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There are important mile markers which we pass in Gaia’s ascension and the mass global ascension meditation was one of those…we got past it and now what? What is the next big thing?

I realize that my last post was a bit off the wall and I would like to place it into context or rather bring up some new things that I’ve not talked about or considered before. Remember back to 2012 and the great expectations that people had over ascension and how people were going to instantly find themselves on the other side? Well, that’s not exactly what happened is it…

So I’m going to summarize some of the things that come to mind dealing with Gaia’s ascension. First, we changed the probable future by creating totally new timelines that didn’t have the inevitable World War III, the global economic meltdown or the polar shift…those things were out there as probabilities and we avoided them by finding other ways to move forward and this creative effort continues today!

But I remember Steve Rother in a channel explaining how the plan was that all life on planet earth was to be destroyed like it had been in all other ascensions on other planets…the life ascended, but the planets died…not this time! He also mentioned the space dust that was entering earth’s atmosphere and floating around and the role that it would play in the future evolution of life on earth…think of this space dust as a type of Miracle-Gro that would give a gigantic boost to all life forms so that they could get a fresh start. It was described as reseeding Gaia with new life!

But this Miracle-Gro type space dust didn’t enter a dying or dead world, but one teaming with advanced life that has actually ascended! Life didn’t need to start over again from scratch like it was first expected. We made that change! We brought our world with us, or rather Gaia brought all forms of life with her as she ascended…but this Miracle-Gro like substance is still out there giving a vitality boost to all living things, including humans, all other species and viruses alike. Everything is on an equal footing as it struggles for survival in these new energies…This was the context in which I made my last post…

On to other things…long ago I was given the message that we didn’t need World War III or global destruction to make the switch into the new age. All that needed to happen was for the old negative souls to die of old age and to prevent them from being reborn! It might take a little longer, but would be much more humane…and so it has been. How long can the elite like George Soros or Queen Elizabeth of England continue to live in physical bodies? One by one these old powers that were are dying off and not being replaced. The old generation never changes its mind, they simply die and the new world is left to the younger generation. That’s what is happening now! We just need to wait it out…the battle has already been won! The enemy is dropping like flies from illness and old age!

Now we are entering the resurrection phase…

This time the battle continues on the political level and there are only a few months left until the US presidential election. Here is the plan of those seeking the enslavement of the world’s population…

Prolong the Coronavirus emergency until after the election so that people can’t go to the polls to vote. This means that it is vital to keep people in fear and panic over the dangers of the Coronavirus right up until the last minute. Keep people afraid and at home!

Collapse the economy so that people will be desperate and accept total government control over individual rights. Make people helpless by taking away all of their means of resistance…and especially take away the freedom of free speech…

By achieving these two goals they hope to turn the election against Trump and place someone like governor Cuomo as president through mail in ballots. Neither Biden nor Sanders are electable…and all that is needed is to drag these things out until after the election!

In contrast, this is what the Trump administration needs to do and is doing:

It needs to immediately stop the Coronavirus in its tracks so that people are not afraid to go to the polls this fall. It needs to promote how people are joining at the heart level and working together in love to confront and battle this crisis. It needs to show how love triumphs over fear!

It needs to get the economy moving again so that people are not desperate and in despair. Part of the plan is to make use of the Fed and zero interest loans to finance roads and infrastructure. This is a brilliant move because interest rates are the real evil in this world…zero interest loans are the way out! Most of the government debt payments are simply payments on the interest it owes to the Fed…time to make the Fed work for us instead!

Smoke and mirrors! But we already know the outcome because we made it happen when we globally and collectively turned the corner during the mass global meditation on April 4/5…The Light has won! The heart has won!


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I haven’t posted much lately because I didn’t really have anything of interest to share until now. Obviously I was excited about the global ascension meditation and participated. We definitely shifted polarities and are on the ascension timeline. But you as my readers don’t read my blogs because I’m putting out the same old stuff that everyone else is putting out…You read my blogs because I’m posting about things that others are not posting about! So this post is going to be really wild and crazy for some of you. All I can say is that this is my take on things as they continue to evolve.

Two of my favorite science fiction books are Crystal Singer by Anne McAffrey and Dune by Frank Herbert. They are both old classics from back when I was young, but somehow they struck a resonant chord deep within me.

You already know that I consider The Amber Chronicles by Roger Zelazny to be a pretty accurate vision of what our new multi-dimensional universe is going to be like. When I think of the new Gaia I think of Amber, and all the shadow worlds that are reflections of it, as well as the Courts of Chaos at the extreme opposite end. To me the ascended planet A, Amber and Gaia are one and the same. ascended planet B and the Courts of Chaos where all the Powers That Were are going, are one and the same. So my own personal paradigm has been heavily influenced by this beloved series about Amber. I even thought about naming my son Corwin after the main character in the first series, but I never did.

What I believe is that certain authors, scientists and spiritual leaders can tap into Source and they bring back their visions to help the human race progress. Dewey Larson and his Reciprocal Systems Theory is an example of a scientist that tapped into Source. Jakob Boheme is an example of a mystic that tapped into Source and in his own way was sensing the same things that Dewey Larson did…

Well something about the Corona Virus has been bugging me and a recent channeling by Steve Rother helped me to put my finger on it. Essentially what he channeled was that the Corona Virus was an alien life form that came from outer space and was of extremely high vibration, it was of such a high vibration that it was involved in the ascension process even though it was not intelligent as we think of intelligence. Still it is highly adaptive and constantly mutating to survive.

This little tid bit helped me remember another channeling several years ago about Gaia or earth going through a cloud of space dust…actually I think Steve Rother channeled that as well. This space dust totally infiltrated our atmosphere, was to be found everywhere and would be playing an important part in the future evolution of all life on Gaia.

Now let’s switch to Dune by Frank Herbert. Dune is the only planet in the galaxy where spice is found. Spice is the chemical drug or ingredient that allows for interplanetary/interdimensional space travel. It is a drug that is addictive and creates permanent change within the physical body, also turning the whites of the eyes a deep blue…among humans it is only women that can transmute the poison into a healing potion…until the messiah comes…read the story! It’s classic!

Anyway let’s jump to Crystal Singer by Anne McAffrey. There is a planet that is quarantined. But this planet is the only source of a black crystal that is incredibly valuable. It’s been so long I forget the story but I just ordered a copy so I can reread it! I don’t remember why the crystal is so valuable, but I do remember that the reason the planet is under quarantine is because anyone that lands there becomes infected by a parasite that forms a symbiotic bond with its host. This parasite can’t live off planet for very long and the host can’t live without the parasite once the bond has been made.

Now the nature of this symbiotic bond is such that it eliminates disease, grants extremely long life and enhances certain abilities that might be considered paranormal. That is if it is a highly successful transmutation. It could be incompatible with the host and then the person will die. Or most common it might cause some disfiguration or distortion of the host’s physical body and entire personality. Again, read the book as it is a fascinating story that has become a well loved classic.

The sense I have is that the corona virus is such a thing…it is not originally of Gaia, but of alien origin and has come to earth in this space dust and attached itself to all organic life. It is an important part of the ascension process and assists in the DNA mutations that are required for the new humanity to evolve. It is of extremely high vibration and ultimately will form a symbiotic bond with each one of us as we ascend. In a way it is the vehicle of our ascension! It will become a part of us and we will become a part of it! It is this virus that is changing us and our world through the ascension process!

I do think that this virus began integrating first with cellular life and then with animals and that human researchers messed with it so that it was able to merge with humans…so it’s not a man made virus, but an extremely potent one that humans genetically messed with so that it could infect humans…


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This is the big moment and we are especially prepared for a mass meditation like this. I suggest doing a simple Healing and Prosperity Circle meditation to open a portal and then link up to all the others around the world that will be doing the same thing!

Here is the link to the blog that is hosting the original meditation info:



It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long, and the current timeline is not going in the best direction. Here is our chance to collectively shift the timeline back into our optimal timeline for planetary liberation. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the massive astrological configuration of Jupiter Pluto conjunction on April 4th/5th to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and trigger the process that will solidify the optimal Ascension timeline for the planet.
Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Post it on your websites and blogs! If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook event for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.
However, this time, only people following my blog will not be enough. We need a more worldwide cooperation with more large influencers involved.
This activation is a test for the surface population whether it will be able to manifest unity or not. The Light Forces will be monitoring the level of cooperation and will use that as one of the determining factors for the immediate future plans for the Event.
There are many spiritual leaders with large following and I sincerely hope they would like the coronavirus to be erased and that they would like the planet to shift into the most positive timeline. If they wish to join this meditation, they can contact cobraresistance@gmail.com .
Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations and activations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this activation can actually help bringing the Age of Aquarius closer to us:
This activation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to completely remove the coronavirus, to help removing all the fear this epidemic has created, to counteract all plans dark forces had with triggering this epidemic, and to help shifting the planetary evolution back into the most positive Ascension timeline that will lead us into the Age of Aquarius.
Number of people doing that activation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up this process.
We can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this activation! This will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide.
We will be doing this meditation in the exact moment of Jupiter Pluto conjunction on April 4th/5th which will be the first moment when a truly powerful energy of Age of Aquarius will hit the surface of the planet:
We will be doing this meditation at 10:45 pm EDT on April 4th in New York. This equals 9:45 pm CDT in Chicago, 8:45 pm MDT in Denver and 7:45 pm PDT in Los Angeles. Europe and Asia will already have April 5th at the moment of the activation, which will be 3:45 am BST in London, 4:45 am CEST in Paris, 4:45 am EET in Cairo, 10:45 am CST in Taipei and Beijing, 11:45 am JST in Tokyo and 12:45 pm AEST in Sydney.
You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:
1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to shift the planet into the most optimal timeline and as a tool to completely remove the coronavirus.

3. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.
4. Visualize this Light transmuting all remaining coronavirus on Earth, disinfecting all infected areas on the planet, healing all patients, removing all fear associated with this epidemic and restoring stability.
5. Visualize the course of events on planet Earth shifting into the most positive timeline possible, shifting away from all epidemics, away from all wars, away from all global domination. Visualize white, pink, blue and golden Light healing all inequalities, erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all humanity. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle of the Age of Aquarius beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth.
Suggested time for our meditation is 20 minutes.

Updates about the Ascension Timeline Meditation:


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The full moon energies have been driving me crazy! I wake up at 4:00 am and can’t get back to sleep…there is a sense of blockage and the energy not able to flow. These new energy channels must be established and in place before the spring equinox in just a few weeks! It seems like the energies have a mind of their own and are snapping into place whether I want them to or not.

I normally visit Annie in the nursing home on Saturdays and we watch a movie together. I also try to call her each evening just to touch bases. For the last couple weeks this has  not been possible because her phone is not working. I took Luci to visit her yesterday and the building was on lock down because of the corona virus. Couldn’t get in to visit. Seems the universe is strictly limiting my energetic contact with her for some reason.

New beginnings… have I talked about new beginnings? For years now it has all been about bringing up old stuff…not any more! Now it’s all about new stuff and getting prepared for new adventures…There is a real sense of moving forward and not looking back…

I’m posting daily in the new social platform Voice.com and it is totally different than what I experienced at narrative.org. I’m still coming to terms with Voice. It is currently in beta with at least 800 members. All posted material needs to be original and of at least a certain length…so I can’t repost material like I did on narrative. I find that I am posting entirely new content related to objectivism and philosophy. No metaphysics! At least not yet!

All these energies really seem to be connected to the physical plane and I’ve been soaking my feet and taking some supplements to deal with toxins in the blood stream…This seems related to purification of the physical body and a final grounding to the earth.

Add a spring cleaning of my apartment and some new clothes and you can see that I’m doing a complete make over for some reason…guess I will just wait and see…

Traditionally the seven weeks before my birthday have always been a disruptive cycle where unfinished things need to be attended to. So I’m not trying new starts. It is more like saying good bye to all the old in my life…

I see these energetic shifts affecting others as well…it seems like we are all waiting for something to happen… waiting for the other shoe to drop…are we waiting for the corona virus to hit?

All I can say is that things will only begin moving again after the spring equinox! Right now everything is on hold! There is a certain group of people that attempted to catch the incoming energies of the winter solstice and ride that wave of energy toward a successful conclusion and they failed miserably! They got on the wrong side of the energy and will continue to be on the wrong side of the energy for the rest of this coming year…They are only now beginning to realize the trouble that they are really in…

It is a bad time for people to live in their heads!



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My father just passed away at the age of 87 and I’ve been dealing with the details of his funeral and passing for the past week which is why I didn’t post a weekly message…

But the events of the past week bring up an interesting opportunity to talk about something that is happening globally with Gaia’s ascension as certain souls withdraw and others step forward to fill the void. My experience is that while we are individuals, we are also required to be place holders for specific energies within a cosmic circuit. By this I mean that the universe requires each energetic position to be filled by a person in a living physical body and upon the death of that person another needs to step forward and advance to fill the vacant position. It doesn’t need to be a specific person, but it does need to be someone. In this way the cosmic circuit is maintained.

There is often heavy competition for specific slots or positions…

Both marriages and ancient mystery schools recognized the life long bond that ties people together only to be released upon the death of the individual or one of the individuals involved. These bonds or vows are  not to be taken lightly. But each of us holds more than one position in life and as we gradually advance we may step out of certain other positions and allow others to move forward as well.

We are at a point in Gaia’s ascension where all karmic ties and obligations have been fulfilled and completed. It is time for those moving ahead to let go of the old and firmly grasp the new and embrace it with all of our ability and joy. It will be different for each of us.

I find it interesting that as the oldest of four children I received the flag which covered his casket. I also ended up with his over sized easy chair as well as my mother’s. Did I receive the thrones? What is symbolic and what is real. My younger brother is purchasing the 200 acre family farm and plans to live there. Does he receive the kingdom? My youngest sister is the administrator of the estate, she has the legal authority to conduct business and carry out my father’s last wishes. Is she the true representative and enforcer of my father’s continuing wishes?

These are all energetic positions and not one person has advanced into all of them. The only thing certain is that father has passed on and new energetic circuits are being created because the show must go on…He filled many positions and with his passing all of them once more need to be filled…

With Gaia it is the same way. Everywhere you look old positions are being vacated and new people are stepping into new positions of authority and power. These are the new energetics at work and this spring these new circuits are really starting to become apparent. Something is afoot! There is a changing of the guard and it seems to be taking place through the death and removal of the old guard.

For me there seems to be a consolidation of energies that are tending to focus in a surprising direction, that of digital art. Over twenty years ago I was interested in art and briefly pursued it. Now the cycle has returned and while I am still going to remain active in most of my old activities, art is coming back into my life! It is interesting to note that the main reason I stepped away from art was because I was afraid of the raw emotional force that it brought up within me. Perhaps I am finally ready to wield that force and work with it?

I look around at the tools I have surrounded myself with and I see things to translate, ascension related materials to write, wiccan materials on the etheric planes, social activities with new friends, magickal and occult research materials as well as many art reference materials and a magnificent computer set up complete with Dragon Naturally Speaking, Office, and Painter 2020…

I have around two years until I retire and it seems that these coming two years will be in preparation for a very busy retirement! It makes me wonder which new energetic positions I am advancing into…

Which ones are you advancing into?


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There is so much information to share about this subject and not that much of it belongs strictly to the etheric realms so bear with me as I try to sort it out. I’ve mentioned how the physical human body seems specially designed for possession by a non-physical astral body or soul. This in itself opens up an entire can of worms.

I remember twice in my life when I didn’t know what was coming out of me, what I was saying…in college speech class I was supposed to give a speech about a good friend and mentor that meant very much to me as I was growing up. I remember going to the front of the class and beginning to speak…then I woke up and the entire class was sitting there with their mouths open! Later they told me how wonderful my speech had been, but I didn’t remember a single word of what I had said.

Another time in Germany I was at a party where we were drinking German beer and having a good time. But I don’t remember it…I only know that one of the girls said that I had become very obnoxious…

I’ve had several experiences dealing with the newly dead at crossing over and out of fear trying to take possession of anyone in the room with them at the time. My wife’s mother tried taking over her body and succeeded for almost a half hour before I was able to drive her out…and her father tried to take over my own body at his passing! I don’t know if it ran in the family or what! Given these experiences and others I only know that this is much more prevalent than anyone suspects…I wonder how many children or nursing home and hospital workers are possessed by the earthbound spirits of those who pass over?

Do you know of anyone who has suffered a drastic personality change at the death of a relative or close friend?

It is common practice for masters of the dark arts to take over the body of a favorite student when they become too old to survive in their own body. This often happens forcefully and against the will of the student. Carlos Castenenda wrote about the nagual shaman and how his or her “shade” was passed on to his or her apprentice…

Various eastern spiritual traditions consider it an honor if the master takes over the body of a chela at their crossing over. In this way they don’t need to waste those early years of childhood development…

But the entire subject is so much more involved than this…We are all born with incomplete souls and have many wounds as well. We have very little ego strength or self esteem in  a healthy sense and it needs to be developed and strengthened.

Magickal training teaches the use of assumption of god forms in which the magician visualizes him or herself as becoming one with a god or goddess and experiencing that divine power and knowledge…isn’t this a way of shifting our personal awareness into a place where it is safe and not vulnerable? When one dons the robe and the ring they become someone else entirely…someone more than they are in ordinary life…or so they believe…is this a form of possession and whom is possessing whom?

My firm belief is that many so called gods and goddesses were once simply human beings that permanently activated their own etheric bodies in their own physical lifetimes and became immortal…to come back to life all they need is the vital life force of worshipers…

Rosicrucians teach another form of assumption where a person can send an important message to another person and or influence them in some way. This is also taught in magickal traditions such as witchcraft.

One simply visualizes their own awareness entering the physical body of the other person or standing in front of them and giving a message. They wait until certain that the message has been received and only then leave. The message may not be consciously received but it remains as an unconscious prompting…

One might think of this as a negative practice, but what if one wants to make sure that a loved one is safe? What if they want their partner to pick up some milk at the grocery store on the way home from work?

Modern psychology even practices deliberately creating healthy secondary personalities for individuals with fragmented egos and no sense of self left or self esteem. They try to build a healthy one up from scratch and this is similar to what many magickal traditions do with their own assumption of god forms.

In my own case my Rosicrucian studies created a secondary personality that was safe for me to dwell in until I had reached the point where I could once more integrate my original self which had been destroyed in a nervous breakdown when I was twenty years old…

Also as an empath it has been very difficult to sort out which emotions belong to me and which belong to others…the same with thoughts, is that me or someone else? Why is it that when I get up to use the rest room several others get up at the same time?

Another thing to take into consideration is that we are constantly trying to integrate skills and resources from past lives so that we can make use of them in this lifetime…

In your own wiccan or pagan practice are you worshiping a god or goddess? Or are you trying to become one yourself? The sought for answer is that we are seeking our own divinity within our own hearts and souls in accordance with our own conscience!


(The Etheric Witch)

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This post is a continuation of my last post in many respects. But first I would like to orient things a bit for my readers…Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal Systems Theory suggests two interpenetrating universes linked together at the speed of light. I’m simply expanding upon this idea by suggesting that each element acts like a particle or atom within the 3D space/time universe and acts like an energy wave or pulse in the 3D time/space universe…awareness or consciousness exists within the time/space universe and is that wave or pulse that expands outward and then returns inward in a pulse of electrical energy. Don’t over think this as I’m still trying to get a grasp on it myself.

The point is to rethink of what we have been calling the astral planes and what we have been calling physical reality…its time to merge them both into a different understanding of multi-dimensional reality. I’ve already pointed out that the last possible element , that mysterious noble gas #118 forms the etheric body and supports the etheric world as well as being the vast ocean of outer space. To speak plainly, the etheric body and the etheric worlds exist below what we experience as physical reality! They are created out of elements that are heavier and more dense than what we consider physical reality. They are an entire different type of physical reality! They are not imaginary!

My posts now concern this etheric body and the etheric world in general. I can most definitively state that magick exists only within these etheric levels. What the average person thinks of and considers magickal exists within the etheric planes…which lie below normal physical reality. It is not to be confused with emotional energies, mental energies or spiritual energies which all exist at much higher levels of reality!

Ghosts exist at the etheric level as well as many other entities and life forms, some good and some not so good…but the sense of self and the ego does not exist at these levels! This is important to understand! The sense of self or ego begins at the upper emotional levels of the heart energies and is formed out of these upper emotional energies and the higher levels. The etheric body needs to be integrated with the upper emotional levels of the heart if human consciousness and awareness is to exist of the etheric levels. This means that a complete integration chain of the upper emotional levels (18 awareness points), the lower emotional levels (18 awareness points), the desire body (32 awareness points) and the etheric body (32 awareness points) all need to be activated, which is almost an impossible task!

But this is the stage achieved by Cro-magnon man at the time that the Pleiadians and other alien life forms began to be interested in taking possession of these bodies and experiencing physical earthly life for the first time.

Homo Sapiens was a genetic alteration that allowed the physical body to be possessed or taken over by an already existing soul or astral body created of 5th density concrete mental energies and above. But these souls that took possession of human physical bodies and began to incarnate in them were not fully integrated at the lower levels! They couldn’t do magick! Only the original humans could do etheric magick, but these alien souls were smarter and more intelligent and they could manipulate ordinary humans to do their bidding and become their servants…This was the origin of the master class and the slave class…

Only the master races had highly evolved egos and a strong sense of self. That is about all they really had! At all costs they needed to keep the lower classes of humanity dumb and with broken egos, with an incomplete sense of self or original humanity would become just as powerful as they were!

The original human souls were just discovering self awareness and true consciousness and the use of magick at a very crude level of shamanism. But through the evolutionary process their entire being was integrated from the lower levels upward. These original human souls were magickal in the truest sense possible and very powerful if they only would realize how magically powerful they really were!

Things all changed four thousand years ago for these original human souls with the invention of reading and writing and the formation of that first true sense of self or ego…

True physical health, emotional health, mental health and spiritual health revolve around a strong and healthy sense of self and self esteem! Only the healthy human ego has the ability to integrate all the possible levels of human awareness and only those capable of full spectrum ascension can do this! This is what Gaia’s ascension is all about…the final integration of all the lower levels with all of the higher levels…

The original organic human slaves have become free! They just need to fully realize their own freedom and their own magickal empowerment. They do this through common sense. They don’t do it through living in their heads! This is the true conflict within our society, those that have magickal common sense and those that are living in their heads dreaming of a fantasy world that can not exist…


(The Etheric Witch)

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Photo Manipulation, Alien, Foreign, Inhuman, Night

To begin our study of Etheric Witchcraft we need to go back in time to before the destruction of Atlantis. But first we need to talk about extraterrestrials and the Pleiadians. This entire issue of UFO’s and alien life forms has gotten completely out of hand and by now we have learned enough to put some sense to it…

There are non-physical life forms and they can have astral bodies of any of the noble gases or combinations of each…we can’t really call them ghosts because technically ghosts exist in the etheric planes and these higher alien life forms exist in the mental and spiritual planes with noble gas bodies of helium (concrete spiritual), neon (abstract mental) and argon (concrete mental).

These have been called ascension bodies because the ego, personality and sense of self exist within these levels as well as the higher self or collective oversoul of the human race. So life evolved on other planets and certain species ascended or made the transition to living within non-physical bodies created out of mental and spiritual energies. They were for all practical purposes intelligent ghosts…they had egos and “souls”.

Even writing about this is a bit distasteful for me so I will keep it real simple…go online and read these channeled communications from entities assisting with Gaia’s ascension and they will openly admit they don’t have physical bodies and don’t experience emotions like we humans do…because their awareness doesn’t extend into the emotional levels! Duh! They once had emotions and physical bodies, but they ascended and don’t have them any more. Now they are telling us that the same thing is going to happen to us and it will be so wonderful!

Well some of these Pleiadian ghosts and other alien species were drawn toward Gaia because of the immense life force she had and the many species that could be found here. Ghosts are always drawn toward living physical bodies…and physical life is the most important and sacred thing that exists within our universe…

They found that one of Gaia’s species had evolved to a highly developed awareness of it’s environment but didn’t really have a concept of self or an ego. They had discovered Cro-magnon man…they also discovered that they could take possession of these bodies for brief periods of time and through them experience the delights and pleasures of physical life. They became addicted! They began to tamper with the DNA and created the first homo sapiens…

So you think I’m crazy and making all of this up? Ancient Atlantis did exist and the remains have been here in plain site but unrecognized. The Richat structure or “Eye of Africa” in the middle of the Sahara desert meets the exact description of Atlantis in location, size and geological characteristics with tall mountains to the north that once held massive spectacular waterfalls. It was destroyed almost 14,000 years ago by cataclysm as the result of a 9 mile in diameter meteor crashing into Greenland and creating a near extinction event in the northern hemisphere which various cultures have described as the great flood.

Image result for eye of africa

The earliest human DNA has been found in central Africa some 60,000 years ago and even more interesting is the fact that the ancient origins of Voodoo or Vouduon come from west Africa. Voudoun of course is the religion where the gods or Loa take possession of their worshipers and “ride” them…this openess to being possessed is so strong that psychologist Sharon Caulder describes in her book “Mark of Voodoo” how she witnessed a young boy walking across the compound. This boy suddenly stopped and began crowing. His body had been taken over by the spirit of a rooster!

Make no mistake about it, the human body was designed to be “ridden” and “possessed” by “souls” or non-physical beings of almost any species…this is why people are so compliant and so readily obey any “external authority”.

Princeton Professor Julian Jaynes in his breakthrough book “The Origin Of Consciousness In The Breakdown Of The Bicameral Mind” goes into depth and great detail of how early man “heard voices” and how the gods spoke directly to them in their minds.

He then goes on to say how this ability was gradually lost as the result of the invention of reading and writing some 4,000 years ago…however, we may dispute some of that in the current rise of “channeled material” on the internet. This hearing voices in our heads and being possessed is certainly making a comeback!


(The Etheric Witch)

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Goddess, Woman, Female, Young, Beauty, Model

At the beginning of each great new age magick is restored in the world…real magick…and that means the main activity lies upon the etheric levels where true magick resides…

That is why Shamanism is so powerful and important at the beginning of a new age and we are seeing an increase of interest in shamanism for this reason…the same might be said of Wicca or Witchcraft and other pagan paths…the Goddess has returned and her power is the power of the earth, of life and the vital life force. Her power is etheric and only those working with the etheric energies are able to participate in these new magicks. Her power is organic!

This coming two thousand years are exclusively devoted to the etheric energies of organic magick, living earth magick…it is ancient and sexual…it begins now…

New photons/electrons are constantly being created within our physical universe and we don’t know where they come from. They simply appear. This is the sacred expansive male force of creation that begins in spiritual light and element by element; atom by atom; creates the physical universe we live in…

We see this truth reflected in how the male constantly generates sperm throughout his entire life. The male is thus the physical embodiment of this force, of God…

The final possible element and atom has seven complete electron rings and the two outer rings each contain 32 electrons or awareness points. This is the end of the physical universe…this mysterious element 118 is a noble gas which we can’t see, feel or taste even though it is the most physical of all things…the so called void of outer space is an immense ocean of this etheric element and from this etheric ocean life arises in an evolutionary  quantum leap. This vast etheric ocean is the cosmic Goddess and the mother of all life…

We see this truth reflected in how the female is born with all the ovum that she will ever have during her physical lifetime. She is born complete and from her own womb comes that same magickal life force which has been called the Holy Grail or the Magick Cauldron…The female is the embodiment of the Goddess.

All that is required is the joining of the male and female energies…and that is where the true magick happens! But it needs to happen on all levels and the souls of both lovers need to be as equal as possible on all levels.

Human sexuality is sacred, most especially in this, the first age of the new Gaia and it is something to be celebrated and respected…

The inherent spirituality of the male can invoke or draw down the spirituality of the Goddess into the female. This is the practice of “drawing down the moon” found within modern Wicca.

The inherent sensuality/sexuality of the female can invoke or draw up the sensuality/sexuality of the “Horned God” into the male so that his expansive male energies can be used by her to create astral bodies and timelines for both of them…

I’ve also heard it said like this, “Tell her that she is beautiful and she becomes beautiful…”

The path of etheric Wicca is extremely simple and powerful. It is the path of Organic Gnosticism and I will share it to the best of my ability…it is an organic path and a tantric path that is both ancient and modern at the same time…

As I discover this new path within the etheric worlds and share it, I have chosen a magickal name for myself that reflects this new path…


(The Etheric Witch)



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