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I’ve been spending the last few months, around six hours a day, on the internet trying to deep dive the global situation and get a handle on what is really going on. What follows is my analysis for those that are interested. But to even put things into words is quite an issue because ultimately my perspective is that of an occultist and spiritual in nature.

The first thing to clarify is that each one of us is master of our destinies and masters of our lives and we have collectively chosen the circumstances that now surround us. The problem is that too many of us have chosen to give our personal power away to external authorities and have chosen to be victims . . .

The oldest souls, masters and adepts, know that all things capable of physically manifesting are perfectly balanced even if it doesn’t seem that way. They maintain that balance in their own lives and within their communities. Generally they prefer to be invisible, to not be widely known to the rest of the world, and to not be involved in global affairs.

The Law of One Ra material makes it clear that these 9th density souls can be either Service to Self or Service to Others since there is not really any difference between the two at the highest levels. A Service to Self advanced soul will eventually come to the conclusion that the most effective way to get what he or she wants is to treat others fairly. An advanced Service to Others soul will eventually come to the conclusion that they must use tough love and look to their own personal soul development if they truly want to help others. Both groups of these advanced souls tend to remain out of the global conflict that now consumes our world. But their very existence gives a strength and stability to the status quo that is very difficult to challenge and change.

The problem comes with the 7th and 8th density ideologues that are not only highly polarized, but have the ability to polarize others as well. This is especially difficult when these ideologues lose contact with reality as is now happening across our world. These groups of 7th and 8th density ideologues are the elites that currently run our world. They are the so called Upper Classes that live in totally different worlds from the common person. They are the elites and heads of large corporations or dynasties or important families.

Ultimately these people form what has been called the Military Industrial Complex. Keep in mind that ultimately the military throughout human history has been seen as the “perfect form of government” and has existed virtually unchanged for thousands of years. The military is totalitarian. It is run from the top down and many people are comfortable within its rules and regulations.

Unfortunately half of the world’s population find the military lifestyle too restrictive and require more personal freedom or creative anarchy. The pendulum swings back and forth between these two extremes with neither side having the ability to gain a final victory over the other.

So far I haven’t mentioned the roles played by 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th density souls. These are the souls that make up the rest of the human population and they are simply game pieces in the global chess games of geopolitical power that are played upon earth’s surface. These souls believe that the elite are working to make the world a better place for everyone and they are tools to be used and discarded by the elite.

What we see happening now in today’s world is an utter and complete disconnect between the elite and the rest of humanity. These ideologues are collapsing the global economy and infrastructure deliberately without regard for the hardships it will place upon the common population.

I might add that it is the common people who have strong connections to the earth and are blessed with “common sense”. When “common sense” overpowers “ideology” our world will enter into a “golden age”. This simply means to follow the still small voice of conscience that speaks within each human heart, if we would only listen to it! It is the heart that recognizes the truth!

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Many years ago, before the first book in the “Hunger Games” series came out, I wrote a sci-fi survivalist novel called “Anarchist Knight: Apprentice”. It was the first book in a trilogy that I never finished and I think that maybe I should finish the series! Those interested in this fascinating story can find it here: Anarchist Knight: Apprentice.

It describes a futuristic world of independent and self-sufficient city-states that are isolated from one another after the destruction of modern society. The book describes the training that individuals had to go through to become full citizens of Heliopolis, a mysterious city state isolated in the Cascade mountains.

More to the point, this book describes the type of world that we seem to be headed toward; a world of self-sustaining city states that exist to protect and take care of their own citizens. This is the complete breakdown of globalization!

What we are seeing today is the complete breakdown and collapse of the global economic system where individual nations and even cities are forced to ensure the safety and survival of their own. Things are falling apart and the destruction is being deliberately done. The rats are leaving the sinking ship and the final showdown is here. It is my belief and conviction that globally the next three years are going to be a living hell! The rich elites that run things are currently shaking down everyone they can to take some last profits before scurrying off to their isolated, secure and hidden retreats.

There are too many things that don’t add up! We have a perfect storm for global collapse and it just keeps getting worse. One side pushes for more mandatory vaccines for the general population and the other side gives proven evidence of serious side effects and health risks from those same vaccines. . . Time is running out because the side effects, such as blood clots and auto-immune problems are now beginning to surface. By the time of the midterm elections the truth will be coming out. These people have no intention of winning the midterm elections because they are already planning to bail!

How much of the military and humanitarian aid being sent to Ukraine never reaches its intended target, but is instead sold on the global black market making some people rich? This follows the same script, no one believes Ukraine will win the war with Russia. The military industrial complex is making a killing of it though! But that game is over as well. With the supply chain disruptions around the world the military industrial complex will not be able to get the raw materials it needs to make more weapons! With the exception of Russia, which is largely self-contained and has the needed resources to continue weapons production, the rest of the world is stuck with what is currently on hand. When you are fighting a war right now you can’t use weapons that will take 6 months or a year to manufacture! It will be too late! The United States is three years away from developing the ultra fast missiles that Russia is now using. By then it will be too late!

The sanctions on Russia are idiocy! Let’s say a country needs liquid natural gas or oil and it has to be shipped by tanker. For the sake of illustration let’s say there are only six hundred available tankers in the world. Some of them are waiting in ports to be unloaded. Some have to travel twice as far to new destinations. That means every month only half of what used to be shipped can be physically shipped! And it will cost over twice as much! We will only start to see the true consequences next month in May and it is not going to be pretty! By the midterms things will have reached a boiling point and the elites will have already left the ship!

Global food shortages will be here for at least the next two years for certain and people can only live a few weeks without food! No work and no food mean the young people will be out roaming the streets and causing trouble. You don’t think so? Just take a look at global history.

The elites have been running the show and now they are leaving while others are left holding the bag to a series of problems that have no solutions! None of the elites are trying to find solutions now, they are just taking the low hanging fruit before they hide.

Most sources that I trust say that the general population will become aware of the gravity of things by the end of May and I agree with that assessment. Too bad it will be too late by then to do anything about it. This is a perfect storm and it will be about root chakra survival issues. The next three years will be critical on how humanity moves forward.

I find it interesting that the company I purchase survival food from, 4 Patriots, not only has limited supplies in stock, but is also giving bonus gifts like it is getting rid of inventory. Again, if you don’t have what you need by the end of May it will become increasingly difficult to get. Because getting silver has turned into a hassle, I’ve just bought another 3 months food supply! My inner guidance has directed me in this way . . . I’m also getting more last minute repairs on my car.

In summary I don’t think we will have a nuclear World War III, but I do believe we are in for a great crisis that will last several years to get out of. It is being triggered now and will be evident to everyone by next fall as winter approaches with food shortages and not enough oil and natural gas to heat our homes. And guess what? I never said anything about inflation!

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As we celebrate today’s full moon and the returning vital life energies of spring my focus is shifting once more. It is time to leave the murky world of manipulated mass media and lies. It is time to focus on things that are more immediate and real.

In terms of the Russia-Ukraine war there is only one thing to remain aware of as far as I’m concerned. That is the value of the gold backed ruble against the US dollar! If the ruble remains strong it means that a new global financial system is being successfully put in place. It also means the steady decline of the US dollar and Euro. As time goes on the new financial system will become entrenched and stable. There will be no going back to the old ways of Petrodollar dominance.

If the gold backed ruble remains strong it means that western Europe and NATO countries including the United States will be split off from those countries choosing a more fair and just financial system of global trade. The western countries will attempt to keep the old financial system intact or try a different “reset” from the gold and commodity backed “reset” that Russia, China and the other BRICS members are currently attempting.

There is no need to have opinions or take sides. If the gold backed ruble remains strong those of us living in the western countries are going to have a rough time of it as the US dollar and Euro decline and we struggle with rising inflation and shortages including food shortages. We in the west are going to see the economic collapse of our financial system. This collapse might be rapid or it might take awhile but it will come . . .

So my focus is now on long term survival and no longer on what is going on over in Europe and Asia. I can’t do anything about that anyway! But I needed the clarity! I needed to understand the big picture so that I could understand what my own interests and actions should be!

I’ve bought a year’s supply of survival rations, purchased some guns and ammo, another computer, fixed my car and now I’m starting to buy silver . . . when the dollar becomes worthless I want to have something that still has value. . . I want to do these things before it is too late and it seems that time is running out! I am only sharing my thoughts and what I am doing to protect myself through the next couple of challenging years. Each of you, of course, will need to find those actions that are appropriate for you!

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First I would like to say that Ovates were seers, prophets and shamans as well as healers. Go and do likewise! It is not time to pretend, it is time to become! Use your skills to walk between worlds and spread your message!

I’ve said that I live in both worlds and much of what I know comes from lucid dreams and visions. Yesterday morning I was in that not quite asleep, not quite awake state when I saw in my minds eye a dull flash and knew it was a thermobaric bomb going off. I knew there was going to be a massive flash and explosion next and there was, complete with the mushroom cloud that thermobaric bombs make. It was so vivid and I was so shook I spent most of yesterday trying to decide what it meant. It was not nuclulear war, because a thermobaric bomb is not nuclear and one was already used in Ukraine.

Obviously something was going to happen and it was going to be big. It was also going to be Russia that set off the bomb because they are the ones that have it. It was only later last night before I went to bed that I discovered what it meant. Russia had set off a thermobaric bomb in the stock market in retaliation for all the sanctions that were being placed upon it. It was fighting for its life.

Yesterday Putin announced that Russia was essentially going to end all imports and exports with all countries that had placed sanctions on it and this stoppage of imports and exports would last until December 31st of this year! He was giving his country a few days to determine which countries would be affected and which imports and exports would be affected. We will all know very soon but it is already a sure thing that the United States is the one pushing this and creating the crisis. We are going to be hit economically and very hard.

The thermobaric bomb in my vision was the destruction of the western financial structure. We are toast! Bye bye Petrodollar!

The insanity of the DAVOS globalist/DeepState is going through with this! To me my vision foretells the destruction of the global financial system with the creation of a new one in which China and Russia are allied with the eastern and southern nations. The western nations are self destructing because of their own lack of a connection to mother earth and the need for physical survival. I still believe World War III as a nuclear war can and will be avoided.

But I’m going out today and buying some rice and other things that can be traded for food. My visions don’t lie! An ancient and destructive force has been set loose and there is no stopping it. It is related to the ancient Druids and shamans and is coming up from the depths of the earth itself.

Nations of the world are being forced to choose sides right now before the Spring Equinox. After the Spring Equinox is the consequences.

The ancient druids knew that this time of year was always critical and volatile. It is the time of year when magick is avoided because it is akin to lighting a match in a warehouse filled with gunpowder! There are always two conflicting sides vying for the new energies of spring that will soon be bursting forth, but only one side will get them. The other side will become the needed fertilizer for the growth of the successful ones. So it is in nature and so it has always been and so it will always be! The ancient Druids knew these things because they understood nature.

The DAVOS globalist/DeepState is about to become the fertilizer that will feed and propel the growth and development of the eastern and southern nations! Food and shelter are the most important things for life and they are now at risk. Money is not the issue. Right or wrong is not the issue. Survival is the issue and those strong with the root chakra survivalism energies will find their path through this! It is time for those who claim to be Druids to become Druids! And for Ovates to become Ovates!

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When people can’t discern the difference between reality and make believe there will ultimately be a confrontation with Mother Nature. The new age of Gaia’s ascension is the age of the root chakra and organic reality. The world is about to realize just how badly they have been lied to!

As the dominoes continue to fall the deep state and globalists continue to fall for the trap. Kicking Russia out of the SWIFT financial system is like telling your local grocery store that it cannot use your own money! The grocery store will create its own system of barter and commerce. Putting drastic sanctions on Russia in retaliation for its invasion of Ukraine will only force Russia to take permanent possession of it! Then Russia will have the food and natural resources the world needs . . . Game over!

Actually it is already over as we will see in the coming weeks leading up to the Spring Equinox! Russia is quite capable of being self-sustaining! It is the birthplace of ancient shamanism!

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What drives me crazy is that with the Russian invasion of Ukraine the first dominoes have fallen in a long sequence of events from which there is no possible return. The gridlock has been broken and everyone is required to take one side or the other. The worst possible consequence would be an escalation to World War III which I sincerely hope and pray will never happen. That is the worst case scenario. Is there a best case scenario? And what drives me crazy is that no one seems to care! Society has become so removed from physical reality that it can’t recognize it’s own endangerment! That is a bad place to be.

The best case scenario right now is the long term effects of drastic sanctions and counter sanctions on both sides. Mutually assured destruction of daily life, from economic collapse. Inflationary prices and food shortages. There is no way around it. Russia and the Ukraine are the bread baskets of the world! Those harvests are now compromised!

Right now I am in about as secure position as possible given the uncertainties. Based upon my visions I will be alright, but my heart breaks for those who will be caught in the storm! And there is a coming storm! Africa will be the most affected by food shortages, but Europe will suffer as well from shortages of oil and natural gas. This is not theory! It is already bad over there and its about to get worse!

I’m reminded of my dream about my cell phone being broken. I will be lucky if it is only phone and internet disruption! That can be dealt with but I’m already shocked at food and gas prices that have been steadily rising this past year. I know those prices are about to double but if that is as bad as it gets I’ll find a way to survive. I am retired and on a fixed income, but also getting some assistance. As long as that keeps stable my life will remain stable. It’s the young people that will be struggling!

And because events cluster in the astral planes that which has been hidden about the Vaccines is now becoming public as well. Blood clots and infertility as well as the destruction of the immune system! What have we collectively done to ourselves? Or what have we allowed to be done to us? By the Spring Equinox we will know because it will all be out in the open! Be prepared to take a few lumps! The time for action is long past! If we haven’t prepared, there is no longer time to prepare! Fasten your seat belts! Trust your root chakra connection to Mother Earth!

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With war erupting in the Ukraine and a total lack of confidence in any news sources it is much easier to turn to ancient sources of wisdom to interpret current events and probable future events. An important part of ancient Druidry was divination and observation of the cycles of nature. When you understand the cycles of nature you understand why things are happening, the timing of events and what must follow.

Before talking about the energetics involved I will mention that within the astral planes events gravitate together just like matter gravitates together in the physical world. Our entire world has been locked in a stalemate situation or gridlock situation in which no forward movement has been possible. That is what has now changed with the war in the Ukraine. The boil has been lanced and forces have been put into motion that cannot be stopped! This is because other events that have been trying to manifest will piggy-back onto these events, taking advantage of the opening in the astral fabric. We will all witness the truth of these words in the next few weeks leading up to the Spring Equinox.

For better or worse, our world will never be the same and this is what we have all been waiting for!

The cycles of nature will tell us what is to happen just as they have told us last year and the year before and each years before that, if we could only see. The winter solstice saw a great in pouring of our yearly measure of Spiritual Light. That wave of incoming energy struck me much more powerfully than it ever had before. This was going to be a very powerful year.

And people on all sides of every conflict took in their share of that energy seeking to absorb what they could and use it for their plans. So people were lucky and caught this incoming energy wave much earlier than others. It actually hit me several weeks before the winter solstice. Others were a bit too late and ended up chasing the wave instead of riding it. They were on the wrong side of the wave and would be on the wrong side of the wave for the entire year! It’s like getting up on the wrong side of the bed but much worse!

Then Imbolc came and the first stirring of new life came from seeds buried deep within our core and deep within Mother Earth. But not every seed awoke! Only half of them became filled with the vital life energies of the coming spring. This is difficult to put into words but imagine that each person has been given their quota of Spiritual Light energy for the coming year and they can spend it any way they want. So they put that energy into special projects and activities.

Here is the part of the natural cycle that is difficult to understand. It is not the amount of Spiritual Energy of Vital Life Force energy that you have but which direction it flows. It will either increase and become new life or it will decrease and become the fertilizer that will nourish and feed the living. During this time of year there is always an eternal battle that takes place and the winners will prosper abundantly and the losers will become the fertilizer that that sustains the living.

The winners and losers will be revealed at the Spring Equinox! That is how it has always been and how it will always be!

In looking at this war in the Ukraine I am struck by several factors. Perhaps the most powerful is the ancientness of the region. The Balkans are some of the oldest lands inhabited by humanity and the bloodiest! That the global tensions should focus on this ancient area of the world is no coincidence. These areas are full of ancient magicks and ancient battles. This is the final battle for the fate of Gaia herself!

I also know that there are those, the ones who desire to enslave humanity, greatly desire World War III. I also know that it will never happen! What Putin has done so effectively is that with his lightning strike he has ended the war before it had a chance to begin and that was his plan. Already the United States and Europe have failed to come to the aid of Ukraine because they realized they lost their chance. They are on the wrong side of the wave and Putin caught the wave just right. It was over before it began.

But it is now time to look at everything else that is taking this opportunity to manifest as well and we will see the same things happen in other areas of conflict around the globe. Certain elements will move boldly forward and others will always be one second too late and miss their chance. For the first time we will get a real glimpse at who the white hats and black hats really are! It will be obvious! All you need to do is recognize who is magickally successful and who keeps having their plans defeated!

And we can know these things with confidence not because of reliable news sources, but because of knowledge of the cycles of nature itself!

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The Minoan civilization began around 2,000 BCE and ended in volcanic destruction around 1,100 BCE leading the nearby Greek Mycenaean civilization into a dark age. The Minoan civilization was highly advanced and Goddess oriented. It was the only known advanced civilization that was Goddess oriented.

We have already seen that the Goddess oriented Samothrace mysteries were likely in place at the destruction of the Minoan civilization and a survivor of the Goddess religion that in turn influenced Helenic Greek with their Gods and Goddesses. The sacred Samothrace mysteries were taught for almost 1,000 years until they were abandoned around 400 CE.

But there is an interesting link between the Samothrace mysteries and the great library at Alexandria. During the reign of the Ptolemies, a Roman dynasty that ruled Egypt from 304 to 40 BCE, the great library at Alexandria was built and marble was imported to enhance and expand the Temple on Samothrace!

We can definitely see the emergence of two types of initiations, one Goddess oriented and earth based and the other highly mystical and philosophical and based upon spiritual Light or the sun. Is it coincidence that the Druid religion seems to have emerged around 400 BCE? The Druid religion was once considered to have been originally matriarchal and Goddess oriented. Were the Druids the survivors of the destruction of Crete and the Minoan civilization during the pre-Helenic dark ages of Greece? Were they associated with the Samothrace mysteries of the old Gods?

What is certain is that the ancient Druids appeared to have both a strong and vital connection to nature and all living things as well as a highly developed philosophical and spiritual nature. They believed in reincarnation and the otherworld or Summerland. They had the best of both worlds and the Druid religion lasted for almost 1,000 years until it was destroyed after the massacre of the long knives at Stonehenge in 472 CE during the annual Beltaine Festival.

I would hazard a guess that this was the true origin of the Druid religion as survivors of the destruction of the Minoan civilization and was also influenced by the surviving Mycenaean Greek civilization as it fell into a dark age.

The great library at Alexandria was almost a mirror opposite with it’s Neo-Platonic and Hermetic orientation that focused more upon the spiritual than the organic but contained both as well.

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As we continue our journey we find that to a certain extent we have had the wool pulled over our eyes! We need to pull back, regroup, and take a look at what was really happening around the world in the years between 2,000 BCE and 200 BCE. Some very important things have been conveniently left out!

Actually we can go back much further to 3,500 to 3,000 BCE when Cretan ships of the Minoan civilization were predominant in the Mediterranean basin. The Minoan civilization and the Mycenaean civilization of pre-Greece were both heavily Goddess oriented and taught the life, death, rebirth cycle of continual life and the joys of living intently in the physical world. They taught the mysteries of the underworld or the Summerland, the etheric world that lies beneath the physical.

The Minoan civilization was extremely advanced and sprung out of nowhere. It seems safe to say this was the civilization sponsored by the Anunnaki Enki and his followers. These were the ancient Greeks that were victorious over Atlantis when Atlantis tried to take over the Mediterranean basin as told to Solon by his Egyptian teachers.

Where did this advanced knowledge come from? Were the Gods and Goddesses Anunnaki in non-physical bodies? And what about the Reptilians in non-physical bodies? They demanded blood sacrifices so they could manifest and work their magick. They were the Dragon or Serpent Gods and Goddesses that even the Egyptians worshiped.

Let’s leave all that for a moment and move forward to 600 to 500 BCE for an even better view. In the Spiritual teachings of Confucius, Buddha, Zoroaster, Lao-tse, the Jewish prophets, the Greek poets, artists, philosophers and scientists, the sixth century BCE reaches a zenith of human wisdom and achievement that even our modern materialistic civilization has not achieved!

The sacred mysteries of Samothrace in the Aegean dates back to 2,000 BCE mythologically but the ruins have been dated as early as 600 BCE according to “The Great Gods of Samothrace” by Carl Ruck. These mysteries involved a sacred wine mixed with hallucinogenic mushrooms and sexual orgies to rupture the astral and pierce through the veil. The Goddess was both the creator of the storm of life and at the same time safe passage through it. The need was to live valiantly and heroically and die with honor so that one could be reborn into a better life. The source of all life was the Womb of Creation and the sacred fire of the all consuming vital life force.

Moving forward to 285- 246 BCE we see the founding of the great library at Alexandria which became the center of all learning for the world. Strange it wasn’t mentioned before isn’t it? What about the Order? What happened to it? Why the great rush to move on to the Christian era?

The great library at Alexandria was a giant melting pot of cultures and teachings. Great mystics soon discovered that there was a sacred sanctuary beyond logic and reason where one could commune with the Gods and Goddesses and great masters and teachers. It could only be reached by crossing the Great Abyss. Those who were able to cross the Great Abyss entered into the fellowship of the Great White Brotherhood, the guardians of the human race. It was the ultimate secret society and there was no initiation that could admit. There were no entrances to this sacred sanctuary and fellowship, but if you found your way there, no one could deny your right to be there! Because it took place on the highest spiritual planes all members were able to recognize each other. It did not matter what tradition or religion or school one belonged to.

The Great White Brotherhood consisted of souls in both physical bodies and non-physical bodies, but they all had non-physical bodies because they all gathered above the Great Abyss. At first only the Anunnaki could do this but later human masters and adepts began to join as well. To the ancient mind these mortals had become immortal and joined the Gods and Goddesses. The Supreme Council of the Order was no longer Rosaecrucian. It moved to the great library of Alexandria and at the destruction of the great library the Supreme Council was said to have moved to Tibet.

It was recognized that any member of the Great White Brotherhood, any Master who had permanently crossed the Great Abyss had the right to establish their own mystery school and their own teachings. The source of their power was not the Womb of Creation, but the Spiritual Light.

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Ruins, Sunset, Travel, Outdoors, Castle, Fortress

Now we will continue our exploration of “American Rosae Crucis” published in 1916 by Imperator H. Spencer Lewis.

Thutmose III saw that the Order had very definite principles, rules and modes of procedure, all of which have come down to us today without material change.

At the close of his reign in 1447 BCE there were 39 Brothers and Sisters in the Order and the meetings, which had become regular and systematic, were held in one of the halls of the Temple of Karnak, outside of which Thutmose III erected two obelisks bearing a record of his achievements.

Before his transition, Thutmose III made his son co-regent. Thus Amenhotep II took up his father’s work in the Order about the end of September 1448 BCE.

Amenhotep II ruled from 1448 BCE to 1420 BCE and he in turn was succeeded by his son Thutmose IV who ruled from 1420 BCE to 1411 BCE.

Amenhotep III, son of the preceding, occupied the throne from 1411 BCE to 1375 BCE and was the last of the truly powerful Pharaohs or emperors.

Upon the transition of Amenhotep III the Empire fell to his son Amenhotep IV, with whose history all Rosaecrucians are greatly concerned. He was the last Great Master in the family of the founders and the one to whom we owe the really wonderful philosophies and writings used so universally in all Lodge work throughout the world.

Amenhotep IV was born in the Royal Palace at Thebes, November 34th, 1378 BCE. He was only eleven years old in 1367 BCE when he was crowned and immediately began a career unequaled by any Pharaoh of Egypt.

HIs father, having been the Master of the Order for a number of years, built the great Temple of Luxor and dedicated it to the Order. The Order numbered 83 Brothers and 62 Sisters at this time and at the crowning of young Amenhotep IV, the Master of the Order was one Thehopset who remained in the office until 1365 BCE. Amenhotep’s installation as MASTER-BY-COUNCIL-DECREE occurred in the Temple of Luxor, April 9th, 1365 BCE, at sunset, in the presence of his bride and her parents.

Amenhotep IV being the only descendant it was deemed advisable that he marry as early as the customs then permitted in order that an heir to the throne could be assured. But though Amenhotep IV had a number of children, unfortunately they were daughters, and this proved disastrous to the Order as well as to the throne.

We have a little more to share about this great Master before we move on in this overview of the Order according to Imperator H. Spencer Lewis.

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