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I think everyone will understand why I’ve chosen to share my personal story in this post. I will be bringing many things up that require a certain perspective and context that would be difficult to present in any other way.

Now soulmates share the same soul frequency and because of that there is a very intense attraction and spark between the two people. However, you can have several soulmates and that spark or attraction doesn’t guarantee that you can have a happy relationship with that person. What it does indicate is that you can possibly complete a soulmate cycle together and permanently activate astral bodies for each other. After that much depends upon the karma that each person has with other people in their lives. The soulmate cycle aside, karma with other people often prevents soulmates from having lasting relationships with each other. But there are lots of factors that can go into this.

In my last post I talked about my first love relationship that I felt was with my true soulmate, but instead it turned into a vampiric connection that drained my sexual energies for over thirty years…Let me share a bit more to make this clear…

When this girl broke up with me I was so devastated that I lost twenty pounds in two weeks and was not able to ask another girl out on a date for seven years! I felt that no one could be to me what she was to me. I was fixated on that soulmate or supposed soulmate connection. Or perhaps it was the vampiric connection that held me so tightly bound? To this day I don’t really know. I only know that later in life I’ve encountered other soulmates that shared the same soul frequency as I and actually completed soulmate cycles with them and mutually activating permanent astral bodies. I have called these chakra soulmates because the individual soulmate cycles permanently activated a particular astral body or noble gas body as I will share in future posts.

Now getting back to my story:

Three critical factors hit me at the same time in my early twenties and caused me to have a nervous breakdown in which I ended up creating and living inside a secondary personality for the next twenty-five or so years. But this was a good thing and I need to explain why and what was really happening because this is an important part of the occult/mystic path that  people don’t understand.

The first factor was the ending of this love relationship with this person I believed was my one and only soulmate.

The second factor was my mother getting into a car accident with a man that she was having an affair with and everything coming out into the open including her drug abuse. This was devastating to me and caused me to lose faith in the spiritual and religious principles that I was raised in and which I had accepted after my earlier spiritual crisis of conscience. I felt that it was all a lie and not true because it certainly was not true for my own parents!

The third factor was perhaps the greatest and the one that really caused my nervous breakdown. Shortly after highschool I joined the Rosicrucian Order AMORC and began to receive weekly monographs in the mail to study. These monographs introduced concepts that were very challenging to the religious beliefs that I had been taught. I will give a few examples:

The Rosicrucians taught the importance of an inner authority called the Master Within which was the Christ spirit within each human heart that spoke through the voice of conscience. It was the one and only true spiritual authority and individual to each person. The Bible was symbolic and not to be taken literally. God was in our hearts, in all things, and that’s where we needed to contact Him, not out there in heaven somewhere.

I was also taught the concept of reincarnation and karma for the first time. These were some of the early concepts that actively destroyed my faith in ordinary Christianity. But I was conflicted… I was so conflicted that one night I lay on the living room floor unmoving, locked in indecision, knowing that I needed to decide and knowing that my eternal life and soul was at risk depending on which path I chose. I finally chose to follow the path of conscience and my heart and if I was wrong I would accept the consequences.

That was when I had my nervous breakdown. That was when something split inside of me and I lost my connection to mother earth. I set my sights on a spiritual path and my emotions died. My emotions died because of the pain I felt from the things I’d experienced in my failed love relationship and what was going on with my mother. There was too much emotional pain…so I abandoned the emotions and set upon the spiritual path with an intensity that took over my entire being.

Luckily my weekly monograph studies were very powerful and actually helped me keep it together in a somewhat healthy way. They brought order, structure and something to believe in when I was my most vulnerable. I only realized much later in life that I had created a secondary personality and it was a positive thing. It helped me to develop and grow my sense of self and ego and this was vital to my emotional and mental health.

The reason that I bring this up is because it or something like it has always been an important part of the mystery school teachings in one way or another. You see, we are all broken in some way and the true path of a mystery school is to heal the soul, the emotions and the mind.

Magic work talks about assuming God forms and becoming the deity for brief moments while doing spells. The assumption of a God form is to temporarily place your awareness into a secondary personality that you have created. To assume a God form is much like deliberately creating a secondary personality…This is seen as a positive thing because it is more healthy than many of the ordinary personalities.

In alchemy one of the most important steps is to kill the lion, which means to kill the emotions just like I did…One of the later steps is to bring the lion back to life again…which is to reintegrate the emotions which I have done as well in these later years. I have reawakened my original self as I will share in later posts. The main point is that these phases of healing and mental and emotional health through the deliberate use of secondary personalities were known and used frequently in the development and growth of the soul.

My little talk about secondary personalities would not be complete without mentioning that both the Shadow and the Higher Self or Holy Guardian Angel are also secondary personalities and need to be integrated into the Self or Ego before true healing can take place.

The Shadow acts independent of the Self and consists of those things we feel are within us, but we deny them and don’t accept them. We need to find a way to accept them and love them for what they really are. They are those instincts that try to keep our physical body alive and healthy.

The Higher Self or Holy Guardian Angel also acts independent of the Self and consists of those things we admire and respect in others, but feel are missing within ourselves. We need to realize that those things we admire in others do exist inside us as well and do belong to us. They are not out of reach…


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I participated in a full moon drumming circle last night that was very nice. One of the things we did was something called a drum shower which I had never done before. We would take turns and one person would stand in the center of the circle and the others would then hold their drums close to the person and begin drumming as they moved the drums from the top of the head down to the ground and back up again. This was repeated three times. It was very powerful and stimulating to the chakra centers. It was also very cleansing and energizing. It almost felt like going to a chiropractor and getting an adjustment. Coming on or near the full moon was an added treat as it allowed for making room for more of the incoming energy.

Continuing my personal story: A person’s conscience usually kicks in around the age of twelve but mine was a bit late and didn’t show up until I was fourteen. When it did show up it was with a vengeance! As time went on I found myself increasingly at odds with the religious expectations of how I was raised. While I was not a mean person my shoplifting continued and I began to swear and hang out with some questionable people. The end result was that when I was around my parents or other authority figures I was a totally different person than when I was around my friends. I was not able to be who I really was! I did things that I knew were wrong and didn’t feel good about myself. I was lying to others and to myself and it became increasingly harder. My conscience was beginning to bother me in a big way and I couldn’t ignore it…

This confrontation with my conscience led to a spiritual crisis at the age of fourteen. It didn’t matter if God forgave me because I couldn’t forgive myself! I finally realized that I needed to live in such a way that I could live with myself and that meant that I needed to follow the still small voice of my conscience. I vowed to myself and to God that I would try to follow my conscience in all things for the rest of my life and I have tried to do that. It was a profound realization and led to my embracing the religious values and teaching that I had been brought up with. I had been saved; or so I thought…

I was extremely shy and nervous around girls and very sensitive; too sensitive. My parents and family had not prepared me in any way for healthy romantic relationships and I soon fell into that dreaded category of the boy that girls liked to be friends with and talk to, but not to be romantically involved with. I was always the friend and not the boy friend. I had no idea how to break out of that cycle.

There was a girl that I really liked and I finally asked her out for a date. We went on three or four dates and then she dropped me because I was boring…I was devastated but couldn’t really blame her…I was boring and I didn’t have a very high opinion of myself. She was much higher than I was and I placed her upon that pedestal. But I couldn’t get her out of my mind and three years later, some two years after graduation I asked her out again. This time I was determined not to be boring…

Sparks flew! The sexual tension was so great between us that it was almost unbearable. Yet I always backed off at the last minute because I was afraid of that intensity and ultimately she was too. We could read each other’s minds and feel each other’s emotions and our body language didn’t lie…but it was too much…she didn’t want a relationship of that kind of intensity. She just wanted to have some fun and I didn’t understand. I wanted that relationship. I often dreamed of her and in one dream she walked past me and touched me on the tailbone at the root chakra. I felt a powerful electrical shock and didn’t know what it meant.

It was only some thirty years later that I understood what it meant and I will share it here. This girl was a flirt and radiated sexuality. She was fun and popular and she knew it. So was her mother. In ancient days they would have been considered witches even though they didn’t really know what they were doing on a conscious level. She was a sexual predator, an energy vampire. The connection made in that dream encounter lasted over thirty years, thirty years in which she drained my own sexual energy from me and from others as well. It is how she kept her etheric double alive and radiant.

I was unaware of that remaining connection until much later in life when I once more activated that lower chakra center and began working with it. I discovered that connection as an energy leak and severed it to permanently close it. The next day I found out that she had wrecked her car in an accident…

There is no doubt that she was a soulmate, and shared the same frequency as my own soul. I’ve known three other women that shared that same frequency and will speak of them later. Being the same frequency makes one a soulmate, not anything else. It doesn’t mean that you can get along or live together either. It just means there is a very powerful spark that exists between you which can be used in the process of soul development.


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For several years now I’ve danced around this subject and it’s time to tackle it head on and damn the consequences. I appreciate those who have continued to support me over the years…and hope you continue to do so.

I’m going to use the term astral planes because it’s better understood that way, although I’ve got my own slant on what the astral planes really are. Energy flows within the astral planes and all things are connected together in a vast circuit. Depending upon which way the energy flows it will be favorable or unfavorable to you and your interests. The Bible tells of how Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden and even the stones were turned against them. That meant the energy was flowing the wrong way and so it has for many of us ever since. But it is time for that to change!

There are patterns within the astral planes and the astral resists change of any kind! It will attempt to retain the status quo in all situations, being totally indifferent to whether the flow of energy is for us or against us. Not only does the astral resist change, but it is also quite elastic and will snap back to it’s original position unless forced to break down and reassemble in a new way. To alter any astral circuit one need’s to apply 126% more energy than what it ordinarily carries. For an astral connection to sever it takes the flow of energy to drop to 74% of what normally flows through the circuit. This is a very large window of elasticity!

Normal efforts to change the astral patterns by generating energy simply do not create a large enough spike to do anything at all! Nothing succeeds like excess! The physical body generates these types of energies:

Unity/Spiritual Light/Photon/electron

Concrete Spiritual/ archetypal

Abstract Mental/Creative and philosophical thought/logic and reason

Concrete Mental/ objective perception of the world through the physical senses

Upper Emotional

Lower Emotional

Sexual energy

Sensual energies/Etheric

As you can see there are eight types of energies if one includes that of Unity or Source. To create a large enough energy spike to alter the astral circuitry you need to achieve the “2nd wind” in any of the above categories. The goal is to generate such a surge of energy that you will experience vivid and powerful dreams during the night as you sleep and the energy is discharged from your body into the astral planes. If you can’t achieve this surge of energy, the energy will simply be “digested” or absorbed by the astral circuitry without making any difference because of the elasticity of the astral itself.

Now the astral “resets” itself twice a day and that is the real reason between morning and evening prayers. Prayer sends a surge of energy into the astral in the morning and the astral “resets” itself during the day so that you can do it once more in the evening…a very powerful meditation or connection to Source can alter the astral circuitry and that is why it is done.

One can debate, participate in philosophical thinking, study several different subjects till going past the fatigue point to create the needed surge of energy.

One can become an adrenaline addict and a thrill seeker to charge the astral with emotional energies.

One can work out in the gym with discipline, hard work and will power to inject that rush of physical energy into the astral.

One can have two full body orgasms where the sexual pleasure is brought to the edge of orgasm and held for at least a half hour before allowing it to take place. If this is done twice in one evening the surge of energy is guaranteed to cause the astral to reset itself and give often violent and powerful dreams that are healing and empowering.

One can use sensual pleasures, pains and grounding techniques to use Gaia’s earth energy to provide the needed energy.

Technique is not important. Ritual is not important. Understanding is not important. Generating the energy spike is what is important! Causing the astral to rupture and reset itself is what is important!

Many years ago soon after crossing the Great Abyss and uniting with Source I did the equivalent of the Healing and Prosperity Circle meditation and opened the basic energy pathways inside my body. Then I started working with sexual energy as suggested by Mantak Chia. He said that one should learn to control the orgasm so that when I finally did find a partner it would be more enjoyable and pleasurable for both. Almost immediately I experiences an eruption of spontaneous kundalini energy that is still active within my body without stopping. I began an auto-erotic path of generating orgasm energy twice a day, every day for over seven years without a break! It was very difficult and very frustrating. But every night I had dreams that were so powerful they were almost violent in their intensity! It was also very healing and I was integrating parts of my soul in ways that I had never done before.

I soon discovered that this practice was activating emotional wounds and repressed energies which caused explosive outbreaks of emotional energies as they were released. But these energies were safely released because of the opened energy channels created by the previous meditation and connection to Source.

At first this generation of energy burst the weak places within my own aura and physical body. This can be summarized as destroying any and all illusions and weak areas in my own belief system. I needed to eliminate the energy leaks one by one in a slow process that took years. Over time I gained the ability to safely contain this pressurized energy and the breakage or rupture in the astral was not inside me, but outside of me.

This caused changes within the astral circuitry that affected other magic workers and I became subject to several years of almost daily magical attack. At first I had to rise above the attack to survive. Later as my astral body became stronger I even went down below the attack to over power it.

For many years now I have not experienced any serious magical attack or threat and have always won any magical battle or duel even though I have never willingly attacked others. I have only fought back in self-defense…but when attacked have learned to not hold back! I am the equivalent of special ops within the astral realms and this is what I intend to teach others, how to be the very best!

In this post I have shared what I did. In my next post I will share what happened in terms of soulmate cycles and love relationships. There is so much BS floated around on these subjects that I’m going to smash them with a sledge hammer! Anyone that doesn’t like it can take me on! Chuckle!

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I think I’ve said enough about the dangers of trying to activate the etheric double or the Ka, that mysterious non-physical body created out of the noble gas element #118 before establishing a solid connection to the Spiritual Light of Source. I’ve also shared how the Healing and Prosperity Circle meditation can do that for you. Now I’m going to move on to the actual process of integrating this non-physical body and becoming conscious of it.

Since it has 32 electrons or awareness points within its outer circle it takes a very long time to permanently activate it. Most likely it will take years…remember the dangers of vampirism and avoid becoming an energy vampire! Use your connection to Source or soulmate or divine counterpart as the means of empowering temporary activations of the etheric double. You can also use time honored methods such as dancing, chanting, drumming, as well as healthy physical and sexual activity. Think of Wicca and Shamanism as positive examples of this.

I remember one of the first meditations that I learned as a Rosicrucian. It was to sit in a chair with my feet on the ground and slowly visualize energy in the bottom of my feet, feel it go into my toes, my arches, my heels and gradually up my legs and body to eventually end up at the crown chakra and then back down the front of my body. Remember the etheric double is accessed where the physical body touches the ground, and if we are sitting in a chair it is where our feet touch the ground.

Think of all other types of grounding exercises and meditations such as hugging a tree or sitting with your back against a tree. Each and all of these work to integrate your normal awareness with your etheric double as much as possible. By doing these types of activities it is possible to activate several electrons or points of awareness at the level of the etheric double. Each activated point of awareness gives sensory input from this realm. Activating two points of awareness will give an archetypal awareness or black and white awareness which can sharpen your instincts of safety and danger…even if you don’t really understand why you feel at peace or threatened.

It’s also time to re-define the chakra levels and energies beginning with the lower emotional energies of the root chakra, beneath that the sexual energies of orgasm and beneath that the etheric energies of sensuality and the pleasures and pains of the flesh or skin…

Consider the similarities between some tantric practices and the sadist/masochist/dominance/submisive cultures and the immense sexual energies they generate. Consider also the Holy Grail/ witch’s cauldron/ horn of plenty which in reality is the merging of the magnetic energies of sex and orgasm on the astral planes and not the physical act of sex itself. You will begin to understand the deviant and why they act as they do to feed their lower astral bodies…

The main commonality is to raise the sexual tension to an incredible peak and draw it out for at least 30 minutes without releasing it. In many ways this means to flirt with danger and risk destroying the magical work by the act of physical sex itself. The fiction of Dion Fortune gives strong guidance on these concepts and how important such dynamic sexual tension really is to magical workings.

Also keep in mind that male energy first goes to the female until she is fulfilled and only then does she give birth to an astral/noble gas body for the male. It is much easier for the female to develop and integrate the Ka or etheric double than it is for a male. This is why females are often seen as witches. In fact, the entire practice of tantra is to teach the male  how to have full body orgasms like the female does without losing sperm energy. It is the magnetic waves of orgasm that pass through the body that act to build and strengthen the etheric double or any other noble gas body. This is easy for the female but extremely difficult for the male.

Lastly many of the strange sexual activities used in tantric and occult practices are simply ways to avoid pregnancy while achieving orgasm or near orgasm. Don’t over think it! Also consider how working with soulmate or divine counterpart crystalline energy is different from low level collective energy…consider the sacred and the profane…keep it sacred!

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Continuing our discussion of the importance and benefits of the Healing and Prosperity Circle meditation is to consider grounding and the etheric double from this new perspective. Now if the mysterious noble gas element #118 is indeed the Ka, the etheric double and the lowest possible level of our reality it is also where we ground during our meditations and magical work. That means the etheric realm is the world in which ghosts and spirits walk and it is in actuality beneath our normal perception of physical reality! This means it is more real than what we consider real physical reality! It is the opposite of imaginary and mental or spiritual creations and life forms which are above our ordinary awareness of physical reality.

In magical practice the meaning of “grounding” is to become anchored in the very core of the earth energies where we are completely safe and sane and anchored within our physical bodies. It is also the furthest away from the Source energies of Love and Light that come in through the crown chakra. It is only full spectrum ascension and Organic Gnosticism that actually connect these two extremes and draw the Spiritual energies of love and light down to the lowest levels as the ultimate form of magical empowerment. We use the connection between these two extremes to open our portal for the Healing and Prosperity meditation. That is why it is so powerful.

In magical practice when people ground themselves and ground the generated energies it means that these energies are absorbed and distributed at the etheric level in a balanced manner. The use of protective circles and rituals is because people are working with energies that are not in perfect balance and not at the etheric level! It means that there are many polarized energies that can disrupt and destroy magical workings if they are not protected. It means magical practitioners are introducing highly polarized energies into the environment in a way to provoke or invoke change and they produce extremely high voltages which can be dangerous if not handled correctly.

What seems to be happening is that perfect balance of energies and Unity only happens at the etheric level of the mysterious noble gas element #118 where the final outermost electron circle is complete and at the  spiritual photon/electron level of absolute Unity. We might also say that each noble gas represents areas of perfect balance and stability as well since each represents complete electron shells. So each fully activated astral body of Helium, Neon, Argon,Krypton, Xenon and Radon are also perfectly balanced and form their own type of grounding spaces within the full spectrum of life experience.

I’ve shared the basic Healing and Prosperity Circle meditation with occultists who have been horrified that there are no apparent protections in place and that I don’t ground the energies after the meditation itself. They don’t understand that it is perfectly grounded from the top down and that there has never been any form of “energy sickness” associated with it. It is also grounded from the bottom up and as stable a form of meditation as possible just the way it is without protections or rituals of any kind.

In fact, I’ve noticed that just like others working with Gaia’s ascension energies, I instinctively avoid the unbalanced energies of discord and negativity. This is why my personal progress has been from the top down and as each level becomes balanced my awareness becomes comfortable there and makes it my new home and my new center of activity. The etheric realm now seems to have become my new home and new center of activity and that is why I’m writing this Book of Shadows material.

When you consider that there are 32 sensory points of awareness or electrons in the etheric body and 32 sensory points of awareness in the noble gas body of Radon directly above that, it becomes clear how difficult it is to permanently activate these lower noble gas bodies. For most occultists they can only be accessed in a temporary manner through the generation or use of vital life force energy either through physical activity or some form of sacrifice. When permanently activated without the Source connection they create the need for vampirism to sustain themselves as I’ve indicated in other posts. This is why the Source connection is so vital in its ability and use of channeling Source energy to sustain these lower level astral bodies.

I’m going to say this another way. I have permanently activated all these astral bodies and have permanent awareness of what is going on around me at all the levels in a continuous manner. I live in a multi-dimensional way that is becoming normal for me. I don’t shift from one level to the other, but exist with awareness in all of them at the same time. My awareness does tend to settle at the lowest level that it is comfortable at since it has become rare for any activity to be a threat in the upper levels. The upper levels have become like blue sky without any clouds so there is not much to see there most of the time. It is the activity that attracts my attention and this activity is now on the etheric level.

I can enter a room like a cafe and just by glancing at the people inside sense what they are thinking or feeling. This is uncomfortable and I usually put up some type of shield to block their energy from entering my own space. So I deliberately choose to block many of the things within my environment. But I do these things naturally and in a balanced way that allows me to be “invisible” in the sense that no one really notices me. Remember that the strongest magical protection is a strong aura!


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Some very interesting and crazy information is trying to break through into awareness. I’ve almost got my fingers on it, but not quite. So I will just try to talk it out and see what happens.

First some very interesting information about chakras and sexuality. This comes from personal experience so it is not theory. Everyone talks about the root chakra and Kundalini energy and how important it is to awaken it and cause it to rise up the spine to the crown chakra.

Well, I’ve got some news for everyone. The root chakra is not that important! There are two chakras below that which are even more important and they haven’t really been truly recognized for how important they are.

Now when a chakra is being awakened there is a feeling like electricity that buzzes around in the area of the chakra. This sensation of electricity can also move up and down the spine and move from one energy center to the other.

Now back in 1992 after I experienced a spontaneous activation of the Kundalini energies and it shot up my spine to my crown chakra with such force that I temporarily blacked out, sagged and almost fell to the floor, as I was doing a yoga side stretch something opened up an energetic pathway that never closed. (Wow! What a long sentence!) Ever since that day I have continuously felt that tingle of electricity somewhere in my body. Over the years the location of that activity has changed, but there has always been continuous activity.

These days there are four main areas where that electrical tingling may be taking place. These are my lower neck, right between my shoulder blades, at my root chakra/base of spine and in my testes. This activity goes on for days and days before moving to another location. I will also share that I have damage in my spine at my lower neck and between my shoulder blades from an old injury when I was breaking horses and got thrown. So there is blockage in those locations and the energy is working to open those pathways and heal my body.

What people don’t realize or hear about is that the testes and ovaries are actual chakra centers in their own right and that tingle of electricity can occur there for days as well. I experienced the electrical tingle at my tail bone or root chakra for many years before I ever experienced it in the testes themselves. This tells me that sexual energy is much lower than root chakra energy and much more powerful! For the last few years that activity has been mostly in the testes and not the tailbone/root chakra although the activity does move around as I’ve mentioned above.

Now changing the subject to the noble gas body of the mysterious element #118 or the etheric double brings up another point of interest and another even more powerful chakra center. As I’ve been doing this research, I’ve also been meditating and trying to get the feel for my own etheric double. What I discovered is that the etheric double exists where the feet touch the ground as I sit in my chair. A dark energy seems to pool around my feet and flow out into the room from the bottom of my feet! An opening also seems to open up beneath my feet that I instinctively know is the etheric world of deepest astral projections.

The implications of this are staggering! People sitting in the lotus position meditating on the root chakra are really also meditating on that point where the body touches the earth which is the point where the etheric double is accessed! It’s not the bottom of the feet, or the root chakra, but where the body touches the earth that is important!

In Wicca and other magical paths we see this in the importance of grounding to Gaia and to the earth! I’ve got to go now but will expand on this later.

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Happy New Year! Continuing the Book of Shadows material leads us back around to understanding just how powerful the central Healing and Prosperity Circle Meditation  is and how we can use it to accelerate our soul development. The reason I’m bringing this up again is that my current research shows just how important the role of the Spiritual Light plays in Organic Gnosticism.

Actually we need to go back even earlier to some of the preliminary-meditations to clarify an important point. I’m specifically talking about when we reach out as far as we can into Source and bring down/back the highest Spiritual Light and Love that we can connect with. We use that energy to create a ball of energy about two inches above our head and then we continue by visualizing and creating a second ball of energy in the middle of our heads and then join them together creating an energetic link with Source that is permanent.

This is not clearly done in the Healing and Prosperity Circle meditation because we are doing that meditation with others and the meditation has been modified. Originally this meditation was intended for one person as a way of moving awareness up and down the astral planes so that awareness could travel all levels without distortion. As the ball of energy moves up and down the spine like an elevator our awareness can also move up and down within that ball of awareness. By doing this we can use this type of meditation to cross The Great Abyss in full awareness and remain there for great periods of time if we choose. We can also use the ball of energy as an elevator for our awareness to move from noble gas body to noble gas body in smooth transitions.

I just did a Healing and Prosperity Circle meditation for the New Year. I listened to my own video and it worked fine for me. One of the things I realized was that as I did the meditation my own awareness began with Source and then continued down the spine to reside within each chakra center. The actual healing and prosperity work was done with my awareness stable and active at the lowest level, the level of the etheric double. So I was working consciously in my etheric double or Ka body or the one created out of the mysterious element #118. So this meditation causes the point of awareness to gradually shift downward to the most powerful level while maintaining the highest level of consciousness.

Working with tantric or sexual energies can only be safely done after the Spiritual Light is safely acquired and anchored permanently. First you work with the light, then you work to raise the Kundalini energy. I’m trying to make this clear. Sexuality is important but Spiritual Light is most important in these first stages.

After this integration of the Spiritual Light happens and one begins to work with sexual energies one will find that male sexual energy tends to rise by itself up through the physical body, activating repressed emotions as it goes and opening energy pathways on it’s own without direction or guidance.

The female will notice that she can move sexual or Kundalini energy up the spine or body by consciously focusing on it and willing it to go upward. But for her the energy will tend to drop to the lower levels when left to it’s own inclination.

Until permanently activated the male needs to focus with intent on the etheric double and the female needs to focus with intent on the Spiritual Light. This can be done individually as a solitary path.

However, Wicca shows us how the Priest draws down the Goddess into the High Priestess and the High Priestess in turns brings out the Horned One in the Priest. He helps her to rise and she in turn helps keep him grounded in the here and now. This is why “Drawing down the Moon” and the celebration of sexuality are so important within Wicca and other pagan paths. One helps lift up the females and the other helps ground the males.

The Magdalen Manuscript: The Alchemies of Horus & The Sex Magic of Isis by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion seem to be sharing a very similar message to what I am trying to share with Organic Gnosticism and the importance of Source and the Spiritual Light. In this book “The Alchemies of Horus” is the path of the individual and “The Sex Magic of Isis” is the path of the joined couple.

Remember that the ultimate goal is the permanent activation and integration of the Ka (etheric body created by the mysterious noble gas #118 or Goddess) and the Ba (Unity or photon awareness as Source or God) or full spectrum ascension! This sacred union happens within the individual. We need to recognize the Divine that exists within each living thing and each living heart.

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