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Tonight we are going to talk about third century Christianity and the rise of Tantrism in the near East. In the third century under Emperor Constantine the Roman Empire converted to Christianity. The first Council of Nicaea determined what the official doctrine of the Christian church was going to be. Basically what they did was agree to only use the written words of the apostles. The Church was not going to condone or authorize direct mystical experiences. There were too many people out there claiming to be enlightened. They were claiming to have visions and to be new messiahs.

The Church was going to rely directly on the writings of the apostles. What was really happening was that social enforcers and rational atheists were taking over the church. The church was becoming a valuable commodity that had power and prestige.

A lot of simple folk were attracted to a message of the heart and especially with the conversion of Rome politics came into this in a very big way. So this was a big thing and the first thing they did was get rid of the the mystics, especially the organic Gnostics. These were the ancient people, who had lived in that area. The original Gaia inhabitants that had a true genetic connection to the earth.

The sense of self and the development of the soul was to remain secret and to belong only to the literate and superior upper classes. They needed to find a way to control the masses.

The ordinary people didn’t know how to read and write. They just believed in their heart. But they did have an organic connection to the earth and to each other and they remembered the old teachings of sexuality and the balance of male and female. This happened during the first few centuries of Christianity.

After the crucifixion of Jesus Tantrism began to emerge in the near East or Eastern Europe. This included the entire area from India up through the Balkans. It was Tantrism that created a new spiritual and religious trend. Everybody wanted to get in on it. It especially appealed to the common people, and if you remember Jesus actually reached out to these same common and simple folk.

I think there’s a good possibility that this was the real message that he was teaching. It was the balance of male and female within each person and how, through love relationships and through human sexuality the immortal human soul was developed.

This movement penetrated everywhere. It heavily influenced Hinduism, but that was not the only thing it influenced. It also influenced yoga schools in Buddhism.

Buddhism was given a brand-new shot in the arm by this new current that was called the way of the diamond or the thunderbolt. It taught how to develop the immortal thunderbolt body or the diamond body.

The Church taught that the way to develop the soul was to deny the physical. Tantrism was the opposite. It taught that it was the excessive generation of physical energies, especially sexual energies that caused the creation and development of the immortal soul body. The immortal soul body was more than pure mental energy. It also included all the other energies that was possible for the human body to experience.

It was mental energy plus it was Etheric energy. It granted the development of magical abilities. This was a magical current and it was considered a path of action, not ritualism and not contemplation. This was a path of practical realization and direct experience. If it didn’t work, if you didn’t get immediate results then you could go someplace else.

That was what was so profound about Tantrism and its sexual secrets. They were the secrets of using the energies of the body. The secrets of awakening the male and female forces inside the body through physical excesses, not through denial. It was the beginning of what has been called the left-hand path.

The denial of the physical body is the right-hand path. It’s that simple.

You develop the soul by stressing the physical body through excess. The martial arts also taught how you could build the immortal physical body through the generation of excessive physical energies.

But western Europe and the Christian church took what was called the right-hand path which was the denial of the physical body. The denial of everything below the head.

This new teaching of Tantrism was profoundly different and it was a danger to the existence of the church. That is why the church was so against sexuality and against the female because this new teaching was a continuation of the female current and of goddess worship. This balance of male and female required the female to play a very important role and that was a big threat to the patriarchal anti-female Christian church that was forming in Constantinople.

We are talking about the third and fourth century of early Christianity. This was happening and we don’t hear a thing about it. That’s how suppressed these teachings of Organic Gnosticism were.

The hidden meaning of Tantra is to weave and these teachings taught how to weave male and female energies together in the creation of the human soul. This was the secret teaching and it came out of nowhere a few centuries after the beginnings of Christianity.

I have no doubt in my mind that these teachings were part of the secret teachings that Jesus taught to the common people. The common folk were attracted to these kinds of things.

The educated elite were trying to get in their head and create the soul out of the marriage of Christ and Sophia. They wanted nothing to do with Tantrism. They called it satanic.

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Chapter 13

“Hey Rafe,” he changed the subject. “ I really need to talk to you about something. Remember when I tried building my base camp on the lake and those rogues destroyed it? Do you remember that abandoned gathering spot I told you about?”

“Yeah, what about it. I hope you haven’t been snooping around there.”

“I think Sarah’s mother is buried there and two older brothers that she doesn’t even know about. I also think it’s where my parents died.”

“What!” Rafe exclaimed. “You’d better tell me what you are talking about.”

For the first time Tobal told Rafe about his parents and how they had been the creators of the sanctuary program, how it had been first a social experiment and then a classified Federation project. He told how his uncle had been the military officer in charge of the program and how his parents had been found floating dead on the lake. He added the part about Uncle Harry getting injured and closing down the project.

Then he went on to mention what Sarah’s father had told him about knowing his parents and working on a classified matter transmission project and an even more secret project concerning bi-location and a shaman named Howling Wolf. He told how his parents and a small group including Sarah’s father had been at a secret meeting when the entire village by the lake had been attacked and everyone massacred.

It had been right after that his parents were found dead and two surviving members of the secret group were hunted down and executed. Howling Wolf and Sarah’s father were both members of the secret group that had survived along with a few children.

“What I don’t understand,” he told Rafe. “Is my uncle never told me about any of the stuff Sarah’s dad told me about. He didn’t tell me anything about the sanctuary program either and he must have known quite a bit about it. All he did was give me a letter from my parents and a ticket to Heliopolis.

He didn’t want me to go to Old Seattle like the letter said. He said no one lived there anymore. I had to change the ticket myself at the last minute. I felt I ‘needed’ to go to Old Seattle first and do what the letter told me to. That’s where I met Sarah and her father.”

“My uncle said the same thing about Howling Wolf, that he wasn’t alive anymore. I need to go back Rafe. I need to check it out and find out anything I can about my parents. That place is haunted and something doesn’t feel right. The Lord and Lady keep telling me that I need to go there.”

Rafe was startled, “The Lord and Lady? They talk to you and tell you to go to the lake?”

“Well they don’t really talk to me,” he said. “It’s more like they put thoughts in my head and my heart. It’s like they are guiding me or something.”

Rafe ran a hand through his tousled hair with a worried look on his face. “This is too much man! I’ve got to think about this awhile. I never heard of the Lord and Lady talking to anyone except the High Priest and High Priestess. The rest of what you said is just crazy. If I didn’t know you, I would say you were making the whole thing up.”

His eyes searched Tobal’s and probed deeply with no hint of his grin. “But you’re not making it up are you?”

“No,” Tobal answered quietly.

Rafe sighed in frustration. “I didn’t think so.” He rubbed his hair again. “Promise me you won’t go there until we talk about this again, ok? It might be dangerous and we have to be careful.”

“I’ll talk to you at circle next month then,” Tobal said. “I need to go back there before it gets snowed in.”

He left Rafe and went back to watch the other initiations. There were five initiations this month. Sarah was going to be initiated with Melanie’s newbie, Butch and Becca’s newbie, Mike. There were two others Tobal didn’t know. It was going to be a long night at circle again.

Tobal couldn’t stop the thoughts running through his head. He looked around the circle at some of the others he knew. Char was watching her newbie get initiated. Apparently Char and Wayne had broken up. Tobal looked around and didn’t see Wayne at circle and wondered if he was at sanctuary waiting for his own newbie.

It was late after the initiations when he finally caught up with Melanie and told her about his plan. He was relieved when she seemed to like it.

“That’s a good idea,” she told him. “This past month was hard for me and I don’t think Butch is ready for winter yet. I don’t even know if I am. I didn’t want to tell you but I am a bit worried. We didn’t do a lot of winter stuff when you trained me and food is getting harder to come by. I know how to make snow shoes and winter clothing in theory but it’s a lot different in real life.”

“I’m pretty much the same way,” he told her. “Rafe taught me at the end of winter when we really didn’t need anything. I made some things then and they’ve been sitting at Rafe’s ever since. I need to stop by there and pick some of that stuff up to help me remember. That’s why I thought maybe a bunch of us could get ready for winter together. I was going to ask Nick too if that is alright with you.”

“Sure,” she said. “Maybe we can have Becca and Mike over too. I know she was having the same troubles because I talked with her earlier this morning and she was worried about Mike too. She was thinking she might have to hole up for the winter with him before he gets a chance to solo because he wouldn’t be ready to survive a real blizzard yet.”

“Well, I hadn’t really thought about anyone but you, Butch, Nick, and Sarah,” he replied. He really wasn’t keen on the idea of having Becca around that much. It was uncomfortable for him and her presence always seemed to prevent his thoughts from going where they should.
“Oh, please!” She pleaded. “Becca really likes you. You should get to know her a little better and give her a chance. It would be fun!”

Tobal felt his face getting red. “I’ll see what Nick has to say first. He should have a say in this too.”

“Ok, maybe I’ll talk to him too,” she smiled and gave him a big hug and a kiss. “You are so nice to all of us.”

Tobal didn’t feel so nice. In fact he was hoping he could talk Nick into saying seven people would be too many. Still he couldn’t help feeling a little guilty as he searched around the camp looking for Nick. He didn’t see him or Tara either. Not knowing what else to do he went over to the beer barrel for a brew.

When Tobal tracked down Nick later that night, he was with Tara. Tobal congratulated Nick on his solo and proposed his plan. Nick wasn’t really interested. He had just soloed and was happy about it. He didn’t think he needed anymore training and was partnering up with Tara for the winter anyway. He needed to be helping her get their winter camp together.

“Tara, I thought you were training someone this month?”

She regarded him with cool eyes and said, “I thought you were training someone this month too. What does it matter if I have Nick over this month when you are going to have six people at your place. I wouldn’t point too many fingers if I were you,” she cautioned. “Maybe you should just mind your own business.”

With a glum face he found Melanie and Becca and told them Nick wouldn’t be joining them. Becca was so excited about the plan she jumped up giving him a big hug and a kiss. As she kissed him, he felt an electric spark that tingled his ears and worked its way down to his tail bone. She had already turned and was hugging Melanie so she didn’t see his face turn white in shock.

He was not at all comfortable with the way he felt around her. She jangled his nerves and shook him up. He still hadn’t dared explore his feelings about her. Forcing his mind back to the subject at hand Tobal suggested they all go to his base camp for the next month and prepare for winter by working together. They agreed to start out the next day after breakfast.

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I Hate the Stars
I hate the stars; they shine,
Yet they don’t warm.
As deceptive as you, and as radiant
As your glowing face.
I hate the stars; they shine
In scornful silence,
And nod in agreement,
That you are joined with me till death.

-Mia Holm
translated by Joe Bandel

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Being a victim and giving our power away go hand in hand. When we blindly follow external authorities and expect them to fix our problems, we have given them power over us.

Any external authority will be destructive and restrictive. They will not have our best interests in mind. They will have their best interests in mind.

Are we to be like the soldier that murders civilians because he was ordered to or are we going to think for ourselves and act for ourselves?

There is something inside us that is weak and wants to turn power and responsibility over to external authority like the government. Each and every time we turn to an external authority we give a portion of our personal power away and become more of a victim. Each time we wait for someone to teach or empower us we loose valuable time in our lives that could be spend in active effort.

If we refused to turn our power over to external authorities and lived according to our “True Will” the world would be a much better and safer place and we would treat each other as equals.

There is an evolutionary principle at work here. It’s time we asked the question of whether it is correct to artificially support actions and behaviors that left unsupported would collapse. Sometimes people need to hit bottom before things can get better for them. There needs to be an ending with closure and consequence.

To support things artificially goes against nature and sucks resources away from healthy enterprise. Why does our society feel that it is so important to take care of people that can’t or won’t take care of themselves? Is there a place for tough love in this confusion of co-dependency?

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In the gray murkiness of what is right and what is wrong, there are some absolutes a person can count on: The importance of knowing your “True Will” and the perfection of your personal paradigm or view of reality. Each will be different from everyone else’s, but will be in harmony with the universe. They represent your particular place in the universe and the reason for your existence. All personal effort is cumulative in nature.

Without personal effort we will not get anywhere. We must apply ourselves and not look to others to fulfill our needs for us. Each of these require we be entirely honest with ourselves and with each other. We must be true to ourselves at all costs and allow others the same respect. There are some things unconditionally bad:

Habitual dishonesty and laziness.

Destructive actions or activity intended simply to destroy without replacing what exists with something better.

Denying individual rights or controlling others simply because they are not doing what you want them to do or controlling them for the “higher good”. This is especially true for laws and government authorities that try to control people through legal legislation.

This includes the use of force against individuals. The use of force is never justified except in self-defense or the defense of loved ones.

Giving personal power away to some higher cause or person is never in our best interests and is never justified. Those in power will always act in their own best interest and not in ours.

Always remember we find our “True Will” by listening to our “internal authority” and not some teacher or Guru. That includes these teachings as well. They are intended to make you think and decide for yourself. They are not to be accepted blindly or followed blindly.

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The action of the lunar cycle will stress and rack the astral planes forcing “normal” astral creations to give way to “phase-locked” astral creations. All that you need to do is keep a steady supply available and let the process work itself.

Sexual energy is stored in the sex glands. In the male sexual energy is stored in the testes and in the female it is stored in the ovaries. There are significant differences between male sexual energy and female sexual energy that must be understood.

Both the testes and the ovaries act as batteries that store and discharge bio-electrical and magnetic field energy. During the female orgasm this energy is forced out of the ovaries and floods into both the physical body and into the astral body giving a pleasurable sensation as it flows. The ovaries then draw energy from the earth to recharge themselves making it possible for the female to have multiple orgasms.

During the male orgasm this energy excites the sperm so much that under normal conditions ejaculation occurs causing the loss of these vital “batteries” as well as most of the bio-electrical and magnetic field energy that they contain. This loss should be minimized for our purposes.

The simplest way to prevent this loss is for the male to have a vasectomy which will prevent the sperm from leaving the body. Instead the orgasm energy will be forced into the physical and astral body in the same manner as it is with a female orgasm. The depleted sperm will then recharge themselves from “spiritual” light energy and be capable of multiple orgasms after recharging.

It is the pleasurable waves of energy that fill the body with energy and force it into the astral and not the energy contained in the sperm itself that is important. Retaining the sperm simply helps in a rapid recharging that makes five or six sessions a day possible if desired.

Loss of the sperm would not make this number of sessions possible over long periods of time. The physical body could not replace the lost sperm cells that fast. By delaying orgasm as long as possible the male will inject the greatest amount of sexual energy into the astral. The critical thing is to experience the waves of pleasurable energy flooding the body because it is at that time the physical energy becomes astral energy. These injections of energy are cumulative and enlarge the passageways already opened by the spiritual energies.

If a vasectomy is not desired it is possible to prevent ejaculation by learning to slowly drain the testes of their energy and never approach full orgasm. The pleasurable sensation is the flow of energy into the body and is what is worked for. It is also possible to prevent ejaculation by tightening the pelvic diaphragm muscles at the right time.

In time energy channels open up and this process can become very routine with the energy easily flowing from the testes into the physical and astral body without a loss of sperm or minimal loss of sperm.

As a general rule the male orgasm should be approached and prolonged as long as possible to completely drain the testes of their energy before ejaculation. The female orgasm should be reached as quickly as possible and held at its peak for as long as possible.

In both cases a point will be reached where no more energy is available until the body is recharged.

The reason for this difference is that the male’s energy source is light energy and his sexual energy will tend to rise naturally through the body and transform itself into mental and spiritual energy. As it rises through the body it will activate and loosen trapped “black energy” causing the energy also to transform into mental energy and rise into conscious awareness. The main goal is to get the sexual energy forced into the physical and astral body. The rest will occur naturally.

The female energy source is earth energy and will tend to remain as low in the physical and astral body as possible. The object is to raise this energy during orgasm as high as possible within the body and keep it at that level as long as possible. Female sexual energy will not release “black” energy but it will raise it up until it finds a suitable outlet and then let it go down again to find its way into physical events.

In this respect female energy tends to impel “black” energy into physical events. This tendency can be guarded against with the proper use of the energy ball described later. Also, when the physical and astral body is completely saturated with sexual energy the “black” energy is then forced completely out of the body through the top of the head. During orgasm the energy should be pushed as high as possible trying to force it entirely out of the head into the spiritual light source.

Both the male and the female should attempt to channel the sexual energy up the spine instead of through the organs of the body. The reason for this is that the spine has already been prepared by the use of the energy ball during the lesser work described in chapter five. With a little practice it will also carry the denser sexual energy. In time the sexual energy will also channel itself effortlessly through the organs and the bone structure.

In the male this sexual energy will gradually build up inside the physical and astral body expelling all foreign energies. It will accumulate at the top of the head and gradually force itself downward into the lower emotional levels activating one astral body after another until they are all united into one “phase-locked” astral body that can travel on all astral levels.

Finally the pressure of this sexual energy buildup will force itself out the base of the spine into the earth’s astral plane where it will eventually contact your soul mate’s astral energy.

In the female the sexual energy will build up until it is forced out the top of the head and into the earth’s astral planes. She will activate one astral body at a time from the lowest to the highest and will need to deal with feelings of extreme sensuality and the problems that her “raw” sexual energy attracts to her in the form of inappropriate male attention. Her excess female energy will attract male energy to her that is not her soul mate’s.

The important thing to realize is that the pleasurable sensations that flood the body during sexual arousal and orgasm are the sexual energies being drained from the sex organs into the physical body and the astral body. These pleasurable sensations should be made to last as long as possible.

The physical body will only be able to store so much of this energy and the rest will be forced into the astral body and into the astral planes. This will strengthen the astral body and fill the astral planes with your sexual energy in a cumulative manner.

If you do not have a partner the sexual energy will activate your astral bodies one at a time before entering into the astral planes by getting opposite sex energy directly from the collective and the environment. If you have a partner the energy will merge with your partners and escape directly into the astral plane and into the collective before permanently activating any astral bodies. When the astral plane is filled to bursting with your sexual energy it will back up and begin to activate your astral bodies one at a time. If your partner is not your soul mate the relationship will then be dissolved and you will separate.

What this means is that it doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you daily force sexual energy into the astral. The end result will be eventual contact with your true soul mate and a phase-locking of sexual energies on the astral plane. As in so many things practice makes perfect and it is the effort that counts with each occurrence adding to what is already in the astral.

Male sexual energy is expansive and destructive in nature. It will tend to expand and destroy other astral creations that it comes into contact with. It forces itself through astral blocks and barriers forming new pathways for the energy to flow.

Female sexual energy is restrictive and blocking in nature. It will tend to block off unwanted astral energies and isolate itself within an impenetrable wall of phase-locked astral energy.

The male must not only find his soul mate since she can’t find him, he must also have enough energy to penetrate the protective barrier that she has placed around herself by isolating herself from other male energies. The continuous addition of sexual energy into the astral will assure that this happens in a timely manner.

As mentioned earlier, the entire process is quite automatic and will happen according to the laws of nature and not according to the laws of man.

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Tonight we are going to talk about the slippery slope of Gnosticism. Now in the second century people struggled with the concept of dualism and the emergence of Gnosticism and Manichaeism. We need to be careful here. Remember there are two forms of dualism and two forms of Gnosticism that we need to be aware of. What I call Organic Gnosticism is the loving balance of male and female opposites that celebrates life and the development of the soul through love relationships. The other traditional form of Gnosticism is one that believes in the battle of opposites between good and evil. The battle that destroys life.

So we want to be careful because it’s too easy to talk about the destructive Gnosticism of good and evil and forget about the Organic Gnosticism that we are really interested in. The followers of Manichaeism were also called the Christians of St. John the Baptist. They believed in baptism. They believed that matter was evil and spirit was good. They believed the world was satanic. They taught reincarnation and it became the most widespread religion in the world at the time reaching far into Asia.

Was this heresy or was it actually an influence on early Christianity? The message of baptism and that matter is evil and spirit is good? That the world is satanic? That sounds very familiar and I’m willing to suggest that it was assimilated into early Christianity, even if it may not have been taught by Jesus himself.

I’d like to mention Zoroastrianism in contrast, which at the time was five or six centuries older. Zoroastrianism is one of the earliest known religions and in its beliefs we see a bridge to the even earlier goddess religions with their balance of male and female. That is the Organic Gnosticism we are really looking for.

So we also see an interesting influence in Zoroastrianism which was the state religion of Persia for centuries. In Zoroastrianism the world is good and was created by a good God. There is no devil and it is a celebration of life. There is order and chaos. Later the concept of chaos became personified by Ahriman but not in the beginning.

There is only one path and that is the path of truth. People were to do the right thing because it was the right thing to do. It was very simple. Make the world a better place! They believed there would be a judgment day and a Messiah at the day of judgment.

Each person would be held accountable for their actions in life. You can see that some of this religion may have influenced Christianity, but it is far older. It was the Manichean’s that brought in the concept of Satan and that the material world was evil.

The early Church was in a battle for each individual soul. The soul was an evolutionary offshoot of literacy and the invention of reading and writing. But the simple people weren’t able to read and write! These simple people had strong bonds with nature and they kept a religion of the heart. They were Zoroastrians or pagans and later we will see how these bonds with nature branched out into the teachings of Tantrism and the use of sexuality as a form of soul development.

But there’s a big split here, and the main point that I’m trying to make in this message is that there were two types of Gnosticism and you want to be very clear which one you’re talking about. You want to be very clear which one was heretical. We are also going to be seeing just how anti-sexual the early Christian church actually was.

There was another religion around that time called Mandaism that didn’t last very long. They also believed in the split between good and evil. So what seemed to be happening was that some people began to develop the Observer self or watcher watcher self. They begin to have a concept of self which they called the soul.

It was the part of us that watches in our dreams, where a part of us stands back and watches another part of us. That is what was considered the soul and what was so important. That is what people were getting so excited about because they believed that it proved the immortality of consciousness and life after the death of the physical body and they became fanatical about it.

But the thing is, it was only available to the elites because it was actually part of reading and writing. That’s why the big move into religious head tripping. That’s why the move away from the common people and away from the common religions.

This was also when the elites started to prevent the common people from developing their own egos and their own sense of self. Their own abilities of reading and writing was proof of their superior intellect. They felt that this made them superior even though the common simple people had heart and had love in their hearts.

Self-esteem and the development of the soul has a lot more to do with heart than it has to do with the intellect and the mind. Self-esteem also has a lot more to do with survival with competency than it has to do with intellect. So we are seeing already during the second century the pressure to keep the uneducated, lower classes down. It was also decided to take sex away from the common people because sex was dangerous, it developed the soul and they didn’t want the common people developing their souls.

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The weather and shelter were going to be serious problems during below zero weather. He realized it would be important to hunt the larger animals like the deer and elk. They would migrate with the weather and he needed to know where they liked to go in the winter time so he could find them when he needed to. The cold weather would allow fresh meat to keep longer and he would only have to hunt once a week or so to keep two people in fresh meat.

With that in mind he spent the next two weeks teaching Sarah how to hunt with a bow. He taught how to set dead falls and other traps for larger animals. These were things he realized the others needed to know also.

At nights they worked on the hides and talked. Sarah’s father had told her quite a bit about claiming sanctuary and she had known pretty much what to expect. Still it was a lot harder than she had imagined and it took a while to get her toughened in to the daily grind. She was used to a much softer lifestyle. They joked about how different this was from the day she had taken him into the big city for a visit.

The bright side was she had been used to handling the items in her father’s store and came up with interesting ways to use leather and how to make tools that Tobal never even thought of making. He asked her about where his father got all those items and she said she didn’t really know. She only knew he would leave on trips from time to time and bring them back with him. He used to tell her there was no other store in the world like the one they had and that she should be very proud of it.

Sarah spoke of her mother and wanting to visit her grave. Tobal asked if she knew where it was and she didn’t. It was by some waterfall and shouldn’t be too hard to find. She was a little put off that it would be several years before she would finish training though.

Tobal felt a chill at the base of his spine as she talked about this and something deep inside him was screaming that Sarah’s mother had died at the lake like his parents and she was buried in that mass grave at the abandoned gathering spot. He didn’t know how to bring this up to Sarah yet, especially since they were so closely watched. He felt he would go back there himself first and check things out before talking to her about it.

The month went by quickly and all too soon it was time to go to the gathering spot. He didn’t think Sarah was quite ready to solo and wanted to work with the others in preparing them for the coming winter months.

The days were getting shorter by early September and there was a chill in the air at night and frost in the mornings. The first major snowstorm could come any time and they could be snowed in for weeks. He talked with Sarah and she thought spending another month on winter preparation was a good idea. She needed more winter training and he thought the others did too.

The morning of circle Zee, Nikki, Kevin and Ox all proclaimed their newbies ready to solo. They were all interviewed and questioned by the elders and approved for soloing. Each of them had winter gear they had to show the elders. It was very clear the elders were concerned about the training newbies were getting now that a sudden storm could snow a person in for weeks at a time. Tobal made a point of congratulating the two girls and Kevin. He didn’t care about Ox and avoided him as much as possible.

Zee was a little cool toward him but returned his congratulatory hug and started talking a little.

“I was mad at you for awhile,” she said. “I didn’t really think you meant it about training all winter. I thought you were just rejecting me and no woman likes that.” She put her hands on her hips and wiggled them a little with a grin. “ Then I remembered Rafe and how last year he trained at least two newbies and I wasn’t so sure anymore.”.

“Zee,” I really am training newbies this winter. If I weren’t, you would be a good partner. We’ve always gotten along pretty good. Have you found anyone to partner up with yet?”

She sighed, “You are serious aren’t you. I have a few people in mind but I haven’t really made a decision yet. I want to take this month off and work on my winter base camp first.”

He noticed she hadn’t specifically mentioned Kevin and decided to ask him, but first he wanted to congratulate Nikki on training her first newbie and wandered off to find her after wishing Zee well on her base camp project.

Nikki was getting her robe from Angel as he got his. They went to the teepee where they had left their packs and were changing into the robes..

“How did you like training you first newbie?” He asked casually.

“It was great! I’m training another this month.” she looked at him. “I really want to train another one before winter sets in. Do you think I can?”

“I don’t know,” he told her. “I’ve already decided I need to go back and help Melanie and Sarah get better prepared for winter. Their newbies could use a little extra training too.”

She thought about that a bit. “Zee did a really good job of getting me prepared for winter weather and my newbie is well prepared too. I don’t think we will have any trouble. I know it’s a sore spot, but perhaps two months of training is needed. Have you ever thought about it?”

He bit back an angry retort and instead simply said. “I do think training newbies during the winter should take two months. There is too much to learn about winter gear like snowshoes and working with furs for winter clothing. Anyone that I train this winter will get two months of training.”

Nikki beamed, “I’m so glad to hear that Tobal. We all worry about the newbies and how hard it must be for them in the winter. I haven’t spent a winter here yet but I’m pretty confident things will go well. That’s why I want one more newbie. I will probably end up spending the winter with them unless they decide to solo and go out on their own.”

Nikki’s plan sounded uncomfortably like his own. He still planned to train through the winter but didn’t really have any idea if it would work out or not. What if his newbie didn’t want to solo or move out and build a base camp on their own in the middle of the winter?

He was still thinking about these things as he wandered over to see how Kevin was doing. Kevin was helping set up some of the teepee shelters for the night. Tobal joined in until all the teepees were set up and fires laid in them.

Kevin didn’t know what he was going to do.

“I’m still hoping Zee will partner up with me for the winter,” he told Tobal with a blush. “She hasn’t said yes and she hasn’t said no. It’s driving me crazy because I really need some sort of plan. I don’t want to work on my own base camp if I’m not going to be living there.”

“Say, that’s an idea,” Tobal reflected. “Zee says she wants to spend this month getting her camp ready for winter. Perhaps you can offer to help and it will allow each of you to see how you get along together. That way she won’t need to commit to anything until she gets to know you better.”

Kevin brightened, “I’m going to try,” he said. “I’ll talk to her about it later tonight.”

“Good Luck!”

During circle he noticed Ellen was training Misty to be High Priestess. He had forgotten that Misty was a Master now. He was going to miss Ellen and wondered what she would be doing next. It was strange to see people he knew advance on to different positions.

He noticed earlier that Rafe had been put on wood crew along with Dirk. That meant they were responsible for there being enough fire wood at the gathering spot for circle. Everyone was encouraged to help, but only a few Journeymen were actually tasked to ensure there was enough wood. Angel would be given new duties next month as well. He noticed this morning that she now had four chevrons and seemed to be moving up the ranks more quickly than Rafe was.

Since Journeymen didn’t spend all of their time training newbies, they were each assigned duties that normally lasted two or at the most three months before being assigned to the next duty. The wood supply for the Circle was usually gathered well in advance and there was little work to be done during circle itself except tending fires as needed. That’s what Rafe was doing when Tobal spied him between initiations.

“Hey stranger,” he teased. “Who did you kill to get that?”

Rafe grinned as he turned in surprise. He postured and showed off his first chevron.

“One of the girls challenged me. She thought she could beat me. Bad mistake! She almost did too.” He admitted ruefully but then brightened. His mischievous smile was still the same. “Now I’ve got all the girls fighting over me. I must be the most popular Journeyman ever.”

Tobal looked at his friend. Rafe was filling out, getting taller and stronger.

“I think you will be winning quite a few fights soon,” he said. “You’re not so little any more. Pretty soon you might have to start picking on the girls instead of having them pick on you.”

“You really think so?” Rafe laughed. “Guess I can give up on the idea of fighting babies then. So what have you been up too? Is Sarah ready to solo yet? I’ve been hearing some good things about how you taught Nick and Melanie.”

“Well, I’ve run into a bit of a snag,” he confessed. Sarah isn’t ready to solo yet and I’m thinking about having Melanie, Nick, Becca, Mike, Butch and Sarah all over to my place this month. We can all make our winter gear together. None of us is really that good at it and maybe helping each other out will work.”

“That’s a terrific idea,” Rafe said. “I wish I had thought of it when I was training newbies. I guess we really didn’t do that much training for winter did we? There was only about one week of snow in your training before it melted away. Is there anything I can help with that you don’t remember?”

“I remember how to do most of it,” he replied. “But I will need to go back to your base camp and get some of my things if that is all right?”

“Sure, take anything you need. I probably won’t be around there very much this winter. I’ll be hanging around the Journeyman area most of the time. Either that or be out here getting wood or doing some other duty. Being a Journeyman is nothing at all like being an Apprentice.”

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Come to the forest! Butterflies flutter
In the green glow of twilight.
Loving thoughts fly,
And the birds burst out in song.
I want to lie by the spring,
Your hand my little cup,
And my arm shall snuggle up to you,
And my eyes shall be your mirror.
Come, oh come! We shall listen
To what the forest says about love.
There was a rustling—an exchange of kisses,
That was us in the twilight.

Mia Holm
translated by Joe Bandel

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We can carve our own destiny. The point of power is in the present moment but not in the way some might suppose. To live and act in the present moment is to reap the full benefits of past actions and make choices affecting our future in a positive way. Too many people dwell on the past and spend their energy wishing things were different or like they used to be. This is a waste of precious time.

Others say, “I will write my book next year” or start exercising after the holidays. They have plan after plan but never get started because a new plan comes along and takes its place. The net result is nothing substantial ever gets done.

Even more interesting, most people live for immediate gratification and won’t put effort out for long range goals. Long range goals are simply too unreal for them. A long-range goal is like an abstract thought that is too difficult to take seriously.

It is a balancing act to learn from our past and make choices affecting our future. We do this by living fully in the present moment. It might help to realize the major events of our lives are locked into place a year ahead of time. This is a metaphysical truth. The main events of our lives are preordained, not before we were born but at least a year ahead of time.

The Akashic records are etheric in nature. They reflect things that will happen in the future and things that have happened in the past. It is possible to dream about future events that will come true. Each year new events enter into the akashic records. They are potential events ready to manifest physically. The end point for putting new events into the akashic records is the autumn equinox of each year.

This means the main events we experience were placed into the akashic record some time during the last year. There is lag time between when they enter and when they physically manifest.

Minor alterations in our physical life can be filled using the lunar cycle as well. It is important to live in harmony with both the solar and lunar cycles of nature. Our physical body lives in the (physical) universe and our soul lives in the (astral) universe. Each universe has different rules. As physical matter gravitates toward each other in the physical universe, events gravitate toward each other in the astral universe. There are critical time periods where everything happens at once and long periods where nothing significant happens.

This is a natural phenomenon that astrology has tried to understand and master. The important point is there are periods of time that are more important than others and we must take advantage of them to be successful in life. Proper timing is the key to everything in life.

By the same token, don’t attempt something when the time is wrong because the entire effort might be put at risk. Our “inner authority” will guide us into action at the proper time when we learn to listen to it. We can learn to recognize the natural closing points and opportunities that surround us by living in the present moment.

Paying attention to the natural closure points and opportunity points as they occur is what mastery of life is all about. Trying to force things at the wrong time leads to nothing but pain and heartache. If we try the entire universe works against us. If the timing is right the entire universe works with us and supports our efforts.

PS: I have just started a Facebook group called Organic Gnosticism. Join us if interested!

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