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After posting in my Medium blog I began wondering about contacting other wiccans, pagans and druids. So I began some internet searches for both blogs and social platforms. What I found was quite disconcerting and troubling. They are an endangered species! It seems that wiccans, pagans and druids have gone the way of the cowboy!

The last ten years or so have seen me focused on the New Age community and Gaia’s ascension including channeled messages from our space brothers and sisters. So I lost touch with what is going on at the other end of the spectrum. Now that my focus has shifted to the etheric and earth energies I am dismayed at how small and underground our movement has become.

More to the point there is a lack of teachers that know anything! Most of what is out there is whimsical and not grounded in real practice or experience. It is wishful thinking and make believe!

Consider the type of person who thinks that playing an elf or warrior in the Elder Scrolls Online is celebrating his or her magickal nature and being adventurous! When is the last time that you have touched a living being that is not human? Maybe it was a plant or a pet. How many people don’t even have those. . .

How can we live in a world without other living things? How can we live in a world without magick? Without joy?

In some of my recent posts I’ve spoken of how modern science is supportive of the multi-dimensional soul and its evolution. But I avoided a direct attack against the materialist viewpoint which denies any spirituality and insists our universe consists of only three dimensions and that time is linear.

This same materialist viewpoint takes pride in attacking creationists who insist that the world was created in seven days. I’m currently reading “The Greatest Show On Earth” by Richard Dawkins in which he almost gloats as he points out the absurdity of the creationist thinking and not once considers how equally absurd such restrictive atheistic and materialistic pablum is. Life and our universe is multi-dimensional and the materialistic point of view is equally as short sighted.

I’m also reading “Soul Machine” by George Makari which talks about this historical battle over the mind and the soul. It seems that those who believe that logic and reason are supreme have conveniently forgotten how powerful altered states, hypnosis and the power of suggestion really are! We are bombarded daily with ads that seek to subliminally encourage us to think and act in certain ways, even if they have no connection with reality. Yet even as we are brainwashed we are told what to believe and not to believe!

I spoke with a person who had completed NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programing) instructor training. He told how during the graduation ceremony the entire class had walked through a glowing bed of coals. Only one person, toward the back, had panicked and burned his feet so badly that he had to be taken to the emergency room. He himself had felt as if he were walking through a bed of soft moss. None of the others had been injured either. I asked him if he thought he could do it again or if he thought it was the power of the group that kept them all safe. He thought it was the power of the group.

When I was taking Tai Kwon Do lessons my teacher had a picture on the wall of him breaking eight cement blocks at one time. He was eighth dan black belt. The photo was not a fake. There are many things in our world that we do not yet understand!

It occurs to me that I am in a position to take on this absurdly restrictive materialism and show it for what it really is. I am also uniquely situated to prove the weakness and vulnerability of logic and reason and how it only leads to paradox. But such a task in not easily taken and requires much research, study and insight. I’m up for it, but its not something that can be done over night!

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While I’m not exactly satisfied with this meditation I needed to move on to the next phase. So I’m still stumbling along. This is a meditation on connecting with the earth star chakra and the energies of Gaia and how to integrate them into our physical body for healing and empowerment. Later, after I have more clarity I will post a more focused meditation on my OAK- Inner Circle blog. This blog is where I do my experiments.

All I know is that something has shifted and it is a dramatic shift! The old ways of doing and being are no longer appropriate and the new way still need to be discovered.

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Beltaine of course is the full moon on the evening of 26 April and is when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest as the spring energies emerge full force into the physical world. My own birthday today may have moved things forward for me personally a bit earlier, but the end result is the same. I no longer know if other people are sensing the things that I am now sensing or if I have simply moved on ahead!

This morning things were a bit chaotic and I didn’t get around to my normal morning meditation until just after noon. But when I did that meditation, which was about shifting the awareness point, there was literally no point in doing it because my point of awareness simply moved smoothly and effortlessly to where it should be and there was no resistance at all. So the meditation didn’t achieve anything! There had been a permanent shift and I was now functioning from the complete soul body! The time doing the meditation turned out to be a waste of time.

So I need a new meditation! One where I integrate my completed soul body with my physical body… So what happened? And more importantly did it just happen to me or did it happen to everyone? I know that things have been moving faster and faster and I’ve shared that in these posts. But this is over the top!

My gut is inclined to believe that previously open windows of opportunity are now closed for everyone. Awareness is now solidly fixed at whatever stage of development belongs to each individual. The higher chakra centers have been closed off and only the bottom root chakra center remains open and of course as much of the complete soul body as has been integrated. But I have no proof and probably won’t get any.

I’ve known for some time that a point would happen when the environment of each individual would become “locked in” and not easily changed. That was why there was such a stress on moving forward as rapidly as possible. It seems we have now reached that point, or at least I have. No more wiggle room in the astral. Now is only the physical manifestation and the harvest of what has been sowed. Things are now set in stone!

Finally we ran out of time!

If this is really the case then most of my posts are now obsolete because energetic windows of opportunity have been closed and closed permanently. Techniques that used to work no longer have the same effect. The point of importance shifts away from attempting to alter the outcome, to that of understanding the outcome and how to cope with it.

So I don’t know if any of my earlier meditations now serve any valid purpose. Perhaps only root chakra and complete soul meditations are the only ones that will remain valid. I do know that those will continue to remain valid since they are the energies that will be active for the next 2000 years! This includes the Druid series of meditations.

It seems that I was right to shift my focus exclusively to the root chakra and etheric energies. I just didn’t expect things to move so fast!

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Paganism and Organic Gnosticism at 64

Today’s my 64th birthday and I’ve spontaneously chosen Medium as a platform to write about my own life story and how it has unfolded over the years. This was largely unplanned, but feels right. So I am now publishing weekly on three separate blogs, Anarchistbanjo’s World; OAK – Inner Circle; and the blog on Medium.

Many old timers already know quite a bit of my story as I have shared it here in the past. But I’m trying to reach new readers by focusing on pagan, wiccan and druid oriented themes. I am removing myself from the Gaia ascension and light worker themes. The reason for this is that we are now in the new energies and it is time to leave the old and the transitional energies behind. This is essentially autobiographical material oriented toward living in today’s new world.

Anarchistbanjo’s World is where I simply share what is on my mind and what I think might be interesting or important to share and it is also a collection of old posts that many people like to search through. It has a history and some loyal followers. You can call it my main hangout. It contains a lot of transitional material and energy updates. It remains highly unstructured.

OAK- Inner Circle is about Organic Gnosticism and New Druidism. This is more specially focused on advanced concepts and techniques dealing with etheric and Gaia based energies including vital life force energies. It is meant as a deep dive into the experiential side of Organic Gnosticism and New Druidism. The no BS version! It’s where I try to have the more polished material that is more specific in nature. It is also intended to complement my own studies in Druidism and share what I learn as I learn it. If it is not useful or needed I don’t want it!

Generally I will not be cross posting. But I will be trying to post very valuable content more often. If interested consider subscribing.

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My awareness shifting meditations have really demonstrated and proven to me beyond all doubt that what we call consciousness or awareness definitely makes use of filters. Once I realized this it really became obvious.

When I would shift my point of awareness of consciousness to the Solar Plexus center for example, I experienced total awareness from the emotions because the Solar Plexus is a center of emotional energies. It felt very different from when my awareness or consciousness was focused in the throat center for example. But we miss the obvious. How many times are we unable to focus or concentrate on something because we are emotionally angry or disturbed? We are distracted. But what is really happening is that our awareness or focus of consciousness is caught up in those emotions. It is extremely difficult to shift to a more calm and intellectual stance or position. This shifting of awareness or consciousness happens naturally and it happens all the time!

But I was shifting from energy body to energy body and from chakra center to chakra center. Most people are even more fragmented than that. We have personality fragments or valences that we shift between in our daily life. How many of you become like small children when you interact with your parents? How many become a totally different person when you are interacting with your own children, your lover or your boss? It is as if we change masks depending on the situation we find ourselves in. Wouldn’t it be better if we were able to simply be ourselves? Be a healthy and balanced individual?

So we are constantly shifting our awareness from one filter to another. We are fragmented and it is the task of the ego to hold our sense of self together! The development of the soul is the gathering of these many pieces together and uniting them into one self, one soul under the guidance of one sense of self, one ego. This is what mental and emotional health is all about. This is what the shamanic soul retrieval is all about, gathering the scattered pieces of our soul back together again.

So we have very real evidence and proof of soul fragments, or masks that we wear in our interactions in the world. We also have strong evidence of the multi-dimensional nature of awareness or consciousness and the soul. Our awareness shifts in and out of one energy and into another as we try to cope with a multi-dimensional reality.

Intuitively we understand that it is better to have an integrated sense of self or soul than a fragmented one. The more integrated we are, the more balanced we are. And this integration centers around developing a strong and healthy sense of self or ego. It helps to feel good about who we are and what we are able to do.

These things seem almost self evident, yet the twisted world of the materialist denies any multi-dimensionality. It denies the importance of integrating these fragments and instead advocates “selflessness”! The ego and sense of self is bad!

Imagine the damage to the multi-dimensional soul when a person only identifies with the physical body. What happens to that multi-dimensional soul when the physical body dies and decays? How can the “sense of self” hold together? The answer is that it can’t.

The simplest way to develop self esteem is helping and allowing people to develop competence in life. Why does our society focus on dependence instead? Why is external authority more important than internal authority? Especially when we know better!

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I didn’t know whether to post this in this blog or my other blog and finally decided to post it in both OAK: Inner Circle and Anarchistbanjo’s World. I really think it is important enough to share in both places. You see, I posted the original full chakra meditation in Anarchistbanjo’s World and posted the modified longer version of shifting the awareness point in OAK: Inner Circle. While I have only been working with these meditations for a couple weeks some things have become absolutely clear to me and I want to share them.

But first I would like to talk about the kind of information you might find on other blogs around the internet and how my two blogs compare.

First you have all those New Age Gaia ascension blogs that give channeled information that is primarily focused upon the ascension of humanity and our space brothers and sisters with little or no attention given to Gaia herself or the other life forms, the plants, animals and all species that are also ascending with Gaia. No life form is being left behind! How many blogs have that message? How many blogs focus on that message? How many mention full spectrum ascension? Very few, and I can’t personally think of any although I admit they might exist.

Secondly, the development of the soul and it’s empowerment. Metaphysical, spiritual and occult studies mention such things as astral projection, chakra meditations and self healing. How many of those are experiential? How many cut through the BS to get to the heart of things? How many are simply misleading? How many talk about the importance of working with group energy? How many talk about tantra and working with kundalini energy? Sure, there are some. But most of the ones that I know about talk of the dangers of progressing too fast. They only give basic information without actually sharing how to achieve the desired results. For example, they only talk about astral projection with one astral body. They only talk about how important it is to open energy channels within the body and release the trapped emotions and toxins. Simply consider those that talk about the use of drumming, chanting, dancing or any other technique of generating energy instead of tapping directly into SOURCE or THE WOMB OF CREATION.

The Portal meditations involve advanced concepts in directly experiencing for yourself working with group energy, tapping into SOURCE and the WOMB of CREATION as ultimate power sources. They also offer fast, safe and effective ways of activating each individual chakra center and integrating and harmonizing it with all of the other energy centers. They offer ways of personally working with the different types of energy and getting used to them. I’ve shared these energies with others and they are extremely effective and safe! They work!

The full chakra awareness shifting meditations are at a totally higher level of personal experience and development and why I am writing this post. These are so advanced that what they actually achieve is mind blowing! For one thing they literally prove that you can shift your sense of self and awareness from one energy body to another and they do this through personal experience. In doing these meditations you can prove to yourself beyond any doubt that you do have each one of these energy bodies and can center your awareness into them at will. Forget those blogs that talk about creating your body of light. These meditations allow you to personally experience all energy bodies:

Abstract Spiritual- Hydrogen- Crown Chakra-Unity

Concrete Spiritual-Helium- middle of brain chakra-former reptile brain/archetypal duality

Abstract Mental-Neon- Third Eye chakra- creative/philosophical

Concrete Mental-Argon- Throat Chakra- egoic awareness/ sense of self

Upper Emotional-Krypton- Heart chakra- love, music, the fine arts

Lower Emotional-Xenon- Solar Plexus- will/determination/anger/sadness/empathy

Physical-Radon- Sacral chakra- our physical bodies and sexuality/ the survival instinct/gender perspective

Etheric-Oganesson- Root chakra- vital life force/ magick/ paranormal experiences/the Summerland

Where our feet touch the ground-Star chakra- the complete soul body

The awareness shifting meditation proves to me and to anyone who does it that awareness and full consciousness exists at any one of the above locations and exists within its own defined energetic body! This is something that can be demonstrated through personal experience! Can you think of any other blog or information source that offers this? This is not theory or channeling, but the ability to experience for yourself and prove not only the existence of each energy body, but the complete integration of them all into the complete soul body at the star chakra.

But here is the next part. These meditations have shown me that in addition to these energy bodies there also still exists what we think of as our physical body which is created out of living matter, complex molecules and DNA.

Each energy body has a physical basis in that it is created out of a noble gas and contains within it the other elements of it’s electron ring. But those other elements only exist in potential. It is the living organic physical body that exists on a higher more complex octave and the complexity of its existence makes it mortal and subject to the cycle of birth/death/rebirth.

Full spectrum ascension is the integration of all these energy bodies with this organic and more complex physical body. It is the mutation of the DNA to become more in harmony with the original blueprints contained within each energy body that is now creating the new human. This is why I have been so focused upon shifting into each energy body and while in that energy body focusing on the healing of my physical body! Each such healing is causing modifications to the physical DNA which in turn creates the mortal physical body which my complete soul now occupies.

So what happens to my immortal complete soul body when I drop this mortal coil? For the first time this answer seems self-evident. I will be drawn to another brand new organic physical form and it may or may not be human depending upon what type of organic physical life forms are available! That is why organic physical life is so sacred! That is why Gaia’s organic ascension is so vital and important. Gaia’s ascension with all life forms has never been achieved before! Together we are doing something that has never been done and it will change everything!

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I’ve certainly been posting quite a bit lately, but it seems needed for some reason. Things are happening fast and there is a lot of disinformation out there. I can only share my experience and my truth for those interested.

I’ve been doing my full chakra meditation at least once a day and while it was difficult at first, it is becoming easier and more defined each day. So this is about that meditation and how it seems to be evolving in my experience.

This meditation is about learning to shift the point of awareness to each individual energy center. When that shift is achieved there is a definite feeling and sensation of being totally within that energy. In fact, you become fully conscious inside an astral or etheric body created out of each particular energy. The entire world that you sense around you is the world of that particular energy whether it is spiritual, mental, emotional or whatever. This is not an out of body experience because you never project, but you do create that energy body and shift awareness into it. You do sense the entire world from that vantage point within that particular energy.

So even if you don’t astral project out of your body, you do create that astral/etheric body and become fully conscious within it. This is very profound and powerful because one by one you unfold and open each possible energy body and shift your awareness to it. At the end of the meditation you unfold and open the all important energy center where your feet touch the ground! The portal meditations paved the way for this more advanced energy work.

In the beginning I found it difficult to shift my awareness from center to center, but now it is becoming easier and easier and the effect seems to last longer and longer. I am certain that soon these shifts of consciousness will become permanent changes and permanently activated within this final energy center where my feet touch the ground. That seems to be the goal, full spectrum awareness in a full spectrum energy body.

Now here is what is interesting. I seem to be directed to invoke healing of my physical body from each chakra center as my awareness shifts into that energy. My physical body seems to be independent of these energy bodies, but totally immersed in them at the same time. So my physical body seems to be floating or soaking in those energies and gradually dissolving any blockages or impurities. One might even suggest that the DNA is being gently massaged and perhaps manipulated into a new genetic blueprint or even the original Garden of Eden blueprint.

Let me restate this for clarity. I have never been guided or directed to focus like this upon the healing and integration of my physical body! This is something entirely new that has never happened before. It seems that this is now the focus that should be undertaken. The complete integration and activation of all the energy bodies into one complete soul body and the complete integration of it with the physical body.

This is possible for each and every one of you if you choose to do it. The ascension energies are supporting this activity now more than ever before. These meditations show you how to do it and what you need to do. The question is:

Do you want to have each energy body permanently activated? Do you want them all integrated into one complete soul? Or is it not that important to you? Would you rather spend your time focused on something else?

What I’m getting at is that some of us are in the process of going through the door into another world and another way of living. This is happening now. This focus on the physical body and its integration with the complete soul body is unprecedented. I don’t know what the final outcome will produce, but I do know that it is happening now and will peak by the summer solstice. The tools are available for those that are called. . .

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Today’s young people are being born with abilities and an openness to experience that was not commonly available to those of us that are older. The future belongs to them! They have dreams that are their own and different from mine and that is how it should be.

But there are some things that don’t change, some things that are simply reflections of cosmic truths that each generation needs to take up in their own unique way. In this post I would like to summarize a few things before I move on to other topics that might be of interest to those interested in Organic Gnosticism, paganism, Druidry and Wicca.

The Lessor Work is the development of the individual soul and its powers. First you become complete and then you in turn begin the Greater Work which is the transmuting and transformation of the world we live in. First ourselves and then the world. First the inner work and then the outer work. That is how it has always been and how it always will be.

In working with magick and multi-dimensional abilities the greatest consideration is to have enough energy to do what you want and achieve what you want. In magickal or healing work there never seems to be enough energy! The safest, fastest and most powerful way of self development is working with the portal meditations like I have given. These involve the all important aspects of tapping into Source as Spiritual Light; The Cosmic Womb of Creation; getting needed energies from other members of the circle and helping them as well by giving freely of your own energies; activating and integrating all of the chakras and creating energy pathways through the entire body.

If you do not do these things you will not advance properly. There does need to be some type of daily practice. It is the effort that is important and not the ritual or tradition. You cannot simply work with one energy. You need to work with all of them and be able to transmute any of them into any of the other types of energy. You need to be completely open on all levels of being and of the soul. You need to be completely balanced and healed physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. These things take time in our dysfunctional world, but today’s youth can do these things much more quickly and easily than my own generation could. That is why I am sharing this information now. They don’t need all the old BS that went along with it.

In addition to having enough energy, one also needs the ability to change the focus of their awareness and consciousness at will to each and any of the chakra centers within the body. The full chakra meditation that I have given begins to explore this ability. In all the reading and studying that I have done through my entire life the only books I remember that spoke about shifting the awareness point were the Carlos Castaneda books. This concept may have been mentioned in other sources, but its importance was never stressed. It seems to be one of those “inner secrets” that is never openly shared or spoken about.

By shifting the focus of awareness to different chakra centers I mean that our awareness literally shifts to that center and we experience awareness from that center. In shifting to the third eye center our awareness is literally within our third eye center and looking out from that perspective at the rest of our body and the world. In shifting to the Solar Plexus center our awareness is literally within our emotions and looking out from the emotional perspective at our body and our world. In shifting to the sacral center our awareness shifts to that point where we literally experience the world from the perspective of our physical bodies, male or female, including the emotions and sensations that belong at that level. We become that level. Our awareness is within the center of a sphere of energy that surrounds our entire body, but consists of that particular type of energy and the awareness of it. Once you personally experience the point of awareness shift from one energy center to another you will have the intuitive understanding of what needs to be done, even if it remains difficult. At least you know what it is about!

In the final part of that meditation when we shift our awareness to the energy center where our feet touch the floor our point of awareness is literally experiencing the world and our body from that perspective and something clicks into place. That clicking into place is what we are seeking and wanting to happen. That is the final integration of the complete soul that envelopes and contains all of the chakra energies and integrates them in a way that brings full spectrum awareness for the first time! That is when our soul is complete and integrated within our awareness. That is when we are truly multi-dimensional at the highest level.

This shifting of the point of awareness is not easy and requires practice, but the more often we do it, the easier it becomes! Within these two types of meditations I have tried to eliminate all the BS that is taught about the magickal and mystical paths and offer a way of personal experience to those that are serious about the development of the soul and its powers. These two meditations offer the best I have to give from a lifetime of study and practice.

If you can do these things your own soul and higher self will be the guide for your personal development. There will be no need for teachers or traditions. You will be following your own internal authority and being true to who you really are! Bright Blessings!

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This is a post that I have avoided writing for a long time. One of the reasons is that the entire subject is bitter-sweet and difficult to write about. But we are at an evolutionary stage where these things need to be openly known and talked about. What I am about to share comes from painful personal experience that is backed up by others.

The closest you, I or anyone can come to becoming one with God, Goddess or Divinity is to join with our Divine Counterpart in any way at all. Our Divine Counterpart is everything that we are not and at the same time everything that we long for. Any truly mystical, spiritual experience and powerful experience is powered by the powerful attraction that pulls Divine Counterparts toward each other.

A Divine Counterpart relationship is defined by the extraordinary power it generates between the two Divine Counterparts. There is simply nothing like it! Once two Divine Counterparts find each other the energy they share will rapidly increase to the point where an exact duplicate of each permanently lives in the other’s heart like a massive yin-yang symbol and then in a process of cell division what has become one will divide to once more become two with the seed of each within it. The relationship will go chaotic and make a quantum leap to a higher type of Divine Counterpart relationship. Our physical bodies are too limited to contain these unlimited relationships! We are so much more than physical bodies. In biblical terms a new heaven and a new earth will be created.

The world we live in, the world we find ourselves in, is literally the body of our Divine Counterpart. A single human body can never contain the soul of our Divine Counterpart. We have slowly and gradually evolved through all the plant and animal kingdoms and so has our Divine Counterpart. Thus we each have created our own separate worlds out of our own experience. Each merging with our Divine Counterpart happens at the end of a Great Cycle and the process of Uniting and then the cell division creates new worlds for each of us. As we explore these new worlds we are exploring aspects of our Divine Counterpart that we never experienced before. At the same time we carry a copy of our Divine Counterpart within our hearts. We call this the Christ Spirit even though it is really our Divine Counterpart who never leaves us.

We are drawn to Soulmates because our Divine Counterpart sends them to us as intermediaries. The Divine Counterpart relationship is essentially that of matter/anti-matter and so volatile that the true union of Divine Counterparts on every level would result in the end of everything, would result in everything being reduced to the photon state. There would be no existence. Soulmates are the way our Divine Counterparts can gradually share in our life experience through intermediaries.

Soulmates are souls that are on the same frequencies and we all have several potential soulmates to help us get through life and to help us develop our souls and empower them. The portal meditations that I have given link members of the Order at the energetic chakra levels and make them soulmates of each other. That is why we help each other out in those meditations. Each member of the Order is a soulmate and part of a soul group.

The ancient story of the fallen angels is a distortion of the Divine Counterpart mythos. There must always be a “fall” and there must always be a “return”. One angel will choose Gaia and all life upon her as sacred and become the guardian of all life. The other angel will choose to make the human race more godlike and give birth to a new race of humans. This superior race of humans will be created through bloodlines and selective breeding. Sound familiar?

So Divine Counterparts always eventually find themselves on opposite sides working for opposite goals which they both strongly believe in. But they always long for those rare moments at the end of Great Cycles when they can be together at last, those times when they are on the same side! Especially because they know it can never last! But they will always carry each other in their hearts and will always recognize each other when they meet.

So there are and always will be two sides in apparent eternal conflict. Soulmates act as bridges between these two forces. Soulmate cycles create permanently activated astral bodies by giving “birth” to them and giving “birth” to new timelines. Then having done their work, they tend to move on in different directions. In this manner we are all “teachers” of each other. Love relationships help each of us to develop our souls as we share and support one another. No one will walk the same path as another, but we will all share parts of our path with others at some point. We welcome each other into our lives and release them when the time is up. . .

Anything else is pure vampirism. . .

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I spent four posts talking about scientific evidence that supports or confirms the evolution of the soul within various disciplines. I stressed that the soul is multi-dimensional and that the materialist viewpoint is simply too restrictive. I’ve mentioned how the materialist viewpoint places logic and reason at a level of importance that is truly irrational itself! I’ve also spoken how there is no conflict with evolutionary science since the soul itself evolves along with the physical body. In fact, the soul and the physical body require each other for life and awareness to exist!

This is really the core of the issue. You cannot separate the soul from the physical body. As in chaos theory the cycle is always the same, birth, death and rebirth at a higher level of existence. In terms of chaos theory an energy system is stable and grows in an orderly way as more and more energy is applied. But finally a point is reached where the energy system fails, goes chaotic and then as more and more energy continues to be applied, a quantum leap is made and a new energy system emerges in a completely transformed manner that is more complex than the original. But the new energy system is stable and orderly. This is the true essence of chaos theory. This is the core essence of birth, death and rebirth.

Multi-dimensional science is our friend and 3D materialism rooted in logic and reason is our enemy. It is that simple. The materialist position has no connection to mother earth, Gaia, to the heart or to spirituality, which includes archetypal reality and self-evident truth. It is time to confront the shallowness and narrowness of this viewpoint.

Within the portal meditations which I’ve shared one can easily experience several metaphysical realities even if they are subjective in nature. This is not about belief but about personal experience, and experiences that can be shared with others over and over again. In like manner the last meditation which I gave about a solo full chakra meditation gives experience in shifting the point of awareness from one type of energy to another. The combination of these two types of meditations literally gives a person personal experience and practice in what most metaphysical and occult systems teach about the development of the soul and its powers without the dogma that goes along with it.

So I’m done with that entire subject in that I refuse to waste my time and effort on those who not only refuse to believe but also refuse to even try new things. From this point onward there is more to experience and theory that is only my own understanding of how things work without offering any further proof other than the ability to try it for yourself.

I’ve mentioned how there are seven possible electron rings around an atom and how each one creates an astral world and an astral body. These are:

Abstract Spiritual- Unity

inner ring- Concrete Spiritual/archetypal

2nd ring- Abstract Mental/philosophical

3rd ring- Concrete Mental/ egoic sense of self and environment

4th ring- Upper Emotional heart chakra energies/music/art/pleasure

5th ring- Lower Emotional solar plexus/ anger/willpower/ depression/

6th ring- sexual/physical/ instinctive

7th outer ring- etheric/ supernatural/ Summerland/ otherworld

Each of these astral bodies emerge as extrusions of energy from out of “The Womb of Creation”, the Akashic Records, or that final element which is a massive cosmic sea from which life itself arises.

While each astral body is initially mortal and sustained temporarily through the vital energies of our etheric and physical bodies; each one can be purified to the point where it becomes permanently activated and sustained through Cosmic forces and Spiritual light itself. So each mortal astral body can become immortal through an alchemical purification and refinement process that ends up with the formation of a “noble gas” astral body. This “noble gas” astral body is self sustaining and is the “immortal soul” which spiritual traditions and religions speak of.

So we can have a temporary and mortal astral body of all seven energies and we can have an immortal astral body created out of each noble gas. The evolution and development of the complete soul is the integration of all seven immortal astral bodies. This is what I term full scale ascension! These noble gas bodies are valid physical bodies in their own right, being created out of physical atoms which contain in potential all the other elements within their respective electron rings. Astral bodies are physical bodies held together either temporarily or permanently by an energetic awareness and consciousness of its own.

The combined and integrated consciousness and awareness of all these astral bodies is the complete soul! The soul is multi-dimensional and we need to begin thinking of it that way.

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