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Now that we have explored both the lunar and solar cycles we can understand what is happening during the daily cycles. Midnight corresponds with the New Moon and with the Winter Solstice. 6:00 AM corresponds with the 1st Quarter and the Spring Equinox. Noon corresponds with the Full Moon and the Summer Solstice. 6:00 PM corresponds with the 3rd Quarter and the Autumn Equinox. The hours of 3:00 AM and PM and 6:00 AM and PM respectively correspond to the midpoints of the daily cycle.

So from Midnight to 3:00 AM we have a natural top down compression of the Spiritual Planes as events and activity within each individual layer are forced into resolution or destruction. This corresponds to the New Moon to the 1st midpoint and the Winter Solstice to Imbolc.

Then from 3:00 AM to 6:00 AM the Spiritual Planes rupture from the top down determining the long term events that are ready to enter the Akashic Records for manifestation. This corresponds with the 1st midpoint to the 1st Quarter and from Imbolc to the Spring Equinox.

At 6:00 AM until 9:00 AM the energies and astral activity moves down into the Magickal Planes and merges with its energetic counterparts for manifestation. This is a top down movement and only activates one individual layer of the Magickal Planes at a time forcing the events and activities of the day into resolution or destruction depending on if they are balanced energetically or not. This corresponds from the 1st Quarter to the next midpoint and from the Spring Equinox to Beltaine when the veil between worlds is the thinnest.

From 9:00 AM until Noon the Magickal Planes rupture from the top down and propel all events that are ready to manifest into physical manifestation as they are forced into the Akashic Records and into physical activity. This corresponds to the midpoint to the Full Moon and from Beltaine to the Summer Solstice.

From Noon until 3:00 PM the activity is within the Magickal Planes as the daily harvest begins and the energies and events within each individual layer are forced into resolution or destruction from the lower levels upward. This corresponds to the Full Moon to the next midpoint and from the Summer Solstice to Lughnasadh.

From 3:00 PM until 6:00 PM the daily harvest continues as the layers rupture and the energies and events move upward into other layers and into physical manifestation. This is the time of strongest manifestation during the day. This corresponds to the midpoint to the 3rd Quarter and from Lughnasadh to the Autumn Equinox.

From 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM the activity and energies move into the Spiritual Planes to seek balance with their energetic counterparts. This corresponds to the 3rd Quarter to the following midpoint and from the Autumn Equinox to Samhain. The energies and activity remains within each individual layer but each layer is activated one at a time from the bottom upwards.

From 9:00 PM to Midnight the layers within the Spiritual Planes rupture from the lowest to the highest as hidden things are brought into our awareness. This is when most of us dream about the events of the day and the energy which we have generated during the day is injected into the Spiritual Planes to fuel our dream activity. This corresponds to the lunar midpoint to the New Moon and from Samhain to the Winter Solstice. So 9:00 PM is when the veil is the thinnest in the Spiritual Planes.

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Samhain or Halloween corresponds to the midpoint of the lunar cycle between the 3rd Quarter and the New Moon. It is the rupturing of the Spiritual Planes in an upward direction bringing past and buried things into conscious awareness as the energies and events of one layer flow upward into another.

It is the astral activity at this time that helps us identify just where ghosts and other spirits exist within the astral planes! Apparently they live at the lowest levels of the Spiritual Planes and this is the time of year when the veil is thinnest and we are able to communicate with them.

Technically Samhain and Beltaine are the two times during the year when the veil is thinnest and they were the two most sacred festivals of the ancient Druids. But at Beltaine the unseen vital life force energy bursts into the physical and at Samhain the vital life force energy leaves the physical and bursts into the unseen giving it strength and energy. The natural time of death in nature.

The astral activity in the Spiritual Planes acts as a wave as it propels energy and events upwards into the higher planes for resolution. This is when the individual energy we have generated merges with that of others to create a collective event or big picture of the coming year. At the moment of the Winter Solstice all is unified and balanced as much as it can be within the Spiritual Planes.

The time from Samhain to the coming Winter Solstice is the darkest time of the year and many people find that their supply of light and spiritual resources has run out and they find themselves in desperate situations. That is why there are so many suicides around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. There is a darkness in their souls because they have run out of spiritual light.

That is also why this is the natural time of the year for meditation and spiritual introspection as we try to get in touch with the divinity within us. It is also a time for helping those less fortunate than us to help them get through the bitter winter months.

The adept or those with a permanent connection to the spiritual light of Source will experience an extra blessing of incoming spiritual light during the New Moon immediately before the Winter Solstice. So they will spend much time in preparation for this influx with prayer and meditation. This is the time of the Christmas miracle for those open to it.

Samhain also marks the final harvest and is a celebration as those things that will not keep over the winter are sacrificed and enjoyed by all.

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The Autumn Equinox corresponds to the 3rd Quarter of the Lunar cycle and is when the activities and energies within the Magickal Planes move up into the Spiritual Planes in search of their corresponding opposites. Again the astral activity begins at the lowest levels of the Spiritual Planes and moves upwards one by one filling each layer with as much energy and light as possible. The events and activities within each individual layer are forced into final confrontation. I mention this because some will find that they don’t have enough energy or their harvest is not great enough to tide them over for the winter.

The passage into the Spiritual Planes marks the spot where individual effort can no longer affect the events of the coming year. There is a sealing off of the Akashic Records and all astral events are turned over to the collective for final judgement and final resolution. Now is the time for collective action! Community action as we help each other out.

At the same time the harvest of physical events continues so once more there are two streams of activity, an outward manifestation of harvest and an inward in drawing of vital life force that is being reserved for the coming year. This activity peaks at the next Midpoint which is the orb between Samhain and the 2nd Full Moon after the Autumn Equinox.

This activity happens within nature and within human society. Because the lowest levels of the Spiritual Planes are being stirred and activated as they are brought into awareness this is also a time of spirits and ghosts and connection with those that have passed on and live in the etheric plane or Summer Land. This is perhaps the most supernatural time of year leading up to Samhain when the veil between worlds becomes the thinnest.

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Lughnasadh or Mid Summer is traditionally considered a lunar festival but celebrated according to the solar calendar! Again we need to take into consideration the Lunar Cycle as well. So this would be an orb between the commonly associated Mid Summer Day and the 2nd Full Moon after the Summer Solstice or the first complete Lunar cycle from Full Moon to Full Moon after the Summer Solstice.

It so happens that this year, 2021, we have 4 Full Moons between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox giving an orb of an entire Lunar Cycle for this activity! This indicates an extremely thorough harvest and a decisive harvest for good or bad.

Again the activity within the Magickal Planes is from the lowest levels moving upward layer by layer but this time each layer ruptures and as they do each event that is balanced with its counterpart enters the Akashic Records for manifestation and those astral events able to move upwards do so. In any case the unbalanced energies continue to move upward to ultimately enter the Spiritual Planes at the time of the Autumn Equinox. So there is heavy physical manifestation and heavy astral movement as both energetic streams surge forwards.

Once more those events scheduled for this years harvest continue to unfold and we reap the physical benefits of our actions for the past spring and summer. So we are heavily occupied with this harvest.

But this is also the window of opportunity for last minute adjustments to what is in store for us in the coming year. This is symbolized as the vital life force energy leaving physical things and entering the seed for rebirth in the spring. So we are not only collecting a harvest for our coming winter but collecting the seeds for planting in the spring.

I’m always finding myself involved in some frantic last minute activity as the time of the autumn equinox approached and this year is no exception. This year I find myself doing surprise research on the Druids and King Arthur that I had no conception of doing a few weeks ago.

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At the Summer Solstice the energies within the astral split with those that had become balanced with their counterparts in the Spiritual Planes moving into the Akashic Records to take their place and unfold as real events in their proper time. These would be the coming harvest in the fall.

Those unable to become balanced would begin the slow process of moving upward through the Magickal Planes and their energy would gradually withdraw from the physical world into the Magickal Planes and then ultimately upward into the Spiritual Planes. So at the moment of the Summer Solstice this split happened and all events considered complete were magickally sealed off as they entered the Akashic Records. There was no more that could be done with them.

The only energies available to be worked with were the unbalanced energies that would be returning to the Spiritual Planes. The time period from the Summer Solstice to the Autumn Equinox was the final window of opportunity to astrally empower and balance events and activities for the coming spring and the entire coming year! Most events happened at least one year ahead of time in the astral planes before manifesting as physical events. Energetically the Autumn Equinox is the deadline for personally making any improvements or alterations before the astral activity moved up into the Spiritual Planes.

In my own life for many years now this time just before the Autumn Equinox has always been extremely busy right up to the wire and this year is no exception. I am really scrambling to get some last minute projects completed before I run out of time.

From the Summer Solstice we move into the next midpoint known as Lughnasadh which represents the first harvest. Since the entire harvest only needs to be taken this time represents the first fruits of our past labors. The movement within the Magickal Planes is layer by layer filling up with light as space is created by those things leaving which are manifesting and need to be harvested. The movement and activity is from the lowest layers moving upwards one layer at a time forcing things out to manifest and making room for new things.

Again Lughnasadh is traditionally a Lunar Festival so the Lunar Cycle needs to be taken into account as well as the Solar Cycle. It is the first complete lunar cycle after the Summer Solstice or the 2nd Full Moon after the Summer Solstice because the Full Moon is the maximum compression point within the Magickal Planes. So there is an orb or window of activity between the Solar Day of Midsummer and that Full Moon.

As the harvest begins we also work toward ensuring things that will be carried over into the next year. So this is a very busy time of year!

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The midpoint of the solar cycle is called Beltaine and although it is traditionally a lunar festival it is celebrated as May Day! Technically it is the 2nd full moon after the Spring Equinox or the full moon after Easter. Again there is overlap between the exact May Day and the full moon which creates an orb of influence. This time period lasts from the 1st of May to the Summer Solstice and the movement or activity is in the Magickal Planes and from the top layers downward through to the lower ones rupturing each layer as it goes and forcing balanced events and activities into the Akashic Records to unfold as actual events according to their own nature.

The vital life force of spring is being driven deep into the ground. But the Beltaine full moon is the completion of the first stage of compression where the rupturing of the astral fabric only happens within each individual layer. The movement downward from layer to layer is only just beginning and the moon is working against the sun because it is trying to move everything upward as it moves toward the New Moon! So the Solar Cycle and Lunar Cycle are trying to cancel each other out!

The heavy movement where the entire astral planes purge themselves and pour everything possible into the Akashic Records actually begins at the New Moon following the Beltaine Full Moon and lasts for the next two weeks to the 3rd Full Moon which is just before the summer solstice as the most powerful manifesting movement of the entire year! It is incredibly intense! Then things let up a bit as we near the summer solstice because the Lunar Cycle and the Solar Cycle are once more in conflict.

I have experienced these energies in this way for years! To me this is not theory but life! It is these activities that will ensure the nature of the coming harvest in the fall.

As a metaphor our gardens are beginning to blossom and we need to tend to the weeds and nurture the plants as they attain their full growth. At this time of the solar cycle we can see how many plants have survived and have a pretty good idea of what kind of harvest we can expect in the fall. Our projects are in full development and we just need to maintain them.

For me that is keeping up the posts that I have started on this site and Pagan Space as well as maintaining my free online Organic Gnosticism Class. I am also trying to maintain my translation schedule of putting out monthly issues of Der Orchideengarten.

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The Spring Equinox corresponds to the 1st Quarter of the Lunar cycle where the energetic activity has completed itself in the Spiritual Planes and transitions to the Magical Planes to energize its corresponding counterpart. Those dreams, events and activities that have a suitable counterpart in the Magickal Planes move forward into manifestation, but they can manifest at any point in the spectrum depending upon where they are found. They can manifest as physical events, emotional events, as thought and as inspiration. And they don’t manifest right away. Once they have found their true counterpart they enter the Akashic Record into a time line that will gradually unfold through the rest of the year.

So this time of year, the Spring Equinox brings energy and movement down into the Magickal Planes and brings vital life force as well. Again the movement of the energy is from the top down, from the highest levels to the lower levels. One by one each astral layer will be activated and the events within it will be compressed and forced to merge and grow or self destruct to make room for those that will move forward. This activity will happen within each astral layer one by one, but also some events will be influenced by the lunar and daily cycles.

The Spring Equinox is closely associated with the Full Moon immediately following it which is Ostara and one of the three most powerful full moons of the year. Where that occurs is a maximum compression point that gives added force to the rupturing of the astral fabric. There is bleed through between the solar cycle, the lunar cycle and the daily cycle as compression and rupturing of the astral fabric occurs within each of them. The main point is that the rupturing will always occur at the weakest point in the energetic circuit. It is the combined force and activity of all these cycles that determine the final outcome and a person that intentionally ruptures the astral fabric on a daily basis will see a compounded effect within the lunar and solar cycles! That is why some type of daily practice is so important!

This bleed through effect is why a complete lunar cycle from full moon to full moon after one of the solar festivals is required to ensure the completion of astral activity. That is why Beltaine and Samhain are so powerful. They represent one complete lunar cycle after each equinox. Ostara is powerful in bringing the energies of Spring in but it is only a beginning.

In our metaphor of the solar cycle as a circulatory system the vital life force energy has chosen its main pathways, chosen its main events and individual which it will move through, and now enters the physical organs. It is the time of leafing and sprouting as new life shows for the first time. This happens in our environment and inside us as well. We take those first physical steps toward manifesting our dream, and our coming harvest for the season. We begin to work on the fulfillment of our dream. It is time to act.

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While most people think of Imbolc as the 2nd of February it is considered a lunar festival and not a solar festival. So we include the full moon that immediately precedes it because that is the point of maximum compression within the Spiritual Planes! Past that full moon the solar cycle will continue to compress the astral layers but the moon has already began to let up and the two activities work against each other. In any case Imbolc marks the midpoint of the solar cycle where the 118 layers of the Spiritual Planes begin to rupture from the highest to the lowest in preparation of the spring equinox where they will pass their energies on downward into the Magickal Planes in search of their counterparts.

It is during this time of year, from Imbolc to the Spring Equinox that you will gain insight into what needs to be done during the coming season. That which was merely a seed or an idea is gradually taking on form and struggling for manifestation. It is this struggle to survive that marks this time of year and it will be during the Spring Equinox that a determination will be made as to which seeds will continue to grow and which ones will die and become fertilizer for the others. So this time, the harshest time of the year, is marked by the struggle to exist against competing forces. The second full moon after Imbolc, the one just before the Spring Equinox, is one of the three most powerful full moons of the year.

If you consider the solar cycle to be a giant heart beat that circulates light and energy throughout Gaia’s energy systems, the winter solstice is when the energy leaves the heart and travels through major arteries. The summer solstice is when that same energy finally reaches the capillaries and is distributed at the cellular level prior to its return back to the heart and the lungs. So the Spring Equinox is when the energy enters the organs and this mid point time is when the energy travels through the main arteries of the body to the various organs.

Put another way the energy is choosing the main events and the most important individuals and directing that energy through them. How does the astral determine which events and individuals to empower? Through the rupturing of the astral planes! As the energy and stress builds it is the weak points that will rupture. So if your dream ruptures and collapses it is because it had too many weak spots or holes in it and wasn’t realistic! If it is well conceived and strong it will hold together and become empowered during this time of year.

I bring this up for those who think casting a magick circle and putting energy into it once is going to be enough to make a difference, it is at this point what they are trying to do will rupture and fail because it has too many holes in it.

Another point that I would like to make is that if an event is ripe for manifestation it might begin in the highest planes as an idea and during this period make it all the way down through all 118 layers to then give its energy to its counterpart in the Magickal Planes. Events and individuals can move swiftly up and down these astral layers or they might remain for years and even lifetimes stuck at a particular level depending on how much energy they are personally generating and adding to the mix.

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The lunar cycle has given us the key to correctly place ourselves during the annual solar cycle and it begins with the winter solstice at Yule or Christmas. Yule corresponds to the New Moon and the astral fabric of Gaia is stretched out as far as possible as the sun lines up with the center of our galaxy which adds its gravitational pull to that of the sun.

It is during the winter solstice that there is a great in pouring of light and love energy that is to last us through the entire coming year! This is connected with the New Moon immediately preceding the winter solstice and creates an orb of influence in which this energy can come in earlier if we are prepared.

For the adept who has made a permanent connection to the Spiritual Light they will be able to continue to tap into this Spiritual Light on a daily basis through the entire coming year, but for most life forms this is when they get their yearly supply of Spiritual Light according to their ability to absorb it. It completely floods and fills the highest levels of the astral planes and soaks down in as far as possible.

This influx of Spiritual love and light is also known as the “quickening” as it gives life force energy to those seeds that we have carried over from the last harvest. Things that we were not able to achieve during the past year and are going to try to achieve this coming year.

The adept who has opened his or her energy channels will receive a tremendous influx of energy at this time as it continues downward filling their entire soul. In my experience it happens earlier than the winter solstice near the time of the New Moon or in that orb. This powerful influx of energy may last anywhere from three hours to an entire day.

Following the winter solstice the astral layers of the Spiritual Planes begin to compress from the top down one layer at a time like in the lunar cycle. Long term events within each layer will be forced to rupture and unite with others or be destroyed.

During this time up to the midpoint at Imbolc in the beginning of February we may be given glimpses of our life far into the future.

While the four main events of the year, the winter solstice, spring equinox, summer solstice and fall equinox are true solar events, the midpoints of the year are considered lunar events and dependent upon not only the solar midpoint but the full moon or new moon influencing it. I usually consider the full moon prior to the actual midpoint as the beginning of the critical orb of opportunity. So one complete lunar cycle from full moon to full moon after the winter solstice or the 2nd full moon after the winter solstice energetically marks the compression point.

Traditionally the midpoints of the year have been defined as lunar celebrations so how can they be determined as the 2nd of February as example for Imbolc? It doesn’t make any sense. The point of astral activity happens in conjunction with the lunar cycle! It will in most likelihood be an orb or window of activity that needs to be considered for any magickal activity.

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