don’t have that astral body activated, even temporarily you will lose! By rising above the attack you flee the scene and live to fight another day! You have lost the battle but managed to hold yourself together and that is a win!

The next stage is when you are able to meet the conflict head on and fight to a conclusion. When you win the other person disappears. When you lose you wake up in the middle of a nightmare. When you beat someone in a battle and they don’t disappear, that’s really, really, bad for them! They may even end up dying.

The third stage is when you are powerful enough to go beneath the other person and basically just brush them aside. I remember such a magickal attack when someone attacked me with a knife in a dream. I took the knife away from them, bent the blade and handed it back to them saying, “You shouldn’t really do that!”

As a veteran of thousands of astral attacks I can say that most of them are not personal at all. They are simply energetic crisis points where someone else is messing with our own workings or we are messing with theirs.

Over the years I’ve reached the point where it is very rare for me to be astrally attacked. It might happen once or twice a year and is of little consequence. In fact, I’ve reached a point where I will take an active role in defending others if I have to.

You can only be attacked where you are vulnerable. You can only be attacked where your aura is weak. Strike your hardest. As Crowley says, you cannot hurt a King or Queen! They will move out of your way. Likewise you will move out of their way if they are stronger. No real damage is done.

It is only those that play at this game that get hurt! There is a very real difference between people who are the real thing and people who are just pretend and do make believe.

I can tell you from personal experience that there are quite a few people out there who are the real thing! We recognize each other when we meet! We respect each other!

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The observer self seems to have the ability to see our other astral bodies as we develop them. In my last post I mentioned integrating my dragon self. But I have encountered other animal selves that belong to me and I assume that I have integrated them, but perhaps we can change back and forth? I don’t really know.

I have dreamed of myself as both having a horse body and a dog body and both of these animals are very precious to me. In these dreams I’m usually interacting with someone else who also has a similar animal body so perhaps I need to shapeshift to interact with them? I’m not really sure.

I’ve also had dreams where I’m human and others are animal. Again dogs and horses are those with personal interactions.

But I’ve also dreamed of groups of people like cows or pigs and the feeling is that these people live to fill their bellies and follow their crude animal pleasures without much self awareness.

I’ve had many dreams of serpent entities and they are very smart and scary although I’ve only had one try to bite me. We always seem to have a stand off and I manage to stare them down. But my encounters with them are uncomfortable. Perhaps its because at some level I am one of them. There seems to be an uneasy truce.

Spiders or woodticks seem to be entities that are blood sucking vampires. These entities have tried to feed off my energy in the past. I’ve killed them by feeding them channeled energy until they pop! I don’t like vampires or any kind.

I’ve only had a few dreams in which I was flying and in some of them I was human and in others I was some type of bird but I don’t remember which kind of bird.

My conclusion is that as we develop our seven astral bodies they each need to go through their ancient history and evolve as well. At first they are animal and then become more human as they are gradually integrated. My dragon aspect took well over a year to fully integrate even though it was my constant companion.

I’ve not attempted to deliberately shape shift within meditations or astral journeys but I suspect that some day I will. In fact, at times I suspect that is the next step!

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Many of us were here at Gaia’s beginning and evolved with her exploring each species and life form. We spent millons of years in lifetimes as reptiles and dinosaurs. In my vision of the different ages my vision of the age of dinosaurs was the most terrifying because it was so violent. That capacity for violence still lies deep within us and most of us are terrified of it!

When I really confront my fear of snakes and reptiles I think it comes down to the quickness, the capacity for violence and my inability to sense them until it is too late. They just simply appear and take me by surprise. But to be honest I am that way myself. I live among people that have no idea who I really am and I’m invisible in a way. I am not violent but I have survived countless astral battles. In over thirty years I have not lost a single one.

Many years ago I had a very vivid dream of walking on the shore of an underground ocean. There was a terrifying sea monster in that ocean and I was fishing for it. There was an astral cord from me to it and I was reeling it in even though it was fighting to get away. It’s jaws were horrible and I was very frightened but kept reeling it in.

When I finally pulled it on shore it transformed into a yellow alligator with a stubby tail. I called it my alligator puppy and realized that it was not dangerous to me, that it only wanted to protect me. So for about a year I kept it constantly at my side and could sense as it gradually turned into a large serpent that moved beside me. There were several times when I called on it to protect me from astral attack and it ruthlessly defended me.

Then I integrated it and it became more human until now today it is simply part of who I am like it always was. You see, I am a dragon that has become human. The reptile brain no longer controls me like it once did. Now it is my friend and a source of strength when I need it.

I think those stories of knights slaying dragons and getting their treasure are symbolic stories that tell of others who have done the same thing that I have. But I didn’t slay my dragon; I tamed it!

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